Tuesday, August 29, 1837

Bangor Daily Whig And Courier

Location: Bangor, Maine

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Text Content of Page 1 of Bangor Daily Whig And Courier on Tuesday, August 29, 1837

Bangor Daily Whig And Courier (Newspaper) - August 29, 1837, Bangor, Maine V. Vol. "IV. Hy MARCIIAN'i' SMITII, IN RUH-mNG, ACJGt'S'r iiANGOn, A HE DAILY- COURIER, is p_ub- year, payable Hair yearly ,i a'lvauce. All subscriptions lor vest, to-Uc paiJ in advance, and all orders for discontin- uance must accompanied by llie amount due. COURIER is published ui ilie of- 'of the Unify WliijTandCotiriej- every Tuesday TVvo year in advance, or if not. pud within the liTna.of -sii morniii, i will be-inserted _in the Whig lIlO IrK" wiit 10 imrriinjtt or yeekhi and eaeli week-H -con- .More tlisn Jialf A'squarftartd Icsf- ihart NO TICK.- JT.UST JVTOTICC is hereby giv.en dm EMERSON P j A N Address delivered at Lev-mil, bpiore the te- ll "iUMvU'ATEK, oLlhfitirin of HKOU'N vaut S'U'ie'y, 1JKJNX VV'ATEK, haa been authorized l.y an act ol i Ki.r sale ut ibis ullke. Price cU. in ihy ot -KAlKliEO.N jJJ, 4 ilie Oui 01 the Of m in tuture -wilt PORTOK -Bang-or, M ay" 1837." BOO'KSM 1 -All entrusted 16 his care Mill failhfnl- ly ;md promptly JSQTICFv- _- _.- to transact business as at HYuuAULlCr BBL6. lijUiaulic Ceiueui, lur by---- ATTWOOL) SON. IX IHAJS PORT it All' one-of sptehilid x. ul...... DURKN i XT ___ connexion wllli our business we i I Funnelling Ware Ro isn. for the may l f j i than lull' a square 75 cents for tliftt intt'f- bans, and 2o cents ioreach il iray bs eou murrl. L I'crsoni ddiiroiu of adverlismff hy ihe year will received sulucriUcrs to ilie daily at A.-IV a-, hall' square ly, cii.angiua; H liolofieiier i.li_au oiicea r f A new supply n'rPraver POST AND RAILS 2000 Cndaf i' "gtv e s' ifSl i d ilie-i n h a b and vicinity, that liliuoii to llie f i litsmio'n iu in dsily. CO. enps'onily on Ao GU Main street, fi. f Uangor note or account, are requeued 10 Fa nor Dry 14. i7 j i Ji x- i supje-aiid Faner Dry call and settle the same'immediacy al 54 Mam r 4 w Qm Ma, Look. hc-ltmnriB complete Glasses, Tables, Work do., Bjilstcada, Brass j my tow, 811tl Forh pr.ic.es J in warn w.ll Tea Keltles, Saure imeresHo call aird uiak their. BrusheY, fjwrlpWaai !___j i :__ subscribe of 11 bought out C. E. D. GOUKREV. will lie Uiy-tToods business at the old stand, 62 .South Mam wherp nIH customers arid Ate public geuerally.iare respectfully iiivjied to call Jjeing as- Ibat caiTbe purchased as.low as al any other store in ihn ciuy. Hy an wfflFHbe j Messrs Godfrey, they will give their attention to the business ar heretofore, for ilie present. added purpoe of. iir) the lowest prices." _ -CieM-H.1 60 Main streei AAKON D. -LOWELL ft CO. PfT-W GOODS, bale Russa X luih K ft.is.k _____ I et'tQW CjJifocs l.'i.w. .njiced and which with the rest" ot will be closed very ]ow for cash, at 54 Main suiet. _____ BrusheY, SwririTEIai anrl Live Gges.e and Russia j. and double M.uiresse's, made of the tinit quality of hair Hrad a -good tide for under beds, apri for b-y nov'Jfi- rfHAW MERRfLL. PdSlrivULY better tliao. a-slow sliilling-r'-- ihis unlil July 1st, we shaL strictly aijnere to the above. have two reasons j new for so 1st. To give ooportuniw of-set- up iheir olfl ftcrounts i by continually receiving' Js Pity-Day......- I. Wo liavc received N.ew from Auctions id other sources at low rales, and can" make a mmission by selling; them for- cash (and mt> o-oorN lower) than Bosloii wholesale prices. 1837. A. B. LOWELL oTCOV" calt aird beforf "uiak their "Way f? tTOPAHTAYKRSHlP NOTICE. Subscribers have Conned-a connexion in1 The above with many-ether articles are just rec'd business uuder" the firm of WH1TTIER I ami will fie sold at prices as low as can be purcha-. Tpd irr Oie cry that many are selling at prime cost. mayo 1837. il 13 RI2AL ESTATE siiuatjpd on cnr'ier ol tre and Cumberland streets, recourly built by 'J JOHN SARGENT, Jr.' I83G.___if 0. U. VRE their excellent stock of Dr.y Goo Ix at IO'.V.T pnce Com. COPAHTNEUS 11 ]lHE copartnership heretofore existing between I _ the subscribers under the ivame aui firm ol JOHN R. G.KEENOUGH it ts this day by mutual consent dissolved. All persons having un- settled accounts with the late firm will please call and seliln the sam? with JQUN II (iRF.F.NQUGH who is duly authorised t" seule tlie stune. JOHN R. JONAS AMES. Rancor, May 9, may IS.. llHEAYriiing and Copxino- Fluid, for ssle bv March, 1837. Subscriptions tec-'d ery. family and pmate medftafton.- Compiled" rilHE nij'settledbusiness ol (he late firms' of Me- I HATCH, of McGAW- POOR and of McGAW, ALIvF.N POOR, is in the hands of the subscriber for adjustment. All pessons indebted will please call and settle the same with- OKI delay. JNO. A. POUR. Hang-or April 18.T7. RICH UINIJSG WARK. WE have just rec'd per s'chr Apphia, a large stock of-rieh Cinna, "Earthen ana" Glass Ware, of. Anjd-foihioiiahte cploMj aiid Glas- ses, Toilet, do., al 60 Wain sirpei. A. D, LOWELL CO. TIIK BIBUCAT, ANALYSIS, R a-Topica4 "of the instructious o( holy adapted to ihe use ol ministers, sabbath school and bible class teachers, O1 for this State. Alt'moir of Rev. Jacobs, A. M. compiled The first-numbtr is-now ready fur 1'roui his Ittiers aisf journal. Ry his daugli- tei, wild a sketch o! his B. Scars. rfust rec'd by DUREN THATCHER. B nership under Mie lirm- of BAILEY AL-j DRICH, al No. 10 CentraT Wharf, lioslon. take liberty of tendering their s'ervices as age.iit.s lor. iransactiou of a Gwnerat CjimmisiHjrr buiinfss. D. BAILEY, '1. ALDRICH. _. FOUR GOSPELS, translated from the "nd cntic.il and explauaiory. By Gco. Camp- n-f, Qf> aird 3pleudid 2 volumes. Kec'd by ma-v27 DUREN THATCHER. JUST received at Main street, a gooc! nient of SPKING AND SUMJIER pixxl i 1 Freiieli Prims. Muslins, Vrlvets, plain Cambrics, .lacroucls. Linen Damask Aprons Pjinird Aprr Misses NEW BOOKS. ffirei'. n.w work, The Nick of the Woods, or Cr Hose and Socks, Silk Leather Edgings and JnsVrlinfs, Damask Table Covers, Crimson do., and ChciStiTlicUl Prill, NulValo Cloth, Shfeiings, Long Cloths, AC., Fancy Hdkfs., Customers are invited to cult. mav4 A.-D. A ljojj< ivliich have bei'ii picked by the or v JMv Ihe lyms of Lincoln Co scaled anil 'tit llie imlfss directed the comrary by the owners of tho dilVerenl m.nrks. SlllRLOOK PARSONS. Siillwjxter-. Orcmo. April 1S37. 10CIKTY IN AMKIltOA.hy MNs Mariineau 5 Live aii'FLer.Live, by Sedgwick Nick llie Wonrls. by the author of y H. AuKworth Snarlcyyow, or llie Dog C.ipt. Alarrj'at The American Gentle- nil -J'liii American Lady Foster's Penmanship f..r bojiniicrg TUft New York Review, 1 me tor MojithlyufiitvVjieust.._Thc vol..I No J Bell's Medi: [.EVttealiw ParJeV-'s Atag. Jusi hy -SMITH i kcl Sljil.irp. of Rschpnl-iurf. with nddilions. by ProfN W Fiske. I An Address on Temperance, by Or an.exiract from which.appenred-in this paper a few days surer. j Prof Ripley's Notes on ihe Gospel, vol I. Physical Thenry of ono'liTr Life j -by Itie sullnu I of Natural Hi.story o! EntiiUbiasni now knou-n to be ISAAC TAYLOR. "Sermons, hy Dan'l A. Clarke, in 3 vol.s 12 mo. ____The Clerk's Guide- or Commercial 'ence, coinpriainp Letier? ol 'I3usiness, Forms.of j H'Hs, Invoices. Account and A EpendTx con RC'iJ per ?old cheap 'fft'1 lalifluj 60 Matojfre.el. _ ___- Equation of payments, CommefcialTcrms, Treaties on Bread and Bread Making-, by Syl- vester Graham. Memoir ol Cliarlotle Hamilton. Memoir of Charles Ball, a black man, written by Bap- FE-W dozeu Wash-Leather I Drawers, rec'd at MaiiisU oetllf ELJ.. fc. CO, 3er Shirts and iet. maiiufacuired andfor sale, at 60 and J 70 sireel. Those in want, from a small sizp to an uncOmmort large size, at a low price, are invited lo call. A. D. LOWELL marehlO M hall Spanish Cigars, good article, for md Ri-gular Sfuion. The. num- will Ue isjued at, tlie comtnencenwnt of ihe tra Sesaioo of Congreunn Srptetnoer next. The TicLKdjikpH will con'sra n of Orig- Biorfraphiunl Noticen of dialing ulalied Mem- GALES, _ City, June 1, 1837.. i VILL In bfl.i- ness of hin Greet- ffh'S Block. Juae tj, I8A7. Sl-'AKISH FLINT. TO SELL, OR LET. I JIANO FORTES. Applv at ,V SON'S. march8 Auction Office. i. CASKS'Groiind Pl.ister, for sale hy KMF.RY SAtilNE, 10 i I KAIVGOR HOUS-P. herebv.give notice_thal they will receive proposals-for the rfnlof the Ban- gor House, logether with certain articles of Funii- lure thereto belonging, consjsling of Carpels, Keddmg. the lease to commence about the first of April next. j. dom, edited bv Prof Hush and Gerrit Smith The English Bible as it is Obieciioas lo a tist version of the New Testament. The Mournf rs Gift, a neat volume in silk. Nos onlie American Magazine -Library of HeMih and other Periodicals. No H Temperance- Tales Kiity Graftnn offi'ler." Just rec7d and for by -.-DUREN THATCHER- may-5 No fi Smith's Block. I steatnor by H .___ A, D. CO- 8pfil27 INrft.fiCr ftfciiir Street rjORsale a well hnislicd two Dwelling J.- House, sitimlednnar PJiilip Coombs' house. Pew number 1 1C in Rev. Mr. Pomroy's meeting house, hy ATTWOORA SON. TO LET. .._'-. A small House. Possession given toe fourth of April. Inquire of. mVfcli23 S, A. HYUK. 4 Smith's block. Wt." pay a premium for Gold an5 Silver, at GO Mam street. jrfne.30 AARON D. LOWELL A CO. Purrtie Laws oUhi'Siatr ofMai.ie, passed by ihe seventeenth Legislature, January ses- JVOTJCK. Subscriber having purchased the entirn I stock ol Goods of W. E. PINDTR it Co. and laksn ihe in- tile Dank, recently occupied hv ihcm, offers forsale a assortment of Englliji, Goods and Groceries, Crockery, Cliina- a'nd Glass Ware, Hol- low and other Hard Ware, which will be sold on reasonable terms. B. C HARTWELL. Nov. "decS NEW BOOKS. rilHE .Mail's Aid lo, K an3 liapiiiess. 13y Rev. Virtue SEW At I- ON PHRENOtToGY. fy examination ol PhreuoloSy tn UuiucS to l-he of M. ricc'd by SMITH Aj oT f A- fc J. C. haviuf removed 10 __ will continue lo car.ry on ihe Cloih jrennraTassdrtnieuT ol" "English! Gooda and Groceries where pur- chaseu cash for any o( the above goods will fiml it for to call (o7e purchasuig elsewhere. J. L. CO. May 24, 1837. isif WASHING AN TMTHE subscriber informs the .public lhai he Iiai I. procured one of' the patent Washing Ma- -manufactured by. Col.-Hayof and that he U now ready to eilhe.r visit wiA machine and ilo their washing, or will take ihe clothes home afld t i-thenv, rough <lry of at reasonable washmf for common sized, family cau be iu an 'hour, and at a charge of only about 37i cents. WM.SUTCLIFFE. Orders left with Mr.J. W. Harden orbr. Ayer-will be attended to. July --We the "uhrTefsTgrted have seen the operation of Mr SutclirTs Wishing Machine and cen confidently say thai, we il. MOSM Aver; j. Marden; Wm LongstaffiH. LongSiaffj J-M-, Small. a f VEGETABLK TJNIYJJR8A1- tho-utd contribute to {he htoltk, i and kappinat of and 1 D1 Twice Told Talcs. By Nathaniel Hawlhonus. Larly'5. Closet Library. Lydios; or the jleveloumcnl of female cliaracler. By Pjul- rp, oHfaynerly My Son's Manual, comprising-a summary vicwof the studies, accomplishments, nnd of conduct, best suited for promoting- respectability and success Ln tile. 13'Temperance Baron, fuundeci on fact. Rex-'d hv ap.riin DURliN ii THATQllFJl. ALLKX HAIIVFS, _ -i'TU RN.tV AT LAW, II AS removed lo the office recently occunied I STETSON JKVVRTT, over the Fasterii Hduk. co_rner of Main and Hammonil slicets. UaiiRor, March S3, 1837. tf _ a pnod use, by YOUNG HARRIMA.V, RKril'21___._ Wd Uuiltd for sale whotfsale or fetiiil, by SMITH FENNO, 17 West Market Place. fl_r No Dnt-a GCKUIK.C MBD- ICINJ: TOR FURNISHING WARE HUGHS, STRRT.T. JUST received antl now opening a good assort- ment of House Furnishing articles, at ihe a- bove place, which will be sold -at the prices for_Ca.sh. 'iTfti'Sfo. RnissTireSettir; brass head do brass aiid brassjicad ShovelianH Desert Knives and Forks, Carvers andForks.super an'd low priced Tea Kettles, Gridirons, Pewter and lined Porringcri.. Sauce Pans, Fry Pans. Pins, and iron iftbie Spoons, brass and ironOandlesticks brass ancfjapan Lamps, MiuctngKn'tTes, Laoihorns, Blacking. Ink, Shears, Scissors, pocket do., Bristol Brick, Brass Kettles, Hcdi green, aad Elae gfass Spectacles, Harps, WARE Block'I'm and Rriuania Pols', Rtci, R'Tin La'tlfesV, au'd' eSpofius.lJasiors.A-c----------....- U, decep- Slnje lines cwpacious thoroughly built, and very conve.ni''nt.'y arranged in every pan. and wilii trKTFeeulftlfrtttA iijd'.ord.cMdcfiasnry "in well conducted thij'ostaMishment oflers peculiar advantages for a profitable business. died Cfothf s do.rfleaith low p Hair do, Toortv.Ju. FANCV ARYictTS. Ever Pointed Ring's'.'super Shaving Soap, London Soap. Comhs, F <lo do Paney Wall Pocket Hooks, Bead Bead Purses, Cologne Water, 150 WlHps Bellows, Common do. WrfwDEN AND WILLOW WXRB. Tivme Reels, Mop Wash (rrrt'a Willow Clialrt.Carriapes and Wheelbarrows, Noolt of B.C-I-.T, flm.cl CXv. ,5.i urtmon nnrt painted Pails. Travelling Baskets, Cedar iron bound Titb.i. painted <io, Diijptfr.s, Market 6d Willow do. Cloihes Pins, cev'd Ructets, Trieste Cloihps Baskets, Entry Mats, Ac. fcb9 if DEPUTY SHERIFF, GOOiiS AT entire slock-sf .t 4 Smith's ris I Block a (teat variety of Siajjla and Kncy Goods, will b.e offered al cost 'for Uuae 8. A.-HYUP, C' of FOS TK OHY BOOKS. Designed to lead the learner upon timple pn'neiples, from thefiril Penmanship, to a perfect knowledge of the Art: an it improved PJair-of by which the trouble and tosiof time tul aod diagonal lines, find leoO do of Chetse 1500 do of Bacon Clear Pork JO casks'MaTaga boxes do best braod 20 fresh 10 do Lemons. E. M. will continue 10 receive- Fruit every week during the season. In addhion to. above- arti- cles, E. M. keeps on hand as otual general afiort- ment nf WBra I varMHy or 'ruuAnhif in part of Imperial Old Younc Hyion mid Souchong Crushed, H W and H B Sugars. Old Java, and St Domingo Coffee, Chaeo- laie, Cocoa, Almonds, (holled and do.: English and American a' variety bojfet- UavemJuU aud- -tf wi'h a variety ofoihar- ol Tobacco, brands, Curranin, Choice both eask and bottled, and a of other Liquors perS.etly pure as imperleW. All of- ahove arliclen will be sold very eheap Country and Merchanir will wall call and examine before purchasiBg elit- where. N. B Bank that- of KFnvm up _ cejved for ihe above dsuflvi Henry and his B.earer. The Jusi ree'd.hy Bv the Rev. JfiplMano YH ATCHER. f iHE Clerk's Guide, or Comtoa.kial I dence, eompritingl of Bills, Inypircs. Aceoiim I IA voiinr Tradesmen aid Vt-B Foster. by BKrilf I may3Q SPAPESJ

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