Tuesday, July 9, 1872

Boston Daily Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - July 9, 1872, Boston, Massachusetts TUESDAY JULY PRICE FOUR fin H E G L O B E1 A Arthur UNABATED SUCCESS Off AND and their HUMPTY DTJMPTY THE MAMMOTH IN THEIR Brilliant and Original Coolest Theatre In Steam Fan NlBlitly In Improves with EVERY AND and Saturday HO ADVANCE IN jySCt OOSTON JD LnssEB AND F A M O U T H HEIGHTS SIXTH AND LAST WEEK OF THE V OKIES THE TVKONG MAN IN THE BIGHT LAST MATINEE OF THE SATURDAY July 15EXTRA NIGHTBeneflt of Announcements Doors open at and Begins at 1 and tf jyB TyAN KNOW THYSELF JJfi GALLERY OF 897 Washington opposite Hayward A thousand startling and thrilling models of the human in Health and Open from 9 to 10 Admission 50 11 apr30 TO THE EM O TOWERS This commodious and wellappointed beanti tifully situated on Falmouth will bo opuu Jor the reception of guests J ULY It has a fine view of Vineyard Oak and the at Marthas It is in the Immediate vicinity of pleasant and has unsurpassed facilities for Boating and Bcinc but a minutes walls Irom the steamboat landing and the It will be in dally communication with Marthas Vineyard and New Bedford by The now extension ot the Old Colony Railroad to Fal mouth to bo completed by the tuuth of will enable guests to reach thin delightful Boaside re sort without the sea sickness incident to a trip by GEORGE Owner and Jtf O R T H ATLANTIC EXPRESS CMerefl by Special Act ol CAPITAL Office in Boston 11 State OFFICES AND AGENCIES IN AIL PARTS OF In addition to Spe Bonds and other valuables forwarded to and from all parts of at fixed tariff the NORTH ATLANTIC EXPRESS COMJPANlf is now prepared to forward and deliver SMALL PREPAID PARCELS To and from Boston and all towns having railway com munication with the seaboard in Great North and South Holland and at the following covering all transportation and delivery charges whatsoever Parcels up to 1 Jb 3 Inches and not over iu B5 Parcels up to 2 ibs inches and not over 815 ill SI Parcels up to 3 Tbs G Inches and not over lu SI Parcels up to 4 ibs 6 inches and not over In SI Parcels of this class for Great 1 and 2 taken at 25 3 and 4 Ibs at 40 cents each lens than the above Parcels of same weights and valuos forwarded and delivered in Sweden and Russia at similar low rates as per published containing full tariff of rirtes for all classes of freight and sent free on Collections and commisstous executed in all parts of A B A R GAINS I N Fine Jet The choicest assortment we have over and tho hcst goods over sold in this or any other city 1or the ONE LOT CONTAINS SETS OF THE NEWEST Beautifully prettiest goods ever nnd at a price to astonish all who see tho One Hollar a They cost three Omen tho price to Another lot contains a spleudld assortment of JET Beautifully Cut The only Fashionable Stylo of and tho Neat est and most Yve have marked this lot at We cannot buy another lot to sell at any such price nnd similar goods cannot bo bought at any store In tho city lor double tho JET BRACELETS Designs of Kvery A LARGE CO per HAX AND BONNET HAIR FANCY ORNAMENTS FOR A large Assortment and Very Low 26 GO 81 OO and OUR SPECIALTY IS JET GOODS WATERMAN 15 Comer of Music Hull HOLLIS Have removed from 7 KIlby to 41 Devonshire Authorized Agents and Attorneysfor the following Fire and Marine Insurance Home Insurance of New Franklin Fire of International Citizens Hanover Fire National Fire Arctic Fire Irving Union Mutual Alps of New of of HOLLIS FIRE AKD MARINE 41 DEVONSHIRE IT E A R K AYALTHAM Kvery iitch u fHi for uur t or uur sif iuif Affi rufflfcffur every and Klze of ull wul by American ul WiiU with jiricu uf citch lu iwKI or silver the if a Soul Writt it auillueuliuii Wntih Riluirhu B 1llUl A 84 Truiiiuul MOUNTAIN Twelve miles from Accessible by the best mountain road in tne and in to New York than any other hotel on the Elevation above tho Hudson Klver 3000 extending ovor unsurpassed for beauty by any In the Celebrated for its In vigorating Temperature at all times 15 to 20 degrees lower than New York Telegraph In the Open from June 1 to October Stages and Carriages will be in attendance upon tho arrival of tho trains of tho Hudson River Railroad and the Boats from Albany and Now JAMES Agent at Catekill for CHARLES BEACHS Mountain je22lm CHAKXES JAMES This large and elegant establishment is situated on FKAKKLIU containing every modern domes tic convenience and including tho largest and most perfect steam elevator In the Every de partment of the house Is In charge of experienced per and the whole Is under tho careful personal supervision of the If our patrons will kindly send us word ol their In tended either by telegram or by wo shall be better pronared for their CROCKER JJOTEL RANGE 61 65 Charlestown Patentee and Manufacturer of Patent Wave Fine Ovnn with one largo or two or more BUiiill Boilers and for warming buildings by low presaure steam or hot with all the latest im Greenhouse Boilers and Pipes Dwelling Houses Fitted up with FirstClass Ranges nnrt Water Pipes in Galvanized Iron or Public Houses and Factories flttod with Steam Boil ers and Pipes for Now York Rangos at New York French Ranges on Hand Competent Workmen sent to any part of tlia United States or nviMf SELLING Kor juir far lor m O JEN T L E M E K X FtRNISllIM THEIR OWN We Trim and MnUe ut llie JuUuwliiK priees Iuutb iiiul to SliriiiK 15 10 Iri WOOD i 5M Vlithnmlini next tu HITStin rriREMONT HOUSE Tho proprietors of the Tremont House direct public attention to the Cafe connected with Entrance on both Tremont and Deacon It is an attractive and favorite resort for Oou tlemeu and and its cuisine is ackimwiod ml to bo the best in the Its patrons aro served from an early hnur i the morning until CHAPIN mar CLOUD BBOAOWAY ANI 43d A firstclass three blocks west of GRAHD CEMTHAL same la conducted on EU ROPEAN and coutainiiiB all modtrn improvo 3m W O ERT MIDBLETOWN Situated among tho beautiful hills and mountains of Opened on the Ilrst of Iitchhuvg railroad morning train arrives In Rut land Iu time for thonco by stage to Middlotown Terms and particulars on 1elSTuThlm pARKER On the European HARVEY MILLS MARSHALL YOKK Marshall The locnttou is exceedingly Fishing and Gunning facilities with tlio YOIIJC SAKDS but a short distance from tho Coaches will connect with morning trains at Ports returnhifj at W or oa ar rival or Noon train from Address MABSHALL jelOtjylAMWKltn A R B A G U T AMD HOUSE ATLANTIC RYE Will open Juno Eastern Ilailroad to North Hampton Kye lieach whore Ooaelies will bo in i Telegraph Olllce in IHILBKICK Je4TuF8t MARION Great Opens June Oak anil 1lne Gentlemen with their Iluiiilles In search of a healthy place for the Summer on nBABOUABLIs will do well to secure rooms at Address as jell HEIGHTS Family Hotel Open June On lino ol1 Diixbury ami Johasset Hou within Ilf ty rods of South Sclluato A PPLEDOBE OF June 1872 1872 KOTTTES VIA Fitchburg and Cheshire NOW HEADY FOB SUMMER To tlie Famous Adirondack Niaeara White PULLMAN PALACE OARS BETWEEN BOSTON AND RUN ON THIS LINE Chairs secured at this Call or fiend for Circulars before purchasing tickets as our routes aro very desirable and at low Line 82 WasliiBgton JyBtf General CONNECTICUT AND PASSUMP SIC BIVEUS niiiECa1 KOTJTE TO White Mount Lake Montreal and Excursion round trip tickets to tho above by various routes for sale at reduced rates at tho General 87 Washington Clark Em SUMMKB and Lowell 8 ti M Boston and S River 11 Profllo 1 Twin Mountain 1 Wliite Mountain Crawford 2 Newport Lake KM Que Pullman Palace Sleeping Cars on night No change of cars between lioston Lowell and Sherbraolfo Passengers f orWImo Mountains leaving Hoston by tho train lodge at Wliite River Junction and leave next monilns at LYNN AND BOSTON TRANSPORT ATION COMPANYFOB NAHANT AND LYNN New On aud alter Juno tho steam er will leave India wharf and U5 M Leave Lynn at and 25 cents j round ailmlsBlon to the gardens and con veyance to and from tlio Leave India Wharf at 10 and M Leave Lynn at and Leave Nahant 15 minutes or on arrival of the Boat f roin cents round trip and In a few days the new steamer will be put on the with the Me will run six trips per Picnic Sunday schools or Associations desiring to avail themselves u the unparalleled advantages of tin Maolls Gardens combined with Die most complete and enjoyable oxcur slon in Massachusetts lor terms ant FEARING Indli Their Boston frlwuls ami tho public will b gratified to know that George Doauo 6 Brother of the LlndaU Street Dining will con duct the MnollB Restaurant this Jel5 EXCURSIONS DAILY Guests may take the Express Tndu from on the Kafitern which connecta at Portsmouth with the Steamer Tho will uiiiko two trlpa on connecting with tho LAIG1ITON TJOCKINGHAM The ONLY FIIISTCLASB HOTEL In tint Now auil elegantly uiisurjiiLHseil hi richness oiap and the bust noiut from which to vinlt the Isles of and tho of liauip York and Direct railroad communi cation with the White via North jcl3tt fc O O D Tltif HOUFO having roeiiitly bcien put hi the ciC iiml newly is now upell tor IElt M A NICSl1 AND TKAXS1ENT iiitiking fer lleiird jit the Seiisliie fur llie will tilid this u iiulit ami jiUtce ul iu evcrv GOUL BTAULE and GOOD JJOACfj eoiineettd with the injd eunnterunt men in FRANK BE L L E V U E HO T E 1 ID Bciieou The Uncut Family Hotel and hunt location in ConUdliR all nioilcrn Iayseu ger Exeellent tluiiB for triuiBienl PRIVATE BOARD 1NU Kyi It KooniF very ami thoroughly UeuBC Accummodates Aldryari JiiPlm Rya POIKT HOTEL AND LOV I ELLS AT yiINXY I vir M anil the uieiH pleiisnut npit un lie iuuth phorc tu Hpend a duy or week with vour I1OWAKU Steamer MusniMiil KIIYCH iu mill Kmuhiru ut Jonie liown ami try M E R 1C AN Ioeited for or toiitnint iiiiiirlineiilH with llAlillNd uml WATCU rAKSKNUiU LEWIS A STEAMER FOR HULL AKJ KAKTASKETLONQ FOAM TIME Leaves Lllchflnlds Wharf 231 Broad Leaves Nantatilcet Long Beach and Sea Foam House stoppinc at 11 rare 16 cents two tickets 25 cents 50 tickets There is aDance Platform at the lilted ap fo Finnic Sea Ioam House is open for boarders SUNDAY Leaves Litchiields Wharf for Beach stoppingat at and Leaves Nnntasket Long stopping at a 1J and 50 cents for the round jyltf POUR EXCURSIONS DAILY 1or Downer Landing ami iLltcli fields TIME Litchiields Uroai at and M Leaves stopping at anil and Single tickets 15 i for 50 for LltchtlcUiH Grove IHIH btjen newly titled up for rienic ami IB to Weather SUNWAY Leave Litchflclds Wharf for Nantasket Long Beach and Downer at it and Leiv Nnntaslcot Long stopping at Downer Luuclhi 12 anil Iuro to Nantaskut Long Beach and 50 nentn Jare to 3owner Landing including admission to Mel iardcit and SI tf MAOLIS GARDENS The steamer leave of India for Nulumt at and 5 returning at a and M and Fare 30 Children half prici Excursion tickets to Nalwnt and lueludiu adnilKflou to the Manila and conveyance U and from till at Leave Huston at and 5 Leave Nnhuut nt 12 and Faro 5 Maolis Gardens and Special arrangrnent can lie mode by excursion parties for which and other apply to the Captain on or at the jyii E W I N G MACHINES GO YOU CAN SEK ALL Tilt SEWING MACHINES We Sell Machines for Cash OB MAY HE IAII FOR IN si K C3f The KtoiMt of ilrstcluss Machines lu New England on lit 323 Washington CORNER R I C E PECK THli Kyu riMIE PATENT JL Biriitx Shirts or repairing old ones oiin UN thefci llohiilus w They si tuil OIM Imc u dime tlutu HIM urdtliur 1ur whouKuli and ruliiil by SOLOMON 18 a few north of Kinti E B T T H I N G TUESDAY FIRST of Now rubllcations John Minor Bolts and Systems of Amuse ECOND Letters from Our Own Correspondents in Italy and Tha Fur HIRD IntelllRcncc Russia nnrt Ger many Trial of theWoolwich Infant The Papal Infallibility In Danger A Valuable Discovery Fearful Accident on a French laneous Tho Nations FOURTH in on Cur rent Notes Commenting on tho Eventfl of the giving News and Opinions from all and tho FIFTH Telegraph Latest Despatches from Various Quarters of tho World Full Details of Affairs nt Baltimore Preparations and Prophe cies for todays SIXTH England NewsDally Gossip Wholesale Price SEVENTH Naval and Marino EIGHTH Intelligence Affairs in and about O U NEW Lippincott of have published nn octodcclmo volume of a hundred and fifty entitled Studies in tho English of by It contains a life of a number of tributes to his and a series of classroom drills on various passages from his with a philological and rhetorical If volume leads to an increased admiration for Bunyans or adds to tho host of his it will servo a good It Is for any critic to add to the number his for it has been computed that mare copies of P1I rims Progress havo been circulated than any other English with the single exception of tho Eng lish translation of tho Among the tributes to Bunyan quoted by G Her Is tho somewhat celebrated one of Wo refer to it bccMiso It contains a fallacy which a little reflection will expose Speaking of the style of he says the vocabulary is tho vocabulary of the common There is not an if we except a few technical terms of which would puzzle the rudest We have observed Ecvcral pngcs which do not contain a single word of more than one or two Yet no writer has said more exactly what he meant to For magnifi for for vehement for subtle for every purpose ot tho tho orator and the this homely tho dialect of plain was perfectly There Is no book In our literature on which wo conld so readily stake the fame of the old unpolluted English language no book which shows so well how rich that language is in its own proper and how little it has been improved by all that it has The oversight hero IB in forgetting that though Bunyans stylo wns a perfect expression ot his own it would havo cramped tho genius of other English writers whoso cul ture and topics wore Language has boon styled the clothing of thought we think that Mil even Macaulay hod they attempted to get Into Bunyans have found them rntlicr n tight And then what did Macaulay moan by tho old un polluted English language The predecessors o and In his prose we may wrote in a ntyl very much polluted with Their mind were too largo to bo confined In the straitjacket o what Is called pure AnloSaxon Indee can remember of only one case in which an ord nary abstract a very convenient phrase b but which Is far from being unpolluto was put into a primitive Teutonic form the eminent AngloSaxon one dared his friends to furnish him witli a boustod boi rowing from the Latin which ho coul not give In as Macaula would unpolluted English They a once instanced tho impenetrability of Kemble thought a or and tha in very For the Jmncnatrnhllity of matter I would substitute the unthoroughfareablenessof Certainly he allowed In this queer coniulun lion that you cannot initkc a road through the stuff1 of which tho universe IS composed but philosopher havo still preferred to the simpler and tho more subtle phrase which they have In fho English as an organ o emotion and 1ms been en richcd by thefts from other languages which It hoi assimilated and made Its As to men of genius their style is over the expression of their indlvidua characters and any perversities in viewed from the point of view of mere bo referred nt once to perversity 111 their individual dispositions Style is Wo are charmed with the style of because we feel that it ombodioi Bunyan and wo aro charmed with the style of Addl son because a most hu morons nature finds expression through its easy simplicity and languid But suppose such creature as Carlyle was by inexorable rules despotic to run his burning thoughts Into lie mouldfi of Banyans English or Addlnons English I Tho result would simply be that we nigh have Carlyles grievously clipped it is true but we should not have Carlyle Tho mm would be though the thinking might pro cecd in that style of unpolluted whicl Macuulay himself entirely disregarded but con staudy held up to Indeed Macanlui the one writer whom wo should bo inclined to se loct from the whole range of English prone ai a person who had availed himself of all the wcaltl which the English language had througl sncccstlvc stealings mid borrowings from Greece Franco and without adding to i any original contribution of Ills lie obtained a singular mattery of tho words admitted into the die UoiiaricB of his time but no future Webster o Worcester will credit liim with the domestication In English of a a ord or jjirasii such as the groat creator of ihi noble English as we now use huvt done in thousands of the very paragraph in which celulirutiis is full expressions such as Bunjan could never have used and whcli were derived from the polluted Englinl lie so severely POKY WAKHINi only Ins H Ins nreel IsilLt Itye I KOliINSON 4W strei j full iilul hlate auil County itighls lor SyiK mvJl I We have often wondered why WhiteMel ville luis acquired a popuhirity so Lip plncott of have jimt puhliilmd a ncv imvfl of his called a Story of Punches We may inform our renders tliat Sulunelli i a black mare that the heroine is u pureon who reok letfly the said that Daisy tb hero of the is the real owner of the hhick inure that Daisy Wulterh is u hero of tho Guy Livlugstui without any of romance that Koldlu his Is a am rather stupid specimen of tho Ifiijilish drag ooii that there Is nothing in the book whicl rites in tone above the ordinary anlmatioi dl uneducated but highlyplaced except h the case of General an elderly gciitlemai who loves Miss the young lady who rides tli black Is ultimately killud by riding h too who loves her with uonic sug giBtlon of Them can be nothing mor contemptible than the whole conduct character and moralty of the Vulgarity run through it from beginning to As a representu tion of fast life among English gentlemen of th it is i satire the sharpest kind but WhiteJIelvllH Is incapable of siitlri lie writes In earnest considers his stupid men i very iMipitiil Hpiaimens of human nature anil he rei rerents ihun with u sympathetic feeling which junti ties lin in associating him with tin w launch it his Keeeivud by ii tlio more nurprihcd at this reprint i Satanillii il is the third vniuiuu of a milt of English printed ut and ealle A shirs Collect inn of English British iui Asher rlvu of of Lei vim made a fortune ly reprinting in ci iiiuny hrglish in n cheap and elegant fun phot ventures to print new English novels In better ypc than wo to sell them lioaper than The of re the American publishers of tho Tho fifth olumo 19 Old Margaret by Henry The cone Is laid in tho In tho fifteenth cen when tho Flemish towns and cities were under lie government of the Dukes of Henry vingslcy has chosen tho period In order to exhibit his otions of muscular diabolism and muscular Tho most offensive peculiarities of the imo ho portrays in tho strongest The ngcs swarm with examples of what may bo called ho nobility of pillago and rascality tho men re generally ready to betray and lilll each other on he slightest but they still have ome latent spiritual quality in their natures vhtch modules their ferocity and a subtle rofer nco to the present disturbances In tho English Trades in felt throughout this vivid delineation of a Inillar contest between labor and capital which oe urrcd four centuries ago in of has nothing to say In regard to the solution of he problem ho simply it in tlorco and urlons bringing in prince and manufacturer nnd workmen merely to show their inevitable and Wo cannot call Old Margaret a good lovcl but wo can say that nobody who begins to It can ba contented until ho reads it Received by Williams In noticing Shurtlcfts book on Bos on the typos made us say that It was pun ished ty ilolnmn of wrote Holmes Somo of our readers nay remember declaiming at school a fiery bit of patriotic in which tiero was this to your homes retire we say to Will ye to your Holmes retire Wo havo little loubt he will give an afllrmatlve EVER The sun of yesterday is Forever set to Time and me Yet of its nnd of its Something I feel and something The flower of yesterday is Its faded leaves are scattered wide Yet of its perfume do I Still does its beauty stir my The friend of yesterday Is On yonder hill his grave doth Ho Yet there are moments when I feel His as of draw A part of what has been remains The essences of what Is gone Are ever present to my sense Though I ani not left In and In Things do not though they pass Tho form is shnttcrod to the But only broken is tlio and flower havo each become A part of iny Immortal part They are not but ovcniioro and bloom within iny From the Overland JOHN MINOR There was an incident in tlio political life of John Minor tho celebrated Virginia which is amusing and may be used to Illustrate n question which Is interesting to our and may claim our apodal Tljla In our voting Wo of regard tho registered vote ns the very best ho devised upon tho tosecure tUerlghta jjl all and guard nguhiBt fraudulent rorlmnKiUilB is But there arc certain inherent nnd inpvltuhlc faults lu our system nnd recent dcvoloiuuents in contested election cases give UB some startling evidences that it is also open to direct As the law now n citizen just returned front a distant or Bulllcicntly recovered from or from othcr cuuso of unavoidable may only ho able himself at tho polls while tho election is in hut lie loses his vote If hi name Isymt upon tho rcgtatered Tho system fey Us thoso who would hi otherwieo to Tho mcent investigation also iliow loss such that they may only havoa It showi that registered unmet have been fraudulently votail and BO checked as having been honestly used In such a the voter may bo still permitted to exercise his right but tho cheat remains in the nnd may decide the And that old fraud ol 11 stuflliig IH also proved to ho in practice and this IB the griivcitt danger Wo may and tolerably frco from any very general VIHO of thoso at the polls but huw long can we bo an num of oven this Tlio viva vocc method of which f orworly prevailed in sonic of the and probably Btill especially at tho Is not free from liability to fraudulent it IB very wide open for thin kind of But It has two advantages over our which are of tlio It assures a vote to every citizen who lion tho right and chooBos to exerWBb It and tho validity of every vote can he dctoniiinod nt nny Mint boyond II is tho lack of these two vital assurances for the and purity of a popular Which IB he ticrluiiH defect In our register Under tho ancient viva voeo umiBlalillshod in only those were iiorniitted to who had a direct Intercut in the Thoso favored citizens wore by the to exclusively found in men of famllicB and owncru of the A paying taxes to tho State on a million dollars of businoiiH If a or a real estate hud not Hiillloleiit Interest in tho Stale to he entrusted with a But a man who earned Blx dollars a week and boiled v WIIH u wirie and trustworthy Wo may Hinilc now at these antiquated notiuna of the good old Flutosinen who discovered these cxeuuillngly line points of but they were born ot tho wisest hcudH of the olden under tho viva voco in The voter himself at the voting an nounces Ms rind fur whom ho This IB done and within hearing of nil who would lliitun ami IB written down by the or lu charge of the AB voting may bo duno at any time during the hours tho polls are nu one IB excluded by any If a voter can reach the polls in hln rights are assured to In this way two essentials arc Voters real or coiiBtituUi tlio registered They make And there can bo no after dispute ballots no htulling no one Htcuilng vote no nor purposed mis counting of It Isull ttuwnin black and And wo are nut udvoeating the vivil vciee nor aindtiunhigmir OM n Ktlll think that we might to draw tome good from iivighlun V to improve tin1 quality of mir Kemity of tlie viva vuie lilUit was well illiiiitratcil by a coincided In llie Virginia llmise of about tin yiiir John Minor UulLb WHS the leading politician of llie State at Unit able and he was the and piirtifuliir loalhing and the ihief love of tin He carried Ilenrico cjunty in his which was a common Southern Hut iivcrciuillileiico made him care He failed to do tin leimlrwl nmuiint of htumping dining the ami hero waa gene ral surprise and a variety uf iiulHieiil einutions when a fcerured tho ollieitl certifi cate which left lioltb out In the There wiw nothing left lo he defeated glunt but the ing task of contesting for the Beat before a Demo cratic And here the security of viva ballot iy Tlie lists were all could be pinged as the phrase The purging fiiiciwfd Ilial there was cheating in bulh but Whitings count was the IV avoid ueeliiring llie Deinoeratie on eleetionri ujion the jf reinirting the Hia hetwveii IfutlK and The cumnll rijioi wluil it all nnd tlie upon was fulMptud and laiily eliiiclied iifiei the iijrproVLil Uf culirse it miiiJoMd tills Killed 111 mul Hut linltf now uriTe and siid If the cMiimiitec on cKeilons hud done lleir lull duly tlny would liuve me the Kullidj llilnuerul as well ih 1 nny sitel faiMicss from he cum or fr in nit J mil duly atluiiishcd Hint iheir rejiort diieb not iclnm my friend as entitled to the seat from If they had done they would if they had Democrat before me svonld have sus tained the I congratulate tho arid I congratulate this Democratic that they tiavo got so near to as the vote just passed shows them to I hold In my hand small I wish it was more read and better un derstood and heeded then it by tho Democratic members before and those of the It Is the constitution of I will read a paragraph from for jonr Instruction and Butts then read tho which declared that In case of a at an the sheriff should give the casting vote and ho produced the certificate of tho Henrico that he gave hin vote for John Minor in case there should be a tie in the coun ty The uproar of handclapping and handshaking which followed this clover and snccefsful would havo done credit to our na tional House of Whiting made a neat little adieu acknowledged that ho and all tls friends had been handsomely wont out nnd returned there no DECLINE OP The AVorccstcr Sny yesterday published the follow ing A Chicago writer in the Riverside Press ot that laments the decline of American literary taste and the decay of American Which of these is the cause ami which the or whether both are the effects of somo Insidious vice in our society or institutions ho does not venture to no IB evidently of the opinion that the present educational systems of society are at the bottom the trouble for tlio ho has boon coln liliiit with the disappearance of the former standards of whatever they may have or however they differed from those now In and In nnother place ho declares that level ing principles and Institutions have done their nnil every thing which truly deserves the name belles la swept away before the allab Forlilug intercut of polities and matters of But the opinions of this desponding critic arc of the least possible since he shows a ludicrous lennrnncc of the lie undertakes to being equally illinformed concerning what ho calls the Augustan ago of American literature and present literary Ills ideiis oC the literature of this country fifty yearn which Heomfl to ho the time according to Ills It had reached its highest de were apparently derived train Homo of the response which American writers used to think it their duty to make to the taunt in Who roads nu American book Perhaps tlioy were proud ot our literature as it then or jicrliaiw Ihcy only tried to seem so at any rate they no doubt convinced many of their country men at the and they uoumail to have con vinced the critic of the Chicago lUvorsldo that Ameri can literature of that day was something to exult In and merely to bo regarded with patience on the all that could have been expected under the Among the brilliant writers of the pant he mentions Verplanck ami and Philadelphias glCtod Bracken and Irving and of have and will retain a high not only In Amer ican but In English literature of the others no who has formed his opinion of thorn from an actual acquaintance with thoh1 would think that they had contributed materially to our national Tho Chicago we venture to had no such acquaintance with and wo arc sure ho has never read a word written by cither of those gifted Bracken and Wo suspect that hie admiration for the writers of tho punt has led him to magnify their numbers as well as their and to make of one rather dull fall of affec tations and two ot such merit as Is im plied in his epithet We havo hoard nil Charles Broclsdcn though never of Probably tho Chicago critics knowledge oC him Is conQncd to a dim memory of hearing his namo men tioned among American but BO long ago that it is Imperfectly Tho same critic ilndn that noirapanorfi are every day growing more vulgar and abusive that wo have no literary reviews of a high order that the maga xliics have no real literary witli the exception of the whoso ohllqultloa nro fatal tolls circulation and and the Hound Old and New and Every which arc yet candi dates for He is evidently ignorant that Every Saturday has no connection with American lit as it Is wholly made up of extracts from foreign and that the Hound Table is not in exist having ended Ms short hut brilliant career mimo years To tho Can a better liter ary sjtlrit be evoked among UH ho rcHponds Per haps not of that elevated tone which onco marked tho halcyon days of the the halcyon of being those when Bracken and Brown and Paiildlng when Joel Barlows Ooliim Miul was admired ns our great nalltmnl epic and Bnichenddgos heavy drollery was our best specimen of humorous Docs It sadden us to think that these days can never ho recalled Perhaps not 60 much as It and yet It would he hard to con vince most of us that In society or literature there was a more elevated tone or a butter duvolopincnt then than In tho matter of tho man is utterly ignorant of the or utterly who cannot BOO an improvement in literary in the variety of oulijccts treated and In the observance of courtesies and proprieties of To say that they arc every day growing more vulgar and id to fiHHort what anybody knows to lie tho exact rcvciHo of tho Our raiders may perhaps BOO occasionally mi from a paper published in somo obscure town In the and arc shocked at Its coaivc its unrestrained persona attacks and its uiiHcni puloiiH perversion of facts to advance a Such papiTH would be tolerated now hi Now Hug nnd could llnd circulation only amongthc vllont in such a city as New York yet in the halcyon whoso vlttvatiil tone cannot be news papers hardly better than those in many were the biHt to be The scope of the newspa was much narrower then than Is They confined IhciusclvcK almost altogether to polit ical discussions mid tho record of news they hud no lltcriiry no travelling corrcspondiiuw or on general topics art and science were not treated cither by the regu lar editorial writers or special How different all this is especially in the chief paperK of the large wo need not Yet the dcHpondent Chicago the aii Himimx to Kay that thcehangc Is to the of that everything which drHorvoH tho nuuic of Mln is being Mvcpt awny by the in terests of politics and matters of Wo Hihjicrt lie in right in ascribing the eaoso of his un eaiimtis to defects in our educational Tho Uiieh provided him with what for huU of fcuniething better mutt serve JIB in ceitfiinly but It luid not poncd il j ruuntr men H and mott of who think all about siieh are well enough infonneil to know Hint the golden age ol literature in eoumry not Jlrst third of the horee nnd wagon as Tho poor utterly was In and being a stranger In the and destitute of he knew not which way to But relief came from a quar ter wholly Young seeing the distress of the and penetrating the tricks by which he had been proposed to take liln hand in tho The delighted at the prospect of a fresh eagerly accept ed his and set to work in earnest at their scheme of But they had a different person to deal with from the unnophisticnlod vender of tin The gamblers found themselves and the result ot tho game was the recovery of nil the property of which they had robbed the Richmond in tho presence of the re stored to the astonished man his horse and wagon and entire stock of having taken from a solemn promise never again to play cards tor or to gamble In any mode Nearly a quarter of a century afterward ho waa ac costed In the streets of Syracuse by a welltodo looking who represented himself to have been the tin pedler who extricated from ruin through the firmness and generosity ot young Tho grateful man informed his nstonifhed listener that the promise given at Saclc ctts had never been that he had been thrifty nnd constantly and that he was then of ample and proffered any pecuniary aid that his benefactor might he willing to Richmond was a man of quick happy In with a sententious epigrammatic mode Mi saying which gave them great When Lincoln passed through the State on his way to in the winter of Richmond provided a special train or him at and ac companied tho party to At Syracuse Greeley joined the who had a keen appreciation of original and peculiar was much amused by tho occasional pleasant passages be tween Richmond and A new sleeping coach of elegant appointments and high flnltli was placed nt the disposal of tho President Tho superb palace cars of the present day had not been but this comfortable with j ftp elevated spacious and complete accommoda find perfect was a great improve ment upon tho cheaplyfurnished and dingy cars that were in general une at that jreeley and Richmond were seated in tills liandstfruc chatting in a free and easy Thin Is something said Greeley but why dont you have nil your card In this wny The common miserable old things are nothing but a adopt Improvements hoy are was tho reply but tho changes havo to bo gradual we cannot afford to throw ntide substantial cars that havo cost a great deal of and stock the road with those that arc more expensive merely for tho comfort of Whenever wo build new we Incorporate all avnliable thats no was Qroclcyn The people confer upon yon corporations special ami extraordinary and I tell yon they will not be content unless you civo them the best accommoda tions to bo Why dont you put on this kind of cur at once Why dont snro enough Why didnt you start your Infernal old Tribune with three hundred thousand BUUKcrmora I think Richmond has rather got you quietly remarked With tho heat of July the summer as re gards our and tho legttlrnato biiplness of tho establishments usually gives place to a lighter form of temporary thus af foiding a much needed vacation to artists and man Ihe Interregnum preceding tho full campaign at the theatres is Improved by tho industrious manage ment of each In selecting and organizing their com panies for the fall and So of course wo look annually for many changes In the dramatis jiersontc of tho several all of which will be duly BOSTON the season hero positively closes on Saturday tie engagement of the Voltes family must terminate with the They will but five nights more in which to delight patrons of tho house with their inimitable singing and Miss Jennie Leo and tho company will repeat the comedy of which was so successfully produced last whilst the Vokes family will appear in Tlio Wrong Man In the Kight Tlio tlrst niadnoo Ig an nounced for McGleoen will have a prodigious list of volunteers in his benefit whldi IK being arranged for Monday evening TIio entertainment will be and of tho most pleas Ing Already there bus been a good demand for THE this house Htiiniity Dtunpty Is the daily card of attraction nt with nnd Fox In their famous which proved so attractive lu New York city for months They are playing to full houses CURRENT DEAN We take tlid following I Van llUlimnuil frniu AnccdtjtiH if PublkiMtn in tliu July nunilMr ol tlitGiiliixy KldmuiniHont bis Intlier aiui Iu WUH tliruwri upon MM own with u mother to it an wiuii inon fortunate chlldivn arc net airing the rudiment a of nil IU in the of wilt builiun in SyracuhO u HUTU or ut loiist soino yours buftro atUiln ing mujority and wliilci iu tho iirosoiutum of burimhb litnu1 wtth Mi adventure ut SackottH Har the ivMilt whkii etiruy of EhejKxu liuriiU oi hiti lie wiu in the habit uf viiitiiiij lake on bath on the and tuniuliun in tho of ihtfcult lUiny dutaiuud at the aboveluuuod then familiurty kiuiwn as and jufctly ah one of ilirtsijuiiml on with mult of Kiuitb tucHiiiLtiouti and iirutligalc to lljf knavish il a of tbuiiiiTrif who luadt it a pluntlvr niiMir man they could cut we into llitiv Aiiiuiiy thtir viitiius wns lin jKHlkT Irum ii iliiy hud liim u Kiiuu al fatdii Iiitowu ab ihicc up UiRi iaids nnutituiriL u hand niul tlufc the JJuy uiui bis tillIlJiilciili1 uf liib iflid the An Omaha schoolboy lately detuiod a lady to be grown up girl who doesnt cuss nor has a girl who spoils We never thought backwards was a hard word to A Georgia editor refuses to support firccley on tho ground that it is as much as ho can do to support Detroit has a sprinkler named Gnod Temp which prominently displays he advertisement of a wholesale liquor A negro woman in Mobile is suing the county for SfifiOO damages for the death of her killed in he hist riot in disputes lirooklyns claim 03 tho City of She a church to luss than every thousand The Cincinnati minister who wan for kiss ing a fair parishiuiier will It is paying pretty dour for a it have A Wisconsin man has at last discovered somu use for the The ornamental idiot will actually cat potato The women have been holding another rights convention in The heroines of history were again alluded A prisoner In jail at battered down his cell door with a and made Sunday A crowbar is a haudy ftr prisoner when left within Fort Wayne rejoices in a Htizen who ipieneliert his thirst with thirtyseven cocktails between 7 and Ii and keepB us sober lib the average Fort has been year the city market was litter tho eity and nil tlio urtieiul buildings and now the uld theatre known as Hull has The tropical heat of the hist few days has infused hew life Into i Central tho largest of which snaps he jaws with grvxil unvtlou whenever a fat batiy livnis in Anung the iiopuUuioii ul New York city there are many Owing to their rarj linguistic attainments lhe lire much iu demand as barkeepers and The auditor of Seneni Is a ami bus absconded it in supposid to lie in a iood Templar and a Sundayschool He got lost and A htlc disaster recently occurred at A number uf persons were but we are hiippy to stuto that John who was in the Long Kruiich ha a reading roam and library this year and Long Branch it as there scurfs uf people who go there every yeaj who tj The nnnouneemeiit u the death of Dor ringer T ut of one huiKhil and is headed by local puivrt as An aneieut pistol who went olf ut who has gone to New to has n modest in behalf of wliieb only wants llie fimg link jinn ol Jive millions to tuuKe il a nineuvnlhtell fiiry 1 Hiring a storm in a few days n goose striuk air1 by hereupon loeul paper lluw about the theory tliut feathers aroii to UDM mvse who yet into a lljKtjlSriiit a thuiiJcv

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