Thursday, September 26, 1895

Bangor Daily Whig And Courier

Location: Bangor, Maine

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Bangor Daily Whig And Courier (Newspaper) - September 26, 1895, Bangor, Maine ._ Jl HV BOITTELLE B aicospi OLA8B1LULMATHB.1 BANGOR, MAJINE. THURSDAY. SEPTEMBER 26, 1895. Prica Hires Cents, VOL. LXIL-NO. 230. VORY AROOSTOOK INVADED RACES IN MAINE. GENTRY TH WINNER SHOCKI G TRAGEDY. MAINE MELANGE. PAKE'S CELERY COMPOUND. T ,-LOATS At all grocery stores two sizes of Ivory soap ire sold; one that costs fne cents a cake, and a larger size. The larger cake a tie it-iiicnt and economical for laundry and general household use. If your out of it, insist on his getting it for you. i But by Friends and Well Wishers, Good Events on Many Tracks In the Jhree Ccmered Race at New York Mai Shoots His Wife Not Foes. Wednesday. Dubuque, la. and Suicides. Short Sketch of the Venerable Alpheus Felch. Unbounded Hospitality (or tie Visitors Attendance of Ten Thousand People HOIS.B Placed to Us Credit the Fastest He Had Been In laolt ot Beating Her Most Within Their Gates. the Exeter Tnci, Heat of the Year Brutally, Dream which Came Bridge Collapse, Elc. An fljsolute Cure for the Worst Jases of Rheumatism. r. roc THE PROCTER GJIKBLE Co., CIN-TI The Ettiirslon ot tta Bangor Board ol Some Eicltlng Contests at InNHI and And the Fastest Thlrc Heat Eier Trotted or Strong Drink Was the CauseiotjhelTerrihle Trade and Their Guests. T Our Coax anc Contains sizes to fit big and little. We always '.me a stock so large that everybody can 'be suited. We Jon't like to have a customer come in, try on any- thing and then go away without being fitted. It gives her a poor opinion of the store. There are always some forms hard to fit. We make a specialty of carrying garments to fit everybody, both long and short waisted. If you want a perfect fitting, garment, cjme to us. you seen the WOOL CHflVIOT JACKET we are sellinf at (You can't find its equaj in town at [Special DeqSaleh to Whig and Coarlor.l PRESQUK ISLE, Sept. 25, The Board of Trade special furnished by the cour- tesy of the Batgor Arooatook Hall- way Company with 185 passengers In charge of Conductor Haggerty arrived at Houlton at. 12.30 P. M. after a mag- nificent run. General Manager Cram was on board and under bis watchful eye everything ran like block work. The train made a short slop at North Twin Dain which was improved by the passengers In visiting the dam and Gerrish'8 camp. When the train pulled inn Houlton at Other Places. [Special to WhlK-'and, Courier.! DEXTER, Me., Sept. At the Exeter races 'todav there was" an attendance of nearly ten thousand people. The races resulted as follows: Colts, three years old and under. Con- quest, C.H. Nelson, was flist; Dictator Nelson, F. W. Hill, second May Belle, Q. E. Guptil, third. Best time 2.32. The 2.24 class, Dick West, Chris Toole, Bacgor, first; Lady Franklin, Fred Davis, second Tom Drew I L. E. Jud- kins, third. Best time 2 The 2.40 class, Paul J., Henry Davis, first; George, M., R. W.BerJnett, second Paced In a Race. B'XK DomleShootlng.litEnSf DUBUQUE, la., Sept, 25. John K. Gentry easily won the three cornered match race with Joe Patchen and Fidol this afternoon. Geitry won three beats, equalli his mark cf He placed to his credit tlie fastest heat of the year and third heat ever paced or trotted in a race. Fidol was the favorite with the spectators but the cither horses outclassed him. Time, We ure selling an All Wool COVERT CLOTH JACKpT 'or Misses, ages 12, 14, 16 and, ia years, cut in the Jla'est styles and worth as a leader, for j. Everybody is admiring our line of Misses' and Chil- JACKETS. It's the cho ce; anil Jren's REEFERS ana selected line ever brought to this town. take our word for it, but judge for yourself. Don't ore I L To simply say our ine of FALL DRESS .GOODS is pretty is not 'doing: them justice. Jiey are more than ar d serviceable -novelties that combine style anc wear and satisfaction. After all, what more does aay woman want in dress goods than style4, wear! and satisfaction W B, Foas. b m, Plialr................ Time 2.24, 2.21, .4443 Fair at Phillips. PiMLLTS, Me., Sept. 25. The laces at the fair of theNorlli Franklin Agricul- tural Society today were 'witnessed by a good crowd. The 2.30 class, Moslem, owned by C. II. Ellis, took three straight heuts, with Altamn second and Cupid third. Best time The greatest interest centered in the three minute race and five heats were trotted. Enoch H., owned by B. P, Shiiw, got first money, Flashlight second and Koxle B., third. Best time Closing Day at Belfast. BKI.PAST, He., Sept. 25. j The closing day of the Waldo County agricultural "HOSS AND HOSS." English and American Boats One Race Each. CF.NTKK ISLAND, Sept. 25. The yachts started In i[ light breeze at 12.30 unoffic- ial time. The rirat leg of the triangular coursejwasa reach and the Ethelwynu goon K lead of an eighth of u mile over the Spruce with a freshening breezy. At the Ktl.elwynn rouuded the first niiuik. The Spruce IV wan tlie ru.ce hv 23 seconds. The oflic al time at the finish: Spruo} IV, 4-25.44; Elhelwyuu, 4.20.07. be driven about the town and the special fajr Wfla well attended, loOfj people being ALL READY J FOR BUSINESS. will leave for Fort Falrfield at 9.30. present. The races were good. In the Every one is enthusiastic over the rail- 2.37 clasi the Appleton horse Don, owned by Thomas'Gushee, won straight heats, best time The 2i28 class, the Kockland horse St. Patrick, owned by M. W. Woodman, won straight heats, best time 2.30. In the bicycle race two started, L. P. Swelt, of Norway, road and wllh one voice pronounce it the best new road in the country. STOLEN IGOODS Discovered by a Lewiston Detective. LEWISTON, Me., Sept. 25. Detective Odlin searched the former Lewiston resi- of the state, and K. C. Stow, of r 'S H S tO dence of James Freeman this afternoon and foand a quantity of goods, evidently taken from Chas. S. Skowhegan, H little time ago. A sealskin cloak bore the owner's name. SMC Only damagecfcby Wa- e-. On FRIDAY, SEPT. 27th, at 8 A. will sell worth of new, thisseason's fall 'goods, Justin, at 1-3 lesfc than its orig lal cost. Here is a chance tiat you seldom get. The damage is only by smoke, as no was turned on the stock. THE Continuation of the Convention at Westbrook. VYK9TBROOK, Me., Sept. 25. Today the sixty-ninth aonual state conference of the CoDgregatlonal churches, continued. The exercises were mostly devoted to missionary business connected with the conference. The Maine brunch of the college and edueuioua! society elected Kev. J. G. Merrill president and Rev- S. D. Townr, secretary. The Maine Con- gregillonu) Charitable Society elected Rev. E. B. Mason president and Kev. F. B. Dennis secretary. Rev. G. C. Wilson presented un earnest plea In behalf of the Maine LiWe Society. Dea. A. H. Butler, seeretarj }he State Sunday schools, reported. Mr. Kicchld, one of the assistant secretaries of the Christian Home Missionary So- ciety of New York, spoke :hls evening on the work of the society. Kev. F. J. Marahand Key. E. H. Sticbaey, superin- tendent of the North Dakota mlssione, spoke on the Sunday School and Publish- ing Society. Rev. G.XU. Gutterson spoke on American Miss onary asso- ciates. The eighty-eighth aiiuiveisiry of the Mulne MifSionary Society held this forenoon. J. .L. Crosby, Raj., treasurer, presented hU reportj which showed re- ceipts since Juae 1, 1895, of and expenditures Resol Jlfiona ot re- gret, were passed on the resignation of Orono. Swett won, beet time 2.3S. Races at BlueJHIll. ELLSWORTH, Me., Sept. 25. There was good racing at Mountain Park, Blue Hill, this afternoon, for the second day of the fourth annual fair of the Hancock County Agricultural Society. The sum- mary 2.30 CLASS, FOREST FIRES Dolr Great Damage In the State. WisrtiHOP, Me., 8ept. 25. Severe forest fires are" rasing in the easterly part ol Leeds and the edge of Mon- mouth. A ijarmer set a brush pile on fire and, the dry condition of the earth caused U rapidly until acres were turned over. It is still burnlug) endangering buildings. It was reported this mornine that one farmer had lost hia dwelling and outbuildings. The ex- tent of the damage cannot .be estimated. 1 Many Buildings In Danger. PHILLIPS, Me., Sept. 25. The forest are still burning in Avon, two miles Crom this village, and the town is clouded with smote. The fires have been travely fought but twlth little ef- fect. .There are also serious forest fires at Rujiaway Pond and in the Legallaway Valley and at the head of Ilichardson's Lake. Much timber is being destroyed and many buildings are in danger. At 4; Pitts- burg, 11. At Uxbridere, River, 19; Springlicld, VIOLET HASKELL SUICIDES. The Rash .Deed Committed at ROCKLANU, Me., Sept. 25. A special to the Star from Green's Landing says Violet Haskell (Mrs. Prof. Blister) com- mitted suicide this afternoon by shoot- ing. No particulars are learned. MAINE POSTMASTERS. of Fourth Class Of- ficers. WASHINGTON, Sept. 25. The follow- ing fourth class postmasters, to-day, were appointed in Maine: Ira E. OrfTs Corner, vice Emily A. Orfl', removed Cha'rles Chase, at Up- ton, vice Asa F. wholesale Produce Market. d Mml.WMklvbr tt. AMMll aeml-weeklTb? tlon. WEDNESDAY, Sept. 25. STATE LAW afiOARDING WEIGHTS AND MBA8 The closing of Arpostook starch facto- ries from luck of water to run them, coming in eonnctttUm with the" low prices ami the potato rot, is surely dis- couraging. But fall rams can't delay their appearance much longer, unless this is an exceptional fall. Persons concempUting setting brush fires may find it proihubie to consider the case just decided in the Aiuuatook Supreme Judicial Court, and then make sure that they have plenty uf help to control the blay.e before the match. That tire at Bridgewater (.'enter a year ago last May is likely to prove ati expensive job for JJlr. Collins, whether court sustains liis exceptions or notl The verdict against thu defendant, as 8P5U In our cdurt repoit, was for Cumberland. Gorham has shipped tons "cqkes" this season- Vcnly tin: little pickle Is a big Item. Gen. J. J. Peri3j, of Pnri'iind, is seri- ously ill with atotpdch trouble and an affection of the-heairr. The Maiae Central Hnilrond lias de- clared its quarterly dividend of S1.5U per share, payable Oct. 1-r, ISid, to stockholders of record Sept. 'JO, Three Portland men receuily made tiie trip from Portland to Augusta and re- turn in a rowboit, aboard. They were Uummery, cotj Harold, aad Eben It. Hancock. The 1'tte hot spe 1 has brought money to ,Bar Harbor bjj the return citywards of many cottager-, who were lucky enough to liave tarried by the sea until now. And some people recalling the fact that on Our. -1, ISiH, the ther- mometer stood in the sliiule, tire dering if the suuiirer is over >et. Kjnox. A report from Vinalhiivm tells of a queer happening in that town. A short timo ago -Mrs. Fijed Snow had :m un- usually vivid dream In which it appeared to'her that there was a large sum of money secreted the house. The idea seemed so improbable Lbat beyond passing the- scory around among her neighbors, nothing was ever don? about it. Kecently herfhusband decided that repairs and improvements would have to be, made about homestead before winter set in. and Work consequently be- gan a few days agro. Monday while re- moving a portion of one of the walls which had beguni to fall away, one of the workmen struck a hammer against something solid wjiich fell out on to the to 2 up in the newspapers jour- nals, a tremendous of indisputa- ble evidence of the curative power nf Paint's celeiy compound overfall logins of nervous debility and diseases of the blooc. It I'ures after nature's plan, by iillorc-iuji nutrition for every part ot tht; body overhauling the woru-oul tissues and supplying new brain atid tua- sendiiij; pure blood through the veins, invigorating the whole gyauin, and removing the cause of disease. Mr. Oscar Pike, well-known resident of I Prince too, Maine, recoutly sent the fultoiviug unsolicited letter to the prietors ol this wonderful rometiy "two jeHraauo I wa? taken hick with whai the doctors called the grip. 1 iniproviug when I took on H violent cold and chill. Then bt-t in, tirst in the of my shoulders, then dovN n my and arms, then ah over. Feet, Itancs and legs swelled. 1 could not pin niv hand tu my liead; could not throw the clothes oil me could uoc dress or u n- drt'S' myself, nor get out ot nly chair help. Fora year and a iialf 1 trice all kind? ot medicines and -arsaps- rillas, wirh li'tle or no relief. I was 7.'-! years old. one Lold rile to try Vail e'i celery compound. After I had taken three I to und a marked im- provement. I have now taken twelve bottles, and the refult is I eat and sleep welt du n.> own work, and go about, as uMit.1, getting in aud out uf my carnage without heip. I huve been tempted tu iiutian artiflc in the local paper fur the hi'iiriii ot ihuse Unit ure Ktli.cted as have been.'1 Mr. 1'ike i> well 'k'iown in hi? ile the founder hnd president of the .Nouh Washington Agricultural Society and Trotting Association. Wheu hejioe- tor his mail, he Buys, people ask him it he has been doing that Iw is iui- piirviug so of he liu thousands of othfcrs throughout the 'Tai'ne's celery compound ha? made me ENTERTAINMENTS. A V -tt-.VM.ll X 23 A.O floor with a metallic sound. The aston- ished carpenter fpuud it to be .quite a A buBhel of.Luerp-oorBalt shall weigh 60 large bag which upon being untied re- poiHKi-i. and abuBhelof Turku Island ualt Bhall veialed a quantity tot silver coins. With- welzh 10 pounds. out stoppinff to count, them he called Mrs. Snow, who that The staadarc. weight of 8 uuahel of beans m Kuod order and fit for ehlpplnK, ia63 pounda. Of wheat, beets, -utabaga tulips and ueaflBO Doundu; of eora, 56 pounds; of iMjuuda; of carroia, Engtiah turnlpB. rye, and Indian meal, 50 pounds; ofjarloy ana buokwheal, 48 uounds; 1 1 1 2 niiiuicu u., D. E. Clement, Levant... 4 5 Redmark, JI.E. Haley, Monroe....... B 4 B 5 Harry L., G- W. Reed, North buckn- port...................................3 6 4 4 Inucx, C. G. Andrews, Bangor........ 6 3 5 C Beat Iii the 2 50 claaa, purse six start- F. A. Rlpley, Blue Hill, Pilot Wilkes WBB first; U. S. Lelghton, Ells- worth, second. Best The attendance was four thousand to-day. GAVE THREE CHEERS 3 3 Atchlaun....... a Aud i he New York Democratic Convention Adjourned. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Monetary Quotations. NEW 25. Money easy, Ui aet loan, I3i- Pnma Meroantlie paper 4Jf Mexican Sterling 4.87Jf'54.8S Tor BOMay bills; 4.B83i84J9 demand. Government bonds Jrm. Railroad bonds Jilgfaer. BfOOKB. pre_____ ____________ sll3H Boaton N. Y. Ohio. St. L. Htf Central Faciflo.... prererred........ E....... 51" Chlcaao Alton.. .163 Ohio 4 Mine, preferred 17C Old Colony. Qulnoy 8t Ont. A Weal Del. Hudson.......13i PaclfioMall. De' Pullman Pal DUK. A. Rio Grande I'..1. Reading..... iLri.................. liJi Booklaland, ZL 8t.Paul.......... Ilia, central........IfcA preferred....... Lake Erie A Weato tt> St. PaulAOmaha Lake Sliore........15t preferred...... LoulBTine Hash. KX StTPauJ Mln. A Man] 15 Maine Central.... OOti .loox Union Pacific......iia U.S. Erpresa.....46 9 Hi x Weatern Union....- Country Produce. t _ Improved Yellow Kye, v ousn pea. handplaked.Vbuah.......... Choice nevioll, V Fair to good....................... Beet IJalry, tf A DRIKP Choice Btniug, ft................. Cholcesllcec...................... Freah laid, V dor.................. Beat loose, Vton................ 18c 20X 77 43H Ucilcon Central.. Mich. Cent. Klnn. ft 8t. L preferred Mo.PMiao S.J. Central Northern Paclfio... preferred New, V bu........................... tf Barrel........................... Qetall Frioee Ourrent. Bancor, grcund, In boxes, V box. EngUshbuUer HBVbttgs.V bag In 56Ib bagp........................... Turbalalani....................... 150200 oojroc Looae MiiBTJiielfl, V ft London layers Sultana SYRACUSE, N. Y., Sept. 25. The I democratic convention nominated can- U. 8. Hit EONOB. 3J< KrleSeoondB ,79 lUt llsn, V fc EKE 160 test... Democratic convention nominated can d Ida tee, treve three cheers for the ticket and adjourned sine die at 3.19 p. u. The 8ta.te committee met this after- noon and re-elected James VV, Hlncbley, chnhman[ j Senator Hill this afternoon said: "The platform is excellent and State ticket U a good one. The ticket rep- Oregon NaTlatt ]73iac 35S30C ffioaoc New York Produce Market. NEW YORK. Sept. 25. 20031 nbfra: exports, 8870 hiris; SUGaaoka; salea, 83M- moderate demard.; steady. Winter wheat low grades, ralr to fancy, 3.6008.26; patenta, 3.2004.10; Minnesota clear, 2.G6a3JO; atralKhta. 8.15C'3.40; patents, 330a4.00; Low ez- City should have preJerreri a larger PTWB f gallon......... Pure W.W...................- OA'BS..........................old, 40c; new, 3Sc Haxall V barrel......4.7586.00 ana wiwi out, oucj i-iuepuuu LUC 4.60e4.7fi surviving membeit of the baited btates QoodfamLy..'.............. they look to see if there were more. The geiarch resulted In fbringing lo lijjlit two frltniiar hags, each ol which contained about a quart of n'oias. Sonic bore recent a date as IffiO, anil the majoiity is older, but iherft I'B absolutely no clue to how they came there. It is understood that tlie three bagfe contained uuwurds of The inodey, of course, fulls to the fortunate owner of the house. j Sagradahoc. (Saturday night, the village bridge over the Bath river raad, at Bowdoiuham, collapsed, the northern end falling in. had beien mukiiifr temporary repairs pending tlie buildinj; of a iroa bridge, this fall. York. [One of the men whom the country has its gaze fixed; to-day, is the vent'r- ,thirty governors of Michigan, whose 9Lat birthday anniversary, the whole people of that State are to in cele- brating this month. Born in the autumn 1805, the life oC this honored man hits bsen filled with hiciJents and events, the relation of which would read like a romance. Mr. Felch first snw the light ofdnyinthe little town of Limenett, Me., where his father was engaged in H mercantile business. Mr. Fdch received his early education iu the common schools of his native town, and in 1821 became a student ]in the old Fryeburg Academy. Uprfn. leaving college he began the study ojt law, aud in 1830 was admitted ,to practice in Baagor. The present position jof Governor Kelch is unique. fle is'lithe oldest surviving member of the Michigan Legislature; the oldest and only surviving bank com- missioner of the Htate; the oldest sur- viving Governor of the Slate; the oldest surviving Judge of the Supreme Court, atod with but onej exception the oldeM SAWTELLE'S D1AYA7X CO., IMPERIAL BAND AND ORCHESTRA, In Repertoire: TI urnliiv AST LVNNK. Tf umlaj Kli.iay Fililay A Kl.NTRDl.i iKh Nn.ur.liiv 11U KXIX. Si curilav TALI.. cps. evening, 10. -II, a I al 5il cls- wm mailneet- to all itartc of optjiis Kriilay, -JOtli Inct. MRS, SARA TAWNE ROBSON ROBERT BROWNING'S PIPPA PASSES Al the Parlors of the V. M A., Thursday Evening, Sept. 20, at h O'clock. Mrs. J. S. Sewnll, Mrs. F A. Vilstin Alrn. L. L. I'aine, Mrs. -I. W. Porto r, ft rs. Gntre Patten. Mrs. C. F. Wtxxlwanl, Mr- nid Mrs. Chas. Lord, It. l-rentlsh, Mrs. Chas, Wuoitpian, Mrs T j white. 89 EYE mixed GRAHAM JtODB................... 9; wlilte State BUCKWHEAT FLOUB............... SA-S During this Sale no Goods Chargec Remember tne day and date, begir s Sept. E. Warren, were elected trustees, and J. L. Crosby, treasurer. OOO vyv Sang of ing iy Ust ye Sole or C G- ring BUSINESS TROUBLES. Charge of Fraudulent Conveyance of Property! Withdrawn. a i toe rant will be Issued on October Ii which la the ntlt opart day. v eveote the winners were never headed. The 2.10 class was closely contested. In the 2.18 stallion class Silver Plate was the favorite, with Candidate second. While spurting for the awrt m the 2.27 class Driver McDonald was for scoring ahead of the pole horse. Produce stake, parse starters, (finished) Tom Boy, b 1, (Proctor) yon <n0 Chicago Produce Market. CHiUbo. Sept. 26. FLOUR-actlve. a apr Country c' ear, V ft.. OATS-NO. 3, No. 9 Bva-sseoo. Bulk, froo tiercel, V ft. Home In nallR The Elephant's Mud Bath. Animals when wild constantly die a lingering death from Injury to the skin, 1 Attorney (for say yon tave not formed or expressed any opiu- iDn in this case. Now, sir, what do yon understand by the word opinion? I have an will do'. Your honor, I challenge this man for go Tribune._____j_______ Anything: to Please. here, did yon by saying I wasn'f half witted? shall I say t That yon ire half Journal. A clever -womjm once gave a very {mart designation of a secret as some- thing for one, eudngh for two, nothing lor three. The annual death roll of suicides at Monte Carlp amqmits <in an average to s I'rlcea, and 7S cts. Seats on safe Friday morning. toilet aud I o and s Fillies of 1805, parse Lady Del Mar, o (Baldwin) "won In two heats; Adw f, ,ohf, (Cnrry) _ _ _ __ __ KranuJer A VERDICT oi ACQUITTAL. In Case of Alleged Conspiracy. N. J., Sept. IS. Tde jury .______ _, jf Kneer Roolnson, Krabtl' iand< HelnW, accnaed of connection wllh the, State tract, returned a verdict tl ot acquittal. Sttte P-C Brady) dlaeaqo dg dluttfft afternoon .Jhji ing oles oiten seek fresh water to wash In, dif- ferent land birds choose different earths In whioh tc dust, and also Waal In water, and neatly every tropical inolnd- ond the (lophant. The latter has nn im- mense! advantage over all other animals In ihe nsb of Its trunk for dressing wounds. It Is afd ice a syrlngb, a powdering puff andalliond. All Regular 3atterns cairiedi i made tq Order irij ASH, fott Pullen's clBBtoB In Dancing and Deportment vUllw formed as iollowst __ u. Elementary class tortalasea "WJEM'JL'Jli W.'OO ,v OAK., 'v M !4 portion f-n ft ,_ h Hrs. MARY A. yVERMOBE WILL LECTUBK IU THK THIRD PARISH CHURCH, MONDAY EVENING, SEPT. 30th, At 8 O'clock. TICKETS 25 cents, at the doer. Bep24 TTSM CITY HALL, PORTLAND; Wednesday Evening, Oct. 'M. Grand Operatic Concert. Jtme. SoalcM, Mme. BauermelBter.SU. D'AaDTna, Slg. CamiwnMl. A complete orchestra, Mr. Xandon Ronald, con- Briuiant concert, to oonclade with third act Gounod's "Faust." Costnmeb with scenery, etc. Tickets according to lo- cation. On sale (or mailed) at stocknrldge's mu- slu store Wed. morning. Sept SO, at 9 o'ctoct. Numbers given out at j. Half tore to all holders C. A. ELLIS, Manager, f it! ii: lit ik

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