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Location: Cumberland, Maryland

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Alleganian (Newspaper) - January 4, 1865, Cumberland, Maryland n t j a JIT .'hr "to -oT MliA f f i 1> I i i IST I! -i i i I J <i 1 r. i 1 t- I POLTTME 1. L il i at _f ______ ________ t_ "i j i i f i, i. i lit i i EVEH.T WEDNESDAY MORNING. Office on Mechanic Street, near the Rational House. Tttir.tS OF SUBSCRIPTION TWO DUELAKS .rear, mrariuMr iu njv nice. fur a less period than luu <3otj.23.t3r uf Hun JAS SMI11I. riirk uf tin Circuit 1IOU ULb' God our jurtiit, That he guide us through lift, dar. I nonld gliidlr he dearest, GMlr witrh our Iittlf Lff Ae he niahcs lut hft i ti-atjou-nrv, Laughing all so Liarrih It O1 so crutl, Thiij tu bw tirnr fro in liatut, IILII our i luu! of i Is in its> liirest Ltoom Oh1 if I wc-f onlj "iith Vonlh v. itclmifT o tr our bor, Couid for jiltastirt.? Cculd it euuh tor purer ju Ciod wp our litllc It fan I, him for Ihc -oldirr 3 Knp him for tht ah cut AVjtKh him fclitpiiig or cwuVi; Hut tit, of sprjtic time Be adornpil with fnprtpi flowe-a, And innr without number, Hrtghlcn nit ht> childhood THE QTJAKEK MILL; Or, Poaoo Through Conquest. THERE is a section of the State of .Xew York, luindroj miles from the "Em- pire City" of the Uniou, known far and near as Quaker Hill. It derives iu name from the feet that nearly all tho inhabitants of that 'section arc thut they boast of two Urge meeting houses, one for the and one for the "new IV ner farms, fatter hones and cuttle, finer pigs and poultry, better girdcns, cnntiot be found m any other portion of the State liut this is not the, fclorj whiih the reader Xot an hours drire from the meeting hou'cs dwelt two Quakers <who hnd both the first half of a century of life, and who, though their farms joined each other, had through life been antagonistic on nearly every point Joshua belonged to tho oil school church, and Elijah Sn irl btluuged to tho new. i outh they had both courted the same maiden, and Elijah being rather the best looking "mi J haungnn hundred tnqrc acres of Joshua, won the day, carried the fair Susannah off iu triumph. And as he more than once said, meaning a daalU culKnilie as the un- godly I might had been a jmarJ" ever since. For Joshua wis revengeful, despite lite drab cloth nnd broad nmmcd Owmngtho Corn. Tlic of .Toshua 15 to, Itic grtat London banker, an Auicrie.iu by birth and fechng, recills to an cicliango an anecJole qmintly illusirating bis unf uhng and icnl- ous of his mtnc land. 3Ir Uitciwas mucn esteemed bj nobility of Engl md, willi maiij leading members of n Inch htwas on tenns of intimate friend.'-liip It Inp- pcncd tint he was present in the jcar 1S47, at a dinner in London, in company with Lord llnstell, Lord Jlorrtclh and others The conier'ition turned on the Irish famine, and Indian corn iris toimncnilcd. Lord Itnsscll to Mr. (tint some of the tobs had tweUu or fuurtuen rows of grain. This bank- er coolly replied, "Yes my Lord, I have 'ccn from tircnty to ticitity-fuiir rowH on, a cob." The company laughed, but Bates, "gtttmrj his back up" offered a wnger foria dinner for all thut lie could produce inch an car, wliii.1i was nt once ncccptcil lien catnc the rub. Biles ma conscious that he hul patriotically bragged, and ibc-, gin lo fcir tint hi i bet tral Hut lie cist upon his inthc lind, nnd she pnncd oiual to tho trust lie Bent honiu by i friend, who, equally jealoun of A- mencnn honor, wrote to-Itidiim, ami with perfect success. In just six. months 'from the lime the wager waa bid, Mr. Bites cicvcd from his friend ail cars of corn from Lifayctto, Indiam, two of which liid 20 rows, two 21 and two 32. Lord .Tohn hand- somely "acknowledged the piid his and the hrge'-t nr is now iu tin- Hitish a Yankee trophy iugjjcsl- ing that "some things can bo done as well is olhcra run WORK. youth, Franklin went to London, entered a printing office, and inquired if lie could get employment. Whcro arc you from aekcd tho fora- raan. wts the reply taid the forcmin, "from America'. A 1 id from America seeking employ mcnt'aq a printer 1 Well, do you really understand tic art of pricing? Can you set x Franklin stepped up lo ono of the1 cases, and in a very brief fpace of timo set fallowing pisaage from the flrat clnptcr of John: "Xathaniol sailh unlo him, can iny good thing como out of Xaiareth' Philip with unto hini) come and see." It wsj dona so quietly, so accurately, and contained a delicate reproof so npproprhlo and powerful, tint it at unco gavu him char- acter and standing with nil in tho oQJcc. Knowledge and limber shouldn't bo much. icil till thoj are suloaul. llu had lined Susannah hu vowed inwardly tint he would never he meant that Elijah should sec aa little of Mvdded Hits as po-f So on the %crj night of thtir marriage, sotnp ungodly boys two wagjn loads were transported by some tmkiiomi person to the front of the dwUlnig of Elijah Snarl, nnd there the whole night loug they kept up n concert of horrible sounds prodund by cracked trumpets, uld cow bells, tin pans iiud fiddles lu ;aiu did Elijah di.'ire them to depart in prate go the} would not, even after ha had roll_d out n' birrcl of bis best cider ns i peace oOuriug They kept the music and him and his bride in misery uutil near day-light, 'and also kept the ;tc.-U ns to trho it was that hired them thus to disturb IIL-, early matri- monial hours. Chj ih prilled himaelf on hig horses, ind he iuvariihly to nieetiug two switch- Liiled bijs, fur he had refused a cool thousand dulkrs in his diya of single wretchedness; for ha bin] heard Siiuunnh spenfc in prai-e of their be-iuty ind he de- termined to vive tint tcnm fur her especial pleasure. On the Sabbath after the day of his unrriage he went early to the pasture to tttch the horses and tike them to the stable to bo cleaned, read) for use when he wt-hcd to go to meeting Alas fur him, some one, he could not tell who, had been there before him, nnd he ftmnd hU two nigs shorn hko of old, of their chief beauty. Where the long switch-tails hid been, nothing now wis to be seen but the two bouj slumps from which the hair had grown. They hid been ul close in the night tune. If Elijah did riot swear, he wns better than ill other men pilo as ihe snowy tiblc-clotli whiuh Sit-in" ih delighted to spread fur him. lie looked over tho field for tracks, for if he could 1m o I raced the nrm who li.ul done him Ihrit greuoua' wrong, it ti more than hkcl) he would Inxc lajtd olf bis Quaker coat and bat for a b-iuf become worldly in nature and citlier e "lainuiud' tlii' iillaiu or got "lammed" Hut he wi" not Indiiii enough tu find (lie track i. So he w< nt home tu his Sntannnii and told her of his new trouble, and when he raw her weep he nept to keep her com- pany. And he hnd thnt diy to hitch hi- old plow borfcs to his Inndsome rockawaj and go to meeting in a much humbler than be nas to lie' Joshua at their i-iccting-l oU'-e, in unusual thing, for he invambly nttendcd (Jie oilier one, down the ctriMt. And ua cimc up when he (lopped his wigon be- fore the mceting-bou'c and greeted him and in an unusuilly friendly manner "Why dntli thcc not drho Uiy handsome Ijlijab.' he looking rather hard at tho old plough horses and their rough coats. 1 "Perhaps thfc knows whj I don't .drive the Lay1! eaid I'tijah, ns liu tucked Siuaumh'H arm within 1m own and dartftl into the meeting house. There was iinqualicrly smile on the of Joshtn when lie saw his frie-nd Snarl disappear with his bride It would take more spico than we could spare for one story to tell linlf tho miseries that with each succeeding year came upon poor.EJijah half bin accidents looses, nnd mortifications of spirit and body. Hu had so many troubles, the originators of which he could never discover, he became morose with everybody, almost "unkind to poor and unh'appy himself 'as man could be.' 'His neighbors could not be neighborly when be was always In such an ugly humor, and, lie became unpopu- lar. When the rebellion broke out, because Joshua happened to be a stmng Republican and Administration mih, .Snarl to be i i i i hi i, j contrary, announced on all occasions that he was a Peace Demvt.nit nnd. opposed to all wars in general ind this war in particu- lar, and the administration that kept it up This amounted to an open declaration be- tween him and Joshua Man) were their arguments when they met; and moro than once were iho eptthnU, "nigger worshipper'' snd "copperhead" bandied between thc'm. At times it secuird as if tconli would 'not suffice, but i blows'! must but some would generally remind1 them of "the, "persuasion" which was "suffering 'b'y their conduct, and they would cool down in time to save the honor of their drab cloth and broad beavers. J i i But at last an accident revealed to Elijah what his keenest cndi'aVe-rs had long failed to1 discover revealed to him the persecutor; who had for yean made him miserable lie had been suDeriug nil uight, with the torments of all torments, a .ragimji'iaolb-, ache. lie uid not could Hot sleep It an'hour or two before dawn, and he was bathing his aching heid with cold wa- ter from the Bpring ncir door, when he heard the bars of his cloi er uicadow near by let doin gently. Thrice he had found cat- tle iu that meadow in the but nev- er could find how'thcy got in.' Now, in his shirt-sleeves and bare-fooled, he started to find out who let down the bars. There was no moon, but the sky was cloud- and the htara gave considerable light Within less than a minute he was near the "unrt and iu time to see and hear a man driving catlle into his choicest meadow Hia own cattle too, driven out of their pis- ture to be fed in t'uit meadow lie did not wait to Ihiufc of peace principles just then but to the man and collaring him "I've got thce now I've in tie act, la "Let go my colhr or harm will come to cried the mm, who proved to be no other than Joshua Prim '__ As if Ihce had never done me harm before I know now who hath been uiy persecutor for long'jears who it was that switch tailed bijs, soncd my turkeys and plucked tho feathers from my geese i Joshua Prim, thou mean n'gger worshipper, the Spirit mov- cth'nie to thraah "It is more than thce cm triit- orous copperhead said Joslma, wrathfull) ,'If thechadst notcrocsed my path tu thy youth and cajoled and won away from me, Susiu- nah, the maiden I. would not persecuted theel, Jfow I perse- cute thc-u for all time, for I'nui single, and loveless ind childlcs', nnd itisull thy fault." "If thee Piys I'll Ihce1" cried Elijah, lib walh getting too liol to hold. i ft! i ''Siistinnalt J" shouted. "Tikeotf tliy coitl" cried ivill not Btriko thcc while thou wearest tliat ga'nient 1" OIT went Joshm's coit in moment. "Now' for Susannah and all my wronga cncil Elijih, ind "pitched in." Oh, if Bill Poulc, or John 3Inrriescy, or both, had been tberc, or "Awful ire lni of piety eimc upon him, would then hive 'see-i a sight which 'the) r would b ivo fflrgottnn. ItwaM thuihp, pulling of four, biting, scratching, a gener- al tear-up altogether. were the words fpokeu, but much waa the work done Blood flowed from months and noses, hair came out by binds full, shirts hid been, but where not now; paper which re- quire washing were on hand. 1'or full h df an hour thu "mill" went on, and both be- gan to tire. But Elijili thinking of hid v.cnt in rithcr tlie strongest. got Joshui floored, or.wther "to gras" with hia head wedged iti between two Jogs, and there with his tnees' upon I his brcnst he held him completely ar his mercy. "Xow, said he, nitting him i heirty Jn the face, "I ara going to conquer n peace with thcc." "Let tne up .and I will yet whip groaned Jonhun.' j "X.iy, thou hast 'got into tribulation through ihiae own jwrvorsencss, and I chastise thec unto said Elijih, and inmck, down came big fist agiin into tho fwc of Joshua. "Oh! Oh! then will kill groaned Joshua, struggling in vain to rise. ".Vay, I will' not'kill thcc. Bat I will tlicc until llico duth icpcnt, and promise ne'ver again to wrong me, or to say SuBinnah'witli thy dirty and again Elijah's hraiy 'fiU down upon Joshua's 1 1 .1 Hi I i battered "mug." "I will never plague you groaned Joshua. "Nor Susannah T "-queried not forgetting Input iaa'godtle reinin'der1 on the damaged face. mil Su'ammh nor look' it groaned Joah. r" And will thce me damages for my rncadowg destroyed, and my horses injured! and my geese plucked, in tho eum of one thousand dollars liwiul money 1" asked Klt- jah, o'mitting tho blow this time. 111 :ce tlfce' burned first 1" cried Joshua, forgetting bow utterly he wns in the power of bis enemy. "Then I 'will take thousand dollars TTorth mure elnstiseraent out of thy bodv I" f r faid to ponnd poor Jwbnn with renewed he fresh wind agnin. _ For a minute Joshuaslrrlggled vainl) and bore his punishment, and then between a groan and a sob, he cried i thee thec pay the .thou- sand dollars V asked Khjah. groaned Joshua, j t j "Then I will smite thee up said Elijih "mid it thce- will fit still until I drive tho cattle out i of my will take thee homo with me, and Susannah shall wash thj wounds and dress them, and we 'will live in peace hercifter, for I am sorry that I had to chastise thco FO hard. Uul thou didst okc me greatly." Elijah. I have deserved all I have got, and thou art good if thou dost take uic to thy home, but I cannot well help it, fur thou h ist closed both of mine cyca and "I cannot sec whither to go." not Jothua, T will lead thcc; and! hereafter we will drop politics, and he friends indeed." _, ft And it catuc to pasa. And thus ended the" Quaker "mill" n J J I i i Parental Authority in Homage. SojiS and daughters will mirry. Selfish- ness alone would hinder airy oung man from the lawful desire fora homo of his own, or if any young woman had the natural in- stinct forBoine' one dearer thin or eister, however precious all tbcpc nny be Every head nnd every m'ctu-, her of a family who loics the- other mem- bers whvoly and well, will not1 but encourage jn c'vcry lawful waj- the great1 'neccssity'of life men and prudent, hoi) love, and a happy marriage. One word to parents, which of course the young people ire not iutcnded to hear.' Dou't you think, m) good friends, tint, rarenls ai you be, with desire, for your child's happiness, it was n. little un- fair lo give your Mary ctcry opportunity of becoming attached to Charles, and Charles, poor fellow, nil possible chance of adoriug cspcd him to sea her sweet which inaku her the delight oEihcr fathcrj home and'be tempted to her the treasure of his own? Tb it not rather hard now to turn' round and object marrjing, because, for- "neicr thought of such a or "Mary might have done or not the sirt _ of person you thought slia would shift and i icr) mean "nthor hoped she would not nnrry at Ml, but sti) with hrr oh) fjther au'd 'llold there' We will not suppoia EII) parents, in llicir sahcr, flenses, to be guilt) of Buch siiiful ijlfi-'hncss Let us to thencit objection urgcd ngn'rosl almost all pirties are thu last persons which each expected lo choose. Expected by Tho world at large or, their own relations' Tho world known little cuough, and cares less, about thc'c matters. Aud sometimes, strange to two people, who ulh to lot e ono another, also know one. an- other a little better thin all their respected relation1) put en their parents. They hue mado (or ought are grant- ing that Ihe ca--e in point lighl butn. d r., 1 How to Win n IVomoji'a favtff-" I .1 ir ii'l in-ry} It a very easy to t wake among the Don't buck >Jii tremble, and think figure of Adonis or the, face of stand 'no cliancc 'luous-. r< t i K ,t i, s 1 1.- n. i tavbes and straight notes that do the- i Women, ,bless] their dou a. fig fur buch roniembir a few preliminaries, and) oilman like jou, even if vourJiair 5s red and mouth I J tt 4 'H rttl wide.. to turns call don't early. Ladies wall pleased to be. cauclit before their curls and fi i i i ij r- n i ft i a basques are arnngcd Hcpartii-ularlycarc- ,1 ful nut on uie kick.tbcdog across the girls are srire to apnrc- ciite any one 'who kno-ra ijiow to'b'o yolite to their piitar If there's a' piece" df'wo'retcj work admire it; don't mistake1 'llie artificial flowers in thu for real; if (hejouur la- i r. j t, ,1.1 dy a doing crndiet work, ask she caa i I v i. r, n r s id. teach donU tip i I i _ ,i .mi ,r Lack in pur t liair; lor er) cractt in the fragile furniture there'll bs a.worjc f z rr, it i ,f -i ,'LI ,ft f .t in jour frvenJsIiip And when sue M i i 1 i m to )awn behind her pocket take up your h'at and go. sweet, long and bitter." Is, Ihe motto. J C i 1 i i When you are put walking ladv. Btridiiig along unt'il, srhe has to" tu keep up nith )oii tho, first UJiiig, JDII know she will run olThome.. JfpUsa.'jnst i i i r t ".iir now she walks, and modulate oar eait ac- 1' I 1 II i ,u cordingly If ilm iiicpts a feniinme (luaiutancc and stops fora n cti.JUlle 'cLat, it is essential that should notf maaifeat i I M )J II t impatience In balancing first qn one foot anil then sn the other.. If she wants to a shop window, stop and though you may not know a ribbon from a railway station When a cros- sing, give her the whole and mcek- 1) into thejnud. her, becoming her bonnetjs, and implore her it tho nest time she goes to; the jou.-r- If you inp ei a rival young gentleman at her houaei dou't be rude, to wont policy in the. world. Be as, polite aa paagj- blo to him; crush him, if courtesy-.. (..'_ T Never laugh- loud in the parlor, and I re- uicmbor to speak'Jow.- It's just as welLnot to talk 'very much yourself; let1 the., ladies have Ihs your society n'Ue blindanddcaf to wiialeicr they, chooso to keep from. your .sight and hcariug a spring cafcaping i from a crinoline, for, instance) or papa iu the hill wondering "aJiethor fellow means' to go homo to Ko- thing is easier than to bo a the ladies Humor them, wait on them, study their peculiarities, be always ready to escort them them when they arc dull, and laugh with, them n hen' they am lively, and though )ou nny be. homely as a bulge fence, they will liU youti tenr times bolter the handsome, Uattkihcid, iwho thinka bib looks arc going lo thing tar him, r r Horarjflcsli ca Fcocl. M. of tno Societ) for Prolcclion'cf a lecture atihe Garden., of lha 15ojs dc KoJnjne on the aJituco'tary of horscflcih. showing; data that the of buteticr'a I. lu "U VC will I. 1.111'Is, wlnUiisso nccessar) to_supporti.lho strength of man, enablinirhiiii 'la bear Ta- u tigue and dituifii, 13 not equal, to tho demand, he thowcd tint if tho.ficali'of dm- ibled horses introduced into .publio i ,1, I.I rut nt I' it wbtild increase the present of incit one-twelfth, and that dsilyproduce npwards of kilogrammes of good rneai, admilltng: ibat the of ohe-lFfd'of th'o liortcs were njcctcd on ac'wuiis of their ditcase-d a proposition Trhfca he considered cxaggsratcd if. DecroiaiTe- niindeii tho audience th-il ia the course of his military career, hid three times .'prescribed _ (he meat of hors-.-rf for his paticutj, iud that in ugypt cspeciallv he bad, by tin- use1 of his aliment, ttopjx J a scoructn; affection w hlch liail broken out in thu inuy. rcccntly.choadded, in tho Crimea, two ccmpauiea of artillery Ind1, by Dr. Ifaude'n'ii advjcc-, hrccl entirely on the flei-h uf.tmferxiTCable and thereby escaped the dbeascs which dfilictud the; rest of tho army.t illo further sated that at Vi- enna; Berlin, Hamburg, Allona.'and other towns, 'horselloshi is lower orders, but by all clasaci of In order to confirm his theory by Icclurcr with ordering a largo, tureen of ibrolh Hindu from dish of vorcd [which, j r t i firtwk vith great IV

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