Friday, August 6, 1875

Boston Daily Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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Text Content of Page 1 of Boston Daily Globe on Friday, August 6, 1875

Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - August 6, 1875, Boston, Massachusetts FRIDAY AUGUST PRICE THREE For sec Fifth Invite the attention of tliclr Retail Customers to the following extraordinary lliese prices are made with the purpose of nelline gootlH at lu order to make room for theft Vail of all are daily In many Instances our preRGnt selling nrlcea are over lifty per of the cost or tho DRESS GOODS 50 PIECES ALLLINEN LAWNS AT 30 Former 42 A beautiful assortment of LINENS At 10 17 Sfi 38 30 33 cts and 16 or 80 CHOICE PATTERNS ENGLISH EMBROIDERY At SI SI US nnd 81 with LACE for TBIMMINO to These are very scarce In the PIAIN AND TWILLED At 48 50 and 1OO PIECES French Merinos At In the best assortment ot shades ever seen in this 150 PIECES At 85 C TG 8 At SO and 85 Very much under SOME FIVE CASKS all we hnve left of our VAKDWIDK Percale Cambrics At FRENCH FOULARD PLAIN AND PLAID CAMBRICS at 37 12 Besides a lurce Variety of PLAIN TWILLED FABRICS At as cents per Washington Avon EAST INDIA SOLAR Made from impressed Cork green silk Alpaca We have received this day a con signment of these celebrated EAST INDIA manufactured to order at tho Dhu irmntallah and designed especially for the New York and London This invoice lias been received too late for the and we offer them at retail for Hie very low In this connection wn beg to call attention to our summer stock of Pi jamahs made from light flannels and from pure pongee The East luilian who endures for twothirds of a year a heat equal to our August does really suffer its as the inhabitant of a more temperate region does in his short The topees are ample protection from the SUBS fiercest The flowing pijamaus are the most comfortable garments ever and the airy Bungalow is as cool and desirable a home as man can We have less than fifty of the Topees on and only two dozen There will probably never be again an op portunity to buy in Boston a genuine Bast India Topee for so small a sum as now Will be sent by mail on receipt of Lfl cents extra for mm OAK f 38 to 38 North St THEN WOOLLEN CLOTHING REDUCED Oiii SALE of Thin Woollen Clolhlng lit Ueiluced Prices will continue during month of August The garments are all mado In our own and every article sold IB as fully warranted hy us as though sold at regular Williams 400 Washington 25 CKNTS VOH K1HSTULASS VISITINQ In that you may seewlmt they I will send by return mull with your uiune iwatly printed on wiiou yo celpt of JO eentu and u threecent 1 ou reoelvn wimples of Tinted nnd White 1 employ some of the most careful and expert printers In the and send out none hut Printers In all jmrtu of the country are sending to mu to nil their as thev cannot attoid tho name quality nt work nt my livery week my cards are KrawliiKlu fiivm nnd All your friends will want a iiitik Tvhen tliey mso 41 Kueeluud lloston July The Waverly Company will return to tlio stoolc iia per close of this day sum of Three Dollars ou and after MOM on presentation of oertldoato at the dfUeoaf tlib Kllby Uoaton Ier order of DANIEL rRAND BANQUET AT THE REVERE LAST peeches by Generals Butler and John the James Buf fum and LONG LIST OF TOASTS AND A GRAND GOOD from William Lloyd Garrison The Distinguished Men The Daniel OConnell banquet at the Revere last brought together large company of prominent Irish American together with many dis jnguished guests who make no claim to the possession of Celtic but who united in doing honor to the great orator aud liberator of Tho speeches were both numer ous and and full reports will bo found Among the gentlemen present were General leneral General the Hon G Washington the Halsey President of he Common tho Jurnes Buffum of John Boyle Editor of The John the Sherwood William General Donahoe and Eohert Morris and his Letters of regret were received from Governor Mayor James Kussell AttorneyGeneral William Lloyd the Charles Luvi tho William Sim Chief Justice Gray and the Right John Archbishop of the Dio Tlie seventy gentlemen sat down to tho banquet at which was spread in the club in the roar of tho grand The long table was lavishly ornamented with flowers and pot while the menus bore a medallion photo graphic portrait of the great and were otherwise gotten up with great taste and being printed very appropri ately on heavy paper of a light green The which was com posed of ten served with the wellknown good taste of the occupied attention for about two when tho was finally cleared for action at everybody was in a condition to appreciate all the good things which might be said by the postprandial After Gulney Opens the General the presiding called the company to aud opened the afterdinner speaking with a brief and suc cinct review of the life and labors of OCon The crowning glory of his he lies in the circumstance of his devotion to the cause of without consideration for condition or General Guiney in closing his remarks introduced as toastmaster John who gave as the first toast of the evening The Memory of The Memory of by John John Fitzgerald was called on to and was received with He said PresidentThe last quarter ot tbe last cen tury was an eventful not only lu tbe annuls ot tbis but of und oC nil Europe in It was a neriod wben tbo people read their rights from tbe flames of and built deinoe raeies on tbe ruins of tottering Iu tho history of tbe Irish nation it wus particularly ovont It was the one sunny spot lu her con quered It was the period when elo quence and learning lived and flourished in tho It was the period when her her Floods and Poiisonbys roused their countrymen to a sense ot their and raised Ireland to a state ot prosperity suob an she never attained In her con quered It was that period that tho poet Moore so graphically describes When a nation oerleaped the dark bounds ol hei And for one sacred instant touched Libertys It was that period when she possessed an Independ ent that school of and afterward of iu raised the bund of the euicido nentnst and sold the liberties of a people for place aud was a period of It was tbe time when armed cjtlzen soldiers marched up and down the land and told the British King that their liber ties they bud received from and would not sur render them but wish their And with nil tuts outward show and semblance of this triumph was but tbe triumph of one million out of live millions of the Irish Like tlio helots of ancient tho other four millions might Indeed witness the glorious sights aud be spectators of the grand Uruina of what appeared Irish They permitted to listen to the eloquence that resounded through the halls of the Irish House of but they wore ostracised from all political but not of the land In which they they were simply would you believe they crotehaeil not the rclliilon as by law established were With tho majority in that Irish House of religious liberty meant lib erty to Ihluli and act as they THE STRUGGLE FOH EQUAL The emancipation of fourfifths of their country men was a thing as preposterous as the cinanclptitlou of the colored race wus to the Southern Tho penal code hung heavy on tho limbs of four mil lions of the Irish race dUrlue nil iwtod These four millions of people hud petitioned for equal political rights with their Protestant fellow country but were always refused 1707 und 08 the the Emmets and Fltzgeralds appear on the Eceno France wna levelling monarchy and nobility America bad achieved her republican nnd poor penal code dis franchised Ireland walked In the wake of the gathering nations und inuilo one more grand effort to breuk tho but nlus to tell the old storj over again of defeat aud vanquished adding but to too inlaery tlioy intended to relievo In quick succession followed tbo bill for the infa mous act of Tho gallant tho noblo Lord Edward and the Shears brothers had gone there were neither tears nor tyrants nor slaves tiruttunuud retired IB disgust j Outran left his sou in a Parllamenl whose members had no God bin thelc no ambition but place and pension no no no patriotism who uiiblush iugly and openly offered for sale tuelc country and their Political exoltemen ran The volunteers were no more It was tbe year ami a youiiD man of twenty three for tho tlrst time appears In tho arena of Irish politics to make n speech ugalnst tho lufumoue act ol He wus born nnd reared in those exulting tluifs have In tho wild mountains ol Kerry he drunk In llo was of the proiorlbod Catholic and hence was obliged to spelt la lor tlen lands that education refused him at la Omer and whore BO many who roil tho path to tho scalTold received their Irish edu ho drank in patriotism nnd Ho vus a young almost ami his lame was ICOSNKLLS LOVK FOB ins CKUSADK AGAINST He began public life with tho love of Ireland iu lie ana while that heart beat it was his ruling His llrst speech was In opposition to tho In amous act of and his history for fortyseven feara utter Is the history of that laml whoso creat icss and whose glory shall ever bo associated with lis It would be impossible for In the Imited time at my to do justice to tho vtr ucs of this great It is I to neusure a mans greatness nowadays by what ho ias accomplished and judged by that OCounoll elands unequalled among tho public men of this lie found luit land of his a wreck and n her people sunk in the Catholic class to which he belonged slavish and cowering in the ex and debarred from every ofllco of trust aud And ho raised four millions of slaves to the dignity of and asking lor mens He began his crusade for reform and civil iberty when he could count hie followers in association on tbo tips of his the paltry nuui jcr of nnd he had lived to lead tbo millions as one man to tbo portals of Westminster and wring from the fears of the hero of tho Tory Prime what never could be obtained from bis sense of jus the glorious boonof Catholic He ound of tho Irish race political pariahs thankful for the crumbs that fell from tho table of the kingly by continuous agitation of the he mado them respected and toured by the British He found Ire laud a nation of pocket and her few voters or political at tho mercy of the but his Claro election gavo the dnnth blow to the landlords and taught the Irish farmers tho rights of He found Ireland a cold und almost lifeless aud he raised it from the totnb of obscurity und clothed it with tbe of life uml of He found tho leaders of Catholic opinion willing that their priests and bishops should bo the agents of iho giving tho crown n voice lu their selection lie found the Quurantottls und the Gonsnlves at Hnino favoring tho but he cried Wo received our theology from but not our and be argued that the minislers of tho Gospel of Christ must depend for their support on the voluntary cmUvl hulioiiB of the and not bo salaried under lings of the Acainst them piicsts and intriguing diplomats at he succeed and tlio Irish Cluirnh was siived that of all of being tbe ponsionir of the crown that sillied ils He quelled scenes of nprarlanisin nnd and In Ills cranil cllorts fur rcpcnl ot Hie Union bo brought u quarter ol u million together UK orderly as a church to show the world that Ireland wus lit for BOlfgov HIS LOVK FOll M11KKTV WAS bis lovo of liberty wacirt or con lined to Ihc Irish race Ifi Ills own wherever tyranny was ho hated whenever oppres sidti ho hated rtio The oppressed CutVro or the poor condemned to the liur punishment of and tho downtrod den slave of the had in htm a friend and an And much as ho valued tho assistance of the United States ut a time when the slaveholding power Uelii sway scorn he refuse the pe cuniary assistance offered by liecaupo the tcmplo of Irish liberly should never bo built with gnld wrung from tho sweat und blood of down trodden Ho has often been compared with Webster ho had all of Websters Godliko intellect ho could be stately nd gvand ns Webster in bis diction but bo could be what Webster could could como down to tbe level of tho lowliest anil sway Hie mil lions us no other man But above ho bud that grcut the lack of which has dero gated from the character of never sacri ficed the great principle of human rights to expedi Tbe emancipation of tbe slaves was a great hut tho black race hud little to do with it OConnell four millions of Irish slaves work the problem of their own re and he You remember his great motto Hereditary bondsmen who would bo Iroo Tbomselves must strike the He is blamed by the Young Ireland party for his passive His recollection ot the French llev which he and of the rebellion of made him conservutivo but ufter we never should have the or those hud there never been an And if since then n patri otic public opinion has been created In Ireland and people dare think and act for instate churches have crumbled und the ballot has bran can what have they nil been hut the result of tho teachings and preachings of OConnell All honor to the memory of a nian who belongs to no but to Well may tbe race feel proud of him and grateful to to throughout the length of the festive boards like from and from wishurns and the Irish exiles nnd those in the old lund join iu one harmonious accord in praise of him who is and every shall be Kerrys Kbits ami Irelands the far famed anil indefatigable Daniel OUon Greut The President of tho United States from Collector The second regular toast was The Presi dent of tho United and Hayes read the following letter from Collector Sim in response CUSTOM I Collectors August MY DKAU Siu I urn in receipt of your Invitation of the 30th inviting me to bo present at the OConnell centennial In response 1 regret to say that arrangements already made compel my absence from tho city during the tlrst two weeks In and hcuce I shall he unable to fitlcnd the Permit to express rny entire sympathy with tbe object of your gather and to join you In commemorating the patriotic services of one of the grandest characters in Irish Trusting you may hnvo a v6ry plonsant und enjoyable und thanking you for your kind I have the honor to subscribe Very truly The United by General The third the United was responded to by General whom the Chairman introduced as host abused mini in tho General Butler was received with throu loud He spoko as follows Thanking nnd the gentlemen bore for your 1 take great pleneure in responding to the sentltuQiit which IIUH been assigned to We of tho Uultoil States hud a peculiar Our fathers wore of different na of different of different andpf different modes of except thnt they wore nil the same in their sentiment of love for They all hixil one watchword freedom and tho rights of Much has been said of Plymouth Atit you will allow mo to without In the words of another Plymouth Kock Is the Blarneystone of A sweet woman poet bus suld that the Pilgrim Fathers sought Freedom to worship WINS just what they did not seek they sought freedom to worship God in their own and a pluce wbero thoy could prevent titbets from worshipping Him lu any other way but And they were logically be hiving that they wero right nnd thut everybody else WUH why shouldnt thoy do the best they could In prevent others from suffering In an eternity of brimstone nnd lire WHY Till IILQUIM FATUKItS CAME TO They came here bccnuse tho religious freedom of Holland allowed their young man and women tostruy Into other and that wouldnt I re member well when tbe names at Intolerance burned brightly on a neighboring hill because we Inherited that spirit from our aud I remember whou men were persecuted because ot tholr rolldlous Continued on the ITUUi IAYAGES OF THE LATEST NEWS FROM THE INUN DATED D image to the Cottongrowing Re gions of the THE ILLI NOIS AND MISSOURI Ldss of Life in Some Storm Increasing in ProportionsSerious Ap prehensions in the Low Gijeot Havoc Along the Ohio nnd Mississippi August Ohio Biver last was fortyfour feet six on tho Tho news about tho rhjet is very Abig rise is coin out of the Tennessee and Cumberland Hi also out of Consequent it Evansville and Paducah the water is coming up The rise here during tho pait twentyfour hours is nine inches against eleven inches the preceding If the Ohio continues rising here at tho same rate for tho next sixtyfour honvs it will be from four to six miles wide from up to or along thddepth at ns indicated on tho being fortyseven at The Miifiissippi Iliver will overflow the Missouri shire and the Cairo aud will be iu It is impossible to estimate the damage done in the Ohio and Mississippi Val It as if there was to bo a repetition of the dangerous Hoods of other yews which destroyed the Mississippi levees millions of acres of Tho is warm and a little Tin old river miii hero nover saw suih floods iu July or There is danger all around Tim Condition of tlio at Viuks I August While MIR rivfr is high and reasoning is against a general overllow tho tributaries of Mississippi are very low uud Urn swamps They be lillod first thu wutor is rising all thrmigh the old crevasse at AshUm on the Louisiana and Arkansas and in Phillips opposite where DUO acres have already been The Aspton crevasse does little damage as thej water passing into the bayou Sbciuld apprehensions of any overllow bo ro the iliimagi to cotton and other crops will be I Alone the of tho August fi boat which ved last reports two foot tu spate ou Ihe In Bolivar they think themselves safe they are patrolling the The Arkan sas shore isoverflowed in places Tho watiir is one foot below the high water mark of spring and twentyeight inches of that of It has risen two inches since yester A Bnlii uml Lightning Storm Prevailing In thu August re ceived here from the West and Northwest state that a violent storm is deluging the country iu all The storm is accompanied by fierce and appears to extend as far west as The damage to property and it is will be very Communication by tele graph to many points is entirely In the anil August Is a good deal ol nluriii owing to the rising of the aud much apprehension Is felt for the His raining and reports from fur ther uu state that the plantations on Islands 10 and So are being submersed and at New Madrid Iho Hood is running through the sunken lauds to Francis The water hero is high aud rising and slowly encroaching on tho exposed plantations below Tho crovasso at Desoto Front has been Planters between here and Helena are working hard to protect their LITTLK river has risen here steadily for the past eight aud now it shown twentylive feet on tho There Is much apprehension among Ihe are hurrying their effects together to be ready for an Tho Signal Service tables show that Iweiitytive feet on that gauge tioods tho lower Ar A juivato dispatch from 1luo nays the liver rope six inches this and is within four feet of highwater August Ohio at 1 oclock this luarltcd fortyfour feet ten Inches on the rise of six inches in twentyfour A heavy storm of rain nnd lightning passed over I his city laet It is clear and warm The reports Irom the upper rivers are very dis August Klver has risen and considerable damage hun been The Is p The sweeping away of the large last wus a great and the loss of two men having heel is one of the saddust mouieutoes ot Ihe gteat In Other August severe storm of rain ami heavy llghtnluc prevailed In this Late tonight rain IB still but wind uud light ning ate lets The most gloomy anticipations inevail concerning tho August stnrm on Tuesday was much more fevuro outside of Ihan In the At Ilass Lake und Lalto hailstones as large as hens eggs within live minutes the mercury feH Iu Mc Lean niimo who hail taken refuge under a was killed by light Three miles west of the u con taining twentytlvo tons of was struck by HyhtnliiE anil At several wheat nearly ready for the wero The Stnrm Begins Aicaln lu New It AH August storm begau again lu this section at 3 oclock this and the rain Is fulling very heavily tula with llchtnlne and strong wlud from the Tho river is rising slowly but unit a freshet Is an General The fallowing is a general summary of tho condi tion of Iho several rivers and Inundated the paft twentyfour hours The Ohio Ulver has risen twentyeight Inches at two ut one foot nt nnd onehalf foot at it la uow four feet tlireo Inches helow lie danger It Is from two lo live feet above the danger lino at stations between Kvauevlllu and It has fallen and is now below the danger Hue at Marietta and Ill tub The Mississippi has rlseil ilx Inches at two Inches at and la rleluu ut bat 1ms fallen one foot at Lou la uiil five Inches At It is now four feet and H half above the danger line at Cairo aud tea inches above at and la ono foot below the danger lluo at and one foot and ten Inches helow at Tho Missouri has fallen sllohtly at all Tho Ciuiiburbuul has risen six inches nt The Hoods will in oreneo in the lower Ohio unit Contral Mississippi dur ing Friday and Heavy local rains are reported from tho western portions of Tennessee and ami tho southern portion of The Letters of Credit of Sherman Arrangements for their CJUy Cable to Tlio Boston August announcement having been made by cable that father of the senior partner of Sher man New would protect those who were abroad holding letters of credit on that inquiry was made at the Union but the oilicialsof that institution deny that any arrangements have been niailfi with tliem for the redemption of those Ne gotiations have been pending since tho but arc not anil the longer they are postponed the less is the probability of a successful Letters received from Americans in Pnris say over holders of the suspended firms letters of credit have been heard from in Germany many of them utterly destitute and compelled to apply to the local authorities or to tho American Consuls for Ono a resident of had but thirty francs in money when slio beard of the Eueeian Designs on Certain Roumanian Terri v By Cubic to 1VieBoston August is reported from Petersburg that Russia is seeking the ren dition of that part of Bessarabia that was annexed to Koumniiia under tlio treaty of Fearful Floods in Loss of Life and able to Tho Boston August Disastrous floods have occurred in tho northwestern pro Many dwellings oC the natives have boon destroyed and is feared there has been a serious loss of life in the Damage by a Waterspout in Eheinish rjjy Cubic lo Tho Boston August A oviV Hhiinish which in undated the A bridge and several liousra NViMi away and thirteen per sons A Whole Family Poisoned at Philadelphia from Eating SausageOne Dead and the Other Dangerously CSpectal to The Uiwtou August very to fatal poisoning ease occurred lu the Twentyfifth Ward in tlm suburbs of this on the A provision denier named Obndiiih atl80l FninkCord purchased a quantity of sometime and It noon became Fred ngril elfilitccn Btiites Unit ho imrobuped a of thitt and toiilt where it wus washed lu hot wutov plnceil ujmn tho tuhlc of tho King nl 2871 SlalHhton Tlio of purtouk ot nnd in a short tlnio were nil taken 111 nnd turned It was evident they had bven One of tlio George ngcil three tiled after three hours of extreme and the1 four iu with four nro now sintering The grocer says ho bought the sausage from a man named Hoth Lleslennd Hess are now iu custody to await tho action of the A Big Haul of Crooked WhiskeyFour Hun dred Barrels Special Despatch to Tlio August of Wnshburns secret service made n seizure of about 400 barrels of whiskey which lie fouiitl lu the Chicago Canal nnd Dock Companys warehouse near the corner of Tyler and Canal lie dls coTOrcd the whereabouts of the somo timo lust but deferred making tUo for reasons best known to until It observed that somo freight ears were standing sus piciously near the when ho considered It best to wait no On looking the barrels nil he ciime to tho conclusion that they contained crooked on compurliiK tho bis suspicions were fully The stuff be longed for the most part to tho tlrrn of ICnat niiin is estimated to worth between and The Executive At n meeting of tho pardons were granted to Francis Devlin and John convicted of nrson at tho October term of tho Superior Court for Middlesex County In and sentenced to imprisonment for Tho crime Cor which they were sentenced wns on the ailh of when they sot fire lo the house of The commit tee of the Council to whom tho petition for pardon was referred reported in favor of granting on the gvouml UmV the two criminals were at the time of the commission of tlio oltonco under seventeen thai un der the laws they would probably havo been sentenced to the llcfnnn School during minority thai they hail already served povou yours and a hiilt in the Sinle and hud generally well conducted IbcnmWiB while Sharp Oeorgc Kluch of Now a Iteform School wtio hud secured a position iia Ireuum on the New New Haven nnd Hartford wanted to become an hut his application wup He then wont to Now York and adver llfpd for iiu experienced engineer to go on a Weslern find tho advcitlcetncnt wus by u tow Inulnpordf Inriie Ilneh took his ostensibly for telling the man to return tho next whou he did wus on his wuy to tho where ho ohtnlnei a timid position with tbo others and still holds Picnic of the Howard The second annual plcnlo of the Howard Asso which took at Waldeu very successful mid enjoyed by a goodly num ber of One of the most attractive features of the occasion was tho tournament of In the running nt 200 Monud was Oilier were won by Arm strong uml There wan a tjwtmmine eon lest In which McAvoy and Shan carried awav the A fouroared for rowed on the WRB won by tuo City Point crow by two For tue The campuioetlng at Marthas Vlno MUti Is at null tbo Now Bedford Una for Oak lllulTa vln Dostou anil Providence anil New Bedford Itallroudmimlstentuors and Mona hnnsctt will run special Sunday express triihis on the iLM aud leaving the liogjon and Irov tdeiiee stntloii in tbis city ut 7 uml arrlvluir at Oak H hilts ut 11 leave Oak Bluffs HI fi and arriving In this city at 0 Ex cursion tickets for Mia round trip Abbreviated An Oninha despatch says u hallstorm thoro did Immrnse damage lo crops aud sumshuil over wurlh of glass in tho A sptdul reeelved from Cheyenne states that tho liiUlun Investigating Cammlttce ttml uiuoU lUtlleulty In obtaining testluiouy proved Twentyone loaded with stores for tho Hoil Cloud have been standing ou tuo truck ut Kurt ut nil exiiouso of u day alnco The expense In Uncle The National Kducdtlonal Association In session at uml thirtytwo THE EASTERN Important News from All Parts by Globe ANOTHER MYSTERIOUS MUR DER IN A MAINE A RASCAL IN PRISON FOR ARSON AND The Fall River StrikeContinuation of the Vermont Central Railroad Special Despatch to Tlio Boston August meagre details of a tragedy in tlio little town of Bast on the Saco about fifty miles from this liave come and from them it appears that somethinjr in the shape of a murder will bo the subject of investiga tion in that A man named Hoyt died from tho effects injuries received in a fight with a neighbor named Giluiau on last The cause of the trouble was a little a daughter of with whom Hoyt was seen in a not far from the by tho childs Tuey suspected him of evil and the father of the girl taxed Hoyt with at tempting the ruin of his Hot words ensued and tho belligerents camo to when Hoyt was badly His death has caused tho affair to be made as it was kept quiet Oilman has struck his tent and tied for parts evidently fearing that ho might bo needed in Urn Careful scrutiny loads to the discovery that tho girl suffered no injury and no attempts were made to injure Of course gossip was rife and everybody in town is talking of tho Tho officers are quintly inviiHtignting tho Further particulars will doubtless come in A Bnsoal in Prison Arson and Seduction Some of His Special Disinitch to Tho lioetoii was arristid at last on a charge of seduction of the wifo of a promi nent citizen of that Ho was placed under Ho has also partially confessed to having robbed tho house of his and it is also thought he is the person who set ire to Hani mous is thought hn set tho tiro so that in the excitement he could rob tho The Fall River Mill TroublesMore Meetings All Quiet Among tho CSpeelal Despatch to Tlio liiwtoii August num ber of meetings which are hold reminds one forcibly of the days of tho strike last AH the different branches of opera tives are consulting together and deliberating on what is the best course to Dele gations from the spinners and weavers unions were in conclave and discussed at somo length tho All is quiet Tho spinners of the Richard Itordeu mill did not go in yester day Although this mill had a large quantity of yarn tho agent gave orders and its doors were closed last ami all is at a standstill Tho Stafford wil 1 probably close its doors Saturday as it is understood that a reduction com mences there The Mount Hope is still With tho closing of the Staf nil the narrow print cloths mills in this city will bo shut lo wells Municipality on a Junketing Night at Oak Special Despatch to The Boston OAK August City Government of to the number including Mayor JewetC and Aldermen Wright and with oxMayors French and Mack as came via Now Russells Band of Fitcliburg accompany the which in being entertained at the Sea View Cottage by Manager This even Clinton tho residence of many Lowell is and there is to be a reception preceding several other private receptions in other tho guests are to visit many points of re turning home by the afternoon They will succeeded by the Fitchburg Municipal who will arrive ou the noon The Vermont Central AccountsContinuation of the rspeclul Despatch to Tho Uoaton examina tion of tho Vermont Central accounts con Tho time was taken up prin cipally by the opposition counsel presenting old vouchers which had been approved and paid by the former Mer who explained them Nothing new hiis been discovered as The Central Vermont Directors hold a this oven A Great Man To the Ktlltur of Clolw A long in the employ of a tailor of tliiH whose ftauiling Is well known In this bus euililcnly disappeared com hla ami It is feared that has heeu foully limit A Great August Eeported Arrest ol a Heavy last It was reported that OBkor Hollis 1lnUhtuu ut tUe Sliilu Detective Jorce liail in und brought to this city in formerly suuorluteudtmt or tlio porkpacking house of John Sijulro arrcxlcd on charge of exie dofnlca anil that tho tlio writ oguiiHt whom was returnable hi Middlesex wus in carcerated lu East Catnbrtdse His prop both hero anil u where tU a rcsted patty la Bald to bo a member of an extensive porkpacking lius It U attached to a largo but not enough to cover the whlcu 18 variously ostiumtul from to Further developments lo tlio ease will bo looked for with much Gotham The tint bale ot Georgia cotton at this was Bold at bringing fifteen cents pur U In caiil that a number of prominent citizens In favor ot mi Inflation of the currency are muklnil ar rangements fur a IuWlo meeting to bo held lu this city early In The steamer State of Crora which arrived at Cuvllo brought over who at once departed for the MgnnonUa colonies lu Texas and lu answer to tlxla Bhlp the assignee of tlio bankrupt firm of Sherman oi muted that there was no truth lu the uable despatch ttoiu Low stating that no inuceiueiita haU been umilo with the Union Bonk of that city for the redemption of the nrtug q criitlt lu the luuula of He BUJS the firm nlll make use of the letters ot

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