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Alleganian (Newspaper) - November 22, 1865, Cumberland, Maryland VOLUME II. tlVEBY WEDNESDAY MORNING. CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND, NOVEMBER 22, 1865. ISTUMBER 29. Jfolitiral SPEECH OP II. CLAY DEAN. .Imlge of rircuil Hon. OKO. Mirk iiftlw Circuit UOllACh HB3LEV. IlcsisLr nf GKO. W. nOOVKR. B VStl. T. CAKUTZ. htiu- a OKO. A. TJItlBSTOX. CIIISllOi.M, Ja. uf tlic OrjiUau's j. R. n. rAMrm-.U., DOUtiliAS I'KIICV, A. M. L. bfflco on Mechanic Street, near tho National House. ------o------ The followiiigis aneitract fiout a fpecch 'JT.11M5 OF SLTBSCmi'TION i d Sulc of Xcw on TWO DOLLARS per jcar, mvaruibl.v m 1, n i. Ku suuscrijiliDit lAca for u less period tluu tn of Oclober, by llMBY CLAY Esq., of "In tho Hcpublican party, there is much cl imor for the ioldicr, but it is most reunr- kable that no privale soldiers arc nominated for office. The generals, colonels, majors, captains and lieutenants arc candidates fur i place, attend Conventions, get civil appoint- ments, seek position in rclurn for their pub- lie Thcsa gentlemen, who received biedi double rations, long furloughs; v.lio, before the war, were Ian x era without j limns without patients, merchanls v.ithou! shops; who, during lhc war, appeared i in public phces, were recruiting officers of huinc {mauls, and tuperficient, in hunting up deserttic and pinlinjr lo kill since the -narultet-d Contentious, conlrol caucuses, and are to bd candidates fer every conceivable office within ihe gift of the total. It is. 'lowcvcr, a remar- 1-able circumstance, tint limbless soldiers, brave men who sUptin the swamps, mircheil on half rations, who hive retuined home in destitution, arc scarcely known in therepiib- liein ranks, and noxcr nominated where there i; the reiuolo'.t of election. Let our heir'' out to brax'e of PI cry lower cmilitim ihe more entitled to hoair, but let it bo real, and not fei-rncd. There ncxor a tyrant's heed nhich trod i unpunished upctt apitriot's grave, lliston is rich in her resources, but bho is loo KLIJAII Jilii.V ISKLIi, H. STALLING-' .I. L. TOWSSIIhSD. S I, fli-rk 10 WIE5EL, HAD U ATE of Beliovue Hospital jrcd- VJ( Colt-K'-, N'ew lurircrlj thnt ol Pra. Thomas A. Healty i Fiitil. P. Si-ulli, nnd of l'ror. Hamilton, of Xcw Vork; late Contnrt CUrjsnllc U.S. Hospital: wnv lli'c public in ihe various LrnaUnJ II 'STREET, i "r MK'WII- i- in llic roonf slioic Cim- Mil. AVAI.TKH S.Mcl-'AHl.AX, AT CUMIiEHl. 1A'fl, Sc.uth due of W-isbinii'im tlreet, tl rw Ooorj of rc..r! Km MP. DEVJICMOX. ATTOHKEY AT LAW, r-O-Offifp Vi'ist tMe of Will' in lhc Koonis Known n illtirn.ilc Whiskies, BRANDIES, Gin, Etc. P AV. corner of Bilttmore Caml tftrci Xcir Bn 27, O 11. LK VCVHE CO.. DUUOGISTS CHUMISTS, iii-irc, l-'r-' i .j tVnlr- r ,ioiiN UUCK, and rajirr Aii'l nil Papor, Blind_s, CuU.iim, etc., etc. Tlntlo street, 1 fcn it 1'mt- Ollnr. lolnc- IH iKr iti LIQUORS, TEAS, TOIIACCO, CIBARS, Riil.m..rc opposite- A.M. L. o -Kiio. Mny HUMJinU) LONG, Pcalcrs in lianhr.irc, Ii'osl. faflcrj', flr.t Jlnir'iiU-r s nlil ttn.lj, corner UnUiiiiore ami Mc- streets.___________ rilllDBllIC'K .MINKK, IVik'r m Shoes, Half, Tfnfiks, clc.. ni1' Rtltii-mre Mrn I. WlhWAM Tin. fuppcr, and Sliffl-Irnd nraHs' Hlurk, noir tlic lirlilpi., Rilnmon! HTiVi A i w i u u E i; Ucikr in Statimifry anil 1'anrj Jiot Ciller Hchiilirc Hnll, Hiltiraorc5lrcit. triumph of tyrants oxer liLcrty, or the per- manent (.sUblisur.'-nt of arbitrary power uver tlie i'lhcronl rights of an enliphtcncd people. The Great Deity, who weighs the wreng-i of man in one balance and hi.-, right' in the oilier, as carefully appoints the full mcisurc ff righteous judgment lo oxer take thu evil-doer ind ihu Aftcl the ilorin of has blown met. tlie cloud; dis-ipale uid the sun resumes his wontei empire, lint f'irco gives way to Justice her i-upreniacy over revenue Confiscating law, Ihe most xillatnous reh of a barbarous njre, are quickly dropped il i ihe broid, deep "C'in of peace Even pi ous military Superintendents of Trccdmcu' I Bureaus, cimincucs returninc; stolen prop I criy to ili liwful o.vncrs. Little by Hill the people will bepn to reason after Ihi I wise: Whoever ittal-. a thief, no differ 1 cucc Tthen, where, how, or from whom h stole. Whoever murders, and whoove enmmits crime U ai clearly a criminal, ihe lOtifufcion of war, prown bol and paraded their stolen good" wore their stolen clothes, rodo in their "to len drove the stolen eihil ited Ihtir watches nnd jewelry, phye on their stolen pianos, ateoutof their stole ministers of Heaven, hiph and hoi officers of the Christhn rend nnd prenctied snd prayed out of stolen books IJx-'iml-by the owners will from their and inquire for their property. Suits will IKJ instituted for recovery, and just judgment1: in replevin will restore the prop- erlv and degrade the thief wilh the receiver if stolen And, pardon the dipres- ocicty will be restored io its here will bo other nllo havu Kept orthcrn prisoiiera, yet triud by civil courts ir erueltj- and murder of other hamp Fergusons, tried fur cold-bloodud lunler utider pretense of arrefling urafttd icn and dekrters. This shooting, and nnd mobbing, that hate occilj'iid be pist timo uf luyal gcnllemcn, ndergo legnl invevtigation, and justice will e vindicated by the law. The day of tributinu will cmue; nc hitman poror can steady march; it ha- ahvady begun. ne long, large and darl. account is alrc.idy i process of settlement. The piiar, hon- si, brave and injured soldier rilling the anghtv, indolent and nfiicer to ac- ouut, and him with impunity in the trcet. Tho liOEpibl suMicr, who cnmc near ying from neglect, pulls the no'io of his worthless surgt-oti. Jiong str.ndmg injiirii-s will bo and time and Gcd will utnre accounts nnd malie all things t is thii that nnkos these men cling to of- ico, and determine to goxcrn country >v i mmarily, lohold the power of the cnun- ry by by every nr They lave threatened the uiintry will: aUietalnr, tlcmpled to utterly a 1 irger frci-mcii than were n auv tuuntry on earth in ag- nf the oilil. With no other purp--e thin In con- iuue the power of a minority, they SCARCE AHTICLES. A jiarson wlio pnctirvs nil lie A Inanity tvho ncxer IHU whin situ dresses; A luNji'r vitui pltiuls for rhAit; A is alnavs difiatii; A pMialMc ni'li mi uclml frictiil: I'tiMUUmp "money to A sleilliul pliyfiunn rcc "'lira of Klfj A EUUIUll I'OUIH 111 Iful Of I'Clf, A nmrulil Imc'iiliir iiputl} Au-i though nut li-usl- n cheerful old inaiil. JOHN OAH.HAJIT AND SON. ,1ohn OnUiart and fon sire Baltic mer- chants. Young entered bis filhcr'a office as at filly pounds a year, of which lie paid his mother forty for board, lodging and washing, nud clothed himetlf with tlio mlii twenty. Do not imagine tliat Mr. Oakhr.rt'f establishment required .T'-istancc. The olil gentleman desired to link" Ills con f escape foarful re-pon-ibilitj, but the responsibility is on them. Tho cul draw nigh, when Jliey Khali Ciy, "I have no pleasure in and when liio change resistlehs tide will twecpdown all before it. The stcntoriiii voiueof 1'hil- lip-, ill the fearful nhirv.ind of pas- 11 HI be no more than the nursery whit- tle in the Autumn storm. The- meiccnary newspapers flill then side with power and change their principles .mil their fo.tuncs together. Tlic mcrteunry will scent tho danpcr in the liouuiled the louniryon t'irixilwar, will before their inuoceiiec of blood, mid go Soull! SB lo .prs.ich their thraiies unlbililil up xxherc Ihi-y l.axo inc'iel nrmii i to oieriun and dcclux. Tut, hopj of the country in ttm adiuiuUtrjlion of its Gov- ernment by n PomiHTil, who would djs'i! n crown imni hcid, who would rntra-r le I'lC-'idetilthati King, xihoiiistinctivilj hales nrislocracy, r'lo xx 18 born n who xxill nol Irampla down the Foiith. for it h hi? home, nor oppress the people, for they are kinrmcn. You may nay tint the South cvinnt be InMed W govern Johnson win.leil tint lhi< i< he tyrant's worn plei would nfrnnchise Trcland, but f'ae cinnot trust KT. would enfranchise llunpiry. mt cannot tni't her. nouMcn- ranchift! Poland, bat fhc cnnnnl tjii't her. Vndrew Johnson will, and if dees not, ic oiicht to answer you, thitthc South don't iced joilr trust; she has a righl of Hcaxcn !o govern herself, and Deinoent nnd liberal man will respond to the manly taken by the President in deft n-c of tho hb- ein'l it. So }ounp Jul.n bceojnes chief pirtner in a rival firm to ihil which one mu't hii, and trailes ag liii-t the old man, whciu only sill lo lay up wcilllh fur his EOU. Ilx-cry day at fouro'elo-k, leaning n pnrllpblir corner near Change, stands the elder merchant, his hinds silnit inlo dog-cared pockcls. A joung cily mih proaelies they exchange a careless nod. "t'cul inclined to discount for X1200at lotig date T' "Whal sceiirity V silted old John, "Turkish, Til." "Any names V' "My own only; it n privale mailer, nnd has nothing lo do xrilh our re- plied the younger. "I will give fbur per cent 1 should want more than that, as money replied tlic i say 4j." "The broLcrs only erty of his home nnJ the manhood nf his people. The South onccgoieriiing lurnclf, the principle of Domocriey will be rcas- terted; justice will established and rn- foned. This is the terror of lhc crimimls in portr. But Ihe <hy of siliaiian will conic, the clouds may g.--tlier. but they must be evancEcent; the pun permnncnl ami cannot bo moved. for tlic day. may rule, but tftllll is it'iperisliable and will forever." A Dwtitf of the cnrinni artiihs the WjltficM, Kugl.iml, crhibilion prhnpi, n engine nnd boiler in miniature, and described a' the sieim engine in the world.'' It scarcely twu inchc" in hiight, and cinereil with a The flj- whc.l niide of golJ, with steel arms, nnd nukes 7000 revolution' per minute. Thu tfJiMc rncino Imiler are fjitrncd together with OS 'CrcwH and bolls, ihe wholo weighing fourtotn prams, or less thin a qmrlcr of an ounce. The manufacturer jiya of it that the evaporation of six drops of water will drive young nnn. "Then give an indilTerent nod. That wai father ntul son. Sunday joung John and his wife dine at llu'sell Sju ire, in lhc Fame ivln re old (Jiklnrt Ins lued for thirty years. His name has been cleaned out nf the on thu door. house jouiig John still looKb upon ind t pcsks of, as his home. All .vtouations, of childhood lliere piece of furnilnro is an old friend every object h socrcd in his eyes, from pielnre, taken at four years old, ;vilh its chubby and fit (o (he Miio'.c-dried picture of General Abercrom- bie. They form tho nrehileclurc of that lemplo of his heift his home. After dinner the hive retired. The erimsin ctirlain" are comfortably closed. The crackling fire plowa willi fatisfjctioti, ami obi John Ihe bottle acro's to his pun, for if old John bad i weakness it for ti-rney port my says he, "what do want with tl'JOOT' "Well, replied joiing John, "Ihcro i< a ;iicce of ground nctt to my villa nl, nn 1 they ihreitcn lo builil upon it if they will spoil our vimr. meatiiiiK his wife, "hn-" often bcpgcd mo to buy it ind il in nur garrten. Xost UVdnc-dny 11 her birllnlny, nnd I wHi to gratify her vtilll i surprise: but I have rc- cnns'idertd ihe mailer I ought not lo alTord il haxo it up." "Quiin right. responded the nld man, "it would have been n piece of ex- Iravacance.'1 and lhc Piilijcct drops. Nell TVcilnwilaj being Kinily's tlrilutiy, iiic old dine with the young bi'fore dinner, old John Inkfelii-idaugh- ler-ifc-lnw aside, and place' in her hand a parchment it i< the deed of the little plot of ground -he covcled. He slops her thanks. wilh n ki-t and hurries away. Krc Ihe lidies retire, Emily finds lin.e lo whisper the I" her huiband, and the f.ithcr r.nd son arc alone. Watch tlie old nnn'i eyes fixed on ihc fire, for he has de- tected tfiH pieco (if afltclionate treachery, and almost a-'Inmcil of acJ, because ho <iM" not know how torcccho his (hanks. For a few moment' n deep, gentle feeling broods upon the joung man's heart, he line no words it is a prayer in cmo BASE BALL. The Jirooklyn Eagle phiiosophcr, in his effort to keep up xvithlhe amusements of Ihe age, ban dipped inlo bnse ball sport. Ho thus eiplains thfl science of the game: The game is n greit Invention. It n cis- ily underslood. All jou havfl lo do is keep your eye on the ball. It's all about tho ball. They also use a bat. The bat in a club built on Ihc model nt lhc club liarnnm kill- ed Captain Cook wilh. This is xrhy Ihu organization is called a club. One fellow takes n club and on n lino, nnd another stands in front of him, nnd firci the ball back at him. Tlie chap xrilb the club hits back. Tlitt bill flies in the other direction. The first fellow drops the club as though he xras scared, nud runs like a pickpocket xx lib an M. P. after him. Sex eral fellows run after the bill: some- body catches it nnd fires it nt somebody else, vrbcn the chap who had the club Elops run- ning. Another follow then lakes the club, nnd the same man, who is called the pitches on him, firu.1 Ihe ball at him, and ho hits back, knocks Ihe ball, drops bis club und culs hia btick for Ihc first Half n diiion folloxvs ont on pickel duly scramble for Ihe ball. One reliibla B. B. is polled behind the club man, in case the club man misses the ball, lo sec that it don't go by and hit the Umpire. Wherl ohd fide is out Ihe other side goes in, and xvbcn both sides are out it is called nn innings. It is quite nn intelligent game, depending entirely on the Of your legs. The first principle of the game is running. AVhcri yon are "in" you run away from thu ball; xvhcn you arc "out" you run nfter it. It is fplendid eicreisc; keeps you so warm; eonsciitlintly il ia nlways plajcd in summer lime. The Advnntneo of Security Pome weeks Hgo I strolled inlo a friend's counting-room. He being absent, I com- im need a chat with his clerk, when a good- luu'ning "culled entered, defied liw caslor, and faid "Jlns" Bob, kin yoli lend me a quarter till dis afternoon, and I pay hita, Mm' Bob applied his dexter to vest pocket, but it nude no "sign." I turned "Well, Buck, you look tolerably honest, but ai 1 don't know you, if yon will give me security I will lend you the quarter." His brightened as he nsked: "Mas' Hob. will you go my security 7" replied Bob. I forked over. Some lime afterwards, wending the sitnc way, as I was about to enter the office, Iiic identical Iiusk Blood be- fore me. "Buck, whcrc'smyrjuartcr? You didn't pay me as you promised "Xo, tali, but! gib security." "Well, but I lo paymu I lent Jou Ihu quarter." "Dat's sab, but it am de castom down here to 7atift du pecnrity fust." Ci r.mi Krvrcr or KPIVLMICS. The visit of lhc cholera lo Fluropc seems to IK: as f.ilal lo and beasU as lo man. We heir of wild birds si well domes tin beasls dj ing in large numbcra. In Kngland, sheep. cows and horses are wilh this plague. In Hclgium poultry is attacked the :anic way. In 1'aris tlie of the cattle ciis- cs'fl i? such, nccordJug to London Times, tint all dogs running nt largo are lo be killed. Lc8l they became agents for ihe of the contagion, A common impression is thai tlicso Mtious forms of di'caso among lhc lower animals, also Ihe abundance of insects, nrc a precursor of the cholera, and originate in a vitiated nlmcs- phere. Tho freqiionl shocks of earthquake denote (hit the magnetic and electric cur- rents winch course Ihrough nalurc are pro- ducing great internal of the "DIED "II a tsd funeral mid'the_ speaker, saddest I hire years." "That of EdmonsoaV i i "How did he dW "_', "Poor, poor as poverty; his life was unu long struggle wilh Iho world, at every i disadranlage. Fortune mocked him nil tbo_ while with golden promises that were tiucd to never know fulfillment." "Yet he was patient and re- marked cnc of ihe company. "Patient as a nt it was answered. man! Ho was worthy of a holler fate. He ought to- have Eticccedcd, for he deserved suceert. "Did he not questioned the one who had spokea of his perseverance and-, endurance. i "No; sir, Ho iiied 'poor, M 1 IISTB jaat-" raid. Nothing that ho put his band to ever siiccecdcj. A strange falnlity seeia-- cd to nltcnd "every enterprise." "I iraa with him in his list said the other, "and thought he died rich." i "No, he has ka nothing wsa replied. 'Tho heirs will have no concern': for the administration of the ba'ltilc." "He has left a good said one." "and that is Eotncthinjr." "And a legacy of good that were' done in the name of remarked another. "And precious said another, "lessons of palienee In suffering; of hopti- in ndvcrsily, of heavenly cnnfidenca when 3 no sunbeams fell upon his bewildered was the tcalimony of another. "And high trust, rnnnly courngu, fortilude." 7'' "Then he died was the emphatic thnn a millionaire went to his long home the same day, a mis-: crnble pauper in all but gold. A sad nl, did you say? No, .my frenda, rather n triumphal procession? ,Not thcj burial of a human clod, but the ceremonial, attendant on the translation of an angel.1 Did he not succeed? Why, his whole life waa a oerica of successes. In every conHicf lie ciniQ off victor, and now tho riclor'd crown is on his brow. Any grasping, sel- fish soul may gather in money and learn'j the art of keeping it, but not one in a hun- dred can bravlcy conquer in the battle of- life as Kdmonson has conquered, and ntcp, forth from Ihe ranks of men a Ohrisliani hero. No, no; he did not die poor, but in neighborly love, and rich in" celestial And his heirs have mi' interest in the administration of tho estate., A large properly his been left, and let them see lo it thdt they do not lose tho precious things through false estimates and ignorant depreciation." "You have a flew way of eslitnnline tho- wealth of a EniJ the one vfbo-had at first expressed sympilhy for the deceased "Is it not the right vfnj? There aro higher things to gain in this Tvorld thnn wealth that perishes, riches of prcdoufi that ever reward the true merchant who trades for wisdom, buying it with tho sih er of trnlh and the gold of love. Ho dies rich who can take his treasure him to the now laud where he is to abide forever; nnd he who has to leave all behind on which he has placed his affections, dies poor indeed. Our friend died richer than r. Girard or nn Astor; his monument is built of good deeds nnd noble example. will abide S. Arthur: the engine rightminutcs. chanism 18 designed nnd maker atllorjforth. piece of mc- uuilo by c. (.lock lion lhat his lip tremble; he lays bis hsr.d upon bis father's arm and their eyes meet globe, and Iho facls may bo related lo each other as cause and effect. JST Flower's fling their wealth npan tho vacant air, and rieii men often fiing tbcira "Tut, Jailt, jir: it must ill come lo you I npoa tbo vacant hiir A He is above a mean thing. lie no secrets in his keeping of another. Us betrays r.o secrets confided io his keeping. He struts in borrowed plumage. Ho never stabs in the dark. He is ashamed of inucndooi. He is not one thing to a rnan'h and anoiher behind his back. If by accident he cornea in possession of his neigh- bor's counsels, Iiu jiassts npon them an act of inslatil qblivicn. He bears scaled packagci without tamperings with the wax. Papers not meant for the eye, they flutter at the window or lie open before him in uuguiruVd ciposurc, are sacred to him. lie cacroiclies on no privacy of others, how- ever the sentries sleep. Dolts t ban, locks and hedges and pickets, bonds and to ciirilicf. nolices lo trespassers, are none of tbera for him. lie uwy be trusted out of sight near the thinnqst partition anywhere. He bnys no ofSee, bo'eclls none; he intrigues for no one. He wouH ritJwr fill of _ will cat honest iro.Tneultsjio mioj Ha on no'sensitiw have rebuke for is wirtl, openly, manljr. honurabls Lc practices" toward Btwy 1EWSP4PERS nFWSPAPFRI

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