Monday, June 16, 1884

Boston Daily Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Boston Daily Globe on Monday, June 16, 1884

Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - June 16, 1884, Boston, Massachusetts MONDAY JUNE PRICE TWO 25 Twentyfive cents will buy a Pure Linen Imported Belfast to fit ages 2 to We offer 900 Suits this and they will all bs closed by Every mother will want a They are the cheapest suits ever heard Send a sample suit before they are By postage for 35 SIMMONS 32 to 44 North If you do not wish to be disappointed in your Military orders for the Fourth of let us have them We are the headquarters for all Military work in New and are alraady filling orders from campaign 32 to 44 North Equipment for yacht buttons for all warranted of best quality and Blue Flannel and White Flannel everything worn on Steamer we with initials painted on back if for and delivered on SIMMONS 32 to 44 North These young Independents are They will go home with soiled clothes and begrimed hands and but if parent have bought a dozen of our Irish Belfast Linen Suits imported which we shall sell this week at 25 a suit it will not mat ter These suits are for ages 2 to are fancy and are sold NO WHERE but at SIMMONS 32 to 44 North imported Parisian Balloons are daily distributed among our juve nils patrons in Boys where SUITS ABE SOLD FSOM 25 C E tS Bring your Boys for their Summer Vaca tion Jumpers and ser viceable Clothing to SIMMONS 32 to 44 North For the Best Made and Cheap est Mens and Boys visit to 44 North Of white Flannel and other materials Norfolk Knee Stock Tennis Shoes and Also separately or in For Sporting Goods in and Base Tennis and Polo in the best assortment can be found at SIMMONS 32 to 44 North GENERAL Standing of the League Base Ball The Metropolitans Come to the Front in the Association A Summary of the Three Days Races at Charter Oak Providence rallied ton late last and It was Impossible to prevent Boston from leading the list m the For the lirst time since the beuln iiliiEOf the season the champions were number one after Saturdays games were and they start upon the seventh week of the race a Rood distance ahead ot all Che other The ITovldences are in a new place for the beginning ot a They have been either number one or but never before two while New YorK re mains where It has been for four Now that Boston has changed Its Detroit is the only one of the eiRht that has remained fallhful to Its first and seems to prefer a position where It can see the advance of the other The order of the clubs at the close each week is shown by the followlnc table pr 1 liuilalos o JXtroits Mew Vorlcs The tond tho There Have been several chances in the Anieri Aiu Association race since a week ago in the llrst seven The Metropolitans Slave been playing a steady winning have conse quently been able to no to the bus foiclng IxmisvlUes down to second The Columbus team has failed to hold the advantage It gained the week beiore and has lallen down the ladder lour being now at number Louis moving up to fill the vacant position at The champion Athletics have also made an ad Jumping In ahead of which has nisi Klven way to the The weak end n mains Washington still footing Ibe which is as follows Faurloyi ChnmoionahiD At 8 Klne base 13 errors base 3 At S Twelve base 11 errors base hts 7 At 15 Eighteen base J errors base 11 At 8 Law base 10 errors 7 lube 13 At C base b errors Bl base Boston 7 errors Bos hits 11 At 8 New base 0 errors New huso 13 At base B errors Dart base 10 At 4 3 llftoen base lilts 7 errors huso 12 Other Saturday At 13 10 At 11 Adams At 0 Somervllle Lyco At 30 Ne At South 7 Ticked At West Koxbury 25 icked AJ South 24 1U Lawrence At 27 Dorchester 14 J8 Yesterdays Chicago 0 Kansas Cincinnati 3 Louis Games lit Boston Ililla diiliihTiis at lliiltlilos at Buffalo lit De American AKSOoliitloiilmHnmiiiulls lit WiishbiKloii Jliiclnmitls at IMiIIadelphhi Toletlos at llriioUlvn LouiHviiics Illtsliurg Cobinibiis VorU holds at luturuollegliite ut Baio Ball New Yorks at The Keystone Association of Pennsylvania has Stovoy leads the lirst basemen of the American The Actives of Walertown wish to ilx a game for July Address 1cter lina Lucas is managing the Louis Unions Ted Sullivan Having had soiuo trouble wish the The Our Boys llaso Ball Club would like to arrange games with all good amateur nines within twemylive miles of The Ncponset High School nine has secured the pennaiu In the Huston Amateur having won seven games and lost the llolyokes can play no more thisseason anil Is slid very although be Is now considered out of The New York and Indianapolis clubs are light ing over tliu ditcher of the who Is now jilajlng wllh the Clubs averaging 17 years can arrange games Wllh ihe Kvcrctt nine bv Eighth City The Cragpie nine of the a strong amateur is ready to receive Address James Hlue Hill a thirteenyearold while playing base ball at Ailcnt a fesv days struck in the stomach by tile ball and In stantly formerly ot the pitched for the Kansas Cily nine in a game with tin Chicago last He was very effective until catcher went to pieces and failed to bold Ihe ler nllc when he had to let The foUimlng clubs wish to arrange games for June 17 33 Sinimier strcel Xnwnsends ol 17 address Charles Whit scouman 1opes nlenie will take place on Flolincs this when the genial doctor will nceupv Ihe box and endeay orto show the Harvard boys that ihey are lachig mi Dartiiiouth Ills wellknown which is to he greater this jvar tbaii backed up bv the will make Uiiniis lively ior ihe When wiil the spectators nt the ball games leave Ibe utnplrmg to the umpire and the playing to Hie those who do ihe and make themselves generally conspicuous by shout ing al the umpire when he calls a man out nn should spend a few games directly behind the Tbev would ilien see what tools they make of tbemselvis hy tueliiidinii to be able to judge balls and strikes from the side day he shotgun men will occupy the Following are the best scores of Saturday 3 B fi 4 fi 4 r I l f r rr1 Merrill 4 I o S fi 1 u Churles 4 5 4 4 4 5 B4r K 1 l 4 ii n 4 4 i 4 i fi 4 1 ii o Adnms o 4 i 4 fc u I 4 4 Fowle fi 4 4 1 4 4 B 11 Diirmoilv fi 4 n 4 I I 4 1 4 4 B 4 4 fi U I 10 110 a B 8 7SJ ft ll 7 I o i 5 7 7i liVHtrv II 7 II II 0 1 K7t I i H 81010 sn7 n S 8 8 4 4 7 8 K I 0 4 l 7 C 0 1 U JUCST S II H 10 01010 tllOlOflK HiMiilrV 110 Sill 010 1 7 ti 10111 S 10 010 S 7 8 0 010 U 8Sli TKAM MASSACIirpKTTS MASf ACHfSETTS 1 i I li JJ It Io 4J 41 The manner in which the public came for our Genuine India Seersucker Coats at and Imitation English Seer at during the hot days of first week in quite overwhelmed us For all kinds of Thin Goods and Four inHand come to SIMMONS 32 to 44 North And Hansoms FREE to Our n and CASSIMERE Suits in great at our popular 82 to 44 North Everything that boating men need is soli by Caps and in or special designs made to for our All the boat clubs in New England send to us for and moat of the leading professionals and wellknown amateurs favor us with their SIMMOHS 32 to North And everything used in Political ws are dealers in Democratic and Independent Town and Local Committees will remember that we are headqiiartevs for New England for Military and SIMMONS 32 to 44 North Every one is planning1 to spend at least a few happy days in the country or at tho The following list may be read as a We can furnish Bathing Swimming Norfolk Knickerbocker Thin Straw English Tooth Bru lies made expressly for our Before you coins and see SIMMONS 32 to 44 North Imported English Serjje Suit at Seer sucker j every style that a gentleman can de be found in our stock We liavo complete panta loons and made from Washington County Tweeds at a an1 from this our prices Select your Summer Outfit at SIMMONS 2 to 44 North New and the llliinU Ir iieo susppnded liy order oitho lollainl Oonntv Aurliultunil Htatlnrd and IiiKOinar snspiiKliid by order ol lleaeon Jarlt and Mysllc Novem Charles ami the and llns liy order 01 the New Haven lulvlnis Suspen sion of vet in force iiiainHt Ihe nnil Cem nspended by order ol uika Have been the claim havlnis been paid under Fastest In view of he fast lime expected to be matlo tills the following faslesl tioitlni and pae IIIK records for one taken from tin Spirit of thu arc of Interest of ipaievi Maud itvciiuri lliinlii Kiise Su lriiniisio ii ISHI Sn Hindu 18KK M veiiri IRS isxa 1H70 Ilnrllnr I 1377 llninfiil Jiariis ion hull Reiultsnt Charter Oak Following la a suminnry of tlie three days meet ing nt Charter Oak whlcli closed Saturday OIES TO IKst BmlaloGIrl tf i yiiv TM Valley Hoy Abdullah lluy Pearl Wlilrlviinl B aiU llreuxu Medium liuuHS Not 1 Jl a Eihviild mid Swlvollei 1878 Tole B8L SENTENCED TO DEATH BY A Came Vnimiullulril in tlui ot rSiitChd Douimich to Tlif TlusUm iliihti SCIMIC 1111 parallelcil in the lilslory nl courts in this section occurred yesterday in the eiinrt house Scotts At 11 u jury sllllni on a tor arson iualnst George Aslmry Hughes anu court anil ill I they The four prisoners sloon np aiul tlie foroinai an nounciil Unit they nail the prisoners Biillty as and sentenced SniHIi and lliu Hughes brother Id tic iianueil anil Grayson lo thu penllentliiry for When thu jude delivered tin the prisoners dm not movea mus Ilu They appinled to tho SIIIIITIIIU tint probably be ThenID excitement over 1liu crime chariMd uiion ilimnied men Is il heinous They pillaged tlie house of an auid New nanieil living on Wand moun tain robbed him of over and burned llni leavin the lainliy from the dietIs of which ireiilnitnl Ihe oln man leav ing his family There aro ten other per charged wllh capital crimes In llic Jiill at Marlnrneis was a very small attendance at Walnut Hill and most of the slioothm was in the CreeUmoor practice also a team match by trleyrapli with the was won by the in tlieir team liltre were biine men had niver fchciT in a team match Tomorrow Hie will be open for the regular uid directors medal will be suot lUlT Green Mountuia Frank Miy Hf 0 Dan fjHl 3 and tlirsl unil Three The horses distanced dillng Ilin nuillmi were Aliiiouarcli In ihe Smnwhrs Lass In Klchball Ihe upeiiloall pieing 1iarl in the and Howard in tlie speeial Green Mountain winner of is owned bv Daly of known as Lucky beeause of his phenomenal luck in uettlmi huuiiif good horses lor a mere He bouhl the liiv two ninnihs a discarded i ruin Miller and has already won two races with him and taken seiiiul money in Ihiec other 1aly look 7W net out ot IIm pool in the race at the horse cost of tho Boston to Tinliunm linndred and five comprising the Boston Jiamhlers and ropreseiilalives of Sonlb Lawrence and Wailliaui iiirivid here tills slopping at the Mcrrimac were aocompilnieil by Heincsentalive Harris of Hie ol American Wheelmen and llai wno has the bisl loomile road n cord I hey were met here by delegates from Ameshnry and and leU for the latter city this Tomorrow they will turn in bnry ami will a anil dance Tuesday they ivlll return lo Turf National Trotting Association removal of penalties alfuct lut New England and horses as follows John and the and ana the llar risbnri sospendeil by order ol the Lowell ios anJ the Harry inJ the V anil the ail N by order I I iuenloli of remains In Had and and lliV SUM rndeil b iJei u iU JJel niiilliMieiiiiiileiiei tiioli Irish A special cur for Invited KIICSIS and thcjiiilnos of the cames of llui Irish Athletic Llun at Illih land Lake Grove tomorrow will leave with tho llrst i vain at J Kntrles still open lo all Kamis and and may be made at I lie 110 Eliot up to in this and at the drove withlnoiie bonr before each came comes The eliih has seen red the services ol delect I vesto prevent the sale of intoxieatin which may bo brought to the Picnic Sexton Inlureo Hia Wiost Vnlunhli IsKW whlio William the billiard was drlvini a Htflil wattoii down Seventh avenue be was thrown heavily lo the lie was picked up In an insensible condition and removed to Iho where Discovered Unit his arm was broken in two He also received serious injuries to Iho The Amricrtni Firnt American lacrosse team played the Cni eel Kingdom at llellasl yes terday and sustained tlieir lirsl defeat since laml nili on Irlli The seun Blood r tcoals to U In favor of the home Naplc and Jletormick have signed articles to ro i lliieemile lor tflluua August on the Ivciinebtceasii Is out wllh a I proposition 10 Imlnr lo lor tlm lielt won by MeLaiililln sine years and has de posited belt In th1 ollice ol a and Maud at Flciwood The palled with his side wlilsUivs and had hair cul was ijlvcn a wariiinii mile in by anu did u second mile in her olu loiJii Coot Oucl to Ieler a wlm lives on Wlnlliioji lelt thai place on oclock irain lor for the ol retnriiliu a lo Iublie Li rarv in ibis He lnin cmployiu in the lncory ol the Jiuldier Shoe roinpany and just drawn two weekN1 ol which i I remained a Ins ole its nu tliioinili llaymarnei he this money I on Hie and i Ininiidiati ly pickeil nil bv a A olu suspected iliaIhe money i in and runn nilir him inquired II he had ani ThONiimi man was so eon Iklenl had hnI nninin lie nlii not cvin liil bl his but passed on old teiiUiman mat he had made a minnin ailrwanl lie ibal his was hill il was loo lale tuiiiulthe oli i or tin man who pnkeii 1111 the it was last cent he had in tie uorlii Snopioii pnisopin that il woihi him a aiidaddlns mat it a noot oul uiulit Ior der Vdlliint lo Vnrcl Tinfamily of farIain offi cer al the ihe bnminer at I rnllMineiiiS In tht naval rirvice aie made i it ol about six a Tiui e is only a small on boanl ship Noihiim has yet lneti ilmie about ovirlianllni the Geiieial lluttrs lylni lur by ol in own Ihov ol lo be ilii arifil lu aiii DRiVEN TO SUiCIDE BY A Itroxvi Ilespnleh to The Itoston Jiini This morning Nicholas assistant secretary of llio Union Mutual committed lie had been somewhat nervous for about three weeks and last was advised logo to his summer resi dence at Island lo This ho bui became lie had an idea that unless lie could get back to his ollice at ho should be He was reasoned and then conceived a notion lhat If he could not work ho could not honestly draw his without he would conn to althonih he was In comfortable In realitv he was regarded by tho company as a vei v valiiablo and there was no Ihongiil ol discharging him or sloppimi his This morn Inu he rowed out lo bis and wrolo a nolu to his wile telling her he was Hied of lite and must die It Is he tied a weluhl lo nis person and jumped HIH body has not vet been President Uewilt says the iieconnis of De are all lie is a her of an llrooklyn and camo hero when the Inon Mutual company removed lo He was about IB ycars of age and leaves a MUSIC ON THE IVei at tli Wliii Vnllt Abruail oil Kfvrcate iu A sunshiny warm enough to make summer overcoats and wraps anil not so hot as to be called a large withering to tin second weekly band eon cert on Hie OimmJii It was a typical lloston The people wen well they were more than all they were During all Ihe time the band was two currents of moving In opposite ehutied and along Ihe walks suironndliu the inside of was a o illy muldlt aged and who did not take Mich long bu In whom same American clement ol showed ilsell bv ol ciutsidiwere 1 and girls willi ihelr I e I stioiiln ainoin trues ana re clining on the grass in every A lew came to hear I in by lar the number were mi in feiii tlieir eyes in a slang m have a social Two vonng who Mood on a luilo emi nence on tne side lloylslon evidcnllv way up in and ciillciscd iah piece with much They were conllnually using Mich expressions as Tin did yon it inot enough by a ipiaricr iioii nutliiidish of such occurrence thai Icllow lying behind them on the grass looked UP lo one ol companions and said 1 should like to The criiiclMii ceased a once and the girls found they could lnllcr H Hie tin Hi ihe Fronoiul was lunicd on liih lone and nniiy Ihmcred around aid c iiiing IMI the chaiijiing tint ol ihe inipi In lletweeli llele and the soldlci Illnli lilll or tnciuy boys e a small loot with all e niirlh th dav ind the OCIMIOII would Kcrnead the waved and and omnipreicnl to Hieir cJitldieii aoo iiiidrneani beveeo asid liel c Mlledatid st belli oil havillf a good lime winiher the or GSSOWINC THE ACE OF THE ICU Cuiinliyii IHiixvii tu MlfU innnil i Int II Soon after thu father ol his country had bien lie felt the need of a siiort vacailon and took n run down lo Klehmoml to MC Gov ernor jairlilt was In his lioelni potatoes ami Miuikini a black cUy pljii wltli a tin and when George ar to warnm Flint any potiito a yer 1oin peralles they tin it Is a blu crop ov airly Ill be alicr bavin at I lie Im j While they were talkln tho dinner born sound oil and lliey to the eonrsu j was GeoiLic ate so heartily that I plnlter was licked out as eloan as a inior Henry seiiim hli body servant j and told him lo reiil ilie i do lie asked lime Geminen may cry bin am no renlleu di When Hie coloreil man had George arose and claaped ihe unvurnor bv the Von are il isivat bald I had rather my Hcrvants would ouoie my speeches lo me than be Von are Hie llrst man 1 ever saw who a hero to his Saving When lie had and bis servant went out Inlo orchard and had a iood lunch over the litlUi jame they liad put np on the Two Drnwnid Naur Sneeilll llesniileli lo Thu llnslul lilihiM sail boat occupied by aneil Dcnnbi axed and aiid was Mrnek by a heavy opposite Head seven miles below the nut upset this The boat sunk ear rviin Christie ami Cnsey ilown wrns iiaved aller belnn in the water half an They were a mile iron when OlirliJtlu leaves a wife and several small MuslV and lirolleil Lobslcr at of ftttiitlrttlH of of tuifi in out of tin in tin fill find it i tin iosl Juvor 1fml fitii of our JifC IhIfKI flllUllt JtOt tJICiHpt ImtdciK fiuiii iltliitjur of uid MMIIIAXIZIIH for in StlllUlfvill ll IxHt H fiiirilie PHOSIiiATIC BAKING POWDER SH BOETLES WITH WIDE TO ADMIT A iiifi to h iiu xtf ft in fu tnl in in tiic Iicnt itll itll IK tiliraiin nnfnihfc nf the titil ilcnlriiftioii of Ills rii iltHtiijtlitni of liifiitr tnil attiN tttif fully tint noinitly tit tattled lo EST 1 4 MWMj 1SSuM jeli j anil illd llllili i iN i KliOM i M vi i1 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