Tuesday, January 18, 1870

Daily Kennebec Journal

Location: Augusta, Maine

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Kennebec Journal on Tuesday, January 18, 1870

Daily Kennebec Journal (Newspaper) - January 18, 1870, Kennebec, Maine MOB.VI.VG .SUNDAYS KCEPTED BY SPIUGCE, OTV'IV yA3H TIRMS SEV1LV DOM COPIES, FOCB VOT, I. AUGUSTA, ME., TUESDAY MORNING, JANUARY 18, 1870. NO. 15. I0ttrnal. os Water, Fwt of OiHut GOLD! toTEiiicir er IAUI, UTI. Jfoiuiuil. It Itued cvcrj nwrniag, except Sondajrs, the av., by tad tit t ta fn.'i reporu of of ecoinis. and imral UK! depart- tTpcruw fcstf pajiutat 1> ooc "Vic wiUiia the 4 to txs hid at ttte at ihU one inrh (a tfenc fa- or 1 1 OB; GOLD! A Ruined ifid BUTA.MC COUGH BALSAM! IS MORE VALUABLE GOLD. of the IT! IT IT WORST IT 5oi Uioelltd bj ra tke Bute. Jo XT r T of Lsac c.' tr aau lax--' t' ilr> Vcrfuro if tijtj ef of WJJ.P -XJT a. hvwrn 4 (Ai or TEXT BOOKS. 10, I8TO. b, termj to tbe PubUhet If UK folio fj Ut ibe t arttclM, agrtonltnral Journal, cU, Df A SHORT at 36 Cents, t. Ciafe. Plain, and HaT.n5 TuH Bcuoru of KM earrfailr Kit tared PoH-eJArti'-lM, Facu aad fX- New i Tales Poetry, Ajncattnral aad other hKANK veek; 85 liuertloa. per fur WHOLESAIE AKD EETAIL AGEKT FOR a HE rXlitD STATES AXD no more whenF-yuu The Weekly Kennebec Journal, of.t.ajpe. UteajMtbwir-. OOT 1 and Dickey or Fort avrot-of UK HOOK Ri ___ 1 1 Ftah. Da cot beajy exceeded or that of any other aad bybatttw mother or IT win, l T tftiBy Funared Stall -r and fau Bcpwrts of i the of the V- per flm vtck. per line for tat injertioo 10 per Ime for Uon. All i. to be ptKI tor IB a i c. i. a 79 S, O. Oyster. Fruit and SALOONl Off- Gardmer thonld ITyon want a good AoaU IrttoV W, T, Gardiner, Jaa. C CUGIINOC IT? 1870. JANUARY. EXTRA TO We have this Day RK W K-0 U SO AS 10 KtuUCE i to the. import oftbr on_to mat- I in E.clunond. "The Xabona] If of Birhmona, with a flmil-r of children' of Auburn, of Oannett of pwnnjarr to remore to GardiDer, m, y nnder necessity procnrujg ae' Steers toiler uf Hamphrcj- urBaagoKf cluldren may atUnil school, tf> a shortjimeJiejhrokT of V% elLs, the I >m CWtf Jtttt Jocu Cutacj J o CtarVaTT W-H.TH Fcrtl.nl j p. Bafltm cf chang- French of Fr-initiin and Mtoot of Keanebee of the tls reaiden'-.j to Fattningdale, he will be 187O. On the for Ove. coals fop Ovei coats (warrantea all wool) IVices s 7.00 s.oo STOCK OF PANTS AND VtSlS, 10.00 T.B.JALMRD, GueiU to and Boats CUB r AfUst, CtTp of ti. ,4. A I V CENTS' AJvD Ol erery dcjcriptioa we ofler for the l liliiTT DATS GOODS! MANSION HOUSE, STATE s ME. h at an pobtte to raH and at ME. tC M. W. I. OX ft, scccsssof TO L. jr. Bcvo.uofthe Marcet5 ai fiome and wen se- lected Tales. Poetry. Affncoltnral and other later- Family, 2roiQ Abroad and original Articles opon subjects of GenH I It has tttn enlarged ftviii i tnty.FJfht ThU ty-Slx Cain -n. .-in IT, j m and is printed on an New Suit of Tyjie, u one of the Hnndsomest and Host Readable, as wen u one of the PAPKKS nr PEIOB, published Tbe pnee of has not been increased on account o' I5SA5B M. U i a L. Pmbreie. Jeim T G ITI, SL D_ SL a. ladtrij, Tb-" "L raraos wamn W. R narf cf tin- atlrantajres of the eomnion ui V a I thetf to aad Ad-'ns of Biddeford, of the l (as they often they ,are Ot exPensc procuring the 'Iv CTit-tvi.JlL. iT Ike North IVrwitk, Moalton of Porter. Boothbay of 'n are nor in Use here. The tOt- 'icljtwl are not isolated cases, of Cumberland, and Mayo of tiie but are of every ijay almost enormous amount i Bofiis Priaee. STATE REFORM SCHOOL. Hoc- E. W, __ W E. Gooil, Hon. Jnuiiy W PJtu, Sonif. Lord. or i- to jura. Hon. S Jlan. Wlllfim p YFta-ate, tf-rar. Ban. Lyndoa Oak, Garianl. Ber Saanxl F. Oj-iw, J HOT Stttjoo, Samuel HOT. Win. P Wtofite, 8. erfio ly from who can ill afford the_ ijessrs. Taltwt of Wafhing expunsc nor is it the public alone suffer, fiajnilton of Orono, aad simner of st. of demand tliat woald be unnecessarr 5iWe L.inSTllad 3 of books throughout Il nu t and In- boa. Tuucs ur AUnftu- curk of "Jo -HoWen of T iim-nct "Cotton of Troy and On of Hancock. Met-1 calf of jUncoln, and Carleton of hnox. of the Senate; Meals of Calvin Coifcr, ti oa and Reports of the i of i the Lepsflature frouj day to day, Bcoort" or Im- neannfs before of Discussions ni the Boards of Education and Aricnllmt, will have tht T Sews br Tele- Uie as and will ant so AO W.4U- HlU JUMJ UCT1 and Jhe j 'ion It-' t ia BOARD OF -n beau Tfac ft Jrtwit. S IL a JermM Ornia. -j ti- Wttanrtt. v VroVn at Sews.- LerfU raoji Ojm.tk Oxford Cwutj, Poi! t Su i. hx-e oft ___ __ I the Me--rs <f do away with) greatly to their pecuni- Banso- We-ton of Poland. KimbalT of Beihcl arr Thompson of Hallowell. or Farsonjslteld, and j i would earnestly call the attention of On Jxruioa a-, fonmUy brought before the present Xeeisb- pies, and Vaiins of of the lloa-e On nf Holland-of i 'tire tliat tlie mcaynre may be fully -oisctl'sed, Camllof <n -r 1.1V11 wv UtrlJUVi; cmiuOI 1A11 In PIipCI 1M STAX. Bartlett of Newcbmb of Erewert and of il. IB Uti JatljMi of Penob- ra the jate. Bradford of ta.-tport Braivn of Oldtovn, Brown of Uoald ot Albany ilcLain -of Xew Ineyard, of Deer tfc, I and --jrsint cf Hermes, 01 the On Lunmt Hollfe of AVaih Carle- a man THOI'GHTS OF WISH "We Tut not f penk aa know that were foljv bwvrhat of be whit he'tfrinks, oth- h is All a man can get Hnl-njnor DufieW, bv Ivinp inu flissenjblinir that he when te ,h. of Tort of the jrf J. Tt-j The Disenstions m the Board of Education R. N tuva. Franklin vew and Additional InuKirtance to the DJJI.T 41.- M rith the abon n-w- i, eta hf hid u L W Jt THAIDL. Hair M, SWAN, j fTaMtniaker mirt per tSA for the Session. I Dmcfcl H cf selres m (Ceiinir f to the abore pnbliea- j yvrrui le and_ their Tcturh U Daaaap, Ctek ef racjt' rnbtcnbTfor Joitcia. H. CLatm. I I to n and a done ourselves. The toiand, aad McDoogai of puLiisnmeat of an injUiv is the tSfzasam JTaptfi; Grar ofKeaaebec CODSCIOHfncss of having done and BO Webb -or and tubbi of Cambcriand, of im9n more thaa ho is turned PortSndf V to A Jones of Sui of Jortlau njun OQ of another man's sorrow sb-ill be_free_from: it I6 'the cf i-te, sconifUL tee of another. one tiae or another tall into it i tji r.xpier, vi ox n uloQ. Uuncas of fft_ ,X r i Mmot of eigt not so tnnch what men "Ut cuA.JuffU.J- ri cornforth FairfitH Bea, u of Tnroer, trnrn is simple aad and needs not rf'iS? iovective to apparel her comeliaew. i hou, fi DLHipc T? i" 11 On Freaeis ofTrsatfca immncal rnat all or and or AQOX. or nient of Action is to begotten brIniowl- -i-T-L- -h. 5trf-vy. wonW be moreobEgine than to amuse people with false vorrts. t WARBA.S Jr IQ- to rtrvoc AW n taM hi of ID T 4 V ef tit Wrt qaaltty for or i aad Aft l DB, A. H nrd tarcamji tsivlr to m the latect Rrle. COLD C REV JT. BAT i i .mi.n <r J C ffsh n; of '-rr gainst at H WtLIV FOSStTCRE BOOMS, than f) raise a confidencB iL JlSTlCE, He IS r A.NO JlSTlCE. He IS an. of of eftt-eta ihat knows what is Tff-ll- ii'4 Haibcr-acir r Jtrx IkL. On Air r i soerBJ to be a of another's. i nno in the i 'Tprfv- LS ardjuents -s Crc-Tn c< ct iTav wKrt .v tivr" a'' ihpir pTeatnevj anii VeptrtarKm to r Fulifr. 'A cf r Folma Sbrw-breaa 'A L.VEGE EJ toe lis, rf Site Wticfcts, or tow of An Jte, Walnat and QV_. SE aO t aad Jt of TITCOMB DORR, arJ CXIVltcnr V tO. She wta tdw enter ndhiTi i Vd aa in- cf GoM Lferei Vart and .-LCTG A SiX f i IT.A tu JLIB OT t, i AT wj; Ksk! u eooiw. C K. H T v Catarrli, Of' _ TiLKrv" Thf -aW to fo.'ui a -t. Mxrt-'s cf r_i-" VD i to hear trtwiii CJXVT} wtu ia ?ha'destrre ,r v- r.' CiriKTr can. atone for the of 8ntJ .TTtbwjt to a-1 aace re when Fat. An Should Know Ow s.k of j- j- ty H ftjf i ti Pbctcgraphs or OL.D n.kcr Will, drew wth atr V way of fcr tbi I I 4 MryT CBf! f v'- .nifACA CAJ.L.XJJAK. Is- 4 I B> to k. JTaf an ft- ;s PIANO TUNING! to ftr ktr

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