Saturday, December 16, 1905

Denton Journal

Location: Denton, Maryland

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Text Content of Page 1 of Denton Journal on Saturday, December 16, 1905

Denton Journal (Newspaper) - December 16, 1905, Denton, Maryland 1345. A Family to Local and General Intelligence, Agriculture and on all Subjects. Subscription, One Dollar per Annum, in Advance. 1GC5 SO 16, 19O5, IsTO, 7 m GIFTS FOE LADIES. Those who are piwled as to what to give a lady had better consult this list, make memoran- da, and then come and see other things we have no to men- tion. gift editions, for instance. TOILET gift. We have a fine lot. MUSIC just the thing. DRESSER will be used. MANICURE SETS. Every woman wants one. Gloves Handkerchief Boxes and SHs. Sterling end of suitable presents. Jewel beautiful kinds. aM the new leathers. in boxes. Celluloid fine presents. thing that is al- ways suitable. Cbrfstmas 9, '05 'OME HERE for your Clubtims Presents, and for all your Holiday Drug Store Shopping. Our stocks were never in better condition to meet the require- ments of tl-e season. You and your friends are cordially invited to come, and come olten. and see our exception- ally fine showing of Christmas things. You will be de- lighted, as all others are. You will be well repaid. We have gifts for ladies and gifts for gentlemen, gifts for children of all ages and gitts for old people; low-priced gifts and expensive nice for everybody. Douglass Palace Drug Phone No. 44. Maryland. FREE With every ji purchase of Holiday Goods you will be en- titled to a guess on a handsome Dressing Set, which will be giv- en away December 31. Value Holiday Perfumes. Our special selection of Holi- day Perfumes comprises the daintiest and sweetest perfumes from the world's best manufac- turers. 1 he packages in which they are contained are of unus- ual beauty. We have an almost endless variet-. to select from. odor. Toilet the best ones. We invite you to inspect this collection of fine perfumes. We will gladly show you anything you wish to see. Hair and Cloth Brushes A fine hair or cloth brush makes a very useful and most acceptable present to give any- body. We have a fine assort- ment of splendid Brushes, both hair and cloth, some with fancy backs, others with backs ot hand- some natural of them with good, strong bristles, bris- tles that are put in to stay. All of these brushes will give satis- faction, and last a long time. lime spent in examining our holiday stock is time well spent. On every hand see timely and valuable suggestions that will help you greatly in solving that important problem, "what to get for Xmas." Holiday Cigars. You will find a number of gifts in this ad. that will suit a smoker. You make sure of cigars he will like by getting them here. In boxes, all prices, joe. to Distinctive Presents. Yen don't want to give what everybody else gives we know that, and we kept that in mind when we were selecting Christ- mas good.s. We did not buy a "whole lot" of any one tiling, but looked and looked every- where and anywhere to get things which were especially odd or especially pretty or espeually attiactive in .some we got them. We are satisfied with this stock of gift things which w e have col- lected, and we are sure you will be delighted with them. Remem- ber that when you come heie you get articles are hard lo duplicate you get things that everybody hasn't got and can't get now. Come in as soon as you can so that you can take your pick of the uitire stock. Come when we huve cur opening on Dec. 10, 1905. Come before all the best goods are sold. Christmas Cards. You have a large number of friends at home or at a distance to whom you do not care to send any special gift, but to horn y on would like to send some token of remembrance. Christmas Cards fill the need. We hav e a line assortment of new ones at all sorts of prices from a few cents up. Books. Theie is hardly a person who has Xmas gifts to buy who should not consider the selection of book's. Hooks are equally desii- able for old and young. They are treasured for a lifetime and never lose their value. Large as our stocl< was last year, it is al- most doubled this season. The variety is greater and the stock throughout is larger. It includes the latest and most popular nov- els, together with the standard iiction, poetry, etc. Also books for girls, books tor boys and books for the little people. We think' you can find anything you want, and can be suited, no nut- ter what price you wise to pay. GIFTS FOR MEN. VW h ivr often been tnU I.Klies "it is so to huv presents for men." We will demonsti.ite it is notluiJ at our store. Men like gifts' com- bining iisL-fuliiess with conven- ience. Thev want ihem to be in quality. We have a of articles that will touch a man's heart. Aiming them are: CIGARS always .suits tiie smoker. SMOKING tilings he ill appreciate more. SHAVING A very piactical <iitt. COLLAR AND CUFF BOXES. useful ahv.n s. FOUN TAIN like this if he writes. :imis.s on this if he is a reader. INK have the new ones that will please. POCKET have the kind men like. TRAVELING whether he tiavels or not. PLAYING CARDS. Extra line ones tor Xmas. Fountain Pens. A fountain pen is a busy man's or woman's companion. It is a perpetual convenience if it is a one, and :i constant annoy- ance if it isn't. We guarantee these we sell to be Prices differ a little, probably more than the quality of the pens. Pi ices, M-5O, 5-1.50, Come In And look over our holiday- stocks to your heart's absolutely no obligation to buy. We sincerely trust that you ill not fail to give our store a visit when you are out. You will be glad you did so, for you will get many hints irom our stocks. Use Your Telephone Call us up at any time and have aiu thing sent up that you would like to look at, and we w ill be only too pleased to send them to your ow n door. You are unJer no obliyitions to bnv if suited. We krow that you will be suited, for our goods are right, price is right, and stock is complete. High-Grade Stationery Fine box papers are always in demand for gifts, especially among the people at home. We have Whiting's and bert lines, and the pi ices are right on them. Handsome Purses. We are making an elegant showing of botli Ladies' and Gen- tlemen's Purses, Pocket-books, and Card Cases. The leathers from w hich these goods are made are of fine ity. The designs lepresented in this assortment are the vi_ry lat- est and For a hand- some appearing and well made pocket-book or purse, e never saw ere that will beat these that v. e w ill offer at opening. Gift Candies. Candy always makes an ac- ceptable gift, especially when it is "Lowney's Famous Candy." 'I hat is Ihe kind we handle. We are going to carry a com- pL-te stock of these deli- cious confections. We will sell them by the pound in plain boxes 01 in beautifully decorated 01 packages, .my desired, for gift purposes. Imported China. Our line of imported china is the finest ever s en on this shore. We have a line ol hand-painted work which is sure to please the most fastidious and exacting critics. Salad useful. Bread PLttes family needs one. In fact, we have such a nice line of these things that you will have to see them to appreciate them. We will be pleased to show them to you when you call. R. T. CARTER, Deoton, WILL WRITE Tin; Best LIFE and FIRE INSURANCE OBTAIXADLE AT THE MOST REASONABLE RATES. ;t cstimntes on all your pr New Holland Feed Crushers. Crush corn nnd plain corn, or small faster thiiu nnv mill on the iiiarLet. NO. 1. Crushes 30 bushels Corn and Cob meal per hour. 1'ricc OSUci. NO. 2. Crushes CO bushels Corn and Cob meal per hour. I'rice S33. Suitable to use with steam engines, horse powers or gasoline engines. Write for catalogue. Sold by iy Agents NBVIU3 FRAMPTON, Easton, Md. UNDERTAKER F LAND. giREG7OR EMBALMER Mr. Nowell answers calls day or night, any distance. Meets the remains ot deceased at any railroad station. Furnishes airy supplies that go to make a first-class funeral. Subscribe for The Journal and get all the county news. DO YOU T For Long Trips and Short Trips, For Som Krramls All And for n Few Visits and Manv Visits? Toy T the Your Order to the Grocer? Your Order to the liutcher? When the nuniber of Phones reaches 100 all-night service will he profiled. This wil1 Ix: a great additional convciiieiice in case of a hurry call for the doctor, or a lire or burglarv. Subscribe for telephone ice ami the direct returns be in time and money Business Phones, Per Year. Residence Phones, Per Year: We mnLc special rales to country and will bo pleated to quote ratc4 to suit the condition-, of tlu Communicate f. Diamond State Telephone Company, Law Building, Dcnton, Maryland. Undertaker and Mr. Cooper's lonf; experience in nnd nil Hip other liit pro Cession render absolmcly cortHin tliu proper of lni duty in nil uiftticrs ntrustpd to liip euro. All mils cither by Jay or nighl. IVs oncu on Mhin stroot. opposite tho now druj; storo. T. H. EVANS COMPANY, FRUIT AND PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. 214 Light Street, Baltimore, Maryland. Cy CUCF LOVDLL I lie n'.s 111 wutthul link N I'.l.u '..-lit Hi 1 i't h anytliiiii; to iio N. itli jou 11 all y il You il AH 1 UK- 1'iiiiMi hi il w is agaii Innied the anil ilu liiiiiiinotk s'i )k wit'i the i I's (oiiMil Tin- littlo b..ii'L ralf i-.M-d lu-r mis tros In eyed then liurni) U jvntlj hid luva lli> i.i.itter these l.isl tlnee diijs'. She riu'd n >t i Tlu- nirl MI l.ienU il tossei1 her hair In r tc'.u i ei'di at d .11 s v.l'itiiii'd little i-leitine, il V..I-, ill! Yom I'iiul'trliiii-' hoisei .mil our le ovir il and and on; llu'ii i.iy siyiii'i I'd just and i.i.ii'ry t' u.i In. lather, and f.i- tlii'r >e-, I then I'd hue I i. I u.iutdl to b.u 1; out im- li-i-. SIM .u-'i 'I. Init li" Oh, It's J.i b i lib..-: And 1 h.Ue him: S.imnijr Why. lollv HI: Tin.n.' ir i.u i; Tin: HOOK. niAT, MJU loot.! ho i I'liii; i i! 'Aunty An.l nu- ou'.t llnvo! t'. it fjr spin- "An! .1 'li I In el iniiuli. Oil, If in iili r -c only living: Ilii'-.v r.lllici :lt tin- K.itk- I Mijip I'll J IK LT i'j> lid -iiiilu sinil In- 1 i-viTj ur 1 u'll 110 .'IIU'I'V. v.liii'i tlii? I'laiti-i '1 lido'-. s v. illi In i! Tl en- w.ii j.iK'Uiii'i; On Ills way iro .1 .1 iini'X- X M of i. in. I siii'i-ifi r. in diM. iiiiin-j: .111.1 111' 'tMin'Iy .llili' l> .Ill I t >r I 'ilf :i 1 luv oun i i .ulliiK In r 1 .tliii n slio li.itl 'lu' .t il I hi liis Intl. line. 1 an! siairtinu li uul- cd them :inil li'il liMii to ih.' hi.; 111 lir In ll.i- lining IDI.I. here liu s.u !v li.-cK. sllll siillfrliij; pain onl of li'inprr. MiMiitliiH' Kul tli'iM of the 1 1 of far w null. .IN :in I IM 1 s nijrlit ilio fonco, tj iijdcr u .ml tho Slio ho tiitisl'cil v. nil ollii'i- uniisi-nioiit. ir.lli'il tin- slu-iifr. 'Vo .1011 i'O Sain up (lie "No. replied M fra'n tlu> 1 Kt'i'i) n for him. .lo'.ni suiil .e'll tret 1'ini I'Lc.l t 1 !l to-'.iy si'ii 1 him over (J isn llic petition "Ah, s K hi'ii." l'i' .1 Kle 1 iMisnini- inntii.'llv a i.ioiiH'iit l.iler. tin' lick of tin- fM'.o hilell :ml on .he pntli. liefoio the n I'D >i-. evening. S.'in. suui tl'i? sheriff The answer n limp snifi'. The slii'i'ifl's jiiu.pi'ftUe s m n :n lir-4 y eitcntrc man. a liniiili'i'l odil triiK; of kpeeih in iniii'i- -if silciue. v, rre of p.'Ulliui s I'einie In km1'.' him. jind in thai intrniplu )lli Sheriff I! ul; re.ul :in fur lint i-ett-ilii t i a it- hid nr.leiitly 1 iK-'ii to I'ent. Ili-i llreuly rnl'leil ler. r< i v..iy .Hid, p lihnvelf IMI u in HIP ilrilr. lo win inly a'ul liitl -r'.v 'Von s ij .iiMtlui- VMM- 11 )t RiiothiT 1 nM in o.'eiy stnpkl. iilirho.iiled uul of It! "nut." hN lillndeil eyes owartl tho ilojr. "'t jon t.ilk :in oulln-iv Piortil, S. in Tint's liHt the w.iy you (.ilk 1 ;ct c n'l 1 l i I. j in sniff; J (hi- lenie on i, -i ijiioclty, on --noLt; I n t i Brunt, Hi- i-.iller Miiiii'J nn. The shpi-ill tiinuil I'l-oiii linn In KU- There .is a lim the Ui.iir ln' Ilie iloiu- jes: cnne In :uid li.ive ;i xcliilined the slieilii' .illy. The L'luilr "Oh, there's on it, H Tiure.' see, I can't see. I my ryes full of dust totl.iy." liU Miiro, lie called, ''Mllly, i1 HUP .mil Mr. u eh.iir." 'Ihe l.iteheu iloor opeiied. There was :iii l.iin.ition. a slleiiee, a si'i'p.un ol Kithsh hininH.niPMisIx tlieie ii clatter and el i at the ilooi. a fi b.iwl, ilinl. the funi his eyes, the shenll ' the Houii'.liiiiK heels of the ills ippe.u calf. until she dropped v. e.ikly into .1, her father, fl.ii.i shi-e. nndi'iiii.u-y of atiKer to the <i e i.ion, sank limply h.u-i; and -'inle 1 to )li--lily, I'.iil he he bo luvciigod tlu- Mll- ly l rt turning silxnit the chair uud e nonld li.ive lime to wlth-, lie titled h.u I: .mil waited. A lew minutes later, with n slow of -'.U'.sf.K t o.i, he he.ird her iijj.iin click- ing up the With ,i h'rini smile I'L- I o-ie more loolc towaid the door, nie.isnud the distam e with his eye, (he movement of his urm .ml le mod in hi-, former position. 'ilie leached the door, halted .1 out tuid, as before, placed hor feel ovei Ihe tine-hold. Quietly the -hei'ii" IP diew tho stick up .icioss hU bio.isi mill suddenly, le sideways, all his strength it the door. T..1.O, jon fool; I'll "S S mi! Sli.i himself with uu effort and w Ith one luiul htlll grliipcil tlght- 1> .ie. os, hii .stomadi, Ihe outraged in.iii 'pi.i'i'j and shook his list i.i Ihe i-iierilT's taee. he exi'l.iinied Inartlcu- l.itily, and before the sheriff could re- poster of speech he spun about and r.iu from the room, only pausing on the iljji'siep to s-hout back: "I came up and hi1 nd what you said a mliiutc you thought It wag I! I tho'iK'.il I must '.i' imie'o n mistake and lame tcuK! And this ends It! I'll p.ever m.suj K il :is us I And S.u.i kept his word. ITo will p i I. il'iy continue lo Ueep It, for wlth- iu thiei' months Mllly and Dick were. uaniul. And Ihii-i I'l.iek-Uollo repaired hor 10 Tiie timarj- lllnl. About :i s-hlp, returning from the M mils In the Atlantic which pe tlien I'.Hktl tho Fortunate Wcs, mil inrlouliteilly the Cunn- ile-.. v.ciu on the of Italy ii.'ir A e.ise of beautiful Ij ipturoil in those islands was tho blids were liberated. oi'g'i jr. c caprice they did uot on the miiliihilul, but went ilu l-I.uil of ICIb.i, whoio In due t n e they nested iiiul brel and i 1 i The Italians discovered lh it they v.i-ie ndmlr.iUIc singois and 11 in l j t iptiire them and sell them In i s. 'lh1, rKo lo a trulUu which s.i i cjuip'.itely I'Je.ii'c.l the l-hind of Illb.i of "i m.iiy so uot onu v.i, lilt thi'ie In a wild state. From th..t lime the histoiy of (he ean.iry has a lecoul of perpetual Imprlson- meir iitid of Its appear- iiiuo an.l In their natural .1 j llicy still In the C.mary .HIM and other Atlantic Is 1 ,, the birds 1110 of u grayish greuu Hi1 frreenlsh brown color anil are not reir.ail.ab'.o for be.uity, but thoy have lire n l.nou n to the mcnibrano of their in pomiiig forth (heir IlnmcH I'nilc. icisj.i i, JH set" "o few blncK l-i bcc.Hfo people let them l.ule" slid a horse lover "You m.iy l.iltgh. but u horse fades just as the c irpet or your li.iir fades In the bs'.ght MIII You know liov. the daz- xlim; him .it the be.u-h will bleach your h.lir in a shoil lime. Well, If >ou keep ,i h Kse in tl'e sun constantly Hie Mime thii.g hippciis lo him, and his ch.ui'-je: in color. Of eouise jon nou'dii't n >t ce it .so much in .1 b.iy or chestnut lur-v1. Init It H notice- .ilde li a bl.u L liaise. His coat t.) ili'ing- Into u rusty black :m I 1'ieii ill Into u icdillsli tint I I. t-uo lil.ii U liarscs. mid (heir Jit! .'re like Jet, but 1 iitncr let them I in 1 in thf sim. I often hitch them .erus i liie ro id from where I want to :'t out so a: t) keep them In tho h.iilc. Consequently they fad- '.1 a mito nil aio as black a-> v.-liL'ii I purth isc.l Yoik A All :r.u incident occurred in an English a shoit timo ago. 'ill.' n in guo out the hymn, "I I.ove Jo etc. The iegu- being absent, the duly 'evolve 1 iiiion a good old de.icon, who immented 'I hne to steal" and then broke ('own. Raising bis1 a little .ug'ier. li then "I t> steal." At Ji'iig h. .'fler a de-'perate cough, Jie r.nde a il demons'.r.ition and roared '-I IU-L- to The effort was niinh one but the parson I iiig'un'4. lie lose and witli the Htn1 t i said "S-ehvi our biother'a proiieubilles, cf us pray." Tlaii I'or tlio "H'.il." as'ved the proprietor of tl-.j .iii.'.itinents. 'V you think til's i i..n li M'iteil f >r the ptisl'lon of j mii 'O'.i. spleiullilly." it-piled Ihe uiuu- .ige: "lip been at various (linos in ic- >.m. i i i'i i.m and .1 Ilh lie'. I M In Impendent and sassy u lie Press. A rurlimltr. T liking ub >nt sclentillc Imo ill cnM'iCd one thing about an enu'im- whidi Is ,1 tint c intiadlclloii." 1 Whit Is " It ii h >tte-it when It's coulcd." Anierii'.in. A (h.i'ilTei'r recently fined at Kcn- >n Kmjlanl, slid ho .igro.'d with his lie (the chauf- 'ourj should pay all lines. The prac- Ice h.1 added, was almost unlvcrsiil in iuoturlns circles. BY WliMELESS By Marion II. Kcrner rWu, I'M. DmiJ i It doesn't loiiK so f.u to S.IH] Nettie Mlj. ''That's not roll-unit." ohjei ted Vic lor Tumor. "I :isk JOH if jou will do me the honor of m.iir.% iui> n e, and you eommciit uii tlu1 I'lil iie.nnes< of llic i1 "f.inuot you !u- (itelj. " I tin not v. .nit to .mvucr that "1 don't see ttlij. 1C it i-u't 'No.' why not s..iy he ide.uh'.l i.iitiestly. beLii friend for a Ion-: time, Nellie." Tin- looked sit him Mjii.u'ely, then droppi'd IILT eyes, that It hint', me I) refuse1.' uot sine that it'. 'Yes' yci. liht 'No' doe 'it lout ly. 'I'le isc, if theies no 0110 "Von i.mst lenu'mhir, Yn lor, all my lifi- I line been MTJ happy fallii'i1, mill it i> not r.isy to my li ippine-H hit thi' Keeping i t" any one else, lie '-aid resignedly. "All I'll wait imlil Min', girlie. I'll vorl; hard forgot %ou just a litlle bit-Tor .iv.lnle" Nellie (unie.I lu liiiu villli eyes fnl] of I "I am sorry, but soino- liow I i inn it bring nn M If t j iv i s.1 I'm glad yes. le.illy don't urge UK', peihaps It dl work out all In the.' end "It will, lio '-aid tender- ly, and he skillfully lumed the conver- sation. They Wiuiloin light, off the shore fr.i'.n the iisoit where they WOIP Mopping1, and 'I'uriier liad thought this a gj opportunity to speak the love that was l-i his hi'irt It u blind: to that he must wait longei. lie had felt of late that sllis cau-d for him. It was with a heavy heart that he rowed across the three1 mile stretch of A LIMIT IS ONE IT.VND AND AXOTHEH AT ma rurr. Inlet. He hope.l that they would come bail: rngjge.l. Instead, she Mlt In the stern, listless nnd dnwiiuust, he put all of his stiiugtli Into his UNing in the hope of down (he dull ache at his lie tiieil not to show his ilis.ippoinl- incut they met In the evening, Init .something had come bclvicen them, nud, trj as they Mould, neither eolild ro-iMt.llillsh tin1 friendship mi tlio old familiar footing Victor made his last and last. At the end of tl.e second day the filiation hail become so that Nettie talking of cutting shoit her stay ,-nd linlMiliii; the Mini- mer at tlio mountains. Viitnr knew her for the shore, and before fade fully ileteiiiilni'.l (In- step he anu.niiiceil that he unesm-ctodly calli'l b.'cU to lou'ii tin1 day. It was uilli relief and dis-- may that Nettie heard the aniionmc- ment, and, Clle.l M-ftii a desire lo lie r.lone. she uent to the bo.uh and put out In (he little hlJff she handled ns expertly as any of the IMieriiu-n. Almost before she l.neu it slu- n n uti.ler the sli uluw of llrfit. and a s-adden led I stop lit the little landing and visit mi the familiar Oddly cuuitKh. tiie Keeper did not come greet her. 1 s-ho made her way tnrlous'y t') the upon door. Tlio little1 wliu-Ii kejit the silltiry man company ran vhnilnj; to meet her. and she foil ivied Int i tlie ininlnnc.l kltdien and tojin. There In his comfortable tlialr sat tha I eeper. apparently asleep, lint he did not awake the do.: l-arkeil, an 1 a chill at beiu Nellie wont forward Hefore sfie re.uhed she knew III: lonely M.I; ended :i'id that deatli hid eilled him in ide sine that he was deid. then turned and -ped t iward lh.' dock to sui'ininn e a slie saw her sMiY on the lieviiitd the Inlet, en led out tho I'bbin tide, and reali'ed she was alone on the with a dead ni-in. 'Ihe dusk falling, and sin- sat on the steps not daring to enter, and vain- ly till1 Inlet for the of a boat. I There win ntit a sill In slji'it. Our- or 1 two small boats alloat the hotel, hut no signal make elTeitUe, and a shilling lie.ut s-he t the night on the reef. 'Ihe glowing dusk leinlnded her of lite light, ami. niiiiiiiu' thiongh the room, slie up the I'liciilar htalr- j vi of the louer. Ihe lainns Mtro dimmed and tilled, and the keeper had KhoMii hei hou they liuuliil. was the glow of a ni.iub, and the be.ims hiiot thionxh the diiik. 1'or awhile she crouched there, liun- tncit and afraid. 'Ihen suddenly an nlea came tu her, uud bhu sprang to her feel. On Ihe hotel piazza they were com- menting on the oddiiess of the light The lie.u-on Mas a llxed light, jet It H.IS HidvLTiiu in the most unexpected fa -hlon. They were Ktlll talking about it Mhen Victor, roaming the piazzas In tl.e hope nf having lib last evening Milh Nettie, drew near ono of Uie group-. "I.jiUs like he said as be Mali he I (he Hashing light for a mo- ment. Wonder If the old moil la In ti'ojble." you lead ItV" asked some one e.igerlj. he laughed. "That was a llie.ii a There was a pause, then he began bloMly lo spell, "II e-l-p." laughed cue of the men. "U lie said quietly. "Miss Os- gojd is in some sort of trouble over there .mil K calling for help." 1'ive inhiuti-s later he was on the beach, a light lu his hand and another at his feet. The guests stood about him as (ho light rose and fell, lirst on one side and thuu uu Ibc other, until, with a "Thank God. she ho tiling ilie spluttering light luto the s; if and Into the waiting bout. Ihe dickering had stopped now, and tiie troMd, straining Us eyes to folloyr tho piogress of the boat, speculated lip-in the ciitKo of the trouble nnd won- deied how Xettle had thought to use To Victor In the boat there wns only the thanght (hat the woman he loved had called him, and he wus the lirst to .spring ashore and dash up the stair- way. rlhc others had gone no farther than the dead man when he reappeared with the uncanscloiH form Jn bis arms. "Some of you row us bo said, the lest stay here until relief comes. YVo nlll send rigbt back." And ho led the way to the boat. They wore nearly home before Nettle opened her eyes. "You did she whispered. "I knew you would. I re- membered you once told me that you could inn n telegraph ofllce. I studied It, too, Just for fun In. school, but It saved me from going crazy tonight" "I M'lsh I could nhrays be near when you ho and he bad to le.ui closer to catch the whispered: "You may If you still want to. I'm sure now." For many persons a uewly discov- ered fact Is simply 11 springboard from whkh they dive a bottomless sea of speculation. They pride themselves on their ublllty to Jump at conclusions, forgetting (hat Jumping la an exercise lu which the lower orders excel their beltcis. If uu elephant could Jump as far In proportion to his weight as a lle.i there would be uo holding him on (bis planet. new discovery U fallowed by u dozen extravagances, engineered by the get-wlse-qulck peo- ple. There Is always some young Na- poleon of philosophy M'ho undertakes to corner the truth market. It's like what happened nl the opening of Oklahoma tenitory. Defoic the day set by tho Mhen (hey all were to .start fair In their race for farms a Laud of adventurers called "soDners" htnuggled tliem.sehcH across the line. When the bana tide settler arrived oa his quarter section he found an Im- pudent "sooner" In possession. Tou can't find any fresh field of Investiga- tion that Isn't claimed by these "soon- ers." It all comes because people are no lunger educated McChord C'rothors lu Atlantic. (-I-KI.IK ma or ibe oia A Untlsh olUclal tells of the carious method adopted by the natives of the Innermost legions of the Kongo State lu the disposal of their aged inbcrs. when they become n burden. The Intlrm and aged people are ren- Icred unconscious by means of a nar- cotic and In this comatose condition ire MTapped In n fresh antelope skin. In this garb they are then hurried by the members of the family to a point from the village nud abandon- I In the grass near n native track. Jhe lirst that passes the spot Mhat lie Imagines to be an lutelope and promptly dispatches U n 111) a hpoar. Then Ihe members of the dece.ise.l aged one's family emerge from hiding near by and express their great honor and surprise at the unfor- tanate Incident, though Inwardly con- gratulating themsehes upon their cess. Vtilrniiorfl nnd A remarkable exnmple of the close connection of volcanoes nnd earth- quakes was observed by tlio early Spanish settlers In San Salvador. When tho water In the crater lake of Ilopauv'o rose above a certain level earthquake shncks always followed, so they cut a channel to allow of the es- cape of the Mater and prevent Its rla- Ing In the crater, and for a hundred ye thetc wns no earthquake lu that district. Then the precaution was nee- ttil, the water rose In the crater and presently a violent earthquake shook the country. At the same tlmi the wns bliju'ii out by a volcanic erup- tion. The plant of friendship grows onlj hi the air of congeniality. Con- tidenco Irinil- Its parts together and Is the coheshe- of Its nature, while sympathy the life giving sap coura- !ng through every liber. It Is nn ever- green and is Indigenous to all lands. Its niOht beautiful tloM'crs open during the night, and. while a perennial bloom- er. It is most fragrant In winter. Time cannot wither or destroy It; age but btrengtlnms and 8. Field. UelRtam Slirluip FUhen. Horses play an Important part la shrimp fishing along the Belgian coast. A procession of weather beaten fisher- men starts from the shore, each man mounted upon the back of a trained lioise. dragging the triangular purse t-h.iped net which scoops In the shrimp us it p issei over the snnds. These llshermrn on horseback frequently make hauls of several hundredweight In a single trip._____________ JEWS PA PER I

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