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Location: Frederick, Maryland

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News (Newspaper) - June 24, 1905, Frederick, Maryland FORTABLEAND Thiogi to latomt and Help RECIPE AND PRESCRIPTIONS How to Prepare Tootbwxn" Wholeewme Help tn tbe Work and ilomov Some of tbe of HoUU We aubtolt tbe following menu, whioh U prepared: Oream Xoait. Blackberry Jam. Broiled Ham. Stewed Potatoei. Kntlre wheat Moiling. Coffee. LUSCH Jellied Tonsue Salad. Lettuce. Mayonnaise Oheeve. Frnlt. Tea- DUIXBK. Tomato Bonillon. Veal Pot Pie. Plain Potatoes. String Beans. Dreamed Oarroti. Gold Slaw. Blueberry Roll. Oream. Coffee. MOfc htewJ In floe pisow. lay to with nit between the lyain. and let It stand over Bight. In tbe morning drain, from tbe liquor, tad pat in a kettle, alternating layers of tbeoabbage well mixed: Two oanoes of tamerlo, one oanoe of with the following ipia maoe. one oaooe of olovei, two ounces of celery seed, two pounds of sugar, one-halt teaoupful black pepper, two ounoni of alltpioe. one ounoe powdered ginger, four tableipoonf nls mustard, and foot onions chopped fine. Cover with vinegar and boll two honrs, after wbloh it is ready to pack tn tor winter use. MA6H1D SWEBT I'OTATOIS. The southern way of serving mashed sweei potatoes is this: Boll dry and then peel the potatoes. Math line and two tablespoonfnls melted butter, four tablespoonfnls sugar and saltspoon ot salt. If ton dry moisten wilh a little hot mtik Boat until light and p'.aoe in a round vegetable dlib, molding them in a oontoal tbape. Brush theou over with the yolk of an egg. mix with a tabietpoonfol of milk and bake in a moderate oven until a golden brown. An excellent salad to serve with duck Is mada of peanuts. Soak one cupful of the meats in olive oil for a half bonr. Drain and toss in the salad bowl with two oupf uls of finely out celery and ten or twelve potted olives. Mix with a mayonnaise dressing and serve on let- tuce leaves. Hnfftr relorntd home after pUkitol visit to her nnola, Mr. M. D. Arnold, of LnckeUi. WUlU too of Mr. W. oat bit forearm Terr one week. Be wat taken to BarkltttTllle to Or. O. N BabUdtkneobt, wfco drened the woaad. Tbn woand bled qaiie freely, bat be ii now doing nicely. driving born ot Mr. Becjimln 8. Ahalt, whloh recently wai lererely Injured by a laaft penetrating tti breait, li aboat veil Mr. was retarding borne from one dark oigbt when be wai rnu into by another noaie drlren by a Mr. Hot- Neither taw eaob other until tbe bones, which were ROlcg tn oppotlie direoitooi. collided with ibe re lull. Mr. John M. Abalt, ot OreaRen town, vtatted his father, Mr. B 8. Ahalt, lai> week. Samuel Aaiherman wai the of frlendi la London C3nnty, Va Saturday and Sunday. Rufcu O. Bmlth and three children, of Springfield, Ohio, are ex- pected to arrive here Wedoeiday ipeod the inmrner with relative! aud Mri Smith daughter of tbe late Henry and Margaret Darntr and hai been residing in Springfield ever linoe her marriage, whloh took place ten years ago lait March. This li her first visit to ner old home. HALIBUT STEAK. A LA FLAKA.NDE. Take large halibut steak an Inch and a half thick, wash and wipe It dry. Batter the bottom of roasting pan, eprlnkle It with chopped onion (about a a teaspoonfnl of lalt and bait at mnoh pepper; pnt the fish on top of this, brush it over with the yolk of an egg, sprinkle thickly with a table spoonful of ohopped onion and parsley, one half teaspoonfnl of salt and a salt- spoonful ot pepper; poor over it a tea- spoonful of lemon jolos, cover with a tablespoonfnl of batter, oat Into flop bl's and bake In a moderate oven SO minntes. Serve on a hot dish with Be ohatnel sanoe and garnish with siloes of lemon and parsley. Extra good. SINGING HINNEY. Take one quart of flour and sift with two tablespoonfnls of baking powder; rnb In one tablespoouful of lard, add one teaspoonfal of salt and one well- beaten egg. Moisten with just enough sweet milk to make Into dough (not too roll oat and bake on a greased griddle; when it is cooked on one alda tarn it over and let It oook till a pale brown on the other side. Then split It open, batter it, pat together again, oat into three cornered pieces and serve It hot. LUNCHEON' NEST. Ohop fine enough oold meat, fish or fowl, whichever yon have, to make a pint; season with a teaspoonfal of salt and quarter teaspoonfal of pepper; add half aa muoh mashed potato; mOUJcn with gravy if possible or rloh milk, mold Into egg shape; then dip in beaten roll in bread orambs and fry a delioftto brown In deep fat Fill a hot dish with enough fried potatoes lightly sprinkled with salt (siloed like straws) arranged to represent a ne t. Lay your croquette s In this and serve at onoe. EASY CSATILOTTK. To every onp of cream allow the white of one egg, half a cap ot powdered sugar aud a quarter teaspoanfnl of va ntlla extract. Keep eggs and cream lo oold. Whip them well, then add ..y sugar, daintily flavor and ponr a dish lined with pieces of sponge o or split lady lingers. Put ID a oold pake to get firm, iao, PUOFITEROLES. Into a saucepan pnt two of bntter and one-half oup boiling water. Put on the fire and when it bolls add three-fourths cup of tlonr and heat well two minutes. Remove from the fire, and when cool break into it two eggs. Beat for 10 minutes; add one quarter teaspoonspoonful of salt: make Into balls the size of a large pea; put them into a slightly-buttered pan and bako in a moderate oven 10 minutes. POTATO PANCAKES. Pare, wash and grate 12 Icrge raw potatoes, mix with one teaspoonfnl salt and the yolks of three eggs; beat the whites till very stiff, add the potatoes slowly to the whiten. Place a large frying pan with one tablespoonful of fat over the tire; as soon as hot pat small portions from the mixture witn a spoon into tbe hot fat to form cakes the size of a saucer; bake light brown on both sides; transfer them to a hot plate and serve with apple sauce or any kind of stewed fruit. Some prefer catsup with them. C17RRY EGO SAUCE (FOR FISH Brown a small sliced onion in a table spoonful of bntter; stir into it a table- spoonful of flour and a small tablespoon fnl of curry powder. Cook nntll they babble, pour upon them a half pint of milk and cook nntll smooth aud thlok. Add to them one hard boiled egg, ohopped tine, and as soon aa Ibis Is hot through stir in a fall tablespaonfal of double cream. Add salt to taste and take from the fire at onoe. To those who like the taste of carry, this sauce will prove acceptable for fish or for boiled mutton. With these, boiled rloe should be served. Worth Remembering. There are three entirely different kinds of Ingredients nsed in making the three different varieties of baking pow- ders on the market, Mineral- Acid or Alum, (a) Bone-Aold or Phos- phate, and (3) Oream of Tartar made from grapes. It is important, from the standpoint of health, lo know some- thing about these ingredients, and whloh kind Is nsed in your baking pow- der. (1) Mineral-Acid, or Alum, Is made from a kind ot clay. This is mixed with dilated oil ot vitriol and from this solution a product is obtained whloh Is alum. Alum is cheap; coats abiut two oents a pound, and baking powder made with this Mineral-Acid sells from 10 to 26o. a pound. (2) Bone Acid, or Phosphate, Is the bails of phosphate baking powders and tbe process is fully described In the pat- Ifgued to a large mannfaotnrnr of a pboipbate powder. The U 8. Patent Oltioe Report gives a full and exaot de- scription, but the following extract is enough: "Burned bonej, after being sronatl. are pnt into freshly diluted oil ot vlt riot and with continual stirring and in tbn following etc. From this Bone Aold phosphate bak- ing powders are made; suon powders sell from 20 to 80 oents aponnd. Cream or Tartar exists tn all ripo grapes, and flows with the jnioe from the press in tbe macufaotnre of wine. After the wine Is drawn off the tartar Is soraped from the cask, boiled with water, aud crystals of Oream of Tartar, white and very pure, separate and are collected. It differs in no respuot from tbe form in whloh it originally existed In tbe grape, dream of Tartar, then, while tne moit expensive, is the only Ingedient that should be used In a bak init powder to act upon the soda, as Its wholesomeuesH Is beyond question. Oream of Tartar baking powder soils at about 40 to 60 cents a p.inud. Such are the facts, and every one, careful of the health of the family, should remember this ing powders selling from 10 to L'O cents a pound are made of Mineral- Aolde; those selling from 20 to 'M oents of Bone Aold; aud those from 40 to GO cants of Oream of Tartar made from grapes. TASBYTOWS. and Mrs. Harry Fair and two sons. Paul and Wilbur, left for Balti- more on Saturday evening. Mr. Fair returned home on Monday evening, bnt Mrs. Fair and two sons expect to remain some time visiting her brothers and relatives there. funeral of Engineer John Oronse, ot Hagerstown, who was killed in the wreck on last Saturday evening on the W. M. R R. at Ransom Station and was brought here on Sunday even- ing, took place on Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock from the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Miltoo Orouse. The ser- vices wero beld at the house, conducted by Rev. W. E. Wheeler, pastor of the Lutheran church. The services were Krgely attended, many persons comicg from a distance to show iheir respect. Ha leaven a widow, father, mother and two Oronse, living at York, Pa and Samaei Oronse, of this place. He wan !i6 years old. The pall oearers were Oharles Smith, ot Haeers- town, a brother engineer; Jacob Bulling ton, John Reed. J N O. Smith. H B Miller ani J 8 Bower. O. O Fuss was the funeral director. Iniermeat was made lu tbe Lutheran cemetery. William Lloyd and Miss Blanche Hied, ot near Snydersbnrg, Md.. spent from Saturday until Mon day on a visit to Mr. and Mrs. B. S. Miller. Mrs. Charles Smith, of D O arrived here on evening to spend some their parents, relatives CORRESPOHDBHCK, Conicnnu of Current Bvonti Oonnty Towns, In HARD TEA mscciT. Two pounds of Hour, out-quarter of a pound of batter ooe salt spoonfnl of ealt, three gills of milk; out up the but- ter, and rub it Into the flour, add the salt and milk, knead the dough for half an hour, out the cakes about as large as a small teacup and half an inch thlok, prick with fork and bake In a moderate oven until a deliberate brown. CORN 11REAU. A good rule calls for two eggs, one half cnpf al of sugar one half cap bntter, one cupful sweet milk, five tablespoon- fals corn-meal, five tableapoonfnls wheat flour, one-half teaspoon soda, one teaspoon cream tartar and a saltspoon of ealt. Beat vigoronsly and bake In a rather hot oven. GLT_TEX GEMS. Qluten gems baked in hot buttered gem pans in a hot oven for half an hour make an acceptable acoompanlmeut to the matutinal onp of coffee. To two cupfuls of the gluten allow a half tea spoonful of ealt, two teaspoonfals bak- ing powder, two tablespoonfnls sugar, one egg and two onps half milk and half water. Sift the iionr with the salt, sugar and baking powder. Beat the egg, add the milk and flour, and beat Again until light and Have the pans hissing hot when the batter is poured in. VIRGINIA CAHBAGK PICKLE. While the winter's supply of pickles In being made ready, a piokle from Virginia will be found worth the trying. Take one peck of otbbige. IATST'B. Wabash R. R. Oo. had a of masons extending the culverts near O. W. Ley's for the pnrpDse of extend- ing their sldlcg at Loys. Mrs. Jeromlah Martin has Improved her home by Riving It a coat of pilnt. The work was done by Mr Ross Favor- ite and his men. W.L. Miller and family were vis Ited by Miss Marie Chatham, Miss Cora Barriok and Miss Edith M. Miller, all of Frederick. Mrs. Qeorglanna Lohr, who has been visiting here for several days the pant week, has returned heme. Misses Grace and Mary Zimmerman, of Frederick, are spending some time with their grandmother, Mrs. Jeremiah Martin. family on W. L. Miller have been to see his father, Mr. George W. Miller, of Liswistown. who has been seriously ill for some time past. John W. Loy and Olarenoe Smith spent Tuesday evening in Oreag erstown. Mr Oharles Dorsey is on a visit to Altoona, Pa., to see his son, Walter. strawberry crop was very good in this locality. The Lioy's Union Sunday school had quite a nnaoesnful festival, whloh baa left the school with a lot of new singing books and a new Weaver organ and a snug little sum in their treasury. Some of the folks and some visiting friends speut batnrdny after- noon plonlolng along the Monocaoy at LeOore's Those in the party were Mrs. P N. Hammaker, of Thnr mont; Miss Oora Barrlck, Mrs Marie Chatham, Miss Edith M. Miller and Miss Grace of Frederick W L Miller, wife and eon, of toy's. NorA ftud Morris Loy returned home Sunday after spending somo time visiting relatives In Gettysburg. and Mrs. William Long and Mr. John Fisher and wife are spending several days at Bnokeystown visiting relatives. Oharles Hcll'man and Mrs. Hubert Martin are visiting relatives near Westminster. P. N. Hammaker, of Thnrmont, spant Saturday with her brother, W. L. Miller. aud Washington, last Saturday time vtsttlrg and friends. Mr. Frank T. LeFevre and wife and child, nf Ohio, are visiting Mr. and Mrs W. H. Relndollar aud family. Ida Sherman, of Spring Grovo, Pa spent last week here visiting rela- tivua and friends. Edna Oalvert, of Virginia, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Prof. H. K Barbe, and family. service will be held next Sunday morning at 10 o'clock in Grace Reformed ohnron. On account ot Ihe inclement weather it was post- poned for two weeks. services were held both morning and evening in Grace Re- formed oboroh on Sunday last, Jane IS. Rev. D. J. Wolf, pastor, conducted both services. second annual oommenoament ot St. John's School, Taneytown, was on June 20 at 10 a m in the study jail whloh was specially decorated for the occasion. The follow ing program was very beautifully and successfully rendered under the direction of the teacher, Miss Roae Moduli: Entrance march, Heleotad; "O Hark Merry school; drill, little ones; Where the Wild Flowers ohorui; "Flowers to little ones; duet; tone poem, 'Nearer My God to essay. "Ed- Miss Anna M. Hsgan; confer- ring of honors; "Good Bye Sweet vooal solo. Miss Anna Hagan. An appro prlate address was made by Rev. B. J. mon, paetor. A diploma awarded to Anna M. liagau was presented by the pastor, also gold medal awarded to Zona Smith for exoelleaoe lu Christian doc- trine. THE 6IBL ABOUT TOWB Mary of tbe Wrrk'si and Ooealp. towards tbe end of Juae we nnd week had enough heat In It to ripen the wheat, and pat a better flavor on the watermelons. It has flash on tbe sweet of the girl grad- uates and the High School A few years hence both of these will bluth sweeter when "toft eyes look love lo eyes that speak again We are com- ing to the end ot oDmtneooscuenl season. Bat only the beginning of the vlsltlag season is here, whan oily oaasltie aod aunts come up to the for air, obtonen, roasting ears and fruit. Time files from Jane to midsam mer and this Is the las) Saturday In the mooth of roaes! And what nf the week! Wedding bells and death bells, baseball and commerce- meats. Dances on the mountain aod little picnics lu the woods! A week full of pleasure, and yet some people are not satisfied. We'll give them a little nor ner all to themselves up in heaven, when they get there. There was a lawn party at the Maryland School and cam- mencement too. Toe silent pupils have gone home, the classic halls are deserted. Qatet sorely reigns supreme, and the old barracks stand firm to tell of the days of long ago. Sunday last there were excursions to the cities, baccalaureate sermons la the and a Pythian memor- ial service. Oounty commissioners have bsen lo session. Owing to the great amount ot diversion, the Onttog Olnb did not sup at Oamp Bchley Ian. There's a chance for the chickens to grow larger. It was commencement week sure enough. The villages of My- ersville and Jefferson, Mlddletowo, Tharmont, Walkersvllle, Emmltsburg, Brunswick and Adamstowc. Such a flattering of fans, such a galaxy ot beauty has not been seen since the war, when some ot the mothers graduated. There were class poems and class his- tories, valedictory and salutatory, barst ot eloquence and flow of wit There was music aweet and intelligent addresses, and all the graduates got a diploma. Oar own oily bad its High Sonool commencement in fine style. Boys and girls said their pieces, the orchestra played aod Governor Warlield spoke. It was a week of school elo- quence, whloh the old time has seldom heard. The Shrlners came over from Hagerr.towu and paraded around to show their red fez. and had a banquet at the Olty Hotel Hagerstown High School graduates came to town to see our shops. They found mare pretty girls here than they thought of. Hag- erstown Bureljr knows where to go to see something, for almost every day they come over and go to Braddock Heights. So In the flash of warm Jane, in the beginning of harvest we've come to the end ot the week and to the last Satur- day in Jane. Next week Christian Endeavorers will go to Baltimore. Tbere will be tbe usual danoat on tbe mountain Teachers' ex- amination will be beld. Maryland lawyers will lake suppsi at H >tel Brad- dook. 8) In all tbe fervor of Jane I'll bid yon adieu for next Set or day will nod in July. Meet me where tbe oool breftfs blow, or wher- tbe supper b-11 rings a oarrry peal. Yours for a good time in the good old com mer time. MAKV JAKE. of OktrU-li. 'I'1' Anilw tU-rc in :i curious lo fHM-ount ttw oMi-W'lr's in ibo jlfM-rt. a oortuin day "lory nnis, "all crt- iH-injrs iiwt toftvtluT to di-cidtt uiv on itu-ir order iiiul preced- ence. All went snuxrflil.v until tbe iiU-iiiling its inability to fly, die- tin- niMl rial mod to tabe rank tin.- mammals. hoNV- IT, would to say to a. c-rcatiirw ixrt fur, Ixit with iV.itlwi-s. wlillc tin- birvls. wlwn tbo os- trk-li miit buck, reiujdlatml it aJ.-o a traitor to Us racw. Hut tlio ostru-h wus equal to tlw orrasioo tiud ilci-lanil tlmt, Lx-inK iK-iilK-r mammal nor Mrtl, it must IK- tin uugel. At this all tin- otliiT animals indignantly rusli- eil UIKJII tbc ohtrk-h :uxl drove it before tlM-iii Into tlicf desert, wbc-ro it has lived in solitude- evor sjix-e, wRli no one to contradict It." FARMER'S ti MECil. NAT. BASK. RE-BXTENEINO CHARTER. TBEA8UBY DEPAKTMKNT. OFFICE OF COMPTROLLER OK THE CURRENCY. WASHINGTON. D, C.. May 23.1905. WHKKEA8. By satisfactory evidence eented to tbe understood, it bag been made to appear that "The Farmers and Mechanics National Bank of Frederick." located In the city of Frederick, In the County of Frederick and State of Maryland, has compiled with all the provisions of the Act of Congress "to en- able National Banking Associations to extend their corporate existence, and for other pur- poses." approved July 12. 1882. as amended by the Act. approved April 12.1902; NOW. THEHEFOKE. 1, Thomas P. Kane. Deputy and Acting Comptroller of the Cur- rency, do hereby certify taat "The Farmers and Mechanics National Bank of Frederick." located In the city of Frederick, In the County of Freoerlck und State of Maryland, Is author- ized to have succession for the period speci- fied in Its amended articles of association: namely, until close of business on May 23, 1925. In testimony whereof witness my (SEAL) hand and Seal of office 'bla twenty- third day of May. 1905. T. P. KANE. Deputy and Acting Conptroller of the Currency. Charter No. 1267. Extension No. 774. m24d30t OMPARATIVE STATEMENT. {1 A. POOLE, 'CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER. 86 Bontb Street, Frederick. Md. 1 have all modern appliances for the prompt and tatiatactory execution ot all kindi ol work. Also Derrick, Blocks and Jacks for removing bulldlnes. heavy material. Estimates cheerfully on ad buelnras in my line. I9dlr 3BOTKOT TRESPASS NOTICB8. PRINTED ON HEAVY. AT THE KEW8 OJFF1CS RAILROAD SCHEDULES. BALTIMORE tbe of wifjhts found In ruins of UK- oklcst city that has yet boc-n exhumed. And false weights will probably be consumed when the earth drops into the suu and the heav- ciis are rolled together Hfce a scroll. AiK-leiit aud undent stattite books are full of evidence that every new practical capitalistic and labor monopolies, secret rebates and majority owners, swindling mo- o-wners, down to adulterations HIM! crooked familiar to our ancestors ot' tbo plateau of Iran before ttve mUfratioos. Vice is tbe okl inhabitant; virtue is the newcomer, tlie immigrant, received with reluc- tance and eomjMMletl to fight for every inch of ground be Gra- ham Phillips iti Header Magazine. RESOURCES. May Investments.....J382.430.48 Banklne House 1G.OOO.OO Premiums....... D.392.61 Due from Banks Due from U. S. T. 4.625.0O Cash.............. 37.439.41 May J9O5.085.10 8.0OO.OO 7.250.00 91.843.50 Tlw the nut is unifiviu, iiuxith, tij.rht Mini any Wlk'ii tin- Larva luvs i-iktlw from it only 11 vwy ttnii iiHMiibraiM' 'I. rolls ui> :nul rtxliiitxl tci an uiiju'ivrirtllilc ami if tho li IKH lialHi it is MtUl mi suuiU to tin: This Is why 11 iv liltki lunnvii. fur is lifl> JUKI TllOtK? W rsitluv IHo-v kirviK-. <rf nuta are vuiry uiiu'h by Ixirnyaiil fowl. In a general look around we flod some o? the streets torn up fix ng sewers and gett Ing ready to lay new, smooth streets. Always doing something to the old town. But you mnst advance with the of the twentieth cen- tury. Tbe Ma< or made appointments, the tax rate was diminished. The Ox Fibre company ii enlarging its plant. Building la going on lively and most people aie painting and patching of some kind. Women folk are buiy pre- serving. The longest day was Wednes- day, biit you can scarcely see any short- ness of the twilight nntll next mouth. Tbe Baltimore and Frederick Electric railway being talked about again. All these new railroads look well on paper. Farmers are busy harvesticg. Ob! the good old harvest suppora of my youthI In our sweet little county, toys and girls have been sweet graduates, with sweeter songs and eloquent essays. Myersvllle had its first High School commencement and Jefferson its second. How tbe oaunty is getting np In soho- lantlo llfel Oatootln Farnanoe and Thnrmotn has been thrown in mourn ing by the terrible wreck on the Western Maryland Railroad. The sympathy of tne oammunlty is with the stricken households. Tbe Braddaok Oolony Is alive in earnest. Filling np like the grates in the roasting ears. The oitles are Heading np their folks. Hotel Braddook will rival, the Blue Mountain House and Oamp Sohley Inn will be a second White Sulphur without the water. A big reservoir, new gallery new auditorium and so on have risen on the Heights. Shrlners, graduates and Royal Arcanum have picnicked there this week. Oh. yes! the old mountain is booming. Down by the Monocaoy oar old friend Lioganore Hills Inn nestles snugly in ihe trees, beautifnl as Full of beautiful folk and the frulta of the earth. Match old Frederick county if you can. Tomorrow our friends will come up from the cities. The Masons will go to the Reformed church and, other people to son if forvlne on the mountain. The rest ot the people will pursue their niusl Suuday IflHE XXTH.CENTURY SEWING-MACHINE 1 "V. IIKOAD James O. Palmer has a position with Roxtrary Distilling Company, near Hagerstown, and has been performing his duties for a month past. Mr. Palmer tpinds from Satur- day nntll Monday with his family at this place. MUnes Athene and Ethel Beaohley, of near Fink's sohoolhonne, are spending the week with their grand- parents, Mr. and Mrs Franklin L Bow las. Elmer Arnold, of Gapland, Tliited his brother-in-law, Mr. Oliver A. Hnffer, on Sondfty. Mr. David Lewis and family, of the same place, were the gaests of Mr. John O. Boyer on tbe sttne day. Havo You Tried It? IJThe highest type of FAMILY SEWING embodiment of SIMPLICITY and UTILITY -the ACME of CONVENIENCE. Still another feature is the OSCILLATING HOOK, a device assuring1 absolutely correct motion for making A PERFECT LOCK-STITCH; avoid- ing variable speed and reducing friction. Hewing Machines Rented or Exchanged at THE SINGER STORE, S East Patrick Street, Frederick, Md. There Is more Catarrh In this section of the country than all other diseases put together, and until the last few years was supposed to be incurable. For a great many years doctors pronounced It a local disease and prescribed local remedies, and by constantly falling to cure with local treatment, pronounced it In- curable. Science has proven catarrh to be a constitutional disease and therefore requires constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by if- J. Cheney Co.. Toledo Ohio, is the only constitutional cure on tbe market. It is taken Internally In doses from 1O drops to a teaspoonful. It acts di- rectly on the blood and mucuous surfaces of the f ystem. They offer one hundred dollars for any case it falls to cure. Send for circu- lars and testimonials. Address. V. J Toledo. Ohio. Sold bv drugelstB. 75e. Take Hall's amily Pills for constipation. 5451.613.83 LIABILITIES. Capital Stock. ...S125.0OO.OO Surplus.......... 4.O.OOO.OO Und Profits..... 10.461.60 Circulation...... 112.50O.OO Deposits.......... 92 I125.00O.OO 60.00O.OO 125.0OO.OO Dying of Famine Is, In its torments, like dying of consumption, The progress of consumption, from the be- glnnlne: to the very end, is a longtortiire. both to victim and friends. "When 1 had con- sumption in first staite." writes William Myers, of Cearfoss, Md "after tryine differ- ent medicines and a good doctor In vain. I at last took Dr. King's New Discovery, which auickly and perfectly cured me." Prompt re- lief and sure cure for Boughs, sore tbroat, bronchitis, etc. Positively prevents pneumonia. CJuaranteed at A. U. Pearre's "rug store. Price 50c and Sl.OO bottle. TrUl bottle free. I. W. Harper Is the acme of excellence In whiskey and most satis- factory for all uses. Sold by Ixrala Otte, at tho Buffalo, FOR KENT. F Fourth Street, 100 EAST Apply to D. Z. Stull. jUidtf FOR NO. 3 WEST Second Street. Apply to Doll Bros 2O1- 207 North Market -treet. iOdtf FINK OFFICE -4 rooms, best rooms and best location lu city. Apply at 38 N. Market Street. mSOdtf TpOR NO. 70 Jt? East Third Street. Cramer Stauffer. mlSdtf tj'OR 1, THE t Hour nnd grain warehouse on Kast Pat- rick Street, occupied by the late J. S. W. Jarboe. Apply to Clifford A. Frazier. mlldtf 5451.613.83 In connection with the foreeolne Certifi- cate, re-estendlne the corporate existence of the Farmers Mechanics National Bank of Frederick, Md.. for an additional period of twenty years, the above comparative state- ment is given to the public to call atten- tion to the growth and continued prosperity of this Bank, CHABLES B TRAIL. President. WILBUK H. DUVALL. Cashier. MISCELLANEOUS, TfXTRA FINE CARNATIONS, 36c per dozen, fonr dozen for Sl.OO, Designs for fnaeral work made to order and shipped to any address. R. E, CREAGER, Florist. Thurmont, Md, Maryland phone 311-121. ON AND AFTJBB 8UNDAT, MAV 21. 1905. 4J3O A. M., except Sunday, for "Waablnctea Junction and War Stations, washlnruB, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New Torn, Due W ashlngton 0.30 A. M. 6.OO A. M.. except Sunday, tot Wuhluftaa and Way Stations, Philadelphia and York. Due Washington 8.26 A. M. 8.10 A. M., daily, for Baltimore and Way 8ta tiong, Philadelphia, New York, and ccpt Sunday, for Cumberland and erstown. Due Baltimore 8.45 A. M. A. M., Sunday only, for Washington Way Stations. Due Washington 10 A. H. 8.10 A. M except Sunday, for Baltimore principal Way Stations, Philadelphia ana New ork. Due at Baltimore 1O.35 A. M 8.20 A. M., except Sunday, for Harper's Terry Winchester, Harraonburg, LexinrtCB and Staunton. 9.45 A. M.. except Sunday, for Hagentowi MartinsburK and Way Stations. JO.4O A. M., except Sunday, for Philadelphia, New York. Washington Junction and Way Stations, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St. Louis. Plttabuxr sol Chicago. Due Washington 12.80 P. M. 1.56 P. M., except Sunday, for Baltimore Way Stations. Philadelphia and New York. Due at Baltimore 4.4O P, M. 4.06 P. M., daily, for Washington and "Way Stations, Philadelphia and New York Cumberland, Cincinnati and St. LoslS and except Sunday, Winchester StrssburK Junction. Due at Washinrtem 4.4O P. M., daily, for Baltimore and Way na- tions, Philadelphia and New Yore. Dtti at Baltimore 7.15 P. M. 6.36 P. M., except Sunday, for Chicago, Hac- erstowu Winchester and Way Stations. 7.OO P. M. except Sunday, for waahinctn and Principal New York and Plttaburg. Due WMk- ington 9.4O P. M. ARRIVALS A. M-. except Sunday, from Cleveland, Piltsburg. Washington J. Way Stations, Mt. Airy and Way Stations. Baltimore and Washington mall arrive! on this-train. A. M., except Sunday, from Winchester flagerstown and Way Stations. 1 ).S6 A. except Sunday, from Baltimore and Way Stations, Philadelphia and JTork. i u.56 A. M., except Sunday, from Baltimore. Washington and Way stations. '1.66 A. M.. Sunday only, from Washlnrt'o and Way Stations, Chicago and Wheeling. a.05 P. M., Sunday only, from Baltimore Way Stations, Philadelphia and New York P. M., except Sunday, from St. Louis, Cincinnati, Chicago, New York, Philadel- phia, Washington, Hagerstown, Lexlnc- ton and Way Stations. P. M., except Sunday, trom MartiniDcrt- Washington Junction and Way StatlonJ. .46 P. M., Sunday only, from Baltimcri, Washington and Way Loili and Cincinnati. i 00 P. M., except Sunday, from and Way Stations, Philadelphia and rork. p. M., except Sunday, from NewJYork Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington and Chicago and Pittsburg and Virginia. B.IO P. M., except Ssnday, from and principal Way Stations. Philadelphia and New York. ;.45 P. M., daily, from Baltimore and Stations, Philadelphia and New York. 8.OO P. M., except Sunday, from Wasninriea and Way Stations. Philadelphia, Krw York, Pittsburg and Chicago. 4O P. M., except Sunday, from New Philadelphia, Washington, Cumber'.aai Lexington. Hagerstown. Brunswick Way.Stations. W. T. MTTLHN1X, Ticket Ageni. TIAND3OMB PRESENTS FOR JUNE WEDDINGS. Solid Silverware. Cut Glass. Gold Clocks. Onyx Clocks, DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RINGS. WEDDING RINGS. H. 8. LANDIS, LEADING JEWELER OF FREDERICK! BEAUTIFUL PRESENTS FOR GIRL GRADUATES. Sterling Silver Novelties, Handsome WatctfiB Lockets-, Souvenir Spoons, Brooches aud Hst Plus. BKST AND QUICKEST REPAIRING AND ENGRAVING. EYES EXAMINED FREE. 33 N. Markei Street. 27 S.Market Street. Frederick County Telephone 2O2-2, FOB HOUSE, No. IBX East Third Street. Apply at No. IB South Market Street. Tj'OR OFFICE ROOMS -T now occupied by Dr. H. V. Dutrow. No, 14 N. Market St. Also lartre stable, holds 18 horses, with currlaee house and eheddlne. with laree vard. Apply to L. a. Cllngan, 14 N. marlGdtf FOR dwelling, _No 87 BAT WINDOW _. _____ _ _. East Patrick Ptreet, Apply to Goo. H. Zimmerman. feb27dtl FOR ROOM NO. 40 East Patrick Street. C. C. Carty. IN MILLINERY. ALL. TRIMMED HATS AT HALF PRICE. A LOT OF UNTRIMMED HATS AT AND BELOW COST. Many choice and beautiful Tuscans, Braids, etc.. In most desirable shapes. N. R. MANTZ. o7dly 16 8. Market St.. Frederick. Md. Acent. 42 Kast Patrick Street. flOdtf fKAMEK ST1UFFER. OAH E. OBAMER D. V. STAUF FEK. FREDERICK, MD. Bonds Stocks, Mortgages, Estates bonrhi CALL. FOK KATE ON FIDELITY Hus. 120.000 to loan on mortgages, at 5 J2.OUO to loan on notes in sums to suit. clt-. suburban as. farm property for sale. Call for lint. Zimmerman's York Road 3rd lot East becond street. property Nos. Hand ISKaat Patrick 8t. liood stand. Dr. W. C. Hoteler'a suburban homo, east of Frederick. acres. farm. New Market pike. 7th property, 123 K. Patrick St. modern home at .Claris I'lnoe. cltr residence. 17 rooms. West Patrick street. acre farm neur cixr. No. (j'.i Kaat Second Ptrpet. F. Zimmerman's acrea. Jeffer- son pike. beautiful suburban homes with lawns. with dwelllnc, nt Mount- vllle. for SSUO.________________________ MAUKELL A f-OAU WOOD I CEMENTI MARKELL FORD, Dealers in Highest Grade THE MOUNTAIN OITT CREAMERY COMPANY. North Bentz Street, Frederick. Md. We are prepared to offer to the public a fine crude1 ot Ice Cream In all flavors, wholesale and retail Brick and Cabinet a specialty. Also fresh Butter. Kges, Cream. Milk. Skim milk and Buttermilk. Thanking onr custom- ers for past favors, we kindly solicit their future orders which will receive our prompt attention. Both phones, MAIN LINK. i e Mduie 2 -f rs 7 u'l 4 40 4 33 Mount 27 SI 4 Vlata IB It 15 55 40 22 M- SO e 11 4o f M It I? 5 4fl :it B If- r> L- r> 5r 4 W- 7 (K H.10 7 64 T 511 7 4S P. 11, 7 -li li -10 b -JO fi 00 5 ad f. P. M 4 4 llle tor Frederick at 8418. 9 :ic ntd 10.40 a. m. and 5.00 and 636 p. m. Brneevllle for Colombia, Lltnestown aid Taneytown at 9.47 a. m. 8. 45 1> m Leave Frederick lor Baltimore at V. IS a m; a ad S.OO and 4.55 p, m. CONNECTIONS AT CHBBRT RUN W. Va. B. O. passenger trains leave Cherry Run as follows: Cincinnati, St. ixraU and Louis- ville Express, No, 55, dally, at 12 49 p. Chicago Express, No, 7, dally, at 8 OO p. m. Dally. All dally, except Sunday B. H. OKI 8 WOLD, F. H. HO WELL- Sen') Traffic Manar. Gen'l Pait. AgU IN SPA PERI Si EW SPA PERI

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