Sunday, October 5, 1890

Boston Daily Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Page: 14

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Text Content of Page 14 of Boston Daily Globe on Sunday, October 5, 1890

Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - October 5, 1890, Boston, Massachusetts 14 THE BOSTON'vSITlSrOAT GLOBE-SUTOAT, OCTOBER 5, 1.890-TWEK'TT-FOUR PAGES. SEE mm 7 smalt For artdliional i^sfilliod ndYerilscments. I?EAU ESTATE. 'EClJ'JtSE SXOCHC rAItSl, 200 hcn'b, " chiiuce lor Va "iHo track; luovMiis JlcM long,.�itlioiu jUoiiiN prrfri;f.]\'fiiimoUi, na ii;n pi-Jiirie, Cuts no-vv 100 tons hiiv by ninrlitiio; ^tAr �wood lit In cut, wlien ni'uk'elod will ]i:iv .to-ni; .2-s�ory house, sftniieii i.v Imntttfu] i'hm; _je d^^l xt.'ith collur; this fiirni is 12 iuHps from ^.oston, "botwccii I.e.\iiicloi) and "Woburn; HJint-ivlint. tcUred. r|xvny from i;. K. .slntlnn, would swit praoti-ailXArmor or wpallliy jront Ionian who \v:iiita brrrrt-nFofl^AblisIimcntiif.Tr Bof-tou; roarlpt-s, this Is mont or money ever ofToreii In X. l^.; la :issessed tliis vt-.-ir !7000;-our price ?�000, hulf cnsh. KD'WAIU^ T. lARRINGTOX A CO.. 33 Coneivss St. REAIL ESTATE. A'3P Sbmerrille. most exqnisUe nncl delightful � JXCiOsy hotnc, for those vrho cnn nppTfiClnte nrils-Wc uwiuty, rouRlfiUnp of 7 ronms, hothroom, open ;>lirepltwt!, set tubs, hot �n-nter, fnnmco, o,cmen!ort ocl-'^iar.btiywindo^vB. portico; doMriKc tints and shartrs pnpoi^ftna flnlKh; tjinty colored Inlnld windows; ttiriT^-holo most hnrmonlnud; 4 ndnul^a from !^nitd etcam cui-s; pi-li-c most surprisinp fontun*, '"/BfiOO onsh: bniiinco cnsy torma. .^: W. S.vr-4^*,./; �ilh liDWARl) T. J^.-UJIIJKGTOX Jc CO., }pongri'.sfifit. _ dSu3t. o4 1-A T.ClTAItl.TIpiTOWN-S-famlly houserfs .iiJLrooms, excdlcnl eondltion, good npij:libor>iood, 'tfieftr Main bUi owned h%'hidv who eonunisslous ns to mftfcc-flale g4S00. ED\VAli3> T. HAItUIN'OTON ��A OO.fSC CongTOss St. dSu3t L,-T**'50,I5�7Tfi ne;it little ' cotu-ipo, 7 rnnms, _____ ^- -. . closobystntiou. .1. i;. BASSKTT, Brlduewnior, or EDWAKD T. HARlUNGTOX & ~D., 35 Congress 81. dSu3t o4 "CT'OSt fi(A.rJR-ISnrpains In low-prfcerl fftrma by JV? liiinlner bMneti of 'Wnvrp.-itcr Oonntv Farm Ageiie.y; GO ticrOB, keeps � oows. 300 ooriis wood, find Ihnbor win pnv lor furni; Imrn 40x30, Hhnp llixlO, I'oUar rcndy for hoUHC, benutlfiU lonntton, prk'e $rrOO, fHOO down; M-dcre fiirui, fl Ti-'oniB. hnrn 3'I'?:3o. (%�rrt!i;.'e :ind totil houaf; lGx30, irulvnnd wontl; !i;2i)0 worth uie-o pine lumber, uf^nr box Eih.ip. I'.etvis ii cowK nnd hoKC^ mto^ fl'/OO, h;ilf down; 40 lUMYR. 1,'ood bunOh!i.:s. 3 citwrt nnd horse, ni'^nr viiliij:?! :M)d bo.\ sluvit, help wnnled, prtce SOW); n3-:iere ftirm, 4 mfirr, m <.'i'.nlner. 40 v.cTQ?. ?;nod wood �nU iimlu'v, iTiO.COH l''<'t luni-hn, !:p!'p.s 0 i'l^Wf; i.nd lemi, liil" bidUilnirfl, well Inniied, firtce Til 00, hall ciush; 38 ncrCM, lair hulld-ln?K, ;ouiB luiil Imy, near '\Vj\tihnset.t inonnMdn, well loenird. kr^tp S'" J��s.; lioiitoji onif;e, 13 ICxe.hango fit., room 20, or Y()i;>'Ci .t CO., Ilnb-bartlston. It BUSINESS CHANCES. FOlt SAM-Xpw water, pl:i>:/,a, Pup , KDW. house, 7 rooms, bath, hot lot, Ti miles oui, near depot, ;^00: iftOO itowii, hal.tiKre e(i�r terms. KI> SiMlTJI, sr, Water St., 12 to 1. �\VFSu* ol I?OSt SAM-IIalf a Imrlal lot jilensnntly oll-; ualed, ^�ery cheap. Address C 23, Globe nniee. Suit* I^ATJCIil-Wanted, t-o hife a sinnll farm wlLhhi 10 . iidlos of Iio�ton. Address 3i So, Globe otUci'.. KuiUt* o5 ^- A -HOTtrSESI for sale; fihawinut av,, near "West .JaL.JS'ewton 8t,, 17 rooms; Dwight St., 30 rooms; MlUordfit., 12 rooms; Hnnflon St., 14 rooms; "West 2^ewtonst.i,12room8; Ghe&torsq., 18 roomBj Wnr-teix av., 12 roomaj also house on Chandler at., ^Ppringfleld st., ifortnampton st., Pembroko st., etc.; ,jJnfik Bnr honsesof all descnjitlons, IIISNIIY BAVACiE, 63 Court Bt., cor. Cornhlll. 11* - A-BBACSI ST.-For �ale, near \Vfl.shlnKton Bt.; dealrablo conier prouerty, with total front-V ngo of about 120 feet, nearly 1000 feet; land, brick " Bforesnnd dwellings; pajinc good per cent, now, ahd right in the centre of the niarcn of tmprove-�ttnont. liliXRY W  ^ ' � ^Corahfll. SAVAGE, 03 Court Bt., cor. It A--r�fTTaSTMKIVTS~WashlnBton Rt., new i JtlL,'brlcl� building, aiors and 3 flats; houso, S fiats, ; iHlmjirovcrae.nts. overlooking Shawmut av.. rcnifl . ,-�700,j5rlcojg;G500; honao 17 rooms on Kendall St., \rcatafi800, price �(0000,.a great bargain; also 10 rooms, g4200, estate at North Knd; 2 stores and �.tcuemenf* nt low prices if sold at once; desirable �'liouso on Charter St., 10 rooms, price jpBDOO; large �statfl on thoroughfare at M'esi. End, rents ,<?3200, '. ^rr low price; also many others. HKSIIY Vt' . BAVAGE, 63 Ooiirt st,. cor. Cornhlll. It HOirSK XOTS for sale, at Alhton. near Oak sq., from 12 10 18 ets a foot, on Dunhoyav. and other Klreels; money advnneed to bnlld. A. .7. JjA.WAlUJ^gfi Courtst. _Sul'Th _o5_ HOITfiKS for sale, j?100 down and monthh' ])ay-ments, same as rent; honso 00 and 70 ForeiTt St., J\lt. Pleawint, 10 rooms; hiivo 4 rooms on llrst floor; only f?�i(t0Qeach. A. .T. EAMFAKD. 23 Court Bt. .SuTTh oC To tho rlpht innu Hint can control |S36,000 to S30,000, a salary of fffiOOO per year will be paid, to take th" irensMroreblo of a corporation, with an es;-'ih?lfil?f'{l iju-i-fiiess Hint iriU pny a Large percentage on (h(! money tnvo.'iled. Addrcfis, wllh fnll particular.*! and name, 1". O. IBOX aSPJSt li* Bo.ston, Mass. J:\ ar.d filodcrti. doluf^ bntdnest* ,S(450 week cash. ItAUTI.KTT !Jit ^;!17 month 1 immediate sale 13 School. bufiv location; alck-$r}60. BAILKV .t SuM!3 Air..�0, lodphip-house, olepanily furnished, bnrd-. wood; best of earpels itwl bedVdng; rcnt^ftS nK/fith; spleiKlId locailmi: ^Jill nl(:e Indgcrs; look this over; )?1000. llAlEEY .fc HAH'iIeTT, 13 School.__RtiM A'^WKOIjIQ or half interest small Job pdnlhig oflUiO. doinp biismess ,^0000 year; vonl KO for sale.woll located and erpdpped; o.'itJvbUBhRd 25 years, and alwavfl done a pnylnK bneincfla '----'....... lio.v ^4, Dover, K. 11? please iuveatlgate. P-JHYRIOIAW ivantfld to t,iko tho catabllshod prncUce ot a retiring phyelctau In a town tihtmt 20 miles from Boston. For p.irUculars apply at room SI, 32 iJevonshlre st., IJoston. It* PAH.TjVI37iR for light, mannfnoturlng business, pnylniTjCOOO month clear, to take rntii'luK part,-ner's intcrnU. with poalUon ns treasurer; 10 rtavK' ti1:\l_glven._^2looni_lO, ''i^I!:'-_ PAKTWKXL wan'tevl M'ltirsdoOCJ capiul to (;o in lee busluoss: only Htintglit men need answer. Addie.s.s K 46, Olobo oflleo, dSu3t o3 PAICTKlSIt wanted with Pmall capital; eli motor; patcJitiiondlng; fortune-waHlnp. F 45 trie Globe olHce. dau4t* o3 RKSTAUBCANriP for sale, with furnlahed lodg-tn?-bou3ft connected, near I'ark ficp, 12 rooms and Imfh; rare chance for bnalnoHi?; low rent; price �2000. O' ao.BoyJstou building. A-TAECrP':''i*-5.- STOKKCS, ^250. ff350; con-fectionery, Jf'12r>; steam laimdry. f/2000; board iljililo �-� � ' � -----" ami livory ront't', barli l)AlltLE'l"lM3 School , ^'rocery, cigar store, 8500: ndlk shop, jirlntlng bnslnesa. BAILEY &. HOUSES-For sale or eKchango, 2 apartment houBcs of 4 .amies Gnch, near Went Chester pk., renting for j?1050 each; ^flGOOO can remain on inort-p,u8(i. A. J. BAJMrAlIB, 23 Conrtfit. iJuTXh oli HOTJSJK I.OTS forsfilo on Blue IllUav, and jipai- Cnnterl)ury st, and Franklhi Bark, from 10 to 20 nts. a foot: money advanced to bnlld. A. J. BAMPAIU), 33 Conrt st. .SuTTh ofi  sale; big bargain; now houso of 12 jLji. rutuufir; in poon locallon, near Tlarvard .st., Dor cheater; 4 rooms on first /!oor; 10,000 feet of land only g;500 down. A. J.BAMFA]tI>,23 Courtst. SuTTh o5 A?0*jai''<MItA''JriroiW controlling, a rHorbuKh-lypractlcal dish washing machine wish to dla- ' nurpoaeri; the washer re-itl:il, simple and effootli-o. poao of .stock for treasury laila for , dthont wotting her hands and with pra tically no exertion; no scalding or cimpping of bands, no breaka^'e or chipping of dlshea; we have exceptional faoilitltia for pntltng these machines before (he pu!)Uc throngh canvnasera having had years of exuerlonco'Jn the buumess; we are in need of from SlOjOOO to gll5,000 to Increase our production snniclently to meet tho demand. Address Manu-faoiiircr, care carrier 04, Cleveland, 0. It BT03re,E for Bale-MiUden; variety store, confoc-tlonory, fniltnnd cl^Mrg; n';ar depot; good paying buGluofia: rent low: must be sold. Apply to M"~ HOUSEG, STORES, OlrFSCES, ETC AT ��OC wasiokc^TON ST. Ourtifl I&looU. Apply to geouoe CURTIS, at Btoro. It* WATVTEW to rent, a houso of B-s rooms (must be healthy), for a fandly wKb children; best of references given; rent paid In advance: to be wltliin on"-hnU' liour's walk of .State at. Address, �with l-ermd, Jl 08, CA obo onice. It" WJTNTMKOJP Tlffil'lAOn-Houso of 8 rooms to let, v.'iiliall modern improvements, hot and cold water, furnace heat, freiico painted; will lof- for winter or the vd\o]c. year. Inquiro at Osmunda Cottage. >rinthrop Boach, or 43 IndJast., city. It'- APAHTmEWTS AND TEWEWiEWTS A-TSEACXH'-f BT.-^Tew suites to let one of tlic pieajjiuttest locaiJons Jn tho city, inapniiiccnt vlnwrs of Charles river and Beacon Ht, pk., G and 7 rooms, be.sidea bathroom, .'ill open to outside light and air; 3 open fireplaces, marble lialls, stairs and bathroouiK; ton an ta can seloct wallpapei and det'oia.'JonB; rent.s ^J'OOO upward; oiion dally and Snufiav. Blann and fnll particulars at ottice of nENIlY ^V. SAVAf^ e, 03 Court at., cor. It* STOStE-For sale, fruit, grocery and vnrioty store; a bargain - � 111, ij mi., aivf^' 54 Beach at. It^' TEAMHCr. ll5;l/.STi:NElHf!( - Old-estsibllshed buBtneas, with stand on State st.. run by itresent owner 20 years; now running 10 flrst-chiss teams, and all thov can do. for old cnaiomera; sickness reason for se'lUng. Full partlcuhira at 0. F. AYUj-LABD'S, -40 Sdiool at. It* JjOUSEfor anleof ISrooma, for two families A -.EB^ECJAXT .IffOUSE, best neighborhood , jaL and street iii suburbs; near station; 8 rooms . ftiidattlo, 2 llreplnces, large reception hall, fnniace /bath, hot and cold water, Bet uibs, set range, gna, ..-liMiOfiome paper and Interior llulBh; }>W00 down, tiiid vary; easy tsrms to right party; also one 10 � rooms, everj' Improvement; thcsts nxo vcrv de.slra ;ble, and It-will pay you to investigate. C. "NV. UOW :AilD, 104 Washington. It A-5 >iriTA5S OUT, nice honae 0 rooms ^stablt, hennery and ^ acre lano; blph Jaj)d, fiood locahon; S2000, g!50o down. , 'AnD,'194t.'\VaBbinKton Bt. It ^ A-S.Mir-ES OUT, houBo7ro.... J:X bath, furnace, and hot and cold omn and attic, ----. ._, -......_ _..........d water; ueai depot,good location; SCOOO, amnil amount down easy terms; nl.'io houses for sale and to let In nB jpnburbB, nil prices and teirras; call and seo photos ..of.many., C.JW". HOWARD, 104 Washington st. It \ ATMEMtOSE-Se\v2-5t(iiThouB0 8 rooms, �f^jL bntli, furnace, rnngo, hot una oohl water, efll ��tubs, piped for (iiis, irescood odllnRs, comcnioil .rfjlar, flnijibcd In nhtnmi -vvooil, bnlll bv the dny of .licjit muferial,. B mlnules of 2 dpiiots; $'^H0O ,-.pasy tcnns: 7 roomed cottnpp, nU modtrn coiivpn .{".jiSM, if200 .down, b.ilnnCT flR montli, ,'^2-100, hodaes 10 rooms. ,?;^000, i^nftOO, f?tlSOO; ana 'Jifuit,trees, 4rninnles dopot; spvcral unprccednnlcil � liar(f!iJnBV?4000, ?6000; one 0 rooms, nntinl.iheJ � .ftitk-a, on best ayenuc to\ni, steam hnai, all modern : -.linprovcmi^nts, stfihlc, 20,0()D feet land, shade, fruit .trees; ^r^t bai;gnln: i?i;,0OO; easy terms; photos at offlce: : B.Uffl'LK'l'T.lH School .St. TliSnol A TPStOSPECTKII-li^ , ^ .bay wlndoAvs, piped tor furn -New hoUHC, ptaz/.a, --- .........,-.......anee, cemented cellar;, flno bathroom; near borse and �tea;n ear.'j; price , fplyglOOO. ,H. '.I'. ALLliK, 113 Devonablro si. It^ , T CAMIJKIJ>aB-Jlonsoof ] 0 rooms, bath 5.x and modern Imi'rovejnei'.ts; line locality; 0800 feet, of land 1 Tare bargain at 1.J3000. U, T. iij.HN 113 Dovohsnf re St.' -It* ' A- BASS0.1.T.,V~For sale, at Aiibunidale, ct �'/i.fortabie old liouoe oC r rooms, v.-lth 18,000 feet land.; only g2;500,,RL'00 cash and balance at f}20 per ^Jnonfti. J.-W. FKliNCll, 220-WaohlnBton St., or J. .�C, JCLLEB, Kcwionvllle. SSu'^Voi' tTt,AJ.'TllC-Sqnantum St., near Hancock ..St.. .new. house, 7 rooms, Uirco attic, bath .pantry; hot and cold water, hard wood finish; faro to Boston; easy terms. T. F. BRODV, 00 Itham flt., Ilo3ton. It* PAJtTHrBKT KOUISira-For sale oi - change, apartment houso well rented. A ^80 "West Chester jik., finite 2, between 9 and or 6 and 8 p. m. ex- Al NET*' IIOII.SK In Melrose, 7 moms, bath fiimace, liol -------  clrvland; only *t. KUby St. cold wittej 83300, giiOO dow gas, SOOO ft. iil.m i. 11. E. .lOIlNSOX, KtOIJSK. 7 rooms, bathroom, furnace, ---cemented cellar, pla;-.;;a on two sides; Cr.OO feet .land-fnilc trees; iilee b'cotlon in Jivcrctt, ,S2S00. i,. W. GLEASOif & .SO.N, 207 -Washlnpton at. �Sudat" of. rooms, ^- - . -..... -------^. j............... .vlnilcw, Joldlnr doors; lot, larjte room lor stable: 2 nilnutct; �Jllrom depot, horse ear.s pas."; housr-.^, Willard st., 3d street from depot, on right, oil Hi oadway; price, Fiaoo; SlOO down, bal. j?10 per month; hons-is day, Sundays llielndod. A. D. KU E, , Cbarlestou-n. 31* AT EVEirETT -3 new houses, _ nicely llulBhed in cherry; plav:i-,a. bs .1 open every day, Sun ;:f.,-};dWer,_S3 3;nr1ij-�t., ____^ i^' HOW'S Tii'iisj-KcwT-ri �''na/Hs "i'taile wood; Is back plasli v7-roO]ii house, fin-.ilaslered, haa.scwer i-water; near hoisc and steam cars in Somerville; n-o, 5a; only 2 S-10 mile;; from St,'ite House; price ojdySieoo, only ,�100 doivu, balance .^l.l monlh; ,.l.lSL^Ktra payment for interest; the preatest liarpaln ' tyearsi dou't miss it. �iVlUiUU, 235 Wa.shlnt^ion. � k BT! lodplnR-househeart cltv; p:tvs b Jfi. rant f;.42 uiontli; pri.-e reriuccd to I'iOO to elci MILBUK, 23C Waslilii;;lon st. ,Si;:M Aki-Hoin^s foi up. WLinrn, everyltodv from nofhlns down i3lt Washington st. SuM* ' ,>.i:rjZ.MJS<3 J- "S^^KTTVVS-----; .I'.i �^JatGA-IK seldom ottered iiiexy bom ..-SJ5*.Tl6; lino location; eitJOO; eaav ternis. "tfiJllUt. 0, Snmer-110 WIC, It* . Ti OKCHtaSSTK It -.i JL/. rooms and. bath, clc For : Jaodern linpro � t Imi; Hinai] p.'jyii .iAshinoiit I'nrU. enls; liirpi nt, b;ilaj]ci sale, now house, 11 Ashniont station; ul lot laud; Rood loca as rent. A. 3!lJ,J!y It* ./.pA.SI." CABJlSlelDtSlB-Corne ;;iiSy. be sold at big liars '  ,J(U!c money; \rill net 1.5 , price SiSUO: rents for ' ipilretl. 1). W. llK.SJlONli, - property will gnind Ini'estment lor jicr cent, on v,',ur money; ,'i�ori; only ;?1000 cash le-21 Scboul St. d.Su7t fillO i'i;<EOAKX"i:"KTATif in Sl<0ro�e,"T3"rooni U bouse, 7000 ft. land, lawn, frail of all l-.indB; A .,,=.�'1^1.'"T*"'": ""'V PanOO,! Ji-lOOO down. II. :;l'?8.''l'Mt?;�).N, -ifi Jviihy St. _ It' --4f*'r isbsiTWX-For Bide, -1 fram(.'"tem~me7u J ImUBOs; land on Paris, lirenien, I'o|ie and .-Vddl-' Bon_st6. liltlt'l! fU-;V.\NS A- Si.^:-;,l':((ui!nble bulldliiK, Vjiviiifj' ri:'io�\-vr.''r'j"ils"o\T-i7[iu"nrro;Ti7\v7."i"rre "--tj bnildtng hous(-B 10 sell on nutli:hly pavnueits; -Jand.fiom 1 eeul per lool uinvards. liltUKiS, lUO.SK.S A Co., 7 JJ.xciiiin^e Ilostou, i^ulM' ..X^STATiB-Jf'orbnlclir'Medfoi'd s in 1 haSBtnble and .SOOO feet of land on liradton Kveretl; only ,^-JROO, fSOO ofl�li( a biK bargain. .1. BAMFAlll), 23Courtst. SuTTh of, HOV.<SKS-For sale, 4 fine houses, to ho finished Kov. 1, furnl,<<hed with every modern convenience and thBt-clasR In every respect; located In the most delightful apot In the beantilulBnhurhsofBoB. t rdljjg iin-enrpiissed faculties for boating and flsblng, .and creating a variety In the landscape, afl viewed from either of tlicso houses, that irill delight the heart of any one of artistic tantes; an early pnrehnser will have the advaiibiae of chooBlng iiaper, jKllnt. gati fixtures .and general finish; 10 rooms and bath, aot tubs, cemented cellar, electric gas lighling, open tiro-phtccB, electric hells, In facta cornforJ.'Jhle home in elegant Biirronndlngs. Apply to WAItllEN .\, rElKOE, Arlington, or to .1. 0. GOODWIN, Med. ford, for further pnrllcnlars. ThSnSt* o2 HWUSK-For sale or to let, nt Rending, B. * M It. K., opposite the common, house of I.'? roona and bath, furnace, gas, running; built by the day; jp-anlie undcrpinnhig, st�pa and edgesujuea 10,000 sq. ft. land; properly cost over St7500; as sessed ,'?f)r,00; "ivlU sell for fi.l7oO; photograiih at ofllce. Apply to i'. O. It.MuiES A- SO^, 27 Slate Bt. l'o.-a.on. It* HOIJ.SE-Forsale ...... nlNbed, JJewton Centre, modern or to let. fijrj)l..)hed or nnfur- .........jdern, stylish, nearly iiL-�Y house on high ground,10 rooms,open Ilreplace; Inillt by present owner within a few years; la the liesl of order; will sellfor ff.OOO; four mln-ntes walk Iroin the depot, In a nice location. Apply to F. G. BAllNES ,1: HOi^, 27 State St., Doslon. It* H" jwr cent. .13. H. WcKAY, 20 .School st., room 50. It HIWSltRANJ!) ________ . hoiiBoon Park st., 0 rooms HOUSBS~For sale, Dartmouth St., ?16,000, ,'?23,000; Treinont St., plB.OOO; W. Concord St., piOOO; WKBlilnglon St., 8I1'J,600; 'rt'orcester si., 813,-(!00;Coliirabii8nv.,FlC,00rt; tVest <jliest<ir pit., gl;j,-000: (.�besler sn., flO.OOO. UKIC.11 S. EVANk ,t s6n, F.ijuitahlo building. It -For sale. In Everett, a stylish house and . Al nelghhorhood, fl rooms, hilcBt hull, uvemeuts, large piazzas. iauulKome m.antels; handy to liorse and steam ears: in-ice, ^2300, S200 down, b:dancoanient, A.lUl.AF.SlCY, trSH,S-For Bale, Lland. BLAI.SDKhL, excha l�� W:i LAWM-F ..... m liradford, Mas: , houses, farms ugtouflt.,room7 lug. 1,000 ft. land centrally loeided . , ^ -,--------; very desirable for tine dwell- AddrcasI' 00, Globe onice. It* MKJi)F��jii-Fo rooms; modern BOG .V.N, 12 Globe bi anlc, a fine residence, 11 ,,, , .,, --. -Mnvenleuee, electric hells; ,000 feet Oi land, vdth a line ste.blc; choice Belec-ilon of fndt; owner leaving Ihe town; JIOCOO. H. II. lldbig. It' MAI-niJ.:s;-llonBe finest view In cit; rorans, elevated location, , . jeasonablo price. Inquire lligii III., iMal(l(:li. SSiiW O'l N'KW XIorKKs'foFiiniriih MclSieTlEkooI ,'�2700, i/iSiOO; all modern hnprovcmonis; near oepois; iyS06 down. II. i;, .IOIl,\,S0X, 46 KUby st. of land miied for { N, I^iiUlialili .1 ol 30 acr i�no wi.rtl JJJ deslrao t-talde, and aliout lo'-c lor, ('T e.\i. BBICK ,S. BVAX.i H I""TlOit "liAI^il-l'an , Is wood. cpllmateO..... ^j-tellent grns.s laud, HO g.'.od b:ddwi . juasetl apjiie Ir,'.-.'., 20 jti'iir and a.i a liood cottage, 9 rooms. I'crn 0O;J;O JilM?e and woo�i houhe. well luKi br' of iieighbors, inllc. t.i schani. J.;, i and post oiiice, 31-;! to d"ooi, 2.'i iro leea than 1 hour's drive to tl; In the SUvt/:; price t'lOijO, ?0 oMaiT. Apply iijAIJA F nv-, JiroclitC'n. one of the ;U houf.i'. ill be Bold !1>' r(':il ( nuist I.-.rce s, Iml* ciii grei' R dug : �Bl lie. . It ivjiii.i; villi toll V lile eUar.ciir-:�u.'r, b.'St chlir.-li Bo.slon add l.cia ,'.tO do'vn. with tiam lull I'KBSC UTI, 10 I'licsler S.^u- of Ihe l.( F Oil SAI.E-WlnierlllU, .Soi best arranged hoi Weiir Broadway; � �hood,wear sl/n.'s, t>aT Ton Ul look : G. B. BLANCH.- ;ln cr^�llle, new 3 0-lii'.de.rn cuiiveulence; is tlui Soinerviile, lor only inl.-.OO; 'f iK'.ili; American uelnhbor-dii, ,'hnr,!}jes and cars; ll will iaiiM- liefoie vou piirciaise. :2 Wheatland .si. .SSn' 1 Hit-h! FOR f Iionse con 3 Bultes, f 6un could In the l.i:  Addres., I IJAKIilfo e\c!i!, B. .-Ull!. ia.rtin nt liousi - - - . 01 ^ood p.-.stun- lei., tie; ais'. a lari:.' 'carrlagc-lion&i- a: paitjeij.'i.'/v a'ldr. � ^7i -. 'I lo...].;Ii;; Mfl lii-.d <.l c-W- Vnuiences electric w 1 sou:. . W. 1 ' hi'.rtnfi i'lJIl.l'.. 21 Tiellonl 61 bind . ('. li. I'.. Kill.i- 6t. I'hul'.iri.;difc i Ij.illi, .lid; lO'i Kill.y 1 hois "f J. W. IIOMKK, . l;i ilyd,. Pari; orr. KJ f]'-....., J: ^ lVi.!,lj7.j-:.. �|^'tjn;t; fs, bl,. i,r..i it-i '.r. ul.jiu.'.i ItClf. O'u r j=-2i.' !� of lilt i'll! I.;c, t'lO l X5. S'i'o'jv""~Sv".'>,rin""i;em"'~T")oro^^^ 1.J haiidsom.. house, :i 1 rooms, 2 famllleB, 1(100 Icet and; iirlce BillO'.l; l..inis very easy if dc-iiriid. P. Il.l.UltiSK'I'l', .iilllliroiidway. .lulV odm Cl't*.^ Siim-'tlN-Spieielld Mw^^ -� '-ISC, lii litst repair, ou}'y ^�ilotiO. 'I', li. -ash or llorclic t,*!* i.ioni ii ;S -iii ^ ^ and idcro-. IJ use llo ear lion for lots fri if 1590. r'JK (if wu. iter, Jioiibt eii^hl tnv,-n,4i y nuk-h Ul (i!'put; for the monev ihls can't, l.t' luidchcd In Xew J;nf:land. C. JI. JJAViti, Orange, aud lO'ils; 71 a-.-ves d can I."- cnt; Ti)"nty Ml' 0 riK-iiiic, jrti'.'d ii':i cjun.sliCK. luuiipklnK, , r-arriaj.'.-, ij^rm i\ m I'K.h:, a wry pI^; rh. on good roaii. :| �put; f( nr;n, niwl:, .thdh f gixHi land; 200 of Jruii, f?;ct')lenl n, 1 cow, :iliiirboti, etc.. 1 linggy, t'x-gon, hiiniffi.s, all l,�lKhily jOaoe. 'o renin' nf i hi mill- .SHu 20 SI �d -10'); f,':,lili I!'-; IK ;.( �u.i.i:;.-, 2 V.'AKJtl.'VG'J'OIV H'l'.-t'ur ^saie,' new bricli i.roperly; store and 3 flats; 000 to o.-rnianent lenanls; j.rice rl7 � 1 .i.iwn, biilaacc 3 years ,;l 0 pi'i' cenl. will r JT..1.'r�. Or loll: li. ji- "mi oiiLs .rach, modern, 2773 Washing-soiiabl..; b.ius.i 0 rooms near Imj.rc.'.eincats. ft\U; 4 rooiub. i....'ni.s. KV;.v-nr St.. ,s10; 0 rooms. 1 lo.'iuf', l.liii.ire sl.,}.i20; 7 rooms. i:~.i: 0 r'...iiis. r, 'll. F. .iN'l'iKFWs , Ir'L'Ii; (> rouui:. :.;B0 Watili. CFttl'-HK.'s f.. 1-K �.V, 17 Bt be mo'. �rllaiulM. �il at one Bosluu. BUStKESG CHANCES. A �� cV) V' i.  mil ill ,1.1.1,1.:;. 172 Wii oil. l',r,-,'.ilii|;t.i i.c.invixc;. .'^'.17.-,. -MAM... i�jlC .'..M y.i i,.,-;., viat' fix 1,1, .'ill.I: at 1, i l-l.M.. Jo. A cij'.'i. .1. * 1.0ii.Ql> low rent; j e;;3O0. nil ..p.. ii:;. nut r22; I'.M Wiisl.liu;. SnM-' itabliHicJ .,f-ib^-l.iU tl. II" :.oin,f;ill long 703 Wai-hlng ci^Jiul* < A .�.lilr.g on at . gsrio; .'68. Ad-11- M3EAT rfAJRKKT, cash trade of ?400 to ,?aOO per week; SHOO buys It: bargain (illSOO; .ow rent; other business; must sell. STISVENS & BECK, 235 Wash, gt.___ APXilTHTlWGt OFMCK nt a bargain if taken this week; good business; 30 years established; very low rent: 8T.ETBNS & lU'lCK. If AXOMGIMa-EtCOCfSK fdahed rooms; paving S7i rent; excellent location. STE^N'ENS it liJilOK. 235 �tt'asli, St. r-., 15 ologautly fur-:70 per month aboiTi If ACOarFKCTIONJEKIf and grocery store for sale with 3 rooms coiuiecteil; rent 10 a month: glOO. Apply :it � rrontias Bt. BuM' AWV stock ofmorchandioe or entire stores bought for highest cash prices; city or counfiw. 11. coiik, 111 E. 111th St., or 21 Lispennrd Bl., Xcw .Toric city. � 1t� AltAKB OPEJrriVG-01d.e,5t.rtllBhcd, flrst-cbiBB provision and grocery biiBluesa, atoek, lix- -------- Tas, everything; sales S'JOOOper inonth; IDOO; good reason lor Belllhg. r. B. 880 Broadway, So. Boston. .SuT'W oB tnrcB, 2 teams, everytliliii price only glDOO coiiBEriC- BIvACItSMITllI buBuiess for salo; one of Oia best stiindfi In this ,Stato; mm two fires; �Ivork Jor three men all the time; situated 25 mUefi from BoBton: price i?350. For further, partioularB Intmiro of B, Globe ofllce. ... dSnSt 04, BOOT, shoe and tallbrlrig bushicBs' for aalo; chance txi get an old eal.abllshed'store incooa location, netir iioBton; owner going West. C 17 Globe oilioc. lt� WllCOI-EBAMi: BlUSIlVKPiS for sale; first-class for one man; cash caultal required. ;?1000; no brokers, principals only. Address It 30, Globe offlce. Sull* WAWTUia a party with capital to lallo tho man. ngement of a Xew "Vork company Just orgn.n-Ized; state where au Interview can be had. Address H 98, Globe ofllce. It* A-WffiAiK 0�JI�.J,Si:-5r lilfl).-To let;, cor. St. Botolpli and Garrison sis., 3 mhintes from Cop^ ley �q., suites of -1. 15 and 0 and 7 rooms, bOBtdes bathroom, handsomely llnlBhed; every Improvoment., including marble ha'lls and slalrs, open IlreplaceB, bay windows, Bteain beat and Janitor ser\deo; ever;i-room oiien to sunlight; rents, r trade; near depots. for enlo, d chalra; good 102 Kneeland at., Boston dSuSf 04 CMS AM, STOItK for sale; this la an old corner stand, well knov/n, within 100 vardsof the Lovr-ell and Eastern denota; will be sold reaaonable to ihe jiarty wanting it. Inquire at atorc, 120 Btanllortl at., Boston. SSu*' CIOA�, STOIRE-Fbie BtooU low rout. -- and fixtures -- , great thoroughfare; will pay ^30 a iroek net profit. 200 Waahlngton, room 2. SuM Iy for bitervlew, S 02, Globe offlce. It* DIBTEKi O-laOOJlIt and kitchen to let; fully fiu--nlBhed; bejjt locality at South End, where board la $5 per week. Address F. Ii., eare';^*' carrier 212. AI�A1S,TMK'JVT to lot, of OroomB, In Ilrst-clasa order; all light; no objection to children; rent very low. Apply at 356 Columbus av, FSii* o3 A~PA3RT5iEW'irwanted o^oTr 0 rooms, with modern improvementa. Apply at 178 Washington at., room 3. It* AJ-.JjSTON-Fine apartments of 4 and 5 rooms and bath room, furnished with ahadea and acrccns, set tubs, act mnpe, hot and cold water, and entirely aepni'ate flirourtlioiit: rent ^-11 and 3I8 month; refercncea retiiiired from each appllctvnt. SAJIUEL HANO, Allaton, near station. Su'fl'a* oS A-nEIStaSAItjCE XEN.MMEWTS, 6 miles out, best neighborhood: modorii Improremeut^; near station; fJlO to S20 aiitl up. C. W. IWWAllD, 19-1 Waahlngton st. It* BE..VCOW ST.-Pino now apartment hotel, 260 Beacon st.,near Dartmouth; a.ll.modern im-provemenla; electric gas Bghtliig, steam heat, elevator, etc.; will be Ica.^od, and apeclal inducomonts ofl'ered if tnkon at once; house open for Inspection. Call on . or address J. S. JUAXFOLL, il-i Equitable building. dSu7t b27 BOSTON �tI01H:X,AKI>S - To let, now, sunny suite of 5 rooms and bath. 20 Hillside at.; all inodern lmprovemeiit�; inoderato rent. SnM* D6iSrcHEIST^K--Wiet'irt""TJ^ and Bird-st, staflon, Buito.iII, 4,5, 0 and 7 rooma, SS to S40 per motitli.' ALBEKT G. rilAY, �Upham'a Corner, or 11 Ceiiti'ivl at. It* eStAKlLKSTOWW-rirat-elass flnta. Monument aq., 4 and 7 rooms and bath. 32 Cordis at. �TjITjA'T-5 rooms and batlu etc., near KorfoUc Ji?Iioufte; lino locailon; rout g22 If taken at once. Apply to li. F. ANJHIEWS, Jit., & CO., SS80 Washington St. Sull FK/ATtolet: 4 nice rooms, bath; 17 Jlontrosa St., SomervlUo; j[?13 or less; llrat lloor, 5 good rooma, cor. Cherry and Falrlee ata., SomervlUe, J^IO. APARTMEWTS AND TENEMENTS. TKKlKSIEBrT-To letnt South End, quiet and reapectable locality, tenement of 4, rooma, good repair, all on one floor, trith water olosot: rent ^11; also 3 rooma, 33 and S9. Apply to Mrs. McLAUOH-LUr, 1 Buggioa pi. Sum* mEWEltninvTS to I-IBIT-IZT Brighton atn ton, �!B per month. Equitable building. mm in o oaxoii i:i.m x:nat Boa-BBIOE S. EVANS & SON, TENEajjBWTS to let; 4 rooms on Kneolnnd st., 1317 i 3 rooms on Blossom at., 810; 3 rooms near Hanover at., filO; 3 rooms on Carver st,, S12. HEN-3! Y W. SA'VAGE, 03 Court at, oor. Cornhlll: It min!WEBI33NT \vanted of 3, i or B rooma on one X floor, with modern Improvements, north of Wol-tbom Bt. Address, stating price, No. SB, B. H. WHITE & CO. It* ' mENEHREWT to let In Somen-ille, �7 Beach JL St., cor. .Spring, a lower tenement containing 0 rooms v/Jtli bath; pleasant grounds, ivith fruit trees and Bhrilbbcrj'. It* TBNEBITEIVT-To let, to respectable working cleas, teuomeut of 3 rooms In good repair, ItIIOi alBO one of 3 rooms, S8. Apply to Mrs. O'BKIEN, 882 iJniTlsoii av. SuJl* TIBWKMEWT to let of 4 nice rooms at 17 Blok-fordst.; rent 810 month. Apply to 1'. HIGGINS & co., 23 and 25 Harrison av. It* XE3V35]^OiIjVTS to let of 2, 3 or more rooms for small famUlea at low rent. Apply on the pixim-ibcb, 024 and 020 ,Shawmut av., to Mr. DIFFLEY. ^ dSutt b3 TIENESl"EJ>rX-To let, a Bulto of B rooms and bath, sot tuba, set rdngo. ApiiJy at Hotel Castle, 128 CoBtle St. lf� rruBJi'ESrasI^'TS at west End, 2, 3 and 4 rooms, X just put In thorough repi'-lr, g7 to ffill per month, Apidy at 0 Emmelt pi., oft Bloaaom at. It* TE.'SEMJ.INTP.-3 or 4 connecting rooms to small family; 811 month. 331 Somcrvlllo av., .Somerville^_dSiiSl* o3 TEWMajTEWr, -t rooms, 25 Eaton at, up t-wo flighla, gllC per month, .\pplr on tho premlsea or 1. fi. CAHOiSn, 103 State st. FSu* 08 BOARD AND ROOMS. BOARD AND ROOMS. tinder now Monti Koment, onr ^F�."i?''S'=''"�* "jSi'I.^'S^.JI^I' DINING KOOM, City Hall av., opp. City Hall. It* f> K Q H:Ajre..WrS01ir AV.-Front parlor with iUDO mantel bed; aultablo for 3. AppIyflulloS. COIitTMBITS A v. -A front a"loovo room and a aide room; board In house if 6 o'clock dinner; 21 meal tlokots, $i. . ' SaAiV os �>QO OOLITSIBITS AV.-To lot, pleasant uOil front room, up 1 flight; nJloouvenfencas. _ SuW* oB SHAWJIIUT AV.-To let, a lovely jjyx front room to a gentleman. ApplyatHotcl Jilon, suite 8; references. It* SintAWMTIT AV.-Front room, 1 -,- _ - night, very prettily farulshed; 2 largo closets, every conTcnIonoo. It* qQQTKEMONT ST.-To let, pleasant *->0 \J square rooma, also front baacmont. for light houaekeepfng. SSu* QKQ COJGUaiiroe AV.-iNIc� rooniBi por-tj J-P O manent or transient aooommodotcd ;board; 0 o'clock dinners._ Sud4t* o5 QQ|K SWCAW.'trcrT AV.-Seatly furnished, f> �J O Itvrgo Bquuro room, liUght, prlvUege housekeeping, S3.2B. SuJi* f\r[ COILURinBtrs av-To gentlemen, a y i nicely fnmlshed, large, front side room; hot and cold water and gas. It'i* K1 ft �OI.�TJBtrs^ AV.-lJoalrablo rooms fJXO In corner house, furnished or unfunilshed; excellent location for a phyalejan. It^ K-n-J smAWM'0T AV. - Deslrablfe fur-' OJUJl nlBlied square rootna, overlooking Chester sq., with modern hnurovemcuts. dSult* o2 KOA COXiUansUS AV.-Verj. desirable al-cjiitieovo floor, furnished; niBO square and sido room; choice location. dSnSt* 03 FINANCIAL. S350.000 NITUni.?staplo mrn'oSSta!' *itc.; the 3Jo3ton Loan Co.,' 27B IVashlngton at� opp, AYater at., organized Jan. 1,1873, Incorooratfjd Jan. 10,187.Si R.W. GAGE, rreaident: -vVlU.I.Uit R CHAFraE, Treaauror; this luBtituilon la tho only Incorporated company iti tho ITnlled Statea that makes a apoclalty of loaning money on pianos, furniture, moohlnery, liorae6,carhages, farming stock and atocKB of staple merohandlae, etc., leavmg the aamo In tho possession of tho owner, thereby avoiding a {mbllahed morlgage; and having a largo '( at ta Immediate command, uan make advances at a conaldcrably lower rato of Intereat than any other parties In New England; It also loans money on ilia-mouds, gold watencs. Jewelry, stocks, bonds, en-doivment Inaaranco policies andsavijigabank books; leaees paid oft and moro money adviinced; all loans may bo paid oil bv InatalnientB if no desired, eae.Ii payment rednoiiig Intornat; If not convenient to onlli mall us your address and w� will send onr agent to 600 .vou. Address Boston Loan Co., 275 Waahlngton St. 2 ASVUTt^AXJa -Nicely fnrnlshed rooms, 8(2,1^2.60 and )?3 jier week; call quick, It* SBO-yRKTOW IPlt-.-Exnellont table board, gS 1 21-meaI tlokota, S3.B01 e-dlnnor, gtl.lB. Sud7t* 06 SASXITjAHTlli 3PI..-Brick house, 14, rooms, all modern improvements. For partlculara up. ply to GEO. H. ABBOTT, No. '.iOO IVasMiigtou st, room 6, from 12 to 2 o'clock. It* S.TEJPPESSSOW ST., oor. Tromont-Squiire room, 1 flight front; imfurnlahed, 32! private house. It^ 5Oi0>r.,ITarBlTIS SIJ.-to lot, elegantly furnished front alcove) sunny, aquaro anil Bide rooms, all parlors, en tiro IiouboivUI please; oxcol-lent board gnaranfeed if deskod; roferuncea. It" OCIlESTESt ISCJ.-Handsome newly furnished rooms, Ijirgo and email; low rent. dSutf my2a rr CitTAIMJES st, _ i gentlemen baths. ______, near Beacon.-Kooms for central location; open flre^iocea; SS-EMBieoIE.E ST.-WoU-fumishod aquoro and large side rooma; all cohTonlenoes. It* "11 A OHBSTEIt S�i.-Ploo8ant location be-XV tween Sliawmut av. and �Washington St., sunny side room. It* UASMBITKXON PI,.-Klcoly fmnlshed square and aldo rooms. " It* 1 1 T-iUEMOUTH SX.-To let, largo square XX room, fumiahod, all modern oonvonlanocs; terms reasonable. SSu* naXABrrPOJKB. ST.-Nicely fumlshod rooms to lot, with hot and cold .jvoter; vdth or without boaixl. dSuat* 04 �J Q'E. SPJMN�FIEI/]D ST. -Fnmlahod Xaj room, might; water, gasi could bo used lor light liousokeopliig. . It* 1 O CMESX'EK SQ.-Very doBlrablo rooma, XaJ on snlto or singly; aoeolal ratea to permansiit parties. . It* �1] Q IBiOi WBorsr IST.-Vou can secure by tho XO week or day, nice, fine front, largo and medium-sized furnished rooma; modern Improvementa. -I .A �WOItOESXEH SH.-Rooms newly fup-jL'Jt nlahed or unf umlBhod iu suites or separate. dSiftt* ol t K MAKTMOTCTTn: ST.-Dtalng-room and X kitchen to let; also 2 pleasant square rooma. , Fra^ EAST I�K,OOKT..rBfE BT.-Nleely - - fiiriilBhed front alcove room, overloolclng �anklln' aq.; hot and cold water. It* -if' CrAlItr^AJVJB S5T.-JuBt changed hands X.\i rooma S2, gS, S4, gB weelt; call and FSSu o3 K(}K OOI-irMlSWlB AV.-Cholco alcove and parlor, also square room,at low prloes: rot-noes. . it* 'JTKEMOWT ST.-Largo square room, T -^nlfelyfhralohed.npa flight, front; large closet; Squire bed; low rent. It* i'SQQ.r*!^-''^^T^'* AV.-Largo smmy ^JIOO front roomi oil convcnlonocs, flrst-ehiss Sfirt Sr^?',*^,"*!??/r^-OEP- Clarendon f'MYfton'woma; ionao flrat class board It deaircd. SSuTTli* o4 f>7A CQLITMBUS AV.-Handsomely tur-O 4 X/ nluhcd alcove ijnd square room to let with-11 rat-class board. SuMWF* � 7 1 CJOI-iraiBltJS AV.-Fully and partly t� 4 X furnished rooms to let, with every moaem convenience. It* K 7 Q COJCUMCKirs AV. - Elegantly fur. 4 O iiishod rooms, modem Improvcmenla, lu private family; use of piano it desired. It* KQ,f)i COI^TU^OStrs av., aulto 3-T0 let, VtJ\J lui-niahed, a very pleasant, sunny, front room; also a pleasant aquaro back room; good olosetB and atcam heat; rent reajsonable. tiSutf 8l7 ai A SHAWaOTXAV.-AnewIyfurniahcd ^Xyfc front aide room, for ladles only; aulto on second flight. It' 636 Jlt"'^*'^**''* ST-Puinlshedroomato 7OKTIREMONT ST.-Pumished rooms, t AiO singly or connecting; call any time. It* 7 SHATTSttfT AV.-To lei, near Ver-4 t7tt Don sfc,flat fl rooms and bath and atoro room; allUght; range; sot tubs: lift, eleotrio look, etc,; freight elevator; rent, S30. Hotel Hamilton. It* Q9tfi VA?TTr''^rT'. ST.-Newly fur-V *J M "'she* siiunre rooms for light houaekeop. Ing, or 2 gouts; also side rooniB, SSu' <\QiA TEEMOWTST. ____________ t/ty^ let, might. Mrs. BENT & DKANT Fnmlahed roouiB to �"� � ~" SSu' 1 0^4.'*M'"P'<?'-^r'*;�'r-'^'^��J' <'�lr-X VOtifc able front parlor, siiltablo for jiliyslclan or itmn and wife. 2t* oB 7 Q/lrt W^SMXSroxOBr ST.-Nowly and S-tJXJiyj nicely furnished parlors, square and aide rooms; modern oonvonlenoea. lt< AKjAIe IRdliOlW: >vant�d bv a nowK married couple; private family preferred; good rofereaco given. Addicsa, stating location and price E 34, Globe ofllce. If �\ 7. CABSV3S1E. ST.-PittiUahed aquaro, sunny X,4 room, private family, near Boylston St.; for gentlemen. it' -5 Q JJOVEIi ST.-Nlooly furnished rooms; XO strangers plaiting tho city accommodated, Mrs. H. r. LINE. Bud7t* o5 -J n BERWICK. :PK.-Handsomely Xt/ nished frout androar connecting rooms THlJliAT, 30 Forest at., - . ______ - -- X' rooms; housekeeping; together or single. 2d floor, 4 eonnectlug � � It' and cold wat�r. fui^ 1 hot If FUSlNItaillEJ* tenement wanted. South or West End preferred. Addreaa L 00, (Jlobe offlce. HOTEI, r.TlEATIIIMOlKE-Coay Bultfl, 4 rooms ami bath, and all conveniences; rent ,$25. Apply to jiiiiltor, suite C, 77 Village et. It' IP "STOXI are lookUig for a tenement, amiiU oi largo, private house, with or without stable, rtmts ;^11 monthly upwards; also new flats in Hotel Alton, find Anchor, corner Wurren and Saydn eta., call onA. A.MEYiaU, 17 Milk St., or Janitor on pretfiiaos. dBuUt�' 630 HO^DSE to lot In AUston-.A desirable 10-room house; all liiodern oonvenlonces; near steiuu and electric care; good location; stable If deslitjd. Addreaa 1) 70, Globe ofllce. It* HOUJaE-RmnH house or tenement, with sbiblo, wanted, or stall for one horse, not far from tho oentre-of the city. Addreaa H 49, tilobo offlce. d.Siitf m!i2 HtHJSES TO JLET-Houae and fltoro 303 Federal at.; Worcester st., 10 rooms; West Cheater pk., 13 rooms; Dudley Bt., 11 rooms. beice STeVAKS ,fe SON, Eqidtable building. It HOUJftE to lot, Dorchester; gl23 or less; near electric (^ars; noyv; 7 rooms; Chlpman st. 1030 Washrngton at., Boston, 2 to 7 p. m. It* HOtTSE-0 nice rooms, Harden, SomervUle, glB; neyv houso, G rooms, bath, furnace,tnear Ilunaii Bq., CGJUbridco, S20 or Icbs; both Al neighbors; near cars. 105(3 Washington at., Boston, 2 to 7 p. m. HWliJRK to let, at Boatou Highlands, near 2 Ilnea electric cars, 12 rooms, rent ^40; also house, 0 rooms, Alexondcr av., 680, and \vnter. AVHEELEll, room 10, Boylaton building. JJOTTBES-To let. at .South End, FOBf. SALE-Small grocery and meat market Apply at No. 40 North llussell Bt. If Glt.OCEKY, provision and flsli store, S2000; M-holc or bait Interest to reliable man; best thoroughfare in city; years established; owner in poor health. MABTIR, 186 Washington St. SuM* G.SlOtJEK.'V and proyiBlon'TiliBlncsB livTown of 12,0013 liinabitanta: beat location lu Ihe iilace, and will be sold at ii bargain now; keeps 3 teams busy; InveBligilte immediately. Address N2S,Globe ofllce.  dSii7t* o2 GKIJCEKY Ann PKOVISilOBf store lor sjiie, run by present ownoi" 12 years; a good trade and low rent; no bonus. GEOBGE O. HALL, 1.10 Court St., room 2. SSu� GKOClEIi.'sr ST03I8.E for sale, looatedTn Maiden, doing a ^ood business; rent for store, baai eut lUlliB tlommorcial 6 iR a g -, - - _____ stiible, n!30 per month; cood reasons lor Aliply loJOliN F. NICKEiIHON .V. CO., 00 , Boston. SudSt o5 GJ.JltOl[!E)iitT SXOltlE-Located on lioa"t trav-T elled sti eel. iu IJoBtoUj paying a net profit of poo eliea sti eel. iu iJOBtou, paying a net pr iveek; owner iiositlveiy going out of lernis, no brokera. Address T 83, Gl -- UBiueHS; Globe ofllce. lay 1 ,;,i'?'TB-lI.,. llirniture, Rtock, fixtures anifTlceuseT i.X ilolng good biiiiluesB In city of llartiord, for sale, artlciilurs, addresB J. A. K., ()2�Main St., Ilarlford, "iin.___________Budllt 828 HAIEMWAICE-For siiJo, small sToc'iiTiriiaT-d-ware, wltblu a few miles of Boatou; terms easy to icBponslble partlcB. Address T 89, Globe* tor sU.SuM* IIVAKT to buy furnlBhud lodglng-hoi cash cmitomer. ,1. BAVMONl), -10 .School i L ', 3 Trtmonl row. Su.M* Im>(ii-SO,--H>i\lfi7Z for aale J strcL'l lu I'OKioii lor ihls busiii iliroi lilt eli Uie best -- ----------, ..;ry Iiand- luriiislied; brusselB and velvet ciirnetB lOUt, cabinet berts, etc.; illnlli;; room and well rented ami lull ol lioarderH; every nil now let and always fdli of good paying lodg-; a liaivaiii 11 sold at once; will give Bouie tline; brokerB. Address IC 37,Globe ofllce. TThSu* sao LOIXi.lX'O.irofBE for sale, 17 rooms; new-ly Inrnlshed; lull paying lodgers; net prollt B70 permontli; location near HoIllsSlroetTheatre; great 'Ulce; good reasons lor selling; teriUB easy; rare nee; no brokers. Addreiis 1) I), Globe olllce. SSu* LOOOIKG Trcmoiu Hi ilbid ID da^-a; �IIOl-'fSE ., ail coin a bargiiin. for snle-io rooms, near enleiices; must be sold 03 Jniiiana pi, dSn7t* 02 LOMOlarO-JIOIISE-ForBale.llrBl.'cJaBi lod'g-lug-lioiiht. ol 10 rooms, laundry, bath, etc.; lull 1 lirat-eiass lo'l;;ers. 03 Indiana pi. HSli* L� i� O ijfis-il Ot' H E-F'iTr �do! flSCoUiS lougiuf; jind bnaidlng bouse, all full and in t order; terms ri-a-sniaibl*.: fine eliiiin'e to Adilress. m. .1. Kl.MllALL, 41 .Somerset ,� b( i'ly. right ]i:i .l.^;. _ rooms, ele ingtoii St. "T tiI>�Tivo~i""lo"l'Hl!i: oinVi'st Chesto J(-J sii,i(.. no-.i- p.t.vli.g ,'?00 per :(i,imli abort 1 ui'.re rooms to lei; owner has in i ;l lodplnn-boiibM tor I" on lasv ItTliis, o.~ will let luiiiislicd to re-. onsiblo parli.-o, I). A. beidv, No. nu7 W.-iih-liiKtuu sL, I'.oslon. dSlltf o3 OIJ� E(iXAIll.IKME� palnti paper business for tale: idso vorirt^ Btnre opposite sciiool, and busir.rss el descrlptlous. I'eople'ft Bureau, 15 Con ig and yvEll and grocery iUiCs ol au liUi, room 2. .Su-M* --------- - ------ ..-..... ------- near Tremoiit .____at., ill a very desirable locality; cottage houses of 0 roonxB each, in good repair; rent ij(20; also tenements of 3 and 5 rooma, gs to ,'fia. Apply to Mr. KING, 17 WliidBOr, oft Weston St. ,iuM* HOUTKE lo let, nt once, ol 25 rooms, moatlv fur-nbilMd: full of good paying bonrdora. Fo'r partlculara call at 11 Lawrence st., Charlestoini, near tho square, ll' HOtiaE-Tolet, atSonthEnd,to n rcspecttiblo colored family, house of 0 rooms. Just put In tliorougb repair; reBpeotable locality; rent K18. Inquire of Mr. Hoi'KI.VS, 502 .Shawmat av. .S.Su* HOUJfilE-To let, at Wellington, 3 mUea from Boston on Boston ^ Jllaino luilroad, house. 7 rooms, �10. P.* ai. HOiramS nifd tcncinents to let nt Mts'SoiTsi Boxbury.^ J. ^^^ KOSE & CO, Bine HIU av., Boxbury. real estate, 0 It* HOmME-To let, on b. A A. road, 8 mibiB out, a furnished if desired owner will retain rooina and make easy rent lo the right party. Box 3.1-1, NewtonviUe, It* MAli,IF HHnrsK, or Bep;irato tenement, 0 or 7 rooms, yvlLiited, in good location and not over �20. E SO, Globe oftloe. It "l08~Ei5t It* jm>l7SE.lo let of 12 rooms and bath. . Brookllno st.; apjily at 100. Hotrs*: one of Orooni HOWSE at Crescent Beach, llevero, 0 rooms, suitable for yvlnter; rent j?7 a month till Ulay. Apply atas Harrison iiv., 9 to 10 a. m. SSu- of 7 rooms, with barn, 3.:cleston iapl . 12 Linden pk. .\pply at Devon cor. Blue 11111 av. It* �001118 lu m. SSu* HOBBK-No. 307 Northampton St., 10 : Iierfoct order; open from 10.30to 11 a. HOUHE to let of 0 rooms with bath. Inquire at BO Dudley st., Boxbury. It* LAUGE liRll lo letevenlngs to societies; will seat 400: best hall 111 the city lor aoclety use. Ad- dress E 25, Globe Olllce. OFFICE-To let, one-half of a furulBhed offlce, roll-top desk, 4 chairs, carpeted lloor fllilht, front w.liidow; centrally �located per month. Addrees b 88, Globe olllce - up 1 uly SO-O ll' ROOMS to lot lu the Globe building; Bteam heat, electric light; elevator riuia day and night; llie best ofllce in Boftton lor buBluesa. C. i:. COTTING & CO., U Tremoiit St. dSlltf dill STOICES to let, Bmall or large; also teiiemcnls South End, at low rent, lu good established ]i; up am ' .... -Atiph to MrJ STOBtii lo let, 04 Lwerctt water; rent g25periuonth furniture store. No. 08. Boston, f, O. Hg locality, now fitting up anil will be liiiislied io suit Iniiiiefliate tenants. -Anplv on the premises, 02-1 and 020 .Sliawmul av., to M r. J>1 FFLEY. dr^ul I s3 It., -with cellar and .-- -. key at O'Connor's Address Owner, box 20(i8, dSu3t* O'j SKI AI^I> STORE wanted, well Eltuated lo ..^ general variety bnslnesa. In auburbs of Bo.sloi, adjacent town. 0. (i. FISIli:!!, 57 Bromfi ' ' S""Toaia-Tolet. i38"charier��7ko ff.Opermonlh; iir a ._________ --. -----.....,-.......-......slon or idjaceiit town. 0. (i. FISIli;!!, 57 Bromfield at. It* , .Acjo \..imiitit St., KLii'tl CtOie, Ot . - -- - . .iBo Biuall baBpuient store, with nice front, at 230 Harrison av., rent low. J. FKENCil & SON, 220 Wash. et. Ru'i'Tll oO QTOIHE to let. 80 Village St., near Dover St., oc K? cii}ile�l last 10 venr.s for groceries and provisloi store._Apid.\Mo_CiCINCl^,tCa/2S.':cbool st. Sull SToitE to let. No. 0 (5i:eiry, liettr""w�sblligto7i at.; good location and store In good order, to '1. \y.JtEILLY. 32 Bromtl ' ' (5'r6KE-" E. 11. BUBB. _ . Ko. o CJi at.; Kood locfiilon and k;oit '1. W.UKlI^^Yj^iiiir'^iiilf-j^'ift^. -Mnin st., Chiirlefitown, SO per inunVlT rp4b i.,K'r-Kcar Sit. Bowdnln, linichoHTfr^iiouBo i 7 rooma and I'lith, hut water, Inruiicc, raiiL"': nt'iir ciirfa^ rcii'.. S^Tt and \va('t!r tJix JOJIX ,M.VT'J"-HON, 'J$ School bl., room GO. KBu o3 rrio r^ET-ii�]f ofdouhirhi Xnt r.7 WhlUiiy Bt., Knxlmi av.; i^iy ]ier month; Kt:y on pre llOOb, owner, 'J4. Schunj �[. 'UEi , 5 rof>m.s. nniKP, iriir llnniliifTt'm rs^O I-Err~lln];buvy, viTy d('&!r:ililti X 10 lotiins OfU'Ji. tii'.iii the o\vvt.v[v bl. " ni^ ull mnniTn hnprovt nlh. .l(iHK 11. GUI' X nciirl houtit'! 'nt ^30 It) Dualey fct. ,r:ibU! houfi'. mode f-t., ncui; Warn n .'0 PL'! ll - - ^'-A verv df rly nc"-, 18 .Suvli liury. hinuiiH'at Ww l\y^ CAW. Dudley iind Wnrn'n ^;t^l. X f^t.|. l:.i;d, UiiiU', il^hi I'liatinsrnt. lidlor, huindry or li^hi inii!ii\f:u-Ui!i roni loM'. ,1. l. TTLi.IE. ,Ir., liH i't'iubi- rpo B.I:T, in luUldlniO X laud ' " - �J 111 III 11 lb*. remrKl(dh-iiotid � f:und l.ascnit'Ul lu �iJOlIMZ. GKIG' tshhttriV'ii euU Ode rtoM liq. H'ora.Lii,. J n'J'-lh i.r. JL this vldEiitv To ' and ii4 TtJiipio pi- -The b(:Bt bi'iBlnffcs be let. A. h. OOliDDiH . oo}\h in It TO r.EX-Klco eforffi. ctr,., vor. Wfirri-n and : >ann EtE.j 1;. L^fWKJ.C -^K^AJT to lot of 032 Dorcheat^ir av., notir Crescent av,, PorcheBter; horso cars puss tho door and only 3 mlnntcs' walk Xrom - Crescent av. filJitlon, O. C. It, Jl. \ fic, faro and only 8 minutes* ride to Boston i tint has 5 rooms and bathroom, sot tuba, range, pin (Ixfturnfi, main hull and stairs onr-peted; rent gil8 to u ainiUl ..Viucrlciin fainllv without children; also Hat of C rooms. 1). H. WctvAY, 28 School St., room fiO. 6ucl3t oC NICE nultQ of 4 i-ooms and bath; furniture and evprytldng in Oio Uno of houijckecplnp lor saip; "iry choan and on easy ternis. Address T> 31 lobo Olobo olllco. It* ��RH'jraW, sunny sulten of 5 rooms and bath, on the i.l corner of wnahington and Storlinj: ste.; every room has outfiide light and air. r. W. T01)l> & CO XSG \Vashlngtou st. SuTWTliSSuT* 528 �vriois BUlte to lot, JJl Emerald st, Jardtrese, sidto * _ . of C rooms and batli, ftt 03 modern ImprovemeutB. Applv to 03 ICmerald si:. it' KOOMS-Wanted, 3 or 4 rooms, with Improve-monta, for lif:lic houaf-Oteeplng forinan tLnd wife, within 12 or in minutes'walk of N. Y. .tK. 13. liAl., Summer St.; rent niusl be low; pood location; glvo uli particulars. Addreas H 01, Gloho odlce. If IOOOMS-To let, Mt. Bowdoin.C rooms and bath it^.20i\ month; eleotrtc! and steam cars by tho door. CHA8, G. \V. GAPEN, Inoiu'anoe and real estate, 10 li:xchange pi., lloston. If E�l>'n>MS-To let, 4 BUiiny rooma to small fauilV that appreciates clean, piensnnt place; rent pl� Aiiply at Dfi Main st., Cambridgoport, suite 2j 6 minutes from Boston. iti' EOOMS I'O X.mi'-.Thrco connooHuK front rooms for hoimekeepln.ij; steiim heat, hot water, luith, atoro room, laundry. 2 Oxford Terrace, suite '1. Xt* KOOMS-To lot, 3 or "4 large, pleaaant rooma for light liouaokeepIUK; bath, hot anil cold iO I'.cacoii at., Clioisea. It* ith. yvai,cr, et SVI'iSislitl^oiuirEntLTand 5 roomB and b....., set tuba, range and all conveniences, in good re-Iialr; r*\ineoi.Tble and ver.v pleasant surroundlnga rentB, ,'i;i7 to �22. Wrs. GLYKN, iO Ilamniond at. ,Su!ll* SlUITJE to let of five rooms to a family without children, ^iff IIuiil Ington iiv., Itoxbury; one minute tfom Ilunttufftoii av. and Tremont st. cars rent gld. c 30, (ilobo olUce. Slrl'WHlK lo let, at .11 and 15 O/dusboro St., 4 and . - 5 rooiiii " - - - and liatli, llKhtii ,1. Fiti.;scm:S0N,2 1 Bunny; reiitri �120 to 1(1 A\'n8li. St. SuT'l'h 05 STtnra'Hei of -l eouueetliiK rooms to let to American faniUiea. in model tiloclt, eor, Harrison av. and Leuo.\ st.; gon(lsi.!etl romiis; rent,'?12 to ifl-tiier iiioiitli. Ajiply to Juultor, OOtl Harrison a v. Siulfl t* o5 SlaiTES-To let, ui, all modern Improy l-icrtiiule, 'i'remout s biiry; moderate rent. BUitcs of G rooms, lintli and imciits, in Hotels t.Jalatea and , near IlunlliiKtou iiv., llox-J. F. CltON.\.X, 23 Court at. QTIIT.K wauled of 5 or (1 rooms, yvlth all couvenl-KJ encea, up 1 or 2 iliidils; vent not to exceed XiO periuoiitli. Address K ��!, (Jlobe olllce. It* S'lJl'.V'B to let, of 7 roo"ni3luui'barih; rent, fisFl . -. 2 of -1 rooms and lialh; rent, glO. Apply to ilr. IIOl'Kl-N'.S, cor. Blue Hill av. iinil llaud Bt. It* SnrrE - _____ -George, 1380 Washington st, ^,x^ ]i>K'.r of 2 rooma at Hotel St. Sum* rpo j:,E'r-A choice aulto. Boston Hlijhl.autls, In X.eBpocially deshaldc location; all oonvenleuces and veryiiiot'lerate rent; a rare W. CHAM, 17 Jlllit St., room iipportunltv. LUCIUS dSulf b26 TO XJilT-At 143 M: emeni,lor ho Cimton St.. a fiumlolicd ten-jlteeiiliui:, conslfiting of kitchen, rUulns-rooin, parlor and chanilier if needed; gentleman :iud wife, or Indies pielerrcd. It* ripo X,1!1'-3R Chapman St., conier of Shnwmut JL av.. 4 rooms: rent ,i'3.50 per week. WAKSUALL GORDO.\, 10 l'le:isailt St. A,|,dy^lo TO I.ET-33 Shawmut 3 rooms; all front roor iMAK.�lAl,l. (illlino.X, 10 I'leasiuitst , middle tenement of relit ^'iQ, Apply to .ssu rrio r.K':r~De, X Illy at 117 Leve 5 and U room Bultos. , Otol. dSulOf, oi �;it*31 w �-f-lu South Boston.ten id St.; rent ^2 per -'inent of 4. rooms, leli. dSutr 0-1 Albion St., 5 rooms and IS achool St. .'iuM* rllEWEaBKJi""!'' lo let, 7{ XJialh. QUl.NCY_,t_CO.,_ "rpElVElifKK'rto Iat786 s7i"v^-er"7t., 5 roomB"and JL_balll. QUIXCY CO., 26Sehoolst. Slull* Fi'MBlVKMElV'i'' to let, 06 Cllccn at., 4 roonui. i-Ql'lNCVA, CO., 28 School Bt. SuM* rilKlf K.lltENT to let, 30O W. 2d St., So. HoBton. JL 3 rooms, p7 a month. QUISCY Ji CO., 25 .School St. fluM* rj"";.;?.' KME-IVT.S tti let, 13 So. May St., 3 and 4. Xrooiiw, rent �12 and g2.00 u week. QUI-NCl' A CO., 28 Nehool st. SuJI* rjlElS-iL'UKXI-a to let, at 1S2 Myrtle St., 5 X rooms, oil Sil lloor, rent i;'23: also 4 rooms, up 3 lllshts, ,?18, Utrht and Bunny rooms; 230 Ilarilaon iiv.. (j looms mid bath, rout � 'o. 1 Whliller6t.,ilr. \VI!;i'LilOUi.>i;. SiiM* � X cnch ll i�iS( nil Zi'Vly of : �erv low pi'ie Melronolitii - w. �i'.\Vi;o, ILY, 1 Dillon tl... .Ill St., lorn oallty rirtKVKSJEXT.S-To hi JL .\orfoll, 11.Of.. repiilr; spleiHiki b Uoxtiiiry terrace. or i'j roiimB. morn or Iobb. at 78 lierlln St., near iiKiiuhin. Apply on prem-iiiiy.j 'J'renuiut at, or r. or. Li-uox at. ilSutf n23 ill" i;;iTot scp, opiiosite cnifi ol 3 roonif. In m)od n;nl i^a ApiiJy Xo. 5 .Su?i* Hit,, near lJ;srE lt:l, .J8 luuith bt. Lavvrem;*! at., 'if f� A]iply from U to 11 It' rpS:?V:J::^Ii:X'r to let, at west ICnd, of 3 rooms X on lirf>i JltH-r. t^uHaldt! li^r houbelu-fspln);, to a re-bpi.'i't!iidc funulv' v,'i[]i!);ii ('liihiicn. Jl JrvjjjRht. it* X fiplendid n' l>ly i.i yrocer; tir, � titov*-. ill Kouth lJ=)stpn, 3 rooms, In .��ti, ^7 and )?B jitr liiomh. Ajw 3.0 Went (,ih ^t, lt� rn5-:iVKMK?tX& t^ f \y>nd r""':ilr; .iLdct i-ilZOl.UAiJ'.-lS Yvi let nX a r ntMi;hbMrfi, wns: rleaii nnti Apply to ^Irs, Ofi. COaOION ST.-To lot. elegant large pajr-ivVP lor; nloo sqnare rooms; hu clean and nowTlf O/f* COKTJES ST.-Front square room with M\J closet, beat, gao, etc.; moderate mice Twrma-nontly. If 27 IDWIOJr P3K.-To lot, S front rooms. It* 017 MT.I�I.BA,'3AJfT AV.-Nioeoiiumoand 6 side rooma to let. . It* ,. Orr WOKCESXEK, 8�J.-Niooly� fnniiahod Al ( rooms, en oiilte orBlnglyj Bunper and break, fast If dealred. SuTTh*. oSM n Q WKSTT XHBiniiAM ST.-Booms f^^ ii O .niflhed or imftirnlshed to lot. lti� WEST CEBAK ST., near Mt �Vernon - St.-To lot, h.andsoinely luriilahed aonaro and Bide rooina in sulto ox separate; special attention given to tho labia. 8ud4t> o5 Q Q }TI�TOJif ST.-Honjjo newly repaired and 00 fitted-wltli all modern improvcmoiila; rooms turnlBhed or unfnmlahed to ault pnrtlea. rSu* 08 IBlTTSrO- ST.-Tolot, In tho West End; Oti: tenement of 3 rooma. " SSu* Oft �WOKSmsXEK ST.-^o Botiaro and QU aldo front rooms, all^wellandnowly Jumiahed: references.__. It* ^ft K^T??"^ '^^'-^ '�^ V� y^-111 let together or aoparale; also square room and attic, all nowly furnlshod, hot and cold water In every room, lurnaoo heat, etc.; prlcea rouaonable. __;_ (IBuTt ol concoim* SQ.-a deslroblo side tooma; A {\ HOVER ST.-Finely fnmlahed rooms; tfcV strangers TiaitJng Boston accommodatetl tj-an-siently; single rooma, 6O0. . dSu4t)� oS A A JEAST Sl'MIWCH'IEWtt ST.-A large, rjtyt aquaro, sunny room; roomiu front on bathroom floor, with heat, gaa and largo, closet; ahio front side room ivlth eamo oonvealooce: to let; rof-eronccB. It* SPKIWOFIEUO ST.-Funilaliod rooms for houBekoeplug; heat, gaa, loundrv. WFSu* ol K A OHAN�r.En. ST.-Nicely funilahcd O\f rooms, lor gentlemen only, all modeni oon-voniences. rfSttOt ol. K-t WOUCCESTKK BT.-Neyvly fumlahoQ OS. rooms to lot, with all modern Improvemenla; iiioderatc rent; roferences exchanged.Apply at hoime. WOKOKISTKIE ST.-On llrat floor, 3 O u elegant rooms to be rented en sulto or Blncle llrst-c'-'--------------- � -  - st-cloas appoliitmeuts; Velerenocs, office. A OB, Globe Su'I** 06 K17 BowjBoiar ST.- O i nicely furnlahod. -Two largo sunny rooms. It* ffA MT. ylEMWON ST.-To be lot, unej:-VFtfc pectedly, a^largo aunny room; also an ujiper room; table board given. Trt MOKT�OSn3JInr ST.-a private house, *j amall family, 2 verj' ploaaant handsomely furnished square rooma, bath and all coilvenloneeai will let en Bulfci or alngly to gentleman and wife or gen. tlemen; ternis reasonable to penn.anont parties. It* 7K1. OAMIMMMGE ST.-Tolct.alargofur-Oa nished room for light houackeeplng. j,t* 17/' EAST tCMESTSlSt 1�K.-Largo square I room, nicely furnished; hot and cold water, furnace heat and gua; ^8.25 per week; large swell front room, �2.25; rof erencos exchanged. It* 17 O in Virginia; persons con Hnd comt'ort-able board for the winter in a mUder olbnote by addressing Jlisa A. H, GJUNSIISD, Aooomaok 0. H Va. dSulOt* oa BEIBWIOK HOirsE-280 Pleasant at., op poalte Provldonco depot,-well furnlahed room's, wth or without board, 12 and 0 o'clock dinners: meals at all hoars; travelling people aooommoaatod. BEAUTIFUI, KOOMS, unfurnished orfur-_ nlsheatosult oooupant; house newly refltted: It*. 4 Concord sq. BOAKBIjrcs- place tra-ntsd for very respectable; city preferred.: 16 WiUard al, Boston. [in 12 years. ilra.WAtSHi; It' BOAJtlft-PersoiiB in searcTi of a pleasont home ,aod.Bood care for a little child, yvlll find siioli bv oalUng aFegCCthet., South Boston. laiiW* 00 ^'"flffllMUKEN moAKl>EB-Terms reasona-\_/blejnioeiiorW^e, given themj 0 Camden St., second bell. BICKSOS. dSu71;* ol COW'X'IznEarTAX JPI-OCK, ISZS Wnsh. st -Nicely f lu^nlshed rooina, ateam heat, all con. venlenocB. Mrs. rillLOT. Su'r* oB fWII.�KEW BOAltiaEB-Terms reason. \J able. ABBOTT, 10 Dearborn pL, Roxbury. ____ SudSt* 06 CIBCIUt wanted to boortl; ISiiS, Woburn, Mosa. beat of care. Box WSu4t* 634 E'tnitSnsiatEn front room, euitablo for tyvo gentlemen, tvlth or wlthont board ( very reneon- able. 190 W. Springfield at. FJ7TreWISH:ii!�MOO�irS-SoonDectlngrooms, 1 flight) very pleaaant and desirable, 21 Worcea-" � SSu' FIJKNT8]HE1� rooma to let, new house, new furniture; please coU at 18 Havre St., E. Boston. T?iriE]VISlIE� ROOMISi also hook p.ario] JJ untnrnished. 24 W. Cottage at. ' It* FJTffltNISHED KOOMS to let for gentlemen. 46 West Cedar at. It* LABi^lf wlahos to lot a pleasant, newly furnished BinaU aquare room, only 1 flight Iront, at rea- IZlford''a",a^te''l"'^''^^'''� P'"^^" ^ ]Mf A3aSlIAX,R iroUJSE, lO Marshall st.--LtX Slnglo room (oleim bed), 40 to CO cents; estab-Ii8hedl848. . dSuSOt* sis N^iyforgerit.' U iBabeliastr, s'liltc's, WI.Y lumjshed room In qolot^prlvate fara. PI.JSASAWT, annnv flat of B rooms, hot and 818. Apply at 481'almer St., suite 3. If ROO�I-Unfurnished, an unuaually ploaaant al-cove room, 1 flight; steam heat aiii gas, use 0/ bath, quiet hotiee. line locaUon. at SoutHlfnd terms reasonable. H 8&, Globe ofllce. It* > OpMS-To let, pleasant sunny rooms In a de-k, shrablo location io gentlemen only. 282 Coliun- bua av., BUlto 11. It'i BiOOMS-Back Bay, In private famfly; fur-nished front parlor, bath, and baolt roorari flight; 1 minute from throe lines ol cars. 22 BataviE Bt.., on Fivlmouth at, - - SuM* KqOM--Wanted, by 8 contlomen, a aunny, well-furnished room, yvltfin 10 minutes walk of Copley sq.; room with open grate prclerred. .WV draas, Btntlnglerma aiidroterencea,B 02, (iloboolilco ROOSr-A smaU private family wuTlet a largo front or back room, up one flight, to portlosyvlth K?i�,Xst^''*^ ^^'"'�'^ TO OOMS-To lot, at Mt. Pleasant, 1 minute from X4j eloctrio oars, 1 or 2 furnlahed roims; terms reo- onablo. 1> SO, Globe offlce.' ROOMS-'To let, nicely furnished room In pri TtS,i'"nUy �o aelecl parlies. Addreaa M^(^, Globe offlce. . ' TTJ OOSIS-A lady llylnp in a suite wouwirtfront XV and Bide rooms. Addreaa U 28, Globe olllce dSiiBt ol ROpMIS-Klcelv funilshcd front rooniBTwith piano. 7 Bond st, off Jlllltord and liaSn X 02 ThSSu* EOOM-�Wanted, by a lady, board and room In a privote famUy.yvltliln 30 minutes' walk of Wln-tersf. Addreaa JI il, uiobo ofllce. It* TJ ^""fL"T'''.'.",'' 1 flight, to gent, 1 1 ift WEST JVE-WTON ST.->rew and X -LIJ elegantly furnlshedalcove rooms, onefllaht iront, hot and cold water; also square and side room; niaeoniibje rental; gentlemen onlj-. SSu* ST.-Furn'lshed i geiitlemeu ^re- 1.'>0 ST. BOTOil'H .ilO rooms In prlvnle family lerrod: reference. 1 QQ JiJO AlO* IST IHrA-TI�,-GT05,-X O o av.-i.leg:iul apartments, 7 rooms and bath, all Usht, aUiam beat, all modern Improvc-meute, O. S. llAKKIS, 23 Court st, room 214. Sud7i* oO 1 Q/Ti IilaOOICl.EMB ST.-To let, 2 X O V/ imf umlBhed square front rooms, yvlth steam heat, rent /f4.fiO per week; also 1 back room; use of kllehen and laundrv if dealred; Bulte 3, up 1 flight -| Q T CIZrAKX.E8 ST.-To let, nicely fur-XOX nlahed aqimro rooms, all modem conveu-� i'es. Sum* -(�:>() CISAN�IJ!K. ST.-Nlcely furnished XO-i alcove room on bathroom ;iloor and 1 Bquaro room up 2 flights; liot and coH -waltr: boatxi 'i desired. 11* IK 1 WEST CA1VT03V ST. - PleaBant JX rooms nicely furnished; prices moderate. \KK �^VKST IVEWTOW XtJ*J back parlor and other iiifabed, hot and cold yvater. TOW ST.-Front and rooms, neyvlyfur- 'Xan "WEBT CKESTEtt 1*K..-A anitc of XV> 4 3 rooms; double parlors, square and aide room, singly or eii suite, ivlth board; references. It* -\n K NOKTHAMIPTOIV' X i fi furnished room to let. ST. - A new It* "1 QO >\'EST ClAKTOJi- ST.-2 pleasant X i70 front roDms,furnlBhed, nil modern co.iven-:es. 10 genllelnen; hlqlUro 10 to 2. 1 OlQ �WAKHEK .L5:>'0 nishod -----con- dSutf nu28 AV-Splendidly fur-room lo let; every convenience, luiualiy olfered for rent ftuM* n-l Q t!01>lUMmiS AV.-Hoflrmliu House, i^'Xw tyvo nicely furnished rooma, eu aulte or ii,?ly: modern conveniences; elevator, suite IB. o'l V> 'co)L.'ilMI5Tj"a "AV.-2 flWlareeToomT, -' X with use ol bath, lo dejilrable tenant; iirice ierjitc; steani heat elevator, etc. Apply suite 18. '�>Q''^ lE-'.-KlitlSOX AV.-Koyely furnlBhed wOf-P s'-inare room lor li.i;ht housclteeping; bath, hot and cold watt-r. \\. O07 'vi'Xn'itEiv~.ST.-SIccIv ^nTrnSued -'O i sunny rooms, en suite or ttncle; prices 11.60 to flO; esieeilent board, 0 o'clock dlimeni; iOiue coiafons; eleeirio cars pasB door. It* O A -\ WEWl- CAXTOSr ST.-To. let, newly im'ik.X. furnisbed rooms In quiet house. It* i k. "^V-i'ltltEK NT.-3 unlurniahed rooiiif, �*rrfj suilabU-lor doctor; eide .and eqiuire rooms'id. t,,Su* ROOM-'lo let, nicely furnlahod aquare room lu , ,K.''fc';';?..S!�.'L>:i "ferences. 216 Vest Canton at, olt Columbus av. TJ 'Jn'J^u?,? """"S" 'o let In 0 private X4i family in Itoxbury; no objection to lighthouse-keeping. Address L 32, Globe offlce. ^''^'^'J" "|>OOB1S-Unfurm.shod front and Bide rooms In Bfert-!3;!i',"&.:^"''>-Vi'ashln^gton ROOME--T0 let, iiearHollle Bt.,�ni-nlBhed, 1 eqimre ami aide room; ateam heat, large cloaets. Ad-ureas W 23, Globe ofllce, "OSCIS. aq- �f}001�r-a yoiuig lady would like room with J5^dr'^srw'iii';'sff,:e"^,i;e';i�^"-^ ''��'""iti'- T> OOBES-A private family at 70 Huthind at, Xli haven few new jind elegimtly fmnlohed rooms to let, yvlth or without board, modern conveulenoBB? ROOJIS-l largo and 1 small unfurnished room, with use of kitchen, ateam heat, etc.; central but retired location. Addreaa B 80, GJobe olBoe. IC* "D OOM8-To let, elegant alcove ararEidoTooinT JUj private family. 2 Wellington, oft Columbus avl d8u4t o3 ROOM yvantcd by teacher of music; losBoiu �ind use of piano in p.ut payment W 28, Globe ofllce. Ij* I? *}PSJ?~^'''''^'>' fnmlsbed eqimro rooms to let, \> 11 Tj-lersl.; gentlemen only._ It* ROOais-.a. tew nicely furnished rooms nt 42 Harrison av. dSuSt o4 ROOIkl yvaiited-Unf urniahed, near the Common or West End. W 01, Globe office. it* SinV> ^ equate rooms to let, furnished in uarlor cults; prices reasonable for the season. (JSC Tr*-mont et__lliSu* o8 SlftfGICE nuin destrea a small, square or side room. West End prefcrrttd: give dejicrintlon and price. Address O 30, Globe oflace. It* horses, carriages, machinery. bookB, watobcs, diamonds, Jov/olryor any personal proporty, to remain yvlth the omier. In auma from go to IfOOO, In or out of toyvn, at a low rate of Uitcicst ami no publicity, ae yvo do not publish our mortgages: loans oim be hnd for a weoTi, month or year, and payablu at tho option of the borrower; all loans can bo paid by Instalments, thiol reducing both principal and Interest at each payment; parties having furniture on lease, yvho are unable to meet their payments cun have their claims paid oft and oarrbid tor tliem nnlll thoy are able to meet it, at a low rale 01 intevesti parties not wlflhliig to pay theii" loans yvhou iliMiCau have Ihem CTtetided without, any o.vp.^|iso; ivUl call at residence or place ol biiBliioaa, day or i-venliiK, It dealred; cnt this out. FKAKK N. WEST, Adams building, 23 Court at., between C'ornlilU tiiiri IV'aah-ingtou sla., up one flight, room 201. dSii3l* q4 I~'YvWSVSV^i'i^ASifi''WK&i'^ ut an �* hour's notice on liouBeliolil furniture, pianos, fa'nnlng Block and any personal property, yrbleli can remain In ovmcr's posseaalon; no charge made for papers or e-mmlnlncrroperty; vre make a Bpecliilty of paving off furniture leaees and loaning rnoro monev, and allow the tionoyver to repay all loana in aumsof Ifi or moro, redjiciug interest at each payment, or they may ho renewed without extra eharg.i: yye also loan on illainonds, yviitchca. Jewelry and all coUaternl aecurlty; rates of Interest, )}26, 3 per cent, per month; SBO.aVzper cent; over )i(106, 2 per cent; apeclafrotos for largo sums; all cuatpmors are given every advantage possible. RLYhpLDS & CO., 10 Stale et. 8ud7t oB FpstHITUKB LOAJfS SIjVKB at'nn hoiur'a notice on household Itmiitnro, pianos, farming stock .and any personal property, yvhit^i can remain In owner's possession; no charge made for papers or examining property; yve make a specialty of paying olT furniture leases and loaning more money, and allow tlio borrower to repay all loans In sums of g] or moro, reducing Interest at each payment, or theyma:y be ronewotl without extra ohargoi we alno loan on dlamouda, yvatchcB, Jewelry and all collateral aoonvlty; rates of lulereat, ,5!2B, 3 per cent, per month: �B0, ays per cent.: over jaioo, 2 per. cent.; special ratea for largo auniR; all eustomora are E_lven every advantage poaalblo. KEVMOLD.S & CO., 10 State at_ dSu7t 820 ffUMJ15A3tB CO. room IVa, opp. court ......,.., ^.,,, ,.,,,,; avoid 2 and 3 palra of atiUrs; g6 to (3500, 6 mintitos' ., 47 end 40 Court at, honao, up easy lllght! notice; to heirs or part o\ymer3 of real estate, loyveat �atea;, quarter usual; legacloa, dliimouda, yviitchcs, ; eyvclry, etc., furniture, planoa, all kinds of peraonol , jroperly left irith oivners; no publicity, red tape, fees or charge lor papers; leases paid; notes run 1 day, a year or more, and reduced JI day, yveek or month; our eavlnga bank ayatera'guarauteed falrestC lowest and aquareatin city; Bmall loana aBpeolnllv, WFSuOt* e24' ^9 Aflirk I-OAIV by,T. 0. DAVIS jp. 'ThS� a5 HtJlt.BSAM.� �te tlW. 49 Court IVb, haveteyv himdred dollars to loan ior a lady; Bums 86 to JI200, on furniture, jewelry, etc.; very loiv rate; no charges or publicity; aquare rtoallnp. t*ul4l.* siiS $500,000 H2 ^Z^i, vicinity, in buuib from 131000 to ,'i!50, rates, Apply to QUIKC Y & CO., 2s' itiiortgtiges vt lilloston and ID, at loyveat ;hool at. 8ud7t� o5 'SP^f^rt OrtA^r .r.OAiyr on llrst morf-tpOvlf.vVrif gago. In Boston .and vicinity, in simia from gSOOO to g50,000 at 4, 41/n, 5 and (i per cent; yve also place eeoondmortgages iu-oinptlv. J. FKENCH A SON, 226 Washington st. WSutl' ja'4 MONSS^Sr TO "i;oAiV, in large and aiui'ill sums, at low rates, on real ealato aecuritv In Boston and biUlding, suburbs. S. B. 12 Oloba SSii* SSKA lAiAIN on real tim\ per- ^0\j*\y\y\j Bonal property, in Bmall or llirgo ^ amounta; allbuahieBs tionfldonllaL Caller address SWAN & ATWOOD, 27 School at Sll<17t* oB lano5, ill>  t/^Vl/y machinery, stocks, bonds, real estate, diamonds, etc. W. A. HAM, 21 School at, room 12. dSuBli* o4 H.EIJt8-Or others yvlshlng to aell or borrow 8500 or moro on legacies or undivided part of any real estate in Boston, apply, in person only, to II. 11. ALLEN, 23 Court st, room 212, dSuSOt* 62 fkOlA ILOAW on dJnmonda, ^pOU.VfUvl' yvatches, furniture, �per cent, by Mutuid Loan Co., " oO MOWE'sr loaned on furniture, etc.. from SB up. A.W.TOWNE & CO., 680 Washington af., room 10. 8ud7t* o5 week, W 00, Globs ollioo, WASfTElJ, on good security; wlU f pay good intereat Addreea, lor 1 Gloli - It* EMOT I.OAN" CO.-November snhi, IntereS oa all over-due loans must be paid at ouce. SuMW* 06 AXA-DY WlU quietly lend money on pianos, tvx-ulture, etc. AddreBUMrs. A., box 2088. BtiTTlilSt^ oB WSACHINERY, BASieATNS-Uoldlng Jobber, 8.xl3, printlug press. SOB; Universal, 7x11, j!05: Kidder sell-feeder, lEffifiO; new tyjio lialf jirlee; Prouty press, 8x12, new, S80. 235 Congroas at. SSu* Dl WAMO-Oonipleto sot of eastings, with wire to wind, and all necessary to bnlld a practical yvorklng dynamo of 8-llgiit canacltv, with dlrectioua for flttliig up and yrindiris, f)2i5. L.'G. HALL .fc CO., 170 Merrimac ut, Lowell, Muss. It FOiHt WAJLE-Largo a.qsortinent of ncwand boo-ond-hand machinery, steam ens:lnea and boilers, all dhnenslons and stylos; hoisting engines; O-li. p. Shlpituiu oil engluo, yvooil and Iron pulleys, all slzeaj Bhalllng,hangers, lathes, prcsacs. J.H. KOBEUTS &, CO., Boston, Waas. SuTThStf Jy20 FOSt SALE-1 Bccond-luind milling maoldiie, 1 Jlarslon circular sayv bench, 1 screw preas, at CIIABOT'8 sale fuWory, 70 Sudbury st. Suni* HOltlKONTAI. EW�INE CASTIUflGlS In complete eels, yvlth neccsaiiry steel and aereyva, to flt up practical yvorklng encluea; fi3.7B to SIS. L. O. HALL <fc CO., 170 Werrimoe st, LowclL Maaa. it LAMB knitting machine for sale, complete order, cheap. COOPEll, 28 School at., room B. It* SECOItfJII-BIAIl*^!!* steam power elevator yvant. ed. Addreaa Box 70, Natlck,Mass., giving lowest cash price. - � It* THE roJClLOWIA'O wood-working niaclilnci for sale, second-hand: 1 lO-iiich bu-iz planer, 7-foot bed; 2 duiibie-epitidlo sliapers, 1 panel planer, 1 'l-lnch planer and matcher, 2 sayv'lienchea; :ilao ^ery deseriiitioii of neiv wood-woiking luaclilnery lid for cash or easy terms 10 reaponaltiie p.'u-tlee; laf ting, hanger and pulley, bellini.', etc.; 2 fiecond-ind eiiginea for sale. 13. F. DHEW .t CO., 45, 47 Charleato\ni st It W-iVNTEH eheap-A double fl or 7 hich cylinder double Irletlou drum hoisting engine and Wrllo partlculara at ouce to BADGER ;mey, JiLiss. dSu7t' o4 boiler. ______ BKOS., West tjii; WAWTEU-BOOOfeotof 1-lnch and IVi-lnch Becond-liund gnB pipe. Address JOHN CHE18. TIAKSEN, Quincy, jfasa. _________lt*ffl WpOMti-bltKIKO machinery ffir sale or to let; baud shyv, double circular saw. Iron table, buss planer, Irregular molding maehliie; yvlll aell or lotsnyiwrt. A.THAIIK, CO K .Sprhiglleid st ll* YACHT EKiSlXES-Castings ol new and neat dealjjn for yacht euKlnes, 3x4 Inch and 4x5 .....--------.,- , ... jj^^j^i^ &. CO.. 170 Merrinmo It inch cylinders. L, St., Lowell, ^InsB. DIAMONDS, aEWELRY, ETC. SpUARE rtOOM-rumace heat; S1.60. ""633 Shawinut av. jl. TO I.ET-M 58 Tentple pi., tt yrrv snnny room, all new furiilslangs, yvlth bath room oounected, for 2 gentleaien or man and wife. Apniy to H. JlE'rliOT, 63 Temple pi. It* TO r.,ET m flat on Ba E ItOAKD-Parties In seereU of table X board Mill And It Bailslaotory at 40 Upton at. It* UNFltiixisUEO rooma to lot, . light housekeeping, or board can be 1: bouse, nt 674 ilfoudway, Cbel^ea and verj' pleaaaiit. suitable for ,-- -had In aamo location flrst-elosa ll- ' �WAXTEK-Wm give a gentlemon and nifo m If ut in a flrsl-claBS loaOlly lor board of a young irjin goin," to Bchool, supper for a gentleman and oarc of ihu roouij; reference required. Address S 37, Globe ctlic*. dSuSl* o4 . A KB you aware that wo pay the highest caati �\. price lor old gold, Oliver and platinnin, broken and worn-out Jewelry, etc. HOor) ,t JlliYNOLDr. -^-ILISIJI"!'^ St., up 1 lllght; take elevator. dSii30l*a5 y^IAMOXIK*  l�IAM"6?k-�sY^li"amoi7d �ingB.glOtogSOO; diamond ear Jewels,,SIO to ; tllamond studs, lace pins, collar bullous, cult uttons, Bcarf nlns, etc.. In fact, diamond J-welrv of; overs- deBcrlptlou at prices that defy compcillloui' also walches, clocks, etc.; yidllcxcliiiiige tliese goodi ' for pianos or orgauB. Korris Planoaud Diamond Co.. I estahlUhed 1852, 37 Court Bt, opp. Court Iloiiie. , Or.n OOU� and sliver-tV'e pav the hluhi.flt ' ^cjiBb price to oB kinds pf__ol(l jiold, .silver anil platinum. WALTER 1. RAND, 17 �B Tromoot at dSiL-it* ol . , iry, etc., on crodlT asliiiigtoa St. roi,,iu c. iAw\1\. o5 WATOIIKS, dliimonfla, Je at cash prices, at 2(lfl Wosl 0 KA-�'Ai-'?itA,ir OK Ei^^iSi Ji'XVN.JV lu ir>-ve:ir gold-lllled r.r<i,.s- ' silver, SU.50 up; our prices can lot t . bS' grade or urike. II. S. XUWKSEND, 207 Hanover st ___._____ fiSu* t. ,ny SEE PAe-E 7 For achlltlonal smalii f^essliied adTeitisemeuts, ;