Wednesday, July 3, 1872

Boston Daily Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - July 3, 1872, Boston, Massachusetts WEDNESDAY JULY PRICE FOUB BOSTON Aeti cting K and lost Week of tlio lia Ha Ha WARREN AND COMEDY RAMPANT and preparations for LAUGHTER AND at 1frt at SWEETHEARTS AND Warren in his great part of Billy the character In which he made his first appearance at tho Boston Museum in and THE SKELETON Stuart Robson of Performances and Commencing at 12 with a bill consisting of Glorious Itjy3 PEACE PEACE JUBILEE INTERNATIONAL MUSICAL FESTIVAL For the Grand Afternoon Parquet reserved W3 OO Gallery reserved OO Admission without reserved 1 00 Wo ELDS PEACE GRAND GREELEY COMPLIMENTS TO AMERICAN JOURNALISM WEDNESDAY at 3 BLDS PEACE Independence I Fourth of GRAND INTERNATIONAL FRATERNIZATION ALL THE MADAME MADAME jyj2t and HEHR STRAUSS c I T Y OF GRAND CREELEY COMPLIMENTS TO AMERICAN JOURNALISM WEDNESDAY at 3 ALL THE MADAME MADAME HERR STRAUSS I THE GLOBE Arthur Doors open at and Overture at 2 and CONTINUED SUCCESS OF THE Original Only HUMPTY DUMPTT Audience Limited only by the Capacity of the Gr as as MONDAY July Reappearance of the Marvellous Martens and Rowulsu Gretelieu IN THK1U TYROJQKAJsr soisrGrS And the Famous DUET OF THE The Wonderful WilsonsThe and FOR THE EVENING General 00 On July at 3 GREELEY DAY GRAND MISCELLANEOUS CONCERT In which the Distinguished Foreign Bands and Grand Chorus will Horace Greeley has signified his intention to compliment the Festival by his presence on this Madame Madame RUDERS and ALL THE PART Band of Kaiser Franz Grenadier Herr Farewell to tho Grand Madame The Irish National Concert Conducted by Horr Joliaun Andante and Wedding from CELEBRATION NINETYSIXTH ANNIVERSARY AMERICAN JULY ALL THE ALL THE ALL THE In FOUR GRAND at ONE DOL LAR ADMISSIONS throughout the DAY and EVEN WEDNESDAY JULY S AILING TO TAKE PLACE IN SIXTYFIVE PERFORMERS No advance in MATINEE On July at S jyl OSTON BOOTH LKSSEK AND B Pai Band of Le Garde TART All hail the power of Jesus Cor Gratiiis Auimits Clarinet Obligate by Thomas Anvil II Or gan and with Auviland Cannon accom The Emperors Cornet Senz and Grand Professional The Silver As played at at on Christmas and Easter Bond of the Grena dier Dan Grand THE 15EIXS of tho elmrclies will be rung for half an hour at noon and NATIONAL SALUTES will bo flred at noon and on BOSTON and at EAST SOUTH the HIGHLANDS and by Companies A and B of tho First Battalion ol Light The public buildings and the malls on tho Common will be decorated by Lamprell THE EAST BOSTON FERRIES will run free during the day and A MORNING CONCERT will be given on tho COMMON at hallpast seven by a baudot one hundred under the direction of AiiTiIUB A PRIZE DRILL On WEDNESDAY at 8 The Second Grand Band At which the KAISERFRANZ GRENADIER GUARD Herr Heinrich will In their New Entertainment THE WEONG MAN IN THE BIGHT Preceded by Miss JENNIE LEE and in BETSEY Matinees Wednesday and July Per formance after the Fireworks if stormy 8 Doors open at and Begin B at ii ami jyl T JAMES LEAKE S THE MISS AS THE SEWINGMACHINE EVERY EVENING AND SATURDAY jyltf JULY 43 PEACE On JULY GRAND INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL American Independence GKAND NATIONAL ANNIVERSARY PEK three Companies will bp required to appear in the regimental with this exception that fatigue cans may be Tho movements to bo per formed will be such as tho Judges may designate In Uptons from paRO 1 to page not Including kneeling and lying Companies intending to compete must notify at the City on or before July at 4 oclock Three prizes will be awarded ns follows First 840U second third G3PTbe companies entered willbe required to report promptly at six oclock on Hie ENTERTAINMENTS THK CHILDREN CONNEdJTED WITH THK PUBLIC SCHOOLS will bo furnished In the following nanmd pluces AT THK BOSTON THBATUE there will bo music and dancing from 10 oclock to 1 oclock and from 1 to 1 AT HORTICULTURAL HALLS upper and lower there willbe music and dancing during tho same AT TEMPLE there will be performances at 9 oclock and 11 oclock anil 2 oclock and4 oclock by SpauldiugB Classical Concert Troupe and Bell AT MDBIO Barnabee will give two popular assisted by well known at 3 oclock and at AT BUMNER East Professor Harring the wellknown and popular magician and ventrllo will give four at and 11 2 and 4 Music will be furnished by Pro fessor Burton AT WAITS South there will be four exhibitions of Heywoods Great Dloramiu Entertain ment of the Italian Museum of and the Dloramic Spectacle of tho Conflagration of at il and 11 and Hand 4 OFF CITY JULY Beginning at OK oclock FIRST For Centreboard and Keel Boats measuring thirty eight leet and upwards on the water For Centieboaril Boats First j second For Keel Boats First Becond SECOND For Centreboard and Keel Boats measuring twenty six feet and less than thirtyeight For Centreboard Boats First second For Keel Boats First j second THIRD For Centreboard and Keel Boats measuring twenty feet and leas than twontysix Cen treboard Boats First Rocoml third For Keel Boats First sec ond third All entries are and may be made at BUG BEES City until 4 The boats will bo measured by All necessary InfoKinatiou in regard to the courses and the sailing regulations can be obtained at the above or of the Persons who may be present iu to witness tho are requested to avoid crossing tho course during the and not to crowd around the judges WILLIAM JOHN FIRST of Now i Fifteenth Day of the SECOND Letters from Swit Germany and Se THIRD IntolllRcnce A Prussian Scandal Tho Late Norman MeLood Piracy In the Persian FOURTH in on Cur rent Notes on tho Days Doings containing News on All Sides of tho Presidential and tho FIFTH Telegraph Latest News by Special Despatches from all Parts of the Sports Full Account of tho Great Raco between Longfellow and Harry SIXTH England NewsDally GoBsip SEVENTH Naval and Marine Department City and Subur ban THOMAS BENJAMIN AUGUSTUS CUAltLES CHARLES PEACE Independence Fourth of July GRAND INTERNATIONAL FRATERNIZATION AT WASHINGTON Washington there entertainments by the distin sor at and 4 will be four entertainments by the distinguished magi Professor at II and 11 and ii GREELEY COMPLIMENTS TO AMERICAN JOURNALISM 1 at 3 ALL THE MADAME MADAME jv22t and HERR STRAUSS HOWARD H E N M U M RICH STETSON EVERY EVENING and WEDNESDAY and SATUR DAY Tho celebrated ABBOTT PANTOMIME In the worldfamed The Three Positive reappearance after her accident ot tho boauti iul and fearless Lady In her unparalleled Is literally thrown 25 foot 3nto the air as though Shot from the Mouth ol a and is caught by the intrepid While suspended by the loot from a trapeze in A Safety Net will bo used during this to prevent all posslbl lity of The wonderful phenomenal From 0 to 12 From 2 to 4 From 6 to 8 From 0 to 18 THE LAST A GRAND PROMENADE AND DANCE The music for this day will be of the highest charac and it Is purposed to close this Magnificent Series of Concerts with the highest Tickets for all parts of the for THIS at ONE DOLLAR JULY at 3 In furtherance of the agreement of the Executive Com mittee with tho eminent Gorman a COMPLIMENTARY BENEFIT IA1SERFRANZ GRENADIER GUARD BAP Will be The most popular music as present ed by this distinguished will bo Prices for this Grand and accord ing to Who swallows a Sword SO centimetres in The wonderful The man with the Talking Hand funniest Ventrilo quist iu the MOE DELEHANTY ANI AND OTHER 4 JULY 4 jylGt GRAND T H U Grand Temperance Celebration WALDEN ORATION BY READING DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE J1Y MISS TEMPERANCE ADDRESSES BY and MUSIC BY THE HUDSON BRASH Cars leave Fitfbburp at 11 ami stopping at wuv Excursion ticK its from all stations on FitcUburp railroad luid its A sniall fuechnrgod GKAND CANYON OF THE This muKuitlecnt bv Thomas is on ex hibition ut our 1S7 Tremont Aiilliifision 25 ULAKESLEE LI xo n CE Independence Fourth of July INTERNATIONAL FRATERNIZATION ALL THE ALL THE ALL THE In FOtH GRAND IliUFORM lit ONE HOL ADMISSIONS throughout the DAY ami EVtiN FRIDAY July at LAST GRAND CONCERT BY THE Band of the Garde Oil July at 3 GRAND COMPLIMENTARY BENEFIT To the Eminent Composer and HERR JOHANN By tbe Executive at which Herr Strauss will conduct two of his favorite TickctB at gi nud according Ui On SUNDAY July at 8 GRAND SACRED CONCERT By the IRISH NATIONAL Edmund Clem Tickets 1 to all parts of the NOW four Ticket Offices at the aud two Ticlrt Ojlicfs on the Common near street and near the Smokers as well as those ut the Music Music Stores and for the sale of AT INSTITUTE Boston there will be three entertinmente by Comical Brown and Pro fessor Harry ut fl ami 11 and i oulook AT LYCEUM there will bo four exhibitions of legerdemain by Professor Harmon aud muLic upon the harmonica by Professor at i and and 2 and 4 THE ANNUAL OKATION Will be delivered In Music Hall at 11 oclock by Charles Francis The lloor in front of the gallerv will be reserved for State aud city The public will be admitted Ui other yortlona of the hall at A G003E RACE Will take place on Charles opposite the foot of Mount Yeinon at 10 oclock There will be two namely First S7S second Entries for the race maybe inado at Bugboe s City until July at 4 oclock THE ROWING KEGATTA Will take place on Charles river at 11 oclock There will be five as follows FIRST FourOared Working Boats rowed on the gunwale distance three First Second SECOND SiiigleScull Whorrles dis tance two First Second THIRD Whitehall Boats distance two First Second FOURTH DoubleScull Bouts distance two First Second FIFTH FourOared Boats lupstreiiks or shells with outriggers distance six First Second Total Amount of All the entries are and mav bo made person ally or by at Bugbees City un til July at 4 No distinction will be between Lapstreaka and The Whitehall woi king boats must not be less than seventeen nor more than twenty feet long width not less than four feet depth not lees than eighteen Inches weight not IcEKthan two hundred and seventylive pounds the boats to be rowed on the by two with double The Fouroared working boats must not weigh less than two hundred THE SAILING REGATTA Will take place in Boston Harbor oI CUv Point ut ti oclock There will bo throe as fol lows FIRST Sloops and SchoonorR measur ing thlrtvllvo feet and upwards on the water For Sloops First one hundred dollars second lifty For Schooners First one hundred dollars second lifty SECOND centreboard and keel boats measuring twentylive feet and less than thirtylive For Centreboard seventyfive dollnrs second thirty For seventylive dollars second thirty THIRD centreboard and keel boats measuilng twenty feet and lesn than twentylive centreboard boats First dol lars second thirty dollars third twenty For Keelboats First lifty dollars second thirty dollars j third twenty All entries lire and may lie made at Bug ALL THE ALL THE ALL THE In FOUR GRAND at ONE DOL LAR ADMISSIONS throughout the DAY and EVEN 2tJy3 Per oraer of ilie jixecutive HENKY jy3lt PEACE GRAND CREELEY a ries are and may lie made at Bug City until 4 July COMPLIM1SNTS TO AMERICAN JOURNALISM I WEDNESDAY 111 3 ALL THE MADAME MADAME jj2Bt and HEIUt KTAUS8 If I E W S OF T H E Great The hiiiall giving a tine view of the GUEAT FOIl THIS WOKL1S 1KACii JUUILIiU AND INTERNATIONAL MUSICAL Aitnow for ut thf of thy NEW ENGLAND LITHOGRAPHIC loy Summer liu The boats will bemeaeured by neceBEiiry Information In regard to tho courses and the sailing regulations can be obtained at the above or oi the ItAMLOON Samuel the experienced will make an ascension from the punule oil the Common at 4 oclock with his new uiunoil the This balloon is the largest In It will contain ninetyfive thousand cubic leet of King will lie by an officer connected with the Signal lor the jmr pose of making scientinc A SPLENDID EXHIltlTION OF FIllE WOKKS will be given on tbe parade Boston from H oclock until about Id oclock under thu direction of BKKJAMIN pyrotechnist to ExlinYwoiiR will iilso be in veil by at Wash liiLKm at East on the lamthurly side ol the near Porter airl Deciitur at near tliu ami lit on Meeting House mllgAMUEL OFFICE OF OF June In accordance with a longestablished and wellnp iiruvcil the City Government of Boston has imuJe ample provision lor the celebration of tha com ing anniversary of American independence Iu a wav well calculated to interest and instruct perilous of all ages and claques iu the Police arrangements huvtbuen made with a view to uccurelately ami protection for tbe and to aid iu the enjoyment of tbe leutivitieE of the day in a inlet ami orderly In consequence uf numerous and serious Injuries ami occurring to persons and property by the cuiclesB anil unwarrantable use of t inarms and finuorlt the police are iiistiuited to inuliu summary arrests it pi reotiB who are violating the law in this leMiect anil aud alt good citizens are inrmFtly requested to leiul tlulrald hi carrying out a measure Mi much to hi Ill cases of requiring special police IntereBleil are requested to give noticf at tills ami tine will be tukeii to keep such nuiguuur liliotln quiet us Provision will be made lit tbe POLICE TENTOU the Common and ut THIS OFFICE for the cartui las tlnl dtin lUuiim the All iiuihulu arc earnestly requested to lend their aid in elieliiig any uuhiwf ul or improper aud ill 0 Uiiletut dark morocuolmund Pocket btkuiKliu to music BASE BALL Lacrosse Lacrosse J J A Match ol tills highly exalting Indian Game will bo played on July at S Tickets M For sale at Wright 18 It had some groins of at That fablo of tlio For because one loaf was The rosestrewn couch had no I think not even sanguine youth Expects Its gold without alloy But this is sim tho sober truth A little pain can mar much Tis pity that one thwarting One adverse one suddon fear Or Bharp can turn to nought The full content that seemed so near I But this strange life of ours abounds With notes so they afford A thousand discords and harsh Bounds For one harmonious perfect NEW Few of our readers wo ignorant of the writings of the author of Happy More Happy original ly contributed to tho London Roberts Broth of llils have recently issued a now volume by tills entitled HappyThought witli numerous quaint illustrations by tlio Burimnd has slruek an original vein of II may not bo but it IB The writer con ceives a young of moderate who is a good deal of a simpleton and a little ol a who has an nmbill on lo distinguish himself as a He has Tour Boodols and varying in but agreeing in what may bo called the eccentricity of Whenever a question comes up they advise our hero to do something but coch opposes ho folly of the The result Is a suc cession of Happy the triviality of which is rendered amusing by tho gravity with which they arc and the fact that they are eventually to be embodied In an imagined book which Is to bo of immense learning and Tho intellect of tho hero is hardly above tho level of Master Slender It just occasionally twinklos out of Its abyss of irobocll can fall to find inspiration and consolation in tho book of this excellent Received by Williams It is impossible for us to read all the novels which are Issued in tl Is whether of foreign or do mestic Indeed the writing of novels has become a like that of forging Iron or spinning Wo are overwhelmed with novels Abraham Lin colns observation and experience of life occasionally reminded Mm of a little In England and the United a similar observation and experience of life reminds tho romance writers of a big They arc compelled to utilize thoir There is an enormous amount of pad cling in our best fictitious narratives and if we ever have ft Professorship of fiction in any of our American wn trust that Boccaccio and Vol taire will bo selected as of tho first authority in tho matter of though certainly not in mor Anthony had ho attempted to embody the essential sentiment of Boccaccios would probably have missed it altogether in the attempt to expand It into three volumes and even Thackeray might have learned much from n study of Voltaires Candla and Princess of In Voltairo as in the primitive motive Is satirical both nnrrato Incidents and represent characters from a common impulse to satirize what they observe but Voltaire writes with tho compactness of a genius who flashes his Btory through the telegraphic while living in tho age of telegraphic communi is no longwinded as he is We suppose tho reason for tho difference that Voltairo made his fortune by Blirowd business and was Indifferent to money in the matter of literary work and that Thackeray depended on literature for a and could not afford to indulge in the luxury of But this is a long Introduction to a very Blmplo Our object In starting was merely to Bay that James Ogood have published a novel colled by James on American On rapidly glancing through its twentytwo chapters wo admit our incapacity to convey an idea to our readers of its plot but that It contaliiH many signs that the author has BOIHO knowledge of the fashiona ble life of New York and and is capable of representing It with brilliancy and cannot bo Olioisy may have many but It Is nnuiistakeably ity and yet the whole representation is Inexpressibly Tho ninth volume of Lipplneolls con taining tho numbers from January to has been received by Leo It mokes o handsome illustrated oclovo of over 700 with o largo number of perhaps of Whimpers series of six Scrambles among tho being tho As wo have noticed eaoh number of the as it there Is no need of enumerating the many articles of value and interest which tho book Tho typographical elegance of this periodical appears all tlio more as wo look ovor Hie halfyearly LippincottV is edited by one of tho most accomplished historical anil general scholars in tho tho author of Charles the His critical knowledge of French literature is Bhown in many a literary notice in tho numbers of tho present boautUu ail the admirable organization which have gone to tho making of this festival had been unrecognized by the Whatever we may say of the there can lie no question that the Jubilee has been from one point of view the most successful affair of the kind ever It hns been a marvel of good Fifteen thou sand chorus fingers have dally passed in and out at one end of the building from five to twentyfive thousand spectators have dally passed In and out at the and there linn been no more confusion than if this mnltl tudehadbecnallttlechurch Thinkoftho elaborate preparations at the ticket the drill ing of the the good temper and presence of mind of the which all this Then think of supplying fifteen thousand singers and two thousand players with their Think of the prob lem of getting them promptly into their Think of the trouble which and their good colleagues must have had in satisfying the four thousand more or less genuine representatives of the newspaper profession who shared the hospitali ties of tho Press where tho extravagance of a cor respondents claims for attention were always in an In verse ratio to tho Importance of his The average number of seats assigned every day to journalists was over eleven and on one day as many as three thousand eight hundred tickets were issued to the Yet everything was done quietly and In The Coliseum was not very easily so they niado streets to reach It at the crossing of two steam BO they fenced in tho built five or six huge bridges across and graded the Tho more one thinks of tho festival the greater it seems to And there is probably no city in there Is none in the so great an enterprise could ho so decorously and hap pily carried except MUSICAL The collection of ancient instruments now on exhi bition at trie South Kensington Museum has some vpry curiouB In foreign curiosities there are Iho rude violin of the the quaint stringed instrument of Japan and and drums and horns from all parts the A neatly polished fkull in made into the buttend of a West African There ore o noso flute from sunny and a really handsome nose trumpet from New Zea a tiny flute made from the tibia of a monkey by tlio Jcbaroe tomtoms and reed instruments of the most primitive Hydor Alls characteris tic gift to his young son Tlppoo also finds a place It was as will be at the siege of and an KnglMi officer groaning under the claws if a The handle which works tho toy sticks out of the beasts Tho officer groans out of a brass which decidedly detracts from the beauty of his There arc other extraordinary such as halbinomls and what with strange oriental from sweettoned made of sandalwood and to the rude spotted with scarlet and black upon which the Hindoo juggler blows to tempt the cobra from his Apropos of the oldfashioned instrument still used in remote village also Tho outlandish collection includes the wardrum of the King of with two human jawbones sus pended from the and an instrument most accu rately described in the catalogue as very It was made from tao head of tho Duke of Schoin bergs killed at the battle of the Lippineott of have pub in o duodecimo and Other It Is a curious and interesting treating of tho politics and religion of tho clossof Germans who ore classed under tho name from which tho book takes Us Wo have been particularly edilieil by the chapter on Tlio IJunUor Lovefeast and that on Cousin The writer has evidently studied the population with for ho represents It with Tlio present Happy Thought Leo A tho Insight derived from Received by Boylston 2tjy3 MAN KNOW THYSELF JOURDAINS GALLERY OF 397 Washington opposite Hayward A thousand startling and thrilling models of tho human iu Health nnd Open from I to It Admission SO 11 tfapr30 CELOUS GRAND PICTURES OF OnwilribiUdurtiiilyat jylMWFtf OOSTON J BEACON Tho EX11I1IITJOX OF PAIKTIKGS and In connection with itthu MUSEUM OF FINE AKTS exhibits a collection of Ancient and Bronze Implements from ItaloGrook Painted Vnsos found In the tombs of Etruria and Miucua GTIO cia Majolica Orfintivl Curved Kurnl and Japanese and Chinese Porce 0 A to i Admission IS tfJon S U M M E E WE A MARSH hivite attention to an unusually extensive assortment of Seasonable IN T1IKIR GARMENTS AND SHAWL AM DRESS GOODS jno of the most entertaining of the Under the guidance of his our poor little innocent 0 the gv hires a country house for the and has theatri cal performances The guests and performers arc all portrayed plctorlaily as well as by Tho farce played is given In and is laden with hits at the stylo of wit which now obtains at the London The other musical and are amusingly When the party breaks tho four friends of the who are bound by a tlo which unites them with him in a brotherhood of expense as well as of good hit on the happy thought of making him pay nil the debts Here is the Cnzell says to I tell you what you ought to do as You ought to draw one cheque for the whole and well pay you Thats tho most pimple way of doing Put to the vote and the plan with a minority of one The volume may bo called tho glorification of little In this hot when mental exertion to almost a it is pleasant to light 011 so amus ing a The Association of the Alumni of Harvard have issued a pamphlet of 120 entitled Tho Necrolo gy of Harvard It contains a large number of interesting biographical notices and cannot fail to be prized by the graduates of tho Uni The committee appointed to prepare tho Necrology wore Upliain and The work has boon done with taste and We quote the tribute to an self sacrificing and thor oughly good the manner of whose death sent o shock of grieved surprise through a wide circle of lov ing friends Gannett was a mnn of raro and high moral nnd His written stylo was simple and In prayer and extemporaneous discourse in which he hod few ho poured forth his turnout soul in a mulling stream of fervid No servant of tlio Lord ever worked in his Masters vineyard with a more devoted and selfflacrifleing Neither illhealth nor nor the de pressing influence of a desponding could abate his energy or chill his The work ho did was enough lo task the most robust health and the highest Ho had all the Christian and especially the peculiarly Christian virtue of hu In no man of our community were the char acteristics understood by the term apostolic more marked than in Perhaps in this testimony to Gannctts sullicleut emphasis Is not laid on tho peculiarity of of liis Fanatics are usually im pelled by enthusiasm Gannett always appeared to us a fanatic of After spending all his ener gies in Christian after doing all that God had given him strength to he was profoundly depressed by his KhorteomingB In his high His virtues of comnilHPlon eeemed to him us nothing when com pared with his sins of Though a strong hi had n good deal that spirit of solf abaKUKMit we nutur iu Kvangtlical Hi ac tivity in good works amazed those who knew and hia friends and parlsliiuncrii were always mure FIFTEENTH DAY OF THE Yesterdays concert presented no features ot marked There woro many and the waits between tho pieces were of a In terfered seriously with the enjoyment of the These delays have grown to ho a regular portion of the entertainment and have Increased day by dny until they have become absolutely trying to tho good nature of thoeio who attend tho Tho concert opened with tlio overture to William and was followed by the band of the Grenadier who played tlio overture to DerPrelaehutz nnd as an encore gave Godfreys charm ing The chorus Thanks bo to God was then after which tho German Band ap and accompanied Madamo in an aria from Martha with exquisite deli Tho jiloco was and Miulamo Limt ncr then sang Tlio StarSpangled cre ating a perfect furore by the fire and expression with which she rendered The band then played Flotows Jiibol and for tho cncoro gave a spirited quick march in their own Inimitable StrauBu followed with his KuiiBtler in response to tho a bril liant The my to began tho second after which tho Irish Band came forward and wore vociferously shouts and outbursts of phenomenal whistling playing a larger share in the welcome than tho conventional clapping of hands and stamping of They played a selection fnimJitlcB Benedicts opera upon the subject of The Colleen and entitled Tho Lily of Tlic piece wan Cor little except too much of the CruiHlikeeu Laun and general It wan exceedingly long and and its execution was not marked by any excellence that should call forth Hjicclnl They played with somewhat greaUjr than was apparent in their performances ol and some of the BOOB were given with tolerable but beyond this we tire not disposed to go at present in passing upon The band has Borne very good and will doubtless do stilt hotter when they feel moro at The selection wan nnd was followed by a quadrille com posed of Irish national Tins wan also warmly and was played with more Bpirit und character than inarkad the playing of the The Emperors Cuniet Hand then gave MohrlngB with charming sentiment and and were Cortus chorus from the oratorio of followed and was capitally the portions for the soprano voices being given with great clearness and A selection from Robert lo Diablo was then played by the French who were greeted as usual with marked and hearty entliu The performance was of course brilliant and and won the customary and unavoidable notwithstanding the lateness of the and in reply gave a piece whose moist prominent feature was a solo for abounding in of the trying It was uuigmtiieiitly DRAMATIC Repetitions arc tlic order of the day at tho varloua places of nil of which will give matinees At tlio Sweethearts and Wives and The Skeleton which attracted a large audience last will bo repeated both afternoon ami Warren appearing as Billy Lock aday in the and Stuart who has been warmly as Captain Crosstree in tho second performances will bo given every two commencing at The bill will consist of three popular the Huinpty Damply continues in HH course of suc and will doubtless remain on the bills for many weeks to An extra nmtlncc will be given here ftt two Yokes still attract at the BOSTON their capital little sketch The Wrong Man iu the Right Place having made a genuine It will bo given thlu afternoon and evening together with Betsey Tho per formance tomorrow night will be given after tho unless tlio weather is in which cape it will commence lit the usual Ada Borland will appear at the JAMES TIIEATUE this afternoon and evening in tho Sewing Machine three performances will be given usual capital variety entertain ment will bo presented at tho HOWARD tMs afternoon and CURRENT K to abati1 than to stimulate fur they raw he and with a fulness and smoothness of Marsh WASHINGTON AVON FOWLER Can be consulted an to your own and childrens pliro business Improvement at the Tremojit House EVKUY DAY and EVENING till July Mb His new worktfor ilj HOOD A IiiiviiiK it ut Campbell will lie paid to nucirr fur u Hot 3O SUIEUIOK WOVEN WSiilt 10 WARRANTED FOR BALE BY HOOD jyit Ptvoubliire always KtrcUhing hla powers of fnituramse to their utmost thathemuKtat sometimeutterlj break The colleague and BiiceeKsnr of in disposition Ids Jlmmiing carefully mused what health he luul nlmimlercil his was tranquil In the calm con templation of hin idiimj jiinnett was jlifiquieted by his Incapacity to do what he conceived to be bin dimming mind was particularly occupied by hiu trnml abstraction of the dignity of human nature JiinneUii heart was by the spectacle of Its concrete and ignoble and by the thought of his duly to give them u lift dimming was serene because he hud faith in ideas Gannett was despairing because lie could not do all he wished to nave and elevate He was In truth out of IJulyB noblest of ull fa He was to constituted that he could have no peace in retirement from active work uud he died In a true soldier of the The Protestant Episcopal Society for the Proiuo to my nothing ef the extraordinary of arti we have never heard equalled on A march by tho orchestra brought the concert to u It IB aimuhl impossible to Kay anything new about the performances at the The critical vo cabulary in and adjectives and adverbs arc not We have a small stock uf both on as yet but they of a deroga tory ami we have had few opportunities afforded us to use words of that CUWB in connection with the Jubilee The words cncoro and reception became mo notonous to pen before the Jubilee a week after having exhausted every synonym for them of which we hull knowledge agil resorted to euphem ism us a hist we long ago found ourselves forced to return to thorn in sheer We feel that we never write the words with uiimingleu Some of the New York papers have even grown weary of the nionouuiy of if Evangelical have published Tlio j the vituperative strain in which they have written Pastoral Ollicc its Privileges concerning tho and have to nnd Prospects by the Asbton Rector novel course of speaking tlio truth regarding ami df The volume uoutalmi eighteen giving it Mich credit ux It really Of short full not only of good mlvioe but of a i it will nut for a moment be that the lerviii desire to make the advice If the ministers cf the of England would practically follow they would mule their church dominant among the Oxenden pleases as well as His spirit is thoroughly He IK a is included in this eleventlihour It to the and Uue to its mlhieprweut to Hie feeling it lias ni character fur morality to and Inw of decency to Tlic Tribune pays the following very pretty cuinpll good but a A certain richness is meiit to the good ruuiuujeuieiit thut lias ehunvecer to the style by upt quotations of illustrative ized the affair druwn from Ihe most distinguished aud So tho Jubilee is to pny expenses after pious uf English Certainly no conscientious ure heartily would himbeen u whatever the doctrine tie If all the ail the public uiul Washington is to have a new oiera Nitric acid cures corns so does Austria will ulioot her murderers next year instead of hanging Train says ho can control Irish Tut him lie a candidate for a lunatic and he For every six months Alabama convicts work well and fuithf ully upon Alabama railroads their term of imprisonment iti reduced one When youre past ninety years of ago youll be on tho free liBt ot the Detroit ferry a thing worth living at Cayuga a single seine drawing resulted in a catch of twentyseven bush els of The United States Band at Fort will give afternoon concerts at tho fort during the Long Branch has a Central which isnt much of a and is not in thv slightest degree Chirles Williams has been nominated for Congress by tbe Republicans of the First District of Contrary to the anticipations anil desires of several aspiring Democrats in the First DistvietoC Alexander Mitchell announced that ho is u can didate for reelection to ThiiH the Democratic portion of the Greelcy I party in Kentucky has treated tho Liberal Repub lican portion with tho utmost not to say The New Orleans Picayune quotes from over a dozen Democratic papers In Texas to show that there is great opposition there to Greeley and and that a straight ticket is They have organized a Christian milk society in New and now everybody wants to know where in Christian milk differs from other Siiiiggles nays il refers to A gentleman and son meeting a figure wrapped iu u shcit Wednesday evening U Sag bong Isl en their way gave chase to liiul the ghost a female A Fcrt man who disappeared from his home twentyseven years returned a week j Iniving in the meantime wandered nearly over the habitable globe as a tramp New Vuik tocicty paitrti speak constantly of our West in the mime of common sense ami is the west end of a narrow inland that runs north mid south The sunny side of mining speculations is shown iu the in one of over half a million dol for the month of by six Sui Francisco builgglfi says that In his boyhood he used W sing with some spirit 1 want to be au but since he to play the very thought of going out mi a tly makes him A BaltiuidP manager has serious intentions of liringing out Hamkt with a practicable and Kau tifnl scene of a brook when in Ophelia thai drown hcisvlf in sight uf the In local taxes me levied on real property Idle pcijonal property is The 1 ieil UMitHii ot New York and MasxlchuscUs is abjiit much as tbe local luxation of all Great Brit A Kansas suys tlure is now no longer any doubt uf tbe existence of In Greenwood county in that Lumps been tuuml at dlltorent points on the largest ut which wis valued by jcwdier at The Mil Sentinel denies that either cxU v einor Kaiuhild or Ciiswfl Imcnds to U a tiindidutv against Hazieum for tlic lio puHicuu nominal lull fur hi the Svvond tllu ut1 The Sintiliil

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