Monday, July 15, 1935

Frederick News Post

Location: Frederick, Maryland

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Frederick News-Post (Newspaper) - July 15, 1935, Frederick, Maryland Todmy Yesterda) High, 92; LOT, CooJ Morning Do yoa remember the fowl old days vaea all yoa sarpecied Iroai -Fas a Jew jsciases of garden seed? VoL 184. ASSOCIATED FUSS MD., MONDAY MOWING, JULY 15, 1935. EIGHT FACES TODAY PKICE TWO CENT! SIX ARE INJURED IN AUTO WRECK NEARBRADDOCK TO ROARING RIVER Two Cars Collide Early Sunday Morning; Vic- tims At Hospital. Mores Nearer Twrard En- Hankav; Military Garrison Called Oat Make (emirs. BT The AuocUUd Press. I Karfcow. China, July roar- ing Yangtze rsver moved nearer to- i ward engulfing Hankow tonight when i FAIR WEATHER PROBABLE FOR TOTAL ECLIPSE HOL Y NAME SOCIETY MEETS AT ANNAPOLIS Dalits Of Outlined In Ser- mon By Kev.-Cfeas. Kector Of St. Mary's Owen. S! Moon To Disappear To- bulwark I Alarms were sounded that the dike j I was disistregrating. The city took! mad activity to forestall the prospec- night For 1 Hour And 40 Minutes. Sut persons were injured, none ser- j UVe disaster. The entire military gar- iously, when two automobiles crashed was out for dike repairs in a head-on collision on the National while civilian authorities ordered cool- highway, between iliddletown andjles a Sradccx-k abo-j: 2-30 o'clock' Sunday morning. Five of the injured j were still confined to the Frederick j City hospital Sunday evening while the sixth was discharged following treatment. The injured are: j Clay W. Buffer, 41, 615 North Bentz street, lacerations about the eye and bruises oa leg. Grayson Grouse, 36, Frederick, Route 1. lacerations about the chin and leg. Russell Young. 24. Beach City, Ohio, lacerations about the forehead, nnger and arm. Miss Mabel Brodie. Washington. severe bruises about the body, also suffering froci shock. refugees from other cities to TENNIS TOURNEY ISCOMPLETED Fair weather is expected to give f By Tie Associated Prssi. Annapolis. Md, Jury thousand members of the Holy Name SocKty today heard Rev Charies Crowe, C. SS. R, rector of SL. Marj's church here, likes their message to that of Apostle Paul and oti'iae their duties. Gathered on the hilltop about the historic church, representatives of Holy Name Societies of Westers and Southern Maryland, Baltimore and PARDON REFUSED OFFICIALS TO 'FOR FORMER U, S, ACT ON OLD AGE SENATOR LEA PENSIONS TOO AY SIX DIE IN FLAMES IN AIRPLANE CRASH Commercial Mine Carrying Fourteen And Crew Of 6 Crashes Soon After Take-off. ;Plea Of New Evidence Plans For County Board j By Aisoelited Press. j Jury persons; dad amid riimes when the giant j Dutch coaizurcial ajrplane. carrying i 14 FASCIST LEADER WILL CONTINUE AS CHANCELLOR Not Upheld By Gov- ernor Ehringshaus.' Expected To Assume Definite Shape. s takeoff The heroism of the ground staff, a steward and the Norwegian passen- ger, was credited saving 32 Tney risked their oan safety to save Ho Hold Post Despite Automobile Injuries. Fredencktonians every opportunity to District of Columbia receded their astronorsica! rarity oath, after a parade the city. ecliase of the moon, I members, which Rev. Fr. Crowe list- such as romes only once every eigh- .w preserve home irom teen years. No telescopes or glasses i iie witness an total .w preserve mashing laws of race suicide and tell be necessary, according to the of divorce, to protest against the sys- weather bureau, "which predicts that XIM of education that will make you the event be entirely visible to mere puppets of the state and lo de- j Raleigh. K. C.. July Lea. i Plans for an old-age pension board j the other occupants. i former United States Sector from in Frederick county are expected to j j Tennessee, today was refused a par- i -a'f-e definite shape today after a con- don from the Xorth Carolina State i ference be ween the Frederick Conn-' Pnscs by GOT, J O, B JX'.r.r.z'r-z-if s.r.d Harry j When Lea was informed at the (stein. Relief Administrator for Mary- prison that his request had been de- land, it was learned Sunday. j j clined he smiled, said Thank At the same time, it was stated i j and had no other comment. j that no new employes, other rrian j Lea entered prison in May. 1934, to those now on the staffs of the Board I serve six to ten years after his con-; of State Aid and Chanties and conn- MISS MIM! RIAL WEDS G, E, BORST utu.u.j vou Of vour civil as we" as SKTC slx lo tca otaie .-vie anc ana comi- i providing thunder- ren-AoJs iibertv." I AshenUe of conspiracy to cy welfare boards, will be employed' Miss Elizabeth Cloasaan. 24, Wash- ington, lacerations about the face. The name of the other injured per- taa. was not learned, since only emer- gency treatment was given. Some of the inj'ured planned to leave the hos- pital within the near future. HufTer had at first believed to have been more seriously injured but x-rays re- vealed no fractures. An investigation of the crash was made by Slate Officer 3. K. Eamsburg And Miss Day- ett Capture Mixed Dou- bles Championship. the naked eye, showers manage to stay away. The eclipse will be underway about 9.15 o'clock but the moon will not do a complete fadeout before 11.09 p. m., according to the weather bureau. The first part of tbe earth's shadow will begin to cast a smudge over the 1 moon at shortly after 9 o'clock, while from Il.CS Ihe entire inoon vrlll be j In a match that was as even as blotted out for an hour and forty i a. m., one small j work Mountains tennis Young, operating a Chevrolet coach. was proceeding east oa the National highway, accompanied by Misses Brodie and Clossmaa. Buffer. the op- erator of a Ford coach bearing West Virginia tags, was going west on the, road. He was accompanied by Grouse! the score icdicstss, Richard Rams- At 1 47 burg this city and Miss Anna Davett. i coracr iout into the light and at, 2.40, it will i n nil Baltimore, caotured the mixed dou- U H U If 1 srusiae again fl K B bles championship of the Blue Ridge 1 to most eclipses, there rlltlV will be something to see tonight, even j when the moon is in total eclipse, j I The latest reports are that a red cir- cle will be visible where the moon should be in sight. This will be caus- i ed by a few sumbeams, striking near j tbe moon, it is said. The eclipse will religious liberty.1 After Rev. Fr. Crowe's senron. the Blessed Sacrament was brought from the church by Rev. Fr. Albert J. Zuceck, C. SS. R-. who was the cele- brant at the Benediction. The Bless- ed Sacrament had an escort of mid- shipmen from the Naval Academy. A delegation from St. John's Holy Name Society left Sunday morning at 1130 and participated in the- cere- monies. :defracd the Central Bank and Trust I Company there before it failed in 1930. He was convicted in 1931, but to administer the old age pensions. Announcing that he was leaving oa a tour of the state to organize coun- i Interesting Marriage Cer- emony At Mt. St. Mary's K tj The Associited Austria. July Kurt Schuschnigg. although injured m an automobile accident in which killed, made clear todav that he is determined to continue at his leadership of Austria's Fascist government. Moasignor Stefan MatzSnger. the Chancellor's spiritual advisor, told the Associated Press this. He has with Schuschnigg almost con- I fought his case through every court ty pension boards, Mr. Greenstein! i available. said he would visit Frederick county j Usually the Governor merely an- today and would also stop at Eagers- j i nounces he has declined clemency town and Oakland, to organize Gar-1 tinuously since the latter's automobile ileft the road near Vienna yesterday land crashed into a tree. Police said that they did not think sabotage was responsible, but con- ---------------tmued an investigation, sending the Miss Mftni Rial, daughter of Mrs.; automobile wreckage to Vienna. The College Grotto. thoughtful study." The clemency petition asked Sixteen county boards will then be for a near organization, i: was stated. The tourney, Sunday afternoon on the Catoctm Country Club courts by nosing out Harry Jr., Washington, and Mrs. Elizabeth T. Bopst, Frederick, 9-7. WELL ATTENDED i full and complete pardon for Lea on latter part of the week will be devot- j the grounds that reputed "new evi- ed to crgsn-ratioa of boards in south- dence" presented in his behalf by em and northern Maryland to coni- 1 J. Til. Broughton, Raleigh lawyer, plets the set-up. "exonerated" of the charges of Mr. Greenstem's statement was as which he was convicted. follows: The event concluded the Blue, __ be visible over whTn inetfT doubles of KaanA be played. March and Chirte Chan- Even persons also of Washington, came from hrins m TOtera Ettrope' Afrlca acd or; the Pacific ocean will be able to I get excellent glimpses of the event. No Rain For St- Swithin's? Interesting Sermon By Rev. Mr. Sharpe, Pastor M. E. Church, South. If a pardon was not forthcoming, "By virtue of the recent welfare Mr. Broughton asked for a comma- i ace, passed by the last session of the Satur- i and several other persons, whose names were not learaed. The accident took place on a straight stretch of road, west of the western approach to Braddock bles title from Buddy Radcliff and I Mai McCardeil, both of Frederick. J4-6. 6-1, 7-5. The steadiness of Ramsburg finally i proved the deciding factor m Sun- i" Precipitation is possible for St. Swith-n's Day today, which is suppos- Heights. From reports, the cars ap-! parently crashed together on Young's side of the road. Neither machine overturned bat both were badly dam- aged in the wreck. Several of the in- jured were removed to the hospital in _, forty observers. days, according Generally fair to some weather. the ambulance of C. E- CUne aad Son, summoned from Frederick, while oth- toss-sip until was won at love. which j March and Mrs. t-he same as Suriday is expected Another large crowd attended ihe Sunday evening service, sponsored by Protestant churches of Frederick, in Baker Psrk Sunday evening and hsard an interesting address by Rev. Sharpe. pastor of Trinity church, South, who took lation on the grounds the reputed new matter raised at least a serious doubt as to Lea's guilt. "We have been unable to discover any new evidence which, is substan- tially different from what fras been heretofore brought the Gov- ernor's statement said. On the request for a commutation, it set forth that Legislature, -vesting ihe administra- tion of old-age pensions in the Board of State Aid and Chanaes and in county welfare boards, we are going to be able to administer the old-age act without the employment of addi- tional persons. "This is possible by virtue of the fact that the county welfare boards Bopst drew up from far behind to first set overtime, but the of victorious pair Sn- ally brought victory. Ramsburg: and Miss Dayett were swept aside in the second set. as the losers showed their night, when thunderstorms may ar- rfve. Followlag the rain.early" Saturday Q? for his subject, "A Fourth Dimen- s.ori." Rev. Mr. Sharpe took as his test I temperatures began over the week-end- was 89 to Ciimo again The maTiTmTm "That Ye May Able to j Comprehend All Saints What is Breadth, the Depth i and the Height of the Gospel Which 1 is in Christ Jesus." The apostle Paul, said Rev. Mr. Sharpe. uses odd Ian- an investigation into the wreck Sun- l tte 98'degree sainthood and spinrua! matur- posted at Pouce Headquarters to i ot FMa3r- iry in mathematical terms. Young as a witness until tne date of I 6 again crowded Sunday. j meaat by length in the the heannf. tentatively set as ._, l{ The precipitation early Saturday, goepel of Canst rles nt-Tto i tt to bat -03 <tf thai Quality of i en m ?Vii ers were taken to Frederick by pass-K ine rnotonsts. ?5 cury edged upward State Officer Cecil was continuing I TOtals i cool breezes both days kept the heat ally broke through Mrs. Bopst s ser-. (at a rraaimum arc afforaea much re- I lief from the 38-degree ternperanire of Fnday. Swimming pools were again crowded Sunday. it was "prematurely presented." j already have in their employ social Lea was convicted along with his workers who are administering j son, Luke Lea, Jr.. and Wallace B. j ployment relief, and we expect to use Davis, president of the Central Bank, j the same personnel to investigate the! The younger Lea, serving a much j old-age pension cases, shorter sentence than his father, wri j "We intend to send out in a few paroled last year due to his health, j days the necessary forms and investi- Davis, who entered prison before the j gaGon blanks to all -county units, and 'Less, was paroled recently -after an hope to be-sble to begin the ad- earlier request had been declined- j ministration of old-age pensions in f the stale just as soon as money is made available to us by the state." Edward Jr son of Mr. and petitions when he refuses them, but rett and Washington counties. It Gioamger of Paris, formerly of Cabinet had placed Vice-Chancellor he issued a long statement in the _ was indicated that William L. Galvin I Pittsburgh, was married to Gerard Lea case and pointed out he had and Thomas B. Finaa, members of the given the data presented in the pns- Board of State Aid and Chanties oner's behalf laborious and i would accompany Mr. Greenstein. Mrs. Gsrard Edward The Hague, Holland, Barst, Sr., of a: the Grotto, Mount St. Mary's College, Sat- urday afternoon. The Her. James G. Burke, of the college, performed the ceremony. The bride was given in marriage by her ancle, John Rraggold Glon- mger. She wore a lace sown. An x-ray Ernst Von Stahremberg, leader of the Heimwehr forces, temporarily in charge of the government. ation fay physicians disclosed that Schuschnigg was not senously injured and physicians an- nounced that his physical condition was good. Pale and his face drawn with pain, Schuschnigg was assisted by friends from the hospital early this morning with a rorones of camellias, and car- j for a visit to the church, where lay ned white roses and lilies of the val- j the body of his wife. The day was ley. so hot that many mourners in the The bridesmaids were Miss Ledlie' crowd outside fainted, but the Chan- DLL I Ltd oAlU I Ui OPINIONS CONFLICT BE INCREASING Rial, sister of the bride, who arrived from France durrrg- the week accom- panied by the father of the bride- groom: Miss MoEy O'Doaaghue, of SmrniEsburg, a firs; cousin of the bride: Miss Rosilyn Klosky and Miss Marylyn Slosfcy. of Westfield. N. J_ twin coiisms of the bride; Miss Anne Gloninggr. of Pittsburgh, another cousin of the bnde, and Miss Aileen Rial, youngest sister of. the bnde. They were attired in pale rose mous- de sole frocks, with broad bine velvet bells, and carried Colonial bouquets. J. Ledlie Gloniager was best man. bride's grandmother, Mrs. J. Ledlie Glonisger, printed chif- fon, a small black French hat, while the bride's mother chose a Vi- ennese gown of green plaid organdy, with green picture hat. A TT- After the ceremonv, a reception OVER DATE OF TRIAL held t fes of View, home of Mrs. Glonmger. A cellor wore a raincoat with its collar j upturned. f Shortly after noon the special train took the Chancellor and the body of his wife to Vienna. Their nine-year- old son, Kurt, who was injured in the wreck was left behind in the v unaware that his mother was dead.' kept asking for her. f" Radclitl and _ presented the McCardeil r doubles Minor Accident Occurs A minor accident occurred at East j Second and East streets about into a 5-2 lead i o'clock Saturday night when Tem- final mobiles operated by Howard T. Per- kins. North Bentz street, and Doro- thy Barnes, Frederick, Route 5. collid- ed. One of the machines was con- siderably damaged, it was said, but no one wss reported injured. Officer j Fa ran, charges scsrcel" set they apoarentlv V... i the showers arrived. TKith manv per- ;T l W SSMP h wc wmcn Zi !OTe' d gamely to win the showers, the weather quickly cleared and tern- peratures remained moderate through the that a submerged people might travel of and eSort. of God only when imbued with spirit and esert evangells- and he Attorney General Herbert O'Conor i buffet supper and dance followed. Sees Speedy Trial Of The Coblentz Case. Sprays Are Recommend- j ed In War On Destructive Japanese Pest. Mr. and Mrs. Borst wffi sail for Havre, and after a shore -visit m Paris with the bride's sister, Miss j Conflict jg op juons on when the j Bechi Rial, will make their home in next; trial of former Senator Brussels. Paris, July of fhous- anas of men. women and children in. nval political camps disputing the paraded today In huge. BastUe Day demonstration. _ .-V _ Clashes between the Nationalist Veterans" organisation, "Voix de and Leftists, enemies, met by the Soc- t" lalisus Deputies at Limoges in whica several were injured was the only trouble reported. A rainstorm quick- ly dispersed Limoges demonstrators. Later there were brief scuffles be- -j rween factions at Dijon and Stras- bourg, but nobody was hurt and offi- cials said that all France was calm. Leftists announced that marched in their five-hour procession cere. Emory L Cobientz. Middletown, would take place m Baltimore were m evidence over the week-end, fol- lowing trie action of the Court of Brussels. Mrs. Borst, who was educated abroad, returned to St. Joseph's Col- lege high school here to receive her tbe SUBe M to Uie power. After them to court for a hearing tonight. mto.a lead' Residents awoke ind decided to pii Collateral forfeited in two acci- ia Ul- reaay tO concecie the sheets. A little before Paul raesn: by breadth in the gos- pel that the Christian is t< diploma. She finished her studies at While no Japanese beetles nave. In rsvezsfss the cession of. Sacre Coeur, Florence, lalv; discovered in this county and com-j i paratively few nave been trapped in i the according to J. M. Walrxo, TOM TH1JMB WCBDIXG Collateral forfeited in two dent cases in Police Court Saturday night. Franklin B. Wise, Dover. DeL, forfeited and costs on a charge of passing a boulevard intersection, the charge preferred by OfEcer Ben Phebus following an accident at the comer of West Third and Bentz i streets Friday night. Wise was go- west on Third street and struck a car operated by Robert Dutow. this A and -when the figfc is wDl be a united than five games. Oi Dom to a morning. boys in sweeping the last at Visited Lutheran Parsonage Rev. and Mrs. Robert J. Wolf and S Philadelphia, j day Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Amos J. Trav- at city.' who was proceeding north on Bentz street Autoists named Freeze, i on East from Manchester, and Collins, secretai' more, forfeited S3 collateral each Luther League of reckless driving charges preferred and Miss Mehlhouse is sec- ol Lutieran par- strect- Rcv' Intermediate coolness, j decided to pull little before 7 line of thought, he said that the time coros wccn icss-S lids can be told and not classed ai the Frederick airport gave the fol- nere-jc By depth in Christ's gospel, Paul meant that a Christian needs to be tolerant but can'; tolerate just any- thing. "Christ was broad bin he didn't include everything in his beliefs." Referring to the fourth dimension uhich Einstein speaks of in matriema- ir. Sharpe compared it to on a charge of fraudulent corporate Federal Government inspector, the misrepresentat.on. insects are said to be gaining, ground j Herbert R. O'Conor, Attorney-Gen- j -iic o-at-ic urtJtrUj., jriuiSliCc, j tv- Judge George A. and ordering Monsejour Aigle, Switzerland; the that the former banker must be cried i University of Lausanne, Switzerland. other seasons of ihe State. Ai a Ural of Maryland, wired from Los and the Konsular Akademie, of Vi- enna. Mr. Borst, who is 2. graduate of Novel Event To Be Presented BySnn- day School Class At Adamstown. A Tom Thumb Wedding wfll be j presented by the Rainbow Class of j the Trinity Reformed church, Ad- on Friday, at 8 p. m, la the L O. O. F. HaE, Adamstown; 3i3y Rerm will act as the an- nouncer. The bridal party win be: .tymssra College, the Hague, been j of Canterbury, Gordon result of a cut in Insect Control I Angelas, where he is attending a; spending the last few months at the j Dutrow; Bride, Jennie June. Joycft: Fund, a tne present state budget, of-j isgai that Coolentz! Commonwealth Club, Richmond, Va. j YmgUag; groom, Tom Thumb, Ar- trial following j Jewing readings: 10 p. m_ 81 degrees: j a 11 p. rn., 79; midnight. 78. The fall OfScer Phebus following a collision at the Square Corner about ten days ago. Surprise Birthday Dinner A delightful surprae birthday din- ner was tendered Mr. and Mrs. retary of the Junior Department. Both were departmental secretaries when Rev. Dr. Traver was executive I secretary of the Luther N League of America, They were retarning from the Luther League convention at Charleston. S. C, and left here Sun- in the mercury was slow until 5 a. m_ e breeze, getting under way. the coramn to 67. This was just 30 degrees under the airport's afternoon high mark of 97. The -worst of the overnight heat in the city, estimated to have bees SO j pauys "fourth dimension" of height, degrees at midnight, did not get into xhis "fourth dimension" was refer- the record since the 24 hour mini- to as an attribute of I ficials who have been fighting the aaTE a plant-destroying insects urge citizens j court-s :o conduct taeir own 2ght on the i bug by sprays which can be used in' the war on the beetles. A general survey is bein? made here oaai.. througfaoal the State by the ento- ing charges. He said: mology department of the Umversity! i T, of Maryland to obtain on the' situation, according to Dr. Ernest N. jeopardy for the president of the closed Central Trust Company, ac- KIDNAPPER BEING SOUGHT BY G-MEN Government Agents Said To Be Clos- ing In On Dainard "Brains" Of Weyerhauser Kidnapping. mum was 68. Farms Increase In Maryland By Tte Associated Press. Washington, July increase of i.209 in the number of farms in Maryland, between 1930 and 1935, is Mam Duvail near Walkersviile, aftemoon Tor Philadelphia. I by the Census Bureau. j Mr. Wolf assisted Rev. Dr. Traver at i Over the same period the total val- the morning service Sunday. Ee is J ue of ail farm land snd buildings in j well-known here, having visited Fred- the state decreased some 168 _ _ i ri "it is removed from others as far as Einstein's is from tbe three other dimensions of space." Rev. Mr. Sharpe described this "dimension" as the thing which differentiates Christ- ianity from other religions. "It 5s thai to day, July 7, by his children, grand- children, brother and sister, nieces and nephews, in honor of his 77th birthday, which occurred on July 4. A large birthday cake was pre- sented to Mr, DuvaH by h'-s niece, Mrs. Arthur Naill. of Westminster, and was enjoyed by all present.' Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Wm. F. Duvail, Mr. and Mrs. P. J. DavaS. Westminster: Miss Ida Du- vall. San liar; Mr ana Mrs. Roy Pntmars and family, near this city; Mrs. Harry Herbert and family, Mr. aad Mrs. E J. tJtterback, near this city: Mr. aad Mrs. Roy S. Duvail and family, near New Market; Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Duvail and sons, near Walkersville; Mr. and Mrs. Ev- erest Derail and son, WiKersviEe: j man's elevation of personality to his erics: on numerous occasions. i to Denied That Milk FromPenal I Farm Went To Washington Mr. and Mrs. daughter. New Wilbur Duvail and Windsor; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Duvail and son, Sam's Creek; Mr and sons. New Mrs. Ralph Dwvall Windsor: Mr. and Mrs. Geo. S trine. Baltimore; Misses Blrnira, Thelma and Mary Evelyn Putman, Fay and Phyllis Duvail, Betty and Barbara Jean Herbert, Master Lloyd Herbert, Hueston, Rhudel, Alton and Norman Put- man, James Roach, Leo, Mehrl, and Aubrey Duvail, Mr. Bankerd, New Windsor: William, Ralph and Arthur guvall, Jr. tion, Makes Reply To Statement Of Nice. Cheltenham. At one he said, owing to a milk shortage in the National Capi- j tal. a partial agreement was made j vation Army. but was never earned out. 1 In con- he said. "To heights of per- fection is Christianity's dream for i man. May we press on to heights in j Chrisi." A number of hymns were rendered, i led by the Trinity M. E. choir. Jta- vocation was by Rev. Robert Sberfy. pastor of the Church of the Breth- ren; scripture lesson. Rev. Dr. Amos J. Traver. pastor of Evangelical Luth- j eran church; prayer. Rev. Dr. G. Ellis of 'r j churcn: and offering, i. Bernard C. Morris of the Sal- Cory, head of the department. Property owners can make an ef- fective spray, by using a mixairs of j two ieaspoonfuls of dry arsenate of j lead and one and one-half teaspoon- j fuls of Sour, mixed in a quart of water. Dr. Oory, aave the mandate in the i BT The Associates Press. CDD.ents case returned at an early I Tacoraa, Wash, July to aj to aaf e the case tried j that the government was closing in William Dainard. fugitive "brams" was in conflict with the state-1 tQe George Weyerhauser kidnap- i of Attorney Bernard J. i Ping, continued to circulate here to- of Baltimore, who said Satar- I day while Mrs. Margaret Waley speaking of the State- wide situation, said that a forty Der cent cat in the Insect Control Fund j day he did not believe Coblsniz would be tried some time in the FaH. Wens said he would contact James Clarke, former State's Attorney in has limited the work of the ento- j Howard county who was in charge of mology department of the university to the certification of farm and nur-! determine what pari the ialcer sery prodicw in order to enable Maryland erowers to move their pro- ducts outside the State. "Large areas in Maryland have been quarantined by the United States Department of Agriculture to demurrer, prevent the spread of the beetle, and it, is necessary that the State spend most of its now available money to _ free farm products, nursery stock and j at Henry. Va, in 1841. awaked in ja2 the pronouncement of sentence for her part in the crime. Relentless G-rnea moved about through the Pacific Northwest, but would neither confirm nor deny that prosecution in that county, and j ihsy ware oa badly-wanted convict's 'trail take in the case. i One report was that as govern- Weils said he "assumed" Clarke will; meat wanted Dainard, alias Maaan. receive a special appointment similar! on next Wednesday, the day of seat- to the one he held from the county'; eaciag Mrs. Waiey on the Ltnd- ia the argument to Coblentz' i bergh law" and conspiracy charges. j Several of the higher peaks of the Fresne! lens for j Great Smoiy mountains are bare of houses was installed in the beacon timber, but their summits are covered The j with heavy, meaaow-iike grass. Kagerstown, July that any milk from the State penal farm at Roxburr ever had been sold in the City of Washington was Hal T. Seams' reply Saturday to state- ment by Gov. Nice. "The Governor, now en route to California, said he had requested Charles J. Butler, director of. welfare, to investigate a report that the in- stitution "had entered into competi- tion with the tax-paying citizens of Maryland." Keams ends his administration of the penal farm today to take charge i of ue House of aeforgatiou i Maryland. The Governor said Western Mary- I Ladies' GuiM Meeting. land dairymen had complained of the A meeting; of the Ladies' Guild of sale of milk by the institution. Nice I the Utica Reformed church was held other commodities that are likely to- be said Dr. Cory. i the beetle Is most prevalent, swarms s of them hum over rose bushes, peach J trees, flowers and shrub bushes of aD j thur Fouche; rnairi of honor, Geral- dine Stup: best man, Daniel Thayer: flow-ar girls, Anna Lee Myers, Betty Smith, Virginia Lee Thomas; ribbon, bearers, Ruth Pearl. Helen Myers, Lorraine Biser, Grace Burrisr; bridesmaids, Martha Ana Gibson, June Stup, Frances Stup, Betty rteaa, Jean Oland, Catherine Wat. ushers, Jesse Stup. Bobby Renn, Sam- my Hoke, MiHard Myers, Ralph Bow- ings. Carl Raymond Thayer; ring bearer, WiHiarn Wilt, Jr.; pages, Ro- laad Stup. Lloyd Frye; mother of the bnde, Catherine Biser; father of the bride, George Stup; mother of the groom, Lorraine Stup; father of the groom, wniiam Tingling; famHy mammy, Thelrna Wilt. A number of persons 'wul represent such dis- tinguished guests as President and Mrs. Roosevelt" Sistie aad Buzrie Dall, Col and Mrs. Charles Lind- bergh, the Governor and Mrs. Harry Nice and others. Rev. Mr. Harvey shue is pastor of the church. varieties. Grapevines are suffering! i most from the present j as many as twenty beetles sometimes! __ j being found oa one leaf. V. wrote to Butler, requesting bin-, to j at the home of Mrs. Grayson StuH. j In maay cases entire trees have been stripped their foliage. When j the beetles are disturbed from one) bush or tree, they 2y away in clouds to other places of feedmg. Eleven Applicants Are Eligible o Police Force m With Meningitis 3? Tbe Associated Press. Salisbury, McL, July Richardson. 32-year-old civilian con- servation corps worker, was confined _to the Peninsula General Hospital j here today with meningitis, one of the jsix cases to be reported an tie Easv lern Shore of Maryland. "examine into the situation and. if found to be true, to take immediate steps looking to the cessation of this vicious practice" Nice criticized the purchase of im- blooded dairy herds by State Institutions, asserting thisto be a "use- less, wasteful and extravagcnt use of the people's money" As long as he is Governor, he said. he -will not permit State institutions to enter into unfair competition be- Thursday afternoon. The meeting was opened with singing. "In The Garden." followed by scripture read- ing by Mrs. Elsie Snook, and Lord's Prayer. There were 16 members pre- sent. The president, Mrs. Snook, presided. It was the birthday of one of the members, Mrs. Glenn Stall. Refreshments were served. The next meeting win be held at the home of Mrs. Harry Stull. near Frederick. Thursday. August 8. The meeting _ averages, Arthur T. Burke, ItOCKVllle, Silver Spring, Leslie B. Thompson, cause of free labor with the people of closed with singing, "Sowing Ths followed fey. Farm Meetirif. Walter E. Burrall, near New Mar- ket, will address the regular Farm Bureau meeting of Ballenger district at the Feagaville school house, Mon- day o'clock. Mrs. Rcy 7Jmmerman have charge of a literary program. H. C. Pools, chair- sill preside. Made Highest Average With Mark Of 88.22. RockvUle, July of tbe 24 applicants who took the examina- tion given, by the State Employment Commission to create an eligible list for the Montgomery County Police made passing grades. Carl V. Ramey. of Rockville. made the highest average with 88 22 Rockvffle; Gassaway W. Linthicum, Boyds: Frank A. Lane, Tafcoma Park; FrankUa J. Waters. Jr, Germantown: WiHiam R. Travers and Tscssas E. Tomorrow, geaer- THE WEATBEK The weather forecast for Mary- land today is: "Fair today, followed by local thunder showers ate this after- noon or tonight. Brown, Silver Spring: Francis L Gil- more, Rockvflle: Herbert M. Heflin, Poolesville; William M. Whalen, Takoraa Park. In the event of a vacancy on the police force, State Employment Com- missioner Harry C. Jones will certify the names of the first five on the list to the county commissioners and only certify more names if all five refuse rf. i. T, I illy fair; not much change la Thunder show- ers may step in and spoil Fred- erick's view of the eclipse of the moon tonight, ,the weather man mji. At any rate, there it lately to be ram today, which St. Olhen wbo guied. in Un order of I appointment [tttf. VM

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