Tuesday, January 29, 1889

Boston Daily Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - January 29, 1889, Boston, Massachusetts Jnit wrtt� s line or two to tfeo pWiplo (If thmU nythlng you want) una toUj thstii ftbotlt It. Tbm pat your"�d"ln THE BOSldS OLOBBI,ioi th�� U where the peoplo will tee It. STILL THEY CBm tetters from tbe people telUnK �JMt �.bMAani the writers etiike when tber pnt a "wmt ad" In TOK BOBTOK OIABE. Tett it rouraelf U yon am in doubt VOL. XXXV.-NO. 29, BOSTON, TUESDAY MORNING, JANUARY 29, 1889-EIGHT PAGES. PRICE TWO CENTS. miarsh 1500 PIECES At Prices Barely Goveriug Custom Honse Expense. ^Purchased from a manufacturer in LIQJJIDA-XIONf and to he offered at prices less than OJVJE-JSALi' what you will he ohliged to pay for the identical merchandise after Feh, 1. THE MANUFACTURER'S LOSS YOUR OPPORTUNITY. Black Surah Silks At 49o. per Yard. Never iu 20 years has this quality been offered at such a PITIABLE low price. It is needless to ma^e any oom-menta, as evtoy lady mnst reoogniie this great ohanoe. Black Sui-ah Silks At 69c. per Yard. Eooolleot, every piece of this lot is full 24-inoh wide, No lady in all her shopping experieno^has had an opportunity to purchase equally as a;ood a quality for less than $1.25 per yard. Black Surah Silks At 79c. per Yard. Black SuVah Silks At gSc. per Yard. Black Surah Silks ' At $1.15 per YarU. This is a rich and elegantly finished quality, and youwiU CERTAINLY be astonished'when you examine it. Black Surah Silks At Si.29 per Yard. The finest quality manufactured in Elaok Surahs, and, in our OPINION, one of the best values of the entire lot, as it contains the least number of pieces of the purchase. Ve TEUST late comers will not blame us if they fail to secure a DBESS. COLORED SURAH SILKS AT JORDAN. MARSH AND COMPANY. 49c. per Yard- For Party, Evening, Street or Spring or Summer Ocstumes, or for Tea Gowns or Blouses, this is an opportunity which will not probably occur again for years, as we offer in this lot a very desirable line of light and dai-k shades. COLORED SURAH SILKS AT 69c. per Yard. This quality measures fully'22-in. wide, They are a heavy rich TWILL', warranted all silk, beautiful line of shades, and in our estimation are a better value.than our EEQULAl $1.25 quality. PLAID AND CHECK SURAH SILKS AT 49c. per Yard (Full 22 inches wide). IN WEEDIBMC Through our stook we find a great many odd pieces and short lengths left over from our great sale of last week. WE HAVE CULLED OUT Everything, and marked each lot at jrices that must CLOSE otit every INOH jefore oiir Semi-Annual Stock Taking. JORDAN,MARSH AND COMPANY. f IT IAS Boulanger's Victory and What It Means. I ship and empliastze the fant that he Is the 1 man for tlie Leanuo ot Patriots, that his iilorlous sword is to rend the peaoa oi Frankfurt and win bacls AlsaoeiiLotraine. TJie Froiioh mean once more to be n 'Brand nat'on.' That isthe slirnilioanceot Boulaneur's success for Germany. Nevertheless, owinir to the personal Inadequacy of iioulanRer, it is doi\btfu] wlietbor the decisive blow is near at hand. But In any case the republic \i ripe for the sickle." The Volke-/eitunur rocnlls.the watninKOl the Republiciuo Franoaiao-''An emperor, 1� you wish one"-and says: "Paris respouas: Yo3, wo do wish one." .,, The Frelsinnice /eituna says: ."The result need not be taken trasieallyi When the exoiiemont is over wo will be able to judce more clearly of the effects." Stormy Times Predicted for France. B Journals Clearly Baiers of far. See OKRMAJV COaiMENTS. The Young Republic Ripe fur tbe Sickle. American Girl Elopes with an English Doctor. Sanser of War Uettroen France' and Oormunv n Reality. ViJiNNA, Jan, 2S,-The Political Correspondence, roferriiir; to Ueneral BoulanROr's victory, says: "In diplomatic circles hero the election is regarded as a sure sympton o� a coming: change of system iuthe govern-ment of France. No immediate danger is feared as rojjards international complications, as it is believed that intern&l dissensions will prevent external entanglements.!' The Neue Fruio Pri'sse says: "If President Carnot, miitiuR the Republicans under the banner of honesty, appeals boldly and openly to Fran h�>tf^itlio�lteftt?sta^MnlnRi�tJJ -BX' THE- ELEVATOR POLICY ISSUED BT THE EMPLOYERS' LIABILITY ASSURANCE CORPORATION OF LONDON, ENCLAND. Tbls policy, at a moderate otaarEs, protects ovpera or lessees ot bnlldings agalait loss t>y reason of UibUltylfor personal injuries caused In oonneotlon with the use ot elevators. I The ooriioratlOQ defends, at.lis own coal, any suit against the Insured In tespeot o( aooldentlaan elevator car or well, and pays, within llinlu named In policy, damages awarded, or tho cost of settlement ' of case without litigation. ' Ibe large number of Elevator accidents, and of Law l^uits arising out ot same, forcibly demonstrates the great value of this syslam of Insurance, and the nnmber of policies already Issued proves that penous Interested In elevators are rapidly beoamlng Impressed with the many advontagas aitaohlng to ttao p choieof tlHie poUoiea, EimTOOXV Jti SEAOOBIBXIR. XS. S. Uaaaneri. tX Kllby Street. Boston. Apply for rates and mformatlon to SA.SI17X:X| C8 Central Street. Boiton, ' Qeneral Agent for Uassachiuetts, New Hampshire ana Rhode Islana. DECLINED TO BE DIPPED. Twenty Faltli Cure Believers Soolde Ibat the Water 1� Too Cola. New Yoek, Jaii. 28.-Twenty-two ba-lievers in faith cure met at the Mount Zlon Sanctuary. Jersey City, yesterday, pursuant to an agreement tjiey had previously made to be baptized, no matter what the weather might be. ' Tho entire party was led to the^walar's edge in New York bay by Elder Hdncox, but at the last moment all but two decided that the water was too cold, and declined to be dipped. . Charles Freise and his wife, Ohristiana, however, resolutely followed the elder into the water and were baptized in due form. They appeared none the worse for their ex-cerience, but started for their homes as soon as they had put on dry clothing. A BOY'S PULL BUIodeea a Bell from a BeUry with Snrloiia Reanlta. WiLLiAMSBUEG. 0, Jan. 28.-At a school-house near hero Saturday night, while a crowd ot people who had attended a de bating society were passing out from the building, a mischievous boy pulled the bell rope, and by some means the bell was throwp from the framework in the cupola and fell in front ot the house ou to the crowd below, killing William Waoker by crushing his skull and seriously injurinc G. W. Alount and Sparr Kldd. HOME FURNITURE GO. Walnut frame, upholstered in Uamie. Price for Jan. 80, $2.99. Remembart thta prUe la for 'Weilnef day. Jau.aso, only.. Chamber Sets............._i$IO to $200 Parlor Suits..................S30 to 5250 Carpets......................20c. to S2.00 Oil Cloths....................I7q. to 65o. Curtains and Draperies--25c. to $50 Toilet Sets...................$1.65 to $15 Dinner Sets...........,.......$6.75 to $75 Mattresses..................$1.85 to $40 Bed Springs..-................85o. to $10 Parlor Stoves................$4.So to $50 Cooking Ranges................$9 to $75 CASH or INSTALMENTS. FREK ItXiUVSRY. "Write lor Catatoitue and f rleea. HOME FURNITURE GO. Opnoelte 'Water lit.t BoatMk,, THE WEATHER. Will Anthorlty be Ornnted to Try Boulanurer for Xreasdn. Paris. Jan. 28.-The Journal dgs Debats says tliat at a meetingr in the Rue Lincoln last night several Radical deputies urged tho formation on the spot ot a ministry ot action which should present itself in the Chamber of Deputies immediately and de mand authority to prosecute General Uoulamror for treason. Many of those present opposed tho suBffestion, and the meeting dispersed at 4 o'clock this mormuK without comine to a decision. ifiONY OfER. had his trunk sent to the Dennison House I and then .called on Gonural Harrison., lo^ Blale Accepted Premiership. tlie Leading Gar Lines Tie Up. But Harrison Opposes Blaineism. Isl fill Waft Away 1 .TreasBrj Gate. Witli Walibr*s Shoes to t)C Filled by TibbettSa Senator Sliorman'a Plana to Qet mm Out of tho 180� Race. Washington. Jan. 28.-Tho other day Georgo F. Hoar was heard to dcolaro in the Senate cloak room that it William B. Allison stayed out of the cabinet and lived four years nothing could defeat bis nomination for tho presidency in 1892. AmouB the men who overheard Mr. Hoar's prediction was Senator John Sherman, whom Hoar supported with great ardor, but to no purpose, at Chicakco last Juno. This declaration, aeomeJ to have opened eemitor Snorman's eyes wider, than ever tt> the fact tbu . ho was going to have a dangerous rlva in future, and as this veteran sprinter is a ready entered for the convention of 1892, ho is credited with having at once set to work to laud Allison in tho cabinet. _ nUIIllBRY laf WEST VIKeXMA. Republicans Attempt Bribery , West Virginia. in Republicana Try to Buy tUo Senator, Bnt No Choice na Vet. CiiAnLKSTON, W. Va.. Jan. 28.-The fifth ballot tor senator was taken in joint assera' bly of the LeKislature at noon and resulted: GolV, 38; Kenha, 18; Frank Hereford. 8; J. W. St. CUiir, 2; J. W. Goshorn (Q. L.). 8; A. B. ^Vells. 3; M. Jackson, 2; Judge Woods, 2; balance scattering. Whole number of votes cast, 83; necessary tor a choice, 42. Delegate Shelton of Lincoln county presented a sworn statement to the House today that he had been olTeied money to vote for a United States senator. An iuvesti' Rating committee was appointed. As Viewed by tho Italian Press. EoMK. Jan. 28.-The Fanfulla. commenting upon yesterday's election in Paris, says that unless Qeneral Boulancer is exiled as a pretender he will speedily become master of the situation. Tho Kiforma, while admittine that the situation in France is grave, refuses to believe that the republiois near Its death. The goveinment must, however it says, make a complete change iu its home and foreign policy: All the Italian papers recognize the gravity ot tho situation. Boulaneer Will Attend Thursday. Pauls, Jan. 28.-General Boulangor has announced his intention to attend tho se.i-oiou of the Chamber ot Denutiea on Thursday. The oUamber today passed a credit of 42,000.000 francs, to be expended improv-proving the military posts. ho'Vai iSiaris, as a whole. seem to be very happy over the result ot their jump into the dark, and the catos are thronged tonight with amused crowds reading the serious comments made on the election' by the Berlin papers, who assert that the event has brought Europe measurably near war." / IDA K.OTIi!D � TUB DOCTOR. FRANCE'S EI.KC'riON STrSTBM. Washington, Jan. 28-8 p. m.-Indications for 24 hours For Maine. New Hampshire, Vermont and northern portion of eastern New York light local snows, colder,variable winds generally westerly. For the rest of New England and south-ern portion ot eastern New York fair, colder, westerly winds, diminishing In force. Blue Hill Predictions. Bldz Hill OBSBBVATORr, Jan. 28-2 p. m,-Indications lor Tuesday, folr and decidedly colder. H. H. Clayton. Observer. An Amerloan Olrl Xilopea with an Enetlah Physician. Nice. Jan. 28.-The great sensation here today was the arrest in Paris of an American Birl with an English doctor. The young lady's name is Ida Wilcox, daughter of Mrs. Castat Wllco.t Bainbridgo of New York. The girl iS 17 yearsold and pretty, and has been muon', adln'ired since her arrival here with h^^ ,;mother, about a ^onth ago. They weVo staying at the Pension Anglais two weeks ago, when Dr. Sellon arrived'from England with an eight-yoar-old son. The doctor stopped at the same house and'assumed to bo an invalid, and claimed he came South to recover from an injury received in being thrown from a horse. He was a handsome fellow, ot good address, plenty of money.and from the out-sot pai4 a great deal of attention to Ida, A week ago, a lady in the Pension told Mrs. Wilcox that the doctor was llirting too much with Ida-, and advised hor to put a stop to it, as the doctor had a wife in England. Mrs. Wilco^ obided Ida, but as the girl . was not inclined to discontinue the intimacy the mother left Nice with her daughter, moving to a hotel in Mentone. The girl left a note for the doctor, telling him where they were going. He followed tho next day, and put up at the same hotel. The mother met him in the hall and raised a great row. The girl promised to give him UP. Last Thursday the doctor tried to get somebody to take his boy to London and put him in charge of a relative there, but failed. Friday he appeared at the railway station at Mentone with tho boy and Ida, who passed off as the boy's tovernesa. Ida seomod much excited, ho agent sold them tickets to \^entimil e, on the Italion frontier, where Ida cashed a chock payable to either hersoit or her mother, for i;350. The check was given her by her mother to cash. With tho funds thus obtained tlie elopers went via Genoa, Turin and Dijon to Paris, whore they wore arrested. The mother waited all day for Ida to come back with the money, but instead a messenger aelivnred a note from the girl, saying she had run away, and asking to le forgotten, as she had deter-minecl never to return. The mother at once went to the American consul, who sawJhe public prosecutor, and the police at .Paris were wired to arrest the couple on their arrival. AVhon the train arrived in Paris Dr. Sellon called a cab and told the driver to go to the Grand ^otol. but before he could start tho police collared him. Dr. Sellon protested that the girl was of age and rame with him of her own accord. The girl refused to leave him, and they were taken back to Mentone by the first traiu. It has created a great scandal among the Americans of the Riverla. The laws on abduction aie very severe here, and friends of the girl's mother propose to make it warm tor tho gay doctor. RHaARDIin AS AN BVM. AT^QBRIT. Whaf: Caused Kitty Cody's Peath. Baoo3a,yN, N. Y., Jan. 28.-The coroner's jury tonight decided that Frank Dudgeon procured the operation which caused Kitty Cody's death, and that Dr. C. F. Haro and Mrs. Harriman were guilty of a criminal act in oouceolins the facts. Dud-eeon is in jail. Infernal Machine Tied to His Doorknob, OswBQO. N. Y., Jan, 28.-This morning Mayor H. D. McGatfrey found an infernal machine attached to the knob of his oiHce door in the City Hall, but the machine failed to explode. When opened it was found to contain Bprings and wires connected with two large cartridges tilled with an explosive, Xhe matter was referred to the police.__ One Killed, Eieht Injured. Havana, .Jon. 28,-An explosion on the San yicente estate near llatanzaa today killed one person and injured eight others. ToPrintkesI-The .Central Typo Foundry of Ht. Louis havei jn-st produced a beautiful new ayle of type tor oivonlan. The nublotitisgxeat. Bonlanirer'a Sword 1o Win Back Alaaoe-I.orralne. ' Berlin, Jan. 28.-Tho newspapers here, of all shades ol political opinion, regard the success of General fioulanger as an evil augury for tho French republic. The North German Gazette says: "It is the most important event of recent times in the domain of foreign politics. The regime of the parliaini'utary republic has Nuiiered a severe reverse in its own oapital. The defeat ot the government will probably lead to all sorts of surprises." The Post sees in the result of the election �proof that France is heartily sick of the republic It says: "A government that lias rece red such a blow can no longer be regarded as a serious government General Boulanger will not allow the impression made liy his victory lo fade befo e the general election takes place, as otherwise the Roverumeut might by bold measures win back the votes it has lost. The centen-nary year ot 1881) will not be behind in its predecessor in impMtance," The National Zeitung says: "The discontented elements combined to support Bou-lauorer.. If h^ ahoald orove to be � serious pretender, the fall of the republlo Is a certainty/* - , TheVossiBoheZeltnnKmys; 'Tt was not Boulanger alone that, was victorious, but aUo bU programme to establlaU a <ilctatot- Gomuosltlon ot the Ohnmher ot Bop-ntles anaatow- Ohoaen. The election of members ot the Chamber ot Deputies ot France, which has been brought into prominence by tho election of Boulanger, differs very much from the method practised iu the election ot our congressmen. ; The Ch^tnber of Deputies corresponds closely, to the.Ho\iM!-pf//BBM^ ConSresf Intits' B6^mttl!inoti6n�i;'"!Francfe is divided mto 87 departments, which are subdivided into 802 arrondissements. These arrondissements correspond to our congressional districts, but elect one deputy lor each 100,000 population, and another deputy for each additional 100,000 of population, Paris, with its population of over 2,000,000, is entitled to a representation of over 20 deputies. Universal sulirage is the rule, and every citizen can vote to chose deputies and members of the general councils which exist in each of the 87 departments. Every citizen has to pay a poll'- tax ot three days work, which however, cannot exceed so cents per day, and which is not a prerequisite to voting. In. this country a member of Congress must live in the district from which he is elected.- This is not the case in Fiance, and this it is which wives Boulanger his opportunity. According to the famous sorutin de llste, or system ot counting of ballots proposed by Gambetta in 1880. a man can, as in England, stand for election from any district which, from any cause, is unrepresented. He can be elected from a dozen or more different districts, and ohoose wnioh district he desires to ropieaent. Boulanger has done this in all the strong Republican districts, and has been elected in nearly all. His election from the department of the Seine is most significant, as it comprises' the department which is supposed to load all Franco. It is composed of ,Paris, and has two small towns, St. Dennis and Sccaux. wh oh bears the same relation to Paris as Chelsea and Revere do to Buston in SuHolk county. It in Paris virtually. Pans has always been controlled by its workmen, who have been iu the past Radical Ropublicans, and never 'mora so than today. Tho nght of universal suffrage without any property qualitication has enabled them to elect a radical contingent iluthe Chamber of Deputies, mostly Socialists. When Boulanger came out in favor of the abolition of the presidency and the Senate, which bears a close resemblance to our own 8euate,ot millionuaires, the Socialists rallied to his support and virtually elected him. The vote cast meansconsiderable. Out ot 244,000 votes cast lor Boulauiter. 1)0,000, it is said, were cast by Conservatives and the balance, 154,000, were Radical Kepublioans, another n^me for Sooialists, Iliis latter vote onlj lacked 8000 of reaching the total vote of 162,000 oast for Jacques, the candidate ot tho Moderate Republicans, or bourgeoisie class. The fear that Boulanger will bo a dictator and assist m bringing hack the Orleanists and Bonapartists, Is unfounded. The peo. pie are too strongly wedded to aemoorntic ideas to desire a change, and more especially is this the case in the army, the active force upon which pretenders must depend. Tlieie is a wise provision in the laws which nrevdnt any attempt in that direction. The law of I'eb. 22,1872, pro-, vides that in case of the Chamber ot l-Deputies being violently dissolved by any coup d'etat as practised by Louis Napoleon, the general council of each of the 87 departments shair immediately assemble and form a new legislative assembly with their delegates, in order to oppose by all means such an attempt. The president and Senate arc not represented by the popular vote as it is understood hero. The Senate, which consists of aoo members, is elected by members of the general councils, the deputies, the arrondisseinent, councillors and delegates from municipal councils. That is, tliree-fourtlis of them are elected every three years.  The other fourth are elected for life, and in case of a vacancy the other senators Ull it bv alo tion. The president is elected by the Senate and Chamber ot Deputies. T'ae reason for the demand for their abolition lies in the manner ot thek election, and the *sonndalB which have attached to these offices in the past,. The senators, too, block all usefnl leglslat'.on in tho interest of the peopla The demand of Boulanger for a constituent fissembiy whicn should revise the constltnliion, lies back ot bis continued successes also. V&'. policy and his methods constitute v.'hst is called Boulangerism. The Boulansists are those who are attracted by bis personal magnetism, and have their American prototypes in the followers of Blame and The people there are tired of the shop-Keeping Republicans they have been having, and through their electoral system are able to change tho government quickly, and no doubt will do it. But a relapse from Republicanism need not be feared in view ot the checks upon any military or other favorites seeking a chance for their own beue^t '_ If "Perfection Buckwheat" ' is not all its name Implies letutn tgyoor grooer's and'eet TOUT money. 26 cents' worth ut Ingalls' Speol^ will ovie youz coitirli. It nerec falls. Washington. Jan. 28.-I am enabled to state on authority tonight that the name of the next secretary ot state is-James G. Blaine of Maine. This statement is made positively and without any qunliUiiations. Mr. Blaine has been tendered tho state portfolio and has accoptod it, and this mfor mation has been communicated to a limited number of his close and intimate friends. Mr. Blaine has not yet decided whether he will go to Indianapolis, but it is expected thap.he will pay a yisit to the presidentelect betoto long, A. M. Lowe. n^aARisoN wu-i. bb xum boss. BCe Will Have No Blainolam If Jamaa I 1� a Cabtunt omo�r. W.t3njNGT0N, Jan. 28.-When itlo.akod out today that Blaino had been offered and had accoptod the premiership, those who knew it oxuoctod that tho Blaino men, Willium Walter Phelps ot Now Jersey, Hitt ot Iirinois, Boutelle and Millikon ot Maine and a few others would have n jollilioation moetiOB. But they didn't, and they had evidently boon muzzled, for wlion The Globe correspondent sought to obtain their views he found them to be in au uncommunicative mood, A look of supremo innocence spread over Mr. Phblps' face when tho (luostion was put to him, and ho answered by asking the name ot the eontlomon selected "by tho press" as Mr. Harrison's secretary ot state. When told, he had nothing to say, and it was tho same story yrith all of Blame's iuti-mato friends. : It Is not the rule ot Mr, Blaine's friends to keep quiet when anything affecting their favorite is going on and their almost apathy could only be accounted for from tho fact that the coveted honor had como after such a long'delay and in such an ungracious way that^iad 10?t all its .Hayor,  A-RffiitlemBn, whose' -means ot knowing what Is.transpiring in Indinnapolis are soc^ ond to none, said today to tho writer that a few weeks ago General Harrison wa.'j d is-ousslng cabinet matters with a prominent statesman. After Blaine mid other cabinet possibilities had been mentioned his visitor Said that even if Blaine became soorotary of state, there was not much danger ot Blamelsm in tho cabinet. General Harrison halt rose from his seat, and iu a very determined and emphatic manner said: "I want you to understand that there will be only one president, and his name is Harrison." A dozen or more leading senators today telegraphed to General Harrison that Allison must be induced to accept the head of the T re' Jones, Mac-Dufifeo & Stratton, crockery and glassware; Thomas O'Callaghan & Co., carpets and rugs; Frank A. Brown & Co,, upholstery goods; Dorchester Furniture Company, furniture; A, L, Haskell & Bon, bodalntc; Gorham Manufaotuting Company, New York, silverware. The splendid results of the furnishings from these firms were visible in the rarious rooms throughout the hotel, and every, where evidences'n'ere manifest that "The Boston Tayetu" is bound to boaBrandstio-oess.__ Steinitz Makes Winnintc Move*. Havana, Jan. 28.-The fourth Kama ol the chess contest between Steinitz and Tchigorln was opened with tho Zukertort gambit, and was won by Steinitz after 22 movei. Tbe fifth same was opened 'jvith the Evans gambit. This was alM won by Steinitz after 26 moves. 1200 Protected Workmen Out of Work. WiLicEanAitiiE. Jan. 28.-The Sheldon Axle Works, the largest plant in the county,- has suspended temporarily. Twelve ' hundred men are thrown out of work. cT. LETTEES PEOM THE GOTEKITOES. It la a woU-known fact that Pond's Extract la nsad and lecommcQdea by more dUtlngulaliod poople tliau any preparatloa or remedy extant. In fact, cliets uie distinguished people, who would not allow tlielr names to bo used for anything else, who make an exception ot Pond's Extraoc on account ot 111 standard, unfailing, never disputed excellence of half a century's standing. It la usedln tho hoiUKiliold of tho President as well ij that of the hnmtilest citizen. Memhers of tl^ army and tho navy, the Bur and the Ceuob, tho pulpit and the press-aU ranks and classes of people-imve sent their personal experience una thanks fur the last forty years, until their .letters have tilled volumes, testifying to the wonderful cures effected by Pond'a Extract. To further Ulustrate this fact letters ware sent to the present Governcrs of the dltlerent States la tka Union, asking their opinion of Pond's Extract. Strange-no, not strange, bnt as a matter ot f act- they all knevr, with scarcely au exception, ot the exoellence of Pond's Extract, and nearly all used It and recommended It. With tholr penolsslon, wa wUl publish, from tlma to t&s, aomo at th^ leUers: Poni't Extract Company, Ho, 70 Pi/m obctks, JSao York City: GKMTisuiis-I have used Pond'a Extract In my family for seveml years, and hava found It a most Another "Jack tha Riopar" Crank. Nbw York. Jan. 28.-Police Captain Eyan has reoeiveu a notice signed "Jack the Kipper" that the streets ot his precinot will soon be filled with murdered women. Oaa Exolosion at Northampton. NoBTHAxmroM. Jan, S&-An explosion ot gas m the cellar ot tb� gas company'i oar- dealiabla and valoabla remedy. Yours truly, MooDT COBHtm. Executive Department, tbe Btate ot 2Iaw Hamp. Bhlre, Concord, M. H., Deo, 8,1887. PoKd't Extract Companv, Xo. la Fifth avmut, Heu) York OUyt GraiB-Thaaka for your note of the 80th Inst. It la unnecessary to acquaint me with tha virtue of Pond'a Extract. It bus bees a valued relianca la our family (or savanU yean, especlaUy la^ leUerlng �twaolM*rapnaB* and bruises Incident to ohUdna. Vary truly yours, . jAUsa A. BaiVKB. Exaeutive Chamber, Eaaiaborg, Pa, Sov. iO, ISST. Pwuei Bictract Oomfaav, JTt. 19 JrVtlk nmiMt Xtu Tori atvi Dau am-I tiav* for many years naad TodA% Extract, aad liav�-4�l�ad (i�a� banaflt ana nUaf ttaonttam, Ifoaia^raly. B.a.oau�. Snatoo. ISUi^Sta. 0, ISW. Pnxrs Extract Ctmpami^ Mtt. 7* JHftk nmm, Am riir.b QB�TUi>nu|-On my ntnm boms from aa >> tended tnp East I llnd your (avw ot Eapt. li. Permit ma to thank you for your miutaar, and aay that Pond'a Sxtiaot liaa long had a plaoa la Um medlcina cheat of nj (amUy. I autue you tbai wa taava found it a taady and valuabU aientM raUav* palB In many oaaa*. and thai vary gmxasUM, WeoaAaotweakaaplwaw wttboat It. lam. emly ywn, J.camT, mnUwantnowtiior Stat* ot QUastt flaaanU AataaUr tA Ua��� QtrnAta, <M. Ul, UK. . F'-' 1,'Mlftttaa. X|��K�-4�m|pr 2481