Friday, March 11, 1881

Boston Daily Globe

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Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - March 11, 1881, Boston, Massachusetts fS fir i FRIDAY MARCH PRICE TWO TYRANNY RUN Arrests of Irish Land y Boyton Appeals to the United States Recent Fire in News from m By Cable to The Boston March of arrests by the Wholesale come In from all Thus the1 police there has been no disturbance and little Tbe most notable arrest is that of the celebrated Sorab who recently j went to London intending to go to the Cape and join the bnt changed bis and is now insured comfortable Quarters for teen Those who had reached i up to 7 were Martin 1 president of the Loughrea County Galway ana Joseph Dalton of Clare charged with inciting a mob to attack a police hut Patrick Tur Patrick president of Annagb down county Four prisoners came from countv charged with taking part In riotous assembly they art Charles Drumshlre Matthew Drumkeirau Patrick Drum Shambo national from Dewra Michael GInglev and Michael Flynn were brought from Edward Hnssey from Castle Kenny fromBai and from county In addition to two arrests aro reported from county names not There were also three more arrests in county None ot the prison so has ever acquired more than local reputation except Walsh The lastnamed whose speeches wore notorious for their recom mendation to give the landlords recont Iv had bis photograph taken beside a with his rifle In hand and a pile of cart ridges at his The picture was labelled Nallys A newspaper correspondent Vlitted the Imprisoned in jail today and found them lodged in cells on the second range of the throe stories comprising the They are liberally treated and ox press themselves well satisfied with courtesy and kindness of the Their with wine or beeri aro sent from a neighboring Smoking is and for six hours daily the prisoners may associate for conversa tion and Two largo common comfortably ore devoted to the prisoners use for meeting their friends qnd transacting Dillon and Brennan called today and saw Boyton and Boyton describes bis arrest as a violation his rights as an American Nally reached Dublin by train from the The platform was When he was being put into a cab be For every man arrested let one be laid At Kilmalii bam jail ho cried An eye for an and a tooth for a Both exclamations wore londlv The latest in the list of arrests reported are three at namely Gordon and members of tbe local league A largo number of prisoners will arrive by the mail train at 4 iiom the A fresh batch of warrants were issued this Bound for Xtaffllih Mai oh additional arrests have been reported to the constabulary The prisoners are on their way to Kilmainham They are principally of the farming The charges against them are almost exclusively intimidation or Inciting The arrested persons include eight Land who were taken at A despatch from Cork soys About twentyeight arrests have been made in this and others are It Is stated that tbe prisoners will transferred to English The principal Land Leagners now in Dunlin held a private meeting yesterday and discussed the A great effort will be madof to make the aempnstrations on of which eighteen have been There is but little excitement in except among those immediately concerned in the Store March more arrests under tbe coercion bill have been made The men arrested have no political or social and their arrest is said to be due chiefly to per sonal animosity entertained against them by influential residents of their The Dublin Mail commenting upon their asks whether the leaders In tbe land reform agitation ore to be allowed to escape while their dupes and followers are dally dragged from their homes and shut up in prison without hope of re their families meanwhile being left to starve and their business wholly to the United Mln March Boyton has asked the XJnited States to inter fere in bis on tho ground that be is a citi zen of the United Lowell has re quested the particulars of the It is re ported that the American has re to protect Its citizens in Ireland and to procure a speedy trial for Boy Sanguine of March of Boyton are sanguine that they can procure American They quote the oases of John McCafferty and William were placed on trial for treason and felony in Cork in and on proof of being admitted to ball on their own recog nizances and told Justice Keogh that if they left the country they would not be required to come to Six months ago Boyton applied for a renewal of his American passport from which was Boyton is a brother ol Paul the wellknown Total Number of March Dublin despatch says more arrests under tho coercion act were made The total number now in jail is The French press denounces the arrest undei the coercion A from Parnell has issued a manifesto to tbe electors at in which he is very hard on the and says the Tories would have produced a better land bill than the present Ho urges tho weakening of the present DUcovery of Concealed March quantity ot arms was discovered at Kanturk and under the town bridge 100 Croppy pikes were found by a police The pikes appeared as though they had been buried some THE PARIS of the Burning of tbe ACugailn Du v tBv Cable to The Boston March tho alarm was given that thu Magasin du Printemps was tbe firemen did what they could with tho engines at their but all was The flames spread with frightful rapidity and witnin three hours Frintemps Itself was a complete At oclock the are had ex tended to tho adjoining houses in the Rue de Province and was threatening those in tho Rue de Caumatm and on the Boulevard Two steam tire engines and a few pipes were at The whole inside of the store was Every few minutes a wall fell with an ominous to tbe peril of tbe firemen and soldiers on The whole neigh borhood is still in a state of violent and IF is difficult to get any accurate information as to tbe cause of the it is origi nated in tbe carpet department on the entresol facing the Rue de and was dne to tbe careless of one of the Several nrmen who were dragged out badly burned from the glowing are lying in a precarious At the roof of the Prlnteuips was completely destroyed and the pontage in the Rue du Havre literally crumbled to The loss is greatly aggravated by the fact that the spring season opened Monday last as the sales at this time of the year average several hundred thousand francs the amount of new stock accumu lated was very FOKEIG5T No of March trichinosis scsre Is The Fall Mail Gazette says tbe great t eat porKeatlng nation the world may be relied upon to take every precaution as to tne health of the on which they depend so largely for for of tbe Plague In March That terrible tbe plague is advancing In Asiatic lecslrwl here of and suffering caused by it are extremely Many oases have occurred at and there are widespread fearstbat tho pestilence will be come Tlio Egyptian government will henceforth enforce quarantine and do all in its piiwer to confine plague within its present The March tho House of Commons last by applying the the arms bill was and it will have its third read ing Biennial March Helohstag by a vote of 127 to decided to refer tbo bill for biennial budgets and quadrennial parliaments to a The Imto March continue to fall on the island ot Many more corpses have been dug from tbe Cable Spnrgeon is seriously It Is reported tbat a number of persons belong ing to tho party of the traveller who went to Africa to Influence a suppression of tbe slave have been starved to death at VAUGHAN ANO Considerable Interest Yot In tbe Walk OLeary Left Behind During tho1 Even but Opens Well at the Beginning of the Fifth Sporting Notes Arguments For and Against an Extra Senate Committees Go Over Under the the treasury andiadcled by Senator Bavard to tho Sundry civil appropriations Is a3 follows That the secretary of the trensnry Inay at any time apply tho surplus money In the not otherwise or so much thereof as he may consider to the purchase or redemp tion of United States provided tbe bonds so purchased or redeemed shall constitute no part of the sinking but shall IX OF WILlOn CLOTHING CSiiecial Despatch to The Boston March OLoary was thirteen miles behind Yaughan at but during the morning he reduced tho distance to four At 3 Vaughan came out after three hours but failed to leave his competitor in the roar td any appreciable extent until OLeary went off tot Rowcll left the track at oclock last evening for as far as the present race is thouzh he will appear on the track each evening for an exhibition He slept at the Putnam House last and was in the garden this At the repoiters stand ho said No you in my staving on the traolc anv Had I wanted I conld have made 000 but it was no I am as I like 1 will now prepare myself for the Astley So far as having a man on the track with me is concerned to spur it makes no ditler I can do as I am feeling ell and without The betting on OLeary and Vaughan is OLeary lust said to vour missionary I will win The gate receipts up to 8 wore At OLoary caught at the conclusion of the 300th and for the first time in tbe struggle loss than a lap divided the two The spectators cheered and the band played Patricks For some time there were scarcely 100 yards be tween From the to tho O7tU During tbe afternoon Englishman again in creased his OLcarys efforts during tbe part of tbo day seeming to huvebaa a had effect upon The attendance at tbe garden during tbe evening was than on any previous except and it is estimated that fully 6000 spectators were including a fair number of mostly in the private At 7 oclock Vaughany after taking over an hours came on tho track and walked at the rate ot five miles per His stylo was much ad mired and frequently OLeary was frequentlv compelled to retire to his cabin for short and it was stated for stimulant who had announced his retirement from the race early in the ctuuo on the track at and gave an exhibi tion of his running His which at times reached a speed of ton miles an were loudly after walking one was compelled to seek his cabin for The seeing that his chances for beating Vaugban were vary to bull Vaughans and offered to bet 100 to30 against with but very low Vaughan is now strong tmd his winning is looked upon as almost At II oclock was still off the Howell track at after completing a Several New but tho Anxious Seats Still CSpeclal Despatch to The Boston single objection in tho Senate carries a report over one This the Republicans interposed when Pendleton presented the committees It is under stood tonight that policy is to interpose all tho delays allowed under tho Usually tho committees nro adopted at In this two ballots can interposed on each committee before its adop thcie are thirtynine committees to ba voted upon there would seventyeight ballots besides other motions thut can and will bo made by the In tho distri bution of the work there serins to be special criticism nwdo by Some ol tho now have liettor positions than they would obtained had thii Republicans mndo up their list as H The total number committee assign ments is 147Democratic nnd 122 The assignments ot tho now Democratic senators arfl ns Jackson of Tennessvfl to lorelpn pensions and Mississippi nvor Giorgo ot Misslsippl to education audlaborj Gorman ot Maryland tonaval po OLeary lelt the sixmile exhibition run in 40 Ho seemed not tbe walked into his At Vnughan was alone ou the havingobtained 13 miles He took matters comparatively and limited himself to a fournilicanbour came on tho track at nnd after walking two retired to his cabin much to the distrust the It was then openly stated that ho had been tak ing stimulants too hut his trainer re fused to give any Information upon the At after a few lively dur ing which ho was followed by once more ou the and Dan followed suit after another The atmosphere was thick with ex clamations of Is this not a hippodrome and tho Public Pny Fifty to See Bawdunt As the score both men have done work that Is of jut llttlo credit to them during tho At 0 tho ninetieth Taughan was over 24 miles behind tbe best although within four nilloa ot OLoarys per formance at Cbloaco in Vaughan retired for tho having walked 6UVa miles during the day to G4 by He was miles ahead of the vet who was also in bis Tho attend ance as midnight approached dwindled to very moderate proportions the only enlivening inci dent being tbe appearance of who was very HOinanaged to get upon tho track and was then unceremoniously hustled Fol lowing is The Fourth District of Columjiia and Mahone is placed on tho mtlitarv civil sci education and Tho new Republican senatoisare assigned OB follows Foreign rela Miller and Mitchell Hawley anil Conger Van Sawyer ana Mitchell nnvnl llntt of New York post and Van Wyck public Van WyoE nnd Miller Hawley District of Conger Harrison education and Hawley civil who is also on tho Mississippi river Sewell Is placed on the special committee on oattlo Va cancies have been left for two Republicans on the committee on territories aud for one on Cameron of Wisconsin and Frye of Maine are loft some what in the Sherman is assigned to the judiciary and The difference as to theSoutkern representation on the uminco committee seems to have been Com promised by placing Grovorot Oregon thoroon In stead of CamJon of West as was at ilrst Camdens connection with a national bank ns Its president was made a reason for It is expected that tho session will be livclv as the intention if to seoiire n vote on the The following is a complete list of the membership of tho Senate committees The PrlvlllRBS and Hill of Pktt of Now Foielgn Mil Me Jones of of West Virginia i Jones of Har Maiiufactures Wllllaros Davis oE Van Military Came ron ol Naval Jones of Cameron i 1 1 i 1 1 10 I 1 1 i 273 1 273 1 273 S78 7 280 3 C U85 0 290 S 1 200 2 0 302 0 307 810 J 3i7 0 2IH 207 271 i7B 270 1 4 2 2 285 0 Ot 1 i ut nv of Illinois Jlavai mil Iost Van Wyi Public lancls of L toihla M Hill of Prlvatu land Jones of Indian nffalrsCoko Piatt of claimsAnthony of Davis of Wst aim a vacancy to be filled bvoiiB of the Incoming District of Ilntt Sla Lopnn two bher Caraerou ot Hill ot Revision of the Pendle Dnvisof Education nnd co inos of Rolllu T ch 281 UD3 298 3 801 1 303 8 30K 0 SOB 7 3 811 3 817 0 318 B SSI 1 833 2 0 0 326 0 Engrossed Jones of Nc miroveinSnt of the On transportation routes to chair Cameron of Platt of New A TBOJ AN How Hnyon Veto of the Fundlnc Bill Troubling Special Despatch to The Boston March Republicans nre r for Standard Slver Spoclal Despatch to Tho Boston March Tho largest single order for standard silver dollars ever received at the treasury since the silver bill became a law came in Philadelphia bank ordered which was shipped In sixty weighing 100 pounds Throe tons of silver dollars is more than the amount coined atall the mints in the United States In one There is a groat deal of speculation amonc the treasury offlcora regarding the purposes to which the Phil adelphia bank intends to apply its supply of sil iToasuter Cillllllnn was of the opinion that It was to meet a payment upon some unulont luaso which In its terms stipulated silver as tho ooiri to be Thp Tho oQlcoseeteers cxpecc grout things from tho cabinet meeting It Is generally under stood that the bureau appointments will be with hold n few In tho matter of the oollootor Hlilps of Now York Is conceded to exSen ator Dorsey LioutonautQovernor tinchbaok of LouUlana has an eye on and AnioSi JBeors friends aro urging him for tho port of Now The contest for the New York postmastarshlp is said to He be tween Jnmea ofliclent and John United States supcivisor of elections in tho A Campbelllto preacher called on the President nnd urged his profusion and denomination as giounds for being taken core or The President kindly in formed the caller that government was not a church Tbo Old The expresident hopes to live in for a tlmo at at ills old homo In Ills cabinet is disposed of as follows Kvni ts and family remain in Washington until Mny atid then return to New Evarts is said to be much pleased with his appointment as chairman of the United States representation at the monetary conference at Ex Secretary Goft in resuming his old place as district attorney in West Virginia witli be all of tne old cabinet who remain in government ExAttoinevGeneral Sevens resumes law practice in Hostnn next fall ExSeoretarvSobiirz Is to give attention to Louis panors interests exPostmasterGenoral Maynard andcxSoorotaryRumsay will nnd solace from politics in property cases in Tennosao and Minnesota oxAioePrcalaent Wheeler contem plates an extended European Bcunrz Sued for A suit for damages was entered in the Circuit Court of this district today by Charles claim agent and landbounty against Carl exsecretary of tbo for injuries alleged to have been done Gilmoin by his disbarment on April irom practice before the Interior Tho action was taken by Schurz after an investiga tion ot tho charge against Gllmqie of having bribed Frank clerk in tho land The plaintiff claims that ho had spent tho amount claimed in advertising and otherwise preparing to obtain and carry on an extensive business as claim Schurz Issued an order that he should not bo recognized ns attorney In any claim before any bureau of the This ho claims affected fees amounting to nearly A Iconic Seulnn of tlio Senate Senators state that executive session will not adjourn under a and may bo longer in The Chinese treaty is likely to give rise to a protracted as Farley of California proposes to try and amend the emigration This bp ouposod by all the other Pacific States There are some legal questions raised as to the commercial General Miller content with the work of our Internal Among tbo army anxious ones in the city are tho Internal irovonue most oC whom have boon on band since the 4th of March to make snro of tho preservation of their ofllclal There aro 1 20 of two of whnm have been in service nineteen two and sixtyfour over eight Only forty have not served four The Senate confirmed this afternoon Sporry to bo postmaster at New William Faxon to bo postmaster at Hartford to bo United States districtattor ney for Rhode and Robert Taylor to bo n member of the Mississippi river commission in place of Senator Bon Mure ExSenntor Hannibal Hnralin is named for col lector of tbo port of Tho Senate had n brief session coinc into executive session at and adjourning at Secretary of War Lincoln took the oath of office at U and at once entered upon the duties ot bis The secretary of thd treasury estimates that ho will bo able to expend in the pur chase of bonds during tho balance of the fiscal Walter Blalno has been appointed private sec rotary to the secretary of and Judcl of Ohio him been appointed private tele grapher to the It Is stated that Chief Justice Gray of Massa chusetts Is to bo appointed by President Gartiold to tbe supreme while General Devens is to be offered the Peruvian from which ChristiHiioy Is to be John Whlttlor having the York town commission has invited Paul llnyne of NorthCarolina to compnso an ode tor the YorK town to bo sot to and rendered by performers in continental Secretary of tho Navy Hunt is talking of tho Joannette search and considering the ad visability ot the purchase of the whaling steamer Marv anil now near San The expedition is not to start bef o ro July Census bulletin just gives the AND so that we have now the the Lightest and Most lent Clothing Salesroom in New GREAT BARGAIN SALE THIS OPENING Lower prices than ever before named in New England for firstclass Below will be found some of the garments and By Wo guarantee every garment we and if not satisfactory an allowance will be made upon samtt within six months ot date of Manufactured DIASONAU from an ALLWOOL Well made and and actually worth810 tndn7 A OJf As good a suit ovory way as usually sold by small donlors at to Well trimmed and thoroughly OF Manufactured from a very liandioma ALLWOOL striped and to make por Wo hall close them out this week lor look at this OF Vest and Pantaloons Coat madoby 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of our nitAKTOU STOKES THROUGHOUT NEW ENGLAND where they will find our entire stock and where the prioes arc identical with those of our two Boston We guarantee the same perfection of tho Btuno satisfaction to all our as though the orders were loft with us In Our Branches are located as follows 0 7 8 1 10 n 7 11 S 12 3 THE FIFTH WAIT Alono ou tho Track Floral CSpocInl Despatch to The Boston MADISON SQUARE NEW March after mldniebt tbe repre sentative of this side of the water returned to tbe ho sienal for an outburst of The most pleaslnp Incident of the contest thus Jar occurred at this nnd eclipsed all the former ovations to tho Clonakilty John the furniture prince of Jersey City and Miss Annie Mullen and Nellie Sault met the cxehamplon opposite the Madison avenue and hringlnc him to a stand still each member of this committee presented him with a mapnlfloont floral The effect was as Dan bowed and returned his and the entire audience Burst forth into a spontaneous Vauirbnn was In his and Row with his bud left tho carden for the Ashland House half an hour pre OLeary from that moment dashed off into bis oldtime and revived the interest in tho the beinj chanjred in his When Vaughan retired he was 17 miles in the but at the beulnnlnc of the 08th hour OLoary had pained three tho score at 1 belne 342 miles 3 laps 338 miles 4 OTHER SPORTING Intereitlne to The lonijtalkedabout meet of tbe Leaeue of American which is to be held May will probably take place In New Louis the editor of the Bicycling World in this has received tbe following NEW March grant league permission to parade through Permission from elevated roads to carry bicycles on Now Vork clubs will store bicycles Committee obtaining rates fxdm COKAKT Dick Richard wellknown as the backer and trainer of Georire the has returned from his trip He was yes terday the recipient of many warm creetincs from his His advent aroonc tbe boating men will be looked upon as the forerunner of llvelv and tbe race between bis and 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BoysDepartmenthits been removed to very light and airy i whore will ba found attached to the department a convenient waiting 261 and 263 Washington Next Door to Herald SOUTH END BRANCH 751 Washington Colomus and Colomus has k record of ana has made a mile ID the matched scan of Colomus a at Colomus has k finding the Hayes veto of the funding bill to bo a Trojan Democrats like Senators Vest and the western and southern men in teneral arc ioud In declaring if there Is no extra session and a consequent BUCCOHS in passing a worklnii funding act that the Democracy will carry every doubtful State and make inroads on the Republican congressional Sen ator Voorhees snid tonight the issue was a clear Hayes legacy to hlH party placing it before tho country squarely on the side of tbe national It was just such an Issue as swept Jackson into nnd it would give the Democracy a now lease of It afforded tho host opportunity to throw dead questions nnd the Democrats would uo The Indiana senator is only giving voice to what is being said constantly by Southern and Western There is no doubt bnt they nope tho President will adhere to his present objections to an extra Among Republicans there IB a wide diversity of Such men ns Jones Of Watt of New Cameron and tho number ol tlieir representatives from tho West and the doubtful States wbo are in tbo city nro openly and above board in favor of calling an There is likely to be a concerted move to express this Reeling to tho President Thoio is reason for that Blaine coincides with these Of course there Is no doubt that tho chief animus is a party On the other hand the President is opposed to a called and has so expressed himself in a quitt way to various public men who have broached tbe It is objected that tbe Michigan vacancy cannot bo tilled for sixty nnd that the probabilities are strongly against Gov ernor Plaisteds worklcir in Republican interests by nn early call for an election to till the vacancy of As to Mortons district there it great though the ciiances are esteemed hotter now for an administration man than they will be next Little fear Is felt ns to Hawleys The situation in the House is such that tbe White House has fears of Republican inabil ity to To this there are those favoriug a call who reply tbat the Greenuackers will vote with the Republicans in organizing tho They would so vote because a Republican organization would uocura tbe admission of Lowe ot Alabama to his Hyatt Smith and Braumm are expected to vote with the The treasury Is disposed to take sides against an extra session upon the ground that tho ti per cents to fall due by the 1st of June can be handled without In anyway straining credit or disturbing It is de clared that the entire two hundred and one mill ions of 6s can bo taken There are on hand unissued in 4 per cents and fifty of With the surplus revenues which can be applied and what can be realized on tbe sale of tbe olficlals are claiming the whole amount of Us can be more than wiped out or funded at a lower The amount tbat can be paid right out before De cember next is set down at about Those Republicans who oppose an extra session say tbat they will le able in this way to make an argument which will fnlly offset the Democratic attack as to bank Greenbackers like General Weaver are disposed to cbnckle over such a As tue chief argument they made on the house floor was against any funding at it will snlt tnern to tbelr position taken uy conservative Tlie Bayard wticli WM at Census DUIieciu just KIYCB buu total number of males In tho United States an and females or fomalos to every a loss of 1282 females In the ratio since due to extraneous FIRE A Colorado mining Town Wiped March the county scat of Ouster and a mining town of con siderable uunr which Is situated tho well known Basslck was visited before daylight this moralng by severe which was not stopped until the entire business part of tbo town was The is distributed arnoue the principal business Tho insurance is very The fire is considered of incendiary It was first dis covered before daylight in the outhouse of Mil lers which was discovered to be sat urated with Water was obtained onlv from wells aud was soon Al the letters and papers in tbe post olllco were Including S4000 In bills of the postmasters re nt Ijake LAOOXJ March Lake Village this morning Nixons block was tbe fire originating from a defective Wards variety Monro s the Odd Fellows and were tho Nixons loss Is insured for SHOOO Odd Fellows Hall insured for S500 Moore insured for Pluruiners loss covered by An adjoining building was badly damaged by fall ing Fire In tbe Albany Lumber At about oclock last evening Frank tbe watchman at the Boston Albany freight yard in tho Back rang in an alarm for a tiro which broke out in tbe west end of one of the lumber sheds in the Tbe nre spread and at the start looked liKbt Inc up brilliantly and attracting crowds of spec tators in spite of tbe Tbe prompt work ot the department kept tbe nre in check so that only about thirty feet of building was The loss on the lumber in tlie was while the damage to the building was about allot which falls on tbe Boston Albany Fire at The twostory dwelling house of tbe late Dexter at nre at 2 oclock yesterday moraine and was completely with Its Tbe flames com municated to the adjoining house of Sanf which was torn down to check the The loss is between and Insured for In tbe Hincham Mutual 2000 in the ol New In March vet sell are In distress near this A bark laden with cotton is stranded about 350 feet from The other two are one whose names are not Tne United Leyden baa gone render THE C ft U E M U R D E R E R 7 The Trnmp Clniricea tvttli the ArrcBltid at Special Despatch to Tho llostou March Ofllccr Randall Bean of Alanchester went to Coutoooookvillo this afternoon and arrested John the tramp printer accused of being real murderer of Cruo at about a year Much interest in the arrest is manifested ns it is known that Stearns Kendall has been tried and is now under sentence to bo hanftod April 22 for hav ing commltied Dearborn was found lit work In the oflleo of tho UopUtnton and offered no resistance to the who took him to Manchester for MAIME The ninlue After the How Some Kepubllenn Were Out Special Despatch to The Boston March A petition is in cir culation here to aid in procuring tho appointment of Daniel Davis to tho position of collector of the port of General the present althoueh ho stands well at headquar ters In Is not a tool otthc Blalno and Hainiln and therefore must bo removed to make room for Todny in the House a nice little game was plaved on tho Republican members hy the Union Strout of who assumes to lead tbo Republican presented the majority ropurt of the committee tin tho stato of tho Com taking strong exceptions to that portion of tho Governors adclrcsn specially re ferred to them and had tho matter ordered Thoh Kitohlo of Wlnterport pre sented tho minority setting that llriUgoham and cotiM nut join in thci premises and conclusions of the They had tbulr report ordered Btroutwiis informed that the minority report contained portions of Governor 1Iaisteds and he Immediately moved tbat too vote ordering it to be printed bo Tho vote was and 58 voted in favor of and 150 The motion was ann tbe Unionists scored their first victory of the So agitated were tho Republicans over this matter that tonight they held a secret caucus for the purpose or urging their members to attend more regularly at the sessions or tno Legislature so tiiat In the future tbe scenes of today may not bo NEW Strickland has been nominated for Mayor by tbo Republicans of steamer Newport omitted her Wednesday nlirbt trip on account of tho heavy man giving his name an Lyman Tarr of Rockport fell overboard from the wharf ot the Cape Ann Fish at yester and was with difltculty rescued from drown ing by employes of the special irelgbt train collided with a way freight on tbe Concord about a a half this side of Manchester Weanesday and tbe resnlt was a general Seven cars were thrown from tbe track and badly dam tint Official March last official act of President Hayes was the pardon of Thomas a convict in tue Illinois State penitentiary for embezzlement In tbe postal service in the district of The pardon arrived this dated March Senator March is an nounced from a reliable source that the Governor today offered the made vacant by the resignation of Senator Windom to General Edperton of General Kdgerton served as Btato senator and as railroad commlsiloner and Is aleadinj lawyer of the City Striving to Evade March Brewers of filed complaint in the United b States Circuit wbtcb sets up that tbe city ol Duluth was Mtaorixed DJT an of the Legls lature to issue bonds of the city to the amount of payable at the city of Now at an agency of the to bear Interest nt the rate of 7 per per By the not the faith of tbo city of wan Irrevocably pledged to the payment nt the interest and tho principal of the Tho complainant makes an exhibit that the city of Duluth is indebted to him in a largo Then comes the curious allegation tbat the city authorities sought to defeat tho pay ment of tho samn by procuring tlio passage of nn net to create a village out of the He prays that this act shall ho declared unconstitutional by the Federal HOG Where Consul Crump Got Flcnres in Kcitard to Prevnleneo In the Despatch to The Boston March tho most indig nant set of men In the country over Consul Crumps report of the ravages of hog cholera and trichinosis was the Chicago Board of It appointed u whoso investigations in florae degree relieve of It finds that ho has been deluged with communications from tho West giving tbe most alarming accounts of tbe ravages of the and that newspapers with articles marked have been constantly forwarded to him at tho object being undoubtedly to influence the It Is stated that Crump bused his report largely on tbo State agricultural reports of Investigation ot these shows some alarming The report for 1878 signed by says Dogs died of cholera in this State tbat The report of 187U gives the number of hoes and pigs dying of that disease ns The report for 1880 gives the cholera deaths at only These figures have sur prized tho Hoard of Tradn men quite as much as did Crumps consular and they have sent a committee to Springfield to investigate tbe State agriculture department and ascertain where Fisher got his It is feared that by these reports Crumps representations to tuo British government will he and that Secretary in having contradicted will be placed in an embarrassing predica Killed ny Strong Investigation by Medical Examiner Draper into the death ot Abraham Holmes at the Boston Hotel shows that the man came to his death some time between Tuesday night and Thursday morning from fits caused by excessive In bis possession were found pa pers which showed tbat be was once tho nwner of the estate 81 Camden after wards janitor of the Union 40 State street that bo bad friends at Holmes nas neon at the Boston Hotel about a aud has had no visible means ot A Mill Stone with fatal March large mill stone in Fishers flour mill on South Des Flaines street late this seriously injuring four men wbo were working near August had his left log fractured in three Slauos and was otherwise perhaps ohn Newborger had both legs and will probably Thomas Blakely was cut and Taylor was knocked down t Murder at March most de liberate and coldblooded murder occurred here Charles a shot through the eye and Instantly killed Jerry a finelooking and welltodo colored The trouble was tbat Douglas had accused Green of rubbing him some time Douglas Remarkable f rum Special Despatch to The Boston March a man named Ross fell down the shaft of the Revere mine at Blue a distance of 130 bnt esbaped with only a broken Captain A telegram to Warren Merritt from Quarter master dated tbe Colenwn New hays tbat Captain Snow wu sot M wel and was very THE In March OBBBIWKRS SIONAL March 7 40 100 20 Lt 2 41 100 Lt p 30 01 Ill 38 100 18 Lt Moan dally tfoandallyther Mean dolly Maximum Maniiuum S3 March writes Tho winter of 1881 is not There are yet at lease throe storm periods in this On the 13th or on the 10th and on the 20th or The last two periods will give us heavy snow one of which is likely to be tbe heaviest fall of tbe For New clearing weather during tho colder northwest rising Singular IBffeofc oC a NEW very singularcasB ot nervous prostration has recently occurred in this city in connection with tho revival meetings bold In tbe African Bethel A daughter of John 18 years of attended tho meetings on Thursday and Fiiduy 3d and 4th when there was a great deal oS On Friday evenlnjr she sat leaning back in her seat with her eyes shut most of the aud when the meetlns closed was unable to walK and was carried homo and put in a Alter sitting some time Haydon observed was time to hut she did not speak or make any and at length her mother carried her to a bod and laid hir and she has not spoken or taken anything into bur stomach Sbolles assho Isput irom tiuio to breath ing and her pulse seems to be in a healthy but bhe Is apparently uncon except that she Is exceedingly suscepti ble to any suddeu which causes her to move in a slightly convulsive She has been attended bv a competent who is of opinion that she knows what is going ou about hur and her father coincides in this Ex cept a slight deformity in one of her which she has had from she has always enjoyed good and her mental powers have been Bharp Work nr March flurry has been created among State and Federal officials by tho discovery of tho presence of a band of bold counterfeiters in this The criminals have been working together with grcac skill and They were tracked by fennsyl vanla detectives to and then the clews as to their whereabouts Tho officers say that this particular gang of criminals has cood coun terfeit and bills ou the First ana Fourth National Banks of Boston out in different parts ot the u large sum in smaller counterfeits on about a dozen different All these huvo lately been sent to Rhovers In in large They sum up in large bills sent In one and the detectives say they have trucud this entire amount to three of seven shovors engaged by the every one of tbe throe now belne in the neigbborhood of The detectives further allege that tho same gang of couuterleitera has been successful in securing good plates of Texas counterfeits ot which may lie A heavy reward is offered for the capture of the seven Brported or nn American March has just been reported from Fortune bay than at American herring has been witn all Her name was not RUPTUR SHEEMAN returned trora His iAY and Uks neutui of before and after inallea 10 1 M WJfu JUI

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