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Location: Cumberland, Maryland

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Alleganian (Newspaper) - August 23, 1865, Cumberland, Maryland VOLUME II. CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND, 23, 1865.. NUMBER 16. BVEHY WEDNESDAY IdOKNING Ofiico en Tilecunmc Street, near tl House. Tl'.UMrf 01' SI ISSl'IMI'TIOX lll'I.t. MIS nix m iM.x in ntliann- .No-ill'lur n Ki> tlian all iTllli' I'inTiil J SMITH. Mirk nl ilii-fitniil IHHIACK KK.-l.Ul. Ill -IvlT llf ill (H'O T IIVUUTZ. Nit. All., rn. KM) IHRI'hTDS. Sirxi J.i. Juilruul tin- tlri-li in .1 1! II. CAAiriiKI.I-, luirc: vs ri.ui i, A M. I. IUM1. Coinilx Comta r- KI.1I Ml FIJI .1 u. .1 i. TI-C i. ,k to r.nuiir- innir J Vl'Uli liiiuWN'. ATTOnWJJY AT LAW, I'l'VliUtl. I A V.'i I -iil-iif iii t'li. Km in- 1., in i- ll.i "Hi i uflln ''LU 1110''- .lunnr- 11 I-''1 __ _ ___ u 1 in: co 'S CIIEMISTS, r.i' 'r (.'r.MlSKltl.AXIl. MM Where There's a Will, Thcrc'b a "Way. HI J. U. S I II .1 J 111 'u- In impi-n i! 'In Vim lit irl T in..-! cr, llfturv Intl'r -six, liei if isalt in such a form 'Ilim-i-i ii" xinx lo 1 I'D1 exlllllllx'l (III Illlll "I'll liltil l xi IV, or lu.ll." Is fame af-iiii-iliim7 r i'.illi if uMp .1111 In l.iili li> HIP U Hi) Ic, t "Mli lit tl> pin. mil Tin -luimii: thrum i- lli'ulllllt lltll I ill II, AVllO rU9 Ullll Itilllll'l 1 11l.n.l i i> in ikt il'" Is l.i mm f aml'iiion? Tliui i" si" AhU lln- mil ilimli I" lur iIioiU AX. ho tul llic ll.irst fur kiiimluljo. In IMIiin m iv ill il, If li- lu-'ltll lli" lli.iMin vill 'In liml u xinx i.r in ill U'" An Ruin- ixnilli llii- 1 nm-i iK-br-mlx Willi urn! intii Tli" IHIUII mum le- I Tit Jill tl i' JirlJf Hut lie lake- it. n xv.Ill Hot i in i iHirrjf, 1 11 t in! i u i; tr in il.' it1'1 In I van in-, 111' I III I la IXlf 1 !ul xii tin i roxiliB ill. x.ilhnt, T h- IT sirtini; 111 iJi-uitx'- i-t tli1, A liitir riill mix l >U n. V.liii-n- wild Uimiiii I'uiii-, "I II (mil i K i., nr i.ul i buy, but liu burc il im anil like a Cliri-t- uu. rollnl on. U'lic'-u boys beaiinc men. Nwl vraR bli'1-.-L'd ami lie WKS l.oi.uriHl anil wiullhv. ami aWi; to jinnitlu a comfiirtakle liiiniu fur bin inotbtT In lier obi ajjf. 'J'lii! tiuiu came ivliLii tiatu l.ulit anil JiiH Hunt, wlio bid Ilu- Ibfir I itlu-rs left them, -TPn- tii reL-oivo from n.-iii wlioiii in tlioy lud wj b.itllj tro.iti'il. (inn li.u> N< il litiMtivj be rcttirui-d goidl fur util; ami b" bii-- in bin uxjiLTJuiicc tbc Until of tlmt pmvoib Solomon, '-iru rtiVtb lit- oun it is grtati-r than lie'tb a anil tbu iiroiui-iJ to ubu buuur fatbi-r ninl niiitbi r. 1 THE COWPIDENCE GAME. r.. r.ruK. rpJioMcrrr ami 1'njirr Hauler, Ami I'i iHr in Wnll rnpcr.OmnclH, Cuitainn, etc., etc. IliHo -tint, nlVw iloxi'l'ii ix t r rr.ovisiKNH, r cni.'-r, cic vv.s, AI-. rrum n A.M I. I'.ii-'i'a r I iiiiitiitliml, UN I- UH) A. 1.UMI, in Irun, Steel. fiUlcry. etc.., louiir liiltiiinii. mil ili ls, Sines Hal'. Illuik, nt-ir tin- ISlllini m- "tnrl. IV il r in liitoio. Slaliiiiirry aiitl 1'anrj (.'.UM l Ihlutlcrr It'll, lii'iiinim ti n-. Dry (JnoilN, XotiniiN. rlr.. Mi Ix ii''s Hlurx I! il'-n. itiixt, fif, iTw K YTi 1 1 xsc >x in Clock-i. iVatrhe'i, .Invrlry. Rilrcr antl WARK, id-., Xi ilixir I! iltiiniiri- t. jrsTiri: OF TIN: Oltrr nn Riltimnrc -tntl, innr the 1'ulilii Suimrr. Rcstniirnnt nod Saloon, .il-'i s HI ill., rc> r i Dry Goods House. W: IIjLTAIil DEVJU2S CO., Ko. ISiiltimoi'o Sti'oel, I'clxxi-ui IKm m! mil lalirtr JIJlLTIHIOREj MD. tCmrnn-''-atlx on limit n .IM! of nml Sry Goods, Notions, Anil fur IVuli.wi-wilt to px1' "N inv I'fliiTU m Ilii-iornnx Ilu CrC'lUiir'. J I'lll'sh In IiHirnl tor' inilorwnniiil FI.II tin. n> xjoiiln iif J iiniarx not IliM fur tl-c saiil Tho- nis to fil'pwr In the Pirciiil Court for rnuntv, to nimxor iMicli Intirropitoriw mu! nujr tiro- rnri- or nllcrr lum; nnd n capy of Ihis n-ilrr to iniblislifd !n "imp ncn-fpnpfr printed in Ihc c-itx- of Cani..Mlanil onw n for tlirw mo prior tn Hie said Mon.liyof BK8USVj rfcrl. AiigtKl IN PLOUGHS, Just twdifd i lot of No. 4 left Iwiid A KOBLE BOY. Mr3. ?vmms xxa- u uiilnu-, and pom lint povritv could not ciush In-r; fur .-hi1 lint tin; oxtii.-r iif ail things bcr fatlier I and Hi' xinuld xxiilmld no re-il good. It look more thin m-idli1, nnd lxxi-1, and In dogride- her in IIIM "Wii esteem: for ihi! kllexv tli it -ho XTii- fulfJiiig. :w far ,11 ill her law, her calling, under tbe exe of brr Ma-til, 'ind tb it :i ijui'cn cimld dit no innie. It xxis the one di -in1 of b> r limit In rr.n up brr MIII ID be a nr u-ufiil man; :md tn thi: mil -In Mich, t-licli." far into tin- nighl, to buy In" book- to ki-p him at In return, Net did mo-t of Ihi- -inipb- dome-tic xrork; and fir tin- act nf lili il love, mure tliau for any- thing el-e, hi- xns mule a -pnrt nnd a by- old. riolmT, hiiWtiei, i iiioui.iL'ul bim in In-.'ir miblj all 'njiiig, "wcmiiit eitbi-r bend or lircik under our trill--, my box; Ihi- may b-'tln- xeij thing to main- a man of aching jou to euntn1! jour :ind lo loxc tlm-e who hate- nnd pi.-c A'on liixi- (inn'- promi-e to tin- f mj- -on: and i- xvnrlb mnri' tliau rill tbeii filling liilu--. 1'nw jour.'iaT before tbe and it will not harm (.Inc dix', us Xed was wal'.ini: to tlnce of the iipproach'd; uhcn line cal- led out. "Halloo, Xed Sxmni-! tun up to cur stable and lell 1'alni-U In -addle Flash, and bring him to tbe -cbuol at four o'eloek." "I xvould oldige yon h" replied, "if 1 could without being lali; but jon HI- there are but seven minutes before the- bi-11 ring-." "You miserable, disobliging fallow I'.' cried Sam Lent, "xvhat if you an- Tbi- maitrr don't whip." "Hut he uiipc-clx US lo be re- plied Ned., in an angry lone. "Ciniir, I w-ml to racr round tbc pond xxith Hill limit II.TO. He liU, Clipper will outiun my Flash, nud bi-ls bis gold pencil on it. nud I'll gix-e you ,1 sixpence; fur I don't want Incl.inb the hill.'' "I Mid N< d, recolutelj; and pas- l-sing on, be hc.ird Sim cry, "Why not go I for a -ispcnec'.' Tint xvould save j-our i iinmnirnn hour'.'' Xcd felt hi" ear1" ind cheeks groxv very warm .it tbi-.-e xvord-; but be bii leeth 1 Ingctbi-r to 1 eep the unruly member b-sl ho might --iti nsainil Uoli; and en- (cnsl'thrjird. tbc boy: i j tiftcrnoin, cried 15ill Hunt. "I e.raght you list night taking elotlic" "IT the didn't I Xed. "Vou did not catrh me, for t did not run I looked straight in 1 jour face jon. riwle pi-t, Intel you see i that I xras nut a-hnmed tnhrlp my mother." j "My lord i-i brave indeed I" cried ?am Lent. "Are j-ou going to iron the clgthes'f" cried Neil, turning and fncing tlicm, "if mother wishes me to do ao. I Imxc irnncd and xrishcd disbc.o, too; and I expect lo dd lioth again'." "He gels dismissed sometimes to hang the tcakctlle raid. Hill Hunt, winking lo bin comrndcn; but iho bell now rang and Snm Lent only lime to say, "I'll pay you for your impudence you beggar." This waj alnioat too much Ibr the brave I'IT-UIH fiom tbe i-ountry, are x-cry fie- i-uiiidlLil in tbe citiis, by i-1 known as tbc "L'onfidenn- (i.-iim-." The "li.tltimoru .Sun" of the 1.rilh in-tant, gixes llie1 following partieiilarsof a catr, hhouiug, boxx- tin- giime is xxoike-il: An cx-inim ition Inok pi ice jrslrrdij af- t-iiionii before-.Tnttiee iSpie-cr, of tin1 i-ase of Frank Knajif, alias Col. Strong, nrrosliil on Situtdayon llie i-hargc of Mundliug Mr. II T out of by tin- iim- fidi-mi' L'-Jiii'1. al'" for iho pri-onnr. and .lobn I "or, Ivq., in the ub-encruf Ihe Stale'-. Attoim-j. rcpii'.-pnli'd the Stale. Tbu only wilm-s I'samiiied xxas Mr. AVilbangh, ami bi- iijiiimi'li of the-e conlideiie-c gi'iille.....n. Mr. .-aid llial ho in Jialiini'MV, Ettipjiing at the I'onn- tiin Hotel, fin Sunday, Aiigii'l I', look n xia'tl; in llic afliinoon in iilnin- iug. xvbon ncir Jiigbt ttreit, met two finely hdic-: a man came along about tbe HUP ind r< maikt-d (n wilm -s that the lidic of I'altinnTe dres cd xerj lim-lj; wit- rqilied ih it ihcy xvoie more .silk than Ibe ladies ill bi- fo "let llie applicant <low.n CTyj" but tbe len- leni x i' to giiy iiiiu u-i'less trouble and cly, and pnncnt his seeking what i" reipiirci in a morn propilioui un- til after tbc golden 'opportunity Moreover il is qiuMiiiu.ililc nlicllicrMlie.mii lixu for such cijuixruilimi are n-< snme ftippiife. Odicrilly -jpcaking, the individual who ax oid" a dinrt refusal, lo axert him-clf pain. Men without decision ol cbaraeler haxe an indescribable ax eraion to A Cm ions Biscovcry. mav cxen be turned in a Strange .11 it ,-eims, tbii< i-i literally true. Xo :ieiial tools cxcti are needed; any amateur irncr xx ho lias operated on cither of the met- is may clinch a of gl.Ks on bis lathe, ml (urn it with tbc same took! aud in Ihe ami! xvaj'as he would a piece of btccl, only' to kuqi ibe'ehips from his ejcs. 'his .strange di-coxery xvas made.iiluioxt ac- tdeulally, iu Ihe early part of 1SGO, by one four mo-t celebrated mechanical cnginecra, ind might haxe been patented, but tbo in- himself xx Kb simply putting I oiiTCcord, ami generously prrj-cntcd ilto ihc natit'ii.- The constqncncu xxa.s, thai no one eared ortho't about it, and the idea lias been nlfcrcd lo lie nearly barren, though capable if being Burned to great account. Let any iinati'ttr im cbinic make the experiment, .tud ic will hj.iUiprii.ci1 at ihc with xrhich hia scrmingly intrnctublu mnl'-rial may be cut mid fnfliioncil ne-cording to bis il my "Jfu.'' TIiey' think tiiniw xvbcn it would be more creditable to their and benevolence to say "Yes'' but they to niter lilt! bold xvcrd thai. rcpi I'iciils their thoughts. They prefer to mislead and dcceixe. 1 1 'is true ibescblaui and consideralo people are often spoken of a.- "very gentlemanly." lint is it gentlemanly tn keep a man in dajs and per- haps xvccks merely because jon do nolchosx In put. him outof it by Rlrniglitforward de clnratinu? Ho only ins gentleman xvlio treat, his fcllnw men in a friendly straight-forwari: waj-. ,NoTcr8ceni by -ambiguous xvorda I f-iLcUnu hopes you do not intentl to gratify If you moan I'No.'i'iout wilhiiU i r c ilv twifl, _but tbit's ao fur aruun'n Good for Ono Pound. .It in Niid thai in'a dockyard of England a ship of mnily itiunranil Ions xeas once liuilt, aiida'l.itg'j multitude- a5-embled lo wilncaa Ihillaiiniliing: The xxedges xccrc knocked a- xray, biittbo Sninienie reniiincd inotion- Before a fcilmg of disappointment IIE- gau a litlti! boy rat; xvard and cosiinicnecd jui-bing against the vcaiel.' Ilia clforli1 enited the ridicule, of tbc bill ho turned indignantly lowanl them, siyiug "1 cm a and continued hid They xu-rc till that were needed to ovori'omc tbe friction; and MWII Iiugn tbip, jiclding to hbprciaure, gracefully glided inlo the waves. So ninny' a great nnd noble cause stands when perhaps llio efforts of a child would baxo oxcreonie Ihe obstacles that hinder-Mis A pinglo will turn a Wccly b'ajaticcd A single word oractiorT, niay be fraught iiuablo co'nsuiiucuccs. AVo cannot the juugM of the amount of our irnoir not hote tuaca il AAre cannoC through, what miy spread. Tho llonron Doctrine. As there are some reasons for believing that the Monroe doetrine may, at no diifcmt day, be pushed iuln great pruuiiucucc by events on our Soulhcrn frontier, it may not be uninteresting to notice the inception of tbc principle and ita condition at ibis time. EO far as the ncliun of the party in power is concerned. 1're.sidcnt Mouroc in bis mcs- tagc of Ucccmbcr lid, 1SIW, thus staled Ibu doctrine, which now bears bis name: "AA'ith the existing colonies or dependen- cies of any European power we have not in- and shall not interfere. Btit_whh lllo governments xvho liax-e deelarcil their iu- defxcndcnce aud maiutained it, nud whoso indcpciideuce wo have on great considera- tion and ou just principles acknowledged, xve could not xiew any interposition for Iho purpose of oppressing them, or controlling in any other manner iheir destiny, by any European poxrcr, in any oilier light lhan_ai a manifestation of an unfriendly disposition toward the Uuile-d States." Tasting oxer Ibe period between the year ISlJSaml ISO period full of instances iu which this doctrine xvas defended by iho Democracy of the country from the atlacka of the anli-Dcmocratie come to the lib of April, 1SG1, when Ihc follow- ing resolution, reported from the Comnitllco on Foreign liclaliutig, was unanimously adopted by Ihe House of riOprcseuUlives of the United States, one huudred and nino members being present, and every member yes: "J.'tsolictl. That Ihc Congress, of Iho United Stales are unwilling by silence to Icaxe the nations of the xvorld under tbc impression that they are indifferent specta- tors of tbo deplorable events noxv transpir- ing in the republic of Mexico; therefore tbey think it fit lo declare lint it docs not accord xvilh llic people of tbe United Stales to ac- knowledge a monarchical government erect- ed on the ruins of any republican govern- ment in America under the auspices of auy European poxx-cr." This waa followed on the 8th of June of the Mime year by Ihe passage of the annex- ed resolution by the llcpublican Convention in lialtimore, the body that nominated Abra- ham Lincoln nnd Andrew Johnson: "Hrtnlcnl, That we approve the position taken by the government that the people_of the United States can never regard xvilh in- difference Ihc attempt of any .European power to overtbroxv by force, or supplant by fraud, the imtilulions of any republican government on Ihe AVcslern continent. [Prolonged applause.] Aud that Ihcy will vicxr xxith extreme jealousy, as menacing lo Ihu p-jace nnd independence of this our country, tbe efforts of any such power to obtain new footholds for monarchal go'vcrn- mculs .sustained by a foreign uiUitary forco in near pnnimily to the United Slate's. [Long and continued In Ibe Se-nate of llic United States, on tho of January, 1805, Ihe diplomatic ap- propriation bill being under consideration; Mr. AA'ade, of Ohio, moved lo amend by inserting before the xrord "Mexico" the words republic of." Ue said thcro were txvo governments in Mexico. AA'u could recognize none but tbo "republic." AVe could have nothing to do with the em- pire. Tbe amendment of Mr. AA'ade xvaa adopted xvithout debate, and tho diplomatic appropriation bill xras then passed, Ou iho of ibi- same month the House concur- red in tbc Senate's amendment to the diplo- matic appropriation bill, aud the bill XVM passed. This is tbe present position of the Iicpuli- licau party in relation lo the Mouroc doc- trine. The Itepublicans are indirectly corn- milled to it by the openly expressed opinions of llieir leaders.' At the hijing of the cor- ncr-ituno of the 1'rolestant Orphan Asjlum iu AS'aahingloti, Mr. llarlan, Secrclary of the Int'-rior, said in his "AVhcn the French, not uoxv ep friendly to our prof pcrily, sprung to arms iu dcfeuso of tbe Turkish nationality, we all applaud- ed but wheu they attempt to crush fceblo Mexico we despise their want of generous gallantry, aud wish it might be the will of (ind in the order of His providence, that ibis great republic of ours should be called upon to protccl her feeble s'e-lcr republic." Tu Ibis uriy be -added Ike following re- marks made by General Hanks in New Or- leans on tbc fib of July, "This question we- have to meet. The earlier aujui-itiuiu of European powers on continent xre re-apeclcd and would con- tinue to re'pcel; but .1 foothold gaiucd by taking nlxantascof our domestic trouble.! we would not re-peel; for noxv European sueei' ou this continent would be destrtic- lixc to our libcrtie-B. lie licld that the fu- lure of the American continent was for Americans. A stiange, if not hostile, flag is ou our borders, and, if necessary, must be drixcn axvay." So much for llic position of ihc Republican party. (Yct-all this timojho.-Hon. Mont- gomery ni'air Sow- on! nnd Stanlon Nnpolcon tb secure the'tntrmph Ihinff aeiin'it'wKtcu'.tacU'party las ed.' Should such with ialorcsls and honor uf'thc niiumj'-f Aje.-

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