Tuesday, January 20, 1885

Bangor Daily Whig And Courier

Location: Bangor, Maine

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Text Content of Page 1 of Bangor Daily Whig And Courier on Tuesday, January 20, 1885

Bangor Daily Whig And Courier (Newspaper) - January 20, 1885, Bangor, Maine WHIG )AV MOIIN I -I A NPAII V -JO. ISSo. the 1m Sonic 1 un rd ind ill th fltorv of tlit 1 ou-ii no a POUTELLE WANODM iui unju D No. End rvonduokong Qrldgo I QOUTELLJC A, BURR. fTKLLi IU SJ A DLKK THE ,BANGOR WEEKLY COURIER j in I IU Mil KKIUA.T, I 0 OfUce Of tt 0 DAILY IHO A COl IUTi.lt, I m L t Co 10SLito Stnxt Bosto rill n x i NLW Tiorlk 13 in luithnrliw V., n ff r rrcUvlnj, U irUM nc itfl aiM 9ub M 1C t, V> Street It f V H (VH.L t C J 10 Spruco Street L 4r.nlHTixrr ntSiroct HOB ton i MU> 0 f t. AlTLtlt JJ hlrvot rll known fact of Iho Cjitllo I orj r r J -i this TO3 hldii that Phfrfdjin t Coiillt cut on KarthwUl hcnt Condltlod 1 c- oro i j OFFICE NO. 3 HAMMOND STREET. V, Itojoll) Or 1 r< kfl rll It I I OT Co uraljli st Ml c iro llj itu t II oTI If E SYRU EAN BUSINESS! NO WIND: JJX7T FA31S THOMPSON K L Poor, While Grepnough, ic cntcrprlalng Futrfitld IP en m ike nu interesting nnd hibltlon BANKERS, TJUIMf I ALWAYS 1 N BOLERS Rotary Bed Planers Pi Snap Dragons, nnd drith In I C, reported hat hundiv night, wii'i fonnd ly ri it of HiHovtull, and Steam Pumps. Pumps, Water" Whee East Corinth Academy Iho now brkhje anrops tho S 11 bo fluhbcd ubouc tlio lint c tordnio iho Routhern Bpnn M trtL Dates, Kennel Ic Bald- on trLfttlc-wurk tt ho etrcum j'Uho con tho lion will f begin abo oxes, arid JOHNS. KIMBA11L SON, AUCTIONEERS, oo of nil Cruc os l bo llnlfihcd muLh before tl nth Ools Md. loi" W Bf btTMt JO moai v Trld iv morning, tho porfd hoi eral Ins. and Real Estate Agency, (28 Exchnngo dtroot. tied nnd driven by Geo'rgc N. got from th harnessing him, d s no I NofcroUAtsd far Ufo Kire ntnl ArrJJcnt Iflaur tuinlng Into Dr. Sawyer Cooking Raisins d frotn ih6 Into t whcrafurnurly ctood a hou; broastopca la a fearful ma fiangor Mulual Fire Insurance Co. n for tho p ist fourteen years. A.mong[ tho number of Maluo vo corao into promlncnco 3Xh dJir of o cJock'J M fo-Uifl of ajiy other b JAB ft M flriLJirr JStb, irl, uucl tho daughter of- Gubrcth, Rays tho Fulrflcld J' IJargE Ins Gllbreth_liaa' lately retnr _ j Rho cooplctcij. T Kid Gloves and Mittens LAP ECBES m HORSE .-A -I GETCB2ILL r i -I i i I i tao She fs n contributor to newspapers mn an offer to aMpfflo char LEICHT01T TaajEjaBarE1. of Music atfcmp ETerbf rt P Kennedy, VOU'Mi: u t rn i i u N -st u NO iluqt in 1 h i conUrit'j f tlu up] i r I o i ibouc Chcstir D bin II, of Cornell i Isulo lih filnn tbo p Ben-ion on h Hln.lt of md ovti four tons of p llic'Salvathn h K Inisrlth Hid di oid hinting rink foi On ILL unt of p] th the polo Llub of that wltluh from tbr faUitc league 1 honi is.Mt o) tho mi [up h IT tuxnfounl Ii an icinitl _Mr M olwissulrf Inp from uemporar} lit of b it 1-, MI! I first found out that hy-his nv u fro n h no ulnn in M o il I not Joi p h vo i K A Lady Ficrhtj a Burglar. THF LAD) SI I HTM IU ItlNOIMK nn Ko in it li-HN 01- TIlMlOl IN Illl HLHH1 Hit f mil iu t of Mr-lluoijon Ii tw j rtitlti tftmt of fli ij iq in U i stth Vu t iln "LC L of L H] cuitc LII n nu r Nvlthbuijlu t i il lulpht on II irsd Iks nt hN h ,11111 [i t in Londltion fn n b up Uoiu i ith u u n nd M M llou i ifo Is i uifllnp u w md on the lo of 1 r lit.ad i pistol 1 11 ft niN fiuiiin ll nil I 1 rcmd It Id n 1 IgL t-K ly b ill i'l n roof sunoujul 1 b) M 10 11 i b n n ind i ith ju Air Mi 1 th 10 bout i ih Ith hh ifL in 1 hU pUtt r In Mlsn S irnh forn of Iivlnptoi- n- th "-Hudson P Lvloun to bi nun i Mr Mtlluus s c nnkjiil In the tn I inp IIOURO of I D it No s llfitna In th fin in n r Millyub bo ultra, (ill r hupl in 1 n Lt-s tho f inn iitUtlit I to th pu nil-n n On ih aft noou a ti in p ilk nl Into "Mr M( 11 iu s lion un inno n J n L i t wl prnnlsul )n to wnr i his f t Ht is ijhowir Into tlio Ulttlu n and tin n v, lu n cnnfortibly t ut Il tnttrcd tho room, but Ucforo she could pot hold of him the- fc) tho light of h dark lantern upon lior nnd ilred, tlio bullet tho ind bll tulnpk 011 tho right Bldo of htr he d crctitlnp a ttOund fiom whleh tho blood ilowcd fit 1} I ho pluck j ttomnn LH n >tdlRnm d jit her narrow escape, but prapplexl with tho rufllan bhc stturtd it nrm grip upon his thro t nnd turnlnp him round viokntlv, pnnhoxl him Into the hall 'I thought, sdd Mrs. Mellows tlmt if. I could get him to the head of the nnd throw hlni down I could munpc to disable-him nnd hold him, BO I pushed him along until I pot him clear of tlio bal- uster nnd thtn I flunp lihn hca llonp n tho etalrji lit rolled clc ir to tho o ttom nnd Ills dirk-luntcm tttnt out Ho mndo n pro it noiw rolling stilrs, but ho open his mouth I h id K pood look nt tho ullow tthllc 1 wns him, and I that his fntc. m blackon od, and I flcmn, of tho bl itk on nn dicas )Io a flmull, thick sot lyid I thought I could in unpc him After Mrs Mellows had Hang the burp- lur down stjjlra aho hun ltd buck Into her huob ind'8 room and met him -going Into tlio hhll bho brushed pascd. him nn I ran Into to her rovolvtr eho Rild, l I don t knou whether I guuld used icor not Into aim continued, lll heiinl 1113 hun-' i iui struggling with another burglar In tio upix i. hnll TJio encounter w is vorv brief, for pretty soon I heard them tum-r bllug In about u' minuto I hcnrd twp flhota firod in the lower, hall I Btrumiod murder, fire nna and tried to ring a dinner bell oat of tho window, but tho clapper fell out and the bell was ellcnl. wore flrod In tho Imll I heard Uiottto burglars run outlthrouph1 the back door nnd runup tho roaJ My husband. It eoema. had caught tho fellow! around tho waist from behind, nnd 1n that' condition had pushed him dowoBtalmi At the fooLot the Btiiira they had u lo, during which Mr Mcllov.fi, wna I c.ium Iivtnafaoa nnd over tho thorevblvcf Finding ho ehnko Mr, Mellows off, tho c4.hl3 arms ai-ouud, and tried to filioot him Ono pf the bolls ttcntr Into dear the tho otliei' Into tho thff "miivout Mr.i' "MoHQTiSmnunatldrs In aodloaped oucof AdeeoodnsWry window, Ho rail to FAy'fl rosldeDCfrB nosr Mil who iHlcons tin, store I clrd t{ dt tti iru up a lodof potd-i Ion the eou! j toficirrsinp them boc burpHrt it their nn 1 IIP un to Invcstlpati ie opcinj t loor tho thieves nm out tho Un 1 imps in tbc fit jro llplit ;in H iw thit tho burglaia hnd pilM lei irrsinp them 1 Mr Hunt ut the lights ind tooVJhls posit MI roi t "Loop to itch, nn 1 to pot u b iv aio i h brliiii 1 n U irl IR h I no sou ICT i m 1 mtlltuhc and, u ittbful j) j m f )in d a shot nt or ]frotetllon, Hunt Inl 1 is ho nn hi th t In hU hurr> n id Itunj nt h" hall left the barrel of ih ipo Jil olilnd li.nl ip dropped oil c, P i ko I It up In Phepr do (A 'out Into tin hLmt mi] f il! lio thr u nt 111 pliuVai I 1 did not r, turn nlpht b broke h to f St pi en li smith, in tlu r 1 not. s ircoexl In pet 11 up at I j h seiti mo t In Inpp irju i lonp be n pininp hpocl tl t md 1 mt 3 PHI ll I th touirv pproj rinUd d It in thr hinds of npe it' r to cinplo) oe- h H oM.rbwn din h PRODUCE MARKET Llr Die OrvKxrs aduco Market. S VTLliD Jnn 1" -trJInh'TTdmbti Wtmnrpi cj-i BlMlwclBliOOi lids rki iHl-u 1 Mil ilnl] ftU 0 M. t of n, buRhi 1 b iji nhnll I on. ul Hi 1 rrla n 1 JK-MI rn N5 uu In of c 2 >e lun ijo ADI] Ic lino !L n i 11 u k. h il 43 jioui tin rocn niCRPurr bj- rjrirn jntrv Produce V IJ oto 114 rt U 00 lo ]j Ou I 1 LT I do I i or OR lo t 1 ul el 45 to j Ib r ui Ci, c in 1 lo 10 ccuu in 1" lo 0 do 1 J. I Prices Current. Ir boxes, bos, 25 B per Ib 18 ocnj 3, '0 331023 lo l 1 o 1 lo -0 lo lo ID Kllsh iK.rJti 10 lo 12 rll U J rrfr qt .COrctiU Ion, ISccnLl 20 do gallon, to 'U cent v. JU-st Vin n llfixal i iu l ir i st H ft J] to 3 wl ramll> 4 i .1 Hull w JUl t G3 toCSccnlfl J tj MCObOoUltB SII )1 T-4- Jx; Jinl f 1 OOtoM 10 AlllwauVkXT 1 uO to 1 10 per f nJred II 33 to tl tQ or hun 'red mrjl D IroJ CO'TOMSl H) Vt AL- a 100 Ibfl S5 BroadstufTo, Grain, Etc. fl cr IU S contj h do 3 o ni-i do In ltl do 4 do J ur.Vvl3e.flt> lour, do fl do fl l COimlrj clcAr, do 11 lo dear, do 10 lo Hull lo 13 do Itino ft pnlla, do 13 do I Grn ulrtVx] do lo bloxl p BuQinoao Itoms Is. tho most potent rl nnd n fountain of Uealth and lu time All baneful s nrejprnmptl} removed' bj this altorntlvc I wxi nil directions words for Kcan's Kldnoy Hundreds hive thmn ncrlril, and uo other i s LINIMENT Ii clnn nnd wholes iqtcrnallv or opplvfc cxUrnal- It lll cur-o Co Colds, Influenza, BroncMUfv- bpaemodlc etc It ln.'j no ponp or Spirit of Turpcnlluc, or other] airty auci repulsive but Is cU ap, pure and strong. Old pcoplu rtxjotfnlwi tnjtjan old and young people llnd It a. friend Indeed. Don t UV.D otJr -All- iu j Retail prjM n Blllou'is Physic la a purclv tnblo llclutd Headache, tjikon, ,l relieving jjalcVlr .23 l n Hi' J I J 111 Hll l-l h ulliiyn I f r I 1 I n- C fi I IK in Snf (i 1 o i 4r lllll 111 n Ih, ill Illl lid 111 ifl ire n I It i n It-i If to be the I rist in 1 i h p st nl f n i i u c HYJDROCEN Prolucc, allime POCKET Rain LIGHTER. Wil Ifln P c r i i o Krt t >t i Rhtt HRl t of tK n ror rou t) A.1JHJTT t J hj c J L J 3OO i3 Famous Curtis Shoes ul v I n 1 mil II Ion Closed Out Less Than Cost NO: Ha "i M r, THURSTON, _! __ 1_ _ _ _ per for February, iu (.riM D in .V CO A Dangerous Case. 1 III M 'll II I IM 1 1 .nk I u i. In lei I lie I M v i, M I ll I km I -I. 11 t) i i, i jr t HI rci l i j l 1> K M I 1 Ir mi 1 l I 1 I 111 1 k I litnr 1 n. H r ex M Ml 1 1 I "I II f I r rlt ft i -k t i I 1 n rM W s 1 t ll I I l l I I- il 1 h llirlikl M I M lie 4 r tt 1 M U y 1 a.. 1 ai 1 a l n 1 f r rr lllu 1 nnl II Ink la T I l 1 f I 1 u i IK i I 1! i ikl llm d uti u In n I till r tli l n 1 r i f r Uf IH! I t n I'll 1 ft I 1 f 1 u ff il 1 Illl r> 1 i I un 1 I In 1 il I 1 h 1 nt hM ul "1 lu H uM'UUi l kill 1 {n I k I k I ni. run 1 in) Mlfr II In f r I I kq II j-nnl II Ire "n 1 Mck u II t 111 I r. y Jrt Iht f fff-r pi) l I l 1 It- f II i r, l lili h M nlll .1 II 1 r II l Illl I I i To in "3U h M '0 ll} i-l It, IO II attend our great sale of Linen Goods. We are giving good bargains. Bo, ton Button Store. Big Drive In Men's Suspenders all new and f res h goods. Good braces 1-2c; extra good braces, 17c; very fine, silk finished 33c. Bo 5ton Button Store, iioua, or nrp Junujrj )JUi ISW otrUhort Ihnt tho Hi o rorUio l wi If OQ IhQ nui to J 8111 cut.

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