Thursday, June 13, 1935

Monroe News Star

Location: Monroe, Louisiana

Page: 10

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Text Content of Page 10 of Monroe News Star on Thursday, June 13, 1935

Monroe News Star (Newspaper) - June 13, 1935, Monroe, Louisiana ni.fôÇÎ3rM'cirëss" '|^gRa¿;ig:ub3.ect „■ ■■'*"11 ^dcDend'enee of Áe pub- V »¿ ____ before the Monroe 'club' at its regular meeting iday noon, on the occasion oi iVs observance of "Railroad ,'ii’consumcr, as a taxpayer and * great service organization, Ihc j^f^co^tribiit^ to ,locaV needs," ?iipeiiker“isaid. “It is a human en-aware of and interested in our Vai’probleflis, an important local r.àndfÜie support .. . ûts,,’an employer of our peo-al.'customer of our industries. Itelydestroyed !', the^ - western ' low of 'their \ráges, thé ràii-)ly^ róní' woidd ' Ètop; rThe put| “';by\ tíie ’ railroads from, l«w#i íes i^uld vanish. And, 'most int of all, you would lose your 1-rgervice, Whüe fee railroadf pwdrat ■ on' you, : you are also ent on the railroads.'* 'entertainment program includ-“ 'il numbera, by the Missouri qúíctétte. Officials of íhe IIU-níráV’Á. & L. M, and, Missouri ;'’lines ’wiere honor guests al ibljliinchéon» ;S. A. ‘Moss had ôf;'the prograi^ Vice-President Siédenhàrn presided in the ab-;\of,’President C. Ç. Cbívert., iw w arid ' a 'Mexicanir ■ , 1 .Threè ; negroes ^ cHarged .with ,selüng',marijuána cig-| aréttes were ■ convicted in the district court here. yestenJay and another negro accused of the same offense en-ered a.-plea of guilty. The defendants who were tried and convicted, were Dave Bradshaw, John ¿acey,'H. O. Brown, negroes, and Maximo . Martinez^ Mexican. Robert Walker, negro, entered a plea of; guilty. The passing of the sentences was^ deferred. The minimum penalty for; the offense is 20 months in the state; penitentiary.    i Attorneys for each of the defendants sought leniency from the court, and attorneys for the four defendants whose cases were tried asked the jury- to recommend suspended sentences. ' '    y '    , ' i The court concluded the narcotic cases with a night trial of the Mexican’s; cáse. in. ‘ the • morning'. session, Teddie Smith; negro, was tried on a charge of larceny of an ox, ahd was found ^ilty.    f THREÈ ROTARY DELEGATES ATTEND BIG CÓMVÉNTIDN ARE ORDERED TO CAMP Five reserve officers of Monroe and |parisli^;ihi^eSp there. The officers are Maj. O. C. Roddy, First Lt, R. J. Goza and First Lt. F. V. Reitzell, of Monroe; Second Li „W.', 'A. Guy, Jr.;' ofSwartz;' and First Lt. Harry W. Page, of Sterling- TORRY-GRANT ^ CtlbUDRANT, ta.; Juné 13.-(Spe-cial)—Prince, Terry and Miss ,Chris-i line Grant,, both of Choudrant, were quietly, mawied Juno 8 at the Pres-i byteíiañ nianse in' Ruston.. Rev. Mc-Fadden performed the ceremony. Mr. and Mrs. Terry will make their home in Choudrant. JUNE 13, 1935 , -By Harold Gray* J^»L-BtRD- ST^NO IN MV WAY , Win:; HE9 REFUSE^ MY OFFER TO BUY HIM OUT, EH? WOMDER IF -HE KWoWS HE'S SIGNED HIS DEATH ; WARRANT^ I’D .HAVE. SHOT • HIM IN HIS OWN OFFICE - BUT HE WAS LUCKY- GOT THE , DROP ON ME- NO TIME FOR SOFT TACTICS- MUSTN'T LET HIM GET SET- HERE- WHERE ARE THOSE-TWO BIRDS I SÊNT FOR^i SEND ’EM HERE- USTEN- TOMORROW WARBUCKSs IS GRAFTING AN INTERVIEW TO p . THE .PRESS- THERE’LL BE A HUNDRED OR SO REPORTERS-YOU BE REPORTERS. SEE? GET IN- GR/^B OLD EON AND BRING HIM HERE, AUVE- > that’s a    OLD - dodge- QETTIM' I CON IN FRONT; IN PAST TH*    NOBODY'DI GUARDS WITH. B    SHOOT ' THE REPORTERS WE'LL GET TO EON BEFORE ANY OF ’EM for fear O’ COOUN’ HIM-IT’S POIFECT-WE CAN’T THE GUMPS The Twilight Of A Great Man •Mr. and Mrs, J. S. Washburn left last night for Mexico City where Mr. Washburn will act as one of the three official delegates of the Monroe Rotary ■ club at the organization’s international convention which opens Monday. . ,,,The other two delegates are Sig Masur and Harvey Trousdale, both of whom, with their wives, have already gone to the convention city. vH ^    ' 1" '• A dog owned by Mrs. Paul Jordan of Chattarjooga, Tenn., nursed four motherless kittens along with her own five puppies. ‘ . ^His Curious World Ferguson Die IN FULU VIGOR., WHEtt »EÄ VsOR-K. IS DONE. A TREATISE PUBUSHED ' IN UDNOON, IN 1703, STATED THE BELIEF THAT BieDS MIGRATED TO THE /HOOV, AND THAT THE JOURNEY TOOK. TVyO N\ONTHS TO OOAAPLETE/ DURJNG TWis TIME, THE MOON WOULD AAAKE TWO TRJPS ABOUT THE EARn>t.AND BE BACK AT THE SAME PLACE TO RECEIVE THE BIRD VISITORS... SO THE AUTHOR REASONED 01»3» ar HtA SERVICE. INC SI/VSOM ttOUVAR. UCAiJM jnm W<TH¿R OP Ff\^E countries / ... lyi^^ELA, ECUADOR, PERU, BOLTVIA AND COuOMBuk CROSS-WORD PUZZLE ACROSS Doubla -ti Purpose« •I. L«b«J It. Mythical • raoMter if, iUlr ’ 14. Froua waUr . li. Recoiled In-•Unetlvelj 17. Kind of apple l>lf. ArUficlal lancuaK* jtsisr- Apueao coin WSlikwirm^" Imacafl ¿7 A*» a“' a    ^ t ft Solution of Yeiter<ta)r« PurIo mmm    kiiiq mmmm EiEiBE--^i3a IliSSraiiSSSlll^ 011îl0ia , 0BSE1B BBSE1Í21 mmmm "mmm : iiiis^^iaaaESH S^EäSIlQ mmmm^^ EmQaEll'BDHilB aan-'. BaraaiSEiHiKa laas fflaBSi; mmmm □SSI aaaa iS. BxAfferaud comedy 8. expr««aoR of r«puffiMu»c« I. ft««eh a des« i. TbÄ. “à?,*. _-fMíUy U Xiquoni 1. OoSSr'^^ r .    - S. ^ulrt t^hV . „ior pMUy t. Bontman'a .;,fO»|; II*- fe., r i m 32 33 i^‘ * Ti ' Wm 36 42 ’.i ''. ‘ ^ ^ i 1 ” * -:r ’ " ‘ K r • 1 W 9 i ; A3 i n . d /6 ;?4 {qh- ixïctor- THE bOCTORS HAWE6WEM UP ALL HOPE POR BIA^-HI9 REUCnvfES MAME BEEN . SUMf^EDTO THE BEDSIDE-ANOVJITHTHE LA.^T0ü'KtCE0l' Hl» S.TRB46ftM-MAXIH& F*KtKLCMAKt6ES IN HIS VJILL- MOON MULLINS THERE KlOTWiHi* S’ou CAN DO TA SA.VB -By Sidney Smith I have a A\05T IMPORTANT /AATTER.'royAKE UP VJITH Hl>A- Julius Goes Up In The World -By Wiilarc I,    Thin paper 10. Pteyln« card II.    Become 16. Not any IS. Series of ten* . nis came» 10. Ajnytmng especially prominent oi „,«njPort*nt 21. Walks In wate« 32.    Toward the left side of a vessel SS. EfRgy used to fncbten cer> 25. Congealed 3«. Proof« 29. Eye: Scotch 33.    Slse of shot 34.    Not deep 37. Disprove 40. Sntlce <3. Stuff with a soft SUl)' stance 46.    Remainder 47.    Kind of red dy« 43. Meadow 49. Rowing im* M. n. But iDiiui split peas 62. Addition to a SS. Three-toed sloth BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Heck Isn’t Worried -By Marti IIHM ...... I Stt \T‘ii ?t;i^CTLV eVUNt»    "TRV T'T^VX TO VUH TH OVM'VaINTT^O COCViOO T'6\Vit A moOP V^W'tTV\ER TH' €>TOR^ ^OSJDÍj 09 OÇi tsiOT I TV\ Va3<\V *^V\\ts56e Aœ (áOlKi , go\k:í'-mo6\ AWTH\M6 \€> NT A\.V    TO APT TW99ESÌ ■V Plumb Disgusted 60Ê)H AV^^OV. HA<b    TO    V^V\\V^ A.V^V v^fKCx\t(\\^^ ao\T ONi OÍP \ OOKiNiO-'^OT.W    WVÎ>T P\C«. 09 9^^1Ty eOOK^ .VaO^U- OV\ .OOVytCHN 6T^K>0 Wt. MO'bT O«.. L^T-5, 60 TO A MOVj\E f /O // /4 - 5T 5T ■ 3f NI f/ Ä * ■ TARZAN AND THE CITY OF GOLD --By Edgar Rice Burrougl “Namo ot Toosî" cried a keeper; “it is the lion —dead, *tabbe4!” “Tba Galla #lava carried no wecpon/* Mid Pindes thowghtiully, **But the •trangçr dW/* a k#*P«r «mUìded him. /‘Whoever kiltod the Ihm rouft hsv* foujthi It hand to hand/ vefleci«4 Fia4« lOoiff "Then be must he lyiny dead or wounded nearby, master" "Search for him,*' directed Pindes. While they hunted for the stranger, whom they beUeved w#s purely dead, Xerstle was diawing near with Gemnon. Ths Jatter trusted wither tm mw. He commenced to suspect, loo, that ho and Tar-zsn had been deliberately separated for sinister purposes, He was wallcinR a little b?hind Xerstle and t.he keepers at »he time; he felt a hand upon hi« shoulder and wheeled about; there fit<»od Tar-fmUing. Xerstle turned at the sound of Gemijon> voic asking, "Where did you drop fromV' and. cha grine-j, S3IW that Tarzan was alive nnd unhurl. Th pjot had failed! He dreaded to think what Ero hi^ fuperior, would do to hijn, and already hi fejrtito brain wa* »ecking aooUiir sch«m«. ■firn í- - ; ->r ,~V