Thursday, August 30, 1883

Boston Daily Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - August 30, 1883, Boston, Massachusetts THURSDAY AUGUST PRICE TWO HORRORS Sudden Sinking of a Large Por tion of foleanio Great Forests and Vil lages Swallowed by the Islands Blotted Out and Cities Destroyed by the tvliosa estate Is said to te worth with the proceedings thereupon in Hie Stimulate Court of Otsc go has been Hied In the office of tinregister of deeds Bv ihe will Hie sum of Is bequeathed to ins Fotti grandsons ot life deceased are bequeathed sum ot while move distant relatives receive sums ranging from to Beside these cash largo and valuable tracts of laud nre given to thu heirs or ttio deceased mlllionuaire by terms the AT THE 0 DISASTER Curious Crowds Around Sunken the THE COLBY BILL n oC tlio KTew tlio CSpeeiuI by Cable to The BMton August Partner particulars ol the groat volcanic erup tion in which have just reached London from show the disaster to have been even more widespread and more disastrous than re ported in yesterdays At noon Sunday the eruptions and shocks were supposed to have reached their greatest but late In the after noon and evening the violence of the disturbances suddenly Increased and the island seemed to he about to ba completely buried in a mass of fire and sulphurous At the same time the enormous waws began to dash with greater force upon the coming In some places far up Into the interior aud great chasms opened in the earth and threatened to engulf a large proportion of the islands people and About midnight the most frlgnttul scene ol tho whole disturbance took Suddenly An JDnuriuouA Immluoiu similar to that which seen over the Gunung but much greater In formed uver the Kandang ranue which skirt the southeast coast ot the This cloud gradually Increased In sizo until it formed a canopy of lurid red gray over a wide extent Daring this time the eruptions and streams of lava poured Incessantly down thesides of the moun tains into the sweeping everything before Here and there a stream of lava would an arm of the sea or come in contact with the waters of a Then the nearest incan descent as protruded from the great would suddenly produce boiling boat and 1apid but the superficial consolida tion that almost instantly ensued would prevent any furUier that opened in this thin as it would emit torrents of vapor extending high Into the and makiiic a tremendous hissing and seething as if a thousand locomotives were simultaneously letting off and there In the lava streams wero innumerable thin platelike crystals of arranged In one behind the in tho direction of the Uow of tlie and folsphatic spherolltes wen rapidly formed m the vitreous resembling those which form in the slag of a glass One of the most singular freaks of the eruption was the carrying in the midst of the molten lava of A Bed of Solid Ice of enormous size which had been emitted from one of the borne along by the current and landed on the extremity ot Point on the northeast corner of the This bed of ice was surrounded bv a thick envelope of sand and which are such nonconductors of licat redhot stream of hiva ruunlng over It not melt It is supposed this ice had formed the crust of some vast subterranean About 2 oclock Monday morning tho great cloud suddenly broke Into small sections aud quickly At the same time the most frightful rumblings were and the columns of fire and smoke on the southeast corner of the Island ceased to while the craters in the Other parts ot Java seemed to open their fiery stillwider to let out the greatest qnanti ties of pumice and ashes yet vomited The hissing the sea became so loud as to be almost and the waves rushed np on the shores to an unprecedented When daylight came it was seen that an Unoruiom Tract of Zand nnd extending from Point Capuciu on the south to Negery Pafsoerang on tne north and west to Low covering an extent ol territory about fifty miles In this were situated the vil lages of Necery and Negery Of the people inhabiting these places and the natives scattered sparsely through the forests and on the plains none escaped a frightful This seclion of the Island was uot so densely populated as the other and the loss life comparatively although it must have aggregated fully The entire Kandang range of mountains extending along the coast ina semicirclo for about sixtyfive miles had gone out of 1he waters of Wel come the Siinda straits and Pepper bay on the and of the Indian ocean on the had rushed in and formed a great sea ol turbulent Here and there the peak of a high crater was exposed fora moment by the reoed Ing ot a great aud oc casionally a puff ot brownishgray smoke or a slight showejof rocks showed that the volcanoes still continued In active subaqueous Tne debris of the submerged and destroyed build ings was tossed hither and thither over tbe tumul tuous the only sign left that there once been inhabited land where All Now a of The town ot within twentyfive miles of the city ot was swept away by the lava and fully halt the mostly numbering about per At near Point the redhot rocks set fire to the houses and swept away all the thicklysettled portion ot the About ten bazaars belonging to Europeans were The loss of property is very but no lives are known to have been lost Tbe on the banks ot which Bata via is was so completely damnmd by the lava and debris that its course was and from Oranleu bastion it flowed down through Tygers street and joined the waters ot tbe river swelling that stream to such an extent as to rise high on the Cantor almost totally destroyed and a large number ol lives were The Island ot five miles off the mouth of the Tangerang river and twenty miles east of Ba was inundated and the floating dock there was totally Claps and Tronwera oft tbe portion of Java which are out ot sight and If ot a of Them Juet Baby and Cherlbo oft the riorth small in lost the tew houses and In upon In Batavia the loss has been largely Increased since tfte former The roof of the govern ors house was crushed In by a mass of heavy mud aud three ot the retainers were The Town bridge was the Diamond and Pearl bastions badly damaged and the Hurrau redoubt i yras On Malabar and Lions tna principal avenues of the the dam age is Fort Aatyol is entirely de Thetown ol Tagcal was severely shaken and few buildings wurti left The aggregate loss of life from the various ele ments of the tmlble disturbances must be fully but the number of those who perished can ot be accurately A violent shock occurred in the Island ot Sumatra Monday and it was feared other violent disturbances might Middle ten miles off the Javanese and half way between the extreme points of Java and was almost wholly engulfed in the The small Island of probably oilglnally only a cone blown up by an eruptive entirely it was TPhe Hvcalnff Jftumpftlilrc JUtoukO Approves Special Despatch to The Boston August at Its first evening session contrary to general passed tbe Colby railroad under suspension the by 144 to It goes to the and will be readily passed by that Trte railroad lobby Is jubilant over the success ol the Latest Reports as to the Killed and Those Arc Still Supervising Inspector Dumont to At tend an There were present besides Mahone Gen eral Judge Georgo Gorham and How all tho different ele ments of opposition to the Democracy could be harmonized was the subject of The conference Is said to have been harmonious and favorable to the mrt In All present agreed to give General Chalmers material aid In his con test for General Mannings seat in the uoxt WESTERN INSURANCE II I B h Building Poorly 8upullcl With Water PiRNELL ASB They Address a National League Meeting at WHERE IS SHE7 Inquiry for Battle June Who Xiof t Rochester Special DoBmtch to The Boston August Superintendent Qulgley yesterday received tho following Interesting epistle hundred dollars reward will be paid to a relative or stranger who Is the first to Inform mo of of Hattio Jano Slie left August not very well and anu almost She left a letter stating that she would never KO near or write to any of her The cruel letter which she received on that and which was sole cause of her great trouble and untold came from an unknown enemy not from the person she Tho letter was probably a good and since she lett it has been proved that it was wholly untrue and a base Powel Is and I am sure she would rather lose than uot to receive the foregoing informa This is seuo to relatives mid others to get tlielr that this informa tion may Be teleeraphed to her tho moment any one gets word from For the assistance of strangers 1 will sav that she is a neat lltlle 24 years dark hair and about 4 feit 6 inches and had two larue trunks with I would like the following personal advertisement published In he editor of the newspaper in which 1owel nrst reads suld advertisementwill bu paid She may now he nervously prostrated iroin excitement aim attended by a and I urn sure she will be as anxious 10 get this Informa tion as we are to give Address a letter and telegram to her and also to Jctiulu 188 West Fayette The following is a copy of the only personal to to wit Dear HattieTliat letter wiitch made you ftel so bad was a and was never scut by the person you Jenule A CHILLY DAY AT THE The Exorcises of the Pooploa Institute At tended by 3OOO Special Dcanatch to Tho Boston LAKE SOUTH August 3000 people who attended the ninth day of the Peoples Institute today experienced de cidedly chilly Vincent was on tho grounds and presided at the auditorium meet This morning prayer service was conducted Normal Hall by Professor Sherwln childrens at the sume was conducted Ijy while Professor Sbonviu looked alter the chorus At 9 and 10 An Normal were held respectively tho thirteenth normal in charge of Professor The amusing and most humorous feature the session was Frank Boards panorama at the auditorium at 11 The panorama represented a tour to many during which many of the celebrities were At 2 oclock the congress took those repre senting the Congregational at the audi Methodist Episcopal at Normal Hull and the Baptist at the Winthrop street At the several meetings qufcsiious appertaining to tho methods to be adopted for the promotion of such works as would glvo the most results were under At 4 oclock Lennep lectured at the auditorium upon Tire Women of the Their vrilsj 15e becua at the well two women at Ihcmill and a description of a wtdding ceremony were among the illusiratlons given with the assistance ot several ladles of the The class o held Its annual reunion this a fl did also the class of This evening was 1ield the second missionary Thomas gave tho closing lecture of tho speak uig upon David Livingstones Great Sale of Despatch to The Boston NEW August peremptory sale of 7000 pieces ol 34 casslmeres and BOO 64 took Dlace today at the auction 34 White About 100 representing prominent houses In all parts of tho attended the Arlington Milis 34 fancy cassimeres sold at and GO cents per yard and the seconds at 51 and 52 The Harris Mill Company34fancycassimeres brought 50 to 01 Va cents llyilo mills34 fancy cassimeres sold at 3UVa to40 cents 34 fancy cassimeres sold at 30Va to lorlynlght cases being sold 35 cents to clone out tho lot Sherburne Mills 34 fancy casalmcrcs sola at cents Haniisliiru 34 fancy 21 cents the Stenton Mills 34 fancy cassimeres were knocked down at 18 cents the Strand Son 34 tanuy eas slmeres sold at Hy dersou Mills 64 iancy overcoatings BOM at prices ranging from SI 20 to BO per yard tho Ogden Mills B4 fancy overcoatings sold at cents the Columbus laucy overcoating sold at 71fe72Va the Alsop Manufacturing Companys 64 ulue serge sold at and the 04 fancy cassimeres of Hie same make brought prices ranging from cents black 31 the Alsop Man ufacturing Comuauya sold for 75 cents pel A Probable fEpecial Despatch to The Boston August July 13 last a woman by the name of Tolman left her home In accompanied by a Since then nothing had heard from her until last when Tier husband saw an account of a body found In the North New answering to her Ho started Immediately for New but the body hart boon burled betore ho When she left had about In besidenconsiderable The Spaniard sailed for Gibraltar about a week and it is supposed that he murdered her for irer and then threw her body Into the river p Will August copy ot An Interesting Murder Despatch to Ihe Boston 1 August Redman and Alexander Keduiau are on trial here for tho killing of their John last The case Is of remarkable Interest and there ara over fifty The crime was commuted on the 23d of April last aud rose out of a dlspme about a bouimury and Alexander erected the fence and John in tho presence of his wlfopuid daughter tore It Bedmau then shot John with n gun and atier he hod fallen struck him on the bead with iho Alexander then broke Johns skull with a murderers disappeared at the tlmo but were arrestottwiihlu a few j Wangled His Special Despatch to The Boston Globoo August Au old employe In tbe pickerroom of the Continental named with a frightful accident Tuesday after He carelessly stuck His arm beneath a picker that was making several hundred revo lutions a and withdrew it a mangled Tho machine tore the arm off above tho and the lower portion of with tho dropped from the machine to tuu Sale of the Special Despatch to The llostun August The Chapman syndi cate is expected here tomorrow to close tbe pur chase of Southeastern with directors other than whose interest they now It is thought Che sale will bo put through uow without The Tables August At ReoUand to day Benton a white learned that a negro named Harris was waiting for him In some bushes with a shotgun aud Boggs went to the place and shot Harris A Telerraoh Operator LAKE August At Spring Hill station today John Fletcher shot and killed the telegraph operator ot tbe The killing grew out of an old 1 Death or a WallKnown John well known to the printers of Bos tor the post years employed In the com posing room ot THE died lost night after a brief Illness from typhoid was a native ot and was oi iSpoclal Despatch to Tbe Boston August this morning revealed tho wreck of tho Fifteenth between an eighth and a quarter of a mile At high Uric but a very small ilart of her port side was Attached to the sunken steamer by a hawser was the steamboat companys tug which was stationed there through out the night to warn approaching At sunrise a large number of rowbnats surrounded tho wreck In search of more and In two of the small craft were men with oyster Con siderable of the joiner work of tho washed loose by the was picked up by per sons In small boats and on the A molley crowd begun lo gather at an early and It in creased as tho morning until at least 1000 people were many of whom wero women In silk ami Captain Alexander Smith said to THE Gumi reporter We nro making every effort possible to spcidlly got tinKivnrdale to the sur Arrangemenla to this cud made last nlrht with our ship and we urged him to commence work at this II circumstances would Ho and his u HI worked all night getting their1 tools and Ihcy will be at the scene of the wreck as MOU as human energy will them to He la now trying to secure a dertlck large cnoucli t Ihe Deymes is He was 24 years old and a llremaii on thu He was fatally Mhi body wns covered with blis Hi died Ho was In the ciumoroom when iho sUuin began to ciimpiTiiiiH him to hasten to the Ho was cIliniihiK through tho stokehole when the explo sion Thomas Ircgns body wns removed from the morale this moming to his late OOiiWiitcr He was silting aft on the lower was louud dead hi Iho water near the lie was nearly 82 yours of and was born In Thomas Sail was a pump fitter In this and living at Humlcr Ho was taken to Delkvuo hospital was conscious at the time ulhls hut subsequently bucamo aud died at 11 He leaves live orphan his wile having died about a year Charles Slsson was 72 years a retired mer chant of His body has not been re Julia tho wife of Charles was 8 years Her body was found in the water after thu The following Is n the people missing of Slug of aud ol Slut of of JUss of thu a deck 460 Wash ington of of ratlsiulc Mountain Miss Manila of Is also sup posed to bo Her satchell was picked up in the of Harrison the boiler firm that built the boilers which wero ou the was seen today by a ULOUK Ho was in consultation Avilli Ills about thu Fletcher was asked if tho uollcrs when placed upon tho Klver dale In were entirely They were nut only new he bull wero made ol tho verv best maiurlal that we over There never was a patch put upon thorn to my Some other shops may have done for all I know to the I understand that wlrjlo thq steamer was laid somewnere ou life Hudson river Unit some repairs were but of what nature 1 do not No sensible and in fact anybody who knows anything about boiler will attempt to oiler a theory us to the What tho cause was will never be unless tho boilers are It might have resulted from low water or Tliose boilers were licensed to carry fifty pounds of Instead of as was re it is stated that was only carrying thirty pounds when the exploshm took Tills may or may not have been AFTER TUB Some Pertinent Ite ormm to be IJraed by Stoumboibt Special Despatch to Tlio Hostnn August Inspec torGeneral Dumont left for New York tonight to advise with Supervising Inspector Slatbuck in re lation to the Blvcrdale He has no authority to take part hi the tho law giving the supervising Inspector full In forth coming annual report General Unmoiu will rci the he has made thai the mode of selecting Inspectors by the super vising collector ot customs and judge of the District be lie would liavo the nomination o innda by the super vising inspector who would Ihiii bo solely responsible if unsuitable appointments were He would bo subject to tho discipline of the department fur all errors In that General Dumont will also that when Inves tigations of the acts of local Inspectors shall be louud necessary that they shall be made by courts of inquiry composcu of iliroo Supervising Inspectors trom other districts than tho one In which ihe Inspectors in question be This court shall report to tho who shall remove the oflleor lie deems He would also have the service graded so that each officer would ho responsible for the act of ids and also possessing thu power to suspend subordinates pending As It is now he has no power to remove the supervWiig inspector at New continues to perform ills duties while the Investigation going He states that a case Is record where fifteen lives were lost as tho penalty for ciiutmuing Urn duties of a negligent otllccr pend ing the examination of charges of neglect of spatch to Tho Boston August Tho fourteenth annual convention of the FIro Underwriters of tho Northwest was bogxm at the Grand Pacific Hotel Over 200 representatives of companies doing business In Kansas and Illinois wero President Decamp condemned tho erection of high buildings badly supplied with ho wero to be fought not only by organized insurance but by publicspirited men In calling attention to tho necessity of legislation In favor of greater precaution to property by Stale and municipal he said Surely the odds are against us If Ibis carnival of flames goes on Companies cannot forever stand the strain of HO to BG per loss and 35 to 40 per expense without something break The last paper was read by Mulllns of entitled The Compact as opposed to the local hoard of making rules throughout the Tho paper wan something of a bombshell to many members This begim In Kan as City and in operation in fourteen cities In the is one of appointing moo competent to make tho rate ot insurance for tile districts in which the companies do business for the companies joining tho com ARCHITECTS AT They raiten to unU Look About tho tSpeclal Despatch to Tho August 20 The first meeting of the seventeenth annual convention of IheAmerlcan Institution of hold with Providence was opened In Iho rooms nf the Provl douco Art on North Main this morn Ing by tho Thomas of Walter opened the meeting by an excellent ad dress delivered to some thirty members present from nearly all the prominent cities in the Houtlne business was then taken up and trans acted until 12 when the institute a snort recess to witness the exhibition of tho Spencer shown opposite the And then adjourned to meet at iho Narraganselt House to lunch as the guests ol Kliode Island After the lunch tho members and guests took canlaces and were driven about the visiting Sayies memorial building at Drown University aim several residences of architectural The evening session con vened at s oclock at tho rooms of tho art when a paper was read by Iroisesor Lansea of the Institute of with lantern The subject was Tho strength of materials from actual Tiie Former Thinks the Demands of tho Home Riders Will Soon ho Inc Illegal pension It Is nllegcd that he has been Instrumental In prosecuting claims for pen sions and collecting therefor In of the legal Ho was taken before Onltcd States Commissioner and In tho of his counsel ho requested that tho hearinc be adjourned until which was Ho was placed under OUTLINING jLatili rout Telln thu Senate Committee tho System of Incoriionitloitn Sneclul Despatch to Tho Boston NEW August Louis Post entertained thu Senate by givinc an outline of the testimony which could bo glvou by certain members of tho labor unions who have not yet been After cit ing the cases of Including those of churches who are in possession of valuable prop lie snld that the system was grossly unjust to the ho should prohibit the importation of loicign labor under Thomas a boiler was tho last witness examined lie said that In his opinion ships could bo built as In this country as in Workmen engaged In tho shipbuilding trade ou tho Clyde received belter wages than the worUmou Laborers on the ho rucelvyl about Si per and in the city they received Skilled labor In New Yoric City commanded from S2 BO to S3 50 per while on Ihe IJulaware it received from to per MAKING A CASE AGAINST Dick Xilddlen Tcullmony VcrlUcd Ginger tor wwksto Sensafonrtl Suicide at Coney 1st I Special to The Boston NEW August mysterious case of drowning took place at Coney opposite the Brighton It appears that Charles Hazeltlne and his who went lo the island for a days and during the day both imbibed too Inthe midst tho drinking bouts at tho woman suddenly jumped up tearing off her announced her determination oi drowning She then made hor way to the landing pier at Engemnns and jumped oil or fell nil the string Tlio shouts ot the spectators nil meted the attention ul tieorge Instantly plunged into the water nnd alter difficulty succeeded in dragging the woman still She was carried into Ihe Brighton Hotel and attempts made to resusclate alter working an hour they wero Her husband reinsert to talk about the nvatter and acted as though lie did nut take umcli interest lu the Free Thinkers in Special Despatch to The Boston August Free Thinkers convention mot in Corinthian Hall this mot about 400 persons being The stage was finely trimmed with flowers and pot Among the prominent men present were Eugene McDonald and Jay At tlio session of thu convention a committee ou resolutions was appointed by Presi dent and Jay Clmppel delivered an address on A Trio of the three being the reformation of the conduct of lawyers and He was followed by Samuel Put nam on the subject The Spirit of Humanity lu American praising Walt and Bret Hartu as artists who see the eternal beauty that is lu Playfulness That Ended August as Daniel Thomas Ewlng and Henry Satcb well were lying beside tho William Shep who was passing playfully alined Ins gun at Theweapou was accidentally dis inorjully wounding McKay and ana badly Injuring In Attendance on the Special Despatch tn The Boiton August was a gather ing hero tonight ot leaders of tbe Independent movement in the Binder Xilddlen Tcullmony Staton Evidence About Special Despatch to Tho Dostou court assembled this and George a farmer In Jack son testlllcd to Dick Middles leaving a wag on at his house some time after the Winston The books ot thcHichmond express ofllco were put In as evidence to show tho receipt of guns and Miss Emma Kin dig and her living four miliis from Wins Identified Dick UddiO and Frank James as being together ou thu day of tho Wlliram the farmer who took Jessie James In a buggy to Hamilton at the time tbe expedition was abandoned at Gallatln on account of Jesses corroborated Uddles account of tho He positively Identllled Ifrank James and other members of the gang that visited his farm with their slcit com son of the former testliUd to the visit of the cang to ms fathers Bray corroborated her husband aud son and was much clearer In hor identification than A recess was taken nt Wallace of the prosecution said that the State would close within ten minutes after the opening of the after noon It Is admitted on cvury haud that the Slate has made a voiy strong Spoiling Their Little Special Despatchto The Hostou August Internal rev enue bureau has received Information of frauds In New York in the marking of cigar This fraud is accomplished by putting tho stumps on in such a way that they can easily bo Thu brand can alfo bo obliterated without Tho boxes thus cleaned are sold and tilled with cigars as Internal Kovenuo Agent Brooks of New York reports tne arrest ot a Cuban mimed who had In Ins possession a quan tity of cigars from the boxes of which all marks of their domestic origin had been Ho was held by tho United Stated commissioner In bonds of Thu bureau is determined to prosecute all manufacturers to so stamp aud brand their boxes as to render this crime impos Liquors Still Boanie the Special Despatch to Tho Boston August the report of the Internal revenue bureau for the first month of the present fiscal year It Is discovered that the aggregate receipts are decrease under the receipts for the same period last year oi S2 713 U28 The heaviest decrease was In receipts for which amounted lo The only two Items not alfected by the revision are spirits and lermented the taxes collected on the former showing an In crea e of aud ou tho latter of Good Republicans Copying iSpoolal Dcsnatclito Tho lloatoa AllgUSt difficulty occurred imilgbt between Miles chair man of thu Committee of North and Colonel arising outoi the alleged Jilting of the daughter bv Lindsay slapped Commander on tile and declared that ho would seek further satisfaction at a hostile Commander has been prominently numlioned as tho Keiiubllcun candidate for the congressional vacancy In North Carolinas Making Public Officeholders Spocliil Despatch to The Boiton August commissioner of internal revenue recently received an inquiry from a collector of Internal revenue whether he could use a engraved with his In signing special tux stamps for whiskey Instead of signing himself every The commissioner has derided Uiat such a stamp cannot be The coiiecior must either sign his name or cause his deputy lo sign for Hanged Himself m a Special Despatch to Tho jllostou August re siding at 70 Amesbury committed suicide this afternoon by hanging himself stable near his Deceased was a member of Post and recently employed in the Atlantic Ho leaves a widow and two chil Suicide of a Carman Special Despatch to Tho Boiton NEW August a German commuted suicide this afternoon at his 6UB Tenth by shoot lug Tbe deceased was In good clrcuui Btifuces and had money in the Another Cloudy August for New England Partly cloudy weather and local followed by clearing winds mostly rising barometer aud Egyptian Rebels Making Trouble Zing Alfonsos By Cable to The Boston August in a speech at the National Neaguo meeting this said that there was every prosucct that tho next Par liament would without delay grant tho demands of the Homo Kulu In case tho government was unwilling to concede their demands ho had hopes that tho Homo Killers would have a sufficient num ber ol members nf rarlliiuiunt to make their in fluence The ho received from tho different parliamentary districts In Ire land In which elections arc shortly to be hold was aud ho thought that at the next session of Parliament tho Homo Kulo parly would number at least eighty in the course of his said that the condition of the tenants who had been evicted was torrlhlo In and In many unless nld could Im hud actual starvation womd uo the Hu concluded by appealing to thosii present to coma forward and help tho sutTorors by contributions of adding that cold weather would soon set and that these people must have assistance to carry them through tho August In an editorial this morning on Parnells speech mado last evening at National League mooting In says that he Is grievously mistaken ii he believes that the Irish parly has triumphed over the or is about to achieve a victory In ihu turning parliamentary It says that the most terrible charges which Inivc been made against Ihu irish partisans have never been answered nnd that no attempt has been mado to clear the loaders ol the Homo Kule party irom complicity In tho most shameful deeds of tbe Irish assassins and that these licis will uot be forgotten by TheUaliy Nuwssny ilialtho key note of Par nells smeeh Is that he uxiuds thai some measure of local swlfBiiveruniiiiil for Ireland will be passed shortly allcr tho opening of iliu next The sSiuudatii says Hint Iarnells riuiiu lo the Held of popular agitation Is an inieresllng and slgnltloum U Ihat ho dills as a public as hu uois nut possess the faculty of swaying ins hearois dr arousing their however much ho may convince their He counts upon obtaining such a measure of home rule as ho desires upon a basis of legislative independence 11 will tho Liberal party allow this Troubles of the Spanish August soon as the King ar rived hero lie summoned Iho cabinet Biiior SagttRta confessed Unit ho and hlfi eol Iciipucs dlMagrocd on Iho necessity of keeping up a of They could not approve of I lie royal journey to Upon this iho King again intimated a desire to see the present cabi net at least At the second council tho ministers It Is generally believed Unit Senor Sagasta will again form a coalition If this falls Senor Cauovas will bo called by Iho Cnrnoiies Library August lino library which Carnegie has presented to town of Dun his native was formally opened today Lord wno was thespokesman of the hlglily eulogized tho lie gracefully referred to the strong ties which lilnd Scotchmen to tlielr no mutter how long tlicv may be and said that ho was sure tho people of UunfKrinllne would over remember the name of Carnegie with feelings of gratitude aud HQOGHTON DURONS An Armistioe with the Aiifjnst despatch Irom Saigon slates that an armistice bctwuon tliu Frenoli ana Annamites lias lioin ami that tho Emporor of Annam lias accepted In toto the ultimatum pre sented by the French lly terms of this Instrument tlio French secure a Inrgc southerly nml they will iccupy tlio iorts iiionth ot the lluo nnd tlnis con trol the Thu furtlier silpnhites a French protectorate shall ho established over the wliolc and tho sovereign rights ot France shall bo forever recognized In Canadas August Alexander Mac in a sneeen before thn Groenock Chamber of Commerce declnriil that tlio people of Canada would never consent to a federation of the British He predicted that Canada would shortly adopt free and asserted that tho Canadians would give ihulr last man and spend their last dollarto preserve Ihe Integrity of Hie lirltisli He sailed lor Quebec this after On Hi3 Way to the Yunan HONO August distinguished Chi nese named passed throucjh ToUol on eu rente for the Yunan It la learned irom reliable sources that he will only observe the operations there and report on No troops accompanied but lie can procure them readily If Mines Giving Up Their August of the striking Staf fordshire miners Who refused to go to work when Uielaet settlement with the masters was arrived at are uow resuming work al the reduced Egyptian Rebola Making August Sna klni say that tho rebels occupy Intrenched posi tions on tilemountain roads leading from and and thut both by uost and telonrapb is Kettles and Pans as About oclock last ovenlne a woman rushed Into Station and Informed the lieutenant a light was in progress at 38 Kdinboro Officers Andrews and Dudley went to the place andlarrcsted Michael Griffin and Ills two hard fur mu tual assault and battery with Iron kettles and Both parties were pretty luidly cut about lie and Michael hud a scalp wound across the which necessitated his removal to the Hospital for Josephine is locked up lu Btatlou Charred With Stealing Letters and Patrolman Felt of Station 4 arrested Joliu Greney last charged with the larceny of letters and cheeks from lialley of 035 Wash ington by whom wnn bailey claims to have had utnlen front tils mall let ters and cheeks to thu value of about who Is If years llrst domed all knowledge of tho but subsequently knowledged to stealing two chocks and a like number of A Bogus Philanthropist in NEW Aumist tlia bogus who adver tised to help defaulters out of scrapes from a de ceased bankers account of was today convkted In Ihe United Stales Court and seni to the State prison for ono year ami to pay a flue of For Stealing Officer Burrlll of Station 3 arrested Lavlnla Greenland last evening on a warrant charging her withlarceny of a gold watch and chain and two gold nil valued at from tho dwelling house of Louisa 38 Norlh Anderson First Ball of New Special Despatch to Tho Boston August The first bale of new cottou from Italelgh arrived here this morn ing and was sold at auction for thirteen cents per It WAS classed strict Killed With a rSpeolM Beapntoh to Tbe lloitou August a quarrel la a canning factory here Mary Tuhey threw a can at a It missed but bit Caro line Hupp and Hilled A Penman Sharper in August tho lawyer who wns ucyuliUd several months wpwol Uewiuaing the Amvrtonn tesluu ol WftlJ arrested on tt charge ol reoolv BOONES The Metliml of MnkliiE Money Wnrklntr or iWpoclRl Dnspntch to The riojtiiti August a year ago Boone was declared a failing contractor on a number ot Star routes in the Accord Ing to the practice ot the post ofllco department tho routes wero rnadvortlsed and and In all cases at alhlghor figure lhati that for which Boono originally took Hoono had many other routes tliat still Tho pay for these routes was withheld to make np for the excess paid contraetors on the routes upon which lioomi It Is stated at the Ollleo Ije had sublet a number of routes ndvnn lor a route for which ho secured il2K he would sublet for thus making clean without any work at Hut when tho pay for these routes was shut olf from all Boono some time nco sent out circular letter to all his siibcmitractors offering to turn over ihe contracts to them on the routes upon which ho hnd not failed for a certain This action camo to the attention of the and yesterday PostmasterGen eral Gresham decldcd Mint no such collusion would be Hiicl not the scheme been discovered thu contract office officials sny that thn government would have been without redress and would have lost all the excess paid on tho routes upon which Boono had BRUTAL McNAMARA AND HIS He a Snllor HO Uumoiclfiillr Hint Him to tho Htutlon a Despntuh to Tho Boiton NKW August terrible case of police brutality occurred In this city this John a deck on tbo schooner Ellen now lying at her dok In was brutally clubbed to death by Officer MoNamara of the Mulberry strut t police at the corner ot Canal and Mulberry UMH Smith had been vlslllng the second mate of the same Whqn they parted Smith was tlio worse for Ho started for his at tno corner of olxtythlrd street and Third He had not gone far when ho entered the doorway of 121 Mulberry street and fell who resides In the culled Officer NcNiimara to get the man The entered the hall way anil at once began to club Smith In tho most brutal Smith got nn and proceeded up tho followed DV tho who kept clubblim him about the hack anil Smith remonstrated with ihe who became greatly and on reaching Canal sti uck the imtoriunalo sailor two lilows with his Smith foil dead on tho A stretcher was sent for and Iho dead was removed lo tho where the officers reported him as in all such ho was treated The ex citement In the neighborhood became so and such a demonstration was mado by tho that tho body of Smith was finally nnd then it was learned that he had been badly bruised and his nock Several resiiectaMu citizens called at tho stationhouse ami left their mimes as JIcNamara was arrested at a late hour tonight and will bo held to await the result ot the coroners Western Window Class ISpocwl Dospatali to Tho tloato i August the Western Window Glass Manufacturers special nicellng today at the Grand Pacific Hotel for tho purpose of taking action on tho subject of wages to bo paid during the coming season the total number present was Tno commit tee on wages reported tho schedule of prices ollurod by them to the subject to ac ceptance ou or before September This schedule was unanimously and every linn present agreed to make 410 glass until tbe conditions woriS agreed According to the list proposed a single strength blower will receive to 8115 per working live days In a week doublestrength per month gathering boys will range for single strength to and for double strength S80 to 385 per month cutters for single strength 885 to iiiidfor Rlrongih about 8125 per month tluttitior ior ahiHhi strength about and for do iblo strength per mouth TUls is the ultimatum ot the and If not accept d by the employes will probably result In general WEDNESDAY AffD 29 and 2000 ASSORTED SIZES IN SEAMLESS At the Following Prices 7 quarts only oack 10 quarts only 14 quarts only 17 quarts only 21 quarts only 1750 ASSORTED SIZES IN SFl II At the Following Prices 2 quarts only 212 only 3 quarts only 4 quarts only 5 quarts only these prices are for WEDNESDAY and 29 and Tremont HOUGHTON Ladies Black Wo have just 38O to Tbe price is The old price was this is the finest billgain ollcred this GREAT MARKDOWN Fire in a Philadelphia Woollen LSpeclitl Deinatch to Tin Boston Atieuat woollen mills at the northwest corner Third and Cumberland owneu hy Hugh and Peter were destroyed hy Ire this The building was occupied hy several rmmuiacturliig Gllniore occupied the flrat and lose Sc man ufacturers of casslinures and woollen occu pied tho second and lose Lay lunnufuctiiicrul loses Oar nor imuiubuiurora of woollen soods on tho fourth lose Tho fifth floor was used chielly as a storeroom by niamilaeliirer of zephyr who loses Tho building was nearly been built in valued at and was damaged S8000 almost entirely covered by Insurance In various About 200 people arc thrown out of Murder a Despatch to Tho Boiton BATON August tho Hed Gilbert Dnbors went to his brother inlaw to collect a debt of MaRoe could not pay and Dubers shot him Lance Canning Factory August Hemingways canning factory was burned Tho loss will probably reach Tho Insurance Is Now Enpclnnd cold bus struck Mount Trainer qf Maiden nnd Sadlo Fawdry and Miutln Fllzgorniu of Franklin rails were Vlilently thrown trom a cirrlaso at the latter place Budlo was seriously Lancaster pluBhiim mills of Clinton are to commiiii o Inmedint 1v upon tho encircling of th ir ml with 8 and water wnich will be conmrnciuu so as to connect the towns nmlti Abbreviated George Tech luis hoen granted a permanent InjnncUon by the United Stales Court tot the trfclof llhodu Island aualust Unn Sully for using the nnine of Pecks Bad Boy and Ills Pa to a triclof llh the nnine demoralization by that CURES Sore M well Fioit ADD ALL UfllElt IIODILY PAIMi iKll Bold br DrnuUti and DeAlari Fifty DIrwtloni In 11 VOCKLER PRICES up to per And LINEft HANDKERCHIEFS Are included In this heavy mark and never before were such bargains Houghton DO Tremont THE American Electric and minating Have moved Uito New OfHcei nnd 234 DEVONSHIRE Winthrop This company It now raady to cootract tor the comtructl mil Electric hi wlih tba oalolimtoA JUOMSPNHOUSLON ot any or with bollu s unU with lines ot wire mid structures lu rcartlueia lot ooiumuuclDK IiIGIITlXG BUSINESS IN ANY OF THE TOWAS CITIES OF NEAV ENGLAND ANJO STATE NEW HKNIiy COLONY Treasurer Otiesblre G HILAS GtJKMKY 1roprtutor Ttoruont Bos 1 WILLUM EDWAKD WILLIAM atOFUIE CAUXKB American EiptOH ABO JL uMl licilfral SILAS First WILLIAM ttocond tMi I Gkueral SuperluumiUtit ut K fit NEW STYLES 48 Canal Opposite Jttaine Experienced Retail Dry W and ho can elve ttia beat ot rurerencu A Onlr those iteu A to lietwmn 8 imd 10 at White DONT FORGET ha Two Grand Bxcurilona to Three emout