Sunday, November 2, 1890

Boston Daily Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Page: 3

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Text Content of Page 3 of Boston Daily Globe on Sunday, November 2, 1890

Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - November 2, 1890, Boston, Massachusetts yr1 THE BOSTON SUNDAY GLOBE-SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 3 890-TWENTY-EIGHT PAGES. 3 260 ENGLISH SEAL PLUSH GAPES, satin-lined, a bargain at $8,00, MONDAY ONLY. $4.49 Each. 300 LADIES' EEEFEB JACKETS, made from Elysian beaver and diagonal cloths, and bound with braid, BOO LADIES' EBEFEE JACKETS, made of fine blaok diagonal, tailor-made, finished with wide faoings of same materials, bound with braid, bone-buttons, reduced-from $1^,00 to .......$.5.98.. Each.. 175 LADIES' EEEPEE JACKETS, IMPORTED, satin-finished, tailor-mado, in various styles, worth $15,00, . . $7.98 Each. NEWMARKETS, Worth double, NEWMARKETS, Worth double. NEWMARKETS, Worth double. GREAT BARGAINS. 500 CHILDREN'S ALL - WOOL CLOAKS, large variety of patterns, with cape, full gathered skirt, belt or girdle, plush-trimmed garments, sohool cloaks with sohool bag of same material to matoh, These goods are on sale in this city as a bargain at $10.00 and $12,00 eaoh. Our prioe ,on any size or style (sizes, 4 to 12 'years), ' � $4.98. Black Coney Trimming, 22c. a yard, Blaok Hair Trimming,, 35c. a yard, White Angora Trimming, @8c. a yard-Russian Lynx Trimming, 98c. a yard, Blaok Astrachan Trimming, S 1.50 a yard, Russian Hare Capes, $3.93 eaoh. Coney Capes, $^.98 eaoh. French Seal Capes, $4.98 eaoh. Frenoh Seal Muffs, $1.98 eaoh. Monkey .Muffs, $5.00 eaoh. Russian Beaver Muffs, $3.25 eaoh, SPECIALS FOR MONDAY, Lot No, 1. Blaok and Colored Birds and Wings, reduced from 50o to. .25c. Each. Lot No, 2. Black and Colored Birds and \ Fanoy Feathers, reduced from 75o, to 37c. Lot No, 3, Blaok Ooque and Feathers, former prioe 98c, now 47c. a Bunch. Lot No. 4. Imported Gray Birds,- with aigrettes and feathers, reduced from $1,26 to 62c. Lot No, 5, Black and Colored Aigrettes, 25c. a Bunch. Iremont &ml Beacon Sts. HOW IT LOOKS. Continued From tlio First PaRO. ity, however, will not bo as large tins year as it was in the presidential year." _osci>li Sidwell. "The chances for an increased plurality for Gov. Bl-ackott ovor last yoar's vote have increased wondortully since his manly speech at Worcestor, Thursday night. Yes, we shall he still found in tho KopiibUcan phalanx." William JV. OseoocI. "I must say that so far as 1 have heen able to observe, tho peoplo have shown more interest in this .campaign than any cam-paicrn since the Butler year. They are doing a good deal ot thinking on this tariff Question and we have made many converts. The farmers, especially, have loolcod this matter up, and I am free to say that tho chances for a Democratic success in Massachusetts wero never better than they are today. We shall gain in every direction." cTolm II. I>ee. "From what I learn at Lynn and other places in the sixth congressional district wo should make big sains for Russell and Dr. Everett. I look for a heavy vote for Dr. Everett in Lynn and Charlpstown, and in fact tho people are thoroughly aroused all over the district." Ex-Representative "William XI. �*re*>Ie: "We have become so accustomed to good-sized pluralities in Massachusetts that I can't see what ground some, light-hearted Republicans arc led to believe that the Democrats will sweep the State. Lodge Will he re-elected by a big majority." James M. Oluifiteud, president Republican city committee: "A walk-over for Braekett and 31 Republican congressmen. Andrew will Ixi defeated by Edward L. Pierce by a good working majority. The Democrats gained nothing by bringing up tho lobby question." Ex-Alderman .Jftthn IK. "If ability or common sense counts for anything, wo certainly stand a good show for winning, as we have shown the people of Massachusetts that the Democratic party posseses these. Sherman Hoar will be the next congressman from the tifth district." �I _ cured by local applications. It requires a constitutional remedy like Hood's .Sar-oaparllla, which, working through tlio blood, effects n. permanent cure of catarrh by eradicating the impurity wiiich cause, and promotes tho disease. ThousundB of people testify to the success of Hood's 8ar6aparllhi ua a remedy for catarrh when other preparations had failed. Hood's Sar&aparilla also builds up th� whole system, and makes you feel renewed In health and strength. Sold by all druRffiuis. J?l; six for ?5. Prepared only by C. 1. HOOD J: CO., Apothecaries, Lowell, Mass. 100 Doses One Dollar The following dispatch has Just heen received: (Dated) _UT. KISCO, ,2V. r. To Judtvard Jtrattdns, The Arena, 401 'Tremont St*, Jtt#fo?_; Any io9 WiuUtugion si., cor. lloylaioa �l. l>uy MiJ eutiiK. Cull, or buud lur _LrmU_r. so . ati:st. DflTCMTQ noose- ok no r.\y. rA i tit IO. FATEsrs kref. . ol6Snfit* E. 11. BATES, attorney, Ww_iagtaaj>.0* OTE,��tJlCA.i".HEKS--R�ad tho "Jfcon*- 1C> Kninhio W.nUl," >;,'\v York, tor Koveaiber; out K'd.o" i**-* P'V^. W wills; mvaiuaUl?; a_ toews ieaiaa. ww'i.uii Now* Company. 8�W e3 79