Friday, June 13, 1919

Morning Herald

Location: Hagerstown, Maryland

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Morning Herald on Friday, June 13, 1919

Morning Herald (Newspaper) - June 13, 1919, Hagerstown, Maryland PAGE TEN THE MORNING JUNE 1919 HI MEETING OF KINGS D1MRS HELDJASl If Fine Program is Rendered Ad dress is Delivered by Major Preston Lane Thc Kings Daughters licld their 21th annual meeting last night in tho Presuytorian and was largely The con ducted the devotional while fhe church directed by conducted tho hymns and also generously gave two splendid The soloist of the evening was Miss Nellie Paglle whose rich dra matic soprano was as surprising as it was considering the louthfulness of the promising a feature of unusual Major William Preston Lanefl re cently returned from held all breathless as he took his audience his over ihe top and con vinced his as our boys had the that The Americans were not afraid to He said that the Austrinns were a poor as poorly fed and clothed and notas good as the emigrants we while tlie were good sol well fed and clothed and nicely The report of Miss Nellie public health was convincing proof that she can do fine work with her lien as well as in her capacity as The ForgetMeNot of the presented hy the in her own nnequaled never he The church was beautifully decorated for the The edictioii was pronounced by pastor of the First Christian Treasurers From June 191S to June as as follows Jnne to balance on hand anniversary Bakers return ed from and patriotic to tal Red homr for treasurers Railroad Trainmen Will Hold Memorial Sendees Joint mffliovlnl services will Im hclil by Ihe nrotlicilmod of liallroad Train iiinn and Ladies Auxiliary on Sun day Juno at llm First Baptisl corner Washington and High at 2 Members of organizations will meet at thc lodge room third floor of the Young Washing ton strocl at They will wear their trainmen ami auxiliary badges with the memorial side dis The procession will leave the hall at and march to the church in a Tho lineup will be as ollows rainmen GoToChurch Ladies Auxiliary and the Brotherhood and At the church members will be gov erned by the sound of the The program will he as follows Call to order by officers of tho who will be stationed at a stand covered with black draping singing of Trainmens Opening invocation Lead Kindly roll call of deceased members wltli suilahle response to each group of names When the Roll is Called Up ser Webb Aux iliary Closing All local trainmen and trainmen of other places are invited lo participate in the All relatives and friends of deceased members arc es pecially urged to The names of those making thc su preme sacrifice will be remembered in letters of gold placed at the pulpit in full view of all These are killed in and Zachariah Householder and who died in All members and friends are urged to be present lo pay their tribute to the memory of those who have gone before to the spirit ENIERTIINIRI and Forney Young Hosts at Pleasant Affair Last Night Slingluff Of Chestnut Ridge Has Fine Recipe For Making Last Mr and For Have you over IOCUSL pie it is some rare opportunity every seventeen Bphn SliugluiT of Chester Baltimore Conn noy Young entertained the members llns a line recipe for making Me of the Victory Loan Flying Squadron ns enjoyed his regular seven tecn at their country home on Marsh I ric on four different occasion The rendezvous was thc spacious lawn of this fine old the hour half past six and the due to and has seen at least live locust years As to the recipe for malting locus pie you simply write to their military training while on l is known fact that Iharoalis recent were on hand Pesl is trimmed of its wings and logs Many chickens were sacrificed to be Before being Once you get blended into a delicious salad which was served with hot rolls and Ncopolilan ice cream finished the re past which was served under the great An impromptu hall game served to amuse the party pond ing the arrival of tho tiddlers when the guests yielded o the bewitching chorus of an old fashioned country Just before the how ever Captain Visitor roulrt not resist making a speech In which he thanked the hosts for their kindness and cx 1 HES PRESIDENT OF TELEGRAPHERS UNION halled Ihe column and had tho band loin Our first slalion in thc lino was In l Alsace where tilings had been so quiet I that civilians lived within three htm the By mu tual consent Ihe up to then been a Innio affair lint the Americans Chafed under tho restraints and caused no end of dissatisfaction by conduct ing raids and hy so far forgetting them selves as to fire at the One day a German sharpshooter got a huddle of one of the doughboys and two went on a little trip into enemy about eleven oclock one No morning They trailed across Mans Land in broad daylight looking Konenkamp is president of the Com mercial Telegraphers Union of Ameri He declares that telegraph aml will be affected by the strike or ate der which is issued in protest of the attitude of Postmaster General Bur leson toward the union and the re for the Boclie sharpshooter but without success they found gas mask and helmet some apples which they but no enemy so they came back mnch This escapade was rumored about until it came to j umi Oj wage the division commander who gave j the brigade chief a sharp rebuke for not having reported the strength of Ihe enemy at that I The first real fighting of our unit was in the McitsoArgonne offensive on October Slh wo jumped cross ing the Meuse River north of Ou the first day we advanced seven kilometers and found only Alistrians in front of these were very poor fighters and melted away 1SOO of Ihenl were captured the first The we found that the Germans had brought up their own troops which proved lo bo worthy adversaries tliey were well fed and and abundantly supplied with In accounling for Ihe German failure it OF Decide to Hold Reception and Smoker in Honor of Returned Soldiers on July 31st Western Maryland Lodge Knights of held their semi inniial election of officers last night with tile following result Chancellor Gooil Kopn Fornsler master of Paul llussell master at Foiglby inside Grove outside Binkley ami The rank of page was conferred on a class of A luncheon was served to the members by knight C of In gave a very interesting It was decided to hold a receptioi and smoker in the honor of returnei soldiers and sailors on July An invitation was received fron Mountain td bring a candidates to Ttha lodge for conferring the rank o A class will be taken to Smithsburg the latter part of The rank of page was couTerret upon a class of includes upon whom was pas lor of the First nuptial must he sentinibn that there is no i his He fought well so long as his machine was su perior hut when ho found thai the re sources of America were really going to he It is inlorcsl intr to note Ihe opinion tho Germans taste of locust you want some and as Ihey are only with us i short time it tie well to can them for future The Cicada otherwise known as arc now to be had iii count less Chickens and birds are making a feast of tho visitors and are eating them with English j no mililary justification for their of HIG Americans in telligence records in the German pa Hie Americans were styled as there was coal and local Red tele dry books and railway contri bution to industrial penny nurses balance on hand Jnne i The following is a list of thc mem bers who have departed this life dur ing the past year Kings John the oldest and Dr Kings Samuel UI Miss Rebecca Miss Helen Albert Alice Fis Ida Miss Edna Rcichavd anil Margaret Bam sparrows especially think a locust is a delicious tidhit of the locusts are Their shrill song and longdrawnout cry of Phar himself to attend the Boyjoah resounds in every forest and blending intone high note like and General l the distinct sound of escaping while the nndorlono of the final syl lable can be distinguished sounding as The evening was a great success i if a few of the hugs wore saying and the Flying Siiuadron appreciates I Already many of the o tho fullest thc kindness of and j hugs have passed their row days of ex entertaining them so istance in thc winged state and their outer caseueuts are scattered over the and ground by There is a ninrk Walter Jed difference in the number of them Mark Scouts Chairman Cushwa Manager Bester proved their versa tility by starring in each H seemed if the Says It Is German Propaganda Young ill Those present were Walter in In some blaces there arc but while but a short Smith and distance away they have appeared in Henry j swarms and are annoying Miss Julia well food was the rooties or the Irenches an atlack was forthcoming regardless of taclical 1prhaps Ibis trait of our boys did more to upset the stolid German system than any other As to the German treachery the only instance which came under my notice was the case of a corporal from M Company who had Hanked a machine gun nest and had placed his men in such position as lo pick olT the operator of Ihe When Ihe Germans discovered Iho entire an officer and nine delivered a very interesting and able lecture at the Christs Reformed Church last evening on Bolshevism to an attcntative and appreciative au Reed was appointed to deliver this address by the Enforce Peace of which exPresident is the In Ilccd said German during the war was very extensively promulgat The Monroe Doctrine is not a destroyed document but rather rein Gonnan propaganda is being spread under a new The attendance was good considering the numerous meetings in Ihe city but Rood seemed rather disappointed on the small number of men It is tho men of the city to whom such lectures should bedolivcred be cause Ibcy arc the ones who must and will have to take thc most pre cauiions against this fast spreading Thomas Clark sang Democracy and words and music hy Carrie Miss ICva Kchulen berKor presided at the Miss Isabel destructive to the crops and Miss SJella Captain Fisher and EXTENSIVE TRIP In a few weeks Ihe locusls will bo bill traces nf their presence will remain nil summer in niany which to some mar i the beauty of the The locusts teen buns immediately ifressed THE PROOF THE PUDDING desire to surrender but the corj jn tost n poral wnul forward to take them he i thc Kitnli wSs out by the machine WJii Mono of the German crew and the scalp of brought back us llocho expected no They wnr llicit gu Iho i wns Tho survived ln ll Good wholesome homo cooking and I plenty of Our pies arc lire best nuartor and Pliny were chained lo Thomas ns by their own hands so Welles and deposit their eggs in sort of BIG CROWD EXPECTED Indications point to an exceptional ly large crowd at the mooting of the Washington County Agricultural As relation at Hancock on June Tho program will Ijcgin promptly at two Thc various community clubs of he counly have signified their inten tions of being represented by delega tions ranging from 15 to The general public is cordially to We have found Ihat good candy makes every one We make the Good lo Eat Special for Acco Mixture I Peanut Combination See our Window and Urink at OUK 43 Potomac 013 THE ALLIED CANDY PINK on babys feet are objects of special interest to the other members of the family as well as to the little one most concerned in their We spec ialize on Swan Soft Bole Kid Shoes for little in a variety of Styles and In fabrics at pretty enough for tliu prettiest 36 North Potomac Glasses lor Wrong Syes j WVrldv Vlll M ail S for I though a sewing Afterward will the eggs will hatch and the little wrig Xegloy will j which makes the twigs of trees look as Inave this morning in their cai from there they a train for then to the glers will fall to thc ground and bur Grand Canyon and then to San j row down so far it will take 17years After spending some tims for them to get there they will also tour j California and lower Welles and grandson expect to arrive home aoinJlinlo in Pleasant eably surprised WILL Adeline isighswandors will was She loaves her enlire es lale to the General Mission Board of the Church of tho Brethren to be used for world wide Barn hart is as HARVEST HELP Anyone who lo go mil har vesting in Iho county can secure a by applying lo County Agent Smiths Court House He has on lile Ihe applications of a number of farmers who need hands to galher their It is especially lesircd lo have abdication made early ai harvest is anticipated the week of June Crnin was ag at home Wednowlav night when a of guests inviled hy his wife walked in lo oolcbralo his They presented him with a beautiful shirt The inviled gnreils were and Moser and and Harry and Hanks and laughter anil Dot rich j and daugher and Hanks ami daughter and i Shaffer and laugher and Slagle and daughters Uvelyn ami Paulin dese Ihiy would not rt under special bo tempted i as as We are glad I nnliced that preparations are be to be back and our one regret Is for ing made for a Welcome iiose wftom we could not bring back hraUnu and Ih sure the boys will HPj with The boys do not mourn in predate although they feel Ihat L sentimental fashion but it is a deep they have only done the job Ihey setsincere fooling bom amid the thiin oiit to do anil do expect ders of The feeling that and Their spirit makes men call each other buddies mailer how tired or how when and grown men to go hand in hand ihe order came lo go over the the dangerous places bound Ihey saiJ Come on leis in anjby ties of deep affection forged in earnest desire to rid of a nasty job r he fires of Hi ind Mrs Waller mil Miss is visiling her of Wood Lynn New lliwoy Jfi Dairy LO per per ltidil Kiala rcmliiiK jiiHl Itio IOWM KOI all grass llny tan juicy grass puiilfUNH ttic proper clrincnls for Hie How ut anil Ijiiltir ro liilftlcs arc Mimcwliiil jiiil a llltlc fXtra feiil is meos In maiiilain a halancci ia Tills will fiicrinxc lo n very marltcd Ijotti tinunant lly quality of ilajry Ioullry Oa IK per Airilfa Iliirm not IS pur per Iurlmi IiK III Klvnl Hog 12 12 per ccnl per KwiftS lid IMT cilll TlllllCilBI for pii inn HORST Rhone 1661 YOUR LIBERTY Your Memento of the War Your Pledge of Your Service Stripe Stick To It IF YOU MUST SELL Get the full market Do not sell to just who may uol treat you but let us handle them for THE COMMERCIAL TRUST OF1 HAGERSTOWN 4 Per Cent Paid on Savings Accounts CONTEST FARMERS Any Farmer in Washington County Can Enter the Contest The state wheat contest last year by the Maryland Food Ad ministration has been turned over Maryland State College for adininis It is still possible for loca 1arniors to enroll but nil entries nnis je in prior to Juno Two cutitests arc One fo the largest yield per acre on fields o at least 25 The first prize it tliia class is 500 am tlrird Tho second conies t includes fieh between 20 and 25 acres and the prixi arc as follows 500 second The entries so far are Elvin Siriiilisburg John Fail play William Hi 3 Charles JJ Route State Food Ad iniiiistralor of the prxoH and furnishes the rewards Any fnnncr of Washington count who desires to enter this contest do so by applying o county agent STATE IN shares of Com mercial Trust Neat for Cutic Dolly stand at Woodly Good wafles the ripht Apply Tuesday pfter 8 Hotel 62 12 Antietam IMM I MilMlt NiitlN Thru Ivl your fritmi to Belsinger HimMlf National Hank Itoom MO wecldy visitti KatiinlayB K to Contlnueij From Page 1 white infants in Maryland wuro hero lining practically no negro cliild In What tho circumstances were that contributed to this greater pre valence of these diseases In Maryland Jian the reports to tho Sonsus Bureau do not pretend to It has been found to bo a that as a genera Hie death rate from thcso diseases is low in communities where tho child ren are breastfed and high wliero mostof the infants are raised on tho Another significant sidelight show ed from the reports of individual in vestigators is the fact that while the mortality among children of Italian parents is extremelylow during the first six when most of them are the curvq shoots tragi cally upward from the six months ago to a during which period It is customary for the parents of these children to begin feeding them on food difficult to Starting as the Maryland and Bal timore figures wore an tho report they are shade bet ter than they were in when the mortality rate for the white and colored combined was 121 out of every and for the city That was the first year of birthregistration in Not only does the report show that the State had the highest mortali ty among but also places Maryland in the group where the ex cess of births over deaths the Whereas the average ot this cxccsi for all the States was per that for Maryland was only excess of whito births over white deaths being per while that of colored births over colored deaths was only per excess percentage of white births over colored births in Balti more was with regard to colored infants thc births fell 20 per the While tb detatlcd figures for indi vidual states are not available In this the shows that tho death rale for male infants in for alt the states included was nearly 25 per greater than that for girl When the comparison is made on the basis of the a minimum death rate of per thous and born is shown for infants mothers born in Denmark and and a maximum of for those of Polish It is shown for the registration area referred to that there were during pairs of twins and 155 sets of Of the total num ber of births 042 proved to bo tho first children of their mothers wore second children third fourth and In the remaining the total number of children the mother had homo was six or more in cases it was 10 or more ir or more in 20 or morn in one that of a negro the child provedto be the twenty fifth DIVORCE GRANTED Judge Inffeubergcr granted an absolute divorce to Jacob uur from his Minnie May Kersh BRIDAL GIFfS Silver scuiiii be Hie bust means of cx liiTKHins your for happy It hi3 Intrinsic artistic worth and lasting quality ft The anything you wiali to upward of u dollar or can lie found in our DENNISTON Jeweler 9 West Washington Street