Sunday, November 2, 1890

Boston Daily Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Page: 9

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Text Content of Page 9 of Boston Daily Globe on Sunday, November 2, 1890

Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - November 2, 1890, Boston, Massachusetts THE BOSTON SUNDAY GLOBE SUNDAT, NOVEMBER 2, 1890- -TWENTY-EIGHT PAGES. Growing City of 7000 IiiMM-tits, and Over Forty Mau-ufacturii Industries. GRAND SALE OF LOTS, COMMENCING November 19, 1890. SO i>er cent. o� Entire Silica to I>o do-voted to MaunfacturlMii, the remaining SO per cent, to general development. Florence offers creator n<HnntU(res to Investors than any city In tlio South. Ktcad tlio following: 17 A i~^rr,Q  ln 1887 the popiilnLton of V tXKjX K) . Florence ivns not over 1250. In 1890 tile census pave Florence u population of 0074. In 1887 tlio taxable values of Florenco were (?.800,000. Iii 1800 the tnxablo values of Florence v,-creS3.275,000. In 1887 tlio cttv revenues were j�2800. In 1800 the city revenues were 832,000, Independent of mitnufacturlng enterprises, whloh are exempt from taxation. Excursion leaves ISosion, Pitclibura Bepot. nt � ii. in., Nov. IS, 1890. Returning;, arrives Koston Nov. J88. Round trip travelling' in Private Hotel Cars. Total expense of trip, ftflOO.OO. For Particulars ami tickets apply to OENEKAr, N. E. A<HENTS, 244 Washington Street, Boston. Capital subscribed . . 88,000,000.00 Paid to Ccasli) .... 1,000,000.00 Surplus, undivided profits . SOO.'Tia.SS Asset*......... 11,108,OSS.04 Tho well-known firm of- accountants, Harrow, Wade, Qutlirle t*ars, iftuiritU by JUal i;.sUi't- muiv'iluui Hiiet* lime* th^ir Miluo. A bail- ii.veainu'Mi. lutrivsi q-.tiiruily. Hiiuelii^l ami Interest i>av.ibL-iit U;e uiluv ut Suifulk Vitwi Co., BusU-n, l\ W. UAUiWtN �!c Oi., �31 KquituMu iimldm^ l*oaiuu,_Mu�. I A�l WA-ItltAAX** IwarlHU tUu>r�te; ttny JL " |0 amount; .uv.t as govrrntuvnt bunds; twuute, WtuK it HOLDERS OF CERTIFICATES OP Tie Siar Relieries Co. The decision of tho Court of Appeals In tho case of tlio Xorth River Sugar Refining Company necessitates a dissolution of tho existing nrrangemont anil the formation of n new organization. In pursuance of the reorganization agreement of July 13th, 1890, tho undersigned, constituting tho of Corttilcato Holders therehy appointed, having curerully considered the subject, make tho following report, and submit tlio following plan: REPORT. Messrs. Kidder, Pnabody it Co., as members of that Committee, have employed the llrm of Messrs. DeloltLe, Dover, GrlftHlia ,fc Co., cliartered accountants of London, England, to examine the balance sheets of the various Sugar Kellning Coiniianlesfrom tho beginning, October 1st, 1S87, to Septemlior 1st, 1890. (See report attached.) Summary of apiicuded Accountauts; Reports. Tlio original organization was on the basis of a contribution of all tho Sugar Hollaing properties and their appliances, including tho good-will. In order to provide the necessary working capital, 8il�, OOO.OOc was borrowed. Slnco the organization there have been paid in cash from earnings dividends at the ralo of 10 por cent, per annum, down to July 1st, 1890, amounting to 811,(>OO,U0�.5O, unci there remained on hand in cash nasetB and Investments, above liabilities, on, September 1st, 1800, a surplus of moro than 8811,600.000. Also, with some unimportant exceptions, thy Refineries have continued to hold their original plants, Bonio have purchased additional real estate, and extensive additions and ltn-provemontB have been made to buildings nnd machinery. Valuable patouts havo also been acquired. The expenditure in additions to plants exceed the sales of plant by moro than IB�,750,000. PLAN. We submit the following plan, which lias the approval of eminent counsel, as per certificate herewith. All the properties now represented by the certificates of tho Sugar Reflnerlcs Companies will be acquired by a New Jersey corporation to be called The American Sugar Roflning Compnny." The directors of this corporation for the first year will bo as follows: H. 0. HAVEMEYER, J. E. SEARLE3, JR., T. A. HAVEMEYER, WM. DICK, F, O. MATTHIKSSEN, J.B.THOMAS, GEO. 0. MAGOUK. Tho capital of this corporation will be $50,000,000, consisting of 825,000,000 of 7 per cent. Oumulativo Preferred Stock. 25,000,000 of Common Stock. Tho shares of the American Sugar Refining Co. will be exchanged, share for sharo, for Central Trust Company receipts, representing certificates, one-half in preferred shores and one-half in common shares. Each holder of the Central Trust Co. reoelpts for 100 shares (or fraotlons thereof in proportion) will receive, bo sliares of tho American Sugar Refining Co. 7 per cent. Cumulative Preferred Stock, bo shares of tho American Sugar Refining Co. Common Stook, and In addition, 6 por cent, in cash (#600). In order to provide for all possible future contingencies, bonds to an amount not exceeding $10,-000,000, at a rate of interest not to exceed 0 por cent., to bo secured by a mortgage of active refineries, will bo provided for, to be used only as occasion eliall requlro. Upon completion of the plan, and after tho distribution of the above 5 per cent, in cash, it is estimated that the American Sugar Refining Co. will oommonco operations.with cash assets and investments exceeding 0,000,000 (over 87,000,000 will be In cash and available caBh assots) with tho power to raise upon mortgage 810,000,000 additional, if required. 1 All certificate holders who desire to participate in this plan may deposit their certificates at once with tho Contral Trust Co., when they will receive in exchango the Central TruBt Co. rocolpts, which are, in turn, exchangeable for the Btock of the new company. The time for deposit of certificates is limited to December 1st, 1890. New York, Oot. 29,1800. [Signed] TI1EO. A. HAVEMEYER, F. 0. MATTH1ESSEN, JNO. E. SEARLES, JR., JOSEPH B. THOMAS, JUL. A. STUR8BERG, KIDDER, PEABODY & 00. I approve the above plan. tShmed] F. P. OLCOTT, President Central Trust Co. CERTIFICATE OF COIW8EI,. Tfe have examined the foregoing plan, and aro of the opinion that it proteots the rights of certificate holders, and Is in conformity with the law. [Signed) ALEXANDER & GREEN, BUTLER, STILLMAN & HUBBARD, HOADLEY, LAUTERBACH & JOHNSON, PARSONS, SHEPAKD i; OGDEN, ROOT & CLARICE. MEeanii. EIDDER, PEABODY & CO., 15 Will Stmsbt, Nsw YonK. g8ktm)men! Wo have submitted to us the Trial Bolance Shoots and Statements of the various corporations comprised In the Sugar Refineries Company, as on Slst August, 1890. These documents, together with information furnished by tho Auditor of the Company, enow Assets and Liabilities as follows: ASSISTS. Cash.......................... Debts duo to the company on acceptances and open accounts........ Stocks of sugar on consignment.... Stocks of sugar and syrup on hand, raw, reflnod and in process...... Stocks on hand of old and now bono black, fuel and sundry stores..... Investments.................... Unexpired Insurance Premiums, etc. 8070,987.01 7,B00,l!iG.42 1,289,201.20 7,882,553.18 1,637,143.17 1,800,352.81 80,449.93 820,527,830.41 BEBUCT MAIMMTMS. On acceptances....... 8629,100.98 On bonds and mortgages 201,778.59 Ifor borrowed money and on oponaccounts.8,OOS,290.32 8,704,181.80 Excess of aesets over liabilities.....#11,743,054.52 And that oipcndlturo has been made in acquisition of real estate improving tho property and plant-after deducting receipts from sales of similar nasuls -amounting to 82,754,531.32. Further, tlio books kept at tho Contral oftlco of tho Company reoord dividends as having been paid to the stockholders to tiie amount of 811,000,092.50. Tho statements furnished to us indicate that tho original organization included no working capital, and that about 810,000,000 was subsequently borrowed to bo used for that purpose. This, wo are Informed by flic Auditor, Is the fact. He likewise informs ub that tho Bhares of stock in tho various corporations transferred to tho trustees, represented the various sugar refining properties, consisting of real estate plant, inprovcinents, machinery and the good-will of tho several bualneBBCs. We ure, Gentlemen, [Signed) Yours obediently. DLLOITTE, DEVER, GRIFFITHS <fc CO., Chartered Accountants. 4LoinBi-iiT, London, E. C, October 2Sth, 1890. STOCKS DEL AND LOIEE. Sugar and Coppers Leading Trading Specialties. Wall St. Inactive-F. II. Prince & Co. oil Railroad Consolidation-Gossip. Money Stiff and in Demand-Gain in Bank Reserve-Bonds-Prioes. STATE OF NEW YORK. J , ClTVAXJ) COl'stt oi' Ni;w Yor.K,S I, AncmuALU J. C. Akukxsov, being duly sworn, Bay I uin the Auditor of the Sugar Refineries Company, and ub such am familiar with all I(s accounts, as well as with the accounts of the, various Refining Companies whoso stocks aro held by said Sugar Henneries C'on.pnny. I have read the annexed report of Messrs. Deloltto, Dover, Griffiths & Co. The statements therein contained aro true. 'I he information given by ino to them as a basis for this report whs full and accurate. The balance sheets of the different corporations which they examined were complete and correct. The capital Btock of the Sugar Refineries Company at the outset represented the real estate, plant, machinery and good-will uf the business of the various refineries, but represented no working capital. To supply this about 810,000,000 was borrowed. ftinec lite organization of the {augur Ke/ineries Company there h:tH been paid to lis certifleuie-hulders in each dividends at Ihi- rate of 10 per cent, per annum down to July 1, lfeOO, umounting to gll,'JO0,tt(i2.50. All of these dividends were paid out of net pruilla eana-il in Hie bllhtucBa. On Sep. teiiiber 1, IB'JO, there remained on hand in cash assets and inveslrncnl.s, above liabilities, a surplus ol more lliun �11,500,000. Willi some uniuipi'itant exeeplions. the leilneriea hlivt-eoiiltmif.d to h.ild their original plants, buui� liav,1 puriiiusi'd additional r�-al esl;tie, and extensive additions aud LnpiuvHiKtitiS have been made to building and machinery. Valuable patent have also been aeqiUieil. The expenditures in addition io plant t'xoeed the sides oi' plaut by more than 82,760,000. [Skilled) ARCH. J. C. ANDERSON. Sworn to before rne Ihb 'Jtitii 1 day oi October, 1 B�0. ) LOUIS KLEIN, Notary Public, "r [seal] Kin^s County. Certiacate iilea in New York. Co. State Street, Nov. 1.1890. Stocks wore dull and lowor as a rule. Sugar and tlio coppers wero tho trading specialties, tlio formor losing % on opening, at 07%, declined to G<t%, and tlion stiffened to eloso at liGVi, a net loss of 2% points. Atchison was unchanged, at 33V2 ; tho 4s gaming Vs, to 82; the incomes closing without change, atCfiVe. Boston & Albany held 198V*, tho rights 21%. Moxicftn Central was % lower, at23V8; New York & New England softened Va, toil, while Union Pacific was neglected at 40%, no change. Boll Telephone was off Vj , to 225%. Lamson sold at 29 Va. Bay Stato Gas was V� higher, at 81%, and Illinois Stool- % up, at 98%. Thomson-Houston Elootric softened %, to 51, the preferred holding 27Va. Land stocks woro not quotod, save for West End, which showed no change from yesterday's last sale of 2*a/3. In coppers Atlantic lost V4, to 17Y8; Calumet & Hecla gained 2Va points, to 277% i Boston & Montana declined from 40% to 45Va, rallying to close at 45%, off just a point. Frankltnhe!dlO% ;Kearsargewasup a point to IS. National eased Va, to IVa. Oscoolasoftened from 35 to 33%, closing up %, at 34%, a net drop of %. Tamarack was unchanged at 100. Wnll st. was devoid of excitement. Opening prices carne irregular and with slight cfiangos from last night's prices, and in tlio early dealings somo firmnoss was shown in the Grangers and Chicago Gas, hut this soon gave way to a drooping tendency. The reservation of tho decision in tho Sugar Trust case was interpreted as unfavorable to tho interests of the certificate holders and tno traders and professionals sold tho stock down from 07% last oveniug to 04Vs. Tho same sort of prossure was exerted against Reading, though tliero was a pretense that long selling had boen detected, and from 3CV4 it settled down to S&�i. The bank statoment was issued unusually early,'however, and it sliowod an unexpected increase in the surplus rosorvo, by which It is again lifted abovo the requirements of tho 25 per cent, rule, and tho traders thon wont into cover some of the short contraots put out earlier in the moaning, with the result of causing a partial rally all along the line, nnd Sugar rose about I nnd Reading % per cent., while the losses in the remainder of the list were nearly wiped out. The close was dull, but firm at tho improvement. Railroad bonds were fairly aotive during the sossion, the most attention being paid to the Kansas and Texas issuos, which displayed some strength, but the general list was rather hoavy nnd the important final changes aro generally declines. The sales reached $609,000.! Colorado Midland firsts lost lVa, at IO7V2: Union Pacific 4% por centsl%,at781,4 ; Reading seconds incomes 2%, at42yaj and Union Pacifio, Denver & Gulf firsts 1%, at 80%. Denver & Rio Grande fives, on the othor hand, rose 1, to 83Va : and Duluth, Soutli Shore & Atlantic firsts 1, to 00. Tho situation is practically unchanged, and while sharp rallies are likely at any moment as a result of over short soiling, a strong concentrated movement is not looked for until conditions aro such as to change public sentiment. Monpy continues a prominent factor and rates are firmly held. Tho November disbursements in Boston are figured 83,057,040 against $3,078,404 for the same period last year. Interest 1b due and payable in Now York on tho bonds of railroads and similar corporations (having a par value of 8593,067,938) amounting to s?16,-021,544, an increase of 8.45 percent,. Dividends are also payable this month on noarly 5400,000,000 stock, amounting to S7.299,-140, making tho total intorest and dividend payments $23,320,090, an inoroaso of $1,-952,350 ovor last year. As tho city of Now York disburses ovor $2,000,000 in payment of intorost on its funded debt, it is not au overestimate to place tho total disbursements this month on account of interest and dividends at about $30,000,000. This, with a gradual return of money from the West ought to gradually soften ratos from now on. Gossip is rather flat. An insider in Suj said lust night: "Tho statemont from Mr. Searlos clearly shows that, utider the management of tho. parties who aro named as directors in the new company, the Trust lias made during the past three years over GO per cent, upon its capital, and it would soom thatthe new company, starting with awork-ing capital of over $9,000,000 as against tho old company with nothing, should be amply successful." Soveral largo operators who havo been active traders in sugar certificates have decided to dovoto thoir attention hereafter to othor stocks. One of tlfem talked in this vein last evening: "It is very plain that during tho process of reorganization it will be dangerous to sell sugar certificates short and there aro so many tilings to be taken into consideration when figuring on the bull side of it that it is especially dangerous now. to go long. Therefore 1 have decided to let ft alone. "I believe, however, from information which haB guidbd me rightly in the past, that a receiver, if not two receivers, will bo appointed next week; and if two, one representing the plaintiff in tho Cameron suit and one tho defendants. Tlio property onco in a receiver's hands will not bo apt to invite much buying of it. Asido from this I do not like tho $10,000,-000 mortgage foaturo of the reorganization plan. Insiders will secure through it a prior lien on tho property, and thoso insiders havo horotoforo been too active in speculating in the certificates to make me think the new stock is safe with thoso insiders, the holders of the bonds." A largo interest in Sugar thinks that any shareholder should be fully satisfied with the statement by tho Sugar Trust, Tho item of debts due to the company 011 acceptances and open accounts Is small, for the reason that tho period in which tlio statement wns made up was not tho active season. It is probable that last Juno or July the item was nearly donblo the unit now given, Tlio item of unoxpired insurance premiums is one tierfootly woll understood by tho trade. It represents an insurance covering II long period, in order to obtain lower rates. Tho insurance is charged off every mouth, but in case tho insurance should bo cancelled tho insurance companies would pay back in proportion to the length of policy remaining. Tlio liabilities for borrowed money nnd on open accounts of 88,003,290 probably represent raw sugar, but on Nov. 80 this had been reduced to about $5,000,000. Sugar is sold on 30 days credit. As to losses there are practically none; thoy will not amount to one-tenth of 1 per cent, throughout the year. "The vital point concerning the trust is not tho tariff; that is all right. It is not present litigation, which, while annoying, is not detrimental to the life. The vital quostlon is as to who will get up on the box and do tho driving, and this will bo ll. O. Hnvemeyer, the ablest man that could be selected. -Much-credit should also be given to Mr. Magoun for both his ability and fidelity," "It is learned from an official source that earnings lor first nine mouths of presentcal-enilnr year were approximately 81,000,000. Of this ,520,400,000 of earnings certificate holders aro entitled to know what pnrt has been earned by refining and what part by speculations in raw sugar. It is trust-worthily stated that in a certain three months tho trust cleared $5,000,000 from its operations in sugar. All know that speculations in raw material or finished products is not legitimately within the province of a manufacturing concern. If speculation is to be ont.inuod with the industry that fact should be clearly stated. "It is authoritatively stated that the SI 0,000,000 borrowed consisted principally or stocks on hand hills receivable unci cash, the property of .several of tho firms which went, into the trust. For these the trust issued its obligations to the sellors of the constituent concerns. A cerium cash amount was also borrowed from the heaviest capitalists who were active in forming tho trust. All these obligations have been paid and present indebtedness is duo entirely to hanks and other money lenders having no connection with the Trust. Legal advisors of Trust are divided its to reorganizing under a New Jersey or Connecticut charter, while the attorney-general contends that-it should take place under laws of State of New York."-[New York Sun. Here is somo sound, practical reading from the monthly circular of F. H. Prince & Co.: The outlook for the investor, from a purely Ametl-can standpoint, was never more propitious than now. Trices aro being forced down by foreign liqui-da'.ion to points tar below the iatrlnnic and cash values which could be represented by inventories of Iho assets behind many stock market securities. i;arni!ij:s for the moment asLU-, Mew York Central stork stands for u good deal more of visible real estate and rullroad machinery than is represented in u uiutket piiie of glOO per share. Lake Shore lias no fictitious value at less thanjtllO; inure than this is in file roadbed and property ot the company, to say nothing of a geographical position which enables this line to haul a ton of freight at a lower tost per inlio Chan any other road ia Uie world. lUuun I'acliic ut �46 is selling tor far less than the surplus income, laud moneys and sinking funds put into tliu property since the suspension of dividends. With a,!l the water recently injected into Atehiiou fltobk, tifsro U-rnott Oidh (J8S per Share 01 itocTt-holdors' hard cash In the property, aria mravy millions of riionoy spent in tlio oitohsloit of tills property tho past, few years ;i aro now only beginning to mnko earnings returns. Wliorb combinations or consolidations ni'o possible, ruinous competition for any great length of tlmo Is improbable Low prices In the stfcoit market aro tho greatest inoontivos to railway consolidations. Any lasting alliance between Atchison, Alton nnd Missouri Paciilc was naturally iniposslblo of consummation when,all these stocks wero selling nt'round prohil-unis abovo glOO per share; but when one has been forced to compromise with its creditors, another lias been a heavy btirdenupon tho personal fortunes of its directors, and tho third cries out'for government protection, tho way to union and strength Is much clearer anil shorter, Already evidenco la cropping out that tlio gonoral lack of support to railway shares in the market is by mutual understanding between important railroad Interests having a common ond in view. There la no lack of brain or financial brawn In tho railway managements of this country; tlio highest solaries are paid, and the keenest mludd' commanded by tlio transportation Interests. Tho Union I'aciilo, representing 0250,000,000 of capital and an oarning capacity ot $50,000,000, allies Itself with tho Chicago & Northwestern nnd Vaudorbllt intor-eats, reaching to tho Atlantic seaboard; a combination representing more than �000,000,000 of capital and moro than J-S160,000,000 of an. ntutl grosB earning. Tito three greatest railway systems of the world, measured either by tho extent of territory drained or tho miles of track oporated, and together representing nearly ono-flfth of- the country's mileage, combine in a strong railway association in tlio Southwest. The Chicago, Burlington �fc Qulncy milnagonient, financially the ablest in the country, appears to bo in treaty at Ht. Paul with the Great Northern, which has tho moat pro-gresalve management of any road in tho conntry. The Chicago, Rock Island & l'aclflo has boon one of tho centrnl disturbing foctors in tho whole Western situation, but its movement of late, both EiiBt and West, has been Boniowhat inyBterlous. Tlio prosl-' dent of tho Rock Island, with several of tho Roclc Island ofllcials, has quietly gono with tho presUtont of tho liio Grande Western upon a tour.of railway inspection, and tliero aro Intimations of movements which' may mnko Rook Island at �75 look cheap when one looks backward from 1891. The times are rapidly ripening for great movements upon the railway chessboard which will far ovor-Bhadow tho West Shoro purchaso.which so eloctrlfled tho stock markets in 1884." According to I. L. Rico, wlien tho Reading syndicate was formed there was affiliated witli it a pool for trading purposes in which somo of the syndicate mombors had an interest. Later tho syndicate members thought it unadvisablo that thoro should bo affiliated with them a purely spooulativo pool, as their interests woro of a permanent nature, so tho pool aotunlly stopped operations some time ago. Yesterday in further deforonce to syndicate's wishes, tho pool dissolvod ontiroly and its members paid for thoir stock. The Pacific Mail Company is building two new vessels of 2000 tons each out 01 the earnings of tho company. Tho company has .$001,000 cash in bank in Now York city; it has paid $210,000 on account of these two'vessels and has about $360,000 in bank moro than is necossary to finish payment for thorn. Tho vossels havo beon built to accommodate tho trado along the north coasts of Contral America and Soutli America, connecting three timos a month afrAspinwall with the company's steamers from Now York. Alton refused to compromise yesterday on live hog and dressed produot rates, and tho question was roforrod to the Western Freight Association, which moots Nov. 11. Philadelphia-John Lornie of Scotland has suod tho Reading Railroad & Goal and Iron Companies for an accounting, alleging that tho companies havo issued falsa and deceptive financial statements. The Bay State Gas Company pays today the semi-annual intorest on its..?2,000,00() 7 per cent, incomo bonds, 70,000. Tho company has quick assots, mostly cash,'of $500,000. It lias expended the past year ovor .$300,000 in improvements, now carried in sinking fund, although it can issuo therefor at its pleasure first mortgago bonds. Next spring the company proposes to expend some $250,000 in tho enlargement of its property ut Commercial Point, which will enablo it to soil its North End works. Our recent article on oxpross company stocks has attracted some attention. It was shown in Now York to a prominent member of the Adams Express Company, who declared that his company had no surplus at all. If any person, 110 declared, was dis-satisfiod with his position'or with tho man-agomont of the company, all ho had to do was to soil his stock.-[Boston News Bureau, Dwiglit Braman has dooidod to exchange his Eastern stock for Boston & Maine. CF.NTltA.I- vkiimoxx STSTKH. Week Oct, 25. 1890. 1889. Increase, Cent.Verinollt. SG3.489 02,515 974 Og. AL.O____ 10,'.!74 10,270 2,008 nTL.N...... 11,100 10,315 . 786 System...... 93,803 89,100 ;4,767 The rumor is again afloat in Chicago' that Baltimore & Ohio and the Northern Pacific-Wisconsin Central system are to mako a traffic contract. Erie Telegraph & Telephone has doclarod a quarterly dividend of 1 per cent., payablo Nov. 17, to stockholders of rocord Nov. 8; ........ " Tho , 1890, -.....-..........----^...... ----lpany Northwestern Tolophono Exchange Com pany, and Southwestern Telegraph & Telephone Company as follows: 1890. 1889. 1888. Gross........ gl0n,n03 17H.520 108,301 Op. expenses... "135,702 100.813 100,054 Net. ......... .... 08.71.3 60,307 New construct.. ____ 10,01)8 8,817 Balance...... 00,111 68,015 60,-ldO Dividends .... 4B.000 48,000 80,000 Surplus...... +12,111 10,1115. 14,400 Subscribers ad'd 270 138 283 Total Subscrlb's 12,938 11,702 11,030 * Includes dividend on Bell company's Btock. t Includes 87821 Biirpluss of sub-company's, a portion or which belongs to tho Boll company. The tendency of copper seems for the moment to bo toward lower figures. It is reported that the Calumet has a considerable stock on. hand, and that it is likely to bo a free soller in tho near future. Lake copper is quoted at I.OVbc. best bid. Mr. Agassiz and Col. Livermore are at tho lake. It is understood that tlio Calumet people are likely to bo bidders for the Powabic property, and tho opinion is expressed that tho bearish utterances credited to the Calumet people may bo to dis'oourago attempts of othor companies to penotrato the Calumet lodo, and opinion has also been expressed that the less confident tono may have, somo connection witli the coming Powabic sale. It is reported that Calu-mot is negotiating for a salo ol! 10,000,000 pounds of copper. The Thomson-Houston Company will probably publish a full statement of earnings for nino months before Deo. 1, and at the close of Its fiscal yoar, Feb. 1 next, begin tho payment of quarterly dividends. Well-informed people think that those dividends will bo at the rate of 85 per share per annum. Irving A. Evans has mado a "barrol" of money during the last bear campaign. Mr. Evans is too smart a man to bo long wrong on the stock market, and when ho is right ho has tho courage of his convictions. , . I understand that one prominent Boston operator is short of Atchison to the extent of moro than 10,000 shares.~[Homo Journal. It is reported hero that a deal is in progress looking to absorption of Chicago & East Illinois by Big Four and that one of the resulth will bo either tho exchange of Chicago & East Illinois preferred for Big Four or guaranteeing of a dividend an Chicago & East Illinois preferred stock. Calumet & Hecla will not pay a dividend Nov. 15 as reported. The lust dividend was paid Oct. 15, and the dividend question hus not since been considered by the board, Tho Osceola quarterly dividend will ho declared early next week. It was supposed that it would be 1.50 against recont payments of $1 per quarter, for the company has earned the larger amount.-[Transcript. A. B. Sticknoy denies the rumored purchase of land on Staten Island. Quiney's output for October was 450 tons; previous month, 450 tons; same month last year 450 tons. Although Mr. Charles 0. Foster is dronpod from tho Iioard of directors of the new sugar combination, lie is still a large holder of West End stocks and a director in the West End Street Railway Company. Both he and Capt. Thomas have shown excellent discretion in con verting a part of their bigprofitsin Sugar into the solid local securities of the West End aggregatl on.-[Beacon. I. & S. Worniser cabled, in answer to inquiries from London and Paris respecting Wall st. affairs, that speculation was on tlio mend, and that the worst being over, thoy anticipated improvement. The office of the Frenchman's Bay Land Company has been removed from 1!) to 81 Milk st. ^Semi-annual settling day at the Bank of England; hence no London quotations. past woek nrift shipping #2,080,000, a not loss of $918,000. ThoSo banks shipped 8093,000 mote cu'rroncy than they rciceivod, in addition to which thoy sustained a loss of S225.000 in gold. One bank sent $160,-000 gold to Philadelphia, and $75,000 gold wont South in addition. The gold shipments woro all of coin, owing to tliosoaroity of gold certificates and small currency. Tho shipments of curroncy woro chiofiy to tho West, but Alabama poiirts also drew for largo amounts. Included in the rocoipts of currency aro deposits of $300,000 in two banks by local corporations which havo received tho currenoy from interior points. Othorwiso tho receipts havo boon light. Tho Chronicle figures a gain to Now York banks tho past weok of $18,173,000 and a loss of $21,103,000, a.not loss of $2,090,000. Tho money market oontinues to work very close. The demand from tho West for funds has continuod, and tho banks havo boen obliged to ship considerable amounts of currency in satisfaction of that demand. Treasury operations have takon somo monoy out of tlio markot, tho offerings of 4% per cents having beon small until yesterday, when noarly $500,000 was takon. A return flow from tho South and East has boen in progress, offsetting to an extont tho loss o� tho othor items. Tho woek ends with tho banks somo millions pooror in their reserves. As a result tho rato for bankers' balances advanced yesterday to 80 per cent. Renewals aro mado at (! por. cent., chieily for 00 days and maturing at the ond of tho yoar. No now contracts are being mado on time. Tho fooling among lenders is that thoro will bo no ease in. rates until tho hanks accumulate larger reserves, and this must bo naturally a slow process. Tliero is absolutely no demand from city institutions for commercial paper, and tho inquiry from out of town is light. Tho Bank of England lost �158,000 during tho weok, occasioned by shipments to the interior of �219,000 and Egypt �25,000. Importsfrom Australia and Portugal woro �80.000. Exchange on Now York: Chicago, 00 discount', St. Louis, 00 discount; San Francisco, sight 12% premium, telegraph,20pro-mium; New Orloans, commercial, 100 discount; bank, par: Charleston, buying ys@3-.10 discount, soiling par; Savannah, buying Va discount, soiling par. Tho bank statement came with an increase in tho resorvo, a loss in deposits and specie, and a hoavy . contraction of loans. Yostorday tlio government deposited with depository banks in New York $3,800,000, but this is not roflectod in tho report today. Tho Treasury Department also depositod over $6,000,000 cash hist week with interior banks for ponsion payments. Figuros with comparisons follow: Oloslng Prices of Bonds and Stocks. 1AND STOCKS. lild. Asked. Anniston 0 Aaplnwall. Boston.... HoaWntorP Boylston.. Urookllno. Campob'o,. Cutler..... EiiKtnoston Kr'ins Ray. Lamolno... Muverlok.. Newport.. J'ayson ... Penob Ray. 50o San Dlogo, 18 .tulllvnnli. 80a Topoktl...... WeatEnd.. 243/b Winter llnr .. Wlntbrop.. .. Wollaaton 0% 8% 'Ay* 1% books closo Nov. 8 and open Nov. 17, Tho report for the quarter ending Sept. 30,1890, shows for Cleveland Telephone Company, MONEY CONTINUES ETJRM. Sharp Demand at Clearing-Gain in Bank Reserve- Bonds. Money continues firm. The demand was sharp at clearing today, and the rato held stiff at 7 per cent.. New York funds softening to 25c. discount. This heaviness is likely to continue 011 Monday, as Tuesday the Now York banks will be closed. Remittances sent on Tuesday are practically the same as if sent the previous day. The city of Lowell paid a largo amount of its $1,300,000 bonds, due yesterday, in Boston. The banks as a rule are buying very little paper. Call money. 0 108 a National Webster Rank...........102 2 National City Bank..............100M, 2 Shoo and Lenther National Bank,.. 97% 20 do............................ 07a 2 Traders National Bank...........108VT 1 Boylston National Bank..........187% EO lUacltatoiio National Bank____lll@110 4 do............................112 0 Suffolk National Bank............111% 100 do............................112% 3 Soutli Danvora National Bank.....134 10 Globo National Bank.............100 6 Massachusetts National Bunk......107% 24 Dedhnm, Mas.i., National Hank.....111% 100 Metropolitan National Bank....... 00% 3 National Bank of Republic.........1"0 19 Fourth National Bank............123% 3 Nntlontil Eagle Hank.............108 4 Columbian National Bank.........120 5 Stato National Bank..............1251.4 31 Continental National Bank........120% 1 Lowell Manufacturing Co.........062% 60 Middlesex Mills Co..........145c144% f,2 Atlnntio Cotton Mills.............I0ni/j 10 Washington Mills Oo�.............105% 1 Merrimack Mfg. Co........1300�ol30.UA 0 I.vmun Mills.................... 70 5 Front Falls Manufacturing Co......101% 5 .Hamilton Manufacturing Co......1025 7 Boston & Albany R..............108 7 do............................ 2 in/, 424 do............................ 21% 8 Boston ,1s Lowell Railroad.........17(1 27 Rutland.RtiUroad pref............ 04% 4 Eastern Railroad, N. II.......108@107% 62 West End Street R. prof........... 80 10 Detroit, Hillsdale A Southwestern R. 88 60 Massawlppl Valley Railroad.......110% 11) Fitohburg Railroad prof........... 85% 0 Concord ei Montreal It, ll, class 1... 137% 10 Portland, Saeo & Portsmouth R. it.. 128 88 Quine.y Railroad Bridge Co........170y3 4 Newton * Watertown Gaslight Co..187 26 National Tube Works........186(i;>184% 100 Reoco Buttonhole Machine Co..... 13% 2 Neptune Five &, Murine Ins. Co..... 02% 60 Fort. I'ayno Coal nnd Irod Co...... 27% 40 do............................ 28 10 do............................ 27 Vh 30 do............................ 27% 10 do............................ 27  10 lioston Tow Boat Co.............149% 6 do............................151% 0 East Tcnnesfloo Land Co..........47 100 Intormitional Buttonhola Sowing Much. Co..................... \f>/n 10 North American Insurance Co..... 781/j. B6.000 JIiiBsachiiBcttaStato68,1804.lOfli/iPlOO 81,000 East Saginaw (Mich), City (la, 1891.100% 81,000 Boston & Lowell It.-1b, 1007......100 181,000 Nashua & Rochester 1st Sn, 1004.. . 10.114 *r,00 Rutland H. lat mort. Oa, 1002......Ill �200 do. Os, 1002....................1101/j. SfiOO do............................llli/S B600 Rutland railroad 2d Os, 1880.......100 8200 do............................ 00% 1210,000 American Rapid Telegraph Company receipts, assets unpaid 82 32.000 Boston and Montana Mining Co. 7s, 1808.........................lOSVe B1.000 Wakefield Water Co. 5s, 1007...... 88% 86 000 Toledo, 0., City 4%b. 1919........ 011% 83,000 Cincinnati city 7 3-10s, 1900.......133 K60O Eastern R. 1st mortgage Os, 190n.. . 124ys $2,000 Fremont, Elkhoru and Missouri Valley It. Os, 1933, stamped..........121Va R2,000 N. Eng. Mort. Seen. Co. 5s, 1902.. . 04Va JIl.OOO Burlington and Mo. River R. 1st . niort. os, 1918, non-exempt........1071A (9000 Maine Central It. 7s, 1012, small____130 Va 815,000 Oregon S. L. .fc Utah Northern it. Cs. 02 85,000 Burl, .fc Mo. Rlv. it. 7s, 1893, L. G . .1001/4 (81,000 Del., Lans. & Northern R. 7s, 1907.. 101 SALES OP BONDS AUD STOCKS. Boston Stook Exchange..........Nov. 1. The following aro tlio sales as reportod today.showing tho highest and lowest prices. BONDS. Amount. Highest. Lowest. Atch.,Top.AS.re4s... S5412 82 811a do.......incomes.. J3IJ055 65% 661/J Eastern Os........... 191000 ll!4Va 124% New York .fcX. E. 2d Os 811000 10U% lOUVa Ogs. & L. Cham. eon. Ob 81000 103 103 RAILROAD STOCKS. Atcll., Top. & Santa Fe. 1675 33% 33V. do.....06, no Int.. 100 33% 88'/.. do..........slO.. 400 33% 33% Boston .t Albanv..... 11 ii1hv4 WWa do........rights., 443 21% 21% Bos. & Jle. fractions... JH-16 197 307 Connecticut River..... 6 228 228 Clev. * Canton....... 60 7Vl 7*4 do.....preferred.. 30 2-1 24 Mexican Central...... 300 S3ya 23 Norwich .t Worcester.. 4 180 180 New York & New Eng. 100 41 41 Union i'aciile____b6... 100 40% 4li:14 West End prtf........ 00 85% 85% MINING STOCKS. Atlantic............. 256 1714 10 Boston i lion.(copper) lollil 4(i% ibV- Hrecce.............. 100 40c. 40c. Calumet & Hecla...... 15 277l/a 276 Franklin............. ISO 17 nil,:. Kearsarge............ 15 13 13 National............. 100 J 1,4 114 Oaccolu.............. 132U ';6 83% do..........bSO.. DO 3-1% 34% Taauirack............ 43 leu 100 LAND STOCKS. West End........... 450 24% TELEPHONE STOCKS. Am. Bell Telephone... 5 225% MISCELLANEOUS STOCKS. LauiSOU Store Service.. 10 20'/: UNLISTED STOCKS. Hoy Stato Gas........ 65 01% Illinois Steel......... 238 I'll tugar RelinerluB...... 688 IIS0EI.I,Atn!O0S, EaatCarH. iyu do prof..... EdlsoiiToy. 2 Lamson... -29 Pullman*..203 RoeceBut. .. UnlonHtYtl SiouxClty -SO 60% 86c 63 5 3 2oya UNLISTED SECURITIES, 14 IPS KLECTntO STOCKS. FortWnynn 12ya 12% Thoni-llous 51 do prof.. 27Vd Vi. Tseo,KorC 11% do, ser 1). flVg Shorn Woldl85 BiEuWeld. .. 01% 271/2 12Vt 200 73 MISOEM.ANKOtJS. Am Oot Oil 10% 19% AniPneuT .. 4 Bay at Gas. 81 Illin's Stool 98 00 111 Steel 6s.ioay0 MD&EBLd 40o NntLondTr, 19% Sugar Retlu 05% 50o 10% 06% *Ex-dlvidond. _ Hew Stook Exchange. FORENOON ItAIMtOADS. 4 Atch.TASF 33% CO OlovilCllu 7% 12 do. .prof.. 24% MINING COS. 400 Breeco... ,45o 100 CreBoont.. 14o 250 Catalpa... 30o 200 Oovser____Ho 100 Humboldt. 40a 125 Little ChiefSGo 11 National.. 1% ...........XTov. 1. CALL. HININO'OOS. 200 Or&Mlller.' Oo 60 SllvorKlngSOo 200 SautaFe..60o LAND 006. 100 E Boston.. 8Va 60 Maverick.. 2 50 Wollaston.07o TlitEl'lIONK coa. 200 National. .8ayjo MISCELLANEOUS COS. 16 EdlsonDoll 2 NEW YORK STOCK MABICBT. Yesterday's Closing Transactions on the Stook Exchange. New York, Nov. 1.-Monoy on call has ..oenoasy, ranging from 4 last loon at 4, and closing boen oasy, ranging from 4 to 8 por cent., last loon at 4, and closing oiforod at 4 per cent. Prime mercantile paper is In only f air supply, and up to last night thoro was no demand from city institutions, while tho borrowers showed no urgonoy: rates remain as boforo, at G@8 por cont. Bar silvor. $1.05%. Sterling oxchango is quiet and barely steady, with actual business at $4.80% for 00-day bills, and $4.84% for demand; the posted ratos aro $4,81@4.86%, Government bonds dull and steady. Kail-road bonds quiot and steady. Tho closing quotationsof bonds and stocks aro as follows: nosDs. US4s,rog.......124J/ U S 4s, coup......124 US4%8, rog*----103: US4V5s, conn... .104% l'acllleOB, 1805.. .118 D C 3.06a........120 Canada South 2da. 04ya CcutU'noiflo lata..lioyj Donv & Rio G lata, 119 Deuv * Rio G 4s .. 82 Erie 2ds......... 00% FtWortlwfcDeu IstalOS � Iowa Central lsts.. 85ya Kansas l'aclflo con .114% nt rain k1' lsts, DenvDlv.114%: St 1', C Mo, IC * t lsts.... 78% 80 l'ao Mo, K &'].' 2cls____46Va Mutual Union 0s..1O2 N ,1 Cen hit cortif.. HOMi N orth raclflc lsts.. 110% North l'aclllo 2ds, .111% Ex-lnterost. BTOI Amer Cotton Oil.. lOVi Atchison......... 33t'/8 Adams ExprcBB. , ,148 Alton & Terra 11.. do .pref.........115 American Express,11G Atlantic Pacific. .. Boston Air Lino pf. .. Brunswick....... 20ya Buf, Roch'r A Pitts Bur, C R .fc North. Canada Pacific.. Canada Southern.. Canton......... Contral Pacific.,., Chosapouko & Ohio 10% do 1st prof. ,. do fid pref.... Chicago ,fc Aitou do prof........ Chicago, Hur <fc Q . Chic A- F, Illinois.. do prof........ Chic, St L& Pitts.. do pref........ Chieaeo Una...... C, C, C <t. St Louis. t do prof........ Consolidated Coal. .. Consolidated Una.. 99 Del * Hudson. .. .138 Del, Lack &, West.. 14;) Denver & Rio O... 17Va do prer........ 54% Ea�t Tennesseo.... 8 do lat prof..... 74 do fid prof...... 10 Eno .,.......... 2iya do pref........ 52 Fort Wayne........ Green Hay....... 8% Hocking Valley... 20% Houston & Texas.. .. Illinois Central.... 07 lllinolsConl & o0k0 .. Iowa Central..... 7 dopref........ 22 lnd, Bloom & West .. Kansas & Texns... 11 Kingston & Pom'ko .. Lake Erio Js West.. 14 Northwostsrn con. 141 Northw'n debonSs.lOoya NY.ChAStLOs. 01 Norf * Westfls.. ,lloy3 Oregon Short L OS. 108% OreifcUtah North 6s 80 Oregon Impr lsts.. 102 Oregon Nav late... 10Bi/n Oregon Trans Os.., 107% RoadlngGuM4s... 81% Reading let of inc. 64 StLAIMOonris. OlVa St Lit S F GenM.Ill at Paul oonsols .., 124% " " ,fc Pao lsts. 114 Onl lsta ... II21/1 Tox Pao L G tr rets 91% Tex l'ao R tt tr rots S7�A Union Paelflo lata.Ill 1st 6s.... 90 West Shoro 4s..., 108% 71% 62 19$ 62% . 33 .126 . .' 00%  ot* 14 41 41% 00 05. Mobile* Ohio, Morria Js Essex .Nushv A Chat.... 00 New York �fc N Eng 41 Now Jersey Oenll. .111 Norfolk . .12% 08% 1 prof........0(11/ N Y, N H A Hart.. 205 N Y, Sttsq Jc West. 7 do prof........ 28 North American... 84 Ohio*Mississippi. 21 do prof .......... Ontario & Western. 17 Oregon Improv't.. 83 do pref........ 03 Oregon Navigation. 82 Oregon Short Uno. 28 PacTtlo MaU......41% Peoria, l)oo <fc Ev.. 17 Pittsburg.......... Pill Ptilaco Car .. .203 Reading......... 34ys Richm'diAllog.. .. lilchm'd & W Point 18 do pref........ 73 Rocklaland...... 76% Romo, Wat A Og.. .. 8t L .fc Snn D'r'cisao 391 do 2d pref...... 68 do 1st prof...... 72 St Paul.......... 60% do pref........108% Straiil&Diunth.. 25 do prof........ 90 St P. Minn & Man. 10(1 St Paul* Omaha.. 27 do prof........ 84 Southern racldo... 22% Tonn Coal4c Iron.. 41 do pref........88 Toxsb l'aclflo..... 17% Tol tc Ohio Cen ... 02 do pref........ 86 Union l'aclflo____. 4(1% U P, Donv ii, Gulf. 24% United States Exp. 05 Utica * Black Rlv. .. Wabash Paoiflo ... do prof ........ Wells-Fargo Exp.. THO Western Union .,. 80% Wheeling 4 Lako E ~ do prer....... Wisconsin Central Silver certlHcatoB. Sugar Trust..... Lead Trust...... Cattle Trust 10% 2014 f 21 1.00 �6% 19% Hlghost. American Expreos.....116% Atchison............ 83% Chicago ,fc Eaat Illinois. 43 Canada Paclllc.......72 Chicago, Biu- &. Qulncy. 00% Cotton Oil............ 19% Clov, Cln, C & St I, pref 96% Chicago Gas.......... 41ii CheBaponke & Ohio---- 10% Consolidated Claa...... 00V� Del, Luck.fcWcst'n----143% Delaware .fc Hudson .. .138V4 Denver A: Rio G pref.. . 55 Erie................ Illinois Centrnl........ Luke Shore..........107 Louisville & Nashville.. 77 Manhattan...........1041/: MisBourl Pacific....... 08% NorthwoBtern.........10H North American......34% New Jersey Central----1UJ4. Northern Pacific...... 27% Northern Paclllc pref... 78% New York .fc New Eng'd 41% N Y, Ontario x Cur Ilomestuke. Horn Silver. Iloivoke____ liock Coah. Lrwu Uiii.., Bid. Asked. Bid. Asked. .02 Julia Consol .26 2.10 Lacrosse. .. .00 .05 .00 Leadline... .14 .17 2.00 2.10 Little Chief. .31 .40 1.76 Mexican ... 2.S0 3.25 Moulton.... .00 .75 Mt Diablo.. 2.00 2.00 Mutual .... 1.60 .36 .60 Navaio..... .30 .14 S Belle Isle. 1.80 .40 .40 North Star.. c.66 .07 .08 Nevada o'n. .70 1.05 1.20 Ontario.....07.60 .15 .26 Ophir...... Or'l ,fc Miller 4.25 \ \ .26 .05 1.00 Occidental.. 1.80 4.00 4.80 Plymouth .. 2.25 3.00 Pha-ulx L'd. .18 .16 !fib .05 .60 3.75 .70 .30 8.60 3.40 .02 .Iti.PhiL'iilx, Art .. Quicksilver. .. I do pref... 45.26 Rappahun'k. .. 1 Savage.. .. 1.001 Slerru Nev. .10,Silver King. 1.00 stormoat... 1.70 Santiago ... .. � Sliver Cord. .. I Small Hopes .40.s .M of I, V . .yOiSlioshune... 2.85[Sutler Creek l.iiu . . iSulltvuu... . S.60! Utah....... -. : ViitouCon.. 24.60 \ Ward Con,. .501 .08 .08 2.80 .46 .00 .85 .80 .01 7.00 40.00 3.15 .66 iii .42 1.66 .04 1.30 .08 1.15 2.05 CHAMBER FURNITURE. 920 ho gl(10 #100 flGO Chamber Chum bor Chumbor Chamber Chamber Chamber Chumbor Clminbor Sets going at. Seta golugut. Sots going at. Sots Kolng at. Sots golriKnt. Hots Kolngat. Sots going at. Sots going at. ::: ISS ... tg�o .. .13110 ime Furniture Co. FULL SIZE Ladies' Rattan Booker. Price for PARLOR SUITS. rarlor Suits going nt..., Parlor Bulla going at.... Parlor Suits going at.... Parlor Sulfa going at..., Parlor Suits going at.... Parlor Suits going at.... P60 �75 $100 "125 160 8200 40 cont Carpet going at.................. 95c. 00 cent Carpet going at........;.......t -AOc. 85 cout Carpet going at................. OOc. fl.00 Carpet going at................... tffto. 1.26 Carpet going at................... ' OOc. 81.50 Carpet going nt............,......(ALIO $2.00 Carpet going at...................til.SO RANGES. {118 Ranges going at.............., ...SSt0.4!> $25 Ranges going nt..................$118.00 340 Ranges going nt....,.............SISfi. OO 800 Bangoa going at..................$4,0.00 Cor. DOCK SQ.and WASHINGTON ST., BOSTON. Kemember, this prioo is for MONDAY, Not. 3. only. "Wo aro complete house fnrnishsrs. and can fttr-nish your house from basemont to attic, either for CflBh or instalments. "We give free a Cooking Itantjo to every one purchasing glOO or moro. We will take your old Btovn as first x'ftyment In oxchange for a new range, and 81 per week until balance is paid. All our ranges are warranted good bakers. We guarantee the low-cat Cash prices nnd honorablo nnd square dealings at ull times nnd In all cases. We refer with pleoauw to our patrons. We deliver goods free to ovory olty ortown in New England where there is a freight station (except qui special day goods), and by team 10 miles from out stores, OUR CREDIT TERMS. ]R2.60 down on S35, and 78 cents per week. 85 down on g50, and gl.25 per woek. g7.60 down on $75, and 82 per week. 810 down on 8100, and 82.50 per week:. We havo at our old store, 283 Washington at,, n building full of furniture that wo wish to dispose of before the expiration -of our leaso of that plftcs. which we will soil for SPOT CASH At your own prices. If yon wish to save money yoa will not spend a dollar for furniture until you havo looked over this stock, as we toll yoa plainly that no reasonable offer will bo rejected. ;urniture Go. Cor. DOCK SQ. and WASHINGTON ST., BOSTON. CURREMTS GT COMMERCE, The Week's Business in Many Lines of Trade, Receipts of Livo Cattle-Space Rates and Insurance Premiums. Quotations in tlie Boston, Now York and Ohioago Markets. In noarly all linos of businoss tho past week, trado has boon of a quiet, steady nature with valuos woll maintained. As it is botweon seasons, tho freo movement o� goods whioh provails at prosent is unusual, and civos promiso of t?reat activity tho first of next month. Tho mills throughout tho Stato aro, with ono or two exceptions, running on full tluio, and are consuming thoir stocks rapi dly. This is particularly truo of tho shoo faotorios, and tho paper, worsted and dress goods mills. Thoro has beon a slight im/jrovomont noticed in tho domand for loathor, but it will take from two to throo wookB boforo manufaoturors aro again forced to buy. They will bogln to fill thoir spring orders about tho middle of tho month, and none of them havo stock sufficient to last much beyond Dec. 1. Thoro is a do xnand at nrcsont . for solo loathor strong'Oiiough to keop stocks from acoumu lating. Hides have weakened a trifle, but thd decline from tho highest point can be recovered us soon as tho domand improves. There has boon moro buying of kip, grain aud splits at small concessions on only good-sized orders. Many largo contracts for boots and shoes havo been closed tho past woek. .lobbors aro accepting prices as thoy at lengths understand tho situation. Tho do-olino ir not sufficient to chango quotations. Tho prlcos at which shoos aro now selling do notcovor tho increased cost. The orders for spring goods aro larger than was ox. pected, and tho factories aro finding oousld orablo difficulty in filling thorn. There is still a good movomont in all grades of wool. But few changes are noted in quotations. Tho demnnd for Ohio and Michigan wool is very strong and tho sur ply is hardly sufficient to moot ft. Dealers have tho host of tho mar ket and aro making evory oil'ort to maintain tho prosont condition, Toxns and Oregon wools proiniso to bo in bettor domand bocauso of tho oxolusion of wools by tlio tariff. An Improvement is already noticed in thorn. California and Territory wools aro still firm, and comprise tho major part of tho sales. Worsted mills aro taking all the long staple wools that aro offered. Prloos havo not ns yet boon established at Melbourne because there havo boon such small quantities of wool ofl'orod for sttlo. Wool is in a romarkably strong position. It cannot weaken under a moderate domand with as light a supply as tbore is at prosont. Tho rubber market is demoralized and pricos aro low. Manufaoturors aro not buying freely. Thoro is a good movement in rubber goods. Tlio mills aro reputed slow in filling thoir ordors and aro thus on. dcavorlng to improvo tho domand and advance prices. Thoro is a good movomont in all linos of dry goods. Print cloths havo improvod, and stocks show a slight falling off, witli a bettor demand. Cotton goods aro in good request. and prloos on Homo grades have boen advanced. Prints aro quiotor and values havo weakened. Woollens and worsteds are firm, with quotations woll maintained. A now sohedulo of pricos will soon bo made to cover tho advanced cost of wool. VBAIi, IiAMB, MUTTON. A Better Demand for Milch, Cows-Supply of Slieop Largo. The advices from British livo stock mar-kots during the past weok quoto values firmer, with tho domand steady. Supplies woro light from all quarters. Froight rates for BDaoo from this port aro quoted at J50 to 02 shillings per hoad. Insurance premiums aro quoted higher. The regular winter ratos will go into effect within tho next 10 days. The following havo boon tho shipments of live eattlo and drossed hoof from Boston and Now York for tho weok. 110sxon SUIl'MEMS. Beef Cattle. qrts. 020 2,102 701 2,759 1,070 306 8*2 412 .....2,488 7,780 Beof Quarters. 2600 2000 2300 4080 Steamer. Norseman...... ilostouian...... Haiuaria....... Stockholm City, Is'estorlan...... Totals... KUW VOIUI 6IH1-MKKTS. Steamer. Wisconsin....... Majestic........, City of Chester... Hervia.......... Italy........... F ra i ice.......... Aiichoria........ Colorado........ lluilalo......... Mlucola......... Do Rnytor....... Marsala......... Cattle. , 703 478 200 418 460 U70 300 1400 Totals..................2870 18,620 The distribution of shipments for mouth of October wero as follows: I'oitB. Cattle. Beef Qrs. London..................... 2,27:'. 8,843 Liverpool....,.............. 0,080 20,301 Glasgow.................... 1,404 ____ sota bakors' clear and straight, $f>.26@5,85; Michigan stone, 84.50@5,E0; winter wheat, straight rolled, S5.2505.7E; winter patents, $0.25@6.50; spring patents, $6.25@6.75. CoitS.-High mixed, 67o; steamer, yellow, 06% o; steamer mixed. 65o. Oats.-Choice to fancy clipped, 58@59o; No. 2 white. Efi@e6c; No. 3 white. Eir 54% a. BtiTTEK.-Croamery. Northern extra, 26r 28c; Northern extra firsts. 25@26o; Eastern extra, 28@24o; Western extra, soft wood pkgs, 24@25c; Western extra, hard wood Skgs, 23o: Western extra firsts, 21@22o; . rsts, 17@20o: seconds, 12@16c; North i Juno extra, 21r22c; West June extra, 20r i 21o; dairy, Vormont extra. 23o; New York ; extra, 22c; New York and Vermont extra firsts, 20r22o; New York and Vermont firsts, 17@10o; New York and Vermont low-grades, 10@15o i long dairies. New York and ; Vermont. lC@20o; dairy. Western extra firsts, 18@lBo; Western firsts, ll@12o; Wostorn soconds, 8@10c; Western imitation creamery extra, 18@10o; firsts, 14@16or ladlo-paoked extra firsts, 18@16o; ladle-packed � firsts, ll@12c; ladlo-packed 3eo-onds, 8@10o; Franklin county, Mass., boxes, oxtra croamery, 28@30o; extra dairy, 22r 24o; oxtra firsts, 18@20c: firsts, 33@17o; trunk butter, in % or Va lb prints, oxtra V lb, 24@25o: oxtra firsts, 21@28o; under grades, 12@18c. Ohhicsu.-Choice to good, 9%@10o! Job lots, 9%@10oj fair togood,8@9c; Northern, 8Vi!@10o: sage cheese. ll!!4c12o. The Liverpool markot is firm at 49s. Eggs.-Nearby and Cape fancy, 30o; Eastern oxtra, 27c; Eastern firsts, 22r24c; Vormont and Now Hampshiro extras, 270; Nova Scotia and Now Brunswick firsts, 2E@ 26c; Princo Edward Island firsts, 24c; Canadian firsts, 28@20o; Michigan extras, 2Bo; Wostorn firsts, 23@2Co. Jobbing, lSHWc higher. Bffiicir- Choice, 7%@7%e; light choice. 6Va@7c; heavy good, light, 6@6c; hind quarters, choice, 10@10v!:c; common to good, 7@9c; fore quarters, choice, E@ CVao; common to good, 4@5o. Mutton.-Extra, V �>, 83/i@llc; common to good,: 8@10o; spring lamb, choice Eastern, ll(s!13c; common to good, 10@Hc. Potatoes- Houlton hobrons, bush, 80 @8Cc; Houlton rose, 75@80c; Aroostookhe-brons. 70(�!7Go; Aroostook rose. 76@80o: N. II. and Vt. hobrons, 7E@80o; N. H.and Vt. rose, 7C@80c; Vt. burhanks, 76@80o; N. Y. burhanks, 60@66: Maine rose and hobrons, V bbl. $1.76; N. S.. N. B. rose and hobrons, *> bbl, $1,76. WHEAT, GRAIN", FROVTBIOWS. Despatches Kocpived by Faravrm, Bear-don & Co. Report Prices as Below at Chicago. Whoat closod rather weak, but Vac higher than lust Saturday. Sentiment in this market is in favor of higher prices and the news" for tho past week has mainly been in that direction, Cablo advices were all strong. Estimates on the Russian and Fronoh crops are being received. Farmers' dolivcrios in England the past woek havo averaged to command l%o per bushol abovo tho previous week. Winter whoat recoipts aro inoreasina. but farmers in tho Northwest aro said to havo marketed 20 por cont. loss of their wlioat tbis year than thoy had last yoar at thfs time, Corn was very strong. Keceipts are light, cash domand is good and advices concerning the now crop aro very discouraging. Oats wore quiot but strong at slightly higher prices than yesterday. Provisions opened weak but closod higher than Friday. Tho heavy receipts of hogs and tight monoy prevent any advance jusS now but they are a purchase on weak spots. wheat. Opening Highest. Lowest. . 1.04 1.0-1 . 1.08% l-OO OOJtN. Dooomuer May..... 1.03-4 ____ 1.08%b 1.081 Closure, Kovember., December.. Muy....... 6fli',i 66% May. OAT8. 5S5A 88% esti-s 56%1� eiia 47Va �7l&� Nov........10.00 .lauuary... May ...... January....-12.25 1'J.iiVa 12.22% 12.87JA ..12.02% 12.05 12.02ij5 12.95 NovemDdr . December., January.... May....... Novemhor . December.. January..... May. ..... LAICD. 0.25 0.40 0.03% 0.23 0.10 0.02% 7.021,5 mom III1I3. E.40 5.42% 5.60 6.05 ti.40 0.22y3 0.40 _ e.eob 7.02% 7.02% , C.25 0.40 5.07% 0.42% C.40 5.42% B.97% 6.42% COS 0.40 Send for our Now Boole on , "Wail Street and How to Speculate Successfully." Mailed free. Partial Synopsis of Contents: Definition of Speculation. Trading on "Marelu." Bulls ana Boars. now to Trade and What to Trade In. Tho Fronts tit Speculation. Uinta and Utiles to Traders In StocliJ. Rate of Income en Investments. Private Code, &c. Fluctuations of Active Stock* for past JtUty General Information. 1.1. WMIN & CO., -DBAUSItJ t�- Stocks, Grain, Oil and Other Spec* ulative Commodities, lit large ot fractional lots on small margins, 66 DEVONSHIRE ST. 27 CONGRESS SQ., BOSTON; 3 Totals...................10,305 20,734 Trade at stock yards for Western beef cattle was fair. Values were firmer. Sheep uud lambs were in full supply, with prices from Vi to %o � lb lower. Veul calves were in good demand, yet u^der heavy receipts prices were ea.sler by *.�o t' lb, Miloh cows sold more eusilv than the previous week, while values did not improve, except in a lew very choice now milch cows. The demtind for dressed beef, mutton, lamb and veal shows no material cluuigo, while prices fluctuated from day to day and were iu favor of buyers. BOSTON PRICES. Quotations tor Round Lots of tho Staple Cotnmoditiea. Flour.-Fine, $2.76a;2.y5 V bbl; super, e3iia.7ui e*u� and �oo�ida, $a.7i; &UuK3- VESTMENT ET WITH. a company contt-olllng 3&n.cWne� that &x* nmlik lionizing u, UisUuas, u-�o*<i naavuii pare&acttoibcv 840,000,000 b valu�. An ex-goveiruar m;ti Vuatue&i&ea ot Orf hlgUv'at coram orchil a:aa(Un� turt) WHowb �&& �6ooll BOSTON, P.O. BOX 3934. 1UU tortol*. C Sims <�, i�*ai <y.