Monday, November 4, 1918

Cumberland Evening Times

Location: Cumberland, Maryland

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Cumberland Evening Times on Monday, November 4, 1918

Cumberland Evening Times (Newspaper) - November 4, 1918, Cumberland, Maryland MT DANGEROUS TO HEALTH SUPERINTENDENT FOWLER AT LAKE GORDON 1S SUES WHICH BELIEVES APPRE HENSIONNO RAIN OF CONSEQUENCE SINCE JUNE 2 YET SUPPLY CONTINUES GOOD FIVE HUNDRED j STAIiD TAKEN BY MR MLMAN IN THE WAR CONGRESS The voters of the Sixth Congressional District of Maryland of which Allegany County is u part will be allied upon in the com ing election to declare their choice for a Representative in Con IMMEDIATELY the lake to pass the and still have sufficient force to carry througn ihe Hue If it became necessary liowevci and Electric Ught J ing to the Evenine Times today Editor In view of the fact that there has lately ariuen In the public mind Gordon an honest apprehension elevatloa since thoro would be the authorities would be no medium interposed water thereby jeopardizing it mj uut BALTIMORE AND OHIO R gress R MAKES URGENT AP Before theelection the people have a right to viewthe con duct of the Republican candidate Mr Zihlraan who asks to be re 5UO turned to Congress The people have a right to know what his stand has been upon the important measures passed by the War 5e whether he has or hns not measured the stand ard required of a Representative in Congress and whether by his m i nr1 T IAMILibS New Railroad Shops Will Tan1vv 1 reijuircu WA u t in Families will Be Brought vote he has placed the Sixth Congressional District of Maryland Here1 at That Time on record against measures necessary to win the war A result of the vote of Mr Zihlman on important war meas dengerins i health ot the people to dlgabuse the iiiind of this unfounded and unwarranted up prehension and to allay as far as possible Uie honest and goodiuteu tioned criticism incurred1 tneie fore ask you to publish a statement from A GiFowler superintendent at Lake Gordon as to the exact situa tion aa to the water supply t ts aUenlioll called to the fact that housing facilities arc so i and t h i Unfiltercd Watcr Not Unsafe U does not follow that because measures The following reference tohis on several import ant measures is made at this time in order that Mr Zihlman may have an opportunity to answer and explain if he has any excuses proportions that immeaiate acuon or explanation to gtys whv he hflf tomesure up to the Nuust bo to overcome standard required by the voters of the Sixth Congressional ins 11 iv ditipns JCarly this morning Mayor trct amj to advance any reason if any reason he has why lu Si KOOII on by io reejccted in View of his these measures The record of Mr Zihlman on these measures shows that ht iled to grasp the opportunity to assist by his vote the success Mr Statement The statement ot Mr Fowler to render it ab auy organisms might cause disease water inight be muddy or discolored for one of the chiet miries oi iue Cumberland to work in the new shops now in the course of eonstruc iioh and which will be ready for op eration by January 1919 The vast many about buMt have been made some uncoil trolable accident should occur ami special notiiication would at be given Cumberland has for five years joyedone of the best Mr Zihlmans record Is as follows H R 291 65th Congress 1st Session Page 1841 a I Record The Espionage Bill This bill was to punish the spy and agitator We are at war with German autocracy linijf cuirh i law the man who soreads the German slimy prop Ireauy esiaoiisiieu uuu u iciwtiie viu j v r cran construction now under agenda of the Hun would go unpunished TLhe bill was passed oy way will give to this city one of the it became a law Underjt the men who were at the were caught Hay wood and AND AGAINST A MEASURE MAIN per or more than twice the j present vcapita consumption of New York j left jt This alone will speak volumes for the quantity of the supply As to the quality of Uw it is not thoroughly understood per haps that water passing through ni ter beds loses some of its force and the location of such beds above a pis sible discharge point must be care fully figured when gravit yalone is to he depended upon as is the case in our system The filters at Lake Gor don figuring the pressure necessary to carry filtered water through the pipe line have placed at the filter the water OURSELVES AT OUR BOYS tr Cumberland January 1 and that impossible would be increased to live llUS hundred by April 1 Mayor Koon rise of asked a time in which to The recent rain gave a a t two inches on the lalce although as to had hoped for more but it is men to jjr Zihlman votes to recommit the bill to condemn lands for HP a bovernment Nitrate Plant S 3994 65th Congress 2nd Sesisrr from the people df Cumberland Congressional Record Re turned his back sible to iilter the supply rest assured appealed to and tuelr assistance so that the water coming through the faucets will still be safe to drink iicited in providing the homes The representatives of the railroad com II 42SQ 65th Congress 1st Session Page 2818 Congressional Record This bill to raise the revenue for LLOYD SHAFFERS AUTO I JUDGE HENDERSON HOOKEDBYJ01 RIDERS ffi the peope of the city could not see the vided fcr food clothing and equipment for the Army Ml Zihl Iway clear to accommodate the workman Yoted to conscript the manhocd of America to crush When Lloyd L Shaffer came out of work in connection withthe draft board that his sixcyl inder Buick car had been stolen tie at once notified Assistant Chief Police J Peter Minnicks Later the officer was notified by Officer Pugli of Frostburg tliat two men had been there with the car but that he unable to apprehend them Shortly after the called Assistant Chief j Governor Names Him as His men their families that other steps would have t homes erected by pany itself Germany ten Americans had registered for military j senice against the Kaiser With these facts before M he solemnly placed his VOTE AGAINST THE BILL The scarcity of houses in WHO REGISTERED TO THE MEN land has been badly felt here but the Own pires Next Year Ex homes have Baltimore Nov was Harrington yesterday appointed Judge Robert li Henderson of Cumberland officer Republican of the Fourth Circuit to MinJ serve until the regular elpctkm of called Assistant Chief ot Polite AIIII appointment was nee racks got a glimpse of the car pas mg nextiea PI the and sentR at ro flxes term ILIvrta j n J 1 by the policestation and sent Patrol men Johnson and Goss in pursuit m i lifalv i nG iiu the Afte a m eU cUase tne at lar who were m state elections in odd years Hence abandoned it at Madison street ine explration of a term ot 15 years car was at election ia To less than two after he discover In ttm on ed that it had lit is necessary for the Governor to man received a telegram from an appointment for that period of Uniontown was no opposition to the ap hlmto De on the lookout for a pomtment of Judge Henderson mm The term of Judge Martin L Keedy also Republican of the Fourth Cir cuit is near the expiration T T Aj AViU COUNTRYS CALL THE FAILURE OF THE SIXTH CON nre fmacianv to proviae GRESSIONAL DISTRICT ORJVIARYLAND THROUGH THEIR who have been appealedto REPRESENTATIVE MR ZIHLMAN TO SUPPORT THEM IN hesitated going aheadbecause THg jjQUR OF STRESS SEEMS SHAMEFUL Mr Zihlman why did you vote to raise the army and then pit the cost of labor and1 itii zjiitntiait n uj thTrequest the government j vote against giving it and equipment tint Viiiiiriinsr nnerations as far as that building operations as possible should cease until the war C hearing Pennsylvania li cense NT6f 2328902 It is not thought the machine came in this direction is over The Baltimore and Ohio representa tives state that in the event pie of Cumberland decided ahead with the building and found that labor or raa hard tcl obtain that the company would furnish either or both CATHERMAjNS SCHOOL OPENS MONDAY Cathermans Business School will reopen for both the day and night sessions on Monday Nov 4th We cannot near meet the demand that is made on us for office help and we can conscientiously offer every H H 6567th Session Page 2982 Congres sional Record A bill for the Deportation of Certain Aliens This 11 me jjsu bill provided for the deportation of certai ed to go take part in the war against Germany This was necessary It was I was a War Measure Only 21 members of Congress voted against P Machine came in this direction cuit is near the expiration point It we can conscientiously offer every Thursday the police received a telwill be necessary for the Governor to yolmg nan and woman who is inter Tarn from Hagerstown asking them appoint him or some other Washing1 gsted in obtaining encouragement to egram from to be on the watchout for a stole car j ton county lawyer to serve until af I ter the state election next year Be i cause of opposition to Judge Keedy uiirull Nov 4th this coming Monday ITHMA dUR BOYS FIGHTING r T political and other grounds his rt v iappointmennt is not certain This op Victory fealtion INCW position was voiced yesterday uy a Sunday American tomorrow plCi delegation representing the Washing1 tures of generals leading Ameri ton eounty tor The hearing was RELIEVED WITH ri held behind closed doors in the Gov ican Divisions and chionologicai history of work Oi OUl DO s ua Among those protesting land and sea page map aBainst the appointment of Judge lust where each unit is j Keedy were State Democratic J man J HubertWade former State Senator C R Miller Palmer Ten was a via Congress voted against it Yet Mr Zihlman failed to register his vote and was abstmt Absenteeism is not permitted on the part of the scldfer who is fighting his countrys battles It should not be permitted on the part of Meinbers of Congress I Consider the facts and the record of the vote and on election day the Sixth Congressional Distriet will be called upon to say whoshall represent it The above is the record of and in view of his failure to arise occasion of the Nations needs in these critical times he should be defeated for his failure to fully carry out a patriotic trust HENRY DORSET ETCHISON THK DEMOCRATIC CAN DIDATE SHOULD BE ELECTED I Political Adveftisemnt by authority of Henry DoXsey Etchison Democratic Candidate for Congress negro of North Carolina wanted for the murde Friday ot George colored at the home of Jge nant Stonebraker iFranlc Gfarton w Mish president the First National itles arc searching for James Redd a Bank and former Mayor of Hagersi tT it In n t Ocl f lltl f 1 C A 1 MURDER AT GRAFTON town CA Carr Charles A ley William Miller Prank Stout also colored at Uie nome u A Bushey AVilliam H i MamieJones colored following an al Armstrong M F Siebert 0 Snv tercation in which several had taken j cler J Hurley and AVilliam part Kecld is said ty uuve Vvantsdjly Clarknuii Ttenry Ford who then The visiting lawyers urged the an he opened flre on others in the house jpointment of States Attorney Poli Stout not having been a party to the If engerger Democrat trouble i At the Republican primary next year Mr Keedy will be opposed by A 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