Tuesday, December 15, 1885

Boston Daily Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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Text Content of Page 1 of Boston Daily Globe on Tuesday, December 15, 1885

Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - December 15, 1885, Boston, Massachusetts i A VI l I V fc H The average oliunlntlon of the BOSTON SUN DAY GLOBE for November WM Tbo tteBOSTOS OLOBB for NoTomber was TUESDAY DECEMBER PRICE TWO The following are cniotoi as the very beat TO COMMENCE TOMOKKOW Liberals a lo be found today in this We make no ex and only ask an examination of tho goods to our To Discharge All Irish Work men in Their Whiprs would support the present povorn thus eiviiis l a aniplo wnrkiiis ma jority in the This view dually pre vailed and tho Motion to ICoIlfit YTiiu uy a mnjorily of two to Tho cabinet then decided to meet the new and to submit a comrichtnsivo programme of legislation for tlio This will include a now schema county government in and a bill to reform and decentral ize tho administration ol local atlairs in Tbo dotaihi of the latter measure woro not fully and tho Council will reassemble mninly for that Tho bill is a liniitid measure of homo biit it falls far short of what lliu 1imicliilus and of what tho Liberals havo THEV BOX SEAL PLUSH uu AT 8 These which will be shown in onr 0ntle mens Furnishing Department are tho most beau tiful lines of Gentlemens Snsponders that wo havo ever They huve been selected especially to moot the demand for ft useful and beautiful Hol iday and are offered in order to creats a great rush at a light advance on thoir aotnul Wo enumerate a few specimen lots I 300 silk figured web and silk embossed end each pair nicely packed iu a glass covered boxPrice The British Cabinet Votes Not to not fail to oome early Wednesday morn ing and inspect these Gladstone Determined to Force the Fight Against the Plans Proposed by the Great Parties Regarding IliilUnii Conflicting JCuep I lie Mulltr In 13ocenibir Such reports are received of Saturdays between Bulirariaiis Servians tlio frontier that no iittonipt is inado by thoso interested in the situation to estimate tiio effect that the engagement will havo upon tho negotia tions for tho settlement of tlio Tho first reports may havo exagger ated tho importance of tho ensatjc as it seems likely that otherwise somo additional particulars cro have been Tho report cmanatotl from uid of ooursp de clared tho Servians to litcn Tlio Bulgarian side of tho story is yet to bi No hint of a consummation ol the labors of thci ambassadors confuronco is yet re then seems no present protppct lor a speedy settlement of tlio coullictini in tbo dock ho became Hu vehemently denied that ho was nnd with a madmans fury turned upon tho Tho ovhor prisoners in the dock assisted to hold hut it required tho combined ollorts of i dozen poheomenlo ovurpiiwcr him nnd put him in a Hen derson was returned to Tauntou in tho HARDSHIPS OJM THE a Three Fltilierntcu TOMIM About fur MmirM uml Ono Ilacoinlmr Schooner icrtlo Foster has arrived from Grand Banks and reports Iho loss ot one About a fortnight while on the Iranil Hoiviiiinin Daniel MrCinin nnd Atnrnliy were onl in i Uuy and tho soix wus ami during a heavy wind tho little dory Tho three men wero in sight of their vessel aud for All throe gained tho bottom of iho dory and clungwilh 1cnicilv I the ping ol llio as Mils llio only straw fur Uie drowning The ragins toa ihiin oil ronealudly and they chitclipd oneh oilier in their dan Dolby UK holding Murphy by the and ho wus holding iMclannu I siiniratiMl and Colby sank out ot nol tn come up Murphy man aged lo gnisp the buoy and bold though he was constantly ducked ami nearly A dory with some of crow linally arrived in the liik of time to save Murphy and who wero nearly ex Colby as a resident ot Glouces ter aud 28 years of EXPLOSION IN THE LETTERS ABOUT Secretary Bayard to Austtro Hungary and Tlie Presidential Sumissinu Bill Dis ciissoi in tho Randall Talks About the Itevision of thB AT Reduced From among stock of Boys Clothing contain ing the best values to Ijo wo select the fol lowing twoUnequallod values as being paitionlar ly adapted for tho Holiday trade i Bites 6 to 14 out a regular fivedollar reduced for tomorrows sale to 450 silk figured web and hraided silk end furnished with new patent fast ened bucks will not each pair packed in a glass covered Price 400 extra hoavy elastic silk figured web with braided silk packed liko the foregoing lots in glass Price 280 allsilk Suspenders with elastic in new and novel finished with patent and packed either in glass covered or plain at Also a full line of Plain AllBilk Wob Sus penders for hand painting and embroidery pur and an elegant line of raised embroidered goods at various oun Double The very thing for cold Ulster for Summer Avon Contains the largest assortment and the greatest values ever offered in Summer Avon NEW ENGLAND The Executive Committee of tho Ameri can Vnlon Adopt Within the past week there bus been con siderable agitation eoine oil uiuorie those December 14gA movement was betiuii this afternoon wlneh involves proba bly the most astounding scheme of polit ical revenge and proscription in the history ol this Tho movement grew out of a meeting ut tho National Liberal Club ot those Liberal momborsoloot whoso minorities had been reduced by the cnstintr the Irish volo for tlio and of those Liberal candidates for parliamentary seats who had been defeated by tho same It was a very soreheaded and great bitterness against the Irish was dis played in all tho Many of tho speakers narrated how thoir own Irish workmen on farms and and in mines and in whom they had provided with sustenance in troublous agitated and voted against their the bread at tho bidding of tho This allusion to strangers refers of course to the Paruellito which was issued on the Saturday preceding the borough and which exhortdd all Irish electors in Great Britain to vote for Tories except in1 tho cases of a few specified Other speakers declared that it was easily proven by statistics and by every mans own observation that the chief employers of Irish labor in Grout Britain woro Liber These were found all ovor tho lands auiuim the great mine owners and iron masters of thu Black tlio groat mill owners ot Manchester and the great manufacturers of tho ureat shipping merchants of Liverpool and London and the srent shipbuilders of the Clyde and the These great Liberal proprietors had freely employed Irish arti sans and and a considerable proportion tho wanes paid bv Liberal masters to tho Irish had gone to strengthen the Nuiional League tlio speakers it would lie suicidal folly and madness to continue to nourish such vipers in their The result of Uie meeting wastho adop tion by a unanimous vote of a resolution pledging ouch gentleman present not to employ Irish labor in the and to gradually but aa speedily as possible x XMicliuruo All Workmen now employed by The advocates of this sweeping measure of proscription spoko of it as a boycotting ignoring tho broad diilorenco be tween proscribing a man for his which he cannot help and would be a pol troon to and boycotting a man lor voluntarily committing offensive acis which he lias the power to discontinue at any Tho speakers assured the meeting that the whole machinery of the Birmingham caucus would bo em ployed to make the socalled boycotting They said that tho British Lib eral who always had been to NAYS iiizc the HSoumtillau December Alexander at Pirot has since Saturday been in an almost continuous conference with tho Turkish envoy and tho English over the settlement of the Koumelian Constant communications havo been kept up with Said thu foreign Olio Miner Htllleil uiul Heveral Serlounly liijuiiil lit December A frightful explosion ot gas look this morning in the Mill Creek operated by tho Delaware ana Hudson Coal Com pany at a few miles from ibis At the time ot the accident there were about 100 labor ers and boys in tho Tho news spread uuickly and tbo entire popula tion soon seemed lo have gathered aboni tlio The explosion occurred in what ia known us which is lo catud at tho isxtremo end l llio opening ol thn being feel from tho i its ventilation was a dillieult December Presi soul to tho Senate today nil Iho roiTe spiindcniu in tin Kriliy tlio uutsVl Keilev was appointed as minister to Italy aiil continued Apiil mill ihut lio resigned on tho liitth of the samo anil that in Hie nf April lie wus appointed minister lo Concerning Keileys appointment to Kuiiui tho correspondence shows Secre tary writing to Huron tlio Itiiliuu minister nt said KiiUy us jinil minister li limns in the Senate to their including Ihn continuation made at the special sessions of tho there won in all about thirtytivu diplomatic Tlm mission u Siain had not yet been and tbo Austrian mission was vacant for reasons which wore well Tlm personnelof the ai ptitiitincmtH was in tbo ot the every sec tion ol Iho cuuntry had been tliovoiiijlily New Knghuid had received two divloiiiati oncof Ibe in Ireat was ihn most nil liortant of The Middle Nnw York Inu two and new JirKcy In Ihn had been given IbrtO I lino Illinois Micli iuan and so An appointment had been riven to most of Ih Southern Maryland anil Virginia receiving tlio uus to France niii wbiliHi given to the South wero of siicondnry im Ilo could not say ibis tnnn what would bo done about the Austrian THE We ask special Prices nn and all new and Corner Boylston and lj flSulgt A moat elegant assortment of various SompriaiUR Silk Yule at and Many of those Ties aro used M LADTES and are just what are wauted lu this diimp Sold by 55 Tremont Street Diaries Tfiam to are sold in tlie Doll entrance 4 and 0 Beacon ut HOUGHTON ALL WITH FIXTURES 29 Dock up 11 SudSt dl3 Thwo will be a MEETINd ot tlie Blate ana WEDSKSIJAy at in lower Codmun 176 Troiuout BU Ver order Council ol Table for 6O Full 10inch marble Just the ni that people Uave been looklnfj onaot M HOUQHTON 4 DCT interested in the New England fisheries over tbe prospect of the present Congress treating with Great Britain ou the question of Meetings have been held in and other where fishing is an impor tant and committees were ap pointed to attend a meeting of the executive officers of the American Fishery in Tho meeting was held at the Parker House at 2 oclock yesterday About twentyfive gentlemen were pres among whom were George Sylvauus Captain all of Glouces ter Charles Lovi Woodbury of bos ton James Frovinefstown Owen George all of Tbo meeting was strictly no reporters being Previous to the who is president of the American said in conversation Our position is just we dont want any legislation whatever on this We want it leu mstatitis Imtif Congress must appoint a we want a commission that nUI ifive ex clusive attention to the fishery Captain who was added Yes this is not a political question ai It lies at the very foundation of all mari time affairs of living It is the from which are recruited the men that sustain our The meeting was an enthusiastic and lasted two hours and a Steelo pre and Cumiiuglmn of Gloucester was About every one present expressed his and all were ouposed to the appointment of any commission to consider the making of a treaty with Great as had been suggested in the Presi dents As one more said ihoro wero but worth of mackerel taken the past season within the threemile limit of American Tho followinB resolution was unanimously passed That heartily concur In tho views oziiriused by Itlulmnl us pub lished lu Iho un lliu 12th relutlve to the past and prudent status tit llio lisli csrks mid we coruiuliy indorbu his oxpusiuu and cimdimmiitiou ot tliu Ucatmonl this imUoiuil in dustry recently received nl thu hliiulsor lurv liuviird nf tlio adoption of tliu muiisure ut the instance of Uritlsh ministers at Washington look Inc to the eventual rreo importation liritlsh flail lu tho Dominion of Canadian Fishermen December Bruns wick fishermen are deeply incensed at illegal methods adopted by the American sardine fishermen in the Bay of Fundy to obtain big It is claimed that the Americans have brought into requisition what Is known as n torch by means of which immense quantities oflish are caught at This is indirect contra vention of the Canadian fishery 1 lie fishermen of Grand Deer Island and neighboring localities are petitions to he laid before the Dominion praying measures lie adopted to put a siop to this illegal The other night Inspector O lirien nave chase to one of the offending but he succeeded in escaping by running nilo Unless the Americans abandon this method of fishing In Canadian waters it is feared that trouble will as the Canadian fishermen feel that is suihcient to allow the Americans to lish in their waters without using unlawful Pork Made Them Tear tho December morn residing on was discovered in his acting as though He was tearing the fence to and wildly ges His wife came running from the house and noting in the same Neighbors quickly collected and endeav ored to quiet It appears they had been eating lamely of iresh pork and and the doctor who was pronounced it a case oi I he consisting ol his wile and two friendly toward their Irish were now embittered asainst Those workmen could therefore be relied on to cooperate with the employers against the and would even carry the measure further by boycotting all Irish tradesmen and Gladstones proposed concessions to if correctly stated by his close ought certainly to satisfy tho home rule for tho Tories will not go so The it is includes a subparliament sitting at its members to be popularly Ireland being districted for this purpose on the same lines laid oul for llio elections of members to the British Tbe body is to havo jurisdiction in all mat ters of municipal and provincial regula including internal puor Of course the purely national func such as of the army and customs and will be under the control of the nnd a clause that is sure to causo much disgust in Ire land provides for retention of tbo powers ofthe government police who aro objects of the most intense liatrtd iiiul suspicion amonir tha Irish famulis of the measures as a whole is nevertheless confidently looked It is learned on excellent authority thai Gladstone has doiiniloly rejected tlm moderate counsels of most of his colleagues and is determined to force tbe lighting against the Tones at tho very threshold of the new Ho will do Ibis by moving a vote of want of confidence in the government on the first day of llio He expects to be able to IIITIIIJKO minister and this morn ing it is oHimlly announced Prince Alexander has diridud to recognize tho Roiimeliau Tho conditions ol agreement are un derstood to bo the somiindeiioniloncn of the garrisoning of Philippo polis by national troops as a guaran tno of good faith on Turkeys part and the recognition of Prince Alexander as the executive head of tbe new Koumolian of course under tho direct of tho Tur key is allowed the possession of the lialkiins anil tho right of free passage across the country at any time for tbo proper defence of the The news gives groat satisfaction The army still remains entrenched along the Timoo and is busily in strengthening its natural strong Tbo defences of Musiapha falanka aro being The army is still at Nissa working on thn A Philipoppolis despatch this afternoon status that Mahjid Pashu has left Aclrianople for that and preparations are being made to recoivo him with military Will Lot Them Wear Themselves December atloiition of England is again directed toward KgVPU whence news comes today of a sanguinary conflict at the natives being re pulsed by tho Britishouly after n severe and protracted In an interview this evening a prominent military man expressed tho belief tho policy of llio would bu to lot the fanatical Arabs wear out their slrcngtb by dashing themselves against the compari uvely strong positions ot the British and Egyptians near lower rather than attempt to drive them buck or pursue them in the Why Milan Was Not December is ruinord that one secretary ol tbo Supreme Court of informed nn intimate friend of a Montenegro plot fomented by Russia to form a great Serviau state to consist of Herzegovina aud Montene gro An assassin was hired ior JOUU rou bles to murder King Milan and pre pare llio way for the elevation oi Prince Karrigeorgovitch to the throne of tbo now Some of tho accom divulged the and it was Vukotic is now a volun teer iu the Servian Starts Tor Nisch December The military commission appointed by tho powers to Tlio gas ignited in 11 where a miner named Cotley wns at An exploring parly of about tsviiiity minors entered the slope as soon us ho news oC Mio disaster mitliud lliu sur It was tiuickly discovered that many of llio mull wore an I the explorers at onco bewail removing Among llioso Seriously injured wuro George John Nicholas Gray Peter Samuel Joseph Pardusld and Pouir Snbseiiuitni to his removal from tho Martin hod from tlio effects of his Many others wore slightly injured by flying pieces of coal and and being violently thrown against tlio pillars of Tho explosion could not have been Uain lias been falling in tins vicinity for tho pasl twentyfour and undur u heavy atmosphere tho gas is generally more rapidly generated in tho minos and slopes than during Tlio of liro umlor sucli has no control over tbo accumulation of PITTSFIELD3 POST OFFICE IroHiiuut ot tlio Firnt Jmtont Over it Since tlio December The post ollice ut in this is a presi dential and has been held nearly all tho time since the war by Everett tlio present Boon after mo in auguration of President Cleveland the Democrats of tho town began to look around for one ot their number to 1111 tlio Thoro woro four prominent camli George tlio present member ot tbo Legislature from tho I own Kdwnrd deputy sheriff John Tucker and Frank It has been gener ally understood among the boat informed men of tbo party that FOBS stood the best chance of securing the but us yet nq change has been Saturday ovening a preliminary caucus of tho Democrats WflBrlUild in the iovVn itiiti V In this tf riillil Us liiiimridiln tiiwiinls tinKdvnnilliiMil ynil unlor liim illhiiimidii In sliuut lu ils liaion 1ava to Smrutarv imdiir date of Aiiil after liirilh the deep sympaMiies uxiMini m Hals lnw arils the United uppeahid to tho fruslddiil throiiKli tlm Bcurntary to bnstow cm Italy now prool ol amity in appointing another On April Hayard wntinu lo llarnii referroil to tbo suiiiinionls ol tbo Italian in rclaiion to Keiloys us havinir urowuitf out of his utterances in 1H7J and said Thist nuiiln ud ivro Blitirml by Mimcliii nilnlslur i luriltMi ntfiirsi tu iionalltulu lliu lulllvmiiiit wliu ulluriil iiuiiKralu t iirosont Kliir nl mill Ima vury cnuslilur alfly Id kiiDWIiilKis dl lliu 1 tho full iiml mrtiMiuiiiliiit rlKlit l your kliij Iddoolito iiliiMliuii ol siiiial luciptnuilny lu liilu of un unvuy ut this In the samo Intlor Secretary Bayard noti lied liaron Kava that Koiley bad re turned to thu President his commission as minister to The corruspondenco relating to Keileys uppoinlmuiiL to Viunmi anil his re jection by llio Austrian Hi iv isrn men appears to have been more spirited than that with Secretary on May informed Baron Von thn Austrian minister at of Koiloys ap mid on tho Dili that jiouienian called on tho secretary ol stale and road a telegram from Count ohjentiui lo ICuiley bccnuso ho was wedded to a secretary on tho ISth of in in replying to said Tliu iiuuiiiliiii raisiil ly Cdvoruinoiit In viilvim n tlm luui lid us yit til lliu 111 minium mill In Intuniimrmi Irhiiilly mill huviiiK tlio mat IIT ni ihutiiiisiilrralldii ut ilic I am IliHliucUil ly In Inliirin yimr lliruuKli you tliiil lliu Kiimiil wliluu It 1111 nuiiutiuil lisiiiil Idriiiinuliil fur mill ruBliuctiiiini I liu willilmlil 1iiim tills onvc y n lliu Uiilluil Sliilun In liitciiuiiii will In or liy vuurnivuriimiMil uiitiiluin ii IMTIIIIU tiullt iuiil Id Ins u dl 11 iHiiltilri ID iissciiliil I liy tlm il tlio Amuriaa Is mill must bo um ulHUIeiUlJ1 iiiul Secretary rnquestnd Keilny lo remain at Paris until bu rei Jbo to Ucuiii Tmluy WfnTcrN SSuirnn Docemhci1 House was in session only halt an hour An attempt was mado to secure the adoption of a resolution under which tho introduction of bills is referred to committees when an but tho of tho House was ngainsl this Thoso who are in torestod in higishition naturally wish to know tho coiniilcxion of this committees before moving a reference nf bills to Tlio report of the roimiiiUoo nn rules was submitted by Ucnrosontiilivn gavn nnliio that IK would iirusiiil a miimrily Jioth riliorls will ho printed and llio balilo over the revision of Mm rules will An allompl was made lodiiy on with tho Piiruellites so as to have a major Hy snilicient to unseat the even though there may bo some Whig defections from his own Tlie members of Gladstones late cabinet aro greatly divided in their views as to the wisdom of this Lords Hartingtou and who are stalwart oppose Irov ehiin and Gosohen are hesitating between two but will probably fall into Sir William Vernon but it was thought that the only really hearty approbation it receives is from the Radical Joseph Chamberlain and Sir Charles in a speech at Chelsea said that the Radicals would not but would en dfeavor to shapo tho Tory Ho thought it wasn mistake to occupy Don gola and to blond and treasure on the hopeless task ol holding Die 1C sulticient pledges nrp given to Pamoll j his phalanx ti and il tbo as to bring bis phalanx to and ir tho as a slick to Gladstone cnn oust the resume oliico ayd retain it during Ibe pleasure of the If the Whips desert lo i he Tory ranks in any considera ble numbers a deadlock is In that the leaders will probably agree to eon rlni legislation to passing the estimates and lo dissolve Parliament at the beginning of Thu cabinet formally decided this after noon lo make no overtures to and to have no further dalliance with hi The important cabinet council ynt hold by the present ministry ussmnbled today in VJie premiers otlicial residence in Dowiiiug All the members weru including the Karl of the lord lieutenant of who came over from Dublin expressly to uliond The session lasted two and a half which is five times as long as the council usually There was a long and vary serious debale upon the question o resigning in view of tho fact the Tories had lulled to elect a majority of the whole House of A majority of the ministers opposed tho proposition of They took the ground although they had not elected a clear majority of the yet neither the tbe Radicals nor tbe Parnellites had done and therefore it was shown that tho country had not given a mandate to either of thjaso parties tu administer the It was argued that the lories were numerically stronger than any one of the other and moreover the marcate a line of separation between the Servian and Bulgarian armies to bo observed during the existing will start for tho Servian The mission consists of the military attaches of the German and Italian embassies ntViunuaand an Austrian General tho Rus siun military is president of the Marching and December in surgents have pillaged and burned Forkat and other villages between tho second and third cateracts on tho They aro ad vancing towards Wady and aro sub sisting ou thu leaving nothing but ruin behind Pardoned by Queen December regent of has ordered a pardon for the four officers who woro recently sen tenced to death by a court martial at Car tbagena for conspiring for a revolutionary Cold Discovered in December Herr tho German in a letter from land to the Cologne states that lie has discovered extensive gold regions iu that Purchase of the Three December Due dAu mule has purchased tho Into Lord Dudleys celebrated Tho Three Twentylive thousand pounds was tho sum paid lor tho Frances Duplicity December Times this morning the statement that docu ments were found Mandalay showing that an olVonsive and defensive allianco had existed between Franco aud China December has sent an official remonstrance li Petersburg against Russian intrigues among the Mahometan population of Throueh the Bridge On to tha December 1Iawthorno Kennedy of Lnamaii an extra telegraph operator on thn Pennsyl vania shortly after midnight this morning started to walk tu three miles from Near Lcaman he fell from the bridgo over creek i j u and Foss refused to havo anything to do with tho but the friends of Iho other candidates rallied ill and tlio result was tlio largest caucus over hold in the ou tlio eiilith received uno more than a majority of all the votes nnd was then declared the unanimous choice of tbe Democrats of the town lor thn In the meantime a petition has been pre pared and signed by many veterans of the town and forwarded to stating that tho present incumbent is a crippled soldier that ho is honest and and gives general It says that if a change is to be made tbo signers believe tho old soldiers should bo and they nniio in urging tho appointment of John u vuturan and wellKnowu who has not been a candidate for tho THE December In dications for Now England Fair weather in southern local followed by fair weather in northern portion westerly to southerly winds gen erally colder higher For WednesdayWarm followed liy slowly rising is indicated or the middle Atlantic Slates fair weather for the south Atlantic The Temoerature Indicated by the thermometer at Thomp sons Spa t M l GO a m 12 GO0 0 i la Colder Woather The storm of tlio past two days was yes terday control north of tho Lawrence and will followed today by much colder The Minnesota cold wave has advanced and last night was over tho It will reach New England Thticold will continue until Ihurs day when warmer accompanied hy fall li will bo Tho liitli barometer noticed on Ihn north er n arilio const is undoubtedly pre cursor of another whose iiilln enco will bo experienced in the Eastern States towards tho latter end of the A Crooked EmBloymont December a meet ing of tho city government tonight tho resignation of City Marshal Hoburt Ham ilton was iiruKCiilod and City Marshal Hamilton presented a report saying that on complaint of thoso who had aji pliod for positions at tho Shepard Employ ment what appeared to be unfair doaliiis hud been It was voted that tbo license bo tura were a confiden t in the boliei that Uut headlong to tlm thirty led As the walor is onlv foiiror live led deep itiliU not break tlio and Kennedys skull was so badly fractured Unit ho cannot re 1e is IH yours and only sup port of his sister and invalid Political Encitomcm in NEW December Mala states that tho guber natorial election for Tamaulipas took place The Federal candidate lor reelection was Governor while General Yturria was supported by the Home or Stale and Senor by tbe Ytnrrla carried Mata his opponents receiving tibout an equal number oi The returns from the country have not yet been Henderson Frantic in FALL December There was an exciting scene in the District Court this morningThomas the lunatic who escaped from Taunton jail was brought that charge of larceny against him might he formally pn ssud and the arrangements for returning him to tho hospital might be carried Up to this time Henderson had not manifested any EYmutouiB ol but when he was Blame Will be fit December liiinne has responded to tho invitation of tbo senior class to deliver tho com mencement oration that it is impossiblo for him to do but adds that he hopes to wit ness tbe award of their Irom which they infer that ho intends to be She Lios on the December Schooner Sarah Godfrey last night was driven from the bar high ou the The cargo will bo dischargiul by tomorrow The vessel remains In good and if the weather continues favorable will be floated in a few Drowned with His December a merchant of went BkauuR on riiillipsburg lako accom panied by his Miss and her The ice gave throwing them into tbo and they wore Tho bodies were Commodore LowndeB December Charles who has been lying very ill for ten days at his tho Anchor died this morning from the ellects of The commodore was S2 years of The funeral will take place at Eustou Wednesday Kalnoky informed Bouriilarv liayard that tho real reason tor Ivoileys was tho fact that Italy would not recoivo and that his domestic relations pre clude that reception of him by Vienna so ciety which wo desirable for a repre sentative of the United Kuiloy was recalled on August as Austria had linally fotusod to receive for tho reasons before Ivoiley at onco returned to tbo United ar riving in Now York on tlio Jiith of and the next day proceeded to Washing boing advised by Socrcjtary Hayard that it was not the design of Uie govoni ment to reoall but to leave him Ireo to pursue such course as his osvn judgment might indicate Ho said that the course was entirely consent to tho compensation ol an otlieo without discharging my bo ami hereby re turn to tho President the commission wiih which he wus pleiisiul to honor and beg that you sviil at tho earliest moment lay this communication before liir tho communication alluded lo Kelly asks ollicial considerations of thu lact con nected with his rejection aa ministor to Secretary replying lo took occasion to say Tho ami Iliusu who uru uHsocliittiMn urn Lulnjiliuely sutlstiuil willi ittlltuilu unit uulliin tlmniKhuia this rumurlciulu miiaoilo Hi our dliiluuiiillu anil wii dually tljia thu counlry IIIIH bcuu iiruviMitiil by tlm mill liuuluraiit iiullim uf lliu Alislru lluimiiriiin Iniiu having In lldviilluiuul yuiir uiisnlKll liL mill ol vour Servians us a uiul wurtliy nl till illlulvKts mill llomiv ul lliu AniurliMii liemill mill tliolr Tlio In cltleul ol tlio Huvurnituiul riiluslni in ruculv you tliu oiivuy o tliu Uniloil Minus the criniuil llllCKuil I in liiivu Imiiiirllinl 1 will nut botliivu Hull lliu Of till IllllOll StlltUI Will OLIllSIMIt to tliu cruiuion or uulorocnnmL ol wucll Hints as huvu iinmi liy tliu ut Aunlriilliiiiiury us comlltliiiH preioiloiit uiul iiiiiilllleulliiini for llio Boluotlon of lliolr ruprusLiUHIIviS In furulrii IliurU Ijy tinUiillml tincli nittlirilUy iiwiiknn Ioiniliil with iiiillKliiilliiiiiiiiil w ion tliu history ul ttiu la luailH imr ilo I liolluvu tliit lliuau uoiillmuiits will bo ooiillnoil lo our A110UT THE Cuuuuutluut IVople Much lutorouted lu tho tho Sen ate 1latl of Connecticut pre sented a joint resolution of tho Legislature of urging Uio passaito by Con gress of a presidential succession said tho people of his Stato foil much interest in the and that thu tiov cruor had rciiuesled him tn bring tbo maU ter to the attention of thu Hoar intimated Stale of Con nrirlicut was nisiionsiblo fur tlio in tliu of the Senate liill during thu last I lo said a distinguished rcp rescintalivu of that been chair man nl Iho Ioiifuronco i lailod lo report to llio House unlil HO lute in llio sua sion thin tho report was not acted Ilalt did not ugreo with tho views of the senator from Hoar reported lavorably from tho commiiloo mi privileges and elections an original bill providing for presidential mn ression substantially tlio samo bill which passed tho Senate and gavu notice lie would call it up fur con sideration Upon a sugges tion by llnar agreed that thu bill should lay over lor a day in order that Inivo an opportunity to it an anieinlnient rogulatini tin count of tho presidential Un motion ol Allison tlinmoinUTBhip of thn comiuitlee on ap pvopnations was increased to and Iho chair appointed Logan as un additional at his own was re hevid of Ihecliairinanship of tin conimil teo on military and Logan was appointed to that Harrison gave nnlico that at tho hrst 1 a hill pro tbe Republican side of the chamber to draw up a volo in opposition lo the plan for distributing iho work of appropria tion This nioveinent is lead by Kiimii giMithunon who wore opposed to llio Humiliation if as the Kemilili calv candidate for and who also look with disfavor upon his lining placed on tlie coiinniUoo on rules by Speaker Car The gentlemen who havo been iiuirlly this scliomu lo causo of Morrisons plan to bo re siro in favor of all the other changes proposed by him and reported upon favora bly ly the in submitting his views lu opposition to tlie report of tno olhev four members of fhu coni niitien directs special attention to Morrisons proposition to distribute appropriation bills lo various Sncli distribution of the labors of the com on appropriations lie declares without example in any enlightened legis lative body in this country ir in Before thu war he says the 011111111100 of and means prepared and rn ported tbo necessary appropriation bills lo oxeinto tbe laws and carry on tho and also taxes rciinisito to provide incoino sutllcient lo the proposed who for lessoning taxes ol ronisn favored economical and thoso who were not favored the appro Instead it returning to tho oh Randal 1 is proposed still fnrlhiulo separate these closely ru ueiioral appropriation bills are to bo still lurther divided and scattered and tbo ro snlt inevitably will bo that it will lo Iteoii up any just between recnints and tuirs Kxpcrioncd ohsirval ion demon Kiich ion leads lo con tinually increasing ainivoiidauuns anil it dillicnlt lo kern nx tuiiidilnras within tho limits of Tbe interesls of tho in thu opinion of reuuiro that tlio subject of appropriations should bo mainly committed nhaign of olio Kandall bnliovos as it is unail visod that llio diuies of tho appru iniaiion roiumiueo are more than tho pres ent number of can inanagn Uie remedy naturally would Uo to incruiue tho Hut such nol tlm In thn it is proposed to dmtrihiilo the wark of that roinmitluo in For sale in our DOLL En trance 4 and 5 Beacon and 24 and 25 Pembertoa where you will be shown our Elevator whicb will take you to where we sell Which you should inquire for in li such a way as to mako it practically impiiK sibld to secure anything like harmony of action and unity of puvpnso in making tho mineral appropriation Should tho proposition to distribute tho appropriations and tbo work of tho appro priation committee ho divided aiiioiig committees and addnd to thoir present llio extinction provisions in the judgment of Kandall is far ilislant and whon approprialious shall havo been withdrawn Irom tho consideration and con trol ol ono and lio liuiger kent within dun order and subordination lo and to the burdens of taxation imposed on the and those several coimnilteos aro launched out into uiirnslamud freedom of appropriations each striving to surpass thn othnriii greater recognition and larrer appropriations for its special it will not be dillieult prophesy that tho day ol wasteful extravagance and alt Us at tendant ciirruptioiis is near at In Randall innlos copi ously the views expressed by eminent mem bers of tho House in years in the dis cussions which have arisen on proposi tion to distribute appropriation Entitled to December Tho secre tary of tho In rosptmso to mi in uuiry from thn commissioner of Indian to whom thu claims for Indian dep redations woro decided that anv such claim isonlitled to originated siine the law repealing tho three veinsliinilalion 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