Wednesday, December 4, 1872

Boston Daily Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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Text Content of Page 1 of Boston Daily Globe on Wednesday, December 4, 1872

Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - December 4, 1872, Boston, Massachusetts WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 187 PRICE FOUR BO S T OK LKSSKIS AND TI17K the Romantic en titled The CATARACT OF THE New Novel Slug Klnborato ATptirctwiHfC Hiiuilpfiinc Continue ami excellent ciist nul the Hmsis tiul Ponies oT Iurrayfc MATINEES JVlil Jity Doors open at mill rip H E L O JL CHEKEY FLOY Dooi open ut Overture at J and Lust week of the IHKKBoiiipiu ot UIOZST MISS AGNKS KG HERTS THIK EVENING tlie ierfurnuuice will commence witn Drama of THK MAID WITH MILK1XO BO UC1CA ULT f JIev original HAIIHV JoncHuiiiiji ivitli Houcieaults celebrated Military Urania of JESSIE BROWN THK OF JKSKlli DION HOUCICAULT tier original SHIEL IJAiiitv JESSIE MATINEEon at Sntnrdav Farewell Ilenelit Miss AUNJJS KOBERTSCIN The IlmvnniiL and Rifled JUrs CAHLOTTA will iiiipoar here ironrtiiy BOSTON M U S E U M ACT1NU jj I After Preparation otNKW SCMXKS and Su mrb KVEHY EvKNiNGat nnd WJSDNES HAY and SATUIOAY APTEKKOOXS at HO W A R J A T H E NG U KICK EVERY further WIXNES IiAY and SATCKDAY AFTKKNOONS will be pre sented a new eatltletl BOSTOIsT Before f ho On After the WITH GRAND tcvpringovcr OM2 THOUSAND FKET OF llufttijttiiK all the intcrcstiiiK incidents connected with tlic terrible A nillcent FlIiE npprnprlatcly will lie presentcd from the Btate evRiiiiiK to the iorvniLn of the various engine compan in niuueiioal After tlie tho ufua CJrnntl Variety En in which ul the infludini The Neltion will Doorp opun at 7 at P ri R E M o N SHAKSPMRIAN HEADINGS EDW1N MONDAY Uccuuilier December December Ecs Iool open Wednesday November at the Evening commences Mat nice reathnu commences iiiclud iiiK iPEcrvcil 5O TQ O S T O N A T H E N JE U M THE WAY COLLECTION OF EGYPTIAN The Museum of rint on exhibition a laife collection of etc at the Cnllery of the IIOSTOM Beacon KNOW THYSELF Olf St7 oniiosite HaywarO A tlionviuifl fitartling and thrillinji models of tho human in Health and Open from 9 to 10 Admission 0 D D FELLOWS This CiKAND FAIR will open at the Splendid New by the at the junetion of Tremont and Btrleley Ptreets Warren Oil Wednesday nt Z oclock and Contimte Ten 25 centfj yeason M MKkace i for Extra Attractions Offered Every Eveniiie IN WAX ULASS IUKCH Ann A IlefireKhment will lie served at reasonable will be open day and even Tlie viuw of the inleudid balls above is worth the pnee of P E O r A L MISS PEABODYS LECTURES In Bill of Kiuilcrcavlcn Normal are TO THK FIHHT WEDNESDAY IN itOdBc nf tiehctu for sale at OtiB 3 Beacon E T T Y S B U B KATALYSINE John nwthor pi a HLiadard MrMlical Hays of it TlHittuttyfibdrc water lias nignnlly ouri tive uiil ruritojtttivtt oilfjctw in diHornit fornis of Uys jn SicJnu SK ot tire Watur Acute Cljron Chronic JsddositiCHof an Actual Iar Pliysician tt the White SulphU of the Mcdi tal University at and autlior ot on of works on Hie use of ZMinoral Xhat ns a solvent if the urotic coiifTetiona in rheu matism and it to a rank iiinoiii thenudicinal Kiirinjih of 1Iuvape and Tiiin Kulvtiil power riot tliut I tun aware in of any othir mineral wator or medical Iu New Yoik Medical SIIVB o Itavo also ritruH ii uWjuiainuria much re lievt Miy as wll vs the irritable blatidrr of old ngo uf th1 HtliicAcirl have btfii hicritlulnus hi regard to thin nny iiowtT as by John ami other of inj tlie furiiiutjout in or on iirnVf1 and jcnvtT to ny oilitr iLiu t ral intlu1 ViiiUtl o as in From ciiMTJkiiits MI own ilh vvtll wu thut ti JLVtjt Ling a niriuator all tbn and under iilluenrj the iunuys and thy LhiLtUi oi I he iuiil and the all poriunu Dirii nonuiil f uiictitJiis tin bo i const ln Ihe if Ixtftimes the tur ih exeiied yu lnulthy uud llio Itrlorui ilieir with 1hLii ifa tdtaliibsinef of tuy diiKiciauli fiensutiuns wVrti evj the yip medlalrix sttjniK In ti and all nifirbid riiuKLB of Luslilv or even Ktni iiipidly to pass a The result in JIM rtahet appetite anil u irctr Kir iiper fialniiT i iiifro tranquil a rUnrrr ami an nervous ail iiiUhfulur AVhere frouty or arttaking find an oi urie Ptcrtited or I rum tin no lunger ronicniu thin iirincipi iu tj4 as it uih in and wiEU tn i uid health dipiorted iiniU unit t J juints KKultuilly to tlnir six ur iKiilil nlil lur WHITNEY I A K i S P S J1 K V K N f PUB HEXiiv loriJ years past as Irniinrter and Dealer in Illustrated laleat 141 Tremont will not re sume the old trade at except in To a valnahle experience In all blinelus of Illneiratedliook llnliinf and and of Urown adds alnmdnnt nnsiness talent for anv position of nnd to or write and lmols of standard value in Business proposals from f rieniU and the public are to act as asient or manager of or to and compile new to sell bv sub or the Guide Jlrown lias travelled extensively and is well known He will faithfully oxetuueal he undertakes to do and has a corps of assistant i ivady when busi m ss record in Ijnrope and anil testimoni ils ior over years always J41 Washington at and opposite Town Iostoflltre liox 2IJ7 l N To the Senate and House of IJejncHnttdiics tiutfrai onrl Assembled ilie Middlesex Kailroad for thu imrpoHO of exttnidhifr the run of thuiruars in tlio city ol respectfully jiclition your honorable bodies that they may be authorised and empowered to rxtend tboir tiiulis and Die running of their from ScolIayM square to the junction of Washington ctrcet witli Sliitw nmt near the old lloxbury by the1 following From said ScollayK tbiongli Tremont by a sintle track to the ireiuont fotmytt iiiK with the tracks of the Metropolitan Itallroml Com thence upon and over thu tracks of the said Metropolitan Railroad Company in Tromont Micot to Mmwmut avenue thence throuVb Shnwiuut avenuo to MR junction with Washington And for the purpose shall be autborizod eonuert with nnd enter and use with their honcn and thetrarksol the said Metropolitan Railniad or any other street railway company in Sail oinpany also further hat they niiy bo authorised to extend their time t in Ihe city of with ihe consent of tho board oi mnyor mill aldermen of said The KailrouU by JOHN GOLDTHWAIl cY KUK WA K Eii iEOIUilO jARPEEiK ISAHUM UKOKfiK CALKU O uutli HI i WKKKS CAllTEit j Avery CAN Illi FOR TIIR AT THK COUNTINGBOOM OF ABBOTT 13 WASHINGTON TO THE LATELY DOING BTJSI2STESS IN THK BURES1T have betuihiirMt as soon as they shall have taken new to send their nndnw the ofllce of tlio Seaetarv of IIOAK1 OF CHAUNCY where a will be of all business to he published as soon as it shnll lie nitioc HAMILTON EOARD OP T N S U A N FIBE The losses of the following Insurance Companies Ijy the great eontiapratiou in this city of tjaturclny niubt and amounting to less tlidji two million will be paid in full an soon as they ean li properly and tlio husiness wibe continued at srne fhice fie urunl FIEE all Life in over P in w TV IY INSURANCE New ri r FIRE New HOFFMAN FIRE New 40 Devonshire Street BOSTON POST H E CO NFL A TO THE DRUG Weeks Potters Store in Asbes Weeks Potters Store in Ashes NO INTERRUPTION IN WE OIEN BUSINESS THIS MORNING NOVKMIIKH 11 AT 176 TREMONT NKAH JIASCWIC iind are ready to til fcmy may lie lavoicd WEEKS Wholesale COMPLETE ilU1 WANTED i ells Haul lEucyeloiislia I TEN j o ELLWOOD j D i x c L A i R il OIL Maiiufacrarer of Picture Frames I J Oil Iraiiifi BUKDETT YOUNG MKriS AK1 UOVh tt fHALNiV O A K H A SAME LOW PRICES AS BEFORE THE ALL ARTICLES YOUTHS OAK i ISAAC FENNO Wholesale 484 490 WASHINGTON Hinine secured in this central location spaeious V e eordially invite tho trade to our of MENS and BOYS saved from Ihe lire and Uioso in process of We have al ready our complement of cutters at work and our Ma eliinc Room in full and hhall daily receive fresh additions to our Our ollleo for a few days will renviin WASHINGTON and trust oar friends wsl favor us with an early settlement of their accounts W GO L L E N All Woollens ilaniapcd can be Pvouiwtl and liuislied at the PATENT STEAM AVOUKS 4Ut and 5th 13 and 15 BOWKER cfc 0 T H RIPLEY HAVE CHAMKKRS 4O9 Washington Opposite Globe EW AND DKJJifiABLB MARSH AUK NOW OJTEK1NH T I I I ij Ju I IN PET8 Unequalled in Exteat and Variety IIJSMATCHKD IN MARSH Washington and Avon WATSON Machine Silk Can iiijlj tilth UK at WASHINGTON O T I O K Chelsea DyeHouse K ttliEJGHING JACK E T S SLEIGHING HAY WALES OPKN A SMALL VOICH OK Vienna Sleighing ON TliCrp CiissaekH are a stylish novelty for bo sUvet or mul arc particularly ttesirabi fur cold Winter juite as warm as fuvuml Uss HAY II 13 Winter JJELICS OF THE GREAT Tlie iiiulersined having pttrellayetl tlie entire ruins of Haelielders eimsiHliiit ol 1lutcil mill Otlor the tanic for sale as speelnieiiR ul Hustons tliwtis The country trade will ho supiilled with suit al the Queen of Klialm Iniportiuj om APPLETON C6 TO THE WATCH TRADE Our Customers in New England Our having nil boon pare fully roiiruvod liouiH bolorc thu tiro oui in in cit condition nnd ready for bt1 found ut 29 PEMBERTON have removed for a few days pending re pairs to our 8 Mummer APPLETOM AficntH for American Wateh A B P E T 1 T J S NEW SNOW Foreign and Domestic OIL Iu Every Variety oi AT VKKY Customers ure rcqitcFtvil lo eall for llicir were mved fioin the Do not hat our laeilitiet at the ivorku ure Bring your jroodh for JyhiK or to our temporary 47 Temple J E W E T T S P NT ARTIFICIAL of iHlk Street Jlf for the IMS ten fojeiiKin it liaHpcUililihlieil liiniMtlf at Jai ii wline heBolivitHOrderH JJLSTaml MOSi I I A TC1 AHTIIlrlAL anil aiijillaucus for j MA I j SNOW 43 arid 45 Washington n o s T o I M NOW PRKPARICI TO CUKTOJIKIIS AMI FOK A 1 B B A N ti S T A XDARi The ISfht in tin AUvjiyn he r A IK BANKS WAM J1K MILK JIKOABWAY NKW H A R L K S F P K A S E Tiviutnt Oil I J i if IlltllnlH LM Nru XH j i FUR i And dlHev iu iitanUo FOSIKK jul GEORGE V K U T G L A R 1C JVuilwrMm i N K Y 1J T K A S K V AN1 KS Eft AM 409 Washington K s u ivj t i j PECK I j HATKtJAPS AND 383 WASHINGTON J ill In WKllNKHPAY DKUKXllKH KEW SfiiK AlcottK Slunvl I IliiNtuttid IdiTn tit Treasure EulRiavis on CJiiestionn on Knly MI tlie lioberls Ilidllievs have pnhhsheil a smaW volintc the mere nmiminccniciit nf wliich is enough to is This volume is a Ftvoml part of Amil liy Louisa name well to all liltlc am little and oldfashioned now in habiting the The hook is u almosl rol lickinp account of Hie jiersonal experiences of three vVmenean travelling in Italy anil The ShauIStrappist who re counts Ihcir ailvenlnres was one of the anil she rather exults in the in spite of nil prophe cies to the three utterly unlike in every lind lived happily together for twelve long had travelled unprotected satelyover land and had two an an and a yet with no no no and no disappointment worth Hlio accordingly ad vises all timid now llinjcilng on the to strap up their bundles in light marching mid push boldly They will need no protector lint their own no guide but their own good sense and and 110 interpreter H that womans the has a little polish on MissAlcott carefully abstains from writing what is called a book of and confines herself to giving an amusing account of what really occurred to herself anil her two in the parly devoted much more time in hunting up 1ickenss characters than in visiting leadingobjects They nearly succeeded in limlliig and took weal pic and porter at The description of Spnrgeon and his conpegalion is the most lifelike we Imvc ever Indeed whole oue of tlic book is that of conversa in wliicli the familiarity of ordinary talk is ac companied witli more Hum ordinary ccilainty of HI that her readers in sonic lid said to join the party and uceoine ShawlStrappists It limy be added that one IK never tired of any record ola foreign wliich makes him oi lier a companion of I In journey ami as Miss Alcott in iliiiii the principal objection which will be made in her book is Its iFursale by Williams A Osgood X have published an attrac tive iin bonk called Treasure with twenty live ilhislralions by linely engraved by TaasurcTiove is a Imlf liiilfcomicnl poem rclatiii to tlie middk with liichnnl ol Kngland for ils and the siege of where Hichard was for its sub The veise has a seemingly careless ease of move as if Ihe restraints of rliyinn were never felt by thewviter asan obstruction to theprogressof his nar It has the charm we feel in reading or in reading the mtrralivo poems of J Fere is a specimen line heard of Ilic ion King Who made the harps of the minstrels rinj well they might imagine it Haul for ciiivahy8 ranks to show A ItnijiM more to face u With ft firmer lance or n heavier Than Hiehaid Planlajjcncl Or gayer withal for he loved Ins As well as lie with slashing The helm to hack nt Wine or blood he laughingly poured Iwas a lightsome word or a heavy As he found a foe or a festive With a nit nil or a joke to crack i vassal of the who on his estate a which Kiehard is thus deseribed Ills father natures dohl had paid About the time of the Third A lime when the Cushion was fully liichard of running in tilts and When pinnies were high and prudence And cvciy knight felt bound to go The just like Uy running his purse ami u Paynim the leader of Kichards free who their souls and swords to the highest tiger to KichurdH lion And trusting ho thought it odd To tear the Devil or honor Iteady in fashion to lead tlic In the battleticld his lie daneed like a harness Could walk his mile in And aturc gave him such a Ilia tailor such a That whether a head or a heart his aim He ulw ays made a Wherever he tlie ladles dear very soon adore Ami quite of course the lords would iJut never sneer before it taied with the ladies worse Than it tared with their gallants Fur he broke a vow with as slight rcnw IK As ever he broke a Thus tilling and jilling lie fought jj or fooled a Httli recking how So deadly so cruel and He might have made a capita Or splendid dandy now illustrations oi this witty and livc poem arc as nuuli in harmony with its gen spirit ninl style as it he had written it is fol London and Xcw have in an oclavo volume of X0 Assays MI by Willium iillord Jal the distinguished author of f Vnl ral and tcin This JK a valuable worthy of licilig read by the the hJudcut of the and by that large body of to whom the of additional kiiiwJc Igc rc the people oi the Kast is jdnavs a c one ol the few Klglinh wrilrrs win have endi ored to understand by rhinir in tin mi HI of variom Mali imctan Uy on an Iastt rn ho might now suc biinsfll ofl as a ioll of the has a com cjitiiii of chiirnctT and Hie t well as that u hirh fuoiH ilMi alinli iit i The ii ill tllf til il Mlhiliii in tin1 pat ivi if 111 i fatir tol K i IJii Iourlh i Tlio i luliru 1 1 sj a it iii I a a lit I and nllii r 1 thr of i ot llic nimr li rlifilf hr of dlllrll IlH ami on Iiiisltrn and oi the iiVoriH and tlie inliigucH f dil renl for Tin fiim InMini t i a dTnptioo nf uin1 ot i In tlu l hi v of en one riic and tlie Ill of tin C lirll nil flu ninth iind tiiith an I I Sinn anintiudri in Mipph Ibe ol Arii life linn i I Sumol IlirK iil ting r c M i V ill IlaMj uur 1 ii Ilrlanim i l 1 chilli rlll Acs b t hnu Mia I n iappiu At n a in it iiiaii in ttii IhjivMi talic iiifiaill tiipi illii 114 ot Jr m 1 li in a ttyli h i oi iii u attract who arc carcliss in apprcciating the wojic of the momentous questions it s i slnvvvilly and ably iKeeeivcd by Willinnis dames Osgoud have published the second volume of what promises to be a fresh and original collection of hoys Our Young Yinliters The present volume is even better than the It is Left on or tho cf the The tin ugh intended for is calculated to all classes of full is it of vivid exciting adventure and intrepid Oifli i lUingcr and disappointment only fiirniHh these young amateur sailors new occasions for daring frolic and Tlie story invigorates an well us J he author wo Ste n Down Easter of Maine and certainly the suit of the iea is in bis He wastes no They arc nsiid only to represent diameter or narrate lie seems too full of matter to sparo any lime for commonplace The young we appreciate this characteristic of his MUI Huberts have Katy a story by Susan author of The New Years The story belongs to that class of childrens books in wliich an attempt is nunle to resent children as they really iind at the same to introduce such incidents as on lit a good direction to their impulses and The heroine of the story is early her dnliis by the ministry of and she eoincf oiil from her rial purl lied and on the very edge of There is great free dom displayed throughout the narrative in represent ing character everybody has fair piny in developing his or her peculiar characteristic but the general result is eminently moral and eminently Icr sale by Williams AVc have received from Mallory Uc Chnich Annotations of the Hymnal consisting of Sketches of Originals nnd Itcfereuces by Chnrlcs This volume is of much interest to all worshippers in churches who wish to know something about the writers of the hymns they and of the variations of the original For mie by Williams MUSIC AND THE liion ruuicicauH took occasion to one ol the most extraordinary speeches before the cmlain of the iloln Theatre that was ever heard from that if we may credit general U appiars that lliuuicault lias been made a mar tyr that he has been misrepresented to obtain thai pnitii nliir satisfaction for wliicli his soul told his piteous ami pitiful story o liamlfiil of spectators w ho were present to witness Ins did not approve oC the ill tide which appeared in THE CLONK the day after he had ni ted so peieniptoiily and will not fay refusing to play nccnnllni to the terms of his stated many silly tilings last nlglit hut we shall only pay attention to that which most eonceniH He af liimcd that what we iaid in the article thai has so rulled tlie ealm of his innocent was not only lioiicieault know but he It wart all of the If may take tho words of those interested in the and as their name is not we presume wo every word of that uitiele wus IJoucicault did try to biuik his Itoucicault did cause posters to Vie placarded on the walls in contra diction of announcements torlh by the mun Bimeieauk did advertisements in the papeiti variance with the advertisements of the Globe did try to act the to bully the into ean his to discourage ami brow beat only succeeded In tliem at the lioucicanlt did refuse to play on the Monday as a that hi could no sleeping ear Ilom Neiv then that he was fatigued then said he would not play under nny and after troiiij through a nundcr of moral coiitarlioiiH at length sheltered himself behind his and said she was too ill to We are somewhat surjirisod at the unblushing impudence ot Doueicault In so tlatly denying the truth of wluit in our duty to lit knows very well that every wordoi it is There is as much reliance to be placed on Jioncicaidts word as when he name to a French play and claims it as his Whenever Houcicault insults the public an he did on that Monday we shall take him to task for Does lioucicanlt think can always the American with impunity Oocs he think he con always them with tho contempt that marked his conduct in London during our late when he hoisted the rebiii Hag on hin theatre iind kept it there against lie remonstrance and entreaty of every Union man in a standing to the people who Ioslcreil and fed him when he came here poor In purse and popularity Houeiciiull is very fortunate that he has not been hissed from our Hugo for his outrageoun ingratitude and his gra tuitous lint we are wasting words upoii We again atllrni every word of what we have said and if he is anxious for the if he wishes the story of his actions In he can have Of the coarse tone of his remarks we have noth ing to Some of hem called torth a deserved This unhappy and silly man has made a 1OSTON Jhoire was produced in admirable stylo on Mcnilay night to i large It wan rcnmrka bly well and w as placed upon the stugc iu a at olici handsome and It achieved a mott pronounci d Huvrss in liostuu last MiulluT judging from the ap pbuiH and plrasure with wliicli it was received at its fust performance at tin1 there is every prcrpft that will ils former lease of popu II was wcil the ilowcr tlic Iiipital and company in the leading tonipaiitoiiH with its iarlicr in Hiclon naturally thctn lilt we tlnil reiraiii Ironi of Hie parts lictcr played at the Ulobc than at the and ot arc better phm d at the urn thnn thry were at the Tic itself ovirllows not ti say tlie main thread if Ihi rtiiry appeals Mrungly as long an will bo ils and wins ily selfvi illi i1 linxwill Mlitiiucnts of this jihiy a iial MivH Annie plnycd thi pn Kiving liuinv n fjycii in a h iirl ia ur d icihiiiig ii c in in I I th a i ai iii iuin c iir I ol ill li ri ii l rii ti to in I be ul I pll I ill II J f i iiMim r idiialily i to laiil ivlnic of thr j as llic Ali t iii nuii tin later nd nn re si with ani inti ga u dry reiiiliiinn nl thr i it in a thai i The iuucular hriMian i cii1 iot the ut uuul i if Han liii ih and Milan l the h i niili ir L in i of len 1Mk nctcractinp iicrformance Thn minor parts were carefully ns a well playe The sets arc very the opening scene ot the and the ruins in the fourth and the manner of its production and performance will well sustain the liigli reputation of the Iiivorce will be performed this afternoon and and until further GLOBE Jessie lirown was pres iitcd on Monday with Itoucicault as Jessie and Sliiel Barry as The piece was excellently placed upon the nd wan very well acted Koncicanlt gave the capital assumption of her pres ent engagement in her performance ol the It was charming in its sympathetic Shiel Barry gave a ptrong coloring to hut it is not a part that permits him to exhibit the best features of bis pecul iar style of Sheridan deserves especial mention for his strong nnd effective rendition of The scenery was and the performance as n whole WHH warmly BOSTON Two performances of The Cataract of the Ganges will he given this tiie first being for the accom modation of little ladies and suburban resi It is needless to offer any special comments upon this popular as the theatre Is erowdeil at every HOWARD Boston hns drawn immense anil the panorama depicting the late dreadful lire lias been received with the unequivocal demonstrations ol popular During the run of this piece cash engine company in the city is to be the recipient of a handsome tire They are to be distributed in the numerical order of the Engine Com pany a will receive u trumpet Tlie olio entertainment proves as attractive as THE THOMAS The third concert ot Theodore Thomas Orchestra took place at Music Hall last before an audi ence by far too limited in number for an entertain ment so interesting and We cannot account for the of patronage that has marker this ptries of unless on the score that our piople have not yet sufficiently recovered from the shuck of our late disaster to enable them to enjoy perfoimaneirs of this We are sorry in any as these concerts deserve and should receive the fullest encouragement of all who take an earnest in terest in musical Last nights concert waa in every respi ct worthy to rank in companionship with its llerlluz noble overture to Lear received a superbly broad ami vigorous treatment from the Jiiss Mchlig played Ihe movement of lloctliovcns delightful eon ciilo In in her own thoughtful and sympathetic and with a most tender apiireeiation of the sentiment that pervades the Her performance of the dilllcult and fiery introduced by Von was marked by a masterly grandeur and tioorge Osgood sang Schuberts Erl and a Ecrlcs of live songs y but though he showed pure an earnestness that almost amounted to and a musicianly his voice exhibited same absence of sympa thetic quality and expression that were so prominent in it when we tlrst heard Liszts symphonic The of the vas new to The programme gave the following description of It In the Itoynl Museum at Berlin are sis mam moth fresco paintings by portraying the most prominents in tho progress of the worlds The fourth of Die Hnnncn or Battle of the is a most mas teily and ideal representation of the varfl of the barbarian hordes ngainst the Christlans in other the struggle of Christianity against idoliatry and a state of This picture suggested to his The choral proclaims the final triumph of the according to their timehonored offered tip a song It in useless to deny that the work contains Home remarkable Instrumental aixl that there is a certalnwild attractiveness In It Liszt has mistaken noise for grandeur anil learned confusion for It may describe the struggle of Christianity against but there is much of tho latter and very little of the former and barbarism seemed to have all to from beginning to What interest it attracted night was kept up only by the sufierb playing of the This sort of music may be very very very original and very free from aught that resembles adherence to the of the but it Is but a sorry substitute for what and Beethoven left to Mu sic like this may become the delight of the hut we think it will he a future when ail love of the graceful and the beautiful has disap when the human heart is clllous to and responds only to that stern fact of which Mr Uradgrind wan the advocate and the exjonent anil when trigonometrical tables are read by young ItuUex with the same with which they had read Tenny sons poetry or Trollopes The fourth concert will take place on Friday even Among the features of the programme are Mo zarts G minor symphony the overture to Lohen grin and Dcr liitl dcr by Wagner a violin solo by and a piano solo br Miss Anna CURRENT oi iion rcjoiorn hi the ilu diu nnd inuKJiliims oi It in quite llic fiihliiminbk1 tiling in at this u iurnittli an Hum lor tin itin appropriate name of anolhei oil Another mw oil centre is N your husliniul iiiuj 1 dont wish iTtelnrb A vi r IojiMtleiiiU woman but A AViMoiirin man uho bet luV horM aw I farm on Hi1 rli moved acuoitliug to Kifiinfiit of Out not ohoosing to lio itv UK Pnsidciit and wsued Montreal play the air about llit bonrot wlmi t heir hsviiithciiriH sliow ot From a lUrlisbire marble quarry ft Kindle iWiKlriK tinrnlire clmnocl tioor iu a Catholic in has tKrii fcticoesHfuliy jiiuuit A Iiddt man ulio iiojiostd to a buxnn widow hint jiiid In acotplefi tVuind out that hlic hd ojive now plaintively ilici no ion wiittutit A iilibill Lrrpir can mix uf tlriiJh fr ni and otio is in a twotbirds itrunk i dii c iiiiy f r a 11 f Ihnii iiiii Itiit to railway I d motint uf rbr or Invalids iind KMii all air idinr lately iiolvd the nt and soon hall jLHUid Kow 1 v would like L cl Ula inriy alrouf u in tlitt at u ftasij wbo bis inuno ruta to whin be le d but it was ill tlie ine of A JVrUaud ivtuined from loid by 11 ciinmissiiii uuivliant IfiC in tLat bad Wifo rbo attain do 1 diiiai M as J ViiL on ate nw 1fly a Tiki iu htt el att U lutUhe

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