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Alleganian (Newspaper) - September 13, 1845, Cumberland, Maryland J.-. t-' ?.rf per annum, if paid in adri-xjtrorwithin the first six months of the tliat .timVand witliin tho year, J wo FIVE when 1 until after tho expiration of "IVo DOLLARS AXO Firrr CE.VTS will not exceeding one square. in- tiroes .for One Dollar, and 25 cenU for "Ytary additional insertion longer ones in tho sirao advertisements not or- darod for a specific time. will be continued until 'forbid, CIURGBD 'iccoauisGLV. AGENTS'FOR THE ALLEGANIAN. M. THATCH, Esq., Glades No. 1 Allegany co Sclbys-Port, J. Eaq. Little Crossings, H. Esq., JOHS J. P. M.. ruatburg, ..J..Twio6. Esq.. Old-Town, J REEL, Fifteen MileCrcek, ylades 1U. Esq.: Ml" Savage. Y NATURE'S NOBLKMAN. with false fa.hion, so calm and so chill, "'Whew pleasure cannot cold breeding, that Ciithlcsily still Affects to ba quite at its case: -For the dei-pest in feeling is lushest in rank, The freest'is first m the band, And ntlure'sown nollcman, friendly and frank, a wiih his heart in his hand. Fearlejw in honesty, gentle yet just, Ila warmly can love and can lute, iNor will ha baw down with" his face itt tho duit To Fashion's intolerant state; For best hi good breeding, and highest in rank. Though lowly or poor in the land, Is nature's own nobleman, friendly and frank. The man with his heart in his hand. Hit fashion is passion, fcinccro and intense, impulses simple and true, Ya and taught by good And cordial with me, and wi h you Tor tho fiiierl in'roanners, as highest in rank, It is you, 1 or you, man who suod own nobleman, iriondly and frank, A mail' with heart in his hand FOREIGN NEWS. LATER TKOM ov THE Steamer Caledonia arrived ut Boston'on Wednesday morning, (3d instant.) at 0 o'clock, from Liverpool. August 19iK _ Cotton had slightly Improved j als-j American provisions generally. The weather has bucn mcro favorable to thu graiti crops. Tho snick of rorn on hand from last year's crop is much greater than expecitd a uwnth "The amount i.f specie in the Bank of England is not less than an unusually large quantity. On this account the Bank nlusos to purchase tha Chineso instilment of in silver, and it will bo publicly sold. Parliament was prorogued on the 9m of August, by the Queen in person. During its segsiun it sanc- tioned HIM cwnsirnction of liOOU of new rail- ways in England and Scotland, and 500 in Ireland. Tho capital authorised to bo raised ;n shares for this amounts tu sive of -ClJ.SUfl.OOG rrqutrcd tor Irish lines, in all Sir Ruben IVel givts aisuranre that c.mti.-ni- plated no changu in the principle of tho existing corn laws. Wilmei's Nexvs I.nttcr says: MinLsteis have acted with great vigor and promp- titude in Ireland b'y difcmisMng; Mr. V.'atson Irum ilcputy lieutenancy of a t-ounty fur attrtiding an Orange iwetinjr, and publicly recymmeiidinji re-establishment a society under the tan ol tins law. Tney seem determined-to. administer eveii-handed jusiice to Orangemen and Repealers. Tlit! great Oiang meeting held in Enniskillen. on Tuesday, was a failure, and the repeal tgitstion is falling away in interest and revenue. persons Mr. M'Lire delivered his credentials t-J the Queen, and Mr. Everett his letters of recall. The American ambassador was anxious tn enter upiin tho object of his mission iiuttuttcr, butas Lord Aberdeen had arranged to, accompany the Queer, to Germany, the commencement of rf-as jwstiKined. Her Majesty, it will bo has tad a glorious reception on tho Continent. A uundun piper, in the Palmeralonian interest, __-Thu visit of the Queen to the Rhine, has riv- en riso to a world of jealousies and mistrusts, lias made courts anxious and diplomatists busx." Charles Dickens has returned from Italy. Itis rumored that ho will immediately bring out" Lti- ters from Italy." Thore rumors of a ncy work from his muntlily isjiif. liku "Pick- in which the. chift story will bo that o- two families who travel on thu cuntin- at thu'head of this pruiperous and.extendi'ij n'public'? With Ilia, tho mere'iroeUlinj; mofcenary and unprineipledplitician; when Ltioxvn, can. lind no favor. Ilahaiieachrd present rnyiablep-wilioi; by a course if onduct tao sten !y governed by his own virtue, Wh and liunrstyj 10 jiennil it to be .'.TitcAVATca.CoaC-rrThe dJtaiU of Ibis new- system described by-a correspon- dent bfthe Allnny'EvetiiiTgrjoulrjfal, .writing Itoni r.-an! of class uf sullied now, politicians, wajse are gorcniwic.'i- tal aid who hang jiiirfy in upon Vie Promises of- merce- supjHirt bi every: pulitical act has been maifici by -Merest asdptJirtcal inrtf- can niver tl'jlain his .confidence.. .Ho xvill never comprmit his high character' for iiitrrnt and jiatriotiwr'i by tho reciMniiton of and barguiitlny piifitiuiu and thereby. an subserve any supposed necessity or- U'uiporary Such a course would variance wiih tbo entirw history ol his and dike ropuijuant tu hia feeliiius and judgment. 'Ha be Imposed on for a'time, by ad a fait exterior, hiit this -cannoi and ability will cuuiuu .froai the be his ownuative sajjacity and ability wil soon detect g ciiunterfeitc'iin. He Ins also s'trnunded-himself wiih a cabinet distinguished .and patriotism. In this selection, tho counry 'lias-received another evi- dence his wisdomaiid forecast, and a guaranty thai under his "milieu and direction..the anJ interests of the-jwople, both in their iWeign aisd tlomestic relates, are perfectly win. is'calculated, by its. severity, I o stariUv patients ;of weak, "constitutiof.s >r, nervous .temperaments.. Jt cjuirsiences daily jt'lwecii 3 and 4 o'clock in the 'morning, by I enclosed fiist in a linen cold, spring water: -TlieiOa-woallcn blanket i round feather.bed is'thrown ovpr'Jyou.- riien .the filU into a -ytntle filuinbc'rV from' iii fificen ininuttv. he. is awatieiied in a and smokinjj like i dial-pit. Hfl remaiim fur.threo-quarters uf an thisstatu, drinking two glasses of water in ilKt timu; and then in tho 'sliccl anJ bbnket tu'the bath-roiim, throws off his isput and which reduces o uv vhleh puts hlrri in 'liffictj' or influence. of aVunnitaral aft t o 'When tho LarracUj are com. and bath! Aiter ro- cts minutes iii the'cold Lath, uui ar.oia riibbcd'dry; dressosraud theirwuIUrt less or morti as h'c'has attcnztli and inclinalinn, returning' a fino'ap'potito fut breakfast.' At 11 6'clooU; tlio patien: fftea to a Fountain patien for Biioxver bathinj. Hero a stream of watpr.'froin a heiiihl of fifteen: 'directly frim a falls upon tho litck and, runs down tho for after which' you are tubbed 'with the llesh brush or hair inif.ensi th'en dry, Ldres9 and read oi; take gentle oxurcisoUill Dinner. Durin--' the afteriiixin. uat'wits take a "flip and on going, to Foot Hath.''.; Patienis drink' froiu twenty to thirty'glasses of sjiring wa- i i _' l.___f. before breakfast fast ter duly. .Surno drirk'a Wino. Coffee, Tea, of the United States: WHITE SuLrucit, Scott cnuiily. j August 24, 18-15.. Siri-Wo are informed in every direc- tion, bv ruinor which seems entitled to credit, tlial i i__i '__i IT ViinttnaI And lias declared war U. fur wlat'f ISecause of the annexation of lol- A I. ar'j. OOSTICJC. TYo'u cannot wilh Money The million sons of Toil Tim sailor on the ocean, The on the toil, The MHI'U t In -The pay the soul. YJU oa the cathedral, U'ho.a turret" meet tlie eky Itt member the in earth and lie: For, wurc not those -So darkly retting there, Yon towcu could never up Ho proudly in tho air. The workshop mnst be crowded That the palace may bo bright If the'piowman did not plow, Then tho poet could not mile. Then let every toil behallowed 'That man performs for And haTo'its of honor. As paitofbne great pUn. Bee, light darts down from Hcnvcn, And entrra wbcrc it may The eyej of all people 'by 'one day. And Ut tho mind'n true kunthiuo spread o'er earth as free, And fill the souls of men 'As tlio fill the sea. Theinanwho turns the soil have an earthly mind, Tho. digger 'mid the coal not bo in spirit blind The mini! can shed a light On each worthy labor done, As lowliest things aro bright (In the ridianco of the sun. The tailor, ay, tho cobbler, "'May lift their heads as Belter fur than j Gould he wake to life again, t And think of all (And allfor nothing too "What maJo I '''.'At useful'aJi ,'a thoo .Wh'atchcera the nnsinu M poet, the ditinc! A will shino. IxitcTery human laborer Enjoy the vision bright Let the .thought thatjcomcs from Ho wen Heaven's own light s.. r J f men who hold the pen, 1 'Rise like a'band inspired, jUnd; potts, let your lyrica With hope'for man bo fired; Till earth a temple, _____ _ 4od every human heart Shall joih'inoflt great acrvicc, happy in his part. i IIBOI. ,wn8n 01 inr cuioicu that much time mightbfl saved by prompt eicltimed, my iiil.oit and ent. The probabilities of a between tho united States and Mexico had caused a declino of nearly 2 per cent in Mexican bonds. The stocks of British gouds on hand generally aro stated to bo slight. and Hoynl Family are at the Chateau d'Kn, where the l'rinctss.of Saxe- Ciiburg-Gutha has been safely delivered-, of a son. The declaration of war by Mexico -stgainsv the United ctatca is the great point discusseiUjyjhe Paris pajreH.- Lh act as a puerile upon the support nf Mexico bj Great Utilian. and recommends that Franco observe the stftctest neutrality. The other opposition prints 'discuss.the matter much in tin; same strain, friiero has, lumxver, fortui-a'.ely been no tleelaration of war-] THE QCEEN'S VISIT TO iu.t- jesty has at length set out upon her long pn-jected visit to the Continent. 'The King and of the Belgians, accompanied by their Hoyal 1 hgh- nesses iho Duke of Urabaut and the Count of Klan- ders, awaited the arrival of their august visitors in the silling mom of tho station. The whole of tho Ueliimn Royal Family accom- panied the Q.ieen to Verviers in the train, and then returned to the palace ol 'Laken, at Brussels. The King of Prussia and a spler.did staff were in attendance at iho Marion there, and greeted the Queen and Prince Albert with affectionate cordi ality. The Royal travellers wero ove'vwncre rrceiv- ed wiih tho miM nnlhustastic and "lively demon- stration of affection, and with great military pomp and display. THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Tho pure and unsullied rcpntatior. for integrity and moral sound democratic princi- ples which ho imbibed in his youth, frofii the Fath- ers ofelhc zeal, ability and firmness with which ho has sustained them, front his en- trance on public duty to tho present time, aro pre- eminent characteristics of JAMES K. POLK. _ the envy engendered in the of polit- icil rivals by his great success, combined with all the and.malignity of party war- fare, havo been unable lo point oat.a sihglo act o! his eventful life, from his infancy to the present moment, '.hat casts a shadow of a shailo of suspi- cion upon his virtue and moral purity. As a pub- lic man, too, guided by puru motives and sound judgment, he has been equally .fortunate and sin- gularly consistent. Traco his cumse, from his first appearance in Congres-s, when comparatively n young nun, through a servirB of fourteen years during tho stormy limes of our political his lory, taking an active, ami decided part in all ilia oxcitinic ipiemions of thn d.iy, from tho fust efforts of Grn. Jackson to carry out the policy nj ,ho country, in removing tho Indians from the States lo the west of tho- duwn to iis retirement from Congre-3 in 1830. to brcumo Governor of his Stain and where do you find a man moro firm and consistent, or mure devoted lo his country's good, in the mantenancw of sound democratic policy? During thn Uank warfare, he Mood by the Old Hero and Pctriot. as firm and unshaken in his principles, as was the old man himself. During1 tho panic session, ar'it has bcpn justly called, which 'allowed llic removal iif tho ites, when tbo wholo country was ngitnted with the dying ppasins of the monster, and such men as Clay, Wi'teter, and Binney, worn proclaiming and cncowaging revolution, JAMKSK. POI.Kstood firm amidst tho aa tho solid and lofty mountains of his native land. These ai'o proud inflections fur his friends and countrymen. When .tho political elements at Baltimore were deeply agitated, and the enemy proudly taunted tho Aa- mocracy with being rent asunder by dixisior. anil faction, the instant the name of JAM us K. POI.K was mentioned, it operated'liko a'charm. His virtues, and faithful public servicrs, at oncp com- mendei' him to the cnnfidcncoof all good men whc had a knowledge of them. Ho was nominatci with great unanimity, and his election has thn wisdom of the nomination. Is it not causo ofgratifyinf- all inlcreatfil and patriotic men, uf all parties, that man of his purity gf piuposp. in whom all can ii" Texas! Kuiureages will scarcely credit tlua ly and'rank recklessness, and when.wo recollect a-id connect vvilli ii the lale'lreaty enter- ed into by'Mexico and'somu of the fiinciionaries ol Texas, b; which Mexico agreed to the indppeni- dcneo uf-Texas, if the latter would 'refuse ,tu bo- come a part of the United States, from which Texas bail been Separated, by. a'mystcrious. want of iu aag-acicHj men, upwards of twenty Thus iMexico withdrew her less than a claim Tf.xas, with a proviso hos- tile to the United fur ivhich.ihe deseivcd our inilignaticn and our execration, if we diiS not knuw thai she wau'actcd upon by .Frauco and G. Britain; and, in her desperate cpniiitkn, liku a Irowning man caichinj acted tha au- omafon of these great "European iKiwers. was it to Mexico, whether Texas became The Patients soon not .only .crash cold water, but go to their; and pleasured.' Ma'hy'of all belioy themifilves rccovt-ting. -Of the great virtues o c-ild nobody doubts. IJs'or is doubt of thn cflicacy of a rigid course of dinting. Imd not expected to find so simple a remedy for s many of ihe His that flcfth is nor am 1 satislied that such a found. we shall soon "know what'tbo will accomplish. It is propera'tid lawful to prove all thitiirs." escpjitins always; the trutlfof a Coop- er Libel." t, J. -M London' tniT rjoutid of Suiica to 'V" fortabloi noWfri'Burc'asrha-of the teiui oa 'your cause'; cause is ihtcatcncd.Mwne ks his au in thn' lie S illnd 7. -'.-.i .'lio is at your first _' i ttkiAvflifrwtaMpclrtm-. he titiib ii lit it" lunstbn" trnth -r9 _ ndisru.tbe denied an i t i B jnwjr' Wrvicrswere'iecessary un some'terder convert, or twaddler, who intends perhaps, to desm ai the first leverso. He wants tur. lea- as are1'not as prtaJiicis. and imbecile for gooJ when conquerors.' shorty a ; at all. limes: ;and a -victory; won by Euch.felluws is tho wout tiling tbat can befal any partV. -.U It'is a great inistake in any party, to Tl' _ ,tt if.n tttf umiig-at Ha pliable a spavined and broken-down hack-to enter "Myeak; ens tho best c-inse, by.sliat'uus ifabcst; auvjwatws; and threo honeat men it ifaiiiB.- It is an mtsulcen. iiotiou; .that twaddlers'may'be- with office, un that nu as thu ufiicur whV caunsul -.from r t .t.. tlfQi to The Epitaph of must men might bo typed anil thad lliiis: He was. burn He lulled and worried' ilirungh his wliolo life, for foad, cloll'ing and eqiiipagwr fur money. i part uf the United S'.atts, ir.depen- iWntJ Thu Unitea States.had, her, bat had connived at .injuries, received from Mexico, out of our sympathy for a power cdpecnt which exhibited sunie oesire fur liberty, and_loim, TJLntes'iiriii-fglorTous'aiid in- stitutions; and Mexico k nowsi hat she has no such kind feeling in ihe bosiais of the -kings-of foreign that which'arises from a of advantages in a similarity of king- Iv pwer institutions. Then ii is miird'than e'vtdutit Shat otir shadow of doubt, tlutik God, remains upuo the most commnn minds, as to the tight being on our side.'and a most wan- ton violatun of friendship anil peace un the pait uf Mexico towards us. There is anoiher pro.if (if anntlier is wanted) to satisfy us that the Uniteil.Statt-s can never en- joy trannntlity', pnispeiity, happiness-and peace, lonj as we am surrounded by other nations not and iho colonies of foreign States. Phis is our c-'jndiiion. Let us not grieve or re- fine, but trust in that God v.ho has given us the victory in two wars with ono of thu most power- ful nations of tho earth. If imtr is declared n- gainst IM by in total disregard of right, of justice, of friendship, and the laws of nations. I nuw lemler niy services to you, in behalf of my ciinntry whom your credit'and honor. 1 do not .wish to enter tho regular army I do not wish to engage for and duriiig the war embarrassed as I urn in my privato fortunes; nor do I wtsli to Icsve niy rettremeot and Iho manigo meat of my nrivatu "aflairs, so lonff as it may b( our policv "lo'dufend our soil alone from the forcigr invader." These duties can bo discharged withou my aid, with ease, and without difficulty; but i you should feel it your duty to pursue the policy o carrying war into the enemy's country, to plan our banner at Santa Ke, Vera Craz, Mexico, o California, and give liberty and stability to frei government, where'disorder and 'anarchy. now no kindrid spirit animates high officers, who represent an oppressed people and who :nay liavc precipitated them into war, t preserve power which they seem precariously t that time shall arrive, and the poli cy shall be on, then I am ready t raise a corps of Kentucky volunteers, -r s. or earth: Ho happiness, but never found it. Hu died------, Jeav- ing all his ticasuro behind laid up none iti that world to which Im' well knew he'was soul! :o having no well gruumled jiopoor expectation of liappincss hereafter. He has gtmn to 4f that bourne Iron: tvhcncc no traveller returns" England; and Governor''of William1 Giflbid hu ilovoied his leisure his ink.' Klatei or SKiMl-iltalfier and uLtimt mtr.'WAS a 'cumhiiied' with i _- __.: _. nA'Cfflll lis s it nisei f to IS, SJOtl dts- thc.dqubifalrlnstead .of, the ptovcd trusted by'.ihe lioaest suldier. .vTlis An7ii.LERT.-r-Seoiiig that certain, nniiera are catiunentinrr upjn iho fact TaylorV'artilcryiin.Ttixas we'ltavb taken .-jaliw to aiceibin I iho lolluwii, _ artillery rcgi'mvnts aro not armc.d. as fluid-artillery, and were nover intended to bo, in the whole, MI- annul. (tht. rugi ments: except one in and a I way iho fortifiraiion wiih heavy Thoy tho law, and.aro meant 'ffur. to f coast AVo .have four regiments u ihis artillery .or forty wcjaiiles. It .1___ ....1.1. Ilivtlil nfonc and a s.'ranijcr; having cultivatrd tatibn with thfuujih the which prevails in modern _ r number from ono to five thousand men, to.scrvt twelve months from the wf march ing orders after organization with a promise to re expiration of the year, if Imnoi and situation uf the country requite men wlm will make t.o other pnimisu than tj'w. tha they will do thoir duty as citizens and and what Gud ban allotcd fur man d country .they will try to do; and if I am again meet" the enemies of my country in bat- tle, in a war on our jnrtso just, and forced upon onduct the soul to'a world lIU.M.jt icau, rti.u ed the elements of that i his ___ _____ be If'any; one; oil. reading the above, can sco that" U. would fit his case ifhe were huw to be cailed away, wo would ask him to read and pjnder'upon tho followiiig >eautifnt thought. "How fexv mcnspcm to have funned acunccp-" li6n of the original of tlipir nature, the exalted of them- selves only as creatures of time, endowed merely with animal 'passions and intellectual faculties, thuir aims and crprctntiraa aru circitm- by the.narroiv outline of life. They furget that instability and dix-ay as with a siinbt-a'ai, up.m all earthly this world, with all its and; and >s crumbling into thi" 53 scarcely do- servitii; sinnle excepting aa it forms the iniroduc'.idii to another, and he alone acts a j cutnpaniea prudent, ntinnal part, .who frames with direct reference to that future and nndlesa state of being. Sin Ins so blinded the understanding and debased the that men nevtr fail to in- vest some temporal 'good with fancied perfection, and idly imagine that the attainmi-nt of it 'would satbfv the dcaires the capacities of mortal spirit! How Jitiluilo" they sclvos! Tho fioul is not of the earth, and they will strive in vain to chain it to the its native strength impaired.and its pu- rity tarnished, and its f glory it will not always be a ptisonor here.' it forth if yon will, to the mcterial nntvrrsc. and, like the dovn dismissed from'lie it will without single place to it has tfo resting1 place but the bosom a "prcpostL-ious ariilleryi-if armed aa fold ariillerv for any.annyithe United Stales can cwr maintain or rend into thu field, is much too small for of <mr form on Aim and lake fronlicrs. when arc estimaicO io-mount heavy -1 he 4 of artillery rank and file; as n ifO- __ an of MrfSaxtVmrin we fee from' the -Army 2.108 less than 1 man heavy canmin. Mn time- uRwnr, this force would bo incretsed but it not mrant oven to garrison thu for'.s entirely, regulars: Tha malitia would, in ptrt. bp eiiipmyi'd-rur and it w certainly and most I _ nli Itriltf useful for that force. ever, liavu in each garriwm a difcif-l'mrd, structcd body of artilleriHiB; fur duties at the 'guns. This sta ._.r..... thci'niors dilliculi shuwa-the other Iii artillery companies eent thither, arc arm- ed and instructed as and, of-course; are without is ?4 field cannon.'.'.-, 1 lie ncxvspapers illicit -liave ciinnnenU-d upon thi may miw understand Union- A SriKtTED thn posse ofyis- iters who crowded on board the Great Urilain.- du rin" her rocent stay in NeW York, wo are credibly innTioied lint a Isil of about eleven or twelve yearr. applied for -admission to sec the wonder. ilemaniled of htm xvaS'twiMity-llye cents, far ilie 'trivilegc of stepping ujmn tho royal deck. .........._ Tho little frllow remonstrated against tint injustice soldiers of compelling him m pay as much a toll grown lo for his man, and iiHista! that he ought to be admitted lor .A GI.OWINO.- cut the f..l loxvinsr beautiful paragraph from a late number o Freeman's prmtid at Dublin, hu land: v Irish Btnivlin. ncnd ofo'jjccta on xvhinli t< exercise our greatest Hympathies'; in the Amer ican States xvu find cnnugh ofour blood, and sufii hcarly friendship for our selves and our people, tn suffer thoso sympathies Jo cxpatiato there. In Eutopa we have mi cuun thn country which bore us is no'.yetotirs but the strangcr'rf. There is no Ihg glorj is otir own. No empire reflects to us a great im of ourselves. To the aggrandizement; of tin ,f it. Our country will soon be a unit, and the voice nl treason will not bo heard in our land. Tho discordant notes uf tho whether it was twecdle-dum or will be lost in tho " shout and liuzsi for .otir roiintry, for victory, forum Union, including tho ad- ditional brilliant star Texas. As a citizen, I thank you, and congratulate my country f'ir your prompt action in concentrating tho naval and military forces of tho United States on the land and on tho sea, ready to meet our enemy. Accent this hiMy letter, written in tho turmoil and bustlo private'' life, from ono who wishVs vim every blessing and every honor which result? from a faithful; discharge of your public duty to your country. Most nurwfltfullyi JUUHAIU) Cul. JAJIU K. 1'ofcK.' S I'roiidont of tho U-utoi' States, i Ci'y of Having 01 me Illallij iiUU .--.y- f half price, or eighteen pence at most; but in vam must pay tho txvo shillings demanded, or tic m a xvar on our pr.nso pight. Jlc accordingly paid his, money. lenoniicc. amlution. foreign inliacnce and and xvcnt on board tho grutt steamer. I will try to KCO tho dnti.-sof the citi- satisfird bis by a fulUsarainatinn vt-n soldier handsomely, bravely and galantly tl.n WAS inaKnijr in urmnd, to thn honor uf the corps, anil ben- efit of our country. The crisli has war, I supposo, is de- clared. knoxv not xvho ntay bb at the bottom gai various parts of WAS m'aking his way towards thn machinery, but was checked by ihu or kroner of that dnpartmcnt. and told that ho ctntld not bo admitted tlierr. without paying a in-r. Amithor shUlingl" said the little vis- I phid as much as Mil to nay, fur coming on bimd, and .1 thitiit, 1 _ i t_ nit ii linrra iih'm his He i remities face livid j n he contents 'nfithn stpmat.. ho child lie dfetty at w will for thcliorsc.-To be completely by .'i- f the trial of it from obser qnsntUy of who will or then curse .tho shtllin itcr, 1 on wwj iiiiiu.ti'p, but a bull wtmld ask so much lor seeing a ship that you sny 7" ri-torttnl keeper warmly. I replietl tho boy, "that none but a JMill would ask much a ship. don't oak any thing for seeing our ship we -show them fur said the er, you have no forge ships to bbuw.'.! Oh yw, we havo, "replied tiie "HavcyonJ Raid the I Jshonld like to' Imtiw how rmpire ills our fato to contribute j but we ii grcaitiPM only'in own humiliation jand in 1111 fatal'connexion wiih it that w'hic the pxistenco even of the thy in thu fortune of his muster. ;4 not.ij, im ture to livc'lbis sullen 'ciistcnce-rno successes t tiitiniph with; no lo b" great within lofty hopes to riff with. Our higher sympathies Vntist jiass Iwyond. thn cf ittir rn- lamiiies'.antl, having no place for tin-in in our own we will seek somi'whcrolotiUidn of pelves bestow them. And be mofo prone to bestow them Umn M-hrra our own blond runs frorsil and 'truest to (hi! fmintnin uf its current! Shall we'not freely priJc. orit-s ofa'Juckson.or tniist wo wait till wo nre -.dmilied into a partticrMjip in Ihostmf a UVl'ing' on? nnt: triumpli in ilioMiceessful statesmanship of a 1'olk or a-P.nrbanan, (for they arc both of our blood.) or inns' wrj BUpprctt every ideal emotion till wo can triumph xvith a bton'if Shnll glow with aJmir-ition at iho expansion of an" empire wlies'o'croatness o'ir cinm- trvnien cimtribntc to, and p.irtnk') in? "If it were only to relievo tl.c''feelings" with which .we are flirpcd to view tho grwth that other empire, whoso weight already overlays and oppresses us.'" 1 j'loxv thn lad.'hiscoan my Srbillcr askrtl. -wlicii lasti raisrd np so that, lie cuuld1 iliiriousi ns7 lyond tho hills Rhine.Kf 'm Brooklyn A- snid a father to his while they xxork in a to.raSxichto with Mich as you do1? When I was of your age I could with thn fust raid Cliarleyi is always ;ynu know mo'tarn this f ivc. it If -i fAllnw li.ii nnlhmrr tvhfin IIP mnr- is llic.Ir.isl tl of.the -n of ilia lowest follow has nntiurjg lie .gets mar; iNEWSPAPERl fWSPAPE'RI

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