Friday, September 6, 1907


Location: Hagerstown, Maryland

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Text Content of Page 1 of Mail on Friday, September 6, 1907

Mail (Newspaper) - September 6, 1907, Hagerstown, Maryland THE NOTICE TO r Tax Collector is now read tb receive taxes for at office No i Court 4 Per fceiit Off for June 3 Cent Off for July All taxes for 1906 unpaid will be collected according to Collector Must be Sold at 4ome see as the ony HandMade List Maryland Leather Spddiery A 50 FRANKLIN TKe School Season is tie time ycu must have substantial goods for ihe little New GinRhams for jfjibricf the quality ib at have cur prices for fall v ill burprue as they are very 8 H O E S School Shoes of no ihOcldyTsolid counters and inner shoes that shoes of the kind that you can depend We do not want your money un less we give you value received TMft WMITt ON TMi SOU are the very sold it HOSES SCHOOL SHOES SCHOOL SHOES i Of the proper of the best wcar nig That fit the feet that If ok iifcfUJvhd That arc atv Tor of Accord ill g tO t ee our AskrAisfati Stockings Jtlnd tl at IRS ROSB 4 DAOGHTKK Disc Harrows The Superior Disc Har row is ahead of all others because Disc has a Disc to make it go in the Alfio two carloads of Superior Come and see them at TI FAI tA OT Sc jocr enters to the REPORT OF THE CONDITION OF THK FIRST NATIONAL At in the State of Maryland at the clos of August TJj7 Lotus And secured and unsecured 4 bonds to secure Deposits C Premium on 0 3 Banking furniture fixtures W Due from National not res erve agents 12564 ot Due from State Banks and Bankers 2 Due from approved reserve Notes of other National 0 Fractionalpaper nickels and Lawful Money Beserved in viz 50 Lcffaltonder 00 S Redemption fund with Treas urer 5 per of OC 3 Capital atoclc paid Surplus OC Undivided profits less expenses and taxes 0 National Bank notes u Due to other National 21G7 Due to State Banks and Dividends 3 Individual deposits subject 43 Demand certificates of 18 6 3 STATE 03 COUNTS OF Castiier of the above named do solemnly swoac that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and JOHN Subscribed and sworn to before me this 27th day ec JOHN Notary STEP FEY C 827 RKPOBT OF OF THR HACCRSTOWN BANK At at the close of business August ixana 60 01 Maryland and Other Banking and fli Other Beal 24 5ue from National 2S ue from State Trom Private Banks and Bank Ki and other caab 74 ractiojial Paper nlck and 474 12 Tender X 00 70 Capital M Undivided Less 51 ue to National 2i Jlvldends SJ8 75 ndlvidual depcmlts subject tochk lerttfled 21401 70 STATT5 0V c COUNTY b b I John of the alxive mcd do solemnly swcnr that the boAre statement true to the best of my knowledge and JOHN Subpcribed and sworn to before mo this th day of AUK Notary Public Correct C Condition of Amlthm burg of Washington In the State ot at e cl ose ot Loans and 78B3I 17 secured and 2ti 22 MI ankingliouse furniture ami llxtxircs 18 thcr real estate aud tiiorttrtijrcs tie from National hecks and other cash Yactlonal paper nicKcls and fOKKY IN viz egal tender 00 SI 176 apltal stock paid jaxoon oo urplus rund 55K 00 ndlvldca less taxes 23 nrllvidual deposits subjiici to ertlned 13 75 abilities other than those 20 22 81 tatc or County ot Cashier ot the above named do solemnly swear that the above stuic mcnt is true to the beat of my knowledge and BRENJTKR SuoBcrtbed and sworn to before me tills 28 ch ay ot BAHKDOLL ROAD la hereby given that at expiration of thirty ays from this 5th day of August the tintJersigned citizens and axpayers of Washington Mary will make application to said and State for the purpose of iieopening of a pxiblic road In ounty Commissioners of Said ounty running from a point in the road oading from Smithsburg to ear to and east of the residence of larry as follows Beginning at said point in the middle the aforesaid public road from mithsburg to Wolfsville near to ana ast of the residence of said Harry and running thence in an easterly irection through the lands of Uaniel tephey to the line between the lands of Villiam Wolf ami Max tnonce hrough lands of the said William Volf and Max Bell in an easterly ui ection to the line between the lands of he said Max Bell and Charles thence through the lands of the id Max Bell and the said Chnrieii Wolf in an easterly direction to the nc between the lands of tho said Max Bell and Columbus Tracy thence hrougrh the lands of the said Max ell and the said Columbus Tracy in an asterly direction to the entrance of the Id private road through the lands of ic said Max thence over and irough the said old road to he lands of George thence ontinuingr on in a northeasterly direct on through the lands of the said George Oswald to the line between the satu Oswald and Samuel icnce continuing on through the lands f the said George Oswald ami Sam el in a northeasterly direction o the line between the lands of Sara el Horst and amilton hrough the lands of the said lorst and Hamilton Wolf in a north astcrly direction to the line between he lands of Samuel Winters and thence through the lands of the aid Samuel Winters and Stot er in a northeasterly direction to lae ne between the lands of the said totler and Peter thence hrougrh the lands of the sajd totler and the said Peter Pryor to he line between Flair and ohn thence through the inds ot the said EXFlair and the aid John to the Old PETER C CHARLES MATTHEW and NOTICE of Appointment of In accordance with the provisions of Section 11 of Article 33 of the Code of Public General Laws of being1 the Code of the Board of Supervisors of Election of Washington County here by give notice that in conformity with the provisions of S and 9 of Article 33 of said Code of Public General Laws of the following persons have been selected and appointed by the said Board at its meeting held on the 20th day of August Judges of the said of Election so appointed are to be Officers cf Registra tion and to serve for the ensuing year and Frank of the first pre cinct of District The said Gruber and Frank Roess ner being so selected and appointed in place of Edward Orrick and Chester heretofore apopinted and ex JKO NORMAN Board of Supervisors of Election of Washington NOTICE TO ESTATE OF MARTIN Notice 3s hereby that the sub scriber have obtained from the Orphans Court of Washington letters Tes tamentary on the estate of MARTIN late or said All pei soris having claims against said deceas ed are hereby warned to exhibit the with the vouchers legally to the subscriber m or before the 18th DAY OF next thoy may bylaw be excluded from all benefit of said All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate Given under my hand this 18th day o MARGARET 717 PUBLIC hereby give no lce that on the 12th day of Septem at 1 oclock in ront of my 30 West An letam I will sell at public sale to tlie highest bid der for the following articles One ladies heavy lot of wearing including two dress skirts and one pair and other The above articles are to be sold on account of the fail ire of tfle ownier thereof to pay an ac count for board and lodging furnished othe said owner b3r the S2S MARY JANE EXAMINERS under been appointed examin ers by the County Commissioners of Washington to examine into and in quire whether the public convenience re quiresthe opening of the following roau Beginning at a planted stone standing at the end of feet on a line drawn S VS degrees from a large post on the north side of the foot bridge on the west side of the Antietam Creek and on the east margin of the public road leading from the Williomsport and Boonsboro road to the public road leading from Roxbury to the Williamsport and Boons boro road and running thence crossing Antietam Creek and the lands of 7S12 16t feet to a stake S12 85 feet to Charles Bakers then throughsaid land N Sl2 E 195 1eet to the south margin ot the aforesaid public leading from the and Boonsboro road to the Roxbury and Williamsport and then along the south margin of said road 3S12 ir feet then along the road Sl4 20S feet to Nihisers then through paid land S 14 34 feet to a marker cedar then crossing the creek and pull through Milisers land 7S12 feet to a stake N 26 10 feet to the of Hereby give notice that meet at the place o beginning on at 10 and proceed to execute said MOSES JOHN Election stockholder of the Boonsboro and Snarpsburg turnpike road company will meet in Snavelys room in Md on Monday the 23rd day of September from one oclock to three oclock for the purpose of electing a a treasurer and eight direct ors to serve as officers of this com pany for the ensuing By order of the MOSES Sec Proposals for Renting the Saloon on the Fair will receive proposals imtilFri for renting the on the Fair The saloon has been moved to the new addition to the Grand It has two one hundred feet with an entrance on the track for thev accommodation of the occu pants of the Grand It has also a storage and such other con veniences necessary to make it a first class and convenientlyarranged sa Thc purchaser can also operate the old adjoining the Dining The right is reserved to reject any or all Endorse on FINLEY Superintendent of concessions for Hagerstown 45 Franklin SUPERIOR DRILLS We have them the best in the All with Hoe or Easiest lightest Two carloads Also the Super or Disc Harrows with at SAMUEL Have You Children Do you realize it means for a family to grow iny knowledge of Music Without keepingin touch with the progress in Music There is one inexpensive way to treat your family to the best music in the the pur Foreign The rioting and destruction of pro perty by strikers in Antwerp contin and one policeman was killed by ttB promiscuous A total of 348 persons were killed and buildings were flooded by the recent inundation in City and The Baltimore county fair at Timon ium was opened Tlse Board of Estimates intends to tax chewinggum Baltimore Eagles left on the steam er Atlanta for Ten persons were drowned within the city limits in according to the police Judge Austin Demo cratic nominee for attended the picnic of the Cannstater Volks fest Verein in End Virginiaand Fred Piclcetts was saot in the back and killed by Thomas Hannon at Seth wass injured in a carriage accident at Dissatisfied dairymen met at Belair and declared their business is being conducted Th4e question of the immunity of the Alton in the rebating post poned three weeks at the request of ihe District Attorney in Burton announced that he is willing to run for Mayor of Jleveland against Tom Texas The American Pharmaceutical Asso iation selected aa the meeting place next Ferdinand an ad mits that his wife has agreed to re turn to and a divorce taere n order that he may marry his affln The Temple Iron filed its answer to the suit ot the Government against the anthracite coal roads and mining When Judge Whitman convened court in New York to resume the trial of Laura the alleged confeder ate of Chester Runyan in the Windsor Trust Company he found that Harry the wo mans next friend and an important witness for the had for feited his bail bond and Now the police are looking for him harder than ever in the belief that he can fell more about the still missing in bank notes tnan either Runyan or the Runyan himself gave testimony to this He resumed the stand at the dapper as he has al ways and testified at once that before he had given any of the stolen money or jewels to the woman he had read to hsr an account of his crime from a local His evidence tended to show that all thetime sne was hiding him the Carter woman knew he was the Windsor On the other a director of the mulcted told a story directly in favor of the pris HIS OWN HE wont rust a They arc all So spoke Lewis of o tnc amusement of the audience in he court As a result Shafer managed his own ase against his John Shafer and lost the verdict being Th3 case was one in for jreach of contract innot executing a leed for valuable mineral land when ordered to do M THE mm Enoch 78 for half a century a resident of Vvebster is perhaps the happiest man alive From poverty in the vorst form he has come to great veal and all through the trade of a mule thirtyone years Mpr thirtyone years ago lived a ittle hut near Webster His only possession was a small mule and he kept it for years and cars until it became worthless with A few years later Morgan entered n to u trade accepting 750 acres of very mountainous and he The land was practically and Morgan scarce y raise enough on it to pay the n the thirtyone years the land be but its owner being of the Rip VanWinkle continued to Last week a timber pros ccting through that section in search met up with old The concern offered him in cash tor 750 Morgan jurap at the not knowing whether he concern meant or was kidding The deal was closed xnd Morgan now has in cold cash in the Webster Springs bank to his all through the sale of his ittlc grey PLEA FOR Sept Iditor Mail are a number of residents Judge Austin Demo cratic nominee for was given a cordial reception by several thousand men and women at the pic nic cf the Carnstater Volksfest Accompanied by City Councilman Henry Judge Crothers walked about the meeting the voters and their wives and sweet who was a member of the committee of arrange and who is one of the most prominent Germans of tae in troduced Judge Crothers as the next Governor of Maryland and on all sides the introduction was greeted with Nearly everyone With whom he shook handg assured him of support on erection a stand at a large monu ment of vegetables and re presenting the harvest thfc Judge addressed the re training from discussing as has been his He expressed his thanks for the invitation the celebration and tianked the voters for their oL and Wienfeld and the of the committee for their At the conclusion cf the remarks he depart One ot the features of the picnic was a harvest stood about 20 feet It was artistical ly made of vegetables and nuts and was illuminated with electric It was made by Charles SLAYER OF SISTER A Lavetlc Dies as a Result of Hit Doubly Tragic August La who shot and killed hsi sister at Girardsvllle and then fired a bul let into his own died at the State He did not regain consciousness af and the exact willprobably never be chase of an Edison Phonograph and EDISON GOLD MOULDED The Edison Phonograph is the most perfect method of reproducingall music whether instrumental or The Edison Gold Moulded Rec ords are the most distinct and carefully made Records in the Call and let us demonstrate one for you it will cost you noth You can easily afford to hive oie we will explain how easy you can pay for Dont do without Reliable Furniture Company 17 West Franklin f this town who to register a rotest against the wholesale slaugh of blackbirds in Rivervlew Ceme tery that has been on for sev eral days Aside from the wan ton killing of the birds the continuous firing of guns is an annoyance and regarded by persons who have to visit tne as From a humane point of view tae slaughter cf the should be whether or not the law recog nizos It is a fact that blackbirds are insectivorous and should be pro The birds may be a but the shooting is about as great a nuisance and the danger wen We hope the slaughter will be stop THE TANKS The gigantic steel tanks that were placed by the Kale Transfer into the basement of the Brewery under the bottling house are safely set in their cement It was a tre mendous job getting them They are a part cf the new electric bot tling department which will greatly increase the capacity of the plant trouble Is ud not InltwU true We think of and Indigestion real ther onlr OtfUln ijwciflft Nerre r v It tlUa toct that ftpst correctly led Shooft 1n the creation of that now very popular Stomach Shoops direct to tho stomach alone brought that sncceM and favor to Shoop and out that original and hfghlr vital DO lasting accomplishments wen everto be For stomach bad btenth and tallow try Shoopi or for volt what it can and will Mil and fully recommend Shoopfs Restorative WAREHAMS CITY AND CENTRAL DRUG Comments Are Appreciated regarding any unsatis factory feature of your or Such receive prompt and effective Tho ft Telephone NOTICE Of the Appointment of Judges of Election who Shall Also be Officers of Registration toServe for the Ensuing Iix accordance with tae proriiioni of Section 11 of Article 33 of the oJ Public General Laws of being the code of the of Supervisors of Election of Washington county hereby give notice that in con with the of Sect 8 and of said Article 33 of said Code of Public General Laws of Maryland the following persons haw been and appointed by the said Board at its meeting held on tna 25th day of June of Election to sem for the ensuing year for the Election District or Vot ing Precinct in such District of Wash ington County placed respectively be fore their names as tae same shall be low Said of Election so appoint ed to DB officers of Registration in the respective Districts or Voting Precincts for which they have been appointed and representing the politi cal party set after each and each having his residence as set op posite his nanm District Dillon Sharpsburg Wml High For District First William Wil liamsport Michael Repub WilliamBport For District Second port Isaac For District First Ha gerstown Republi For District Second Frank Ha gerstown Wylie Repub For District Sclb Glearspring David For District Hancock Frank For District R BoonBboro For District Smithsburg For District Pot Rohrersvilte For District Har Edward For District Redh Funkstown For District Weverton Sam uel For District Fairplay For District Stout Cearfoas Edward For District Rlnggold Silaa For District Big Pool George Big For District Beaver Creek 3eaver For District First Ha gerstown Repub Walter Ha gerstown Repub For District CbJawsville For District Keedysville Jacob For District Wolf Do i Joshua For District First Edward gerstown Chester For District Second Tohn own John For District First Ezra own Joseph For District Second Pre gerstown Harry For District Wilson John For District John For District Firit PrectttCt town Roy For District Second John Hagerstown George NORMAX J1U Board of Election Of Washington Test Funeral Director Having taken a course in burs College of I aa prepared to the public as aker and Chargm KELLER

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