Friday, December 22, 1882

Daily Kennebec Journal

Location: Augusta, Maine

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Kennebec Journal on Friday, December 22, 1882

Daily Kennebec Journal (Newspaper) - December 22, 1882, Kennebec, Maine PUBLISHED, EYERY1 MORNING (SUNDAYS BY 8PRAGUE 4 SO4 TERMS: SEVEN DOLLARS PER ANNUM. SINGLE COPIES. THREE CENTS. VOL.. XIII. AUGUSTA, MAINE, FRIDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 22. i882. NO. 302. Cje I Pablliked at A Water ol court, by HraAOtFB ek BOB. n 4. _ i U 9.1 During the Late War Bail? Urnnrtrt Journal. BEST Duly Zennebec Journal. Iwed every ftefatMtaowiby telegraph aatf Bull, c.1 Markets, aa4 haa carefully prepared political and local articles, aus] a generena aatocnt ot laming, IOOM and readlaa; wttk fall eompila- lion oi blale S7 ftr OWMMS in ffnmet, U payment 1. g.t within MM year. Wngle copies L. had at DM pcrtodtasl atoraa of J V. fleree, Au. tista, C L Uallowell. W.C. Palmer, I.ariUnor, J .I'awrrUle, and at this Kates a ay be. had OR appttealtoa at lata eBee. %y av a, n S AtorA. of Wallets, Ladies' Pocket Books, Card Cases, Toilet and Fancy Goods for the HOLIDAYS, at Daily. The price of tlM Dally KtnnbcM Journal for the tt..sioB of DM U Weekly Kennebec Journal, Published Wednesday saomlnf.taoae of the largest quarto papwraio tbe 9tatet aontainlue; arllc aitrleultural and scleatittc mattir, tales, poetry, in household matter, markets, tut kO. I vrui., l-i in Advertising IfOR THB JKeunebec Journal, IJAILY AJfD HTEKKL.Y. The following Advertising an avthurtfed to receive suUsoriptlous and aavarttjsjBwnta lor toe KiCflJUtHIM JoiaNAL, -UdfUN H M PBTTKSaiU.fcCO MSUte. Street 8 K Ho 200 WashMlK tunHt I t VAIK, Tremont Temple K Washington NttW IIIKK lit CO. Z7Phrk Place IFO I' KOWKI L k Co 10 Mprui f Street JvMKnll BATKH, 41 Park Bow I B1LADKI.I-UIA N M ATEk IH.H, Times Bld'g, Chestnut and 8th streets irw BAVKlf.f'ONN M P III HBARn. iiKIro M Plain English! Do not purchaBe any Holiday Presents until have examined the splendid line juHt opened at JAMES E. DEVISfc'S New Drng- Store, Tit- comb's Old Stand N'o old goodx brushed up, but all New arid Fresh, direct from NVw York and Boston marketH nr Ticp CITY be fbud the tiga of the- i 'BIO SIX" Water St. W. H. FURBISH I hajjnrt retained from York with a tall Mnsk a 'Dress Goods, i Cloakingg. I and Christmas Goods in every form end variety. j Having the of oae of the ftnent In the Mate, we are now prepared to do all of draw and cloak making In the etylt- aud XX> jf ujA33X0XX. declteodli in The Government made Arms Springfield, Mau.-Whit Dr. David Clark, Inspector U. S. Armory There Tonr reporter fbut.d Injprctor Clark at office on the Armory grounds examining "recelv- rn" for the refutation army However, he willing to a irord for (he of tieaiih and as to prove the merits of iteptementi of death He "M> bnrinew kr tatt If only one doUjtr a bottle The lucky man is lie who puts this advice in practice Don't forget the name and address, Dr David Kennedy, Rondout, N. T. The Doctor would have It understood that while hi Utncagid in the Introduction of hid med Iclne, f ANOKITK RLUEU1, he ellll contliiHeii the practice of his profi but confines him elt ex clusivelv to eijfrt prartice Iff all diseases and performs all the minor and capital operations of surgery WATER ST., I Have Just Received a Fresh Invoice of the ol the late flrm of WILI i WARD a> COOAS, have purchased the stock of Gonld, Barker A Cross, and will continue business In all branches same as at old ston We are now reot- ivlng tbe I ttention That have met with such a flattering sale during the last fortnight and have elicited the universal commendation of terns of mv customers. These are PHENOMENAL BARGAINS, and fully equa. to anything sold heretofore at 75 cents. I shall continue to offer them, both Ladies and Gentlemen's, special Attention win be paid to (R goods cprctftl at IjUeB to neearc moii perfect for burning the tbprcby i lurirr uniount of IW1 to ill curt dyvpepsi i, heart Umn ni ill in kitlncy disease Intr m t in othtr wasting diMii IVOTlOJfl. CRUOKEK Kiid WEBSTER HavalorOMda Co-partnership Omw DldCusJinoc Uooae, 96 Wlallirvp as before. Crooker's olttoc hours, lu the lorfaoou, Or W ebster a, afternoon rooker's resldeBCe, at Augusta Dr H aonser rttate aud tlreon et. auriim OFFICE HOURN. Dr. W. L. THOMPSON'S UMIOM I TO U M. Dr, WILL THOMPSON'S FIIOM 10 -TO lit A. ivi. Physician and Surgeon. Or PICK Iff OAKKV BLOCK. OKrick, HOURS, a to P M novlTttl A. C. XITCOMB, SUHGKOIS DENTIST. Corner Water and Offloe Hours i 8 to 13 A. M., 2 to 6 P. M. O. 2sT. .PC.U. IN ALL BRANCHES, M 7ra i i mt i l Cor. Water and Bridge Sts., AUefiniSta, Maine. fobbing of anklndipromptl; atttitdrd to Hi link fut for fttvorn, we hope for eouttnuaucr of tuinw i i In mmrWteodljr A T? V-i" __ cnHchts t'.e Mood anil pui ii7 ctirra tifak- V. etc. I rv a -JL8T KkCMVtL) Gold and Silver Watches, Ladies' and Gents'Gold Chains, Lockets, Crosses, Charms, Neck Chains. Gold and Plated Sets, Rings, Studs, Sleeve Buttons, Shawl, Lace and Cuff Pins, Gold ami Silver Thimbles, Silver Plated Tea Sets, Ice Pitchers, Goblets, Cake Baskets, Fra.t Stands, Cups, Vases, and Spectacles of all Styles. LARGEST STOCK LOWEST PK1CES 124 WATER ST.. AUGUSTA, ME. deertttf A Good Faying Business. Good Reasons for Selling. THE s-. -ON- Is the only Iron >n i! i does not color the ttfth in I will i i ctusa hearlache or i> other Iron prcjantioas cloned wlii-rebv I tuiif nt In i rk at anl <if low tif The nfock ifrmli Vow Owned by i j-jrr i J ____ A_- Ufflu. ut Apply to thr <nttn of a Inrgp cloak in imifacturinjt that 1 ran iiell ilittn at much U in than the wholf- C. and Weal of State, Aagnsta, Walking Jackets and Cloaks in Prices from to At Drug store on state street. n hate oul) to to hi hidd ot th-p xtrpmr low put upon thd f hlM in mi rutyh p< H" 1H nr m< H f r I hnrp f thirty Ttam, nml c ar U uiort- of the 10 IX rl? 1JST. E. J. Roberts. D. D. S. Firit Door to Post Ofloo. HUNT'S BLOCK, Water St., Dr .Nancy T.Williams, Homeopathic, Winthrop Court, opp. First Baptist church. Office lloam froir. to P M Remnant Prints, in, .undies of 33 for or 11-2c. per I continue lo carry two Warner's Flexible, Adjustable Hip and the Everlasting Hip, Which are unsurpassed in beauty and a ftall llnt> of (he more ccmoimt in <_ OW W ltd a ae-T and Mr t-clait itoek STOVES, RAXGtS, FV1KACE8, Kitchen Furnishing Tin Ware, Lead r etc., etc. 8TATK OP MAINS. E. W.WHITEHOUSE, Freeimns BankBaildino. FOB SALE! SALEM LEAD COMPAIY, auxDna or PURE WHITE LEAD STOVES AID AM> SHEET WORK AMD ANNUAL TTJIO. LEAD PIPE, And Narrow Sheet rpBK rFOTKHQLDBiVS fbe Oraatte KatfciMl X koMtkeirAMiaal Meetian tor Uw atmfaet Dtnettein aael tor the of (nr natnMage W GrOTJLID la A em Tanelar. tbe atath Of Ike late arm ef Gocus BABKZB fc CBOM. Aay-Jtt. At the present price of it is ex- asperating to see hens wulk around care- less and unconcerned, thi in warm corners (harming plaruluv ot ntind ACundirin banker been remitted, through his eflorts, to hsv shippers bj the United States ment, as reinbursetnents tlie Poultry breeders do not neeni to nppre ciate the great of bones for n fowls, and but a linuttd lew mike ot tliem tor purpose No mttti i whether the birds are confined or not. sre to be bi m-ntted (n a modorui ot bones, though those nn kept in i lose need them most The Board of Agriculture is doing ti good work in Maine It has hoi n lor quietljr, but SOH ing si i d that long ago gwrnin tied, and is now bearing fruit 1'ho method ol holding biiiuh meetings, in M t lions ol 111n Mate, through the fill .unl winter months, is good tun- 1 hi Uoard isfomp wed of intt lligont and pr t ticul firmeis If all the i own in the could show their einct reconl for the large number would hid been unprofitable to tin ir nori h produced le-s milk, btitttr HH' than would be to p th< ir bo ml and interest ol the monej 01, tin ir ilue allowing the manure to dfWt toi the tie How absurd to tlioiijjMlt (oniiniii muhstotk, remain as i uiiiben rs ol the gtound In the best devised ol iinviil hnsbindry It is often difli< tilt to m BO that work slull neither nni develop spots during the se [l requires mm h forethought to sal isfacton ly arr.inge the t rops of the farm u ith refeiencc to the profitable tin Hint lurni h< Ip This is but anolhoi evident e of the fact Ih it to be a MK fill larmer requires executive imli iNulit ing abilitiei, wlnili would almost pun an tee success in most other voc ilion The time has gone when in ind in this gemrttion onh those an hope tor i ess in il pursuits who gno the amount of thought and stluh to the deliils of the vihiiti 40 }ears itgo woiiM IHM n esteemed ns absurd iml iiniu'< i PerHonal. The datiic of Hie late Knrl of Rriwnnhclil will he iinvuKM allir tlie next nuilinn it 1'nrliunit nt Allncirinl j.roilint <if llu- ItiuhUml Xatlonal hunk it Ntwburu ftr titliin (lux I It u n [xirli il ihnl will take up n m e in I wintnn til tlip i x JIIMIHII of iiulx rnntional ti rni Juilito Aaihlir n number ot (lir Tirifl Coninuofiifin TI m iken nf HH n Utjnihli (anidxtp Inr dcmrnnr in Olnn It 11 repotted Hint tliv nl i In- Chinese MiniAtr Rt inutoti IM woril one anil tlionoanil Hf the nchot Kilki anil ml UK and he m TI r opp< arn at a ret ptinn twu in thi ilrcx. WiiloUt ill (he Siatc Itiianl nf Mondaj moon anl rli< {tied I int n Derbr wan altU a It per I lu wan tp'l in the Snnilwuh Dcrbv i if a ijuPMion of A rank who wanted to be ftppomfwl ft pnhiemnn to protect It from p< rue vtmtcd 1'ilirr Iliad in N< w ork Mondav lie gin narno J pli liaiihink nml I ihat IIP hod a U Itir from tin Kipprror of him 11 (fo hack on hm Muff He taken t< the <.'onerul There are about 12% caMrii for violation of the Sunday IRW on the dm ket in New ork The Hematite Iron CompsnT of Murrport, England failed 91 OKI 000 One thnuaand have applied to the Poor Law 1 ruon of Wiitlport, Inland for aid to emigrate The firm imliiic experiment in New Vork with the Morage vyntem of hv electric itv made on 1 PTI was quite A H f lurk of Cnnn a widow cl about 70, and living alone, fiund Sunday h on the floor of her houti and partlj frozi n She Oitd Mondav The innanilr nf the Sultan n daily becoming more pronnnneed Sidition proi been pouted in the itreetn of Coniilantinaple, and many pvrfoni have been A report n cnrrent in Texai that the Mex lean government will claim that Galveitnn i f the boundary vt the territory ceded br that country, and to, thcrrfurc, a Mexican ctty. I he German wtrnnomcri New Haven Tuoilay anernoon for New York They hojx? after thipping their and other ap- tu vifit Button and other and expect to tail for Germany on January U De informed the French Geo graphical Society recenllr that the Panama would be flni.hed in The rate of mortality oq the lithmui. he laid, not exceed that io France, and that tbe canal would be destroyed by are groandlein. The excavation for the tunnel and bridge of the New York. Shore 4 Boffato Railroad, at Rondoot, V. T., hat induced a large in the Dumber of cam of diph- theria. One family rmidiaa; near the work baa loat three children, another fatally two and Mveral other titaUtn Men one. There DtMabor of eMwtlM Uene of which if Mill ucettata. CoUl Weather at the Zoo. lion THK U'ARM i AND ABk I OK M I'Etime) HIM, IN lU.oim CiiAiMt. AFTER A di i. MonkoM are starco Superintendent Brown. he stooil in front of the cage full of the liu MMIS huie animuli in the Znolon iial (Jarili n 1 cant tell the n anon but tliv to be nearly It lnin fur a Voar or more ahout here now, which lent than our mtraip We more, but we i an t lIuMii. Ihev arv hard In keep, too. htiauoc tht demand the but ot care, how ihitt the r xiather bore, we havu tu kiop tin. in in tin- tuunt mm Portable wat ilmtmrt lulu later than the although thi ir keeper bi n in tlu h ihit ol takiii; chirnpanteea tn 1 tin rnirunx oiiiani; out for their morninf iirniiM na niinlarU until within three Nox tlu the L iirmii! out llu in a big cage, m hn li tin 1 itti r 01 a >poc tal apartment II w t niiul tint! tlu two npm leu ouldn't (ret il IIL lonelhtr no the) gave the uuninn i il iart> lie 4 nu an upon him. I hem c himpitntii are ver> hriyht and mia- ihiitoix Inl llu dispUt the wirment aflec- ti HI l> r llu :r hut he too a viu- iii i In tin ir pmiikx mlerdax he clean- inn viiidiwii ol iheir raije, when hm c tlaiiptj him around the nt t k run urt with fpongr and pulled to4t Mith all the and cunning of (I HI llool llu otlur aniniaN requiring protection Iroin llu ol wintir hate all Been pro t rh h 1 in Rf n apartmenlK and everv [I in.- IK now tor the trigul ot tlu i-pe ri in t iMtomed to c limatkc ihaniiiK IIRM oiih hi en taken in- loi llu nl hinU whit h require the (urefiil in iitoienl kept in a t om tortal lv hiRtttl hut the tlet r and iiittlopv tan rtiiiain ixptirtd much later nnd AO t nn ihc nu niht rn ot the crane and atork lannliiK I In ztlui appt lo be very hardy nt Brown to experiment tiftht u n he in the c ollection, t th nionstr tit btluf that they can rtndih ni t Inn Hid anil i an he bred here M I nut u iiilili 1 IK v are of South 1 irv] t nn 1 Nutim but are nf a very nitiire and nhow but Rl'ghl Ir oi Ih' i I w. Rthtr 4 Mr Uri thinkn tint the nitrich. the intt h pi iinltht hinlv.huh Itn t Hart inimorlHli7t d in (.alirital vt rie, the emu can hi mult 1 1 t ndiire exposure, particu ItirU t mil in Kiipport ot which be rt c i ivt I a It ttt r from a gentleman living in I niilund who that In hint MK 1 1 iK 1 in not onl> at c limalinir i li hut hi Miunir llloul prohil U tin UrM iter horn ineapttvitv Plw liinl R imtni ot Anvlralm and Uuinta Tht -ttli oi i llu of the to I brai Htather 'I lu ir are ninth itiiirt ciuriictu nn 1 now than nn I, r n luU nun I lu v oi renporling about in tin ir pooU M ith tlu utniont a landon llu pot l> are flllid with running w utr Htitl M hi n the lie it broken, in (latin t i iillow the aninniU room enough to the unrtace Utr a hrtaUiing ipelt So ilu art re ry wt II e ontt ntc d where thty iioriiritttr whnt tho hange of weather iniiv 1 1 All tlu x Rflk a lihtral mipplv of ti-li fi r hrt Hkfant clinnt r and tt a I they ItlwtlV II If' I llu i liRnu have be en fo- lame unit anl U with Mini li diHituI y that tin v tonl I iniliii i tlu ill nnturid Doin Pedro to nti r I i Sntit rmti ntlt nt ..Brown Unit D in Itntrtcitht palm aa the inirai tuhlt hrule in tint or any otht r i ollt t lion hi i vc r n Only Kri Uv IK tlu entire font of a iiuitfli ttrniiKU t i him lie had been WIHMIIK a chain whith wan thonithl to be in nfture It wan It t lite d to replace it a lartft r Rn I unit h Ntronger one So the t It <t n ket pt the garden wrrn filled Ihc r aftt r elmmr to orermacter him I In heifan the juli at one o clock, an I it r mx befon tluy wire through V attt were made to him from tlu n ar, and Ihe mi n were runted with lane F ir hmkvd big trunk Rriuind the uuloMure hRnging it the partition with tone that the re I tliro'ixti tht hiiileling like the ol H .It lut liRminvr Kiimllv he tripped up anel d ct entangled, and then the men iKifdhcl in rhaining hii two forefeet to with the heavy which pre- vt nl him from ext re ming that frtid Jin for wlnih When he that he wan ovirpowend he bellowed with rage, hut now quite rttigned to fate hue The keeper who cage mill has to he very wary, and the annriiil roai he'l with extreme caution I lu- mi n nay hi 11 aiknowingan he li wicked, and n thrown away upon him In fae t I'c tiro without a particle of grain mil in great bulk He only nine old now Hi wilt be a frightful exam- ple lo all good i when he on] irnv The dental operation recently performed upon him when wern cliorteiied to him doing harm, lift him without any apparently painful re- 1 he Ion, hnwe vcr, not iweetened n mjer to any degree The other two are very true table and well behaved. rtit-n i been a remarkable in the price of I he arerare price to be about but the coming of "Jura bo made the circna "boom" tbe elephant feature of their that the in the market nearly Now we will have to pay high for n good (Superintendent Brown 8v< The or thirty m country are holding nearly all of them. To t Header, can you believe that the Creator one third of mankind with a for which there u no remedy? Dr. B. V. "Golden Medical Di.covery" baa cured of of coninmptlon, and men are living to healthy, robnat Bra whom pronounced incarable, became one lung waa almoat gone. Send two for Dr. pamphlet on and Kindred Ad- World'a Medical AaaodaV tion, Buflalo, N. Y. w MvatmtAB Treatise

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