Wednesday, July 15, 1874

Boston Daily Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - July 15, 1874, Boston, Massachusetts WEDNESDAY JULY PRICE FOUR BOSTON nHHAYER Proprietors JL LAST WEEK OF THIS THE GKKAT Every Evening and on Wednesday and Saturday Af iiooiip Doors open at and Begins at 2 and BOSTON 7 BRILLIANT SCENIC KST Every evening ana YTedqesday and Satur day afternoons at BIEBSTADTSNEW PAINTINGS AUTUMN IN THE Oil exhibition for a short time ac BLAKES LEE m Tremont NORWELL Previous to their semiannual win offer their Splendid Stock OF BLACK SILKS AT AN Immense Reduction They call etfpeclal attention to the Roods at the following prices The 50 quality they sold a week ago at 00 THE OTHER GRADES IN PROPOR TION We do not hesitate to pronounce them the Cheapest SILKS In the Norwell WINTER GREAT DRESS CAMBRICS For 12 12 CHURCHILU SMITH THIS 1 JULY Five cases Dress Cam at 1212 cents a in styles that are new and not to he found SMITH 269 Washington and 5 Wiater BAYOLINE QUININE HAIR The Best Hair Dressing Ever oing eo extenelveiv Tliey all agree flint it a perfoct HAIU Keeps the hiilr froin IT1HOUSANDS of people are of one opin I Ion concerning thle popular jiow sit cleanses the eradicates ttrps the hairs from f pUttsuK at the endatmrt off is not greasy or the cleuuesfcand economical dresBim now m use it always leaves a f ODBC of comfort and cleanliness attained by uoother Be sureyou eet the genuine prepared only by jarSold every wlime by Price 6U ceuta a SEASIDE AND Tlie nw Lawn Eight different from SH to Descriptive on u The BEST and CHEAPEST in the Twenty different NO HOLMES 819 GAITERS AND CM AKI C L 0 T a KAIIK FltOM REMNANTS WHOLESALE AKD EXTREMELY LOW OAK BOSTON NABRAGANSETT OYSTBK SI LaOratwe OS Dear tlie Boston and Albany Hestlg at all STATEMENT OF THE OLD AND RELIABLE TRAVELERS ST SEMIANNUAL STATEMENT OF THE TKAVELEBS INSURANCE July Eeal estate owned by the company 34 Ooshinlaiilcanahamlsof agents Louns on first mortgages real estate 50 Deferred premiums 7 Accrued interest 111 Wlls receivable 87 United States Government bonds OH State and municipal bonds III Ratlroiul and bonds Bank and insurance stocks 00 Total assets Claims unadjusted duo 7 life HI Reserve for 81 58 Surplus as recurds policy holders 08 GEHERAL ACCIDENT by the year or yritten by without LIFE AMD ENDOWMENT INSURANCE ot all Ample definite low KODNEY JOHN Boston 89 Washington General WE HAVE TAKEN STOCK Of tlio thin goods remaining In each department of OAK JULY And to ensure their this havo marked at prices to as follows MENS SCO White 25 ino Linen tl 00 per Dustei 00 Entire S3 Ulster BOYS Linen CO to Linen to S3 Sailor S3 All Wool S3 Flannel FURNISHINa Merino Shirts and Boys Linen 7J BathinK only BOOT AND SHOE Bathlne Siiofs per Bnfio Ball 87 per Serge HAT AND CAP Straw Hats at CO and Boys Stiuw BathinK Caps Oil CUSTOM Scertacker and Pongee made to order in twentylour for Pljiiuinhs and to Balhlne Reduced SO per Hammocks Bett WJ SO Linen Carriage Japanese Japanese SI full For the accommodation of our CUSTOMERS while In the wo and till promptly any and all orders that they may send us by to tlieir address FREE OF ALL EX114ESS SIMMONS OAK HAM 32 to 38 North J Ladies London made Water proof Bathing FOB Devlins Linen and Mohair Ulster Dusters Rugs and Lap Robes Bathing Suite Towels Yachting Shirts English Jerseys Flannel Shirts Cardigans Linen Night Shirts andPaja mnlis London made Linen Collars Lisle Thread and Balbriggan Drawers and Sodks Cart wright Warners Hosiery and Underwear the Patent Panta loon Drawers Margetson London Ties Lisle Thread and Driving Gloves Silk Umbrel HEW1NS Importers and Itetullcrs of Mens Fine 47 Temple LORINGS SPECIFIC For SICK HEADACHE Beuiedr which has performed such wonderful cures in Bofctou and elsewhere is vouched for by Hen ry 26 West DooliUIe Braes Ists Mosciun Wholesale BATCHELORS HAIR DYE is splendid never Established a years Properly at IlatchelorB celebrated Wig and Toupee 1C Bond New W BATCHELORS ALASKA Seal Oil for the The best hair oil iu BATCHELORS D E N T I FEICE for beautifjing and prctervtutt the teetU and ana deodorizing the BATCHELORS CURATIVE oiutment irniuediatrly cures itching of the and all eruptions of face or BATCHELORS NEW COS black or for tinting the whiBkeiBor moustaches without Rreaalnn Sold wholcMde and retail at 16 Bond New and by gll Aek for CHICAGO IN ASHES THE DOOMED CITY1 OF THE WEST The Great Fire of 1871 Almost Equalled First Alarm Sounded at Gale From the South west Sweeps the Flames Steadily Asked and Efforts of the Firemen A Night of CSnecial Despatches to The Boston July Despatches received from Chicago state that n large conflagration has broken out in that city and is now raging with de structive The fire is confined to the south side of the city and considerable proper ty has been As the telegraph wires are burned it is impossible to learn the actual extent of the fire fit Various reports are and it is said the whole of the South Side is burned now learned that the five in Chicago is between Clark street and tho Exposition The Grand Pacific Hotel is in A large force of firemen arc at fighting the 10 fire continues to rage and the an immense amount of valuable property is The Palmer House has been The firn is now breaking out on Madison and Lasalle and is said to be beyond FKOM First Direct News from tho Scene of the Con Asked and July A terribly destructive conflagration is in progress A large portion of the South Side is many prom inent business offices and other public blocks in all have been nearly The loss will be immense and will be a heavy blow to the insurance The fire companies have been on the fighting the all the but The flames are spreading unless tho loss may prove something Telegrams re questing assistance hare been sent by the authorities to various as the city fire men are unable to cope with the conflagra THE An Awful Calamity to the Great Metropolis of tlie WestOiitcluof the FfieISiipld Proe WPS of the Terrible Post Ofllcc and Many Other Prominent Buildings and Hotels in July An awful calamity has again befallen this unless the wind there is every reason to believe that the terrible loss of 1871 will be almost At fire broke out in a barn in the rear of C27 South Clark belonging to a whose name cannot be learned the locality was near the corner of Second in a region where wooden buildings of the flimsiest order are the and it did not take long to fan the incipient blaze into a teniblo A and general alarm followed and soon the entire lilro Department of Chicago was at A stiff gale was blowing from the and the flumes swept steadily hedged in on either side by the efforts of the but were utterly re sistless in their awful march towards the junction of the lake and Taking a di agonal course in a northeasterly the fire burned a clean swath of about a block wide from Clark the start ing across Fourth and then Third striking State street at Eldredge mowing down the Continental Hotel like a and then widening out towards the and sweeping on across Wabash between Hubbard and Peck destroyed the splendid First Baptist near the corner of Hubbard one of the finest churches in the which escaped the great fire of 1871 also consuming the Jewish corner of Peck At this 8 it seemed as if tho fire would sweep through Michigan being hemmed in on either side by the fire would die out for lack of some thing to feed But the fates or dered While the Baptist Church was wrapped in flames aad the firemen were exerting themselves to their ut most to keep the flames the limits to which they seamed to have The wind veered and blew strong from the changing the direction of the and turning the flames toward a harvest of splendid buildings erected since the great fire of on State and Clark streets and Michigan Up to that it seemed that Harrison street would be the extreme northern limit of the with the change of the hope died In a moment the flames leaped across that and the Post Office was a mass of flame before the awed multitude could realize the extent of the new danger which At the same moment tho flames sprang up again at State and fanned by the swept north ward until from State to Wabash avenue an awful avalanche of fire rolled onward to wards the wpaltbv buRfnppH nf trip seemingly fated After crossing Harri son street and devouring tlielSost Office and buildings to the the angry flames leaped across and the great Adelphi Thea formerly crumbled into The Davis sewing machine corner of Harrison street and Wabasli its stately neighbors also have proved fuel for the Both sides of Wabash from Eldridge court to Congress with now and then tlio exception of a are burned to the street is in ruins from Har rison court nearly as far All the groat wholesale and retail houses on the South Side prepared for their inevitable doom by remov ing their goods from the Mouses to places of Even tlie merendnts on Water street were busy in the same and every vehicle in Chicago was pressed into the All the better class of buildings in the newlyconstructed portion of the South Side shave fire appa ratus of their All of them havo steam and it is hoped the fire may be at least at Mbnrde The James corner of Van Buren street and State is now within the grasp of the and unless the wind changes or the efforts of the firemen are more nothing butjlack of fuel will stop the The losses are already up in tho Tlie Fire Leaps into its Old Track of and Continues in its Course of Destruction and Beautiful Structures The Stricken July After the burning of the Adelphi The atre on tho northwest corner of Wabash ave nue and Congress the fire jumped into its old track of crossed over on the north side of that street to Michigan destroying the Scanimon building and sweep ing on towards Adams carrying every thing in its way on both sides oi avenue nearly tho entire from Congress street which was rebuilt after the great firo in 1871 in a most substantial and elegant All the business blocks occupied by the extensive wholesale con millinery and carriage ware houses At the present writ the fire is sweeping down the costly the gale blowing so stiffly that all efforts of the firemen seem At Van Burcn tho fire hap also made its way through to Michigan and the Matteson and Gardner as also the Exposition are being fairly show ered with falling so thickly that the sky seems alive with an awful storm of The entnje horizon is lighted up with an angry and lowering clouds of smoke seem to frown ominously upon the stricken The Lake Front Park in covered to tho waters edge with goods snatched from the burning Families bereft of homos are grouped around what little property reiriains to steadily watching the merciless tongues of flarae that are feed ing upon the proud edifices and lowly hovels The since evening set have been jammed in every direction with vehicles of every loaded down with household goods Nearly every storeroom on the South east of State street and north of Eldridge has either been the goods re or else preparations are all made and drays arc ready at the Proprietors and clerks await the dread catastrophe which seems to be so surely Up to the present time the following are tho prominent buildings destroyed Continental First Baptist Jewish City Post Ponna Shaw Griggs Wools Arnsworth William Spencer Wabash Michigan Avenue Cass Davis Sewing Machine InterOcean the Chicago Terra Cotta James and Our Fireside These are only a few out of the many that have The hour is so late and the extent of the fire is so great that it is utterly impossible to give a full The fire is still progressing down the and Strongs Furni ture Websters millin Bowen and Burley Tirrell the Matteson and Gardner Houses all seeru Up to this scores of acres are covered with ruins and the spectacle is The loss is not so large as it would have been had the fire originated among the respectable buildings but from to wpuld be a moderate estimate of the 1 fire seems to be and it may be considered fairly under although the wind is still and the firemen cannot yet relax any of their The Firo Under of the of the 2 The fire is now entirely under although the wind is etUl blowing al most a When the flames had reached Van Burcn street so great was the intensity that it seemed certain that nothing could save a clean sweep to the river and perhaps through to the North the firemen worked with the energy of and at Vau Buren street the flames were pot under About the track of fire was from near on Clark about one block crossing State street at Harmon reaching Wa bash avenue below Eldredge running down Wabash avenue and State street to Van destroying both burning through to Michigan between Con gress and Van Buren The fire was undoubtedly originated by an About a week the same barn was but the flames were extinguished in their Some person having ft grudge against the a undoubt responsible for this terrible Matte son and Gardner Houses and the Exposition the Burdick House and many wholesale houses m their wbtcb were threatened during tlie are The first reports tent from bete were souie REGATTA THE HARVARD NINE BEATEN BY How it Com plaintThe Programme for To Scull and Fresh man Running Thus Far Regatta CSpeclnl Despatch to The Boston SARATOGA July The especially in the was excellent for and all the crews were both morning and even sick men Yale and Wenleyan still stand high in public Somebody claims to have timed them over the course and to have found that the Wes leyans went in and Yale and Harvard in about There does not seem to lie much but those who do bet tako Yale and Wesleyan about the lastmen being somewhat behind the THE FIEST HAEVAEDYALE The Games Between the Base Ball Harvard Score 4 to this Ktesult was Occasioned AniiliiRt lie Yale Special Despatch to The Boston July The contests between the rival col leges with the first of the series of games between the Harvard and Yale base ball The result was unfavorable to but both clubs have reason to be proud of the which was probably the best ever played by college It was played at Glen in the presence of nearly 2000 ladies and The small four to and the fact that Harvard made but three errors and Yale but shows the excel lence of the The superiority of Harvard in respect to runs shows that Yale must have outbatted the mngenta and the reason was the Yale pitcher deliv ered the ball in a way that would not bo tole rated in a professional It was clearly an underhand and beat It was conceded by nil previous to the game that Harvard excelled in batting and Yale in The score showed that Harvard outfielded being superior in bat nothing could have lost the game but the throwing indulged in by the The Harvards went to the bat and consequently at the close of the first half of the ninth inning the game was assured to and there was such a tossing in the air of blue ribboned hats as one seldom The Harvard men looked on a little scornfully and somewhat but with an ex pression in their faces that seemed to indicate that it isnt over yet was in their Harvard will have another at Following is the score of todays game I it 7 0 0 2 1 0 0 3 0 I 0 0 0 1 I I 0 0 0 2 I I 10210 2 1 2 0 0 1 1 2 20261 1 I 13 0 1 2 0 1 1 10431 1 0 0 0 II 1 I 1 0 0 00000 4 02711 3 42714 5 123466780 0 0000000 U0 2 0 0 1 tl 1 0 0 Buns Inssod 1 Wild Williamson of Princeton College Time of hour 60 THE FOOT Meeting of tlio CommlttecThe Judgeslist of the Special Despatch to The Boston July meeting of the Committee on iroot Races was this The following wore elected judges Wesleyau Columbia and Delanfley A fifth judge is to be elected from Cornell at the next The tetrics for the foot races to the present time arcthese OKE MILf RUNNING David Harvard Cm I OKE YAltllB ItUNNJNO David Vim TIIKEK MILKS RUNNING Allen HUJtDLK ItliNNIKG HUNDRED AND TWENTY Allen SEVENMILE WALKING Soul Kuttis EEGATTA The ToduyThe SlnuleScuil anil Freshman Arrival of President Change In the Trinity Special Despatch to The Boston July the boat racing will begin with the contests be tween single scullers and the Freshman Wilcox of Phillips of Cornell and Devens of have entered for the and Brown and Princeton for the The singlescull race will take place at 3J unless rough water pre vents and the Freshman race will The crews are below bow 23 158 Wheaton 19 US Kljon 19 170 20 na Collta is 190 stroke ana 22 170 XotaU Boat by Elliott of Greonpolnt 40 feet 0 Inchoa by 21 inches1 1BO pounds of 20 110 21 140 23 168 20 180 20 145 20 ICO 893 20 14856 Boat by Blalkio Spanish cedar 49 feet 0 Inches by 21 inches 140 pounds of 18 142 20 137 10 142 21 140 26 14G stroke and la 140 859 19 14310 Boat by Fearon ot Yonkersj Spanish cedar 49 feet by 20 Inches 138 pounds of The choice of positions are Yale Brown 2 and Princeton numbering from the east The single scull will ho under the same conditions as the university race if the water should he rough and three captains object the he Important work will he tomorrow and by the Begatta beginning in the morn Each every half the condi tions of the water at the lake will be tele graphed to President Grant and is at Congress One change has been made in the Trinity the retirement of Hooper and the substitution of The Yale Glee Club concert took this and was largely Boston and Saratoga To the Editmof The SIR Saratoga letters show that my predic tion for Monday was very well verified for the days general The discrepancy as to tho compara tive foulness of the forenoon and afternoon was through my inadvertence and will not occur on though I may have somewhat over rated the general foulness of us I did here In by underrating the coun teracting Except in Tues days least In havo played As there Is now no need of privacy as to for this I will he more full and definite in my After Wednesday morn the weather will get cooler mid more foul till 8 or 9 when It may rain at Intervals if the day will be flue From 8 to 10 tho foul will got a decided Some show of clouds may diversify tho at veil ing tho intensity of tho heat but the afternoon will bo most or and tbo heat well sus tained till after midafternoon nfter cooling with by or before mid crisis or heaviest force of lite foul will bo from 9 to evening to Clot clearing to fair or Some reaction to cooler tnd dull or and possibly from 0 to 10 Alter the day throughout will be fair and the heat holding on till or oven but cooling and boding a change to or perhaps before 1 or 2 of which IB very ominous till after 9 though rather strongly till 10 dull after 10 and July THE LAST The Heal Cause of the DisasterFurther Do tails of the Special Despatch to Tlio Boston July Investigations yesterday afternoon nnd show that the of Sundays flood at Middlclleld wns tlie giving way of a third situated farther back on the Middlclleld brook than tho two which have been previously This reservoir was the smallest of the and WHS built about twentyfive years This upper reser voir was situated near the HInsdale and Poru town and was known as the Goose Kcclt It contained water sufficient to operate the factories below for ten or twelve and was kept ou re serve for emergencies of All these reservoirs were private and no Couuty Commissioners had been called out to pass upon The dam for the reservoir at the which was built in several had been accepted by tbo Town of MIddlcfleld as a townway and was considered It certainly was but for the giving way of tlie reservoirs would undoubtedly havo held The former Hitmpehlre County Commis who were so sharply censured by Gup lain Euos Parsonss jury at will not come In for blame on account of this dis but tlio present who have Just become welt acquainted with flooddamaged roads andbridBisin the are to bo given work In this extreme limit of their For halt a mile next below tho through Factory VII the road Is all At or near the hwur ewl or the village the brook turns iitul tho road in Its cnntltlued southerly course uami to cross a which is gone with the Beyond this bridge fortlirecfouilliB of a mile the river keeps around a enut than the road and much lowcrthan and tho eight houses on Unit section of tho road were Farther downthe valley road came nearer the brook and from this point to the Middlcflcld depot for nearly n mile the rood IB partially or entirely swept There di verges from this depot whore the devasta tion an old wagon from one point in which through several pasture lots Is tho only for foot people to tho Middlotiuld Besides tlio damage to the road in which cannot be made good for Mio flood swept off several bridges in Hie besides a private bridge lead ing lo an old caw inll owned by Dunton of New The paper mills owned by this firm were situated some dlxtanoe up the west but ithe flood set back and damaged their lower which bad recently been to the extent of about by tearing up floors and carrying away NEW Two Fatal in the Manage ment of the Erie Special Despatch to Tlie Boston NEW July William Haley of Ninetysixth street and Lexington avenue was crushed to and Patrick Gullfoyle and Joseph Granger nevertly but not fatally by the top of a tunnel now iu the course of construction on Fourth avenue and Nlaety fliet street caving this During the launch of a new schooner at Baylls Sons Port at 3 before the vessel could be got off It was necessary to use battering raom after all the blocking was Several hundred people had gathered to see the The being struck with great force by the battering started oft The ropo was cat to de tach the rams which consisted ot huge pine No warning was given to the who had pressed close to the The heavy Umber Jell on a number ot persons with crushing Four men were killed and Thomas Oakland Rowley and Jainea SOOBB dangerously A number of other persona received severe Chance in the Management of the Erie Road Watson President Watson retired from tlie Erie ReBolutione were passed by the Board of regretting through illhealth and excessive had deemed this course neoss complimenting him for elevating the road to its and congratulating him upon hts vindication from charges of The stockholders adopted similar The following IB the ticket today For the direc torship ot the Erie tho first eight being membersi of the old Board and reeleoted Hugh w Jae Bteb Meyer and There U but ilt tle opposition to Jewel t for the Erie No final report was presented at The English accountants say the mult of their ex amination wil made ejrrhiRtpelv fo iuuu ttitfir THE STRANGE MYSTERY SLOW LY That Eemarkable of which Tiltqa Pub lished an Fully of the Committees Text of Moultons Strange Combination of Bemark able Beecheis Friends Separation of Tilton and His Special Despatch to The Boston NEW Jnly It was supposed when the committee was appointed to investigate tho differences between Beecher and CPiltori that the evidence would be kept secret and not allowed to be a matter of public rumor and But it seems that some of the have leaked and there be no harm in stating what has transpired before the The whole case is full of1 most painful surprises and revelations and the last andmost peculiar phase of the invest Ration is to the effect that Theodore Tilton has appeared before the committee without her husbands and given testimony which in favorable to Henry Ward Tho rumor is that who supposed he acted magnani mously in her as well as in that of the pastor of Plymouth was entirely under a delusion on the and that the separation which hts friends advised when when the scandal broke out has now taken with a prospect for an immediate suit for It further appears that when Tilton appeared before the committee ho at first declined to make specific charges against as he claimed that all he had to do was to vin dicate his own good name without doing to as the case pro ceeds it has become apparent that the whole of tho first made public by Victoryi must be thoroughly ven Bowen has been cited to before tho and Woodhull has offered to come forward and state her knowl edge of certain facts nnd how she obtained It is stated by Beechers friends that there is to be a funeral in this but that it will not be that of Beecher hut a different His it ap amounts to this That Tilton liad been guilty of repeated most of which came the knowledge of his wife that she had been stung almost to madness by these infidelities and his constantly manifested want of consid eration for her that in this excited frame of mind she sought counsel of her Beecher that the latter impulsively took her side of the and urged her to procure divorce from Theodore Tilton that Beecher bnskoi bimgalf in the affair a great deal more than he should have and that subsequently learning from Tilton that at of Tiltons charges were he wrote that contrite letter to a part of which the latter has so effectively used to put Beocher in the attitude of a criminal suing for whereas he was simply expressing poignant sorrow for having imprudently interfered in a faniijy A very important personage in this case is Frank He has always acted as a friend and confidant of both par and has up to this to compose the difference between But Tiltons letter to Bacon was published ngaiust his and it is thought that ho now decidedly inclines to the Beecher It is understood that there are other oases be sides this of Tiltons to come before the and that they must inevitably be dis eussed by tho investigating Tho persons whose names have been men tioned will probably be calledbefore the com mittee and invited to The following by Frank will be read with interest MOULTONS Gentlemen of the Committee I appear before you at jour Invitation to make a itntcmcnt which I have read to Tilton to which both deem and In the alrness and propriety of so far as I am con they both The parties in this case nio personal friends of In whose behalf I have endeavored to act an the umpire and peacemaker for he last four with n conscientious regard for all the interests I regret for your sakes ho responsibility imposed on me of appearing If I say anything I must epcak the I lo not believe that the simple curiosity of the world it large or even of this committee ought to be grati fied through any recitation by me of the facts which ire In my necessarily In hrough my relations to the The per sonal of which I am as the ehoaen havo ouuo been settled honorably wecB tho and would never have been revived except on nccouut of recent both In and out of Plymouth made apori the character of Theodore Til to which be thought a reply If the present issue la to be t must In my by the parties teeetber or separately botote your ueli taking the responsibility of hie own Asl am fully conversantwith the factaand as between there if deem t my duty to state the ID order to final settle and that the world may be well informed be ore pronouncing its judgment with reference to I therefore to you tbat the parties itrst be heard that If then you deem it necessary Llmt I should appear before you I will do to speak iho the whole truth anil nothing but the I as I have held the that Beecber should frankly state tbat he bad committed an offence against for which it was necessary to and for which he did apologize In the language of the part of which has been quoted that be should have stated frankly tbat be deemed it neccewary foe Tlltou to have made the defence Leonard Bacon which lie did and tiat should refuse to be a party to the reopening of tbin painful It be bad made tbU state ment he would have no more than the and it would have saved him and you the responsibil ity of a further It is better BOW that the committee should not IB pluceof re Beecber himself should make the sUtcmtMiC which I have or if the committee dote tbs report should be a recommendation to to make such a The Condition of the Victim ef tin Oxford Street The young victim of the brutal nssault Zl Oxford street Bill In a precarious con dition on uer bed in the sick ward of tlie Oitj Tlieparalyblsof hertoiiguelalu she appeara intelligent and sensible of condition iu wbicb pUe ilefi altboocb noc entirety corapnwUu wav A aark cloud to rest wiiBij elto Bnda it o lelt may bo ana WBBB thioifj to tiers way some of wbteh will ttoow light attending Uxte ayslwtoao

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