Monday, June 16, 1884

Boston Daily Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - June 16, 1884, Boston, Massachusetts VOL. XXV.—NO. 167. BOSTON, MONDAY MORNING, JUNE 16, 1884.—WITH SUPPLEMENT. PRICE TWO CENTS. CHILDREN'S 8Ulf8,25 CIS. Twenty-five cents will buy a Pure Linen Imported Belfast Suit, to fit children, ages 2 to 4. We offer 900 Sniti this morning, aud they will all b9 closed by Saturday. Every mother will want a dozen. They are the cheapest suits ever heard of. Send a sample suit before they are gone. By mail, postage paid, for 35 cts. G. W. SIMMONS & CO., 32 to 44 North Street, Boston. YACHTING DAYS. Equipment for crews, yacht buttons for all clubs, Shirts, Hats, Bands, Trousers—everything warranted of best quality and color. Blue Flannel and White Flannel Suits- Pi jamahs—and everything worn on shipboard. Steamer Chairs, too, we sell, with initials painted on back if wanted, for $3.50 each, and delivered on board. G W. SIMMONS & CO.. 32 to 44 North Street, Boston. MILITARY ORDERS If you do not wish to be disappointed in your Military orderi for the Fourth of July, let us have them now. We are the headquarters for all Military work in New England, and are alr eady filling orders from campaign committees. 0. W. SIMMONS & CO., 32 to 44 North Street, Boston. CELEBRATING. These young "Independents” are celebrating. They will go home with soiled clothes and begrimed hands and faces, but if parents have bought a dozen of our Irish Belfast Linen Suits (imported) which we shall sell this week at 25 cts. a suit it will not matter! These snits are for ages 2 to 4, are fancy trimmed, and are sold NOWHERE' but at G W. SIMMONS & CO S, 32 to 44 North Street. Boston. 500 BALLOONS, Inflated, imported Parisian Balloons are daily distributed among our juvenile patrons in Boys’ Department— where SUITS ARE SOLD FROM 25 CENtS UPWARDS. Bring your I Boy3 for their Summer Outfits. Vacation Suits, Overalls, Jumpers and serviceable Clothing to G W. SIMMONS & CO., 32 to 44 North street, Boston. NOTHING LIKE IT The manner in which the public came for our Genuine India Seersucker Coats I at $5 and Imitation English Seersuckers at $1.25, during the hot days of first week in June, quite overwhelmed us! For all kinds of Thin Goods and Four-in-Hand Duster*, come to G W. SIMMONS & CO., 32 to 44 North Street, Eoston. R, W. SIM BOSTON 32 to 44 North Street. Open This Evening TILL 9 O’clock, And Tomorrow till Noon Oniy. For the Best Made and Cheapest Men’s and Boys’ Clothing, visit G. W. SIMMONS & CO., 3j$ to 44 North St TENNIS SUITS, Of white Flannel and other materials; Norfolk Blouses, Breeches, Knee Stockings, Tennis Shoes and Equipment. Also Raquets, Balls, Nets, separately or in cases. For Sporting Goods in general, and Base Ball, Bicycle, Tennis and Polo in particular, the best assortment can be found at G. W. SIMMONS & CO.’S, 32 to 44 North Street, Boston. rA—— a ENO fOF\ C APPLES All Herdic Cabs And Hansoms FREE to Oar Patrons. CORKSCREW, SERGE, FLANNEL, and CASSIMERE Snits in great variety, at our popular prices. ON THE RIVER I Everyth’ng that boating men need ii soli by us-Tight s, Shirts. Caps and Slippers, in stock, or special designs made to order-send for our catalogue. All the boat clubs in New England send to us for supplies, and most of the leading professionals and well-known amateurs favor us with their orders. G. W. SIMMONS Sr CO.. 32 to 44 North Street, Boston. G. W. SIMMONS & CO, $2 to 44 North St. HAPPY DAYS, Every one is planning to spend at least a few happy days in the country or at the seashore. The following list may be read as a reminder. We can furnish Bathing Suits. Swimming Tights. Norfolk Blouses, Knickerbocker Suits, Dusters, Thin Coats, Straw Hats, English Tooth Bru hes (made expressly ior our house', Trunks, Valises, etc. Before you pack, come and see us. CAMPAIGN FLAGS And Uniforms, Banners, Portraits, Transparencies. Torches, everything used in Political Demonstrations, wa are dealers in! Republican, Democratic and Independent State, Town and Local Committees will remember that we are headquarters for New England for Military and Campaign-Goods. G W. SIMMONS & CO., 32 to 44 North Street, Boston. G. W. SIMMONS & 32 to 44 North St. CO, n B (»*««!njli ti OI ~    ''J'////\ / A « Ira ’ mcN'i OJ JUudJJj GENTLEMEN’S SUITS. Imported English Serge Suits at $9; Corkscrews, Flannels. Seersuckers ~ every style that a gentleman can desire— mny be found in our stock today We have complete suits, coat, pantaloons and vost, made from Washington County Tweeds at $3.75 a Suit, an- 1 from this our prices increase. Select your Summer Outfit at G W. SIMMONS & CO.’S. 32 to 44 North S trout, Poston. GENERAL SPORTS. Standing of the League Base Ball Clubs. 6. Baltimores—Twelve bast) hits, 7 errors; Bostons—Nine base hits; ll errors. At Philadelphia—Phi! adolph ins, 8; New Yorks, 5. Pldladelpidus—Beveil base hits, 0 errors; New Yolks—Niue base hits, 13 errors. At Cambridge—Harvards, 14; Dartmouths, a. Hcrvards—Twenty l>a*e lilts, 8 errors; Dartmouth!—Four base lilts, IO errors. At Boston—Providences, 4; Bostons. 3 (lifteen j Innings.) Providences—Fourteen base lilts; 7 en ors; Bostons—Seven base hits. 12 errors. Tbe Metropolitans Come to the Front in the Association List. A Summary of the Three Days’ Races at Charter Oak Park. Providence rallied too late last week, and It was Impossible to prevent Boston from leading the list MI the close. For the first time since tile beginning of the season the champions were number one after Saturday's games were finished, and they start upon the seventh week of the race a Rood distance ahead of all the other clubs. The Providences are in a new place for the beginning of a ween. They have beeu either number oue or three, but never before two; while New York remains where It has been for four weeks. Now that Boston has changed Us berth. Detroit is the only one of the eight that has remained faithful to Its first choice, and seems to prefer a position where It can see the advance of the other seven. The order of the clubs at theWse of each week Is shown by the following table: SP 3 ?! el! -r. I g •Ti e ’ 5 2 ai a sn sr *. J! I * J , J! CLUBS. I < J jj sr fir •f : i I Ii Ruston#.................................. 2 y 21 2 211 Buffalos.................................. (i 8 4' 4 fli 4 Chlcagos................................. 4 5 7 I ti 4! ft Cleveland*.............................. 7 (J 5 til 7 Detroits................................ 8 8 8 8 8, 8 New York*.............................. I I 3( 3i 8' 3 Philude phia*........................... 4 4 5 i 7 ti [Providence#............................. 3 3 I ll ll 2 Th# "Mers.” Le-»d the American. There have beeu several changes in the American Association race since a week ago in the first ■even positions. The Metropolitans have been playing a steady winning game,'and have consequently been able to go to the trout, thus foicing Louisville* down to second place. The Columbus team has failed to hold the advantage It gained the week before and has fallen down the ladder four rounds, being now at number seven, St. Louis moving up to fill the vacant position at three. The champion Athletics have aiso made an advance, Jumping tn ahead of Cincinnati, which has also given way to the Baltimoreans. The wo k cud remains unchanged, Washington still footing lh* USI, which is as follows: CUTI. 3 • ~ J? s I ET < Jf CO J I >■ 5 r I I 5 p I I sr lr rn J £ •< a > 1 2 *- Ce X I i 'Ji 5 CA \ af 9 a Met’pol’ns 3 1 3 1 {> 2 ft 24 Louis VII l's 8t. Louis.. i •• 2 3 I V; 0 4 K I 20 19 A til let (cs.. i 'i 2 2 0 ‘J 0 5 20 Baitimor’s 3 'a .. 2 2 S 0 18 Cineiu’at’s 2 I .. 2 L> Ti 4 3 18 Columbus. 3 '4 i i 4 I 2 lh Rrouklyu* I 2 3 1 i .. I i I 13 ▲U’ghD’ys i 1 6 *0 1 lo Toledo*... 2 1 i 2 i p lndi'apoll# i i ,. 1 .. Waslrtons 1 1 .. i I i ft Lost....... 8 9 IO it ii ii 13 171 21 2o 28; 23 J .. Played (82 29129 32 39 20 81 80131 38 30 28? Per cent, won—Metropolitans, .75<>; LotfsviUe# .689; S . Louis, .055; Athletics. .025; Baltimore*. .020; Cincinnati*, 020; Columbus. .580; Brooklyn*. .433; Allegheny*. .922; Toledo*, .281; Indianapolis, 533; Washington*,.17i.    * Fa-uMay’# Chsmoionshio Cams#. At Buffalo—Buffalos, 8; Clevelands, 5. Buffalos— Kine base hits, 3 errors; Clevelands—Fight base tills, 3 errors. At Detroit—Chlcagos, 8; Detroits, 4. Chlcagos— Twelve base hits, 3 errors; Detroits—Nine base lets; 7 errors. At Holyoke— Holyoke!, 15; Lynns.3. Holyokes— Eighteen base hits, 3 errors; Lyiins—FTve base hits, ll errors. At Salem—Lawrences. 8; Salem*, 7. Lawrence*—Nine base hits, 15 errors; Satems, 7 base hits. 13 errors. At Waltham—-Worcesters, G; Waltham!. 4. Worcester*—Ten base tuts, 8 errors; Waltham#— Six base lilts, 13 errors. At Boston—Baltimore Unions. 7; Boston Unions. Other Saturday Cam*#. At Lewiston—Bowdoins, 13; Colby*, 9. At Soutbboro—Southboros, IO; Martboros, 8. At Quincy—St. Marks, ll; Adams Academy, IO. At Newton—Silver Lakes, 9; Somerville Lyceums, 0. , At Wollaston—Wollastons, 35; Rockets of Ne-pousit, 15. At South Braintree—Braintree Grammars, 7; Picked Nine, 6. At West Roxbury Park—Highlanders, 25; Picked Nine, ti. At South Boston—Empires, 24; Arctics, 13. Winthrop*, 19; Lawrence .Irs., 4, At Dorchester— Allemands, 27 ; Dorchester Jrs., 25. Fckfords, 14; Picked Niue, ll. Crescent .Irs., 38, Everetts, 12.    _ Yesterday’# Camas. Chicago Unions, 9; Kansas Guys. C. Cincinnati Uuious, 3; St. Louis Unions, 5. Cames Today. League—New York* vs. Bostons, at Boston; Philadelphia* v*. Providences, at Providence; Uulfalos vs. Chicago*, at buffalo; Clevelands vs. Detroit*, at Detroit. American Association—Indianapolis vs. Washingtons, at Washington; Cincinnati* vs. Athletic*, at Philadelphia; Toledo* vs. Brooklyn*, at Brooklyn; Louisville* vs. Allegheny*, at Pittsburg; Columbus vs. Metropolitan*, at New York; 8t. Louis vs. Baltimore*. at Baltimore. Intercollegiate Association—Browns vs. Amhersts, at Amherst. Ba## Ball Briar#. New Yorks at 3.30. The Keystone Association of Pennsylvania has disbanded. Stovey leads the first basemen of the American Association. The Actives of Watertown wish to fix a game for July 4. Address Peter Mitchell, AEdia Mills, Watertown, Mass. Mr. Lucas is managing the St. Louis Unions temporarily, Ted Sullivan having had some trouble with the players. The Our Boys Base Ball Club would like to arrange games with all good amateur nines within twenty-five miles of Boston. The Neponset High School nine has secured the penman in the Boston Amateur League, having won seven games and lost none. Laverty, the Holyokes’ catcher, can play no mote this season ana Is still very sick. although he is now considered out of danger. The New York and Indianapolis dulls are fights lug over Manlove, the catcher of the Altoouas, who is now playing with the Gothamites. Clubs averaging 17 years can arrange games wnii Hie Everett nine bv audressiug L. F. Ceiler, 594 Eighth street, City Point, Boston, Mas*. The Cragpie nine of the Highlands, a strong amateur team, is ready to receive challenges. Address James P. Ward, 290 Blue Hill avenue. Joseph Coyle, a thirteen-year-old boy, while playing base ball at Allentown, Penn., a few days ago, was struck in Hie stomach by the ball and instantly killed. Hutchinson, formerly ot the Yates, pitched for the Kansas Oily tune in a game with the Chicago Unions last week. He was very effective until Ins catcher went to pieces ami fatieu to hold Ute terrific delivery, when lie had to let up. The following clubs wisii to arrange games tor Tuesday, June 17: Bovey Reserves, address W. Maguire, 33 Summer street : Townsends of Roxbury. averaging IT years, address diaries Whitney, 8 Coo man Park, Roxbury, Mass. Dr. Pope’s animal splenic will take place on Holmes field, Cambridge, lins afternoon, when Hie genial doctor will occupy the box aud endeavor to show the Harvard boys that they are facing no Dartmouth pitcher. Hi* well-known skin, w hich is said to be greater tins year than t-Ver, backed up bv the Beacons, will make things lively tor Hie collegians. When will the spectators at the ball games leave Hie umpiring to the umpire and the playing to Hie players? I hose who do Hie hissing, and make themselves generally conspicuous by shouting at the umpire when lie calls a man out on strikes, should spend a few games directly behind the plate. They would then see what fools they make of themselves by pretending to be able to judge balls and strikes from the side seats. Marksmen's Matches. ’ There was a very small attendance at Wnlnut Hill Saturday, and most of the shooting was in the Creedmoor practice match. There was also a team match by telegraph with the Manchester, N. IL, Ride dub,which was won by the M. It. A..though in their team there were some men who (iud never sbcu in a team match before. Tomorrow the range will be open tor the regular rifle matches, and the directors’ medal will be shot for. Wednes day the shot-gun men will occupy the grounds. Following are the best scores of Saturday: CttKEDXOOK PKaCTICH MATCH. o. m. Jewell....................4 r.    a    a    a 4 r.a 4    5-47 n. Cushing......................a 4    a    a    4 4554    5-40 J. Merrill........................ft    4    4 ft    6 5    ft    4 0    -4—*C. VV. Charles (intl.)................4    4    ft 5    4 4    5    4 ft    5- 4ft C. K. Berry......................4    4    ft 5    4 ft    5    4 4    5 4ft Re-entry.......................5 5    ft    4    ft 4 4    4 4    ft-4ft C. B. Edwards,.................4    ft    ft 6    4 4    4    ft ft    4-46 A. 0. Adams (Trill.)..............4    ft    4 4    4 0    6    4 4    6—44 ¥. VV. Fowl# (mil.)..............4    ft    4 4    4 4    4    5 ft    4-44 J. K. Dannodv (mil.)...........ft    6    4 ft    ft 4    4    I 4    8—43 lte-entry.......................3 4    4    4    ft 4 4    ft 3    5-41 DECIMAL MATCH. • 0. M. Jewell..........IO    DIO    ll    IO    8 J. Francis......... Re-entrv............ 0    0 VV. ll Diet............ 4    0 A. J. Look............ ft    9 B. A. Lappet!.......... ii'    4 9 7—82 ii 0 8 r. 4 7 9 8 8-71 a—ti ti—AU 7-08 a I 8. Wilder........... Re-entrv........... P. Sylvester....... J. Francis........... MASSACHUSETTS ASSOCIATION O. M. Jewel......... E. B. Souther........ C E- Ii rrv.......... It. heed.............. R. Ravi*............. H. Cushing........... 0 9 0 7 8 9 0 9 8—71 I 8 10 10 - - - - -- 1 8 8 4 7 6 0 BEST MATCH. ..9 8    8    IO    0 IO IO    9 IO    10 -93 .. HIO    8    10    HIO I)    7    9    10-91 ..10 10    8    19    9 IO 8    7    9    KF-OI ..8 0    9    10    ll IO IO IO    U    8-83 TEAM M#T0II. RIFLE MASSAOHCSETTS RIFLE CLUB. 40 C.D. Palmer   4ft 4ft,If. Gray................. 44 4aIF. J. Drake............. 44 44 ti. A. Leighton......... 42 43 F. Ii Po Hr............. 42 41; A. ll. Dodge............ 42 Total................204 Total................259 Results at Charter Oak Park. Following is a summary of the three days' meeting ut Charter Oak Park, Hartford, Conn., which closed Saturday; OTEN TO ALI. FACER*. Horse.    Best    time.    Winning*. Buffalo Girl....................... 2.17%*    jMoo Fuller........................... 2.21C..    aft 0 Bi'lv 9............................ 2.171/2    150 Rich ball.......................... 2.18    ill* 2.25 BACKUS. Eddie C........................... 9.39Vit    325 Croppy................................ 7u Peuri.............................. 9.31 VT    di*. 2.25 TROTT1NO. Valley Boy........................ 2.28 Will Benham........... ......... 2.28a; Abdallah Buy....................2.28V* Pearl.. Whirlwind........ B ack Prince.... Breeze Medium.. Guess Not......... .... ..No beat. 2.28 TROTTING. .............. 2.24+1 ...............No    heat. ...............No    heat. ................No    heat. 2.52 TROTTING. Revenge............... Onward.,..,........... Orange Buy........... 2.3’ Green Mountain Boy. Frank Burd.......... Vtilette................ May Jefferson......... ........... 2.20; ...........No    heat. ...........No    heat. Vlllette......... Beaconsfield... HPene......... Sam............ Dan Smith..... Stephen (i..... TROTTING. HSI ..............No    beat. ...............No    beat. 2.4ft TROTTING. .............. 2.31 .............. 2.3 IV-s ...............No    heat. ..............No    heat. SPECIAL. .............. 2.24 ............... 8.31 Vi .‘MVO 175 ion 70 550 17ft loft 70 260 126 75 360 176 loft 70 350 175 loft TO 325 75 •First and fourth. tFlr»t and third. {Three heats. The horses distanced dui lug tbe meeting were: AI im dis reb In the 2.25 class. Smuggler’# Lass In the 2.45 cia#*, Klchball in the oneu-to-all p icing race. Pearl in the 2.25, and Howard J. in the s|ieelal class. Green Mountain Bov, winner of til** '37 race, is owned by VV. </. Daly of Hartford, known as “Lucky Daly.” because of Ids phenomenal luck in getting flout of good horses for a mere song. He bought Hie Bdv two months ago, a discarded trotter, from Mr. Miller of Brattleboro, Vt., aud has already won two races with him and taken second money in three oiher races. Daly took giTiXi net out of the pout box in the .37 race ut Hartford—exactly what the horse cost Ulm. ProTres# of the Boston Ramblers. [Special Despatch to The Boston Globe.) NEWiH'uvpOAtT, June lo.—One hundred and five wheelmen, comprising the Boston Ramblers aud representatives of Boston, Chelsea, South Framingham, Leominster. Pawtucket, Marblehead, Salem, Lowell. Lawrence and Walthill!! elubs, arrived here this noon, stopping at the Merrimac House. They were accompanied by Representative Harris of the League of American Wheelmen aud B. T. Harrington, who has the best loo-mlle road record fur tin* country. They were met here by delegates from Amesbury ami Portsmouth clubs, aud lait for Hie littler city tills afternoon. Tomorrow they will return to Amesbury and WIP tie tendered a reception and dance there. Tuesday they will return to Bostou. Turf Reinstatements. Hartford. June 14.—The National Trotting Association announces removal of penalties affecting New England parks aud horses as follows: John Trout, Boston, and the b. in. Louise, and S. A. Bitterly, Scranton, Pent)., and the b. ii. Harrisburg (pacer), suspended May, 1884, by order of tile Lowell (Mass.) Driving Park. M. Lark, Boston, and the bl. g. Harry Almont, A. Ii. Don*. Taunton, and Hie b. in. Galautliis, V. C. Hall. Por land, and the bl. in. Fannie AL, all suspended November, 1883, by order of Mystic Park. [ oi pen'Ion of October, 1883, remains in t< roe against Had aud Fa-uile M.j VV. 8. enter, Elizabeth, N. J., and the ch. g. Billy pulton, sum ended October. 1883, by order of Narragansett Fit IL. AL ii. Bel linger. New Yolk, and Hie hi. g. Black Prince suspended October. 1883, by order oi the Tolland Cornily East Agricultural Society, Stafford Springs. Conn. W. Morris, Albany. N. Y., and the 10. ii. Bigonial 1 suspended try order of Beacon Park. October, 1833, aud Mystic Park. November, 1883. Charles T. Kenyon, Providence, and Hic Ii. in. Grim (Hr), anti tim ch. iii. M. V. I). Coit, suspend' d October. 1983. by order of Hie New Haven (Conn.) Driving Association. (Suspension of Aligns!. 1883, yet In force against tho marc.] J). VV. VVoooiiiansec. Si. Paul. MInn,, and iii* I), in. tied) (pacer. 'Uspended by order of Utica Park. August. lfffiff, nave been reinstated, the claim having been paid tinder molest. Fi»#t«st Mr.He Records. In view of Hie fast time expected to be made this season, the following fastest muting and pacing records for one mile, taken from the Spirit of the Times, arc of Interest; Nam# of Horse. Johnston i pacer I......... Maud s. (trotter:......... Hindt! Ruse 1 yearling)... VV) Id flower (ii yen iii..... Hindi! Hose ,3 veal 1 *) .... Boldin '4 vents).......... Jay five Sec* (5 year*)..... Smuggler < stallion)...... Great Eastern middle).. Hopeful (wagon)......... Kart)* (on half - uiiti; track)................... Edward aud Bwlveller (wagon)................. Cleora and I ndei**addice (pole sulky)............. Irish Athletic Club. A special car for Invited guests and Hic judges of the games of the Irish Athletic duo at Highland Lake Grove tomorrow will leave with Hie first train nl 9a. in. Entries ar* still open to all games and sports, aud may be made at the hall, I IC Eliot street, up to Iii p.m. tills evening, aud at the grove within one hour before each game off. Tile club bas secured the services of detectives to prevent tile sale of any intoxicating minors which may be brought to Hie picnic grounds. Sexton Injure# Hi# Most Valuable Member. New York, June 15.—This afternoon, while William Sexton, the billiard player, was driving a light wagou down Seventh avenue lie was thrown heavily to the ground. He was picked up Iii an insensible condition and removed to the hospital, where It was discovered that ids left atm was broken in two places. He also received serious injuries to Hie head. The Am ricnn*.' First Defeat. London, June 15.—The American lacrosse team played tile Till rd Kingdom at Belfast yesterday and sustained their first defeat since landing on Irl'h soli. Hie score stood 5 goals to 3 in favor of Hie home club. Record. Year Whcr> Made. 2 to 1883 Chicago. 2.1(0/4 ital Rochc't* ■. 2.3(1 VU 1881 8’u Francisco 2.21 1881 8’ii Francisco 2.19* J 1883 Lexington. 2.1 h ;i -* 1883 Lexington 2.10$ 1883 Providence. a ir.b 4 1870 Hartford. 2.16% 1977 N. Y. I). Park. 2. IU Va 1878 Chicago. 2.16 1878 Toledo. 2.10% 1682 .VY. I). Park. 2.ley* 1883 Hartford. Snorting N >t#». Nagle and McCormick have signed articles to ro ) a three-mile race, for 8300 a side, August 26, on the Kenuebeccasit river. J. Ii. McLaughlin, tin* wrestler, Is out with a proposition 10 ti. Al. Dufur lo wrestle for tile belt wou by McLaughlin smile years since, and has deposited the heil Iii Hie cilice of a contemporary. William ll. Vander!)! t aud Maud 8. were at Fleetwood Park, Saturday. The inlltluunalrehHs pm ted wiiii Id* side whiskers aud had Iii* hair cut short. Maud S. was given a warming mile iii 2-29Vi by Balr, ana did a second Hide in her old form in 2.16. Coo? Valkin# Out) to Molrose. Peter Simpson, a young German, who lives on Winthrop street, Melrose, leit that place on the 6 o’clock train for Boston Saturday evening for the purpose ol returning a book to the Public Ll rary in Uhs city. He lias been employed iii tile factory of tbe Boston Rubber Shoe Company aud had just drawn two week'’ salary, of which 812 remained as Ins sole available assets. While puss ng through Haymarket square lie dropped lids money on Hie pavement, aud ii wa# Immediately picked up by a passer-by. A benevolent old gentleman standing near suspected thai the money belonged to Simpson, and rutin im after 1dm inquired lf lie had lost anything. Tile young man was so confident that lie bad lost nothing that lie qui not even feel iii his pocket', lait passed on assuring the obi gentleman Hint lie had made a mistake. A few minute# afterward he dlseoveied that bls §12 was missing, but it was too late to find tim olu gentleman, or the man who had picked up the money. Although it was the last cent lie had in ti e world pnopsoii tool; ids lo## very philosophically, remarking that it would teach him a lesson, aud adding that it “va* a gout gout night for der valklng to Melrose oud.” Now Yard No*##. The family of Captain Chandler, executive officer at the yard, will probably pass the summer at Rockport. Enlistments In the naval service are being made ut the rate of about six u week. There is only a small force on board the receiving ship Wabash. Nothing has yet been done about overhauling the America, General Butler’s schooner yacht, lying at her moorings bv the side of the Niagara. Notwiihs; inning their own efforts and those of the r Blends, the clerk* oiiicr<-d to be discharged were obliged to leave their desks (saturday ailer-Boom SENTENCED TO DEATH BY A JURY. A Cai* I’nimriilli'lril in tho History et Aluhitui# ( ourlt. r Si>cclni Despatch to rho Ruston Guam J Chattanooga, Tenth, Juno 15,—A scene unparalleled In Hie history of courts in Bds section occurred yesterday hi Hie court bouse at Scottsboro, Ala. Atli a. iii. a jury sitting on a case for arson against George Smith, Asbury Hughes, George Hughes and John Grayson, left the court room. and at 3 p. rn. they returned. The four prisoners stood tip and the foreman announced that they had adjudged lite prisoners guilty as charged, and sentenced Smith amt the Hughes brother to OC hanged and Grayson to the penitentiary tor life. When the Judge delivered Hie sentence, the prisoners did not move a muscle. They appealed to the Supreme Court, but Hie judgment will probably be affirmed. There is cr at excitement over tho verdict. The crime charged upon the. doomed men Is a heinous one. They pillaged Hie house of an aged N< tv Englander named Burier, living on Sand immn-lain, robbed him of over 83000 and burned tho building, leaving Hie I.tinily exposed, from the 1 fleets of which treatment tile old hum diet!, leaving ids family destitute. There are ten other person- charged with capital crimes iii the jail at Scottsboro.    _ DRIVEN TO SUICIDE BY WORRY. The A •.inlaid **ocreti»ry of the Union Aln- J in.ii l.lto lutiiriiaia* Coiuiiaiiy Iliuwui | Himself. (Special De*patch to The Boston Globe, t Portland, June 15.—This morning Nicholas j De Grout, assistant secretary of Hie Union Mutual Life Insurance Company, committed suicide, lie j had been somewhat nervous for about three weeks j aud at lu'l was advised to go to ids summer resi- j deuce at Diamond Island to rest. This ho did, j but beeline worse. He badan idea that unless lie could get buck to Ills office at unco im should j be discharged. He was reasoned with, and then ! conceived a notion I hut if lie could not work he could not honestly draw his salary, without which * lie would come to want, although lit) was in comfortable circumstances. In reality lie was regarded by Hie company as a very valuable officer, aud there was no thought of disci nu 1 * lug bim or stopping bis pay. Tills morning he rowed out to ins yacht and wrote a note to his wire telling lier lie was tired of lire aim must die. Then, it Is supposed, lie tied a weight lo ins person aud jumped oveiboard. His lindy ha# not yet been recovered. President Dewitt says Hie accounts of De Grout are all right. He is a member of an old. Brooklyn family, and came hero when Hie Union Mutual company removed lo Maine. Ile was about 48 years of age anil leaves a family.    ___ MUSIC ON THE COMMON. A l‘rf|) at the People Who Walk Abroad nod Recreate Tkrnteltei on Munday. A bright, sunshiny afternoon, warm enough to make summer overcoats aud wrap* unnecessary, and not so hot as lo be uncomfortable, called a large gathering to the second weekly hand concert on His Common yesterday. It was a typical Boston audience. The people were well dressed, they were cultivated, aud, more than ail else, they were uneasy. During ail Hie time the band was playing, two currents of humanity, moving in opposite directions, Wowed, swayed, chatted and gazed along Hie walks surrounding Hie stand. Inside of these was a mass of people, mostly middle aged and elderly, who did not take such long walks, but in whom this same American element of unrest showed itself by frequent shirtings of position. Outside were echo'd boys, ami gil ls with their “Lest fellows/’ stiolilng among Hie trees and reclining on the grass In every conceivable 'attitude. A few came to hear tin* music, but by far the I rgest number were out to feed then* eye# aud, to u-e a slang phrase, lo "Pave a social gawk." Two young women, who stood on a little eminence on Hie side nearest Boylston street, were evidently “way up" in music, aud criticised ea'di piece with much learning. They were continually using such expressions its: “There, mere, did you hear that? it is not issliuo enough by a quarter note." Theses outlandish terms of “Isjimo," “Msslfno," “mlsstino,” were of such frequent occurrence that a young fellow lying behind them on the grass looked up to one of his companions and said:    j “I should like to kiss-um-oo."    j Tile criticism ceased at once and the girls found they could hear belter oil Hie other side. The fountain in the Frog pond was lurried on full force and many lingered around the basin, watching and commenting on the changing tints of the neautJfiil rainbow imprisoned in Its spray. Between here aud th# soldiers’ monument fifteen or twenty boys were tossing a small foot ball with all tbe rn inn that the day and the occasion would allow. Overhead tile trees waved and rustl'd, and the omnipresent sparrows chirped to their children, and underneath between 4000 aud 5000 people walked, chatted-rind st red. bent on having a good time whether tbe band plaved or not. SHO Vt INC THE ACE OF THE JOKE. Ill* Country'# Tut hor Hun# flow* to Ulrb-innnil lo Mer .Air, Pal ll lire. Soon after tho fainer of bis country had linen inaugurated, he felt tho need of a snort vacation and took arilli down lo Richmond to see Governor fleury. Patrick was In Ills garden, hoeing potatoes and smoking a short-stemmed, black cly pipe with a Un cap and chain, when George arrived. “Hello, to ye, George; waniin day?” “Yrs, Fat, it is. Find any potato bugs?" “f’lvll a wan, yer honor. Pol ii (aralie# they be*, too. un it Is a btu crap ov airly rose I’ll be lifter havin’ at the diggiu’, i’m thinkm'.” While they were talking tbe dinner horn soon d-ed aud they went to Hie house. The first coil ne was flea soup. George ate so heartily thai the platter was licked out as item as a whistle. Governor Henry seeing till*, im lied ills hotly servant and told iiliii lo it fill Hie dub. “What do he waul, massa?’’ asked that functionary. “Pens, peas, Ham ho. peas." “Geinmoii may cry pease, pease, tut Our ani no pease,” replied Hamlin, wnii great db lilly. When Un' colored man had departed, George arose and clasped Hie governor by the nam!. “You are a great man, Pat,” said be; “I bad rather my servants would quote my speeches to hic th,iii be president. You arc the first man I ever saw who was a hero lo hi# valet." Having tliis, lie departed. When lie had gone, I’,Uriel; and bis servant went out into tin! orchard aud had a good laugh over the little game they had put up ou the F. 0. it. G. Two M«n Drownd! Near Culm#. [Special Despatch to Til# Boston (Hobe. I Calais. Juno lo.—A sail buat occupied by Janies Christie, truckman, aged 27. Demits Casey, whai fimui, aged 23, aud George Wheeler, aged go, was struck l»y a heavy squall opposite Devil’# Head Point, seven miles below the city, Aid upset tills afternoon. The bout sunk Immediately, carrying Christie and Casey down with her. Wheeler was saved after being billie water half an hour. They were a mile J loin t bewhore when struck. Christie leaves a w ife aud several small children. THU DESTRUCTIVE Mt’STY ALK and Broiled Lobster at Park’s. SOMETHING NEW!! PHOSPHATIC BAKING POWDER IK BOTTLES WITH WIDE MOUTHS TO ADMIT A SPOON. THE BEST ANO STB.OKQEST POWLES. MADE. TRY IT. I 4 MWSly f4 in i ’ongress street, rn us in if ii toss of h ii nil felts of thousands of dot-/ors in oui 1 of tin* In st appointed null sa fist nu-nut utile trurehouses in the cill/ of Huston, amt upon rom pa rn ti vein uon-hasu rd on s merchandise, occurring its it did at midda// under the most favorable circumstances, demonstrates that even the, great efficient'g of our Fire Department does not exempt property holders from danger of large losses, and I'M I* ll ASIZFS again the necessity for ample, inst! ranee in the hest companies. "Every property holder should tahr {earning and he sure he has theh mount of i usa rd nee required by his datg to himself, his family and his creditors, in flu* erent— which is al troys possible—of the total ties!ruction of his property. Every description of Fire Insurance Agency and II coke ca ye Easiness carefullg and promptly at tended to by C. PAIGE. Insurance Agency, 20 KILBY ST., BOSTON. I FBSuM j#U SAY. “Rough ow Toothache.” Ask for it. Instant relief, quick cure. 15c. Druggists. /"ARDER now, Hint you msy save yourself trouble aud your friend# disappointment. Hub Punch I* as good a* ever, and Is Indispensable for a little treat when a friend drop* In. Ray from Grocer*. Druggist* or Wine Merchants, or from the Manufacturer', C. II DRAX EH A SONN, Ruston. G. 0. Taylor Old Bourbon. A flue Whiskey, free from flctitious flavoring, bottled only by ('bester II. Grave* A Hon*. Boston. See thai each bowie has their autograph over tbs cork. w).    .    HK       _ C' 'urge stock of sseonfl-luuitl machines at v«rv lo# uric ■; i olu,- and »-)<• them. VV. H, UUCKLLa, 3«nj Washington #t., opp. Old Month.    It MVT hi wukl *1.    'I'I NL* — Seventh war. Send 10i • iii silver for June and Jul) number* to rimes Pub. Cc., itux3283,lloston,Must. Jsu30t*myll) BM CTFO'* IO VA. KEI* FUOSS ORES# material*. also <ilk buttons and fringe# made. C. NEAL. 128 Tremont st., room a.  dSuAOt* j#7 L’llKttlVl'S S.II.K-3U fee rubber hose with coup ing- and put noxxte to fit all st* Inch bit*. A3 2ft. 2i Deveushtx# OS.    |g*    laK