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Boston Daily Globe

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Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - March 2, 1881, Boston, Massachusetts t l imii 1 WEDNESDAY MARCH PRICE TWO MIDNIGHT PSINGS Over the Refunding Bill in the National Senate Amendments but the Bill Hangs GarfSelds ReceptionWashlnerton with CSpeclal Despatch to The Boston March refunding bill has completely absorbed the attention not only of tbe but also of tho lobby and many out I Eiders all Its fate is the only thetne of dis cussion inside and outside the The corri dors of the capital have been crowded all and tonight the crowd does not seem to have Many banking houses have agents who telegraph constantly to keep their employers posted concerning every move At this hour it is thought the tiill will but in what shape cannot be fore It may be so amended as Mto induce tho President to sign Friends the bill are con and seem force its Its opponents may abandon the trusting to delays and amendments in the Senate or an ex ecutive veto to kill it Every species of filibustering has been resorted to in the House to prevent the passage ot the opposition coming malmy the The opponents of the bill tried to force con sideration of unfinished was the reapportionment On the first division ot tbe House 100 voted against 60 for consideration ot the reapportionment Springer demanded the yeas and The clerk was about to call the when Finley rose to a parliamentary Bouok of Wiscon 1 who was walkiug In theroar ot the seats and who had become thoroughly disgusted with parliamentary inqmrles and points of yelled In a tone of complete disgust and loud enough to be heard all over the Parliament ary belli This created such a laugh at Firjievs expense that he could not proceed with his The question of consideration was de cided against tho apportionment Conger and his backers then indicated a purpose to put the motion to go to the speakers and to that end demanded the next bill under the bead of unfinished busi whicb was one to prohibit Carlisle had no remedy but to raise tbe question nt and upon that the roll was again A like course was pursued on the Inter state commerce demanded that the unfinished business be taken tho speaker replied that he had caused 4 diligent search to be made and could find no unfinished business of a class that could be put against a motion to go tho speakers After a further struggle the House got to the business on the speakers The Bill Finally Kenchvd at and Conger made a point of order that the Senate amendments must bo considered in committee of the they increased ex 1 The speaker overruled the point of and Conger appealed The appeal was tabled by a vote Tucker moved to take a recess and gave notice that when the House again met ho would press the bill The House at took a and re assembled at resuming consideration of the funding Conger a point of order against theamendment which required that the 5 and 6 per bonds to be refunded should from time to time he repaid and replaced out of the the Sales of bondsor treasury notes authorized by the act This point was Conger then made a point of order against tho sixtieth that was also Tucker then on tichnlt of the ways arid means to have a paper showing the amendments in which they had agretiil to concur aud I those in which thev would noncbncur Conger made apolnt of order that the Senate amendments roust be taken proposed to call thei previous question on concurrence in tho amendments to which the ways andmeans com mittee had Conger said that in that event there would be no opportunity to offer an amendment to a Senate Tucker said the bill had been referred to the ways and means committee as amended by the The committee had considered the amend and he was instructedto move concur rence in some of the amendments and noncon currence in The Michigan gentleman knew as well as any one that the ways and means committee had recommended concurrence in a certain Conger said had not seen the Tnoker replied that thfigen knew what he stated wns a A dis cussion In whichMrConger admitted certain and Tucker said be required no indorsement from the gentleman from After a good deal of discussion the House was brought to a The Senate amendments to the first section were nearly all agreed Upon tbo amendments the speaker inquired whether separate votes would be Conger said he would demand a separate votoon all Mills suggested that sepa rate votes would hardly bo Conger replied that there might be difference of opinion about Conger then demanded aisepa rato vote on the amendment that no treasury note of less than shall be but it was agreed Conger also demanded a sepa rate vote on the amendment providing that the cost of issuing new notes should not exceed or 1 per The House bill recommended V4 of 1 Tbe Amendment wan MARCH Do La offered a motion to recommit the Dill to the committee on ways and instructions to Incorporate an amendment to the twentyfirst that whenever any national banking association shall retire Us circulation in whole or in as provided by It shall ho tlie duty oC trio secreta ryof the treasury to cause to bo issued and placed in circulation legaltender notes ot a lino and the national bank which shall have diminished its circulation after shall bo entitled toIncrease the amount ot Its circulating The amendment was ruled out on the ground that it was not germane to the ainondmentto which it was in behalf of the offered an amendment striking out and inserting certain words in the last clause of tho first section BO as to makenit read as follows And it it shall happen that more than the entire amount of bonds treasury or either of has been stibscribfld within said thirty he the secretary shall award the full mriouut subscribed to all persons who shall have imirto bonalldo subscrip lu the order of time of said at rates most advantageous to the United This was 103 the amendment of tho Sonata was The Senate amendment proposes that the secretary shall award the full amount subscribed to all per sons who have made bona fide subscriptions for the sum of or loss and tho residue ratably among subscribers in proportion to the amount by them respectively subscribed Springer to JSeeouslder the vote last and to lay that motion on tbe Conger demanded a yea and nay Several members Now we are beginning to see the good faith of the committee of ways and that loud enough to be The yeas and nays were and a motion to table was agreed to 110 to Conger then moved to and after a rollcall and that bad beerj defeated he rose to move a recess nntil who was in tbe chair as speaker pro recog nized Tucker as being in charge of the Conger wanted bis motion The speaker pro said lie would not recognize the gentleman rom Michigan until he bad recognized tbe from Tucker then made a motion with regard to tbe twentynth Conger made a point that they had not passed from the sixteenth and he insisted upon his The speaker pro still refusing to recognize Conger said If the chairman gains anything by that arbitrary I hope he will tell me Tucker submitted a mo tion to concur in the sixteenth amendment of the and pending that Congers motion for a recess was The Republicans wlthneld their votes and no quorum After the roll had been called Tucker thought It impossible to pet a on his the Howe at took a recess until 10 elect and Breakfast the President elect and wife called at the executive mansion upon the mother of deneral who had been driven from the depot to a room prepared for her at the They were cordially received by the President and Hayes in a private Shortly afterward the President and General retired tor a brief consultation on tbe subject of convening the Senate in extra It was decided to call a session for March The General and Garrteld then returned to the The afternoon was spent receiving a large number of distinguished both ladies and paying their regards to the President elect and At G oclock supper was served in a private General Garneld and his guests and those of his children who are at the hotel with sitting down Of the only the two younger sons are the Miss having become the guest Colonel with whom the two elder sons have been stopping for some After dinner the Presidentelect took a short and returning to the hotel spent theevening with his resting from too labors ot the which have been very and re ceiving informal calls from a few personal Among the callers upon General Garneld and wife were President Haves and Hayes and Webb William wife and Horace James and Rbsooe Colonel John Carl General Senatorelect Ben George and wife Charles General Misses Colonel Sla WEARY PLODDERS At Madison Square Garden in New Panchot Ahead the American Record at 335 MilesKrohne a Good fourthand Cutran Schofleld and Walker Nicholas John Vice Presidentelect Whitelaw Clarke of tho National Associated Walter Phillips of the New York Associated Colonel George Johnston and Theodore and during the afternoon a heavy black silk plain yet Callers wero received in the private which are on the G street front of tho Kiggs They are elegantly fitted THE CITY Vltltorc FoDrlHc In from All Special Despatch to The Boston March city is becoming In the capitol it is not possible to move freely in the corridors or The vis iting military already and tbo handsome young Buckeyes who form General Garflelds es cort were numerousenough to he soemlmrly twice their real There Is a large number of New Englanders already and every train brings The day has been with a keen March wind It has moderated Tbe city has begun to don Its holiday and tho spectacle theline of at will be quite brilliant and Among the Massachusetts visitors are already numbered Miss Keyes of Governor Miss oxConcressman and A Charles J Starr and Brown of Bos tori Thomas Hathawny of New and James of Tho Maine Republican Association has opened rooms for the visitors at 808 F The Massachusetts Club will announce Its headquarters Every effort will be made by local bodies to make it pleasant to To that end most of tbe clubs and associations here have voted not to march in the but to devote them selves to the care and comfort of those who come from Special Despatch to Tho Boston NEW March contest at tho Madi son Square Garden continued throughout the afternoon with the eight who remained In the race at the opening of tbo second stilj at three that failqd to wore who stopped wit a score of 116 Ennls with ana Tyrnan with 85 Some twenty members of tho Saratoga Rowing Association which is Dacklng tho unknown factor in this aro at hand watching the work of thoir It is that in tho event of his securing first place will win The weather today has been even worse than yos and the garden is filled with a chilling atmosphere from the outside Tho situation at noon was not materially different from that of the early morning and the ap pearances failed to indicate that either of the contestants would fall tho though It had been rumored that Allen might retire at any The leading was In the van at noon with 179 a trlfio ovot two miles better than tbe American Sullivan wns second with while Lacouse wore tho with 135 being five miles behind tlie clown of the Old Poor Dick the only Hntnte remaining in the seemed to the onlooker to be reasonably fresh and moved in nimble but it was evident by his frequent stops that be was fan from being in good Ho to cover 450 ana thus obtain a slice of the For about an hour during tho early port of thQ afternoon Sul livan and Panchot trotted nrountl tho traok in tbe order and it was re marked by the diminutive number of spec tators that it was a case of last shall bo since Howardsscoro was tho low At a few minutes betoro Pan chots tally dial indicator 100 and of the trio all seemed likely to hold out to the end on though tho tips and downs in a struggle of this kind are not to be predicted In advance of their Tho bookmakers did little and had themselves only to as tho odds in any style of a bet proposed were all in their Following was The Score at 3 Extra of the President Hayes this afternoon issued a proc lamation convening the Senate in extra session on the 4th of It is believed that tbe Presidentelect has determined upon several members of his cabinet whose names will be sent In at It is rumored that Senator will be secretary of the of the At the of tho all tho House bills were passed except granting right of way into the District of Columbia to tbo Washington Chesapeake and to tha Southern Maryland railroad The bills passed mainly private or The Jtlver Harbor Bill Finally The conference committee on the river and harbor appropriation bill cut it down leaving the amount appropriated The report was to by the House by a vote of 160 to 84 after a bitter and the Senate The House today concurred in tbe Senate amendments to the agricultural appropriation The President nominated today John Holder man to be consulgeneral at He is now The ways and means committee adjourned to day sine die without taking action upon tho sugar or tariff The House appropriations committee reported today the general deficiency appropriating It will be taken up Senator Cameron of Wisconsin has gone to Madison to take a hand In the fight for tho vacancy caused by Senator Carpenters Thu Senate committee on foreign relations re ported this morning in favor of the payment of the claim for interest held by Spanish citizens of East Florida against the United The bill to return to the amount of indemnity paid by that government in with interest was discussed at consider able length in the Senate this without went over The Senate committee on foreign relations re ported today all the oomtnnnlcatlons and bills referred to it concerning interoceanic with tbe remark that the time had not yet come for indication by tho United States of its prefer ence for any particular The subject was Indefinitely Thus far the work of tho as Krobno is familiarly has been a matter of consid erable comment among those who have watched him arid tho fact that he was at the above hour only nve miles behind the lowest man in the leading trio was remarked as an evidence that lie meansto be In nt the In fact ho is1 getting to be something of an automaton in and though he has walked more the last two years than any other candidate that has entered the he still appears to have an inexhaustible supply of steam to keep the ma chinery him at He looks like ananimated every particle of superfluous flesh having departed long and it is amusing to notice the pendulumUice motion of his arms and tho pistonrod action of his lower For a man ol his years the veteran would be much better employed in pursuing his legitimate as his frame with the heavy hand of ace can stand tho terrible strain which follows an attempt to keep pace with the moreyouthfnl Buffalo the Saratoga rand the little Englishman from Glen The mortality of the Mutch during the first thirtysix hours was rather alarm as the following list of the showing the time of leaving and the distance in dicates Oweu Frank John By consulting this list it will be seen that Ennis has made by far the poorest score ot any of thu lame ducks for the length of time that he stayed in the and Lacouse have been selected for the ranks of the retired to private though during tho latter part of the afternoon the longshoreman showed a deter mination that boded no good to who seems terribly and would no doubt be glad to One of legs bears Dadlooking and tbo poor fellow looks at the specta whoare becoming conspicuous by their the scorers and tlio from the finest as if to beg them to take him from the Taking courage at tho weakness his opponent displays Curran has crawled Into fifth as is shown by The Score at O The match was between Taylor ol and Michael Dqnahoo ot Now the holder of the lightweight champion belt of for a purse of a At men appeared In wrestling and wero introduced by tho referee arid Both contestants showed that they had boon in good train how seemed to those present much tho heavier of thn although It wns stated that on Mon day last Donahoo tipped the scales at 136 and Taylor at After some very protty play on both sldos Donahoo got a knee Ho quickly on tils after soruo clover got nn Inside lock on throwing nlm on two shoulders and one First fall for After some twenty both men appeared in tho ring and the betting was quite After the men took hold the betting was 2 to 1 on Some very pretty play was then given both men evidently striving to do1 their got in a hiplook and threw Donohoe on two shoulders and one giving tlie second fall to After a few minutes rest the men appeared more on their metal than in tho pre vious Taylor seemed more or loss while Donahoo played with tho utmost tried a grapevine on Donahoo which was quloklv broken by who after about three minutes succeed in throwing Taylor by a thus winning the A few morn contests of this sort would servo to revive the interest hithertu taken in those OTHER SPOKTIXO IfK Stetvnrtl The attendance last occasion of Jack Stewarts Waltfl South was Seoly and Billy Busby and Old Bagley and Jim Hilly Madden and Patsey and John Sullivan and Goss gave fanby The grand windup was between Joe Goss and tho bene Jack At the conclusion of the entertainment Stewbrt read the following telegram which lib had and which will no doubt bo of interest to sporting men NEW February To Jack 23 liairrango Boston I regret dxeeoalnRly not being ablo to attend yonr causo being that I navo to tight George Rooke on the 18th day of March STEVE Sporting Duncan the is a guest of The Blbby and Whistler moot on Monday evening in Music Hall to wrestle Both men will go iu to The scoro iu the running glove contest at Earloys between George Koyes and Henry stood 07 to 67 in favor of tho latter at the close of last evenings Jack Stowart was at tho office of THE Gtonu yesterday to put up his lucre against Mc and will be here again today between the hours of 12 and 1 oclock tor the shme tho did not come to time yester day as but Hatton was on hand and left n deposit for a fivemile race for 825 any day next or for the same distance for double tbe money a week from next Stevens of Passalcj dont seem to bo so anxious to walk as his paper talk makes him the English Is willing to match an amateur against him for fivo miles for a ho to determine its In the pool tournament at tbe Hub Billiard Palace yesterday ufternoon the series of games between Coy and Paine wns won by tho 8 to Tho evening series between King Wilder was won by 8 to Parks arid Coy pluy this afternoon and Kane and King this even Thomns EaTley offers to match Michael champion lightweight of for against John Taylor of for a wrestling to take place in this Moneyand man to us found at 14 Lagranpe street and tbe sporting editor of THE GLOBE to be 13V8 8oBo The Prussian automaton and his opponent maintained relative positions for tbe next and tho kept up a rattling gait at tue rate of seven miles to the Of his two nearest opponents Sullivan covered six and Howard five as will be seen by The Score at FIRE Two Iiamt The alarm from Box 66 at oclock last evening was given by Officer Gallagher of Station for atlro In tho threestory brick at the corner of Beach and South Tho fire was In the rooms of Alexander a situated on the upper floor tbo The cause of the lire is not The building was damaged about It Is owned by and Blooms loss will amount to about A tailor named Michael under tho rooms of was damaged to the extent of by About 6 ocloctc last night members of Steamer 28 extinguished a flro in tho upholstery shop of 11 Camden Tho fire was caused by tho upsetting of a kerosene and the damage was about Factory Burned at S March Tho morocco manufactory of Robert Bates at the destroyed by firo UDout 1 oclock this Loss about 83000 on stock and on the which was old insured for Tho building occupied by the Warrens grocery was slightly Afflnnenotaa Onpltol March The State capitol was destroyed by tire Most of the con tents above the first including tbe Supreme Court and Legislative a portion oC the historical collection and library worth were No A 81OOO Fire nt Fnll Special Despatch to The Boston FALL March Fire tonlgnt damaged the periodical and confectionery store On Spring street occupied by Loss on insured for on tbe 8500 fully An Fire Ont In March Tho store of L Guy and together with two adjoining were destroyed by fire last 8CIN3 REX The Mardi Gras Carnival at 1 New Orleans The Brilliancy Briefly Pictured f or New Englandersi The Bay State Representatives Off f OP Home Special Despatch to The Boston NEW March great carnival of is It has beon the grandest series or pageants over Witnesaod In this and tho hundreds of thousands of strangers viewed it were completely captured with Its won dertul noon His JNInjesty King of tho made his appearance as King attended by Queen Shcdehczarado and tho Arabian The theme was Arabian Nights tales illus trated by twontyono tableau as follows the third Voyngo of Sinbad tho fifth of tlie Rocks Eeg the Story of Zabledo the Btory of Bedor ana ICInc of tho Blnok islands the Three Calendars the Story of theiSeoontMtpyal Mendicant the Story of tho Third Mendicant Story of tlie Third Calendar tho Barber and His Seven Brothers as Nun the Diamond Statuesthirteenth tho Forty Thieves Ab Dallali tho enchanted Horse Aladdins Cave Aladdins Feast Abou Hassan nlno Prince Afimod tbe Little Hunchback the Story of the Knvl ous Tho cars were most handsomely fitted the properties and paintings and the costumes of tho richest and most gorgeous materials Kothing ftnor could have Foliowiug Rex came The Independent Order of a new composed principally of newspaper men of the city Tho Moon men have been in existence but a few and for the short time of tholr organization made quite a creditable Pictures About Town was tbo title of their first At tho bead of tho column appeared on mules BrigadierGeneral Griinshnw and Lieuten antGeneral Hopsliaw oar tbe Grand Mogul and btjaff Our not from Chicago then came fifteen of tho Bums from tho the Wrecks Comb Coinns More mus plenty of prime punch Boaux tho con tinued Bollos at tho Ball Hollos at Home Sarah Hard the Public in the Morning after Alarili ThoPhunuy Pharty Phellows oamo and illustrated Womans Rights iu fiftoou as follows the Boss of Dream ye woman fair Temp tation of Modern Kve a take off on marrying for Rebecca at tho Well takeoff on fourth Why Men Wont Marry a husband nursing tho baby and wife packing her same take off on honneckod hunhands tho KVnlghts of tho First Degree of Roboooa pictures behind bald Heads and dizzy Modern knights of the bar a female barroom behind a dry goods Women Grenadiers led by a Midget Captain Ides of November a takeoff on women at the the Music of the Future a takconon female Venus the Oar a takeoff on female Three that Grace tho a takeoff oil Catharine Cole of tho Now Orleans proprietress of tho Pica and Sweet Olivia oC tbo all three being society writers Hoop or Pool Oh a taltooti on James Gordon Ben by All tho or Surah and her accidents Blankstone lu Skirts repre senting a female judge on tbe bench nursing a Who shall wear tho brooches this represents a seesaw with Satan in the centre with a upon which hangs tho coveted breeches at either the plank is a man and woman as competitors for the At the procession of the Mystic Krewn of Comus took ancltbo mythology of the as told in was repre The mechanical effects and otherdetails were generally by the surpass all previous forming the grandest pageant ovor soon Tho thonie was made tho Myths of and was represented by eighteen tableau as moments after 3 oclock thn procession entered the The floral tributes woro beautiful and Passion flowers covered the while tho com iminlon was concenled benoHth its tiurilen of exquisite Henry Kooto road a most appropriate Scripture selec after which tho church consisting of Baldwin and Cribbs and Mtds sang the My I thank Ellis of the Flrnt Church ot forod an earnest and impressive which was followed by the beautiful 1hy will bo There was no in ac cordance with the desire of tho deceased and his After the services at tho ohurcli the re nininfi were conveyed to Mount Auburn for In Fielder Israel officiated at the where as at tho tlio services woro Among those who participated in tho funeral wore noticed Briggs of Cam Thompson of Jamaica Morrison of Stobblns of Manning ot the Old South and Phillips DOUBLE RAILROAD VrrecblnE Trulii m Brldno While Goluc in Jornllod Killed and Many March night a wrecking sent to tho relief of Train 5 on tbo Hannibal Joseph railroad which ran oft near also mot with an accident by jumping a It Is reported that of those on the wreck ing train five wore Idled and twenty Several employes on the passenger train wore THE CHURNED AND SHAKEN The Favorite Medicine Maine Lunatics for Prescribed by Attendants in the State The True Inwardness of tbe Place Slowly Coming1 In Mnreh March f 7 37 100 2 40 100 8 0 87 100 Rn 34 100 14 Snow Menu daily Moan dally Maximum Minimum For New possibly followed by clearing winds shifting to brisk north with rapidly rising barometer and lower temperature in the eastern He Calls CTpoa the and Spends fihe Evening Special Despatch to The Boston March Gnrfield and party arrived in this city at oclock this All were They were driven to their after receiving an informal wel come from a delegation of There were no The day has been a very busy one with the From the timeof bU arrival till the close of tbe day there has been a constant stream ot a with political ends to serve or schemes to bat coming to pay their respects to the chosen chief The hour after General Gar Uelds arrival at the hotel was given to which was served in the dining hall attached to vU imv MiuittK uite ot IDUOU ooooDied by tbe PresidentI in until SKlr FOREIGN Horeonrti Threat Aenlnit the House of Commons to day Sir Vornon Harcourt referred to tho insulting despatch sent him from the United States by one You speak of stamping us out one who will suffer most at that game will bo one who has most to He said If Devoy should come within tbe Queens dominions it would be his Harcourts duty to pay him some personal Parnell A iked toKetnru to March tho mooting of the Irish after Hartlngtons statement in the House of Commons last night regarding tbe posi tion of public it was agreed that at the present juncture Parnella place is rather at West minster than in and a telegram Inviting him to was No reply has yet been received from The Bill In the March the House of Commons last evening Hartlngton Introduced tbe arms It provides that It is unlawful to carry arms without a and gives power to search houses that are It prohibits tho im portation and sale of armsThe bill Is to con tinue in force for five for the March war office has ordered farther reinforcements from Malta and Gibraltar to be sent to tho Cape for the Boer A French Statesman March Edouard Dronyn de an eminent French is He was in the 76th year of his Gable Gambling In Spainis to be Yester day twentysix gambling houses weYe cloned and the persons found on the premises marched to Tbe Times announces that the large meeting which it was proposed to hold in Dublin under tbe auspices of the Home Rulers has been aban Swyndells a cottonspinning company owning large mills at Lng have gone into voluntary liquidation lia Two laborers have been charged at with having in their possession tbe eighteen revolvers and 1450 cartridges recently seized by tbe police at Governor ISpeclal Despatch to The Boiton MeaMavoh Governors re ception tonightat Granite Hall was the most brilliant and successful ever witnessed lu Tbe guests numbered at least man of whom came from Fore Lewlston and other Tbe druses of the ladies were tbe music charming and passed off Governor Plaisted aud Miss daughter of Senator H1U tit tbe president of tbe Senate and and Speaker Hutchlnson and lady received tbe guests from 8 until 0 after wnieh dancing was indulged Krolmc Tbe pate which during the hour between 0 and 7 oclock was as lively as any thus far during the struggle was due In some measure to tbe fact that the attendance was on tbo and those that came In appreciated the and ap plauded the plodders in a manner that served to oil their weary During the evening that portion of those within tho building that could be classed as spectators until it is fair to estimate tbe number at Krohne re ceived a marked share of tho and when at ho retired for a nap with an oven 200 miles to his his accomplishment was a fresh topic ot This was only con tinued for a short as at oclock Allen left the tanbark tor good with a score of 170 Tbe next event of interest was the score on the even hour was The at II IVEW At this hour Panchot was five miles ahead of the best American At tho tall Prussian reappeared on tbe As he came from his tent he looked re markably and going op the sawdust ellipse ho started off at A sixmile gait that caused a burst of applause from tbe The betting on his probable position has been at short of which a number of bets have been Up to 11 tonight has been taken for admis Daring the hour prior to 12 oclock the leading couple were turning off the miles slightly different while Howard had been In bis canvas house for an During the hour Panohot covered three while fresh from bin made the same 30 Following Js The Midnight Is rapidly developing He is a man witb a the into a dangerous and with a record of generally ac complishing what be sets out to In this case his schedule is 100 miles a On while tho runners were he kept up bis nmralnly which placed him occasion ally in front of tbe Pancbots remarkable score challenged atten He had been beating Hughes remarkable and is still exhibiting re markable The only doubt concerns his anility to At midnight Curran and Lacouse had retired tor The probabilities are that Krohno will be iu second place before The most entertaining event of tbe outside tbe wero two visits of champion oarsman of tbe He was accompanied by Boss and some other noted noxAHor A fKreatlloc Match In Which tbe Former Two Oat of Three It is some time since tbe lovers of athletic sports in this city have seen a square wrestling Those who were fortunate enough to gain admittance to the ball at 104 Hanover meet witnessed a J thirty feet of the dam at tho Pboanlx Cotton Mills in Shirley Village was away directors of thn recently burned Kear sarge mill at bavo voted to close up tbo business and divide tho proceeds among the Tbe Mechanic Phalanx sixty men of Captain left for Washington yesterday to attend the ceremonies They will re turn Saturday to Mew York and home the Lowell Municipal Court Irentlss was bound over in to the Supe rior Court on u charge of His first wife and his who is a sister to the were hold as witnesses In town of Deerfleia has tin article in its warrant to see if tbe town wilt by vote or other wise unit the Legislature to extend to women wbo are citizens the right to hold town offices and to vote iu town affairs on the same terms as male Middlesex County Womans Christian Temperance Union held a convention at Woburn various questions bearing on the use of Intoxicants being vigorously discussed by McLaugblln of Mills of Miss Sherman of Kew York and weekly Greenback to bo known as the is to be published in The first issue will appear March It will be published by a stock company ot which Gov ernor Plaieted is Pratt Is to be editor and Herbert Banton business Entertainment nt tlio Worth The members of Marys Yonng Mens Sodality Association gave an excellent entertain ment at Marys Cooper last even before a goodsited The programme comprised musical the twoact Golden or Jimmy gymnastic exercises and tbe Limerick Among those who took part were William Jets William Ai Philip Dougherty and Gallagher acted as stage Oneball of tbe proceeds of the entertainment will be given to the Home for DestltoM Catholic and the rest will go to tbe treasury of the AMallnnt Yesterday afternoon Captain White of Station 4 arrested David Feldmau on a warrant charging him with on Officer James Hackett of the liquor stntad on Temple place Thursday an account of which wan pub lished at the The man wbo committed tbe assault was and after breaking a bottle over Officer Maloouibs who was arresting struck Officer Haoketti band a fragment of the Since that time Officer Hackett has been confined to bis home at 10 Orchard and is in a dangerous the attendant physicians fearing Keldman is a Ger 31 years and was arrested at his 20 Albion Bnrltnctooi City OOlcera Special Despatch to The Boston March The muuicinal election today passed oil very tbere be ing DO contest on the general or ward Mayor Hatch was reelected for the sixth and City Judge Seneca Uazelton for the The election was practically and tbe cltv government will guuid about as last tbe aldermen being the seven Repub three Sixteen women only voted lor school though 257 ue on titled to do follows Comus Genus of Scandi navia the Gods of Scandinavia the Sworu In the Branstock Death of Slgiuanil House ot Reldman Treasures of the World Workshop of hn Dwarfs IlrunbieM Kit Land Bower of Goldrun the magjo drink Voyage of theNlbmngs Last of theNlblungs Hell Valhalla KagBaroic The city was grandly illuminated and presented a picture of After the parade received his subjects and hold a oar nival ball at the Exposition Counts hold at the Opera and there worn thirty balls The Cadets and Lancers of Boston were enthusiastic over tho and tomorrow at 2 they leave for ABBStEVIATEn In the Kalloch trial at Frisco yesterday tho prosecution nnisbod and tho defence Four lives wore lost In a collision between two steamers 011 tha Columbia near Monday General Butler and party have started on their pleasure trip to saillm In the yacht America from Fortress Two bodies found in the rrflns of the burnt orphan asylum at by friends The other fifteen wore buried In one The Detroit Post and Tribune has changed owners and is now a stock Joy has beou chosen and other leading citizens arc Latent advices from Lima state thitt tho people there wre aoout establishing a provisional gov with Antonla Arenas as provisional Tbe Peruvian army has entirely dis The moulders In the Excelsior Stove Works at Louis struck yesterday because their demands that five nonunion men be discharged and the apprenticeship system abolished wore not com piled iSs Currle one of tho oldest iron firms In have failed The largest creditor is Kldson ol for over tue Dank of Montreal being tho next Chicago boilermakers struck de manding 93 instead of 82 50 per At Pollards works tbe advance was but at tho BuchlekH and many others the work the demand being a member of the Chicago Board ot placed 52000 and a dlojnond uin in tho pillow case on his bed when ho retired Sun day Monday lie was found the valuables and the house in There Is no clew to the The Direct Cahlo Companys effort to prevent the telegraph consolidation was continued yes terday In the United Slates Court at New before Judge JudgeChoate finished his argument f tr tho and today ex Judge Porter opens for the has stirred up H hornets Plymouth Church by hiring a new orgnnlst wltnj out tbe sanction or knowledge of the music com The old artist bad been with tbe church a number of and as no dissatisfaction was manifested no change wad made at the beginning of the church February Bob town marshal of In attempting to arrest a drunken was resisted by ttevoral of the mans Ho drew a shot one man named Full wiolcr fatally wounded another nameC Denis Collins aud seriously wounded a third named He then fled tbe A party of excited railroad men have been bunting for thus far In The French Canadian The membevs of tbe French Canadian Institute of this city gave their irst literary and musical entertainment last evening at Mechanic The exercises consisted of a miscellaneous pro in which tbe following persons took Sort Calixa pianist Boprauo George baritone George pianist Tue addresses ot tho evening were liy editor ot tbe and presi dent of tbe Funeral of Long before tbe appointed time yesterday num bers of tho late Wares congrega tion began tp gather in tbe church tn pay the last sad tributes at respect to one they had learned to love both at putor and and when the funeral cortege arrived from Milton entirely filled the Prayer was offered at the borne ot tbe deceased in Milton by A Work of the 1olleo t or The Board of Aldermen wore In special session yesterday in regard to tho violation of a license by Jolin Muloaby oC 188 Norfolk Tho case was laid on the table for tbe In the Superior Court In the case of Walter charged with an attempt to ox tort money by throats of tho jury brought In a verdict of The Cambridgoport branch of tho Land League last night appointed committees to truco personal charge of tho various sections of their district In order to ensure an increase of membership and For tbo last month the police business has boon as follows Whole number of 7H assault and 10 assault on an 1 bas 1 concealing mortgaged 1 88 disturbing the 2 1 1 larceny from the 1 mali cious 5 surety of tho 6 4 3 violation of city John Bowen and John both dark of were locked up at tho Central station fariairtual Boweu says Wat Itins knocked him down and abused and Watklns says Bowen stabbed him with a A very plonsunt affair occurred last evening at the Church of tho Mission of the on Thorndlko Bast in the mar rlatro of Miss formerly tnacher of the Govo struct and Honry Bailey ot cashlor of the First National Bank at that The ceremony was performed by Allen of tlio Episcopal Theo logical tho brldo being given away by John 22 Beach a brothorln newlymarried pairloftlast night for Conaty of Worcester is to speak in Bast Cambridge Wednesday March under the auspices of the ladlesbranch of tho Land Town At tho annual town mooting James the following officers wore olooted for tho ensuing year Town Albert Sargent Geprgo Tris tram John John and John Holden town Albert Sar gent collector of Charles Holmes Marvin Lincoln Puinnas Charles Whittemoro aud Nathan Sargent road commissioner for three Albort Sargent water commissioner for throe Goorgo Cox overseer of tho poor for three Dana Hol den sinking fund commissioner for three James Whltaker and Albort Davon port trustees of tho public library for three Dcloraine Joseph Cbadwick and Daniel Mllllken School Committee for three Altrod Joseph Chudwlok and MoShanc for two Jlussell Wlggln for one Marceuns Coggan and Alfred George George Edward Daniel Sullivan and Nearly nil of tho present town officers were A very light vote was there being but COS votes which Is less than onefourth of tho whole number of votes in It is said to bo the smallest vote cast for fifteen and Is owing principally to there being no opposition or scarcely to the present town The mooting adjourned after tbe result of the voting was announced until next Tuesday night at wuon tho remaining articles In tho warrant will he acted A special meeting will bavo to bo called for the pur pose of voting upon tbo acceptance of tha city which Is now before tho Legislature for Thin It is will be held Immediately after the town warrant has been acted Bmil tho Parker House died on Monday Hurvoy Is under arrost at Station i for keeping a disorderly house at 81 North Gallon was arrestxm yesterday by Officer Bruce of Station 1 lor disturbing a meet ing of tho North End Morso of who was shot a few days ago and taken to tbo Massachusetts General dlod at that institution yester Officer Masurr of Station 4 arrested Florence Hartnott for an assault and battery on Edward 11 Piedmont Feb ruary OBrien of 12 Purchase street fellat tho corner of Broad and 1urobase streets yester and fractured her right She was taken to the City members of tbe preeent Legislature dined last evening at About loo per sons woro Speaker Koyes and speeches wero made by many of tho big In Cnmmlngs was yesterday arrested bv Officer Gallagher of 4 charged with matching a pocketbook nontalng lf from the hand of Mary Murphy of West Fourth in front ot the Old Colony depot on Mon day KilllouoKU Motte while at work at brewery lust his balance and was obliged to jump Into tho vat to escape falling There was about eighteen inches of boiling water in tbe and be was badly scalded auout the feet and He was taken the City Monday ntgbt thieves entered tho office of Levl coal at the corner of Har rison avenue and Northampton An at tempt was inadn to force open a small but the burglars only managed to cut through the outer tho steel chest resisting xbelr They destroyed tbe account how and departed with two coats touad iu a The police aro Tho ClBlon Athletlo The annual meeting of tbo Union Athletic Club last evening was of unusual The treas urers report for the year showed a balance on the right Tbe following directors wore unanimously clectod for tbo ensuing year Colonel Camij boll and The reportof the commutes on the games to be held in Music March showed an immense demand for reserved The exhibition of medals and especially the was very Tbe Newport cup is an immense on standing eighteen Inches when on the cone shaped ebony reaches a height of thirtytwo This was donated by ibe Wostciiester Polo and has been won two years in succes sion at Newport by the The city of Bos ton a very artistic trophy made by Crump compares favorably with the one made by Tiffany The cup won Merrill at tbe eames of the New York Athletic Club last spring was a very imposing show ing the fulllength figure of a walker at sprint ing marvellously resembling Merrill although not so The various subcom mittees will be appointed at a subsequent meet ine of the CSpeclal Despatch to The Boston March very important testimony was elicited at the Investigation One of tho hospital Stack polo of this who has worked at tho asylum In the after sayjnc that there were naked patients in tho lodges nlirioss every tes during crossexamination by that had seen a patient named wbo worked in the coal shod abused by the In a rough Hn said thafSampson would talto him down and drag him around the floor and kick This treatment was accorded Sweeney very The first testified Am nig lit watch and keep the temperature of tlio halls during tbe night tho average temperature is in the upper hall in the tho lowest is I always glvo the patients wbo aro in the lodge clothing whon they ask or need it my record commenced January 14last never kept a recordbefore the patients aro properly covered whon they are put to In the the prosont testified Used to be night and used to go through the several halls once un hour during the night always usod to tho patients clothing who were in the lodgoV when I thought they needed it there aro twcntyfotir lodges on tlie male or rather lodgorooms they always hart enough straw to kcop themselves warm within the the tompornture ot tho lodges often too warm for myself tho lowest that I ever saw tho temperature iu the lodgerooms was from 48 to 60 Crossexamined Heard tho word churning used when I first went to the which was in but have not hoard It of lato never saw a patient abused have hoard of a patient being abuspd kicked a patient myself once tho patient got mo by tho throat and would not lot me go never said that I thoughta patient not abused unless be was about Harlow was called and snid I was making my morning round whon I saw Luco HivUliig and I told him at tho time that ho had bettor go to tho treasurer and cot his pay there is more heat in tho lodge than there Is any where In tlie institution dont think tho temperatureover gets lower than Mf decrees In the lodges think 4O is about right In n common room never asked Luco why he kicked the patient often discharged a man without Auburn testified Have been n the halls at night think that 00 degrees Is too low for a person in a mail Staokpolo testified Have been an attendant and night watch my Instructions wero to go whore I was headed most in the luaa never soon tho ladies balls but what 1 they were warm enough tbero wore nuked patients lu some of the lodges most every night patients woro never put Into tho lodges with out clothing If it could bo helped nuver saw a patient who I thought was suffering from oold was at tho hospital when Crowell was Cap tain Harrlraan has been kept in the lodges for iwo weeks at n Heard tho word churning have seen a mini by tho name of who worked in the used as a broom and the fireroom Floor Swept with and he was also kicked Sampson wasthe man who so almsod Sweeney the that Sampson swept tho floor with him was be cause ho used to take n pioco of coal and look at It and strlKO with a shovel and break the Sampson would kick him all around tho fireroom somo strength hns to ho usod to get a violent patient into tha have board the attcndnnts USD tlio ex pression churning often they used to say that such and such a patlont needed shaking have hoard Mother Will use the term shaking nut and churning if I wanted to got dis chnrod I should report Sampson ho would not rest till he got ma Williams was called and said Usod to attend Googins had a sick sore on him have frequently Seen One Patient StrlUe Crossoxamlnod Know of a patient by tbe name of TV nitnoy who had his hip Stackpolo Know Gojglns ha had a sore on his person think the cause was bia low state of health think everything wns done for him that could bo done he was not so bad when ho Harlow recalled Googlns died tho sore came tho progress of tho disease saw patient by the namo Ellis fooling with a gas and au I struokhlm reprimanded tbe testified Am gardener at the hospital cut tile lowers and put thorn on tbo diningroom tallies and give them to tho patients do not luivo Ilpivers to give the patients uvery day supply the sick room with flowers also never saw a patient The committee tbon adjourned to Wednesday evening at 8 An Old linndmurk Horace Pierce died after a long and lingering at his rosldonce on Washington street iu the Brighton Deceased was the oldest resident in the Ho was born in In lie took up his residence in October tbo town buing thon known as Little Tho deceased bad resided in the saint for slxtyoua He won tho oldest butcher fit tha and opened tho Urst market iu rtoxbury in known as the Dudley iu the basement of tbo old City Iwcoasert hold but few public always declining tn accept Under the old town government be served as overseer of tbe poor and Ho retired from active business life twenty years Tlio funeral will take plnco from Ills late rcsideuco Friday at 2 Trial of IaiiRdon Tho second trial of tlie celebrated bank Langdon was resumed In tbo Superior Court yesterday the witness and accom being crossexamined by The defendant wns jiut on tbe ancl In tlioaltornoon the defence the nrgiiinentK wore auti Judge Gardner clmrircd tho which retired ai Tho court then The after being out less than ton minutes arrived at u but tbo court had ad journed the verdict was and Its result Is not The Oceuu New Arizona for Liverpool Sllesiai from Italy aud Eliza Jrom Hermann Suwvla from New York for Donau from Hamburg furNew Liverpool Baltic for New Mlnlnc in SAN Thciie quotations are tho sales wtieu siles aro and thn bids M heu ihero are no sulva niter tbo morning 2 10 1 GO I Northern 50 A 7 On 70 8dO 445 I Ml 170 110 t5 IW 8 s5 a lUnliii 7 LB Crown 1 10 7 OO IO 50 1 05 Kurcliu icaml Gould li 00 Halo A 5 65 6 12V Silver Iviug 65 t S6 a 60 50 RUPTURE The injuries which the now la such us numbness tlio lulu tn tba back and siopiinge avoided by tho use of LIlUNS now appliance for which received tho highest at tbs last Mechanic LllllNS appliances arepll secured by letters and can oniy be had at bis 78 Tremont Trcraout Sond for 1 l RUPTURE SHERMAN lus returned from his and till furtbi r notioo iuabo couiultad at ItoBUm 411 Milk on THTJKKPAV Hud HUD and New York S61 Broadway uii i and His of bad easew before and after curs maiwd 1

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