Monday, January 29, 1872

Daily Kennebec Journal

Location: Augusta, Maine

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Kennebec Journal on Monday, January 29, 1872

Daily Kennebec Journal (Newspaper) - January 29, 1872, Kennebec, Maine VOL. 111. PUBLISHED EVERY MORNING (SUNDAYS BY SPRAQUE, OWJSN 5ASH. TRRMS; SIVJCN ANNUM. .AUGUSTA, ME., MONDAY MORNING, JANUARY 29, NO. JUmtfbcc -JuMiahed on Water Street, Foot of Oourt, AUOUBA-A. "Alaf-fc. BT SmCiPK, OWE5 A SASH. MISS SAWYER'S SALVE. Is issued every morning, except Sundays. u is Ins die by telegraph and mall, i so of the Markets, and has carefully pro- i (johliral and local artu lea, and a generous t omit of forming, home ami miscellaneous read- t >th a full compilation of StaU. newt. i arms, 17 per m adcanct il jiaymeu i it ot nuuie wittun the y uar. Single copies ft LH> liad at bookstores and at this office. inch In length, three In- 16 ar lean. (l.UO. 25 cts. fur every subsequent L Longer advertlnementn, or those Inserted .toy considerable length ofdme, will be inserted mrh for flrst outs per neck for cavh BuUsuqucni week. business) In rc.idmg columns, cents j t.ucJorflMt Insertion. Ufrcn. Insertion. Ail transient to b- paid I'jr in Littlefleld Turner, DEALKBS is nERF ton have t ulve combining uothlnff awl h. almg with BO lent A remedy at band fgr the m.ny> ochCT, wound, and to flesh to hetr. 1. more ra.lly applied ihna many other ten producing a bad eoVct, but read lag pain howfver "pvere It prepared by Xtn Ktnryrr, who hat tt In litt own extciwhre treatment of thu sick twenty years, with great surceu. Tbe prinetpal diseases for which this naive Is rro- CMlblaint, Khfumallm, Flirt, Oiif Hem, iilteum, Frter Iwrci. frloiu. FtmpUt, irfnptlut. Sort JS'irtirr'i Iti-h Ittafiun. Botlt, Kitty ww.-i, Curnj, Btlrt nf Inuett, Canrrrt, tar- acJU, Son Sifflft, u, KmUen Rch. Scald ft tad, TeftMag, Ckaimd i; Sraldt, Croup, CradiJ Lift, and ttortt on Chtldrrn It never falls to cure RbeamaHsr" uppllcj. Rub It on well with tbe hand thiW Umi a dnv In v, cases It has cored p-Mtd limbs. Fur Piln il has been to be a rare I'crsom that have been tar yean have been rtllovwl by a few For It wurk. allayhig the asd quieting tbe For C1 Mnutt tt a cnre Lst with XArum obtain this Salve, and apnlT It freely and they will find It Invaluable It faTbod to f and Cmetrt l with it. The bast fiairc ever Jot ttrratl and Son mppltt Ko war Injurious, but sure to afford relief. Sort tr Weat tyet _ mi the lids gently, onto or twice a day. t O- ".it. IT iil_J TJ5f THAT UK MANUFACTURES HIS OWN CLOTHING One profit is aat <xl to WK luMomtita. Hi- itm k y wnolena being Uu OsIfJfKttKii ON THK It- HE WILL SiLL THEM A- LOW AS CAN BE BODQHT IN THE CITV, AND CUT PBEB OP CfTAWQE. HIS STOCK OF GENTS' FURNISHING GOODS will be sold ttsloAv nss elsewhere. R. T. BOS WORTH, 74 v- iv lit puitltif In the ears on a ot frlont this is superior to anythlna known. ll.i, Ilku far apply-the Salrp at and It -Ins rehuf For old apply once a More, Egg, Furnace lawhvn, wia O J of Mil and 'fLma his The man who boagkt I In contrast with the Ki-h and of ulamng condlttoa of the tl'sUINU A WKEK" man The Stewart Parlor THE ONLY SAFE STOVE TO BUY, AT WHllttBMOil G.atl WisBSXJSR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Freeman Store lIFolfr Street, a 1 HEKRT s. llr. Baker will the of boat in the and bo nt the oat day In each week, probably or rridaya. at any other notiee by letefraph. decls-fU 'i 1 Main and Fancy Sewing! niE aodenlKued would annonnoe to the Udtea of Aojrwta and ttetalty that the Modi of Plata and Fawy Sewing, at 8 _ Water SUKt. norjl-tini Kin Springer lion- A A I nnrii t TO rag Tour is out of tbe Salre, and lo, .1 toad seventy -On as 1 I iw 1 1 boi by retain P.H tip in Hoi-" at 6O cents each. hr O dAWYBR. and pat np b Wholesale Eet Cist, Me. A Trial Bbi mall cm racvipl of cents, by L. IL KUBBIXS, ate. VALt 8ALVK IS SOf.D ftV ALI PEALEE? IX MF.ruciXES. null 'filing their rtork of Foreign and Doi-vwtie croons U very low an 1 t Tycoon For morning dresses, at KALKB BROTIIHW. An entirely Sew Stock ef NEW STYl P FELT SKIRTS Cheap at KALER BROTHERS. FOR THOSE MCE BLACK BRILLIANTINE8, MOHArRS, AND ALPACAS, Go to KALCB FRENC1I POPLINS and iHlBETS In C hoke at K A I-KR BROS. DBO3. of in Bailing Very QTJLf u f aoea, Low at_____ Aa well M Wilts Fienoh IfBoei which they AH at Low Prioea. Domestic Goods, WATERPnOOFS, at cannot full to tnlt, at K A LF.B IF vou WAKT v Nice Waterproof; Blark as a KV. at an erceeJins; low be KALER BBOH. Kaler Brolhets CAM. AT BEOS chan I Sec and White CuUdL FHv-l- -xj UBA. Kat Qk.A, TVllnjt, fffitwla, Jkri, at the T low Please Remember, Dry or rxal rhmip KA'FR BROiHERS, Opposite the COOT Home. ao.1 neUlac with a a rose. Waterville For partleaUn apply BOS WORTH Wll.J. l.iKh T HIS I.ARitK K Or fcnllotoell flfrbeulscmrnts. Sewing Machines KIT aad Mew Yean v The WOR'-B RK.KIOw'lll11 AST) THK KII i-flatac most desirable In the market, for OB FAVORA-HLE T II Af ALSO Needles, Shuttles, Oil, C I. Machine Thread, Ac. Ha vine had over twelve yean REPAwme siwiiia MACHINES, above all Water Street, HaUowell. novlT _ _ _ i Ho, 2, Block, Water SLeat, TTft Hay be found j floor, Grain, lent, West India GooJs and QT-A88 Produce Bouitbt and ilelirerad fieotoany part of tbe city. o VIDEBSItJNED having the Bakery of Mr V. Means, are Bread and Crackers of the Best Quality, And nt Fair llnvluc rod the serrlres ef a SKtT.LKt L ASD PRACTI CAL BAKER, we fed eoofiaV.1 that our and paii-uus will ottt e wrtions by ftiviniz us their patronage, for whUjh we shall alwart feel Rralefnl. We shall keep eonetantlv pn hanil -A. Good A.ssortment of Bread, Consisting of Common Crackers, Oyster, Soda, Butter, Pilo and Loaf Bread, Wholesale and Retail. All Orders promptly attended to and Bread delivered In any part of the city Free of y. At Dealers Supplied at Idbeial P'tea. WORCESTER co. NlPF.RIOkl JI'ST RECEIVED -BT- H. A. B. Market 'tf AGEE PORTABLE Akead Allen D. Nilcs, STABLE, horses and to let on reannoalile terms a lot of new ami for aale. Hay. all at to soil the sublo on I nion street. HaUowell, Me Jan 1 dt ivwn tst AVD, DAJKT, AMD TAIUC 8AUT. tvfat. J.E.ME, WATER ST.HJ _ ocuo-ttf NtW GOODS! Styles for Winter ROB TORTS'- Complete Sew Moek of splendid Don't fall to call and a look. BUBEB i 9? Is the place to go (tor jronr Hata, Cans, Cuffs, Collars, Shirti, UloTea, kerehlefi. Trunkji, Vallws. In fact Bob- e.U tbe latest strlesand toebntlotla be found In HalloweU. Groods. A t of Moop ttHirU. tloaterr. Cuffs, Collars, TrareUnc velveteen and trarelling for one dollar, A lane tot of Jewelry. always sells cfmp Ibr Pe, out of Wwn win do well to call. R 'her the nlaer, IVattcBal WAIK! wn. nr NUBLA8, Sr.rfs W Bo t. aad Won ed Goods at MRS. DECKEtTS, A, P. GOULD, [1 Dst. Watfr utreet, Auffwrta. OOT3-ttf "jTJS-r TRY THAT C> X' V o aellini lor M M A Ine lot of DEMIIOIS YU'lOM narH-nf O. .xx-ry Oflee p ERMAN la a tarVlr VJT in polon. f for nabrolibiT one with dlsnalrbat MBA. DECKER'S HalknrrlL __nnrtVOra I JACOB HAS JoH boarht a lot of GRiXetoTKS at bfttnrn whirh be 1> luf to the 1 pnMIe rerr ft- School will in room No B, on Tuecdayof o'clock P. M nntil otherwise ordered. __ JKSSK DAMS, l L.UTJ1KK PKRKtMj, Committee on Banks and Banking. Committee oa and will iuut on Tuesdays aed o'clock, room So. n carmen. (Xmanillee on Bailroadf, Ways Bridget. The on Va, fw, will meet la tke chamber and it o'clock to the after- of each noon. HIN EBES WOODBVBT, 1 L'mnmiUic ynBUtte Landtand Slate Boadt. The on Stale and each Tbonday at 2 o'clock P. It., In the office of the I "d WtO.IAJf CuAuiof BO -U only T-toa of but tim boutr. Itfia.C'B i men alone opensafleW and f-r "'Ml II the female It it an p "Vr "V better. iTfW! higher etaudards and punk it with- tXi ta her hidden Having Hffhtl cialJy drained, atep it ta> ft culture-ji to g. The object the -j with open .cite to- V Committee on Fisherifs. The Committee on will en <layi at JK o'clock In tbe afternoon, at room So. 16. CHARLES HUMPHREY, I A. H. Committee on Education. ofeai-h week at nVlocfc. in the room occupied by the Land Axect. JOHS J. PEKBY, CotiniHlttf on Incorporation of Totcus. The Com-niUce on InrorDoratlon of will on i at 2V o'clock, at room No. Itt. c. L., i W1LLIA" BKKD, t Committee on Claims. The OB r Will on of week at o'clock in the at ttoomNo.ja. Hfcjir---------------- I'.C. Committee on Interior Waters. The Com V on Waten will meet at. roxpn un P. is oVloek unttlothc. ordered. J. L SMITH. t Committee on Mercantile Affairs and mronee. The Committee on ntm and Inrar anrewiU meet on at o'clock, hi room f o. 20. J B. S. A. HOLPBOOK, Chapmen. Comm-'itft on Reform, TieC, _IU-t-iTh4.i day of eacb week at 1 1-1 o'clock in Comm'-te; Room No. s, nntfl aln ordered. ALMUAC J ASOM K. Chil--en. Committee on Division of Towns. The on of Towot will cti m tbe Hall of tbe House of OB .eekati o'clock JOHM MAT, JL.B.KINO, Committee. Tbe Jtuliritry will No. 5, on Wednesday and Thursday aReraoon of each week at S 14 P. M nntUftrtber notice. J. Coinmittee on Cotut and Frontier on and TroBtter O.VATFOBD, ROBIX805. on Division of Countin. The on Di.laioa of Com will at tee room No, IT, U-H) ordered. P. HOWIW, I C. H. HASKELL, I Committee on Hospital. Tbe Committee on Insane Hospital will meet in Committee JKHlaiy Affairs. The Commltte on Military will in room nader tte Adjount OeneraFi Wednm- <Uv of eaeh P II. ENOCH K-VJUHT, Committee on The Committee on will uect OB Tharoda) each week, at room No. 18. at iff o'clock. j. J. P. WY.LVN, Committee on Agriculture. The OB AinieQifre Wfll i at 1 oVJoekPl H. O. K. CWA8K, I r'u-i Committee on Indian AJfairt, on win tat roan.. So 19, on FrMay at P. K. until JOSEPH Committee on Change of S- twill !JOB Mcodar of earh week at t o'clock P. M. until far- ther notice at Booul Xo 1, In the Rome. DAVID o-i. WATCH MUER A JEWELER, HAS BCXOTED TO Ho, CXDEBCO.VT HOUSE, be wlfi a work of Vert and Seek Spoobi, Forks, kept in a t3i Ha.' with B. M. M. <v Wikuf.l m ,_ k a kEkCONAL! RIB IV a. wawal n tmf lil i-f, V 'V. j i f.o. Ot.lCl W tf It t. E. He object the _. with open ..cilce Y crowding and k best done with ibd finvMi pocket knife, each year oV.lV places, portion of to ensure an foil i y.AO _ 1 r start, then u aVttiea by ft _ to cold wilt1- _ atelyaflw. by cli MT Itv Auencvs dlufitta; At d OT bonw UJMB tte side, go as to hoe fn prevent swh Hating nc S.OWD upon Ute tytH tbey are to oft. or careftUly order ia to kaep Ae jell t In to do tK4 we l pW ground each a. too, cldC proxtmity JO tiw iAltf, ing np carefahY4lM bolder or to. woiilng in- lizer abuut the bles are a K.o.i, _ al amount of i' V fa ic are- two li annpally. Nerer .jt chard while t ate grain By a j rnand, a at of tbe of the work in tory rewards Cor u tV I ing. Neglect wfll pauelv la pomrment wHl B s not only in tVl in dollars <od the tu millions of b-tefe of _ti. 1 now ptodoecs only of a. Our this king of teem with an present. WlH X sil On and leave 1145 HUS F.K.tlhr FoftiMul, A. 4.00 A. M.. ani faat and 8koehJt-'V iMf. M.; Gardiner, 5.4 V U-j? A. JUA. i nws.45A. If. The 11.44 A, t Baa S. V t .i K 1 .4. I J r KERREKCSIVIMf UIL which havef lan rf J. L. Initial Stationeiy. F i Ttx. ROM taYwty

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