Wednesday, February 26, 1896

Bangor Daily Whig And Courier

Location: Bangor, Maine

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Bangor Daily Whig And Courier (Newspaper) - February 26, 1896, Bangor, Maine COMER AINE, WEDNESDAY, FE1BRU Price Three Cents, BROTHERS. THE NEW RULES PROSPECTS POPULAR OVAT IN CONGRE5 ill ElfERY MOTHF.B Should Have It In the House. Explosion of a Magazine ussion of Cubans Resolutions t n l! i Throiigh London IT IS Mike anyDllier j T Liniment com plni tits It wttt cure. Its strong the Uv 'U i-> Uuil any pnni every Inmenesa every- i, iH-v'fil rturtl HUH wululerfuU soothing Auodync. It la the i" 1'nr earache, hcndnche, neck- iiii fm t every nrhf. 1'ur sciildn, tiliugs, tftrnins, sprains, -uxl soie liuiM-lurt. Fur chills, co'igha catarrh. For 4 cukisli. bronchltla, diphtheria, lunus. Fur com-, orbit p. cholera morbus and muu- ,'ilv pnins. ndiralKiu and umpctiltir rheumntlHtn. For cuts. clMltiliiiiis.aU IriilKlIons and Inflammations. For JdiicvH. Ktomnch, use this (treat vital and by lufluimimtluu, to cure which by Dv. A.i'joliiisoti lor his owu practice. Repprt on a Contested Elecj on Some Other Matters of A cramp or a pain, a bruise or sprain, Should make a big combine. To knock you out, put them to rout, JOHNSON'S ANODYNE. ASH1NGTON, Feb. 2ft. iy a modern to reeonsidi oh the Senate passe i ;he li ux tending [or flve yeuri Inning Rulta to annul at not8, was made bv Mr. the time under the tiring next. Monday. y be called up at any tin isequetitly withdrew thi bill now goes to the 'he Cubuu belligerency i i] up aud Mr. Morgi ilrd dny'd speech ID supp The Weekly Courier" ofler this The Weekly <C4 ONE YEAR, FOR .ONLY (The ret-alar oubsorlption tot t t Address all orders to THE COURIIiR. Write yonrnMua on Trlbnie Bulldlne, Kew ntr- ntAf WEEKLY TKlBftNKwlJ tfsj rT NE whose ati.oa ryot all the party i news nrtot a each r best with but must be rojei lor dsfenrted his that the fraudult regatcd from tho the duty o( the Ho before passing adiiiiltcd, hi) be were uiade as ho result In-demon t-itlujs (i Ho lae at B.U5 ad o Ieepec- aud 25, Boom 3 ,6RBIER Also'Cloudy rdterjl O.Si nsPABlMBpT A41 VVJU.1IU (I W'ABHIN jrfofc 2 v, tea tons Forooast CprlW ifllnBdii (ncreaolnit oloidnen, snow Hurtles; 1 'ni< r, w I Fj J ternoon and nl( tlje people of except iison of the (red Spates, pilllce cotlrt, tn croWd runnliijS alonsBidu tl: throughout the journiy. Upon the arrival nt Dr. Jiinueson and hii were promptly arraigned marnisrrate upon faruial char liearlnK the evidence briefly tratb adiournerl the ijumlm fortnight and relented .1 anied others, on bail of dacta. Fburteeu others ell Dr. Jameson with having ma a friendly Slate. ,l.inieaon (laps and Red All Information on Su be Secured bj WASHINGTON, Feb commission from the Royal elcty of England cuts K. Markhan that all maps Ids. ject In England Can Ccirimlsslon, 25. The Venezuelan Troops [Mutinied, Killed the Captain and Imprison! da General. irsons Killed by Explosion Many Others Were'Wounded, htiB rec ived an intimation Geographical So- through Clem- Its president, reborda of that (society will gladly b placed at the dis- posal of the eommi'slon. A couiteous posal reply sent decllt cheering e vehicles low street comrades before tlie After the magH- in for a and the irged with le war upon tho bflfor m view of reudv officially txpi't and Venezuelan rnments to alt necessary infonnitiloa. The suggestion seem desirable to ha vited to Washiufiton the commission and benefit of his long I graphical matters. Secretary today said that In his opinion two things were guaranteed to the commission: First, all information concerning 'he boundary dispute in the posse Biou of any one wu for the present the wllliugnesfe al- by the British B made that U nrny Mr. Markhnm in- to appear before its members the ainllinrlty with goo- Tbe person The l1 werft klllei Voopa killed the captain aud 1m- m, Feb. LONI Shangl Kiang- I'in, Oo u Inutlnl !d recently. says thu l the Anhul troops at lies from Shanghai, is blown up and 200 and jaany wouhded. H n his .compat loudly cheered as they ente room and t.hcire was ti, renews ]tir ibfl; pai sidif, the magistrate bt'injr uu a stop to the demomlfrattou. was attain cheered jt left l ircourse ana I was followed ujfter it on tiui people .tales. The close their olng ou in close their s r.oth- Uu'.ted reeoguition of the outgrowtli ing such an out- this of country similar crowd, Who repeated! imissiou to ID ch Tho iage would mean act, under w has authorit j To ropail tended, suicide; it Bt raided event of and sound D silver i would netei passage of t Ate as a rep under whict L'he Senate ils morning ol bial- ny political the repolu- Ga.) pro- onds unless thorized by B, of Ten- be taken on 1 'a dlxcus- >nrs of the were absent and Voor- nilttee were party lines, 1 Ir. Jones, of ng the Democi The licuna argued of such a resolution ;ha rcpi-al1 of tl lich alone gov to bond: hat Act. Mr. Id be to con would leave thout a nibani trouble. I'll' oney Uetlfloera jeuitiers of tli consent to sue herman cou- lassed by (Jjngrens. The silver'men held th uch a re-toluti< ;al of thelexisi .1 ol bon< bonds were it bo the beet thing for would then lofue the ver ns the Billy meat exUting llujnclal ilia The comtnitlee by n pas Sir. Altirich's m r to purchase the resoluilon To report Sherman, ilepublicant dVersely, idversely, ison, lie lion Aldrl .gainst rep irctiase tne lyi Messrs. Harris, to hinds ill I Wallhall, vuda, Populist.. The resuliition by this the treasury of relief in Republicans lie asaured committee, an act being t while the n would oper- ng authority ued, it would ountry, as it oinage of Eil- rough which be cured. ote failed tn o report the vote being: isrs. Morrill, h, 1'latt, all rtiug adverse- White, 'ones, of Ne- vote still re- led up. thol nanimously! tnalns befor e ceaolutloo recom- e i ended by the ooknlikee was advocated- l Neb.b.He and oljaracter of nlttee and contended were ucli that, the I recjnott oft the) elehtlrfly. Itlon. lota le contended could be seg- s and U v7as va tills done contest.: Ho It the count dod. 1C would u! Van Horn iritj? oil lite legal votes I on raej In question t ot fraud, Mr. Tny- matter tlie .pn Srjoycy. lOCLTUUE I 25, 8 P. Lewlsto Me., Feh befo re tho bqjird of registration a retort that] a man had been knockjd dc wi. It appeltred that he was PROVE Aocd.ler throw Ttepuhllcoh 'convohtlo WW, yesustday to cle tlon, ft v. to be free to the eon as well aa in other c the English people that thu Undine of t .its'deep rcjearell68 i moral we" feet. ,Mr. Malet Proves the members were ght if not die result of thel whieli would wittiat .mission in England mm ries; already recognised lecommicsion after going to have great a legal binding ef- Igo said he thought eterniined to make decision partisan tln.t ai the suprouie cnu contest before It an would be supporled locarty conviction liud ami that no uentor concuircr q place, the line labors nd the'most violent irdinj exactly would over any the opinion rendered by such argument as any reasonable mnlter what iulne- t negotiations took wn by president would be adopted as the permanent, li two countries, and oundary benoen the supported by both. Ho early Su The guile three Trail Altai rend xts. nat the as- by Congress resumption irnment now PROF. JORDAN'S SUCCESSOR At State Colleire Experiment Station Will be Pl-of. Woods. flllUDl.ETOWN, (Jpuu., Ftb. 25. C. D. Woods, Weslej an i'80, vice director of Scorers' Agricultural Station, has been elected dean of the agricultural depart- ment of tho Malnelstale College ajtOrono and director of experiment station there. He will take the offlec July 1st. LIKE BANCOR- Blddeford Democi ats Adjourned Their Caucus- EIDDKFORD, Feb. 2B. The Democratic mayoralty caucus adjourned till Thurs- dny without making auy nolnlnatlnn I'he candidacy of, Carlos Heard lias been solicited but he lias asked time to con sider. An Independent movement start ed to-day has end'orseil him. W repo by [ilia totiauco a and TlHiflrc sioay buildi n- und tile b ;iu p( liumeltta A despatch from who is now awaiting death. Inntruc'KB at Kiang-Yln are safely Protected b the Hunan troops, GVElFflURSIORE HOMELESS. Poor People B riven Out at Ho- Flre Tuesday ;pKiCN, N. ,J Feb. 23. in Michael Hollmai at 04 Ad store were compluiely blended north! to tilt ifr owned Mlchne illciiiiR at 5B, 60 and Fill for New Ii were all fitnilicKi Loss gutted WASHI4TCN NEWS. 'Ihe treasury HIIIMUTON, lio-duy WU uerce ComB! llrst ol en on Ule A( Iliull will c iil New Yo 1 ot .st Office u p6al uiliui coming II li'e ilouiic n will eg un apprt itss t over bill ol tlicct ot ucw l been jiuld lu i about S! been "tukei loll Secretarjl wljilch lort, aud SACO'S FINANCES- The Clty'a Debt Shows an Increase SiCO, Feb. 25. The city jtrcasurei' annual .Btatemcnt lo the city gov- ernment shows the footings: City debt Feb. 1, Debt Feb. 1, 1880, increase i -i FINANCIAL Monetary IBW VOKH. Fob. '25. er Duuuv de COIVinflERClAL. Quotations. Money cLsy. Sa4; last nt about tl: us learned hjjre attach i ght'i reaiills ished. For i jared no eflor nivkinn oil L et. 26. The ford Supremo A number of I'rtuie MutciinHio oapcj Ilur Silver, 383i Moxlcun Dolluis, SlorltaB KichanKC- atoaijy fio.lny UlllB; tiovoromenl bt rcallroad llrm. KxproBB ..Uri EluroBBlIU Jk aiamc...170 Onlral' Paclflo.. IB. OUlo...... ill, Alton...105 proferrod Don. H> "j' 2-l> tlla. Lalio Krlo WOBtB 21> Uke Lonlmlllo NaBh. Ui Mulno Central.... 000 Moxton Central... UK 'LANS, hlngton this Hon. Joseph o W.LShingtou aln assume the he eanvaas of r the Presiden- anley will be a lalrman of the il....... ft SI. 1.. is-'i .177 1I1K 74 X charge all the Loula convan- uat go on with tbBtandlng bis ae he can. Mluli. Oent. Minn. Jt St. L.... preferred...... J.Contrnl....... Northern Paclflo.. preforre-i....... 1H SCO InOouil ......1W WO 0. 8. ill ;oinral 1'aclllc uto 101 nen. A Ulo.'3. latB.J135ilNo. E.... >ld Colony. Onl. Wealnj... 'aolaoMall..... Pallico toaillnl......... Cqcklaland..... Ht. Paul............ Hl.ranUbOmaha.. iiroleirrod....... Sngar.L............117. I'oxaB Pautflo...... u 8. H'Jii woBtorn fusing jn.U nsei dopted by the National Base he League Season Will Open fot All the Clubs April 16. Much Feeling Among Lesser Organizations Over Change of Agreement, 'Re venue .Cutter. '25. A tavorabl ordered by the lions Ittee on tho bill to eon IBS revenue eutter fo antic Tint vea M will be li k. Tim bill haa the n[ ry Carlisle.1 Appropriation Bill. appropriation bill, for ul t aa npreed to 1'oV Oflice CeinmUtee rtaentcd to the prlation of tan the cetimateB, and .he amount carried by rrcnt llaciil year. gold reserve to-day S7S. Ol tho fill.OHO.- i sold so far and all but three mil- percent, of thatdreount In the treasury uarv tjLh, tile date upon NEW YOUK, Beb. 2S. The annual prlng mertliiR of the National Base tall League was brought to a cloac tu- Ifiht. The Bchcdule was given out at n ate hour. The opening day of the eason Is the same icr all Jn the future umpires must Immedi- ately remove from the eume and Held any player fiuilty of improper or inde- cent conduct or language, instead uf ne tlie option of tilling tile offender as heretofore. With regard to coachrrn or players being out .of the bounds of Ihelr positions the umpire shall after tlie Brdt warnlnK flue the ollV.udcr not Ief3 than SO nor more than In of a second violation a line nf will be Inl- loscd and fur a third ollenc'e the umpire inmt positively oider Ihe player Iron] the game ami Held. Forthwith he shill notify the captain that du'lnp the eonllnuanee of the enmc no more will be imposed, but the oflcnd- will snnunary expulsion. This rule, does not apply tn tho captain of either team when lie flmll appeal to Ihe umpire on a question nf interpretation ol Ihe rules. When the umpire orders a player from tin; ciiine lie must Insist that such player be. removed from 'he Held and shall nuspiMid until suen ia obeyed. The minur Icaeue miiKiiales were much lierturbed over ihi: action or the niilioiml body in altering the national agreement in such manner as to Impose new hard- ships on the leaser orfjaniy.ttlnns. Tiu'rtf was much bluer feeling and n meeting was held. It waa decided to postpone aclion uutll March when a meeting will be held at Washington. Ut.der the new national on the aggregate population baHin some of Hie minor lenguea will lie fureed Into lower elaasi-s thai, they are now placed in. In the case of the Allintic I-eague President Crane already paid pro'.cction under Class A. Hv the ti of thu new agreement Ihe Alii League in in Class It i' d'inhlfi the national le.uuuc bas the ol tractlng tlie original conlincl. Tainted Blood PolHOiied my whole system, local troubles bcinfj the origin of my Buffering. My Ihnbs and arms swelled and Boron broko nut My norvons oyntom won nhattcroti nticl I hrlplesa. Mcdlcnl treatment aviillcd noLhinij. I resortud to Mood's Sarsaparilla and it gave mo vitality at once. J jralnod rapidly nnd tho Borcu disappeared. I RtrcnffUi ond waa finally restored lo hralth." Mrw. Ki.BKinnii B. SMITH, P. O. adiircaii, Weat Oranville, Mnaa. iiood's Pills "Good luck" in Cooking lor URUTIERABLE mISERY. in simply 111-CllK'Ul. ulwiiys havc liillK- It lllCHSllri' Ill fully. It's ii 's lir tlli cl luck" nusr th j n our 51 f'llj ]1 :ind inai-ki'tl lo tlir ipiiirlcr. lialf HIM! raii'l Il P. unnii'ii SMV lli Ifii lu ill-'in H. CO. r59 MAIN STREET Walk III and look around." rarhsle bids lor there had been withdrawn from treasury of gold, of withdrawn for lor domestic uic .RDS ELATED ureofthe ns Mon Shadowed. Feb. 25. While Minis- ome declined to-day to e BCTmuda'B sliiziire, i t llii! authorities lore importance to las :ban anytliina aceom t.leafli a month they liav .to circumvent. the de pkrture of IUJbuBteriuK ixpeditlona o tteehipmcnt 1- "1" AriuoniaiiH Dyinff rroiu C uiul KxUatiKtloii by Hio hi-nrs lhat I arnn to Cuba. Evtry BOSTON, fell. 23. The New Kngland Armruiau Uellef CommilU.'.j has received Ulo following from thu trrtisurer ufihu Anglo-American Uellef Conmiillcr, Con- Btaniinople: AnibiiBSfidor tiiere is great misery and sn-k the re.luge.ort at, especially One, 2.15H2.7 8OOTI1KBN UYE xulot; ateadv; 2.40S2.85. lull; steady. active; 0000; exporui No. 20085; Itpu, atoro Etnrbance ann when oili- e him he fell in a FATAL. t In Lewiston. acve anil elevator. 808 Ji; aflbat. toll, No. 1 Northern, ,_ 18650; 2MO; sales 17- 000; dull; flrm; No. olovator 000; ..10. 74000; oo; hit No. fairly active; st <i v- NO. Chloapo. Chicago Produce Market. j. KILLED BY LIVE WIRE. Man and his Son Grasnod Crossed Wire. PltovlDKKi'K, Feb. .lesse TJcey, aged and his son, .lesM) .Ii.. aged 24, was killed lodiy by grai-pinu a live wire they found Inn garden near their homo In Thornton. The wire Dyspeptics .1 people truuliUrtl th [ul ii( ilit-ir ilii-l. Mother's was fully informed tliat the mcu from the Hawkins were held In dally readl- ;CBS to re-etubark and extraordinary irecaulionu wore taken to defeat them. When the Bermuda was secured, he efforts of tho detectives were re- iuubicd, and it la believed the Spanish luthorities had no doubt Unit her depar- uro would be prevented if the co-opera- tion of the United States officials could jo secured. The Spaniards are particularly elated ivor the success of their agents, as it Iwaa understood by them that tho Ber- muda would enable tlie Cubans to lit out ii formidable force in tho eastern part of fhe island just when, it is claimed, Gen. Weyler's active campaign U beginning o make the situation extremely critical. Officers of Horaa on Trial. rjlli-AOKLl'IllA, Feb. 25. The trial of I.E. Wibcrjt, Jans P. Peterson, and H. Johanaen, late respective captain, llrst mate aud second mate of tne Danish steamer Horst, indicted yesterday on the charge of conveying 0.1 tlllbusterlng ex- pedition to Cuba In violation of the neu- ;ralhv laws, was begun to-day in the United States district court with Judge Butler pu the bench. Several witnesses tcst'iuony to tlie effect that the Horsa took a filibustering expedition aboard. No new facts of Importance were elicited. Another Filibustering Case. NEW YOUK, Feb. 26. J. Guerrn, treasurer of the revolutionary junta, was arrested this afternoon by the United Status marshal. It la ohareed (hat he gave a receipt for certain money to be used in a llllbusterins expedition. At the examination before Commissioner an old telephone wiic i hut hud become crossed with an electiic light wire. ItlOfi COIlllIIILlel! Ul lln. t" receive the I.exuw nub-coi.....II- ee on grcalen N.-w Votk. When the rc- CREATtR NEW YORK. The Bill Reported In Uiu Nuw Yor Lsslsltilure- N. V., Feb. iri. The join citloE' committee of the two him 10' tee port wan received Senator Ifruuli l-d to the elimination of llempulcail and other towns ill Queen's cuuntv as Bug- gemed In the of the tee. Assemblyinati Sturm, ol tjaeen declared that the of towns n Ouei'iilj (lid not want to be Included In greate? York, and urged the adop- tion of the report of Ute sub-coiuniltee as prcicnted. was in kion nearly two lunrs an dlreeteJ Its entire attention to the subject "tliiig in towns In Queen's county- The towns in quenlion lire llrinpslcad, Flu.hlng and Jamaija. They were cir- dored rusiored ontbc sunre basis Ha Long City and N'ewton, which are In Queen's county. The King's county members of the two comi.iluees voted against the bill. All the' New ork city members voted for it. Senator Stranahan, -chairman of the cities'committee, reported the hill this afternoon. The denate ordered a thou- sand extra copies of II primed. id food -it all times. Don't stint yoursrll liy pulliiiK oil iiii'il l" row what to-ilav. Brown Josselyn, Agents for Maine, AKU Ul, IN 1-.KKA1. (.0 Inholvinl Totlie lliiuiiralpli! .lui venl ilclitnr, tl "Hi- clill'l. n twenty ll Hephea 1. Burt, down by a run- as found to be I y and his life Is CBICAOO. Fob. 86. llrm; No. a COEK-No. 2, 28KJ20. OATS-NO. 2; Electric Blttoro. te ex Shields this" afternoon United States D s- trlct directed the calling of General Calixto Garcia, Cap- tain Hughes, Benj. J. Gucrra, Captain Brabazon and John D. Hurt. 'J he flrst Jour, throngh counsel, weij granted a postponement until March 3d. JohE U. Hart asked for a speedy hearing. His examination was set down for Gen. Garcia and Captain Huguea -were subsequently arraigned upon another charges Included the Hawkins and Bermuda filibustering. Charges against tho flve accused were Wide in the name of the United States, and addi- tional charges against Gan. Captain Hughes were brought by the V V flir- CALLED CONGRESS SQUARE. Rlnes1 Bros.' Now Hotol at Portland Leased to Mr. Stoarns. Me., Feb. 25. Kines' Bros.' new hotel has been leased to George W. Stearns, of Bangor, and named Ihe Congress Square Hotel. H will be opened May 1st. teloniflnii lo li" rrtuii' nil lo Uic Mim of 1' e .iolli'i-H. Wlieniroii! "lie may be ut her out .ill K (JOOI I" Allenl IleilBlur. Farms and Timber Land for Salei In LaGrangf, Ncdlord and flrnnillf.. FOREIGN NEWS. lalmed That Khodoa Was Impll- pated. I ONUON, Feb. 20. Truth claims to aveeiccllent authority for the sutr- mt that Presid-nt KrUger of the bouth African republic potsotscs the fullont nd clearest evidence of the complicity f Cecil TJHE L. 'I- W. Portiknd Mftn on HlB iway Improve- ment Commission Bdi TON, Feb. 25. Piaaldent i Vonlj anci raKUeoit America i Wheelmen, has I '--s ited national committees. Percy Electric Bitters la ujmedlclne aulted tbr consul. All the prisoners fur- any season, but perhkps more generally j ball and were sel at liberty, needed In the SprlngJ when the languid, A. G. Gonznles, lawyer, who is We exhausted, feeling prevails, when the Uupporter of the junta, to-dav said ttiat liver 18 tonpld and sliiBglSh and the nebd, thj expedltlon cost about me ot ft tonlfi tti.4 Isrlelt. Cubans, he declared, are by no means v ifolne has oflpn by the present dlsappolnl- 3B latal WHoua ment carrying out their plans, will act mjrel1 and, freeing. TALKED AND OAME. prompt nee of 'this r----1 neu yield to Elettlo Bitters. ttfty oenta per bottle at Ara Warren'ol Drug.SljOre. Marvelous tlpiitlon, Dlzzi- Annuai Meetlne of Konneboo As- soolatlonj WATEnviLLB, Feb. 26. The annua I'rom a letter Jwrltum by Rev. Qunderman, ol Dimondale, Mich., are permlttea to nkkethla extract: have no While I 'awor o tho Ba[ fat Tdfribio offloers was re-blected, ak hours with lltle1 t eeemed KNEW IT ALL, l' by Pi POBTBWOCTa, N, H., rob. 25. '1 CotS KyderMeelvcfli a letter from ilatlon to the ol hijhly .Trial bottle oaalbly nds shifting to u [tHdeut.and resulfejls MeKtoley Bon tilatlon to the ol Iel died In Bpatott 1 ehru 1'hB letter waa written pan; irnnwnll-tho lioBton police bad Uv, It mny W old, Wnimcnt retalni Long may It live at Colors (Hid ilotd ciuaes tliattltcti ariapat lueHoodand glvas meeting of tho KennebBoTlsh and Assooiatlon jtos held at'the Blmwoo J-l' Hotel tonight. Fish CortmW altneH Stanley nnd Wontwortti Iwer Dr. present. The association expended VfT Lindry.' Her I reaWts year and fll'nce Ita erln the second ataoat la the my hold th8nMt e Khodos, minister of Jape Colony, in Dr. Jameson's raid. Pleasant ;Kntortalnmont and Sup- por. At the tsscx street Free Baptisl Church vestry last evening a succesBfu entertainment waa given by Watch Circle ol King's Daughters. An excel eot auppor was served from 0 to fl and 8 thii following entertainment n given, oach notnber being received wit inch favor by the largo audience In at tendanco: Piano an-lllh 1 and Mr. itnara lerrl uzzo Hutehln CBons Theaooo and MISB Perkins. Herae made candy and apronn were o Bale and wore readily disposed of. Will c dunvn (or llral In H.HI.IH HEKlllIltT J. 1IANTON. Maine. NOTICE. icroiih my wife, Grace Cook.liah loft r nU board 1 l nrctiy forbid all r tninUnir her on my account., no 1 ftimli jmy nit -IlBor COOjti Bangor, Fob. 2ft. 1H9G. EOITONt You may puzzloTa long tlmo over that word Vororo you how to pronounoo t TaUo the fast end flrst and read back- you have the lamllat word "notice." Thui It mWt leatn that "YteVOCsldiLactdera.Nedlog t "clplent conBUtuption impurities of Vuie remedy lor ekln sfleotlona and il complaints due to deranged liver. Sto the right hMitl end ot your (Ulo lave You Seen Them? The Women's Slippers Uiat nvo we selling for Eegular 82.00, and goods. They are going fast, but we still have plenty of 2, 2 1-2, 3, 3 1-2, and son cf tho other sizes. XOOMBS-DftNFORTH SHOE CO. I1! iNEWSPAPERl MEWSPAPERI

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