Saturday, October 2, 1943

Daily Kennebec Journal

Location: Augusta, Maine

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Kennebec Journal on Saturday, October 2, 1943

Daily Kennebec Journal (Newspaper) - October 2, 1943, Kennebec, Maine JNB B Loren- 'can Victory Parade BUY STAMPS AND BONDS If THIRD WAR LOAN DBIVE s. Outer alre of irthern Augus- service" 24. te ned at- i vhere he elved his-. ftmirol Saturday DAMP ESTABLISHED 1825 VO_. 235 SATURDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 2, 1943 TWELVE PAGES fj: P md vas and i Augusta.' the celved t, tough no fuller of age Mr and t Sunday Ross and of Woon- relatlvcf s for two b- is vlsr.- returned rck s visit had lunch' v Smith i i r r A Gardiner, Oct. seeking tonight to locate .some trace of Will C. Atkins, (70, veteran attorney, former mayor and for 22 years Gardiner Municipal Court Judge, who disappeared Thursday night after telling his wife he had an appointment learned he had been seen walking to- ward a riVer wharf. Voia for a mile below the Gardlner- Randolph bridge A now addressed to his while' police, firemen and dep- Mics Julia Clason, stating that the'utles from the Kennebec County Infer had lived long enough, and Sheriff's 'Department searched the .u >u darkened, rain-swept fiver tonight. mat had ofen thought the Ken- investigators traced the movements nober River a peaceful" place, led iof the political and civic leader ,o Grappling and Thursday night Ing operations carried on In the partneri Court Recorder Ray S 1 7 Baker that he had left Thursday evening telling her thai he had an appointment (She notified Baker of his absence when he failed to return at two o'clock this morning Walking Toward Wharf One man told authorities thai he PRICE FIVE CENTS J o.y o Li )era :e jlome ant ?oie J J T Jl Bl' EDWARD KENNEDY Washington. Oct. 1 dent Roosevelt promised today that allied arms will liberate Rome and we Vatican, and will do everything to the Allies, was captured today by the Ameilcan mm I to prevent destruction of Army as the bulk of Its German defendeis scurried north- Walklnic Toward Wharf -USCG Pho'to from NBA reiepnoto. shrines and historic monu- ward fof new sUnd somewhere between the charred and one man told authorities thai he AVE Op AMERICA'S 12000 down on a stretcher, a wounded with pnptes In allied tiands he looted metropolis and Rome wa'klnl American is pictured being carried across the beach at Salerno, Italy, for transfer to (President Roosevelt said the Allied objective was to free down an alley from Depoi Square _ Guard-manned transport The wounded man was but one of nearly Am- arivnnr-p mm-chimr north Rome, the Vatican and the Pope much in the manner or killed, wounded or mm.sine from the first Sicilian landing up to Sept. 15, accord- X T. ATKINS However Charles Cantonl, a taxi driver who often had Atkins as a fare said he saw the former judge standing In front of the Kennebec Journal office in Depot Square be- tween 10 and 10 30 o clock He placed Uie time by recalling that he hadftone to Pittston with a fare at nine o'clock and had been back at his stand in the square for some time. Atkins crossed the square and __ passed his taxi cab. walking up Maine Avenue in the direction of the railroad station. Canton! said He said he spoke but Atkins did not TVT j respond When he passed the cab, AllffUStH l_lieSt Cantonl said he appeared to be 2) Quota Is HI neaun lor some nine American is pictui cu ucjujj; L cms T American forces are going to con- v down an alley from Depot Square Catsa Guard-manned transport. The wounded man was but one of nearly Am- tlnup tnelr advance, marching north Rome, the Vatican and the Pope much in iThuYsday'Tve- ericans killed, wounded or missing from the first Sicilianlanding up to Sept. 15, accord- to the.nUm capital, the Vati- a crusade nlng, ing to announcement by Secretary of War Stimson. _______ Attributing something of the as- A British armored column, Accompanied bv ---------------------------------------pect, of a nolv war to their opera- fought vigorous resistance along the road flanking lhr Gulf lions. Mr Roosevelt said there arc _, _ rtf Mtif inct nialif Orr- V -b. ;L V ;ss "T r So o Augusta quota for the Augusta War Chest Drive will be Francis H. Farnum, chairman of the Augusta War Cheat announced Friday He added that this wan the largest -P-T _ _ outskirts of'the city last night The Ger- driving mans moved out during the night and the Allies, ontrrrd In another report on the Italian through its eastern gate an hour after dawn this Thai the morning They picked up the arms and Iron center of Tone r allies probably will recognize the Annunzlata en route and'K5negntvrcftorMnCrnanueai The Allied drive along the aided bv a trn-mlle start a campaign to raiiv Italians advance by Americans forming Lieut -Gen Maik VV Claiks London. Saturday, Oct troops battered right wing to Avellino yesterday which Imperiled thr On- through German defenses in White Russia to reach the while American soldiers are re- man position in the whole Naples area Pronya River, 29 miles from Mogilev, Moscow to- offl- Port of. ft" dav, while the Germans claimed a major defense victory in ciai said the Badogiio The victorv opened one of the me Allies i u thi a hlttpr flvp dav battle has "Played ball" to an amazing ex- Mediterranean s greatest port-s to along the umlent Appian to the south after a Dltter nve-aay oaiue I tent and that wlth American. Brlt- th Bnd wnen the harbor is Rome Fall rairis were drenching the White Russian battlefield lsh and Russian approval General German dem- There also 1- the question of as .he Russians rolled through 460 more towns and ham- Dwight D ELsenhower already is cleared -f fn_ .nr lets killec over Germans and won the town of tiheri- ciiitatc the Anted suppfr problem nf kOV in a new crossing Of the SOZh River. Two members of the Senate Mill- Authorities j-he has reportedh dexlmed Rome an 6 tary Commltlee endorsed the idea, able soon to unload irom hns nn Senator Hill (D-Ala) saying we deep draft shit" The "rtorv also s ]f OprmBI, want every man. gun and plane on put within All ed grasp numerous towRtfl Romr ,v ,n.tnlnB our side that Ve can get Senator excellent _airnclds 15 (o 25 miles riindllrl Rcarh Pronya BKer XVCrtt ii n drive in this city. blanches ofl from the Sozh River cast of Mogilev, said the Moscow 1 midnight btllctln recorded by the Sov et Monitor. This marked an advance of 30 miles from captured Kiichev and 17 miles bejond Cherikov v T e Germans retreated with Russell B Spear, regional chairman of the War Finance Committee for Region Number Five, which consists of Ken- nphrc ,ind Somerset Counties, announced Friday the quota tho two counties of had been reached. Sales i Jup to noon P'tlclay totaled SomcMsrt County reached its quota of on Sep- tembor .'10 but It not until the following date that the roKlon as a whole went over the top The flne showing made OIKIWJ by Somerset County Is due to the untiring efforts of Carle- ton P Merrill, regional- vice chairman, who has been in campaign which begins October 3 chat go of the drive In that county, Mr. Spear said. the an- In addition to the dollar quota assigned to the region, it icliin'g" a also had a quota of 14.000 individual sales to be reached. Members of the committee pres- s _n Hies: Campaign Eighty thousand dollars has been .f ac tho nnnta for Kennebec UUIlg Vll omel It MIIUHIVI KJViinn- jx. slow the call for family A SiOW II 1C wiii inuiitj MJ Gomel..flghting German arnman amec jssacor r_o "Russia nml lhr rllv I. rr- mountains but there arc ported rloni of amnnns' Twenty miles north of Naples is Naples Is In nuns nnrt ammc the Vollurno and that Is the of Gargltano and Its trlbularlPK. the The bulk of ihe Oeinnn rtl- Lirl and Sacco Battles on the (Continued on Puke -Col i Continued on Page 1) (Continued on Page 1) Our Fighting Men Edwards Or areas however draft, was onereo oy Wnshjngton. Oct 1 W tiousand Germans and ercomb (R-W Va) and Robertson Avcrcll Harrlman. wcalthv 51-year- -..-.iu.B food and ammunition stores (R-Wjo) old industrialist and lend-lcase. cx- Thft Russians were repoitcd within The first-term senators pre- pcdlter' In London, was nominated 11 miles of the city several ago their plan as a revision of today to Be Ambassador to Moscow The Germans hurled an srtiUcrv legislation proposed by Senator Taft thus completing United State prcp- bartage anc several counterattacks arations for the momentous conrer- i-ganst the i advancing Russians in senator Wheeler asec .IS- anes -Ii: So. aermany Wlllkle staled plainly todnv that he would like to run BRnln for president on the Rcpubll- rnn tirket ptnvldiilg Ihe parfv would adopt his Iden-s about domChStle eco- nomic matters and foreign policies If the Republican Partj would adopt liberal both foreign Africa Oct and domestic he told a ptjets con- bombers from northwest fererue 'I would devote cvfry mln- were over Germanv and ma utc I could either as a worker In for the flrst time It was nn- the rnnks or n< a candidate' nounccd tonight Wlllkle said his concept 6( a for- Big American stressed crossed the Alps Allied Headquat d bad NERY SOT ANTONIO PARADIS V. 8. Army PVT. ALFRED E. SMITH V. 8. Army PFC. EMERY R. GREN1EB t'. S. Army I''! I yon minff HERE ARE THREE OF OUR 300 EMPLOYEES SERV NG IN THE ARMED FORCES WILL YOU get cloth to them by fit ing "obs on our production line? Your help is needed now! THERE are ope lings for both men and women, skilled and unskilled, with opportunity for the unskilled learn skilled jobs. MANY jobs are particularly adapted to women work- ers, in warm, well lighted rooms. v APPLY AT OUR EMPLOYMENT OFFICE FOR FULL INFORMATION. Daily Hours: 7 A. M. to 12 P. M. lo P. M. Saturday Hours: 7 A. M. to 12 M. DWATS' AUGUSTA, MAINE clouds obscured observa- bombing encount- (Continued on Page Col. 8) New Ynrk. Oel I i. rspalr of two elderly women. o-xc from Maine and one from Florida, found huddled on a pirk bench about midftight last night afecr losing a handbag containing more than SI.100. turned to Joy tonight when a hunk clerk reported he had found the bag and money In- tact U'JIIIam .1 15, father of three children, turned his find nVrr to police and Identified HmM-lf only When police Insist- ed lie wile, he was employed on night shift at thr Corn Ex- change Bank and that while nn Ms wav to work at about 4-45 M (EWT) last night he saw lhr bag on the sidewalk al Kifth Avenue and 14lh Street WrlEhl took the bag In work with him, carried It home nnd. upon arising, handed It In at the Jamalen 'ollce Station order He ii_ look more toward Asia And less me New Yor< Oct 1 'Speclnli toward Europe In considering world On Bed and chilled two clderlv ladles affairs Emms. Jnne Lane, 8S of Kcnts Domestically he added, tnisi coun- Contlnued bn Page Ti anlel Eton Foster. 16, prominent Granger and agriculturalist, and cruirman of the Kennebec County Commissioners died at the Augusta i General Hospital Frldav following j a shock suffered Mr Foster who had been an of- flc-r In the Maine State Grange for eifdit and one of Its strongest I supporters, had been In falling hcilth for the past sear but had coitinucd to be active A native of Augusta, he had mcd al his life on the Church Hill Road wtere Is located his farm which w6n him tie recommendation of th' Univers-tv of Maine College of Agriculture as an outstanding farm- er A Repub lean he was re-elected to th- County Commissioners for his third six-vcar term at the blen- nUl elctlon In 1942 activity as B commissioner won him election as president of the Maine State i CcunU Commissioners Association. an organization of the county com- missioners throughout the state wMch studied problems Of county gcvememnt. One of the Grange's staunchest i si iporte. Mn Poster was a past master of subordinate and Por 1 iConttaued on Page 7) Hit nf the MM! In id nnrt fnll'rl urth large received two to rench Its destination hll-s on ft.s stern but was still MnrArlhui s inoinlnt. communl- the planes left qiie also announced tint !Hi Jnp- dcstlnallon of the con- anise weic killed In an rttlrmpt In it known deflnltrlv. It esmfx- from Ijixda which In the general rilrec- American troops occupied thortlv Vila where reports from the after the of Mnnda nir Pacific said the Japanese field on New C.ruialn (j) nn oarur under The ntlnnpl lo supph th. 11 furies ..l Japanese had an estimated 10000 Velln 1 hine Ininerl to HII- troops there at one time plnnrs whlih ri.oppn.K M.pplie, The bombers, on reconnaissance there caught the convoy In Bougainville Mrnimhtle A us uliim fluhtlnK Strait In the northern .Solomons the ul, mm r of mn .U ig les ear DANIEL E. FOSTER Ifttlc island ofl the Maine coast had a population of 56 nowa- idays and of this number 43 bought bonds In the Third War Loan cam- paign Its quota was and It subscribed "If the same percentage of indi- viduals In Maine, with its approxi- mately 800.000 population, bought bonds. It would mean that Individuals In the State would have said Leon A Dodge of Damarlscotta chairman of Region 4 which Included Monhegan.______ WEATHER ___ DAMP rain Satur- day ending over the south portion by evening and over the north por- tion during the evening Warmer Saturday New Hampshire and Vermont Intermittent rain ending by evening and wanner south portions Satur- day. Little change In temperature Saturday evening. Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island Warmer Saturday Little change in temperature Satur- day evening. BY KIRKF L, MMPhON AMMH-lated PreM War Analynt Word from London that inti- mate talks are coming soon bn- iwocn Russian British and American staff officers to co- ordinate strategy does more to highlight the prospect of throt- tling Nazism than even the fall of Naples or the tottering of the Germans Dnieper defense line It means that on the European fronts have already iiotpaced the most sanguine re- cent expectations The Implica- tion is that in the timing at leant of planned new allied blows Germany the Quebec .schedule must be stepped up and that Russian as well M Anglo-American highest com- manders recognize the necessity of a closely coordinated effort to make the most of what has hap- pened at the fronts There could be no other ex- .nti lire thnl A definite dec iMtjii jnr 'Continued on PnBe 7 Col IP Blaekumllltlnc forgr and an- tll Electric blower preferri-d T. W. DICK CO. GARDINKR St'MMEIl LINES Parson gelling opti- mistic about a boom In religion after the war from men who have survived life rafts and fox holes and I hope he's right, but Gransir Eaton who has At in four ware gays it's an awful lot harder to keep close to dod when only your soul Is in danger than it is when the dp past your ears, said Grandslr. UNCLE EBEN of lhr 'A uj; until Water Dlntrlet that Water Serrlre on hummer llnm of the Irlct around lhr shore of Lake Cob- bonnerronter will br dfnronClnued during the wrek of October 4th It nUKJtented thai property ownem nerved by the nhoulrt make arramfrmrntu or have thrlr own plpen drained and prepared for winter durlnc tht next few ACGU8TA WATER DI8TRIST DON'T FORGET THE ELKS AUCTION TODAY 10 A. M. 10 Winthrop St. AUGUSTA