Wednesday, July 10, 1872

Boston Daily Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - July 10, 1872, Boston, Massachusetts WEDNESDAY PRICE FOUR O S T O N M US Immense Success Houses To seo the groat Combination ROBEKT the And the Matinees each Wednesday and Saturday IH E GLOBE Arthur T 1JNABATED SUCCESS Of AND and their HUMPTY DUMPTY TROTH ALL THE MAMMOTH IN THEIR Brilliant and Original Coolest Theatre In Stcain Tan Nightly In Improves with EVERY AMD Wednesday and Saturday NO ADVANCE IN O S T O H THEATRE AND SIXTH AND LAST WEEK OF THEE VOICES THE WRONG MAN IN THE RIGHT LAST MATINEE OF THE SATUEDAT July Announcements Boors open at and Begins at 2aud FIRST GRAND UNION the SPIRITUALISTS OF BOSiX ping way Excursion Tieki lldreu SO be Banner of Light ol July PICNIC BOSTON AND VICIN on eave the Old ick stop HEIGHTS TOWERS This commodious and wellappointed beautl tif ully situated on Falmouth will bo open lor the reception guests JULY It has a fine view of Vineyard Oak and the at Marthas It is in the immediate Vicinity of ploasuat andhas unsurpassed facilities for Boating and p Being but a minutes walk from the steamboat landing and the It will be in daily communication with Marthas Vineyard and Now Bedford by The now extension of the Old Colony Railroad to Fal mouth to be completed by the tenth of will enable guests to reach this delightful seaside re sort without the sea sickness incident to a trip by GEORGE Owner and vr Y I C T O R I A New Tills Hotel Is situated in the immediate vicinity of the Custom Post and business portion of the and is firstclass in all its It lias one of Tufts latest improved Steam Elevators the only house in tlio Dominion having The parlors and bedrooms are large and well ventila and arranged for private parties and Persons desiring a pleasant summer will find that the Victoria offers cents from way stations in proportion jpor see may he obtained at the annerff Light ot July AN KNOW JOURDAINS GALLERY OF 387 Washington opposite Hayward A thousand startling and thrilling models the human in Health and Open from 9 to 10 Admission 50 11 P IROPOSALS FOR DEADLETTER POST OFFICE Jun SEALED PROPOSALS will he received partment until July at 12 oclock for fur 1 une J ed at this sk for fui ommtmcing o to be used fc and I riuality oi naper and manufacture to the sample select 3d by the and have sueh priming upon them as the Postmaster General may They during a period of two commencing on tho loth day of Envelopes to he used for returning lead letters to The Envelopes must be ana in quality of paper and manufacture to the sample select them as the Postmaster General may They must be delivered in such quantities and at such times as may be required at the Post Offleo Department in In good packed in i In good pasteboard ready for free of cost for pack strong peculiar John is easily reached from In twenty hours by rail or in thirty hours by The climate Is cool and invigorating the scenery In the neighborhood Is very and in the immediate vl cinity are pleasant good Late of the Revere House JAMES This large and elegant establishment Is situated on FRANKLIN containing every modern domes tic convenience and Including tho largest and most perfect steam elevator in the Every de partment of the house Is in charge of experienced per and the whole is under the careful personal supervision of the If our patrons will kindly send us word of their In tended either by telegram or by we shall be better prepared for then mar4tf CROCKER NICE PLACE TO SPEND A STANDISH SOUTH jlazza eight roils ot rule and both Salt and Fresh Water Large Dinner or Supper Parties catered for at short Take Duxbury and Cohasset Old Colony JolOWKMlm COUTH SHORE SUMMER GL ABE I USE This beautifully located for Transient or Summer is now For Fishing or Boating it has no equal on England and Ne ORES TON MISS WILSONS FAMILY SCHOOL FOK YOUNG The Autumn Term begins For circu artdross Miss JULIA as my SCHOOL FOB BOYS the whole New England Eight trains daily loavo the Old Colony and Newport Railroad for JAMES VI July ImjylO ATLANTIC AVELLS This popular house will be opened June Nowly furnished and lighted with gas located close to waters with superior Ushing and gunning facilities boston theeoast bowl Fine QUADIULLB BAND In A new and fleet 20ton Yacht for Eatons coaches leave Wells Depot on arrival of 3 trains from Extra conveyance on arrival of all trains from Boston anil Also Great Falls Great JSLANP LOWELL This delightful watering place is one of tho most in teresting summer resorts in New 1 hu island contains about 25 and is situated in Massachu setts 1 mile from Marblehead and 18 miles from The climate is precisely that of the lalos of The house contains 180 tho parlors and halls are the sleeping apartments large and The prouerty lias recently changed and is opened this season exclusively as a quiet family Theiirices will be very moderate in comparison toother seashore resorts possess anything like equal com forts and The house is reached In about 10 minuted from Mar by small which connects ten thnos daily each way with trains to and from Boston also making frequent connections with northern aud eost Moutlily tickets from Boston package tickets at the rate of 40 cents Address BUTTON Box rWTSKILL MOUNTAIN Twelve miles from Accessible by the best mountain road in tno and in to Now York than any other hotel on tho Elevation above tho Hudson River 3000 extending over square unsurpassed for beauty by any in the Celebrated for Its in vigorating Temperature at all times 15 to 20 degrees lower than New York Telegraph in the Open from June 1 to October Stages and Carriages will be in attendance upon the arrival of the trains of tho Hudson River Railroad and the Boats from Albany and JAMES Agent at Catskill for CHARLES BEACHS Mountain JeZMm CHARLES A Between tho ages of 9 and 14 will bo opened on the 30th of at 80 CHARLES STREET Apply In person at Hopktnson8 School 80 Charles on Saturdays until the first of Julv between 12 and 1 oclock or address by mafl Lane Hale j Joslah FOR THE SPECIAL ADVANTAGES Its healthy and beautiful Tho most Elegant and Convenient School Building in New Teachers of Superior Tho equal atten tion which the least advanced pupil receives with tlio most Tho opportunity afforded to those de siring it for complete education in all brunches of The BUST of facilities In Music and Pupils received at any Address the MISS WEDNESDAY JULY A H U C K I N and Importer of Army and Navy 1181 WASHINGTON STREET AND 30 UNION PARK PAPER mg the rate of about per tlie imntuil supply being estimated at Specimens of the Envelopes for which proposals are mid blank forms for may he had on application to the XHIIID ASSISTANT POSTMASTJSU No proposal will he considered unless accompanied by a sufficient and satisfactory guarantee aud the Postmaster General reserves the right to reject any and all if in his Judgment the interests oi tho gov ernment require with approved and sufficient in tho sum of will be required for tho faithful nor ioimnnce of tho according to the provisions of the seventeenth section of the act of ap proved the iiGth of and payment under said contract will be made quarterly after a proper adjust ment of The Postmaster General reserves to himself right to annul the contract If in his judgment there shall be a failure to perform faithfully any of its or in ease of a wilful attempt to impose upon the Depart ment envelopes inferior to Under the law no transfer of Vlupco m Under the law no transfer 01 this contract can bo Bids should be securely enveloped and marked Proposals for Dead Letter and addressed to the Third Assistant Postmaster Post Olllee Postmaster je24MWS4w RESH BEEF AND OFFICE OF NAVY July j Sealed endorsed Proposals for Fresh Beef and will be received at this office until 2 oclock on the 12th for the supply of seventyfive thousand pounds of Fresh Beef and seventyrive thousand pounds of Fresh ut tlie Boston Navy Yard and as The Beef must bo of good and equal to the necessary to make the best mess and be do vcred in equal proportion of fore and Tlie Vegetables must be of the best quality the market and the Boef aud Vegetables must be oilered for by the with approved will be required in oneauarter the estimated amount of the and twenty per in addition will bo withheld from the amount of each as collateral security for the due performance of tho which reservation will not be paid until the contract is fully complied Every offer must be accompanied with a written cuarantv signed by one or more responsible that the bldSer or bidders if bis or their bid be ac cepted enter into an obligation within five with good nnd sufliclont to furnish tbe articles pro No proposal will bo considered unless accompanied witb sich and tho Department reserves the right to reject any proposal unless the responsibility ol the guarantors is certified to by the Assessor of In ternal Revenue for the district in which they and unless satisfactory evidence that the bidder is a regular dealer in the articles he oilers to supply is fur nished with the as well as to reject any pro posal not considered advantageous to the Govern It is to be understood that the contract will expire at the close of the fiscal year ending June without regard to the quantities which may have been deliver in case the stipulated quantity of either article filial be delivered before that leaving a balance due on the other the contract may bu consid ered as completed in at tbe option of the Depart Pav rjmEMONT The proprietors of the Tremont House direct public attention to tho CafS connected with Entrance on both Tremont and Beacon It Is an attractive and favorite resort for Gen tlemen and and its cuisine is ackuowlod ed to ho the best in the Its patrons are served from an early hour in the morning until CHAPIN C T CLOUD BKOADWAY AND 43d 3XTEW A firstclass three blocks west of GKAND CENTRAL same conducted on EU ROPEAN and containing all modem improve RAND gTANDISH South The extensive addition to this fine Hotel behxgnow it Mill be for company July Mu sic Billiard Bowling Pleasant Fishing and Bathing Terms bedding and furniture entirely Board to S14 per TTOTEL RANGE 61 65 Charlestown Patentee and Manufacturer of Patent Wave Flue Oven with one large or two or more small Boilers and for warming buildings by low pressure steam or hot with all the latest im Greenhouse Boilers and Pipes Dwelling Houses Fitted up with FirstClass Ranges and Water Pipes in Galvanized Iron or Public Houses and Factories fitted with Steam Boil ers and Pipes for New York Ranges at New York French Ranges on Hand Competent Workmen sent to United States or any part of tho m22tf H OOD This House having recently been put in the best of and newly Is now open for PERMA NENT1 AND TRANSIENT Partlus looking for Board at tbe Seaside for tho will rind this a quiet and firstclass place of resort in every GOOD STABLE and GOOD BOATS connected with the and competent men in FRANK j4tf F A R K E R On the European SCHOOL HARVEY MILLS nmr4tf H DQUA RT ERS Grant Central Campaign Club OF 0 Hamilton opposite Park Each local Grant and Wilson as soon as is requested to send a List of its Oulters to these Head tliattlHTe may be mutual cooperation in the conduct oJ the OSCAli M ARSHALL YORK Marshall The locution is exceedingly Fishing and Gunning facilities with tho famous YORK SANDS but a short distance from the Coaebes will connect with morning trains at Ports returning at or ou ar rival of Noon train from Address MARSHALL A LPINE STREET Gor rfCISL limited number of summer board ers can be accommodated at the above House daring the coming Pleasantly and in the im mediate vicinity of tho different paints of interest among the Tho subscriber will spare no pains to make it a quiet and pleasant HOME for all who may favor him with their Good Teams constantly on For particulars as to please address A R R A G U T HOUSE AND ATLANTIC RYE Will open Juno Eastern Railroad will be in ici TVrORTH ATLANTIC EXPRESS Charterei by Ssecial Act ol Office in Boston 11 State OFFICES AND AGENCIES IN PABTS OF In addition to Spe Bonds and other valuables forwarded to and from all parts at fixed taritt the NORTH ATLANTIC EXPRESS COMPANY Is now prepared to forward and deliver SMALL PREPAID PARCELS To and from Boston and all towns having railway com munication with the seaboard in Great North nnd South Holland and at tho following covering all transportation and delivery charges whatsoever Parcels up to 1 Ib a Inches and not over 810 in H5 Parcels up to 2 Its 4 Inchon and not over S15 in Si Parcels up to 3 Iba 6 inches and not over in SI Parcels up to 4 Ibs G Inches and not over S2S in Kfr Parcels of tbls class for Groat land 2 taken at 25 3 and 4 Ibs at 40 cents eacu less than the above Parcels of same weights and values forwarded uruuib Ul puluu and delivered in Sweden and Russia at similar low rates as nor published containing full tariffs of rates for all classes to North Hampton Beach where Coaches Telegraph in PHILBH1CK O A P E R Boston Paper Collar Warehouse Lelands Lake tan Sunday West New Why Hunki Together with all new stvles from manu of bulb Cluth lace ami Liutm on band uml supplied to the trade in quantities tx a full Hue of tbe latest of NECK TIES AND WRiiUtiioturod erpruBsly for tbu Furiribhiug Gtiodf BURLOCKS WHITE Cheviot Fancy Emerson Leland 41 53 55 Avon Street dark Pocket Hiuiv to music Oiiiiuv ill A lilierul reward wjll hujiaiiltu ftnrliT tor U in ing it ut Ciunubtll V sou B T O C K I N G H A M H O U S The FIHSTCLABS In the New ami elegantly unsurpassed in richness of ap ami the best point from which to visit the Isles of and tbe Ueaebes of Hamp York and Direct railroad eommurii cuUoifwlth WhUo via North jcl3tf A E L L E V U E IT Beacon The Family Hotel and beet location in the Contains all modern iuohuling 1aBnyn ger Excellent accommoda tions for transient THIRSTCLASS PRIVATE BOARD A ING Kye ROOIHR very and thoroughly House Accommodates Address Rye HOTEL AND LOV AT QlINCV Rood Din Msh oi1 uml the most spot on tbe south fchoie to tpend alav or weelc witb your HOWAK1 leaven LewisWbarf at nnd SuiiflavE ut Come down ami try of freight aud sent free on Collections ami commissions executed in all parts of B E w A B D Sve are ready to pnv the above If adulteration can bo found In any Spices or Cream Tartar manufac tured by us and branded For a Choice Relish Use Our GOLDEN Eead what the State Assayer Tho Quick Yeast Powder is entirely harmless and DANA The Ladles find they can DEPiiND upon its making light ami sweet Ask your Grocer for any of tho EARLE MANUFACTURERS AND SOLE 03 nnd 05 Commercial ami 5 and 7 Mercantile C E W I N G M A C H I N KINDS OF FIRSTCLASS SEWING For Sale on Easy at 11 TEMPLE MACHINES AND TO MACHINES SOLD AND PAY TAKEN IN WORK White 11 TEMPLE KMW3m A T O S HOUSE AMERICAN Conveniently loeutetl Tor business or fuiitiilim wltb BATUINO uud AlBO KUJVA LliWlS 1UCE inur W PAPER FIRST There is no of Now of SECOND Letters from Our Own Correspondents in Italy and THIRD Intelligence Festival of tho IMrthof tho Prophet Meeting of General Bap tists In England A Lasting Republic for France Spanish Politics The Remains of the Carllst In surrection Disunited Franco Food Strike In FOURTH in on Cur rent Notes Commenting on tho Events of the giving News and Opinions from all and tlio FIFTH Telegraph Full and Interesting Report of Affairs at Baltimore Convention Ko ports of Current Events in all Parts of the OutDoor SIXTH England News Latest Events In Now Massachu Rhode Island and Gos Selection Good and Marino EIGHTH Department City and Subur ban Mat THERE IS NO TRIMMINGS THREAD STORK Store to be occupied August let Norwell ItAMWFCt SO Winter FT X T U R E S SUPERIOR PLUMBING For city or at Loweet by Corner of CONGRESS aud MILK Plumbers every for i tieb 10 ut muuufueturcrb1 e luquunU ttmtu4 OPEN JUNE THE OCEAN Kye Tsikt Kubterii ftoji ul Kye Ileiuh JOB iLlUj thb Jemtctt ti IJILES ARE Cure iutar JL external uml it riles with It l11 all ilciilcit in iy and T IN EN AND TxrrroN HOSE tJ KUlillEK LlJvED LIN1CN KUHIIliK GAItDES LINEN HOSE MANIJFACTUKING nsySOiu 119 WAfUlNGTON A FULL AND COMPLETE ASSORTMENT OP ALL MAY BE FOUND AT 243 TREMONT Next to FRICKS NYE mo THE IRA Caterer for the Worlds Peace Under Special Appointment of tho Executive and FRANK Caterer of tlie Narragunsctt Steamer KoRnecttuny inform at the Jublluo Festi that they have established DINING AT WILLILAIMIS of WASHINGTON DOVER Tho Seating Capacity of Williams Hall Is Upwards of 2000 Persons per Several societies have already received their ac commodations at reduced They have also made arrangements for LODGINGS on favorable Apply at the WILLIAMS or of the Bureau of A B E BAB GAINS IN Fine Jet The choicest assortment we have ever and the best goods over sold In this or any other city for the ONE LpT CONTAINS SETS OF THE NEWEST Beautifully prettiest poods ever nnd at a price to astonish all who nee tlio One Dollar a They cost three tunes the price to Another lot contains a splendid assortment of JET Beautifully Cut The only Fashionable Stylo of and thoNoat cut find most Wo have marked thin lot at f i oo We cannot buy another lot to sell at any such prlno and similar Roods cannot bo bought at any store city for double tho JET BRACELETS Deigns of Kvory A LAHGE OO Wl 863 OO per HAT AND BONNET HAIR FANCY ORNAM15NTS FOR A large Assortment and Very Low 85 5O 8S100 and OUR SPECIALTY IS JET GOODS WATERMAN 15 WINTER Corner of Music Hull R E M O A HOLLIS Have removed from 7 Kllby to 41 Devonshire Authorized Agents ana Attorneys for the following Fire and Marine Insurance Home Insurance of New Franklin Fire of International Citizens Hanover Fire National Fire Arctic Fire Irving Union Mutual Alps of New of of Tliero is no death The stars go down To rise upon somefniror shore And in heavens jewelled They shine for There Is no death Tho dust wo tread Shall change beneath the summer showers To golden grain or mellow Or rainbowtinted The granite rocks And feed tlio hungry moss they hear The forestleaves drink daily life From out the viewless There is no death Tlio leaves mny And flowers may fade and pass away They only wait through wintry hours The coming of There is no death An angelfonn Walks oer tlio earth with silent trend And bears our bestloved things And then we call them Ho loaves our hearts nil He plucks our sweetest flowers Transplanted into they now Adorn immortal hirdllko whoso joyous tones Made glad these scenes of sin and Sings now an everlasting song Around tree Whereer ho sees a smile too Or heart too pure for taint and He hears It to that world of To dwell In Born unto that undying They leave us liut to come again With joy we welcome them the Except their Bin and And over near though The immortal spirits tread For nil the boundless universe IB Is no dead ana are more disappointed still in finding that It does not oven play A word may here be said of new process of on graving by which Hopjiln was enabled to have his rapid drawings converted Into pictures at three hours Weekly papers can easily manage their illus trations hut Jubilee Days has shown that the same thing can ho done The Chemical En graving of which the firm of Osgood Ss hold the are willing to engrave at a prlco much below the ordinary and to do the work more expcdltiously as well as more cheaply than by the ordinary Wo direct the raiders atten tion to the specimens given at the oiul of the present volume of the Jubilee The Woodland Scenery is a and yet it is done by a process which Is as cheap as It is The publishers give an account of the various at tempts which have boon made to achieve a similar re Here is the The rapid and economical reproduction of pictures for hooks and newspapers has engaged the attention of and publishers for many The method chiefly in is open to the objection that the lines In the block when cut are the engravers lines and not the the highest kind of woodengraving is it self an and those who practise It with skill aro more expensive aids to pictorial production than tlio artist In a the best woodengraving is costly and ordinary woodengraving is costly and A result that should preserve the touches of the and combine the brightness and sharpness of woodengraving with adaptability to the requirements of the typepress has boon tho object of countless experiments and Germany and France have each added to tho long list of Frequent artistic successes have boon but they wore so hampered by chemical and mechanical complications that where a satisfactory plate could bo occasionally cost was so great that it took rank among tho and was commercially Perhaps no person has shown greater interest In this subject than the pro prietor of the Illustrated London an is evi denced by the many process plates which have ap peared in that journal in tho past twenty That the desired cud would be reached no ex pert lias ever A long list could bo made of Urn artists and engravers who have spent tlmo and money with this object in view The new wlilch promises to revolution ize the art of is thus glass plate Is prepared with a white etching ground on which the subject to bo drawn is lightly sketched with a very soft The glass is then placed on a piece of dark and with a common stool etch ing point the drawing is cut or scratched through the ground to tho cacb lino ns produced appearing as black as an Ink line on When thework Is completed the picture is before as sharp and brilliant us an impression from a and a skilful artist can work more rapidly with those ma terials than with a pencil on Here tho artists labor and In ncouplo of minutes ho can be shown a permanent print from the glass by the aid of which he can put on his last or make any needed Tfrtan this gloss by a chemical a transfer is placed upon a sheet of prepared zinc which is plunged into a proper etching and tho engraving is done by corroding tlio white spaces between tho drawn the latter be ing Irmly protected by tho materials used in tho and where by adding various compositions not affected by tho On one of these occasions a shoemaker cen sured the painter for having given one of the slippers a less number of ties than it ought to knowing tho man must bo at once rectified tlie Tho next day the embold criticised one of the when Apcllcs indig nantly put forth Ills head and bid liirn koap to that line of criticism which he justly HABITS OF LITEBARY The Baltimore American thus revives reminiscences of some of the wellknown literary characters of the past John Calvin commenced his daily studies at five or six in the rending and writing in bed for hours If business required him to go he would rise and dress on his again went to As he advanced in he wrote little with his own but dictated to rarely hav ing occasion to make any Sometimes hia faculty of composition would fail then lie would quit his attend to his outdoor duties for and even months and not think of writing until he felt the power had Then he would go to send tor his and resume his The great Cardinal who was a dramatist en well as prime minister of usually went to bed at slept throe would rise and write till eiglit in the and then amusing himself by playing witli his of which he was very tho rose early and worked His great Studies of Nature cost him tlfty years of and he recopied it eighteen times before he sent it to the He composed in a singular writing on Inrgcslzod on as In a ilvc distinct columns were In tho first column he wrote down the flrst thought in the second he enlarged and pruned and so until he had reached the fifth within wlilch he finally wroto tho result of his But even after he would recomposc a sentence twenty and once dovoted fourteen hours to find the proper word with which to round off a pe who raised comparative anatomy to a never hod occasion to copy his Ho composed very the proper words falling into the proper and everything being arranged In his mind in a very orderly the French who left fifty volumes of his own rose at wrapped himself up in a loose dress of and wrote from sheer bis hand refused to hold the Then bo would return to take the sleep of and on awaking go through tlio same process NEW Peterson of hsvo published a new novel called My by author of Fair It is a well written showing how a girl of seventeen foil in love with a Byronie how she married a gentleman by no means and how she sils down to record at twentyfive her happiness with a husband who was entirely different from her girlish beau It fortunate that a or fen steps and prevents innocent hut ignorant maidens following their impulses in the nmltor of The novel is pleasing and attrac Keecived by Loo and Holmes Lippiucott of have published Who Would Have Thought of It a by an anonymous It is written evidently by some person deeply offended with the warmeasures of Lincolns and who thinks one of tho worst Bounds ever heard In a free country was the tinkle of Sowards little Among tlio public men introduced are Stunton and for both of whom tho writer seems to have an Received by Leo ANECDOTES OF Agostlno discoursing one day on tho ex cellency of tho ancient was profuse In bin praise of tho and observing that his brother Annibalo spoke not a nor socmod to take any notice of what ho reproached him as wanting while ho continued himself to describe mlnuto ly that noble relic of Meanwhile Aunl bale turning to tho with a piece charcoal drew tlio statue us exactly as If It liad boon tangibly before Ills very The company wore while with confessed that bis brother had taken a more effectual way than him self to demonstrate tho beauties of that wonderful piece of Tho poet paints with lie painter speaks with said HOLLIS FHlli AND MAIltNK 41 DEVONSHIRE Jyiit Peterson In their roiesuo of the worlcB of AleNundre have just published The CountckB of Cliurney or the Fall of tho French 11 is tho fourth of the series known as Memoirs of a Physician and the persons promi nent in tlio early singes of the French Involution of are among the by Loe Jubilee a daily paper published by from Juno 17th to July lias been printed in a HiibsUintial quarto It Is a witty and excellent remembrancer of tho great cele bration of period no hot that people were stewed in their own and tho police were led to fear that perspiration would ovontually end In Sydney Smith haB told us that moral responsibility ceases when he thermometer Iincs above eightyfive it has risen here above and Boston has re mained prtcminently moral and even It may be that the weakness cruised by heat has preserved us from the offences which boat At any rate the days of Jubileehave passed without any in terruption of the Nobody has been killed J no body has been Some civic scientists account for tho phenomenon on the ground that the Frog Pond on liostoh by is exhalations of cool and beucncial appeased all spirits that tho thermometer The Frog Pond to be a very small body of water but no Bostonian can doubt that it exerts a moral altogether lispniportioncd to Its mere physical Our v ihitors unite in testifying to its bcnoileent It may that Jubilee Days has done something to moderate the natural ferocity of the human beings who have swnrmed into the city from A glance llopplus pictures may have reconciled them to iheir A further read ing f the jukes uf AUlrich aittl IIowcltK may have cfiiifnrted them with tlie feeling that Immnr harmn nizts all inconveniences some of tho puns were a little strained and they may have felt a savage satisfaction In tlie bought that tlie sweat of the punsters brow mufet have been mure co pious than their One of the funniest things in the collection li tlie account of the ascent ol the publisher and his writers in Allens As they were the with his hat crushed over his was the only person who seemed to be having a good time hut his enjoyment was abruptly brought o an end by our Bouquet of Contributors taking this opjior tunity to strike for higher The grasping capi talist resisted for sevciul and then saw tho The critic of Lowell will himself join In the laugh ut this Literary Critic heedlessly ihvcwoviT a copy of Scribncrs containing Parson Wilkinsons criticism of Lowells proMj A thrill uf horror ran through the AVhat if that dead weight should fall on the lieaU of Home Incautious citizen Hut no one seems to Imvo been hurt by it It probably fell into merited ob Another hit should be When wcconsider that Jubilee Dajt contained only four octavo pugeSj here is something inexpressibly ludicrous in thtir advertisement of u Double which vastccoiilbliMiUKinj olher things which wyulil re quire an acre of the autobiographies of the twenty thousand niUiilierb of the written by ourselves in moments of Ponraits by Slgnor It would be unjust not to mention tho disappointment of our German friends from who vieiud the brewer Fountain on the with the idea Alas llostoiii the ancient produced a cluster of grapes upon tlio canvas with such perfect skill that the birds came anil pecked at This success greatly elated the whoso fame went ahruad reaching the ears of one a rival who seeking an opportunity painted a curtain before a portion of the Soon after Kcuxis approaching the painting to exhibit It to Parrhasius desired him to remove the curtain I But he wan com pelled to acknowledge himself since ho bad only deceived but his rival had deceived n fellow Another story Is related of of rather a nov el alid which Is well He painted a hoy with a basket of to which the birds as before But thin gave the artist great dissatisfaction nnd very properly leading liim to declare tho painting a since had tho similitude been in both cases the birds would inest certainly have been deterred by natural fear of the from approaching tlio picture Ealvator Itosa was at the out lot of hie ca reer of to fell his pictures in tho streets of but after ho became celebrated he charged the motit exorbitant prices for liJB simplest A parson of great wealth bod been long in treaty with him for a nnd every time ho came Salvator raised tlie price one hundred The gentleman ex pressed his surprise at last with some when the nulnter told him that with all his riches ho could not and to put an end to his iinpyv destroyed the picture before Ills eyes an early painter and occupied seven years in finishing hits picture of living only upon the simplest diet in the hoping thus to elevate his powers of conception and execu lie designed to represent in he piece a dog and with froth Jilu but after an hundred vain attempts to ho gave up in de and in a of anger threw his sponge ujHm the Chance brought to perfection what the labor of the artist could not accomplish the fall of the sponge upon the picture represented the froth at the mouth of the dog in the most perfect and lifelike and the artists picture was universally ad Lord Mulgrave employed Gilbert Stuart to paint tbe portrait of his General previous to his going On seeing which ho illil not until it was Mulgrave I sec insanity in that face The General went to and the tirst ateuiint his heard of him wan that he hud nuicKle from I is thus that tlie real painter dives into the of his sitters and displays strength or weakness upen the the mere mechanic makes u nap if the Hawthorne wrought Irtnu this an ecdote liis romance of the Prophetic Giotto ill an Italian was an humble shepherd hi his an eminent artist of the saw a simple ilgure that the boy Giotto drew with rude stones upon the and persuaded Mm to become his The lad soon equalled and sur passed his but they continued While he was yet a mere boy in his masters studio he painted ujly with such skill upon the nose of u portrait which Ciiuuline wits engaged upon that when bis master was about to resume his work he made many vain and even angry efforts to dislodge the insect fore he discovered the Had not Slraups nnd the foreign bands paused for a few days to entertain the New after having dosed their engagement in tills Gotham would have been ns void of llrstclosa amusements during the hot weather as Boston lias been since tho close of the It Is true that our theatres aro osten sibly but that is about all that can be said con cerning them just GLOBE The popular Hunipty is nightly attracting good nn dicnces at this Those who have never seen the illimitable Fox nnd bis comical assistants should certainly visit tho There will be a matinee entertainment BOSTON Yokes family will closo the season on Saturday and give their last matinee on that At any other seiwon of tbe year tho vast auditorium would be too small to hold the crowds who delight In the Inimitable acting these prodigiously clever The laughable sketch of The Wrong Man in tho Right Place will bo continued through the and nt the matinee on The splendid programme in prepara tion for Monday evening should attract crowds to McGlcnens BOSTON who wish to laugh have only to visit the Museum and witness the per formance of Robert Craig and his excellent com To praise Craigs noting would be like carrying coals to but for the information of those who liave never seen any of his wonderful imitations of the praminent actors of tho wo will say in his he is He is ncDtatcd by and An afternoon performance will he given CURRENT A noliknuui not famous fur uib having left his jiortrnit unpaid fur on Hogarths painter liimlly obtained the uiuiicy by tending the following note Hogarths dutiful retiitrts to llnding thut he does not uwuu to tlie iiieture drawji for Liordis again ol iUigjirthy lor there fore his lordship does not send for it In throe it will be disrobed of with the addition ut a tail and tome olher to the fiuuous wild Hogarth having given that geiiUciiuu a tf it fur his who nourished in the of Alexander tbe neve iHrinitted a tiny to without luiietiee in his He when lie had one of his K U in The next day n drippeil him th jiulilie to the view vi the aiul fullon ing IXKil Ueej iie Ing belund it u hear the reiiuiikt nml new 1W tije Chloral for cholera is successfully used in Plenty of wild strawberries In New Mexico IB beginning to build cotton The mules of arc being rapidly ex terminated by some unknown A boy was recently killed in New Orleans by being struck in the abdomen by a Cuttle fish aro brought by cargo from the Baha A negro of bets forty dollars that ho can eat seven pounds of beef at one San Francisco was this year the great distributing point importations of Chinese From Peneacola comes tlie usual account of tlio gulping bathers by Gray hair was tulrtyflvo dollars aTi ounce at last In Cincinnati a call for a communication from a spirit who can write Welsh lias met with no Of the twentyseven graduating members of Wes Icyau twentysix have middle Four hundred new oil wells are drilled in thy oil regions every Southern Minnesota has a compact organization of welldisciplined horse Southerners have shown themselves the best stu dents at Princeton College for several yearn Men as well as animals are dying from cliarbon in Fifteen months ago a Missouri woman set out on foot to llnd her but has not yet found The dcnpondent looking man who suddenly started on seeing new apples for and my children shall have was a They arrest persons for forliiiiotclling in Fnyetic A good example for some of our larger Jclm Wesley used to say how hard it is to be shallow enough foru genteel But ministers have no difficulties of that kind has a candidate for and it is no longer in older to sneer when is talked Five columns of obituaries and funeral notices is u good and yet that is only what the Ihiladelphia Ledger furnished its in Satur A woman Uvame in l dis pute about a borrowed umbrella that she into convulsions and What a loss a woman like that must be A Hollander who arrived iu Bay re cently on had before Saturday night bought and paid for land and built liim a house and gone to living in A Michigan village had a regular leapyear cele bration of the The marsh and all the officers except the chaplain and tho were Solomon is a bard place for Guy day latt week live left iheir better without aiul went back Eust to live with with lleshiess bavins all the centenarians of demesne is now on that of the late President and one old colored lady of 107 summers U is just The wife of an eminent litcrateur thinks it very nice to have an author for a Whenever the ffds restless he rends her something he writ mid in a lew uiimuas she is in a sound id re ircfhing In the San Joaiiuin Valley is a grain pauh hirty tive miles long and tight eovirint of ttous the vivid is at sixuxn whiuMwifigive a uuil u or A utiMishor cnotice that be to titty dollars anew huail for jiuinr

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