Friday, August 25, 1837

Bangor Daily Whig And Courier

Location: Bangor, Maine

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Text Content of Page 1 of Bangor Daily Whig And Courier on Friday, August 25, 1837

Bangor Daily Whig And Courier (Newspaper) - August 25, 1837, Bangor, Maine N V. i ii r v t Five Dollars a year, payable half y _ Jl Less Mf a square 75 t ana IMC priced ana neavy blue do; wtn'cl ly, see iBriied lo si will be dosed t IIH t n i >n V ,1 I..... i" I Thonias ScwalL'.M. I) Just.rec'rt harmed 25 ecnjs-fbr e.acn'-jjiWlipii iii llie. latter., iu GAGR, 'Jailor and Draper, hns i of Drucs, i cash lor spv of the atoyc gooJs wjB Orrtss.ilo. a goof) ft acdjo' u'y tiis da procured orfe ol the patent cle lor aiid fur sale by -r, a-.ketch ofhi.s character K Sear, UIW DUREN Tl IvrrmriV' Uv Col. Ray ol -this ciiv, mjd June 13 J HA I CHER, j ,hnl fijw.rpadv ;oeilner Vlsil ,hia HARD FOR SAMJ. GAWi HATCH, of McGAW existing between r feiurn the.n. dy low and other Hard Ware, Uavejusirec'd per schr a lar-c i eason ble t sfltfk rich China, aria I tcrms a General I D- oc KVJ, A. I THOMAS HA1LEY lv Jiec'd by DE.VTAL SlJKfcfKRY. ELIAS '1 ALDRICII.' i DL'REN _ IV .YiLJ mi i -T Vr IT-i VH f n Hy Gco. octaro'ediUott, nt-i THATCIJRR. Nov 21, 1836.- dcc3 V? fords new work, j Che.teiriHd Prill, Cufijlo Cloth, .Slu-Vtuigv, I.onp llle undersigned .have seen The operaiiou of Mr.SuiclilTs Washingaiachine andean j saythai hijhly approve ol it. j Mardcr; Wm Slevens.Charlee BOOKS. IhaileriJ. Lnn-slaff; H. Longstafli A. .CJarJc: loun? Man's Aid lQ _Viriup J SniaJ.r. and Uy-Rev. HubbWWms- VEGfti1 Twice Told Tales. By Nathaniel Hawthorne. si._eipset. Lil.'rarv. l.ydias; or the of female character. By Robert Phil, ol Mrtylierly Chapel. My Son's Mrinual, comprising a summary view of .ihe, studies-. and u.ltor of wmtJiiiid.'''' OR. BRAVDt-TH'S V'pffetabh- UiiiversalPilk. so well and favorably throoebotU irf United States, for sale wtmlesaUt or rplnil -by FKNNO. 17 WesrMarkel PlaceT IC1NE KOK HAS TUX A T T (J It N v r i, A j AS removed lo'thc oflice recently occiir-icctbv i JtwM'f, over Vhc JUasteri, f feb5 r UEPUTV BHER1FF, CO Atam street. FEW dozen ..___.. Drawers, retr'd at 2 OClltf A'AKO.N CO. Tfi'y (5 Treaties f i vf et. COS'l', -c.mife-'sibtk of at No 4 Smilh'i AiijK.i lliree months, bi' 5 A -iav'" Wj, ri I IJlS by Dai.'l A. 3 vnlFfS ,no ------J "'_ v f" family use, FOSTER'S V vVTn Dwiiftticd-10 lead Vhe learner f AVV> J j Gntlironsi.. P.OWLOJ and lined Porringers, Sauce Pans, Fry Lucifer Knitting Pins, Darners.plated aaidiron table andiea Spoons" -brass and win L'anir5s7" oils' at7ower 'than ever thev have Tire mr i strftt. ;_ A RL, K cu v io, _ _ri 7 and ti-4 damnsk sks, Linen Dia, do'. "Cheai; TorCash COJIK if ir weekly quarto paper, edited VJ VRLSS P. iLSipy, ajid itlevbted to Litera leral Terms. J2 a year itiofts-receJved rw S3IITH FEN'NO. a ft. A" 'n' _ y S fw anivicTnrtji. of Water; and be I4t'bt fA o !l_ l__ ..J o p-i lUiB i SPANISH CIGARS. M jusi-re'eM by GRANT it FLINT. T. IflANO FORTES'. Apply at 'AT'iWOQD-A 3OW marrh8__ i GROUND PL AS CAKKS Ground for sale hy KMP'.RV No. 18 Marketplace. IE undersigned herebv give notice that Will receive proposals for lue-rmi of the jor-House, together with certain articles of Furni- riire thereto Carpels, Beds, lease to commence'about .The neit. No t! Smith's filnrlt. JVEW Goons, stpnmcr'IL'niffQf b V A U LOWELL fc CO- apnH7 --No Main Street" A NE VVTlO-USE a well finished two HwrfeT's'lffrnletniear Philijf Co'oinbs' Pew number 116 in Rev. Mr. Pomroy's meotine- house.-hv ATT WOOD, X SON, TO LF.T. A smnfl House. Possession given the liKl fourlh_of_April. Inquire of is, 4 Smith's block. WE pay a prrmium for Gold aod SUver, at 60 Maiirstreet. AARON D. LOWELL CO. '11HE Public Laws of (heSiaie ofjlaue I mass anu Lamps, 10'hhds For soW bv fecissurh. porUt. Uw. ,-Rriilor Brass-Kettles, i AfTWC .....--------andrfetai) hv jiilylE DUKEN A. THATCHER. on boardnchf sion, 1837. bv the seventeenth Les-islaturc. January ie's _ line< capacious Tind- built, tin arranged .'in' every -part. tl.c Brtd in a we r it ttfdi J V WC w-yip 'I a ,''Vvi._ 1 f I -l-W-J if Vtti -1'- J uw ._i_ i. Swept n way, or some popular deeejV imi4 (kvKnqpfJ a- rt April fith, IE57 at'ihe'fifsi rec'dby chuion iii Newbufy, By <ald rh'urcn. Just THATCHER. Bed Cups, green and blue glass Speftaclfis. Harps, Block I'm ancT lUittnjiia I Pots, ni.frk 1 'in Tea" and" j Tahle Spoons. j handled and unhari'-l and lcwprice4J FANCY ARTICLES. Ever Pointed Pencils. Stay I Rinjs. Sbavinir London Soap. Ivory 3 A K F. QJJnOnJpnj embrneinf Dining and Tea Ware of the ___. House 1 live in by Dr. AlcoH M Just received by IIIKI cuuu fliUBPublic Laws for 18SJ. ind lo'r June If) horse strayed away .from the al Otd Town. His was dark black mane and tail and long, a well, fowied aiul valuahla. nn horse or whete rDANtEL J. Bangor LAW l a> w- .Tu c. LOOKING OUSSES 100 large and small, gilt mnhncnny frame I. Glasses. 3500 I.ive-flrese, are iavitZhrl in call at novil 60 i M MA _., from to, H "octifi 1837. and Thomas's Almanacs, Block, IflOO tfft oi Cotese ?50O do of casks Malaga_jtaisins j best i E. At. will eoaliiuM Fruit Ihtrticason. in addition to above grftl cles, E. IVf. on hand as ixuil n i Tiicnlol' English, Domestic aod Hard KKW VQO KB.. ELECT remains oftljeRev? kjr swith n Memoir. o( miscetTniieons {NEWSPAPER! o, Cocoa, Almonds, t iilh rf mvrcnn Walimts, tV-T kinda of Nuts. viil, brands. Cnrrauts, Mace 9p1ftf? EWSFAPESr

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