Monday, October 15, 1877

Boston Daily Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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Text Content of Page 1 of Boston Daily Globe on Monday, October 15, 1877

Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - October 15, 1877, Boston, Massachusetts MONDAY OCTOBER PRICE THREE In answer to an unlimited number of inquiries from nil over New England In regard to tho terms in our will without any the terras are strictly cash on ana no matter by whom or dered or to whom the prlco of the garment or garments will be collected upon Wo are upon too small a margin of profit to extend credit to any WINTER MADE FROM Choice of selection from great variety WINTER BUSINESS MADE FROM Choice of selection from variety WINTER MADE FROM Choice of selection from variety Kerseys and We UBB no goods in the Custom Department but what are purely ALL And we guarantee a perfect fit and good Our prices nre only about onehalf of that charged by MERCHANT TAILORS For the same quality of BOYS and YOUTHS DEPARTMENT is now located on tho FIRST having been changed from tho Basement Ladles will now have NO STATKS to climb In reaching this THIS WEEK we offer tho following bargains in this A line of BOYS SUITS ARC 3 to 10 heavy weight cut in latest style and warranted to bo superior 50 A UNE OF BOYS ABO 8 to 12 LnBt Bensons prlco A LINE OF BOYS ABO 3 to 8 00 a perfectfitting little coat and very A LINE OF BOYS Aee S to 12 years This line ot goods is afgreat A LINE 0V BOYS ABO 8 to 16 THE FRENCH Say of the What Noted Frenchmen INTERESTING INTERVIEWS Views of the Leading All Men of ROCHEFORTS FIERY The Success of the Lett Centre Marked down from A LINE OF 263 Washington OPPOSITE WATER m YOUNG MENS Age 14 to 21 manufactured from elegant Btylo BLACK Special Despatch to The Boston Niw October manager of the Direct Cable Company says that the land lines between London and Ire land are and that all French election and other telegrams will bo necessarily de At this hour tho Cable Company are ininble to state how soon the interruption will be WHAT PROMINENT FRENCHMEN i Keal Estate and Mort gage has re moved to 80 Court corner We would invite the attention ot the Ladies of Boston and New Eng land to our large and fine selected stock of DRAWING DINING AND CHAMBER which we offer at Reduced We would also state that we are just receiving by every steamer our Fall Stock of Novelties in ftnne 1 For Furniture Coverings and We have used the greatest care in our confining ourselves to the latest and most artistic de signs and We have a full line of Marked down from We have now a full lino of and Young MonB SUITS and PANTA all of our own manufacture warranted NOT to break away In tlus cut in the latest and moat approved styles and in Our entire stock IB ottered at lowest manufacturers and is fully warranted to prove as Every garment marked m plain flgurop and NO devi ation in 263 Washington OPPOSITE WATER PARTY Ordor of and Wadding at Low I 48 Temple I GREAT BARGAINS At tlie Lowest 577 and 579 Washington FACTORY AT EAST BEEF AND USE THE BEST IN US DEPOT 338 HARRISON The Cheapest Place in Boston to Buy Corsets is at 568 Washington Tlie very longest French Woven Corsets 82 Tlie very longest Frennli Stitched C toj86 Satine Red and Black Corsets orsets from 00 Black and White Satiiie Cor Lovely Kid i tiling entirely exqul Also Abdominal Misses Bpi and Including some exquisitely fitting and very Nice Stitched und Woven Corsets A new style of Corset Braces for Ladles with weak chests or large shoulder Idados Corsets aud Childrens Cmsots be Tapestry Extra a large to Dutch 23418 Together with the best line of OIL all in to be sold at lower prices than ever for CASH or on our SPECIAL SYSTEM OF Iplnal and Childrens Corset I offer my elegant new stock of Frrau eluding many novelties never imported b my former I buy very cheap on account ot importing BO and therefore can give my customers great Nearly Adams COS 512 Washington Door ana every description of Engravlnfr done at the lowest GBIFTINS Engraving 40 Temple Flower Window Wardian At Greatly Reduced Jottlng Soils and Leaf Mold lor sale by 18 Hawley near Milk Concrete 8TBEBT PATHS and GUTTERS made in tliajmost Jhorouuh and Batlafactury Pricea COHNWELL 1auatmtleb of Business ivet all kinds of cuts and V prlmkug plates lor letterpress Ji work reproduced by SO Hanover Prices reasona EBtimntes t uvniBhed NEW STYLES FURNITURE UPHOLSTERY AT 48 CANAL AND 141 FRIEND 1000 Business SVlinches 1000 XX Enclose gl in orders sent by 1O7 THE LONDON STREET PRICES IB Two 25 By far the cheapest us well as tlio best lowpriced Hove in the HEWINS Importers and Retailers of MENS 47 Teiuplo Interviews About the Election and Its Prol able Results with Gam Do Glrardln and Special Despatch to The BoBton NEW October Herald has a long special cable from Paris occupying over two pages of the in which are given tlie opinions of some thirtynine prominent political leaders and other distinguished per sonages on the subject of the French elections today and their probable results on tlie future of These gentlemen include representa tives of all tho less definite Conser who affiliate with none of tho profess edly reactionary but who would vote with any that guarantees and tho Repub licans of several degrees of Among the interviewed were Jules the Due dAiuliffrct Bishop Victor Leon Kmil dc Paul do Edmund Louin do of Le Henri and inovo or less promi nent in French liouhcr csproisnd tho opinion that the elections would bring Mar shal MacMtihon increased probably to the extent of eighty Grevy thought that the majority of tho late Chamber tlie Re publicans would receive Whether the majority numbers 380 or 400 will not matter the new Assembly will derive indis putable force from the double verdict furnished by the On being interrogated as to what would he replied that there would be a competition between the three the aud tho He said that the Chamber would demonstrate tlio uselessncss and mischievous influence of tho and that the latter body must ONE CHAMBER MUST a sovereign of whom tho President of the Republic must the first Hishop Dnpanloup believed that tho elections would give no Everything must be recom in it is tlie Catholic world that is aimed while ostensibly the quarrel is of another For some months thore is nothing that has not been said against the clergy and their Everything has been imputed to Barefaced inven tions have been made concerning and the Government has been literally bom barded with anticlerical Tho same thing will be resumed after the All will arrive at said the question of the religious worship budget were approached we should know whether France wants tho clergy any That question the Radicals would lose tho only trump they want to No matter what may bo the composition of the tho candidates should have declared themselves in professions of faith for or against the This time the elections should have been arranged as in where there are only two Clerical or The apathetic would thon bo and we should see categorically how Franco is Tho Bishop stated that in tho elections today the Government would most likely gain some but he did not think it would secure a Victor Hugo was very hopeful of the success of tlie und said that they would return at least 420 THE LEIT WILL Tlie Due d AudiffrotPosquier believed that the Government would gain enough seats to render tho Left Centre the masters of the situa in which case that group will become the pillars of Hercules to proclaiming to them Ne plus He regarded tlio future without Tho first word tho irreconcilable Radical would utter would bo and that cry alone would restore the Marshal to the power they seek to It would not reqaire more to drive all the Centres into his arms and oven some of the He said that France must give foreign Governments guarantees for the first of which must be SL soldier at the head of the Gambetta said We will have more than 400 in tho next and the consequence will be that the Marshal will bo obliged to sub mit or In saying this before I gave him a piece of but things are changed now ho must Gambetta predicted Grevy as the new Republican President in the near Simon thought the Repub cons would return to the Chamber with from 380 to 890 He snid that whan tho As sembly meets the majority will vote the credits without Idle words will be re placed by acts tending to consolidate the re Ho believed Marshal MacMohon would do wisely to retire In favor of who enjoys the confidence of tlie Republicans without WHAT THE DOUGHTY DE CA8SAGNAO Cassttgnao said the Government will gain sufficient votes to raise the minority up to As a consequence of the said the who have connections with the International tho leaders of which are will demand immediately the re establishment of the National Guard and tlie suppression of tho territorial The Chamber will refuse to accede to this Then tho issue about Gambetta will come up for Bv that time the courts will have pronounced their judg ments upon and he will bo expelled from the but he will be sustained nevertheless in face of this ille gal MacMahon will be obliged to bring tho Chamber up before his Thou will follow a now after which the ma jority will be wholly Civs in reply to a stated that trou bles might possibly arise in but not else where in tho Veuillot consid ered that tlio Government was laboring under serious Tho results of the elections would bo They will retard a conservative said pass through the ex treme in order to reach anything The Marshal will but ho must seek his Ministers from among tho eccentric cotorics nurtured by the These having wearied the tho Marshal will excite its and when proposing to retire will bo suppli cated to Thus he is becoming master of the which he will shape as ho In the case of eventually Mac he would demand a plebiscite to give him the Presidency for with a suc cessor whom he could In the event of MacMahons death the willingly or would be obliged to replace him by another probably General Do Villemessant could form no opinion as to tlio result of the Politicians manage these things so nowadays that it is difficult to tell aliout Of one thing he was sure So long as MacMahon remains in power there will he no The malcontents will not stir an inch while a soldier is at tho head of the VIEWS OF OTHER PUBLIC Bapst thought the Government would gain about eighty votes iu tho The said will bo divided on the fol lowing for it is not quite agreed on tho principal which is tho overthrow of the Many will hesitate as soon as it be comes certain that the Marshal will not re and a reign of vexatious annoyances will The certain of an affirm ative will then seek the cooperation of other elected which avo tho issue of universal or tho Councils Afterward there will bo a compromise so us to arrive at Tho Left Centre will rally to the Marshal when strengthened by a plebiscite or other such There is no trouble in tho and all will ho arranged more easily than the most confident De Girardin felt assured that tho Marshal would bo terribly de and said the Republicans will have more than 400 The who prefers to remain at the head of the Govern not because ho likes but because his wife will not givo up her will tliuu on tliu sober arritngn mutters with All he will need to do is to solort us a member of his Cabinet a Minister known to be devoted to tho Republican purt Edniond About believed that the remit of the election will be a large Republican at least 400 the consequence of which would be it return to office of all tho men who have occupied positions luring the past seven A Uubaure Ministry will be the first Then tho young accepting accomplished will join the The republic will ivceive these recruits joyfully and they will complete tho personnel necessary to every MacMahon will retire to his estate in tlie lenvinjj the Presidency to Henri Rouhcfort believed tho Republicans would return o powur with an increased and they will find it incumbent upon them to expel MacMahon from so as to rid tlie country of a man who was only tho tool of the He did not expect any any conflict of arms between opposing political ele but he felt that a time was rapidly ap proaching when a great revolution would occur in the sentiments of the French all of which would result in tho most emphatic and signal triumph of communal These once established would be maintained at any regardless even of the quantity of blood that wan inquired to uphold them to the GENEEAX FOEEIGN A North German Lloyil Steamship Clly Cabin to Tho Boston October from New York for passed the Woser light ship on the llth with her shaft RESIGNATION EDWAUDS OTJB SWELL MINISTER TO GREAT October Edwards United States Minister to Great lias ten dered Ills to take effect on tho isi of THE RECENT BANK FAILURE AT October failure of tho Jtittor scliaftliclio Bank Stettin has caused gonoral de The Managing Director lias committed RAISED ITS RATE OF October National Hank of tliis city liau raised its rate of discount to thrau and onehalf per A and llamloliih Hiiven Little Snvim maerc for I ho Possession of und the Haiipy Couple aru ISHuctuully Ittpiiclal Despatch to Tliu Boston NKW October who at present resides at 428 KiiBt Eleventh but who claims to be a Philadelphia wus arraigned before Justice Smith at Essex Mar ket yesterday on a cliarue of pre ferred ugniiist him by u woman named Kata Kan who claimed to bo his Tha complain ant in her nltiilavlt stated that she was married to the prisoner in 18111 at Cliuriii in tbis anil that liad or was about to abandon Ou the examination admitted that Ue liad lived witli the woman for a number of years and that she had passed as his but he denied pofiitively that they had ever been He alao stated that only last week he hud given her for her As the complainant could not deny thli the Judge decided thai there was no case of abandoment aud ordered a itls They had only got a tew yards from tho Court when erics wore and a few momenta afterwards Randolph drasRlnil after him the woman and presenting a very o able His coat was torn and bitt plug He told the Justice that before he cnme to Court he had put 8150 in the lining ef hiu bat and a rocketbook containing 840 In Ills He had done this fearing that he might be held and tlieu searched by the of whose honesty he evidently bad no very high The woman knew that he had the money in hia hat aud had knocked it off hla head and taken the money directly after tbey left the court She wae held in 81500 to and Kandolph was sent to the House of Tho Record of Failures in Tills Special Deapatch to The Boston NEW October report of Barlow for tlie past nine months uhowu thut during that period there were 0505 failures in the United involving liabilities amounting to Eor the first quarter the liabilities amounted to for the and for tlio The failures for the first threequarters of the preced iiic two years compare as follows 6334 7050 Proponed Huneurlun Colony lu the Special Denjiatcb to Tho llostou NEW October A meeting of Hunga rians wus hold tills morning for the purpose of dls cuBBingthe question of founding a colony in the William Malvery presided and stated that tlie absence of any eooiety in the city to cure for emigrants from Hungary was the causa of much Buffering on the part of their who emigrated to this country without any definite purpose and with little It was proposed to purchase a tract of land and farm it on tho co operative To do it would cost about nud this it waa expected to raise in Now York by taking payment In instalments from tho J hey would thus lie iililo to furnish employment and a homo to their and porhapB in due time enlarge tlio THE TEDIOUS EASTERN AiiRtria NcisotiatliiK for Peace Russian JjONfittB ill liulguria Discontent Among the By Ctthle to Tlio HoRton October is the boliet in well informed circles hero that Austria is addressing Turkey with a view to negotiations fora speedy In the Emperor Francis Joseph is for Germany and England have not yet made np their minds to aid in such an They are evidently waiting tho re sult of the French which may affect the question of European pence to a very great At prsccnt there is not a single Govern ment by its sympathies supports the policy inaugurated iu France by the net of the 10th of A special cor respondent with tho Russian army be fore Plevna sends very discouraging ac counts of tho condition of tho Kussian though lie adds that ho finds them in a much better condition than he was led to be lieve they were in when ho was in Tho state of tho field hospitals is reported as particularly Up to the end of Sep tember tho total dead is said to have reached at least Tho wounded and deal since tho passage of tho Danube number not less than At tko present mo ment tlio discontent in Eonmania is quite The Roumanian press is clamoring for the withdrawal of that principality from the The people are just now findine out that over onethird of the Roumanian army has been placed hors do combat in tho battles in front of aud the greatest grief and conteruation have prevailed since tho actual truth leaked In tho meantime the Rus sians are concentrating a heavy force near tlie where an attack from Suleiman Pasha is looked The sicgo operations undor the direction of General the new Chief of arc still going on armmd in spite of the wintry weather which has already set GENERAL NOTES OK THE The whole Ronmifnian army before Plevna hns been supplied with Hraihi advices of tho 10th state that Sulei man Paslin has dctuchud 111011 in con sequence of the movements of despatch says intelligence from Biela that Suleiman Pushas army is decimated by Turkish reports from Sliipka represent tho military operations us entirely suspended by tho Cbcvket concerning whoso move ments there has been some tclc from Plevna under date of Friday I have arrived at Plevna and interviewed Os maii A third convoy has entered There is no trace of the enemy on tho road from Plevna to which ia guarded by troops stationed at principal Tlio London Times says that only Unssiaiis crossed tho of which num ber have been disposed of by battle or Of the Imperial Guard only will reach the front fit for so that as reinforced the army will again amount to This includes tho Roumani but excludes tho Dobrudsoha column of Osmiui Pashas as is estimated at and Suleiman Pashas about tho so tho two combatants have equal AN EOYPTIAN OBELISK FOB NEW A liberal New Yorker Offers Rum Re quired to liuy It and Urine It to Our CBuecial Desuatch to The Boston NKW October World announces that the whole sum necessary to secure and to bring to our shores and to sot up in this city one of tho noWtfBt extant monuments of the Old World lias been offered by a distinguished citizen of New York to the enterprising English who IB now engaged in cnrrying to Groat Brltian tho companion obelisk of so long famous under the name of Cleopatras This liberal and largeminded Now Yorker with holds at present the privilege ot making hla name known to his fellow and ho will be repre sented in the business arrangement or tlio transaction by Henry BO long tbe President of tho Department of The World adds Unit this gentleman is a genuine Now a citizen identified by the name ho bears not less than by tlie vast interests which con trols with the history of the commercial greatness of the and with its present aud future Steps have already been taken to press forward the negotiations thus happily commenced to the enrlleet practical THE EXTRA The Presidents Message tn ba Sanb In WHAT IT WILL TREAT The List of Probable Executive THE DUTIES ON Other Matters of Interest at the National Special Despatch to Tlio Boston October The Pres idents nmsstigo will make about threequarters a nml will bo transmitted to Con gress on It liriofly rotors to tho causes which necessitated the convening of Congress in extra and asks tlio appropriation of money for tlio maintenance tho military establishment for the present fiscal year also tlio appropriation of money to meet the deficiencies of tho nuval pay and the expenses of the Courts of the United Tho whole amount re quired to bo appropriated in itbout thirtythree Attention is also called to the invi tation of Uio French Government to the United States to participate in tho universal exposition to be held at and recommends its tlio organization of a suitable commission to represent the Government anil tho appropriation of tlio necessary It is the purpose of the President to send to the a full list of tho nominations so far de cided as noon us that body is ready to receive Tlio list will bo completed at an early liouv tomorrow and may possibly be sent in during the Among the names on the list will bo that of General Hiirliiii of Kentucky to bo Associate Justice of the Suprome Court of tlio United The following New York Custom House appointments nro understood to be also on the list Theodora Col lector Cionernl Surveyor Geneva John Naral Collector Arthur is named for the Fiftyfive Senators have arrived so and it is believed that the balance will raacli horn tomorrow with the excep tion of Senators Mmtnn and T1HS lUITIISH ON How tlio GovemiiUMlt IH by ItoiKKt IinimrtavH Tliu Yluotioimil lit IKincriiru lie Liioltod iSjnichil DLKpateli to Tho Huston October Dc riirtmcnt of State will inimrdiuioly institute an inquiry into tho alleged brunch of official trust by ViceConsul Lengoly at For sonic the Government has been re ceiving complaints from official sources at Baltimore thnt a high grade of sugar through a chemical process WIIH being entered at a lower and therefore at a lower rate of thus defrauding tho Government of a large amount of Inquiry has boon made of tho Consul at That officer made an official report on tho sub ject to the and it is ascertained that through some means a copy of this report was received by a Baltimore sugar it is have been deriving benefit from this illegal proceed in advance of tho Department of and this appears to have frustrated the efforts of the Government to successfully discover the means by which these alleged Irregularities have been carried Tho interests of the sugar firms of the United States evidently require a revision of tho existing system of collecting duties upon imported sugars by tho system now in Any irregularity on the part of importers at one port militate very seriously against tho business of innocent persons at other besides which tho Government is always loser in amounting to millions of Tho revenues from imported sugars at Now York amount to upwards of aud at Philadelphia to There is no question that a specific or ad valorem duty will be imposed by the next thus abolishing the old Dutch standard which opens the way to such gross VIBKFBOOF Report of tlie Commission Appointed to Kx amlne the Qualities of Public THE POLAR Ciiptuin Tyson of the Florence Iluitrtl From Progress Made Coward Win ter Spicial Despatch to Tho Boston October private let ter received tram the raptain ot tho pioneer Arctic steamer which Bulled from Now in July bearing tho advanced colonists under the scheme originated by Captain Howgutn of the Signal states that they had Just weathered a very violent storm of live days uuru ond wore then making satisfactory progress toward their winter quarters in Cumberland The cnjitfifu states thnt tlio crew nre in excellent health and and he feels encouraged to be lieve that the results will be inosfr satisfactory to science HB realizing the greatest achievements that have yet been accomplished in the direction of Polar Tho letter was placed oil board of a and tkus reached tho United It is expected that further information will In re ceived before they get beyond the region of com THREE BARNS BUBNfiD In 800 Tons of Hay anil Oruln and Ten Cows L HueclHl to The Boston October large stock and hay barns of Milton Fox in about two miles out from this were destroyed by fire about 0 oclock lust Tho nre probably resulted from an accident and first broke out iu the largest of tlio three btiniB and Boon communicated to smaller structure fifty feet distant aud then to tho third thirty feet in rear of the aecoud All three wore totally together with tons of liay and forty of Eight or ton cows out of Bixty were The entire loss ia estimated at about A Grand Catholic Demonstration lu Mil CSvecial Despatch to The Boston October the Catho lic societies turned out today in full forming a giand which moved through the prin cipal fltroets of the city to the corner of Wells and Twentieth to participate in the laying of the cornerstone of the building to be known as tbe flome of the Little Sisters of the About persons took part in the procession und attended tlio Mayor Butler ana others made Much Ado About Smoke issuing from a now furnace at the Crolgh tou Tremout early last inusrd a still Protective Company Z re No Special Despatch to The Boston October commis sion appointed to examine the flroproof qualities if the public buildings have completed their re They find that tho new Slalo Department and tlio Shepherd and Coast Survey Buildings are as nearly lireproof as buildings can well be which are lilted with The two old wings of tbe capitol adjoining tho CougroBsiou al library are very and have much wood work under tho The War Department rec ords are stored in many buildings whlth are In great part morn Tlio lurge Winder In which tire tho ordnance nud army is highly combustible iu tbe upper The Treasury are in a large degree BO fur ca the tiles of of the important accounting divisions aru Part of the 1osi Olllun Depart ment roof is supported on wooden The National Medkul containing tho finest collection In the is iu the old Fords under a wooden roof and The Agricul tural with its is also In nearly all the Government archives are in constant danger from for tbe pub lic should appropriate the nocossiiry amount to insure tlie safety of the Government records tireproof CAPITAL Tho Condition of Affairs In tho Mint and Custom UuuHu ut Man FrunuluuoOther Special Dceinitch to Tim Uostou October Linder tlie Director of the left here about threo months ago for San Francisco with instruc tions from the Secretary of the Treasury to investi gate the condition of affairs in the Mint anil Custom House at that returned on Saturday and im mediately submitted MB report to the The investigations of the as embodied iu his show a very demoralized state of af faire In the Government establishments at San uiiil particularly that iu the It has been found that an excessively largo force of employes have been kept upon the rolls and tbe general administration of business lias been derl The Secretary will give Llndermauus report early and there is no doubt whatever that it will result in a complete change in tbe Federal officials at San A Heavy Political Special Despatch to The Boston NEW October too Fleetwood clninboke which was attended by a large number of Foster for a long time Tweeds private offered to bet 8EOOO to 84000 that John Morrissey will be beaten in any district of the city in which he may run tor Senator this ExSenator John Bradley took the bet and proposed to double but hla In vitation was not

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