Friday, January 2, 1835

Hagers Town Mail

Location: Hagers-Town, Maryland

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Text Content of Page 1 of Hagers Town Mail on Friday, January 2, 1835

Mail, The (Newspaper) - January 2, 1835, Hagers-Town, Maryland A CARD. subscriber having commenced the Practice of Medicine, will dispose of i ptetent In Shepherds-town, Jtffct ton county, His present assortment ii full and eoni- }lcte, having just icceivcd and opened a Vech supply of in his line. His it the, only regular one of ;lie kind in the place, containing a popula- ion of near 1200; it will be disposed of at :okt Those disposed to purchase, will jleaie apply speedily, he is determined :otcll. FA. McKElLL. Shepherds-town, Va. Nov. HAGERS-TOWN Plough To my fnendtand the Public generally. rjnHE subscriber begs leave to inform 1 them that he has commenced business stand) himself, where he is prepared to do all kind of work n his line upon terms which be ieels as- sured be pleasing to his customers; And he likewise takes the opportunity ol expressing his thanks for the liberal top- port extended to him heretofore, and pledges himself for the .future to leave nothing undone on his part to give gener- al and entire satisfaction. lib stock consists of grmd and well sea- soned Timber; ready made Ploughs, all uzes and every Harrows and for one, two or three horses; Corn Shelters of a superior kind; ready made Wagons, narrow and broad tread; Carts, 8cc. work of every description, and Horse Shoeing; Mill Irons made and repaired in the best man- ner, In fact he pledges himself to do everf thing in his line of business, Hccording to order, with promptitude, and of the best material and workmanship, far which he will receive in piymtnt kinds of country produce, and any kind of timber belonging to his line, viz: saw logs, plough beams, walnut plank ot lots, ash and oak scantling, at cash pries. JAMES DAVIS. Two Gun Stock Saw- yers, to whom constant employment and liberal wages will be given. J- D. August tf _ VOL. HI. NO. Scries. HACtBBS-TOWN, (MD) JANUARY WHOLE NO. 310. POETICAL. MOM THE COUIIlltt. LIFERS LIKENESS. Life It ii Ilia chootiDf! of ftir, Tliil gli-amf kloiig the lir, And alnotl ere to uaugbt: And >ucb lie aud for a Aud ii forgot. Life It if the Teruril of the riw, That bloomi Uit till Ibe hlruk wind bbwt. Then entombed, in dullt faJe and rut; Aud iiich He eurtt in bravery for a Aud forgot. Life It if the dew-drop of ihe morn, Thai quivering upon Ihe ihorn, 'Till quailed by tuubeauif, 'tis uu loujer attgbt; And j-ich U He for a spun. And meltf forgot. Notice to Creditors. THE subscriber, having been appoint Trustee for the creditors of James Shoaff, hereby give to hi! persons having claims against the said Shoaff, previously to his application for the benefit of the Id- solvent laws of Maryland, to present the tame to hie, firofier.'y authenticated, oner before Monday the Sth day of January next, as; I shall then proceed to make a distribution of funds in hand. D. WE1SEL, Trutlte. December Making. THE subscriber respectfully acquaints the public, that he has opened a SHOP it: South Ft tomuc street, a few doors from the Lutheran Church, and nearly opposite Mr. Davis' Wagon and Plough Fac- he is prepared to execute work in style equal to any thing manu- factured h the place, and upon as accom- modating terms. He intends to employ none but the best workmen, and to use tioite but the best materials. He hopes from his experience in the business, and his assiduous endeavors to please, to merit and receive .liberal share of the public's Life A whose full doth make, On the smoolh furfacr of the lakf. Which Kprcad till one aud all foriake A iid ntch 'MiiUl hr rrreli for a Aud forgot. Life It a bubble on the mtin, Ruis'd by a Kttlt glolt of rain, air destroys the fabric it wrought: And such it into bring {nr Aud broke, forgot. Life A fhadnw oa the, fide. Or rock that dotti in ether ride. Driven by the northern gale, with ietupeiti fraught: _ And'nich in He hunts on grcMiini for a fpan, Aud forgot. Life what? It the found of cannon nrar, Which strilii-s upon the ftartted ear, And crises ere ive can dislinguinb aught. And fuch is He and far a span. And is forgot. Life It the fijourtiTient, Who. ere the mlw rent, 'lift to distant bourne, by iustinct taught: And is man- lie his dwelling for span, And fliti forgot. And is Oh ys! and had I lime IM tell A hiiiirfrcd ihapva more transient rtill: ut while I whet his kUughtcronf knife: And mtii- rrck'niuK o'er life's Death etuis the strife. his misery and uuKtppinru from that mo nient of his unfortunate finds, that not been munificent in his blcsshg, but neglect had strengthen, ed natural propensities, like a fair garden which is allowed to be overrun with weeds. If he ii blest with health, he cannot joy it, from the of her temper; if he has to labor with care and anxiety, his home is always hateful to him; .if he advises he is treated with neglect; if he admonishes he is threatened with dis- pleasure; if he raises in anger, he assailed with tenfold servants refuse to remain with friends will not sacrifice their comfort to her splenetic humors; she is unhappy her- self, and makes every one around her, while the husband, driven to other sources nf er.jnyment too frequently plun- ges dissipation and ruin, because he cannot find that retreat which ar- dent far.ry has painted. A bad temper, therefore, in women, poisons all hanpiaess and turns hrr milk to gall; her youth, aiv' brini-s on premature, fretful old age, palls all her enjoyment, banishes her friends, and renders her home com- fortless and barren. Far different is the ripe, rich harvest of a home made bright and happy by the sweet temper and mild deportment of an atninblfe who, if afflictions cross her husband abroad, finds and consolation in his domicile; is patronage Hagers-town, Aug. JOHN MARK. To the Voters of Washington County, I feel grateful for the flattering 1 received on Monday last, as a candidate for the SHERIFF ALT Y, and offer my Kratetul thanks to my friends for their Minport, t hope I have many and sincere friends amongst those who voted for some the ctlisr candidate? at the late t lec- tion, and to them as well as to those who supported me, I beg leave thus early to announce myself as a candidate for the of- fice Sheriff, at the next election and to assure them ot my determination, if elect- ed, to conduct the'office in such a manner as to rive tatiafact'wn to the .public. JOHN NEWCOMER, October IS, 18S3. happy in a companion whose temper is like the silver snt-f nf a lake, calm, se rtne, and unruffled. If he is rich, his ad- friends rejoice in his prosperity, ami delightin h'S hospitality, all around htm ii light, aiiy and sanshine; if he is hs breaks his crust in peace an den mysteries' of that fraternity, and wft mav anticipate that the V-tnaon will ptWuce bail Sumething may be charged to Dame Na- in the fimnaticn wf wir but early topscprr cortcct to severe in rr- picJits-Rand cheeking ihefnsia of i.f a ehihl. This watchful and anxicn; du- ty more necessary with a daughter than wjlli a son, 5s thrown He wiH fi'1 for of. firry tJcserijitieii ihry wish bare made. earnestly a share public BUCRWALTER. August 1 PRIVATE SALK. tlVlU. vfrr Prit-ate 4 fint rate HOUSE GEARS. world. with mankind, tw'cnrss and pramjit'r check- ed jirowipt punishment <lje troaimcnt lie on life's corrective a a 1- From litr habits, she isneres- igcd from the wnrld nntil when is callesl wpoii Jo an inlcrcsl in its her draw and when she is uansSatf.l from' I MI :A aa.d maiden loihe more eleva u-d j-j at whkh I H sell eilhtr for orconfjtry B. I at tirtic !-e at M if JOHN O. CMXB. cre which the wife or mct'irr Hrrc is the trying; moment Tlie wlmln T in the objcc.t nns wjiat is truly a- v. he finds fcer nJowins fm- leaves hat.? sikat in the wootls, and the watcit of the bay had forgotten their un- tJic wcie bcn< ing their heads as if drearnsng the rainnow and die ami the whole atrtiosjihtrc was! nf suc.5i a amd luxurious sweetness, that it seemed a cloud of rests, scattered down fry the hand wf a Peri from ihe ur ff gardens Paradise. The and the blue sea lay abroad in ther bimnd- peaceful sky bint over Messed then. The my sirfc was in delirium of happiness, her clcJir, voice cjrne ringing in the she had gone where no lightnings slumber in the folds of the rainbow cloud, and where ihe sun-lit wa- ters arc never broken by the storm-breath cf Omnipotence. My readers will understand why I shrink in terror from the thunder. Even tht consciousness of security is no relief to me fear has assumed the nature of an instinct, and seems indeed a pail of my existence. A SAILOR'S SPREE. The ship's company were in a very fair state of discipline, owing to the incessant practices, ami every evening the hands were turned up to sky is, topiay and amuse themselves. Thcie was one amusement which was the occasion of a was a favorite "tie of the captain's as it made the men smart. It is calltd "Follow my One of the men leads, and all who choose follow him: sometimes foity or filty will Whatever the leader, does, the rest must do also; wherever he goes the rot must follow. Tom who was always the foremost for fun, was one day the lead- er, and alter Having scampered up the fig- ging, laid out on Ibe climbed in the fitts crossed from mast to mast the siays, slid down by the back stays, black- ened his face in the all which mo- he was followed by about thirty oth- ers hallowing awl laughing, while the will- cers. and other men were I- MI and admiring the agility; anwvd idea come in- to Tom'i head; ii was then i o cicck the evening, the lyH bec-lm- FORTUNATE ARRESTr, Our readers may perhaps renienioer a short time since we mentioned the arrest of two boys who had been upwards of twenty robberiei, to .which' they had confessed; among others, One of them confessed to having rubbed Mr. Bra- dy, bar-keeper of Mr. Sweeney's porter house, in Park row, near He stated that he went through the Diving Btll, in Theatre ality, climbed over the fence to Mr. Sweeney's the bed-room where Mr. Brady was 'lying asleep, deliberately struck a light; drew out a large ctasp knife, forced open th'e trunks and drawers in the room. (Mr. Brady's being towards him the whclr time.) stole all the money snd watches tk-at he couJd find, and then went away, leaving the knife open on the chair by the bed side of Mr. Brady. We learn from Mr. Bra- dy, that when the boy was asked of the officers what he opened the knife for, or what he intended to do with it, he re- plied that he hardly knew what he opened ;t for in the first place, but he believed that had Mr. Brady awoke, ke ihottld have cut hit throct it! yet this young scoundrel, was not to have his name publitlied, to the public en their guard against him, although he had brfore been convicted in the Court of Ses- sicniu Why, what in heaven's name do we wield our pen for, but to exjKise vice, lo publish infamy, ami to warn ihe indus- trious and honest aeVm'.i the arts and ma- chinations cf the fraudulent awl crafty, whoever they are. and whatever may be their station in life? It will be ie- membercd that some the stolen pro- the rairr. All thrBlt.ttmble to appal the stoutest hearts. All ihat we dare that as the VentrHeqiTst is powerful, be be merciful, will witld his gl- ___irtrpngtlf anoderaiely and cooipassiooi atelt. The reason to te prowl, of strength to their rinkn. Mr. George art important qualification editor. Being a diatloguished VntrlRqaUr; of making his opponent He can their mouthy that he caii refute in hliprrptr person most trraiiphafilly. to well succeed as a whig editor Uie-.-very narrow of that gift'which OM.of the reflMi city phaott, which, featates of its hied w tudes; Immiense numbwi betoaf'ta the King, and all the nobility awl Vkh nosseii as many4is their In nyal hroe occasions, they mw' pear AWt- cd, Tnm 3a d out to the main yard arm, followed bj me and ihe and mttwn at he wat at ison. he up.hcldir.g by the lift, and crying KUt. "fuliow my lead- leaped from the arm into the sea. I was cryinf? wif'Mkiw my leadrr." to the rest, I followed him; and the oilicrs, whether tbty cculd swim cr net did ihe ssmr. it being of honor nnt 10 refuse. The captain was jusl com- ing up the ladder; when saw, as be imagiiird, a man tumbling overboard, was Tom in bis descent; bat how much mote asionishcd at twenty or the 3r as often slie heard the s of favotiriie binl, or frwnd k-vclv flower her frolic I he and JM.CM of the day emrtfawrt neatly Then, for the time, tine indications approaching tcmmst manifest. Ovtr the samnnt of at a the of a daik became suddeai- jy and, ai the Same inslant, bel- low roar came down tne cv had but when the gWdy lover -J pt the. temptrats and he with deeper the qualities <-.f ber awd beyond tuptTJSifH lo December 19 j; bes n the sonr.d waves hi a Tfcc cteml rolled I fold the air, but tfcll the Mmmpbere as calm, and leaves motkmlcts and ibere was net a tliirty tumblini; by Iwos and mtil it appeared that half the were overbnard. He to follow, mere Astaecnly we S a. thought they were Assessed wuh likt btrd of tmiile in the Swre wfs wete too neatly very pusses, ladders and huttings, or petkapt the roof on the ectcd .buildings, are tora awaf. by -tU stmrgles for precedence displayed wWI elephants acquainted with their strength, and entei ing with ardour into the resolves" of the Mahmouta, to gain or maintain the foremost places. Elephants breed here iai a state of domestkatiHt; awl yoenf OMB, nnl larger than a good sited pic. quently seen frt4k kmg by Ihe >Jde of UKW Mothers through the strtett of a spectacle fravgkt with interest to the of an European; and large camels equally nvmcmas, ami h caparisoned add dor of a pt The Kiwf ttted not cf manv of arc pertect sprciawt of the finest breeds, and are paragons of their kmd; tfcete are broaf M out tht spka4rr of hit and even ordmary occasiokt hit warre cscceds malutade and any European of The jwry a the bigw fliiaft of wwiasset same the Ire in tbc is dead, and Ciftfll wW jWI m a wHI fjll TRY IT. Of tke Sfieta la a FhilwSttjiliNi

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