Thursday, October 14, 1875

Boston Daily Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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Text Content of Page 1 of Boston Daily Globe on Thursday, October 14, 1875

Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - October 14, 1875, Boston, Massachusetts THURSDAY OCTOBER PRICE THREE Still Lower Prices TRIED FOR HIS THIS Will appear us TlIK GHOST Matlnee SUunlslv NlnhtRNJHARD of noorsoiienjitj begins at GLOBE THEATEE AimiUJl CI1ENKY Proprietor nnd Eicry Evening at ami Satureiny Matinee until further GEORGE mm GOODS Second Day of the Trial Samuel Frost for the MnrdAof His THE PRISONERS WIFE TESTIFIES AGAINST fliat at tlio time of the disappearance ho was working for anil that Front told him after tlie disappearance that Towne luul gone to ter witness nlmi Identified the watch nml other nrti clca founil in Frosts possession as bavins be loneed to Oliarlcs a licftvyfcaturcicl Itirm boy of nearly worked for Frost a inMiitli was there when be VntB arrest nnd occupied tho room with lilKbrotlicr a week after Townes disappear ance ho noticed the plnco under the burn where the earth appeaioil to be stlrrid up a day or two bclore Frosta arrcHt wis with bis brotbcr buhliul a wall and R niul Popular BOSTON MUSEUM Mutineer at SALUHDAY OF Anil the capital Warren TWO IN THK tarFriiluvliraefit of WarrenMUrl A Bo AHOUr KveniiiKRlCHEUEB 18thTHE BIG BOSTON Vroprletors KHEWKLI Mauusor The manngement have tlie honor to announce vn nKBKemcnt H Director ot tlio Kellogg Grand English For a season of TWO ou MOK couslstlUB ot TEN EVENJMiS and FOUR WATINEKS I no headed by tho distinguished AmoiUiui Miss CLARA LOUISE ComnrlBcs tlm emiuout Ivric MiSH ANNIK Her first iippearnuce here XKLDA AN NIK JOSEPM M I1IOMIV With all tho facilities tbey have of taking advantage of the mantel now offer u very large line ot tasty and popular styles of DRESS GOODS very largo reduc tions from former Mnnyef the fabrics thev ttuve in stock are very and it would be impossi ble to tapllnatj and so we would 0111 cus tomers to take nn early when the assortment in nt ita AVo eily enumerate a few attractions iPieces 4SINCH HAIR In Scotcti Tnrlnii Ktfecttt and Grays aiul GO Spitztoergen TV Other Witnesses From Petersham Detail the Circumstances of the Am the fuvoritp Americun JKtNIK VAN Kniipjiten by an KxooIlPiit OhoriiH und jiruild IIHIIUKNS AN VAK1BU REPEHTOIIY will be of which full nnnouneementfl will npiieur in uext as well ns theeoaly of prices iiml othfr OK RESKKVED SEATS wlllcoannineo ISAAC lUuuninl STETSON Maiingero AnotlieiHiwt oi StHiBl HAUUY HAKKY HKUKeK DELKHANTY JKPP15 ana FANNY HILLY the Great Howard Family THEODORE SYMPHONY iniinuontiiiK WJEDNFSnAY In announcing the Second SorleB ot Cou the rifeH priau tothewrtistlc leu wall as iiecontary FUOCCSS ot the nrevloua Only works or merit will no admitted to the pro will inclntle thoiuoHt Important novcl in addition to the standard works Chora worhs will ulfio anil tho best Solo v ill uppear during the The wid have which tbftie works require mil will number Jrom sixty to eighty SOLOISTS fortlie Klrst ANTOINCijTTK Contralto SciiRon refiervod six nitiLAiis for unle nt Ibe ofllcn o the Suuiicriytinii llelicts now ready for rfspiitfiilly aimounce that niMIIIBO M BULOW Wi1 Riven series of SKVKN OKOBKSVKAL IroirruiniiMMi fnr Vlmt Alcnilay nud Saturday Tbo Fifth irailel Ucmcorto lu K tlnt Allegro utintno mi 11 Nocturne Opus Ihnnt rolonuis ttiauscilnlimi Uti oillFC Ilnmi FllUTasiu tucl Dcclicateil to Ihmfi Vein SKrOND I Ailolpbe DiuiuH for 1iiuo und Olebenuu Opus in Ico A ihfiro LI 15 Knuiie uml nil u theme from tin snilonl i i YI II llrlllliinti1 il i foi Imiin mil by Tllini CUNCKHTKrliLiy O Fonrtii irand ejon Jlnuo ami Opay in M cadences composed hv tins Vm Allcijnt Ancinnte con Hondo vlv Soli Prelude and for the In A Arranged for tho Piano by K MeiulclRflohitTIreitude and tjpiis 1151 Jrclnde ami Oe la Suite Onus HI Grand for 1hino and In 1C lichf Hllli Iff see veil 50 anil uceoicllni to HH1 Vm BUlo at Ticket OIIIUB ot tuo Oeueort lo commence ut BOYLSTON VViiKliiiisJston Sol HKK Prnprul Orehenlra Clvuirx 1ft Mondny Afteiiiiinn and and every ullernoon and evening llilu JOJJN KiKcaKHinent of IVllHH ItlARIilK Sreiinil AViclt of MAKTINO Cimlliinei SeecccHK if l In tlie Miifcnm nud MemiKcrie open from Id till lu H BEETHOVEN O KWAIM ManuKur Ami mid SATUII 1AY BUCKLEYS First niniiiiriiHtt ol LA Ionulur AilinibMon Kesoived hcalu Ail uml 75 Doors open So WatliiiiCBAilinltmlun HeBerveil Seats All Doors open at ut DAVID A splemllil collnrtlnu of by David Xoal of on exhibition tor a Klmrt time only lu Ilia OF KLIilOT WushillUlon st SCENERY lo let uml nuilo to in IJXUHANOR li iininiiihll mid KnNni Pnlm BOS10N BASE BALL OEOUNDSr lMAMIJON8HJI Bostons M How the Murder was Committed and How the Body was atWl Vrry eksirnble ami very l Ijine of 3 antl MOrJrjLLKr HAIR At SI OO niul LYONS All IheClioicc lit 881am At 1 and Wl OO Fine AllWool Vigogne Serges At JJi 12 1OOO Piocor PLAIN BASKET ALLAVOOf Indies fblc U I lot of tSonSn we have ever vot bcloic ihe Empress 37 18 Wciinvc ajull MABTEL AVIUi Plain Sfriies to at 3713 Our iisfovtment of sluulep In Colored Merinos and Cashmeres Is unsurpassed in be nnd wo show all tho diuereutiquulitles and In wo never exhibited a large nnd ccnipieliKuslve line of Dress aucl we are ililent ttint every tiBte will bd able to mike a satisfac tory election Special to The Boat on October trlil of Samuel Krost for the murder of bin Frederick nom mitteel in Petersham last wns resumed this and the interest in every staao of the proceedings was manifested by tho attendance of iuterested and eager spee nociceablo was tbo 1111111 ber of ladies in The crossexamina tion of Frost wns the theme conversation and The object of tbo prisoners counsel seemed disposed to make out a family quarrel in which she was and that the result was the of The afternoon proceedings weru also interesting and and the in tercst if was on tho Tile lUoriilnif The onmo in and nftcr the usual foininlilics of polling the had boon Frost wife of the accused and sister of the was placed on the stand and bur cMiuiinntion She testified that her brother was frequently moody and cross to her eliitdicu that she found him one on her return fimii ill n stale pro luejcel by and ihc stum day Whitehouse of New Hampshire uis in anil lur willi lrost for the leiislnir of the Injic1 farm und llu running of both fnrins us one ono of her own lias u Iulf in Ihcswamii hack of the burn that Frost and Towuc toKelluh1 scarchc d for fiiiiiid Ituml ii inlheswimp that tliis oci on the niornini of ami thai on same the two ineii had u diliioiilty ahnut ihe of ihi sumo Irost not that she did nut take the notiyi nml Jewelry out of the irunk Ui which opened sin had them in her own posscsiiri al leiist a week have seen my husband onee his and thin Uarre IIIIMI visited him nl jail lu this nor childrcn to see ihouuh In bus Iroeiuciiily wriliin me to visi A Its A letter written hy fn Ihe for the clcfcMidnnt in answer in n rcijiicsl for un in this put in evidence to show that sin wns very bitterly opposed to her The letlcr Is ns tollinvs Sojnembcr very if not nltoteihcr me to lio to yVoreepler the coiuiiii meet you bo it would be of no im 1 have uothinu Vury Frost did not deny linyint written the but ihe nnittor of I did c tine lo to the Irobnte Court cm Hie nud sol the appointment niludnislrntrix on all of TiAvnes and clhl on the linrre Hiaji Iliiulngdowiito remark that I Imped my husband would he and that 1 would jive my testimony to tliut The counsel then put tlie direct But you do wish your bus bnndlnnig Tho Court Its lrost evinced no particular sensation ut the reinnrk nble lutlie Frost teslltied that theblnu Itcf wrapped arouqid Towne was found by her hebiocj tho it smellod ot Uio cbnul nnd ihc left it whero she found The blanket isu striped Frost wus cm tlie stand four nnd the took n recess of live id of her lining In the cornHeld at the phlRo when a of tbc bodv was aticrwards Testimony of a Nvero Cir i f aiimcl the darkest Kind of a Hv ill near In IVtershum saw Frost at his 1m IPO a week after the Fourth of his wl oquoBl toned Frost und Frost said he fead not soon him at nml that ho had pn o to California afterwards ho said ho bad seen hlj i at afterwards also at witness house wife asked Frost if It wns not strange that Frank uld go olY and leave all his and re d Hint Frank had no clothes of any am unit the boloro Frosts arrest bo worked for Frost and with John Kutlibonc about wluil Jnf tor Iiml neon Iri tlio cornfield afterwards plueo In the cornfield where the Itath paw nnd ut a place a rail anil nine Inches from lowor wall saw n lot of tiles bugs on tlio and noticed the unrnor of igjjppoiired to boa mini sticking up out of tbc t and search they left ids housei tiboilt ami c u liuitcni when he went there tlrst he put a On tbo nnd when they eiuno buck then h tho party the mark hud bean and when found the place It wan evident ihat whatever there bad been disturbed they removed earth and noticed a largo quantity but rowas nothing there they noticed liow nnd followed It out lute the where ran ncross n part of tho body done up in a e j Unit they took tho body to Frosts arrested Mary wife of the Vuorntcd her husbands testimony as to her Huee versalioiiH with Frost about Coroners Stronit Point Auiilnt cnry Slmtltiek of 115 ho over Ihe upper pnrt of the body ul On Ibe morning tt the arrest saw tlib prisoner his house in and noticed tile same odor ubinit him which wus noticeable tlic body found In HIM tield Krosls clothes weiv cbanged bciiiro lie wus taken to tlic odor wns nittlccaulc ulrcr he in Iliinv heuiel Hie prisoner nsked if In tedl Ilicm the of the boeiv und In declined to there wus no Herb or hiiir em the skull when lie saw uml the sKnlMvus nut witness exuinined liic fillin und pal li In llu unl iiiliintely ihe appiuruuccH and niiivlis of a Inlv huvliig lie en driigucil iiiiiig he also the hull tolllll nil Hie Zulus Ibc llllksiif IVIershum Icstllled lii Illldhl un per of tlic hoily In tin nut unel in h dog growl us if being set on by I h llpplIltillg til ulmnl twenty roils nf Iltiisbum wilh thenurty llur found Ibc beidy und told the princeellngs us theyup pcareel to him wus when the siick iMlilainiiii the upjicr urt of the bndv wus cut and s iw u slilrt In like one he bud seen Towne und willi I In sleeves rullcil up jus us the limn witness suw him on Ihc Flbliiy pici cdlnu Hie1 Shut nek gave eonoheiYuiive uml Hjid Ihul he sein a box ti Professor Th nl eontuining uinonjr oihnr a ehiit with blond sluins upon rhouips professor of chemistry in Worcester Ieelnilcnl guve us his professional uplnlnii Unit the stains it was i iipuMhli to tell whether of aman or Tlniums Aid sexteiu of the souih of ib buried Hie reopened the ut ho Instance of Ihe uml skull was off hi bis pres Sherlu Nioeirc euiuiboialuil Al driebs testimony uud lien udj lill bo DehxnoV but the Prehideut hasehaued bis nnd now I do not An otlieial despatch having been rccnivol at the Slate PenalUncut announcing the dlsappearanc i of mi IntectioiiB dlseatio nmoiip etittlc In tho of the Injunction oil Iiiiportivllon from that Province Is THE WESTERN Ohio Iowa Nebraska NEW The Red Cloud Police Mud J WASHINGTON AVON At OAK 32 to 38 North Can he found every variety of imported Uui Iorni fur members of various Tin listembruccs Boating Oxford and Flunnel Oxford and Flunnel nnd Cambridge bloid SUN Oxford anil Cambridge and Caniliiidse Cotton liniliy Feint Oxford und Foot Hall Oxfeiul anil Hall hford nnd Ball elcsiijptieiu of JFILITAUV niaite lo SIMlll OAK U AI i I 3i t as NOKTH I nHbhi I I KMOWLKSS IATBNT STEAM by thu Sietua Fiuup 14 anil 16 FeilEral aid 113 congress Tfii Cull on Harrison and ub tuln meeliciiieH aim illreetlonx to iipplv ut wlindi will be tilru lo cure or pluee youiselves uuilur his HifCMaod Kwell oftbu Llliibsiiml All c HIM cuuvral from any Hone IniK in Hostou nud tbo most Inrlucutial peuplu will recouiiuciul kuoivlediio aiul In Ids rtpeeialty cauimc be eepialled by any ooctor MIlAlT LAllD lotBtit fronting in tMmtiiinliiK from tn Bqttnre ut niodenitrt uml ou easy Apply nt CunipunH COVER VR O DLANUKTS ut Wholesale Pilnes OAK 3J lo Xnrlh AFTERNOON A Live In CourtSome Important Ti thti J be the in the allornoon 1ouiul Ibc cimitrooni iiyuin 100 Biuall to bold Ibe crowds to lor a place feiit was early tilled witli uml diwciiK walleil in tlio brills unable to get A noticeable tbiiiL about Ibcultumlaucc all to ban heiii that the ladles present mulieou Irciiu Ihe lower or even middle wulkx of many of ilicm are the nnd wives ol of Ibc riclicHl and most iiromiiient OpinliiK ut the IloceertinjmA Seleetiiiun on tliu Tbc witness of the afternoon was tic is u lypicul of Ibe Sclectimin u nmn the prime nf willi iia liiiir and full a slow uemuervatlvc unimicV of sincch und und evi dently bent on telling just Ibc jilain He Is accounted one of tin slronycsl nOKis lor the nnd lie cavu some of Ihc the He toilillijel tin after towne was minted und beforo bis murder was uuld that he would imilie every elloi1 to discover Ibc whcruboiits of and to his knowl eiltrc send oil live llllerenl Tho in isl Icsliuiouy was as to Ihe llmliiig ol a human thumbnail m the grave wliicli tlie luihbjiie buys illscovereil In I lie biirneollar hiinuin luilr in live or six plucis Ibe lane leinliiiK fom the barn to ihe pinouro uml tin bwamp beyomi tu nciililiiL of ubnndiiiit marks duiiollnj a heavy builv iiml bien diiitiijed aloni to the Iliullng by others ef the miililalrd in irave iu Ihe swumji MJIUO west the lliiil of tliu ilratiglni body lost uml to Ills linel liiU In the swump griive lifter the body was rein ivuel n piece ef a parliully burned and a whole bullmi uml a hull The articlns wore ievcriilly exhibited to the and some little son caUon wus preiduced wlien II wus shown the buttons exactly nmlehcd those on Ihe piece of tin tluiiiMl shirt which hud lielungcd lo and nbich wait fiiund round part of Sonu lUemcy ilnlin Iallu lei liuinliiij I i the prlsiner on the 8tli nf purl of the money beliiy In bills on the Ware Itivir uml tli for tin dclem e und road Krauts note IVir the at twedve and the mortfiiigc tulten UK security which described soihe of the live and iiropeily us bought of WllncHDuhu tcstitled that three other iiiuri jUtcs for abeiiit on lrosts personal Kinilco Snow of Ieturidiam testllled that on Hie Kutmday preceding the Towno eiiine tn her house about dusk and stuyed some llltlo Oilier Corroboialive Spoonur of retersham to llnd and tnues of drngglni a hody In tho path from tbe lime down to the ami nlsn to llndlng with nothing but two kens In under the pines lu the whore somtnhiiiK appeared to have been The book uml tbc Keys were shown and uml the keys wcro shown to TON nos trunk ami which were also iMudije of Ielershum eurrnhorative testimony ntt to the uppcaruiices Ihc let the und lo tnpposed urave under the pluo trees In tbc and at Ihe bottom of 11 a rout liiiuiiiK tin lop of which had been plainly us If by a shovel or hard iodihnd of retersbam lihiiitlllcd the original und mile for tliu farm which lu IdiTshnni with his wiles Jiolh the note und niiiitifaije were tltincil hy bcith Frost ami his furtherleHlilled that tbo prlsoiier iiiild eu ihe ou tliu Sib ol last und that llm mniiry cmiKlntcd of two anil SSil bill on liher the money vbleli the borroweil pf I u I tcslllled tolhc liosiuu i XKW October ItecHloinl Investi I galioii their ou the1 i alliiirs of the Indian Ibe re port cemtuins ubcmt fitlt Ioolseup pugesrelufing to ull by beslelew u grcit dealdl olber Fletcher suys Hie principal wrongs denonmed were those tlial escaped 1rofesstir In nniny details will be interesting us showing the workings of ihe present will ciiiitiiln some vuliiiibbi Iccoiiinicndutjons on the munugiincnt ol Indiun The rupdrlwill not be made public1 for i duy or oinniitlen of I u veKtiifa Iton AI the meet lug of the llunson Ilucw llnptlst a cnmniiitce wus uppuhiled to in vesligule charges of frund iu ccmncitian with the ediclion eit cerfuin of the church A lullon wus ulso inlnidneid lo the j Learned of Ihe Assiiiuted for pub lislilngsliinders iiguinst Fnllon und After some liseussion a coinmittieol live was up pohlteel tfi iuvestigiito the The meeting win very and ut with much ciinfusion und Jlie 1olleti on I hell1 fodiiy wus down for tin charges i inudi bnv tin Muyor uguinsi ridice Coinniissiimcrs uml They both nppevrud hv I niiinscl at tlie Mayors hut ul the of llisbiclieirs tiie cusc wus ueljonrncd nnlil Kiiduy when foimiil unswors In writing will Im cbuicjis were uguinsi Ibe Ciiinmlssliiiicrs today by the id I lie DculciV Assiiiiullem In ibis Tho Tweed Ouse IhoJwced ctisc eliinc miloduy iu tin Siipivun1 lufcirc on u inti tion Im u stu of jiroi pcheling uu uppcul from llio dcejiKion of tin Ilvcrsing the order Ior u bill ol purllciiluis und reliiiiig to rc dned uiicT bearing Ihc urgn it serve d his dec vJltllll1 Moeielv und Sankey will iiivivas at Hi t in October A of elorgv mi n und luynien uio haul ut woiU c lie niiirsuiy Ibcannuul feu1 liircctnrs of llu iTiiioti Tcloutuph in the Uourd were made execpl in tin lioniit ilolin Huston lo till u Miiinrv by the death of Henry to be u icninin und CoininlsMiiuer to Ilici wus leidiiy for swindling u coniidlng fiicnd In HobuUeii out if u gold wutclruud cliuln und iu i He uus lukcii to h is i hud prcvleiUHlv swindled dillcrcnt pcMsons DIM ul If A Chicago Times Sensation Nipped in the Bud Various Othor Speclul to The IScislon Dctolier J lines churges edileiriully tliul iinhnpeneliablu evi dcme caii be nriiducccl in tliut city prove hut on the occasion of hi lute return of Sccritiiry llristowH family from Kiiropt their trunks were lukcii oil tliu steunter ut u point down Hie buy by the revenue uud brought directly to New York iiml landed without j being subject to Allnr neyileueriil whose family ace nupiiiiud Hristow and her son upon their return from authjr tlic iiHcol iiunni for the Hut coiuruili Him of the lie anil Bristoiv did nut godoHii on Ibe bclnsj ton late for the lilpr they only the steauieM on her IMIIII I Inu lout the uf trunks Iliisiow bud but live of which i Ihc were left on board iu charge of an uud went throtijjh tbc regular Illbcr charges mi tlio dutiable urtbdes were hnly puld by Secretary j The following is Hie of the Trims nivut the close of business today special i including coin Ing legal A member of the lu conversation this ni mid One neck ugo I knew who wus I j Desuatches to The lloston October Hamilton Comity gives a Uepnblicnn majority on tlie State ticket of about Ior was behind his All the Kepnblican County ticket is elected except County Com missioner anil Probate but it will ro cjnire otlieial count to dutcnninn accurate ly tho election of The majority Hayes in tlio State is now put nt IScttcr State Conceded by October Omiinurats now concede tlm Stata to tho by with a lair majority in both bmiichos of the loncral Olie County Gives 11OO JllftiorltyA liepnli HeniiGiiln October retuijis from Cnyahoga County sivo Hayes MOO a Republican pjalu of over Tho coiiccelo tin1 ti the Republicans by Thn Republicans are to night over their Fully October from all the votiii places in Hamilton County fiivo Hayes The majority for tli caiididate fur Liontcii is innch Tbo Reptiiili eanji will have a vvorkint maturity in both branches of tlie lln Democrats still claim when the returns are receivcl from the liivci1 laycss majorily will 1e cut tin1 claim it will reach fully Many points on the upper river icuion am remold from Ihe anil will not In from hidiirc loiiiniToxv IOMII iivcs a of is no ilniiln now but ihut Ihe Rcptiblii1 in majoritv is fully There is a Rupitbliean yain in Hn lelunis Ior I he Slate The result in Ohio mid has the jieitcsl unil it looks ol I times in from all purls of Ihe tonntry keep in ami as cveiy 1ivsli reOrel of victory reaches il is htillcl and the people arc veiy The Legislature will have iiAvorkiim ot about Tlie Nelmislia 111 lean Victo ry October was not heavy a volts as there would ho if S tutu or national ofticers wereto be but nev a gnotl showing will be madu the returns all come The Republican is elected by about majority and the amendments to tbo Htato constitution earrii 1 nuieh There wore few independent ItcKofH elected in certain io calhies where sectional affairs were of moil to the pcnnlo than tho general State but the State may bosotdown as hav injj Kone to the Itcpnblionns by a sweeping FOREIGN Turkeys InsolvencyIke Other European Powers in By Cable to The lloston October The Knropean powers lutcrusloil in Turkish bonds have been in communication with a viow to some action rcsiieeliiiK Ihe edict of tho Turkish loveiuineiit tiinonnciiiK its inability to re deem tho loyernnicnt ami proposinc to by the half in cash and half in new fi per It is now announced Hint the powers refused to make any representations In Turkey re its financial filacUtoiio not Seeking tlie liberal Leadership Recent tjuble to The Itoslon October Tlio Moild today says Iliidstone has assured his fam ily that liu will never Icsiiine Ihc Liberal The Admiralty published yester YieeAdmira Tailctou and lliiklcy from any for the HinUinu of the also dismisses tin Lieu of tlie Iron Heavy Failure in LondonA Stack Broker In rn lo Tin IliKlou is duy at the The Iliilnre of Hem stock and share Tlnockmoiloii Mis liabiliiiiS me1 said to lu Tho AiiglcChinosa DifficultyFavorable Ro Culnc lo Tin Itihlini ileibiM October Iail Mall i lie cd Ibis cvcniim that private tcli KriiniB dated today anil prolitilily October say that the liritisli nec11 liaiions ure pioyvcssin Foreign Vermin has been elected of the Loiflami am ISnslon Cnini The city of is asked lo IIDtl on pieik Lebimin was thrown from the ol a rnnawuy team yesIT duy and THE JJORMON What a District Judge in Utah Thiuka of it A Strong to the Grand Siuclul Desiuilch to Thn Huston UloboO SALT Octeibcr bis cliurju to Ibc uiiiml Uoremuii ot the Third liistrlct Court iidmonishccl the jury to indict u num ber of who buve induced men to coin mil perjury feir the purpiisc of ftwlndliiig Hie Government of tcrritoutil luiieU and for lie piirHculurly tliu iurr to indict every proclulmcr or instructor of pei us persons hsve used every liicuns lo picvciil Its punishment Ibcy IcKili ami imlyKUiny unil then deny It In Sonic Fluln tliul pollaamy Is n loulhsome notemuualinijfroiuauy Hi only Im1 Ibc anterior to the ihwn of clvl and caused the MciinoiiHto IH bitterly to the free sclu The United States buvono bh iiuuiiist Ihc lliu Qeivcniiiniut de hliis In see the Mormoim to pulyK Jlie ioveinmeiit ID dnlcniibunl not to until llio ire It H uoini use for Iho Mnriuons to Ilijlit iijullist of Tile Uovurnniiiit Is uud Hie must riiillw Ibis GASTON AND THAT IS THE NEW DEMOCRAT1 ICLIBERAL General Bartletts Declination ing Made a Change SO WE ARE TO HAVE AN ADAMS IN THE AFTER Action of tlie Democratic mil tee and Views A meet inn of the Executive ComiuiUco of the Democratic Slate Central Committee ami other prominent members the party held tho headquarters on School yesterday to consider the much tulkednbotit letter of declination of General the partys nominee for Thij letter was jirescnted and and is in full as follows ienernl lluitlotts Octobev To Kilward Frosldcnt imJl Liberal Coiiveutloii IHAU Siu 1 am this moment In receipt of ynurH of the llli postmarked Infonuliii mo of tlit action of your Convention of nomi me for the otHen of LieiitenanWiovornor ot uud Inclosing a copy of tho roaqlu ilons As 1 wrote your committee September dcclinlui the proposed I mrprlfcd seeing my iiiiino on the ami buve awnllcd your official notltleiilloii bcforn lencutiiiK the decision uftor ilno I then arrived I am aware than my iclnsiil to accept a nomination imposed with MII li cordial expressions of and curried ttilli such lliilteilin will to your nn ou my Jlutliw IIIK ilecllucil in tho use of my I can nut bliinio myself Hint I am now placeeliii Mio nn dcusuni pnsilion of aiiiiln refuslni an honor so well intended unel so itiiiccliilly I Und mi risolntinn in your plittorm Ibul f canuii siiliHcrlbe except which Is nerNoiial lei 1 dei inn how you could well do wlsetluiii renoiuhialc fur the head of your ticket I h man who has for Hie past year iiiodeiilly nerved Stulcwlih IhUli liunils uml lumeHt not III Ihe intiicst of any cliiinc fur Iho hunm uud uoiid of Ibc uliclc I upprccliiii uud ihc eviincd hv vonr coiiviMillini in its willingness to siibnrdhiulo tnirlv nuiiins to Ibo but nndcidiv for political I eliiiniil IciMiud Hint public1 iiitcivii di ut Iliiv the of iiij U II llc lime such sin riilce I sluill be ronly ii muUe whcilic1 it he wilh Hie Iicmocrutic party m1 llc Hepublicun belter the half of sei it Mull be Ibc piirly which the future Impcrailvclv culls for to lead the way of uuo pure uud inlclliijcnt pro uros a puny which hull neither bo obllgeel to ceni tciit llsrlf wilh the rcclnil uf its aciiievemuntM llur ulciliifeir ils pust Willi u ap prcciiillnn of Ihc yon liavo puld tbiil I iumiot ciimply your I your iibcdlent SlKlltdJ Such men us Cidoiiel buries tjuiucy William Itcnben Not lc uid I wli i weru I lie parly were not tlie sort oil men to dcspiilr of the though the with its Inevitable Influence upon the campaign luul ils olTccl and iinlvcrsul was exprcKsod thuli ul lids lliiie leiiural llurllett slionhl liuvo in There wus a geuunU iutcroluinfrs ciul ItiirlbMIs munly uml sUultlitfonvard Icttiir lit I lie spirit In which It was Hie m Jcibn Julncy Acbiuis Hume of ynlucy Adams was lo till the iniild heaity applause with scurcely any that Kcntloiuan waa formally iieiininnled us tho Democratic candidate for Lieu In a few nc eepted Ihe honor uml his joyful at the fiuul settlement of the vexed gave vent to considerable enlhunlnsm for iaston Tin rully at Fanoull w it und lite Willium Gray was sclocbvt us the prisidiiiK ejtlcer for the and tlm Committee Thenows of their action WIIM very ioon uud various opinions were pressed in retail I to thn wisdom of noliiiniitinir Hut thu Democrats Kiiiuiully weru not dliposed to bo very Biiiiunlno with Ibe news fiom Ohio and Iowa aucl tho unfor Unston stock be quoted ati u decided With a view to secure and bitore its renders llio views of prominent men of tbc purly on the sudden and unexpected in Jni early despatched roporters in scuich of sonic of the IcneliiiK IJeniocruls of I bin with the results shown AVliut Avery Th lulls aliont tho Dciiiociatle IroMHicts and Iliirtlclls le Tbc KdwurdAvery of being HID Cbuiiniun of the Hemncnilio Slate Central IJomnill wus naturally Ihe person thought of In eon nieliuii with lloucral llurtlettH dcclluatiem and tho clivnuMunies which led to Ills uoiniiiullon by thn parly us Avery wan at Ids e Ilice em und received very cour tcously TIIK reporter who had come lo obtain u slulcinent of The printing of lencral Ilarli htls letter of dcclinullon In thu liepub ycstcidiiy was a surprise to liuel luruishml that with copy of the Idler must acted lu the Interest ot iomriil or sniiie of his friends or else tbo copy bud been Mirreptlliously ax mini of ihe Slate Central A very Knew tbut the reidxiiallou bad been rcecived by the It us u Iommunlcu tion for Ihcir cnminltiee to bu did licit othor of II jmldle until utter tlic committee wblchhuil been urruiiKid for Avery pletisuiilly rcliiicd lo the atoifcs which bad IMCII told concerning the supposed of Urn and the anxiety of tlm comndtteo to iircveuti ils lie Hild that there of in nil llurllolis letter which to The Iommittce agreed in jirn II an iidmlruble and the only CM taken to if lay in the fact of thu ioiicralit In In regard to tlio way hv which Ceiieial llurllett wus nonilnutcd ut Avery suiil Hint Ihe fricnils ut tho win were supposed lo know Ida opinions lu the wat the Ilmvcnllim to understand that them wus liuidly Ibe iluulow of a doubt uf Ills ac in the oociirreuco of u certain That eontlnueiicy wan the buries Kruncis Adiinib for fovernor by any 11 Unit iiamo was presented Hie Jieud of any thenIt was ticnciul Iltutlctt would support that candidate in pieforince lo all The Democrats certainly nuderstood Ihut Uenurul Haitlotts represented by bis friends uniimg the Liberals ui that und cordially supported him Tbfro hud certainly been a mlsuudir somewhere In regard to General IJartlettM willlnjniCHS to though there was ie uiird to bin utneiiH for the ofilco to wlilxli he WIIH The State when It met bad tlio letter iinciul Uuillitt under It ditetcl only hi one or two unimportant words from tho ver Kion given in the Of having bcloie them uf an hounrabla Ibe members uould in common courtesy do nothiiiK but accept With great thej numeef the putney Adams of Qulucy was snlislltuted for tbut of Ueneral llnrtloti anil i lie ccmmlttee surutliat tho ttu will Ilinumiud Avery did not appear lie linsl and thoiiijht that OeneraL lluiHells letter would be u good document for Dcm t i rats to AVIiul Hie JcorKO Hie Ai re porter of THE called uixm tin lei rue thu Democratic cuudiUntq e r fecrilaiv lo obtain bin vlows ou HM m w In Hie Mouroo I miijlil General Bartlett had on the Fifth

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