Sunday, October 5, 1890

Boston Daily Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - October 5, 1890, Boston, Massachusetts Tijy'Jonooraald, OB. ho raised lilaaallot and .she^ vrils hoad. The orowd was immonBO; tnt ha \f'iek'iaraptiki',loi the saloln The CHohewos ad-veftlsod, � 1 Hot, for M/^^: And ho dropped Wn pan,'"Do I, OTttaoil'iny fftlloW; msn? My veal catato'was'nevor:prized Mtilin. The fllobe 'twas advortiaod." TOL. - XXXVIII,-NO. 97. BOSTON, SUNDAY MOliNING, OCTOBER 5, 1890-TWENTY-FOUE, PAGES. PRICE MVE CENTS. J01H.PSAY,S We have no Jiesltation in Maiminf/fov our stock that it Is in advance of all others In point of variety, of excellence, and of novelty. Great care has heen tahen in selecting, that > what is tie-nianded bj/ the jirevaiUnfj sii/les of mural decoration and of carpetlngs tnay he easily found without the delay of hiintinff up saviples. We take 'X^leasure in soltiihff the xrrohlem of what to W�eand hmv to treat the ivin-dows, and hoiv to upholster the furniture, and the style of carpet for tl 16 floor-that ajtpears to every furnisher of a room or house. We consider if no trouhle to give estimates, and allow the merits of our yoods and prices tfierefor to deteriniue the results. We have to offer a specialty In a Made of pure linen, decorated at. the bottom tvith lace and fringe, very stylish for Sitting-Ilbom,Dining'\Room or Library, may be seen in our shotu window, Notice also the newest effects in YESTERDAY'S BALL (JAMES. S'layora' X>�n(];no> ATl'msIlVIlG-riKST (UME. IimiDKB...........1 2 3 4 5 B 7 8 fl I'ltlsbmg...........1 1 0 1 0 0 � 0 1-10 UostOU............1 0 1 0 1 0 S 0 0-0 ]!nUorte-M.inl niirt Qiiliiii: ])iilev niiil Jliir-iiliy. Biiao liltn-rittslnirE, 12 j lloatou, '10. Evrots- rlttsburg, 2; isoaton,o. .  SKCOXU H.UtK. ^Inmnga...............1 2 3 4 5 0 7 Boston.................0 0 1 1 3 3 - 7 PlKsbutff...............0 0.0 2 1 0 0-3 Bftttorliis-Tonor and I(m-lov; Oiiinbort nnrt Swott, Hiiselilla-VlltalmiK, Oi Boston, 0. En-ora- rittaburg, a; Uoatoii, 1. CiilleiJ, diii-kncsa. AT Ilt.'n-At.O. Iimlnssi..........1 2 3 i n (1 7 8 0 Brooklyn...........2 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 0- B Ullftlllo............0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0 Biatorloa-Twltcliell nnil Jtack, Sowrtors nnd Dully. UnsuIilts-liHirnlo, 3;2JroffUyn, 8. Urtora- BnlMo, ft; Brooklyn, 3. AT OHICAQO. Innlnya....................1 2 3* 6 Cliluin'o......................2 0 0 0 0-8 Noil'York....................o 0 110-2 Batteries-Bnldwin niiil ])iirlliiB: EwlnR and Brown. Baac hits-Clileiigo, S; Sow TTork, i. Error-Ne\r rork, 1. Ciillod, iinrkiic'ss. at olbykland. ,lnillnES...............1 2 3 4 B 0.7 riiUndclDlila.............2 2 B 2 3 1 1-10 Cloveliind...............0 o os 0 1 0-4 ' Bnttiu-les-ClrnlHT and Bronnnn: Hiiatcd and JUIU-|ai^^_ BUBt !ill�-Cli!TCli\nd, 0;. I'WladoliiWo, 14. Jrro-s-Cleveland, �; I'lilladelpliln, 3. National liOiig^io. AT oi.iiviii,a.s-n.-1-insT oamh. Innlnps..........1 33460780 _ Olevnlnnd..........1 1 0 2 0 0 1 0 - 5 riilludelidilii........0 OlOOOOpO-1 BuKcriea-Yonng ni\d Zlnnnerj VIckey ana Olem-cnls; 'Base hits-Clovclaufl, 5; rhliuddphla, 5. Jinors-CICTOland, 1; rwladolplila3. SKOOND OAME. Imilnea............. ..1 2 3 4 B 6 7 Cleveland...............0 0 0 0 0 T 0-7 l>Iillndoli)lila........'.....1 3 0 0 0 0 0-3 Biitterlca-yoiinij ami ZInimerj Glenson and Clements. Base hlta-Cleveland, 0; rhltadelphla, 7. Errovs-Clcvelund, 2; Phllndolphln, 8. CaUcd, darkness. AU�iidanc6> PL.U-EBS' MAGUIi. Bnitalo................................1,347 Cleveland..^....................,...... 450 Ohleago.............,............... 222 I'lttabiirg..,...........................3,388 J'olal,..-............................4,407 NATIOKAI, MAOCB. Cleveland...............................1,300 STAIW WOW A PBISONEE. Jf^ow SO popular for chambers. Our department cannot fail to be interestitig to all Jiouse-keepers. flllPEAY, OARPETINGS Wasliingtoil Street Boston 'Witness Againist His Father Oharged Witb Burglary, Fahmington, Me., Oct.*.-A case that Is exciting inteiiso interest lioro is tliiit of tlio State against Charl os Frank Stain for allcffod burglary at New Slinron. Stain was thi> principal witness against his fatiier, David L. Stain, in tlio Bairon murder caiie. _. Cleveland WiU Be There. CoLUWUus, O., Oct. 4.-Ex-Prosictent. Cleveland Ims'acceptBd the invitation to bo present at the Thurman btiuauet to he piven on Nov. 13 under tlie auspioos of the Tliurman Club in tliia � city. Judge TJnu--man will ho 77 years old on tlint date. Wonder Who He, Was? PonTLAND, Conn., Oct. 4.-The authorities propose to Investigate the oiroumstancea surrounding tho hurlal of the body of a man that wa,s .shipped liere from Now York about one month ago. If you want to buy a good house read our real estate announcements on page 14, Only ttioBe who are thorojiglily experienced and who can iurnlsli the heat of references need cill. Apply;t9,^i3po. K. Flint, at S. H. WlilXlS .fc CO.'S, het\ycoii i^i'iind 10 a. ra. ELEGTRiO lecIiaMc's ExposMoii. Kcnd BUS. A. ifc S. HAKGEOVE'S advorMacmont on page 0, Their curea are wonderful. 11* Per Yard. Ifnrnlture, Cnrpota,CookingIlunfiea, I'arlor Stovfls, , Ci'OcKetj', lUftUlceta and houseUoid, goods of every dC8ci'Iiil{on, said an UistalmGnts. Remeinfter Oor Terms. j?2 down on S25, and S3 per month.. �8 down on �SO,-nnd gs per month. K4 down on g40, and 84 jioi' nionih. jJB down on g(flO, and #S per nionili. SO down on $(iO, and per month, JB7 doivn on S70, and f?7 per month. g& down on $80, nnd fpB per month, jpo rio^ni on j^DO, and per month. BIO down on 8100, and glO iicr month. Bead this ndvertlsonient carefully, and remember �what it says, and before pureluislng anythlnR in the housokseplne Iliio Ijave llie kindness to eiunilne our stock and oblidn our prieeB, as �vve lire selling the same tsuallty of goods 10 per cent. Itss than any other house in Boston. Wo carry in Block a com-i�let !tal receiving SSG.OOO from the State smce 1887 for building, and that the ladies ol tho State have undertiiken to raise 8100,000 as apermsjiont fimd, and invoked contr butious to this luiid fronr all lovers ol c lildron throughout tho State. He paid a glowinpr tribute to I)r. Flood, sti-pormtendent of tho hospital, n.ssoeintiug hiu name with that ol Dr. Howe, tho Cadmus of tlio blind, nnd other immortal names. Gilman Wuito, clialrman of tho building committee, nnd Dr. Betnis of Worcester presented tlio keys to Dr. Flood, which closed the exercises. A collatioji was served and tlie Ernests wore entertained mostliospitably. Tluoughodtthodar, intho corridorii and rooms 22c and 2'28 ol the Burnet House, the gentlemen interested hold informal eonfer-onocs, but it was not imtil 0 o'clock that thoy were ready to do Then they proceeded to Mr. Kramer's oflloo. First the club's loiiso of its present park was inspected. It runs for threo years at an annual rental of SCZOO, but part of tho ground has boon sublet for $000 per annum, whieli makes tho yearly rental to the club SiiiOO. The club recoives from its score card and other privilepes about .2000. Messrs. Storn and ,Sterno aro personally held for tho payment of tho throe years' rent, and tho nurchasors gave tliom lui in doninity bond' for .�15,000. Tlien the con. tracts of tho players were carefully road by the lawyers and found to bo correct. Mvssva, Slorn and Stonio SlgiioO. tv Heavy BoUfl not to enter into the base ball business directly or indirectly, in tho city of Cincinnati without tho consent of thcpurchasers and tui'ned over all tho stock, leases, con tracts, books, papoi's and other property of tho'club wherever located. Next came the election ol temporary offl-cerfi, who are; President, Albert L. Johnson vioe-prasident, Edivard B, Taloott; secretary and treasurer^Frank H. Brunoll; du'oo- Maj. Gould was the ohoioo ol the Eopublioan State convention for auditor. Ha was regularly nominated for the oflloe by ballot, and his majority over Mr. Ladd, the present auditor, was ample and emphatic. The oonvonUon not only voted to nominate IMaj. Gould; it voted also, distinotly and dooidodly, WOT to nominate Mr. Ladd. Yet the State committee, by and wdth the advice and oonsont of tho Boston Journal, has presumfjd to reverse tho action ol tho party, and ifenow seen posting tho nominivtion ol Mr.Ladd over that ol the mim who defeated him in the convention. Our artist shows this extraordinary bit of political bill posting. While the nomination posted by Uio G. O. P.'b rogu-lor bill poster is being covered up by tho Journal, there Is another toletited artist in paste and paper ooming along, who has a very superior poster, wherewith to cover up Mr. Ladd. Mr. Gould's friends oormot now voto for hlni, but thoy need not vote for Mr. Ladd, by whom Mr. Gould's rightful plaoQ on tho tioke^ has been appropriated. 'What is the matter with Mr. TrefryP Ho, certainly, "Is-all right," LETTER OF ACCEPTAMCE. W. E. Hussell, a True Blue Democrat. Battle Cry of Caiiipaigu Now in Progress. "Not Protection, lot Pree Trade, hut Massachusetts." BNGrNEBIt KTTiTiBD. Accident on ETorthem Pacific-Wo Pas-sengerfl Injm-ed. Helena, Mont., Oct. 4.~Tbe accident on the Northern Pacific railroad near here was oansed uy an open switch, the pas.sengor train colliding with an engine standing on the track. Engineer Masser was killed and his fireman badly hui-t. Tho mail coach was derailed. No pas.sengers were injured. tor.<i, John M. Ward and John .E. Bruce. Tho purchase ol tho Cincinnati club, the buyers and tho sellers agree, is a master stroke for the players' league. It was tho national league's strongest city, notwitlistatidiug the fact that its dtinons are not by any means admirers of the old organization. No matter wliat tho national league owners may say, that thoy are deeply sm'prisod and disappointed because tho club has "jumped," there can bo no question President Stern htmsell admits that hi. had no idea that tho new leaffuo could raise tho money to buy him out, and alter ho had roceivoa the cash said to XHffi GtoBii! correspondent: "Ihose men do business better and more expeditiously than atiybody with whom 1 over had any financial transactions. I'm glad I .sold out. i would not care to array injTseif against tluini aiftdn,, imd you may roly upon it I shall not. J think tho war should be iinmediatolv settled, but if it isn't, the po. iicBi>i.lim of govcrunient to be, not a government ot Ijaimlles a.ud tiencllts by a luirly forllsolf and Its boiicllclaries, but "of tho people, hytlio people, for the people." Last, but not least, J>omooniey oniphnUoally stunds for Massaohusotts, her Interests, her industries, her welfitro, protesUiig ngaluflt tho unjust, discriminating legislation by which she has boon saorlllced. As A oondition, not a theory, ooufrouts lioi-, so our battle cry 1b, not proteolion, not free trade, but Massachusetts. "SVe assort her right to equality in all legislation; wo pledge ourselves to mnlnlain that right under nil olrcmnstanoos. The light for tai-ifl reform has but just begun. Mnssachiisulls never has considered any question settled tlU it was settled rlglit. Iter glorious record against tho stamp act and tuglllvo slave law la alone sulllelont evidence that she will not subinlsfllvely ngrcn that the passage of a bad law is tho onil of ii Just, necessary and Inevitably successful agltallon. I cordially indorse the platform of tho eonveutlon WKl tho reforms therein doclar'oil. Frnnltly nnd explicitly, ivlthout evasion or hyiiocrlsy, that platform states tho principles and policy of tho .Deiuocratlc jiurty. I shall hope during tho campaign to have the privilege of deehulng and dofcudlug tho faltli thus stated. 1 am, Vory truly yours, William B, Pijb6ei,i. when six of them from Pevear's faetoiy, IX from .hiliii T. Moulton's and about as many more from A. B. Martin's came out and wont to the Knights of Labor iioadquarttirs on Muiiroe st. Tho manufaoturora claim that they can got all tho help they want iitid are dointc a good business. At Mark .1. Worthloy's factory some ol his nou-uuion help loft today. SKES AMOWOTHE STIOXS. Members of the ArkeU Alaska.Exploring Expedition Disoovor a Now Baoa of Indians. ,San li'itANCisco, Cal., Oct. 4.-Four days ago GIovo and Dalton of tho ArkoU expodi-lion to .Maska ivrrived at Taoomii on tho way to Now York. They rofrained from comnrunioating the results of their exploration in southwestern Alaska, but news from tho far north tells ol tho aMtonisliiiiB results ,ot thoir trip. It is just on the other'sido ot the St. Eliaa rause, behind Dlsouchantmeut bay, that GIovo and Dalton have made. tliDu- grout di.soiivci'ios. ITil&HTMH BEEN. Anxious Importers Await Arrival of Vessels. 'I'iioy readied a hish plateau oovoi-ed with -------"' ' Mehdw." .....jfliuiiM. Icrinwii this. heavy forests in which'dwelt a stritiiKo race ol Indians, known hy rumor only bofoi-e They omes in STOWAWAY AEEJSSTED. Charged with Setting Firo to Oai'load of Cotton. Detective McEleney about o'clock this morning arrested David Nunosvaz on a charge ot sotting flra to a car loaded with cotton in tho Fitohburg-. railroad freight yard. Tho, prisoner was looked up in station IC. Ho said ho was 10 years old and boloiiKod in Spittleficld, Eng. Ho camo to America as a stowaway about six weeks ago, and since that time has been Imnkiugin trele'lit cars. Tho doteotive said that tlie boy deliberately set fire to the cotton. The boy ivas arrested in the act. lie said lie Was trying to find a place to sleep. ABLE TO -ViaiT HIS BABBBB. M'J'Iie Indians are cnllod the St-iks. dwell in foi'osts, making thoir lioi_....... trees, and liavo .strntitro cii.stoms. ,i7ioy guided Glove ami Dalton to a series of mountain.'! nnd lakes, tho Inrgost one called Lnkii Klukshugh. R'l'hen, by promises of reward. Glove; and Dulton porsuaded tho Htik Indiana to guide them toward tho Piioillc. Tho Ijidiaiislod them to whoro a, river- till] Allscgh-gushed out of the largest lake and divod into a ohasm of ley cliiTs. A oiHioo was scoured and two men. Glove ivnd Dalton, with throe Indians, sot out on tho fearful voyage. ..... For davs thoy in-ssod through tomblo ox-pet'ieucofi, esonn iig death tmly by a liun-drod marvels, llio ico cliffs roso on either hand 2000 feet. At lust came tho end, a place previously unknown, which thoy called Dry or thoy discovered an Indian village. Mr. WoUb, one ot the party, left the main body at tho end of thoir jounioy and struck northeastward, with the intention ol scaUiig Mt. St. Ehas, and has not siuoo boon heard from, THB WBATHBR. nay.whoro Wasjhnoton, D.O ,, Oct. 4.r-rorooast till a p. m. Sunday: For eastern Now York, fair weather, followed by showers Sunday night, wes torly winds, nearly stationary tompora-ture. For Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut, fair woathor, westerly winds, slight changes in tomporaturo. For Noiv Hampshii-o and Vermont, fair wo.itlior, slightly cooler, northwesterly winds. For Maine, fair woathor, northwflstorly winds, slightly cooler, oxcopt stationary in the vicinity ot Portlaud. O. W. Taylor, a Victim of Hem's Wrath, is Beoovering.', PonTSMOti'iTi, N. H., Oct. 4.-Seventeen days itgo Charles W . Taylor was shot by Frederick H. ,T. Hein, wlio iif tt.Twiirds uliot !tnd killed his three diiughtet's anil then took his own life. Today Taylor was iible to be driven to his place of bu.siness and from there walked to a iioighlioriug barlior shop. Unprecedented Customs Eeceipta. Buffalo, N. Y., Oct. 4.-Tho receipts at the custom house for tho week ending Oct. agsrcg.atod nearly .5100,000 more business than is usually ilone in a month. Tho wivrehouses are overcrowded with Canadian larloy, the chief staple of iniportatioa. The clorka say thoy never before saw anything like it. Won't Embarrass Them. PrrrsBiTiio, Penn., Oct.4-Itis announced that tho Fleming Brotliers, dealers in proprietary medicines, who made an assignment this moruing, have a total of S2D0,000 in habiliticfi, in.siead ol snoo.ooii, ns reported. They claim over 61,000,000 a-ssets, imd say every pemiy will be paid oud the ' iislncss go on as usual. The Globe's Forecast. Tho woathor ot Boston and vicinity today will bo ginierally fair, no decided chiingo in tcmpui-iituru; light, vaiiablo winds. For northern Ninv England and tho northern coast today, clearing, slightly cooler, westerly winds. Two or more days of gonorally fair weather, slightly cooler, are indicated. Bluo Hill Prediotlons. For Sunday, fair, sliglitly wanner, Thick Fog Obaoures the Light. HifiiiLANo LioitT, Oct. -t.-Thick fog, heavy rains and variable winds prevailed today. _ Cloaringr at Provlncotown. PiioviNCETOwN, Oct. 4.-Very light northwest wind.s, clciiriiig at suuset. Clear Weather at Chatham. Cjlitiiam, Oct. 4.'-Lifflit westerly winds and clear weather at sunset. Etriu'ia Entered at Sew York Without a Sceoiid to Spare. Saxonville Mills Had $16,000 Duties at Stake. Nbw York, Oct. 4.-The onstom house pveseuted an unusnml scone ot exoltoment this afternoon and evening. Tho causo was the new tariff law, anjl, a groat crowd ot brokers and importer^'pushed and abused caoh other in tin ondoavov to got in place in order to enter thoir Into arriving goods. Tho custom house was to oloao at 3 p.m., and, according to tho decision ot Friday, all goods arriving alter that hour were to come in under tho new law and be taxed accordingly. So groat was the orowd, (vnd so citruost tho appeals made to tho collootor, that ho docldod to keep the custom Jiouse open imtil r> p. m. In the moan time ho teleeraphod to Washington lor instruotions, and when tho reply arrived, and he found that he could use Ills own discretion in the matter, ho annouucod that ho would give everybody �oliniioo nnd koop open tmtil midnight. T 10 crowd still lingered, ready to imike tho r ontrloa, but tho nows had tUo etieot of restoring something like order. At D.;tO p. m. tlio City ol Chicago was entered and a great part of tho wattin crowd was rollovod. At 0.05 p. m. the Si. Koguhis, with a carso ot iaoos, silks and velvets, was entered. Thoro was still due tho Etruria, tho Tlilngviilla and thoZaitn-dam, and news ot tUom was anxiously awaited, The evening dragged wearily along, and it was not until n. m. that tho monotony of tho wait was broken. Then it boaaino known that the Etrtirla had boon sighted oft tho outer bar at D;34 p. m. The agent of the lino wasat once sought, and he explained to all inquirers that everything had boon done to faciUtato the captain's arrival in time to make tho entry. As time wore on and tho clock, whioh was anxiously watched, indicated 11.30, with no tidings of tho Etruria, tho men waitiutr wore coiistantlr saying "Horo ho comes,'' as some ono put in an appearanoo At ono minute ot 13 tho oaptain had not-arrived. Ton seconds later, when hall tho lights woto out, a oarriugo came on a rush to tho door and tt great shout went up, Prom it lumped Capt. Haina, who was iinmodiatoly lohfnd tho counter, and ontorod his vessel list bofoio the olook struck midnight. Three cheers and a tiger wore given for him. Tho captain had ooine up in a spoeial tug, and wa� driven at ii broak-neok puoo from tho dock to tho custom houso. ,$15,000 Duties at Stake. It was announood to aijxious Boston importers yesterday that the custom house would bo open lor the purpose ol entering vessels until C o'clock, or as much later as there nuKht seem to bo any probability of vossol.fl arriving. As tho ninv oiistom.s law is interpreted, such goods as wore entered Liberal Kouse Furnlsfiers. Tliat Is the ({iicition. It confronts' everybody who glimpses at the New Styles which we are (llgpla)1ns in our warerooms. Young and old, rich and poor, married and single, tho transient visitor as well as tho old-time customer, unite In the ^rarmest expressions of admiration, and nothing hut approval and conimcndatton Is heard on all sides. Style, --AlID- Price, iABB THE POTENT AT-TBACTI0N8. RjfOBODY SO RICH WHO WUL NOT ADMIBB TIIEM. fONE SO POOR WHO I CANNOT AFFORD THEM. BE our Plush Par-^ lor Set, 6 pieces^ complete at � - - U B Champion; Hair Oioth Set 6 pes., plnsh trimmed, at only .... UB Elcgnn Crushed Plush Set, 0 pes., assorted colors, worth S.'iS [Our 10-plece Cliamhcr sots at this price aro the talK of tho town. |Our Elegant Polished Chamber Sets, 10 pieces, at .$a.'j, pqual an.r .'if35 set elsewhere. . |Our Variety, at Is worth going miles to see nnd purchase.; ; . before ml the Old scl dnight last night camo in under lodulo ot'dutioa. The Saxonville mills aro expecting a bark from South America, loaded with wool, and it was hoped that she minht arrive so as to enter before midnight. Half a dozen tiigr cTO'uers were oil tlio outlook lor her in the outer harbor, that upon her appearanoo the captain might be hurried to the city to enter. About 816,000 In duties wag at stako in this case. fliir Ingrain Carpets at tOc. are the pride of economical buyers. Our best Extra Supers lit O.'jc. are worth HOC, tariff or no tai'Iff. Our 05c. Tapestries aro simply fabulous values in quality and design. Our 80c. Tapestries | are the Ilnest productions - irresistible In colorings, and our complete Carpet Exlflblt Is the best for variety, beauty and value which was ever exhibited, under one roof. -TO- THB PBOFESSION "HAPPED." of Temperatiu-e Yesterday as indicated by the thermometer at Thompson's Spa: 3 a. m., 6b�; G a.m., 00�; o a.m., 03�; 12 m., 0C�; 3.30 p. m, 05�; 0 p.m., 03"; Op. m., 02�:.12 mid., 50�, Average torn-peratura, 02Va�. Kobert Garrett Worse. [Copyrltiht.: Pauis, Oct. 4.-Robert Garrett, who took sudden turn for the worse again this wei-k, has changed his plans imd decided to return to New York by the Umbria Oct. 11. Lynn Won-Union Men ChoUKe Bides. hrsn, Oct. 4.-That the non-union men aro getting tired of tlio life in tho morocco Itwtories in Lynn %vaB shown this evening, Panama Canal Eeport Approved. Panama (via Galveston), Oct. 4. -The Star and Herald published this morning the fallowing official despatch from Bogota, dated yesterday, in reference to the canal question: "The report of tho Senate committeo has ' leen approved by an important majority in aver of the c.tnal exti-naion being granted n ii-turn for .'10,000,000 francs cash and 10,000,000 paid in shiireH. All tho private land required for the canal is to be paid for by tho company." Eight Arm Crushed. William Slater, 30 years of ago, of Shcl-buriie Falls, a flrotnun on the coal shoveller at 'WolU'sley, whllo walking tho tracks ol the Fitchburg railroad ut Wellusley station about 3 2.30 o'clock this mofiiiiig was struck by a freight ti-ain. Slater's right arm was c^-ushed and his left arm broken. Ho was brought to tills city on a siiecial tram.which arrived at 1.20 o'ciook. nnd conveyed to the Mnssac'hueetta Gonef al Hospital. Buffalo Judge Doubts tho Ability OhriBtlnn Scientists. BuppALo, N. Y., Oct. 4.-Judge lK)ron J. Lewis of tho Supreme Court has rendered a decision in a case in whioh a mother ajid father contended for the custody of a minor child, in which ho finds that tha mother, who is a Christian child " � Our display of Sideboards Is certainly away ahead of any� tiling wo 'have ourselves seen. It Is for yon to pass further judg^ient on them. If yon want to piirchnso yon Miss it In not seeing them. Our most popular styles aro those at $20, $25, $30, $35, $40, $45. STOVES and RANGES. Sco our BangcsJ with all the warcg complete, at Sciontlst, let another < die lor want of proper treatmeiit other than silent prayer, while tho.child suffered eight hours with spasms. Ho says that but for tho fact ol the mother's profession he would give her the d, but regards her as an Improper cus- ____isii of a child liable to be siok and to suffer lor want ol I'ropor caro and treatment. ch-tod: President ou Wheels. Wasiukoton, Oct. 4.-The President will mrive at Cincinnati on Tuesday morning, and leave there about 8 o'clock. Tho train will stop at tho soveral points on the Ohio & MiB-slssippi railroad to and including Vlm^oiiuea. From that point ho wilt go via the Evaiisville & Torre Haute railroaa luid stop brioiiy at the town.s up to Terro Haute. He leaves Terro Hauto at 4.30 o'clock, reaching Danville, III., at 6.80 Tuesday evening. _ Each Doubts the Other. CmoAoo, Oct. 4,-Suit was begun in the Clrouit Court today by Richard W. Kath-bone, Jr., against Dr. J. W. Chisholm lor S'l'fi.OOO damages lor alleged improper relations with and alienating tho affectious of the plaintiff's wile. The bill for divorce filed yesterday by Mrs. IJathbimo charges her husband, who is the plaintiff in tho proceedings begiui today, with adultery, drunkenness and cruelty-. Our Range irith! Hot Closet and ware. Ranges with Res ervolr, hot Closet ani ware, , Take time enough today to examine the list ol realostate bargtuus ou pugo 14. And others up to $90, including the most desirable styles in the market. Heating Stoves from $3.50 upward. CROCKERY, LAMPS, GLASSWARE, CLOCKS, DINNER SETS, PICTURES, TEA SETS, SHADES, TOILET SETS, DRAPERIES, And everything necessary tor com* plcte housekeeping. EftSY TERMS WHEN DESIRED. Litieral House Furnlsliers, 827 WASHIIVGTOM STitm, f '' ' ^ 95 44