Wednesday, November 3, 1875

Boston Daily Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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Text Content of Page 1 of Boston Daily Globe on Wednesday, November 3, 1875

Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - November 3, 1875, Boston, Massachusetts WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER PRICE THREE OUT OF Iii response to the many inquiries of last it is announced that we have taken from the CUSTOM HOUSE this week THREE OASES of Foreign Ulsters that we are now prepared to These differ somewhat in style from teat years and in all respects are the finest lot of goods yet EIGHT SHADES and FOUR STYLES are included in this invoice I An early examination is suggested to those desiring to secure a particular color on Those ordering from a distance need send for measures only breast and waist length of arm and Our Our OF Will Boys Will Have Girls Will Have GOVERNOR ft A If UAI I I OAK to as MOUTH Original Importers and Largest Manu facturers in tho States of Ulster Ovar OUR OUR OUR CHILDREN ILL BUY The New Parlor OFFICE AND 22 School For for for for girlsand for the This lowpriced and novel game is designed to amuse and please not only the but all members of the It is got up in a ornamental and attractive can be placed in any part of the room upon the table for chil dren and and on the carpet for the little THE NEW PARLOR GAME All will All will Three Hundred and Twenty Cities and Towns Give Him 5000 THE REPUBLICAN STATE TICKET Complete Returns from All Parts of the THE LEGISLATURE LARGELY Hard Well Fought Fight and Earned EXCITING SCENES AT THE POLLS IN THIS About 9O0O Cold Water Men Stood Up to be slblo lieucoop ami marine view on tho ex treme Republican friomls oauglit a Rood innny voles by a ballot headed unrt bearing an old dosiun rmed by tlio Republicans few years rasting and cutting was HO common that tho Inspectors had plenty to do in scrutinizing the various ballots Tlie Prohibitory Jn most of tho balloting proceeded and little of interest was to be tho contest being chiefly between the candidates of the great The Prohibi tionists made an earnest fight in several especially in EastBoston and Ward Somo of their tactics were in question able Hum Hum Demo Rum Rvunsellcrs Bo sure you vote for George Spraguo for and Lymari Hapgood for Rep This was conspicuously posted near the and 011 the doers of tho Dorchester Street Methodist Church in lingo tho mot toes Vote as you Vote for John Protect your homes The Baker men wore very assiduous workers and have considerable reasonto rojoice over the success of their The Content for In Wards and the contest for Sen ator was feature of the Spine persons bad issued posters Let none but Americans bo on and presenting the name of Augustus the Republican of course lost some votes by the efforts of RUSHS friends but the men of his own party frorkctl earnestly for lite return of the Domo One the most sensible garments devised for The only childs overcoat which ever seemed to us a real comfort and usefulness are com bined in tho new Oak Hall Ulstorottc for Manufactured and sold at Oak at prices varying from to Simmons Son5 OAK 82 to 38 North Parlor Clock FINISHED WITH Bronze and Fancy Inlaid LATELY OPENED BY BMELDER 394 Washington SIGNS TAKKN BOWN AT A tOW PUT cold or by HORSE DISEASE Iroventort by using In ocaflon DADDS iron may always rely upona SPEEDY CUBE by using his COUGH POWDERS Tbey always Cnre Horse Dis and flathlng the Throat freely with DADDs HORSE LINIMENT UBHr Custom jjold by nUJpjrugglata nnd Dealers In RESTAURANT late Knulelmrdt 19 Hawley 2d door from Milk Sulundld Dinners aud Excollont Wluee at reasonable i RUBBER GOODS LOW PRICKS HAL3S 344 near Milk NERVOUS Vital or Dspresclon A ex no energy or the ot in y or cou discreti ons or tljo e entire Been usod twenty years with perfect success by Hold by Jl 00 per Bltwle or So Ml per ofHvfl vials andS3 vial of by mull on receipt ot HUMPHREYS HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE 008 MEW TOItK 4t m CKNTS FOK IW FIBBTCLASS VISITING II C In order that you may see what ttey I will send by return mall with your name neatly printed on upon rn W eelpt of 26 eenta and a threecent You will receive samples of Tinted and White I employ some of atmy we Kneelund jlonum WKT JiUffHEH SUPPUEH AT THIS JKWIH Green as tSiycaiwol quality pi werk week mycards favor ADAMS STILL ELIGIBLE THE PRESIDENCY and of course tho returns wore watcbiid for with Rront Troiuinont politicians of both parties were coulldont of but little hotting was indulged In the read ing rooms 11 largo number was seated quietly perusing tho while those in tho corridors and billiard room quietly re viewed the events of the day and exchanged opinions as to its When shortly be fore i oclock tho hotel bulletin announced that 189 towns gave Jiico and Gaston tho hopes of tho llice men revived and predictions were made that be would carry the State by from 3000 to 8000 It was noticeable that but a few of tho big guns of either party wore but several of tho candidates dropped among whom was the Georjje flic Itoimblkim nnd Democratic Itnnd Of courstf the headquarters of the two con tending parties woro besieged from early in the evening until an early hour this it has raruly been tho when so little gemiine satisfaction was givon IH to the re sult of the Despatch followed dos but still during the early evening neither column showed a perceptible and a feverish anxiety was shown to hoar from the western were to de termine who was entitled to tho Governors A motley crowd wended its way np tho dark and winding to the I2x headquarters of the Democrats on School Tho result is was tho information 9 Kico was conceded a majority of hut still many were confident of tho ultimate triumph of the DembiHitie For 410 101 urn 100 8H7 1M9 291 117 7 IMl 47K Ml i90 1IISS 47 KOJ 417 41S B77 4HH 704 tan a I f 4 4 H 18 HI II 11 177 W 398 171 191 931 748 Itffl 11M M7 Ml 778 uw BOG tia 444 exit 097 Ml 88 386 918 814 It will be the most popular game ever put upon the The neatness of the the low price of the game must at once make it the leading game seen for Millions of them must We are the sole manufacturers and en tire owners the patent for the United States and Dominion of More than One Hundred Thousand Dollars were made from the sale of the little Return The New Parlor Game must have a larger Every one will buy Every family will buy the New Parlor We wish make immediate arrangements with the right parties for the entire control of the States of New Penn Maryland and A smart business man with a small capital can make from three to five thousand dollars in any one State from this date to that he can The following wellknown houses in Boston have the New Parlor Game for sale at retail WILLIAM BUTLER 90 and 93 Trcmont nmiGHtON 55 Tremont KAVMOND Flue Htcreoncoplu VlowH of New England at ooraoiWoshlURtou and Bromftvld HARVKY 300 Wellington 320 Washington 18 Hanover CottreUB and 259 Westminster HAMMOND opposite liojlston street SMITH WashliiRton BOULEVARD DOLLAR 401 Washington HOWARD PICTURE FRAME 60 Green RAYMOND 279 Washington street two dnots below School 117S Washington 103 Court Cambridge Slmwmut and Indiana GRANT 873 Washington 1797 Washington 13111 Washington 189 Dudley 033 Tarter IMS wnshinnton 1357 Tremont AT WHOLESALE BY KTew England News 4O Court Horace 51 and 53 Hanover Hyde 52 Cbauncy PARLOR GAME For tbe JJew Kunland we wlali to make iui arrninjemeut to sell the NKW 1AKLOK GAME In every Town and mid parlies that cannot vail we cun send Unit dozeo per UxnrvBB for with oar terms for tUe Town or Von can sell large lets of them at Ladies Can Canvass anil Sell New Parlor OCR OFFICE AND 8AEK8BOOM 32 SCHOOL As was thecontest between Rico and Gfistouyesterday waa very iind it is evident that Rice is elected by about BOOO The whole Repub lican State ticket is Captain Henry probably tho largest majority of any of the candidates Crapo has a very comfortable majority for Congress iu the First The Legislature is strongly Ecpnblican and tho Council is unanimously About 9000 geptlemen responded to call of stood up and were Their were en tirely is Vibbert and their elan do not con trol tho sturdy temperance men of the Re publican Returns from 320 cities and towns give 3aston Baher 8034 Adams i73 Phillips The total vote willuecouBidorably less than it was last Democratic tosses inHaunxlen fcoin Internal WesternPartof the CSpcclal Despatch to The Boston the disaffection in the Demo cratic ranks in this part of the State has had a noticeable effect on the Democratic but the returns thus far received indicate that Gastou received a plarallty of the votes cast in tho western Hampden County elected four Democratic Beprosentn tives by a plurality 26 and this in spite of the internal bickerings which have lost this which gives a plurality of 307 for Rice in place of its majority of 1413 for Gaston last Hampden County gives 4673 4U7 Thirtyfour other western towns give 3818 All through this part of the State the vote is much lighter than it was a year and the majorities correspond ingly Hoi Pittsfleld ami Lee have atl gone Republicans have made some gains in the In the Western Hampden Ueorgo Rob inson of Cbicopee Republican has defeated Henry Fuller of Wostfleld tho successful candidate Of last 296 major In the Kastern Hampdon Tilly in elected by 558 majority over James a slight increase in the Republican majority since last They hove also gained two Representatives in tho First and Fifth Hampden The Adams movement has panned out exceed ingly onlv twentytwo votes being cast iu Springfleld only in the qn tile Other tho Pro hibitory vote is much larger than was antici THE DAY IN THE The Tickets In thn Svvttrnl Wards and the at the PollsSvratvhlnt and Iuat IIIR Generally the tickets distributed at the city pollingplaces yesterday were creditable specimens of The Adams and Bartlett tickets were Borne independent voters took tho ticket kindly provided by and a few cast a handsome ballot which bnre at its head in large plain Tlio Prohibitionist and which was to bo found in nearly every It was tlio smallest of all tho and was very neatly At tho head were the words Reform Repub lican surrounding a design repre senting the old oaken The words Temperance and ap peared on each side of the The Regular Democratic ticket was engraved on chocolatecolored and bore a tolerably good portrait of Governor It was the largest ballot inthe and so was no danger of any mistake in regard to the straight rticket on the the unter On the backwas a handsome repres entation of a golden double flanked with There were several Democratic Independent Democratiu and Democratic tickets in all the the were pre pared iu the interests of candidates for local The Hico and Knight ticket was printed on white with blue on which appeared a good portrait of the Alexander Like the Gaston ticket it was not to be mistaken for any of the smaller fry of appeals to tho Here and there a poorlyprinted Labor Reform ticket was It bore a strange representing in the centre either the Old Colony depot or the Public flanked by a ferry boat and a rolling mill on one and on the other a with church cto and airlncouiprehen I394B 12919 17MS Fur Secretary of iiia IBB 170 otn 007 1041 98V 409 078 ass lorn 515 AM 041 MS 687 For MUST HohtonWiird HM M M7 8KCOM D K M 7B1 Tiiiiiu WI Ml 9W KDIHITll 3M Sum S87 Ml 41 41 W4S JUKI IIUS KIKfll HM UW SliTll HUPVOLK K IMS 431 BM on 1721 7BI 70 of Hill 32 ION 17S 2 8 49 54 M 211 THE JCXKUNT IN cratic IJiudidate to the In the Ward there was a good deal of in the Representative contest and in the South Boston Democratic stronghold there was a lively light between Reform and Reg ular In the South End and Roxbury Wards every thing went while in the Churlcstowu District there was no end ot scratched and the tired officers found election work very In Cambridge there was a close fight on tho Sen atorial and Representative election RRSULT AT A GLANCE JUKILAN THE NIGHT The Reception of tho IteturusCmnmenU the Hotels anil on the StruetIncideutH of the The scenes during the evening after an election are always and crowds of suburbans indulge themselves with a in town who would hardly find any other oc casion of sufficient attraction to keep them from their quiet rural homos and the joys of the family Tho general interest in the result of yesterday caused even larger num usual to congregate in the streets after and many amusing incidents were noticed among tlio crowds congregated down town around the hotels and other news To tho hotel bulletins lanje numbers re but not finding very the figures given by the press were next no These wcro given quite and at tracted largo who uphold their men by cheering when favorable returns were made and by hissing when the gains were for tho opposition In the curly part of the ovmiihg it was understood that Boston wus curried by Klce by about 800 but the upholders of that candidate quietly waited for the whole The votes of the small towns of the State came quite rapidly during tho middle of the even and showed a slight gain for and at this time it was known that hodgained less than 100 vows in The managers of THK GLOIIK had stationed in Tremont row a large calcium light by the use of which the latest returns were shown on Court street to tho throng which anxiously By the vote was above 4000 majority lor Rico and here his supporters gave vent to their feelings by loud The Guston who before this were searching for persons with whom to wager a bat that their loader would be now changed their outward ap Newsboys were on tho alert with the issues of the different which appeared nearly every and with the cheers of those on the eager for the latest served to make Washington street vicinity present a lively Tho headquarters of the different toward the latter part of the wore a resort for and when the constant gains was announced at the Democratic it scntconstci uation into the ranks of the Gastou At the 1nikei The corridors of the Parker House pre sented tho usual animated scene incident to though less excitement prevailed than usual during tbe early part of the even This fact was probably due to tho doubtful result of lie Neither party disposed to crow until out of the Xhn headquailcis of the Republicans uu Washington streot had ils full of anxious was numb more while no exultations were indulged At the lllco men claimed tlio State by liOOO to fiOOO arid were confident that later returns would swell tbe figures to In tho In the streets about the nowHjMipai1 otlicus was a largo and noisy crowd until late in tlio The greatest attraction was iu of thn lively little News which dis played tlio returns by the use of the magic The also employed tlio tower of the Old South As tho re turim cunie along iu rapid succession there was cheering and as tho news was dgrocabln or whiln the jolly crowd shivered and shook with the ilie Post also displayed its returns ou tho wiillH of the but Milk was luarly dcscttcd and figures wore not es pecially gratifying to the few DLMiioorntH who iongregated at the oflico of their On State street the scene was similar to those ilrcady Tho Traveller office was lighted quite brilliantly with and a lioodnnturod crowd devoured tho returns as they were thrown on the opposite side of State In flcolhiys square another crowd was congregated to rend tho returns of THK Husidos the Tull returns a great va riety of views wore to the delight of the A feature of Tins GLOIIK returns was tho showing of last years voto in comparison with that of The office of tbu staid old Advertiser was as dark us and though the Herald and Journal made no display of the extras were in great Svith the meeting which sprung out of lost years election In his minds a GIXJIIE representative wfndod his way to Fanauil with notebook in prepared to ru ppvt a jollification meeting of the victorious bub tho old Jradlo of Liberty was as silent the ii light wun to hi scon and not a soul was stirring but the mar kutinun and thn policeman on bin AH the bourn waned tho crowds gradually thinned und shortly after midnight streets resumed their customary puuie and THE VOTE OF THE DAY IN A tulot Elwttm Wcllinitloii 1llecliil to tho In ttiruHtlug TlifolcitloiilnOHinbriddoviw but liiwul soino vnto was Mnstons plurality above Brother Ibc roirulav Bopubllaan liouiluco in tlii ICightlr Middlesex Representative Wards nnd of eama to grlof ycstcr clny account of tho disappointment of the fricmlM of Major Wellington Iu the IBBIIO ot tuo milled at the polls find gave thu Major mi independent nearly equal to that received by the nlhor two regular who with AlHjor Wellington were At Cnmbridiio the friends of Colonul Jorcminli from tlio pnraded with mid ppcecliea nmilp ly Colonel John Mc Sorluy und other Doinocratlu ihu only scul toring votcfl for Ooiinty Coinmlsslonor thrown in IninbridRV were duiiunltod by Uie enterprising volciH of Ward who cant seventy ballots fni of Ward Is the banner wind of Mnibildge on the linker received IDil votes for which In nearly double number given by tlio next high cut on tlie llils result imutr be especially gmti Iyini to licffi utreet omtor when he leafim is tttulbutnblu to thu fact that Pilgrim Church heforc which IMillllnn recently delivered a voted Kolld the Baker The Cambridge frleiidn nt the John rallied In force oveiilni after tho result of the vote in the Sciuilorlal of Cambridge anil Drighton heeaini Tho ftletropolltan Baud was and it throng of or 100 pergong ndcsl turmigh bumoof the principal utrcotg anil vtalteil ilu icKiilunue of Sargent on ProsiiccL wlicrn coiiRnitalulory hpcechca were made by ami liy llanublkan ltci VOXK OF For Wards lliec 411 hlJ WO iSM at WH S57 724 W IW M M lil liw 17 1 1 1 Ill 11 10 B 4 ti I 11 47 a HI M5 Til W II 73 i For Secretary of w w al a 1 For Third 4111 701 3MI M KW UW IIW 2147 171 HU1 iiiiii 814 I HIM J415 w lei KKt WO 367 W2 407 40A 7H4 404 4H9 Ml WO esi Foe W s i I 3 B s 44 27 61 41 44 iO 77 10 23 Total uln m U in 12 ia iu u 7 ti 7 a a m g nil nil 109 liffit IU Ml Ml HM IMM IKI 721 411 47U For Jonnty ilia I48 AvIliiKtn Ml M 72H I 1 For 4A7 ISO M 2U4 641 773 I 1 I i i ItriiKHuutatlvcH to General MIDDLtSKX Ward Solomon 210 314 8M W 124 441 J4B m Soloinou Wveimv la JilfillTH MlDDIErtKX Ward 6WI 877 13 bib 17 64 2 titm It 790 tm HSt 1IM 1111 1IOJ lOTtti 1SUOO tiVI Wellington MIDBLMBX Ward Jeremiah John mi M are Total IHE DAY IN inlet and Orderly Wanl Woik by thu JJeinocratnQanton UwrrlestUf tfllj Two Uemutirallo llttlo excitement prevailed hi all the ward rooms biting The Uejuooyftfei weut to with a will early in the and at Continued ou

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