Wednesday, April 7, 1869

Neosho Valley Register

Location: Iola, Kansas

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Text Content of Page 1 of Neosho Valley Register on Wednesday, April 7, 1869

Neosho Valley Register (Newspaper) - April 7, 1869, Iola, Kansas 'vv.A. Jkf.tEX CO TBB1I8 OV SUBaCBIPTIONt $2 00 tiwopttoD RATES OF ADVKBTIStXO. CMJf or t�B Ubc*, or Urn, mMon typ*, ont *nr, 910.00 { its awDtki f7.00; Urec tnoDtlu i�.M; M* twwtiM $l.M BBd nVKqacnt ia-Mrti4>u 7S emti Mch. Ont Mf oriama, oat rtar, $60: fix moatlw,  M;thn�aioatlu, $3i. Oatqaarttr coIbom, ont rtar, t3>; liz �Mith>.$M; �hrt�aoBU<,$lS. Ii�eal DotioM, l� cm/ft mjiaM^ J^TntuiM arM�^r2 bt wi^r hi*.>Ml)K lit,-Aad bU tU^AUliLfiaB aait ^fifMif. y Rtij^.-'k^lW.^ Ian at th^ __________________^-_li�niW U�ii�-: hi�ld kim from wrtkl? Oat of til* Wart ^Jatiaia would Wart .  All thlajjt iCMarii biiB,';r*tjd not nr*, Whi that o'waaMPi*|-iakttapt��l�btpall)2mc t^cM-bl�Ttk't)arti(>ITT.'^ Wilt w^teh tlkvai�irfMsa|^e^ia'f dttpbUekl Ao^ *^fr�M baiy ow dtad eat ^f. Mckt I OpbifalUod! wkotob�M�;M4J^tam,-- V T�af;)r.dpf(-wAk�}tMinw>if^hf'�oiak, IseqsDd 62 ho boz blatiksi .'-At this pint.iiis Totioe -tfiiSfBfiM and ote eyes waz snnased. � But no! tJiril^�|)�raI8e�V.8f'^^ acts uv a nnconstooflbnci Obn^itfaS? ttiveto? " No-pockiwh.tiYcra ahsers thfl j)Urpose." , ,,1!!,',' ,  i'] In'. . "1(5 jhei-o'aAjflpd^; jor^nT' ' jNo Olio-but stay.' Kf*iU>pt { tbink uv. itj.inrH ^okliHvviqiUrs;^ one WbMky speentivt^ri'k ��nf!ed�(l? officer or iwp. ^nd .^ri^s tSiv tfcjS ausassination: pu^ty/s^UrjjIPiJI^ar^ in iJasleels or,|p ax\\tt,". "I must finLtbtuy.-ndrlc'mand i^Q a4<d.{att.a^ and'remarkiatix ijujjib^mmt^ Loi Mfi^r.tMi th#V^�;(BaDdall) W aigood timeJeiitire�Mit�v wat eatkoosiMmM uv it attjiftJMr, iW K-tworiocHAch | hiaqifested." Cood eanyttiiiig 1^ He wrote with. a. fir nv hkih'dJ':i' , ; - . '- , ., ^, isi)2d e* ho bor blankTirinlod. ^''A'^f^f^l'fi'. lofl^pro^wl-ence, ibarfi, aiim^oaiiff li^e .Qoi^rime lOLAWB,l�.m�JUgF. A A. Jf ./.{Nil 1 mnt on the SntanUya precediDS the {nil MMon of rach month and ertiy two w^fkii tliVre-�ll�r. Ihtthren in Jfood fUmlinjinre iuvited to *tt�nd. C. OILLruAN, W. M. A. U. JoxKM, SecrtUor. tadrlirw aad Bklfbt/ ^o tar/i- lOKIK TU:I BOOL I.H IW LITWO CBAT� J 101,A L.fclt:f No. II, I. 0. 0. F., bold tbeir K^oliir �i�rtinj� �r�ry Toei"i�y iii^bt. BriitMen in Cood rUodin:; iuritnl to attmid. W. 0. ailU.VSUEB, N. U. j . A. Stbykm, It. S,__ e. r. I �i'�. rprtl&SAJJKWBtRy, ATrORNEYS AT LAW. BS vl. B3TATK at COU^SCTIOIT Aa*TS S|McUl uttMilioo iivfn to ciinvryaiieinj;. titlw �ndr.-u'o:-b U, K.. JOHN IIASRIS, Of&re-up ttair, court h in-*t.-iiirly on band. Taxe? pmiil lor nun ir.^i.i.-ni... lin-iii"" rsitru.-'t*! to him will Ue |iruniptly art4n<ir-I in. IIKJ- ICK in Court jlnoin, lohi, Kan.'U. ATTORI^EYS AT Law. [FitMlht lloledo Blade.] NASBY. The I.a�t Cabinet Mtuitlnf-TUe Knd : at Ilia jrabnaon Bel^'aa'daacrfb' c ostiDaster. rRz I wuz in at (he birth of the Johnson party, so it wuz my painful duty to bo in at tho death, wuz present at the first and tho last OT its ?abillet moctings. The first wuz a cggsileratin scene-the last the most nioiirnfui I ever wit-nidi. .Vt tho tirsi \rc startid put with hiyb hop.os-frosh; in our otfi-sis, with a Treasury to draw on with socnied to us to has-o no bol-ton|, and with sich mcii cz' Hay: moiid,, Weed, ct al., to give us character-and tho voices uv the thousands'nvpririots wich wantid oftisis bidding us God-speed-at last there waz left only those who hed becpinq so li.xod that the}" cood-n't get away-.ill uv em conshus llanar M. BcnLcicn, t'. S. Cora. I)i En HorKisa, I;�ir*�rir>.rtli Cit/. C02rV�VANC�&3, AC Inla. Allen county. Kan^w (uffic* io Drt Jl�rl'� buiWlus and L�ve.iw eoii1e of ln1-i nnd virinity. fer all-ibe'yartoas'^tniMi^miM'kiri be guilty uv.. ' " Now th�n, my duttcS is acdohi* plishod ', a��d 1 chccrfly rosrgn the power wich X wpod'liijy l^jd dowp long ago hilt forjthor fake nv KtiufF. JEOSIIO VALLEY UOTJiL, lelj, Kall.s:i>, .S. T. tyjAJXS, ATTORNEY :AT LAW AKS OOtms BLOBS. Uaml�ldt, Kan�a.�. Will pructic* in all of tbacuurtouf.the State, nllrcti'iaii made, ti-llea euuihml and taxes paid for non-re$ident>. f ^ lilLullAJSi, ^PHYSICIAN T*nd.r�hi<Mataii�o the cMuntre ?|_ Ol FICii it,Vi�: |�a4taca on Waihineton ar nut, loU,.Kan^u, & S'iRGECN aOlTlcesfbaltiarti i ^Y.M. SEWTO.V. Manufacturer of and Dealer in H A RNES-5,'BBti)LES.' Sa1)DLKS .^S:"a,'&C.,&C. Re�|� tTtrr. <biu; in bis line neede , out door -tonth of Mar�l|^V�qr�tablt. J0L4 - . - KAH/. SHP^IDAIiJipTEL HO^p'^'fOUTS, Prop'rs mmmma HAB^L & JOBrNSOir, -Propr's lottoWdcarriasei'to be. bad aUf itM�.~- nafatraaac* of thr fariiQ ClHEPfAGifflAIQFI! JOHX W� XoQKB wcmM rwMctiriiilr infonn th� an^ woit. ^a alto dOM aU kinda of OB reaibi Thank �trict all hatha , Ajentt, Et.iaL-iin' ^ble'ternu and itio!>t nofiee? -' �^^*S^��lDaaltnln , yltAOT, promptly to ort�?! old room, in wfch I liov seen more wcf^pin than over fell to the lot nv one man. (The administration uv A. Johnson will bo known in histrj- ez the moist administration ) It wuz in this room that we desided to veto the Frcodinan's 13uro and Civil Hitos Bills, and all the other acts uv the 39th and 40th Congresses-it wuz in this room ibat we received the news ut the oieoshcns uv 1866, '67 and 68 ; it wuz in this room that the Philadelphia ConTonshcn wnz deter Tiinod upon, and the tcchin march nv Conch and Orr, arm in arm up the aisle wuz arranged, the President writin at the same time his liitle spooch in which he menshund the ftct that cz ho read the acconnt thok-0QV he coodn't restranc his em6ihun; bat busiid into a flood uv locrs; it waz in this room that thospontaueouB triboots of rospock toward His Bggslency at various tiinies and plazos wuz arranged, and the details thorav fixed up; in short, it w;^4n. this room that all the acts wTiicb gild the mcmry av/th*'iFato 'atTminittrashen wuz decided  upon and ovonchooally wept over. Bz I entered it-for the last time ^rojbably-I bust into teors on tho thi^fahold and jioed the other weepers who hed bin distillin^bri. ny fereflf f^^ sqqie hoitnV � ^deed 80 long bailitey been weepiu that pne^ friend nv the Presidont, who had* a Kentacky ooantenance, ^oWled ptteoBfLy forsoiav Uaoid tfoi replace that wich he hed lost. Jk.b^lUe waz handed him and he wep^' no more. I tried ifc to 8trofigt�ei� t�l"aigiK tfiB-irslstb thaV Ikntofped must ensbo. Ingrilitnde is njiSt-my failure. Till A. Johnaon gijtajback to Tennessee, my eyes ^lWd�y.5^_:~-^i^ Tie Presideh't ^iro^ferfirt^ calm and fjompowjj-ir -. zzo:izj. " Wc)[), r eant- UUine y^ti, yod #re I boat to i>e dppnved of tnel '| bt*T #9nffWKHUi4uie entire oirc(9 my native laiul but-. Admit our friends." Mayor Muiiro^uv. 2^0 . Or.leons, Jlrs. Gobb, a scprq or more Con-fcdrit oflSoors aAid'a flaoll of ttnfur-chonit men who bed boon accoodod uv tamperin with an nnconsioosB-nel currency, and a hundred, jnoie or less, uv Fcdrul offif holdord liieil in and shook the Presidem corjoily by the hand,'drop{i!n a silont tho clokent teer oz they pu.ssed. Ther wuz, in addishaii to these (CYcrai hundred jioor wrpcheawho bed bin la3-in about Wathrnton for iuonths'Wailin fer posiahens, but who hedn't got em. Tf.oy hed no nione^- to git homo'with, and tliev insisted that tho President and abood furpish cm meaiid. One nv cm demanded uv Bnndall 500, but that great man finally got rid uv him l>y loaiiin him a cloan shin and a box uv paper collars. Tlio map vruz duprcst .(hcugh still hopeful. " Ihi.s," scd ho, wa-vin the shirt-ill air, "this ia alll hcv tp start crrf^a^tir^'hori I c'hi-barkt into Joh'nsonisin my friends fell Oif. In remorse, 1 took to lik-kor and step by step wont down till 1 became tlio loathsome objiel 300 behold. Uut I shel now re-farm and try to bo 8omebod3-. ti ihii shirt 1 ma3' in-sj.lie confidence and find a hcilpin hand. But don't none hv 3*oo spcek to mo on the street.". Ez I saw him tho next cvnin in a state uv hilaril3' hangin lo a lamp post vepcclin por.sbens uv the late President's farewell address to passers bj- without anj- dccn shiit on, I judged remorse bed overcum him agin and that the cleon shirt hed been pawned. Poor fellow. Then ciim the most saldost scene uv all. The President bed to bid adoo to bis Cabinet. "M}' tried and trustid friends,'' he commenced,whehKatidalt broke in with the.feelin remark that he'd better say"tnlslid friends" without iho" tried." " My liege, your ' tried friends ' wnz in that gang Uv counterfeiters wich jist left j'our presence. They wuz not only tried bdt convicted.'' Sekrotarj- Seward wuz vizably aSectod. That afternoon he had heerd uv an iland for sale, the principal �olcah(/on wich hod mostly stopped critsKen, and' ho wept lo tbink ho bodd'i tiino to cpmploto nogociaehcns for it, Jt wot offet-ed for $20,000,000, and ho considered that a vathre bagaielio: frokrotary \VoHe8 wuz the only chserfat one. in the party.. He bed no idea that -he ;Wi^ to fttop beijn Sekrotary uv the Navy-lie'expeptJj ed to go along es tho Mt}thiri, tivd happened. ^ Reward and'jtandair hed been tryin for an hoajr tomakp him cojaapreheod tie idlQ^heii:- that there waz to be'iaelmagi but to noporp�8e^ iBoJj&odb't^t rit tbroo iiira. I andetu^^ li> Jm-. press it"outo|,his mtel^cd^j^nVpy efforts .wb^'i^^i^'. Jptng^. to- hfis bazzum a-.modd kv �iErie oanal bbat wtdh d^e'bed det^rm'iflea'tb to^ .7, iseo. '#bdf�tt#'^fic! di^n�J .VbQlijiiijists mdMti.oM*\r " 1 coodcdt roji^j^^iB^ iiw, ^ '.Traw*�*^�'a atwrtii with A. J., ajdiu that. hia didn't , apccaUted agima dMtl on inatrimony. I havo seett ^6an^ and bcaotifttl womeo, the pride of gay bear faiqiany iltwiH^ "i*rti" a'irootned man," contin-yiooc|.|l^nda!l, '!bi^V,j?"� ezmuch to blame ex.:}Hyo are;; .1 sbol)go^ into iiislry ebasIM with jroo-fay bloom-in bcgrswhen tiioy arrivij at man's circles, married,, aa the wqrld Bay�,.1 well. Some have moved' into theif costly houses, aud their fneads have alt como| and looked at thnp for estat6' will >P|?Iy to tho Jbegislach. | niture and their splendid hpp* for crs uv thcjrfoetpectivo SuUtCs to hey happiness and have gbof fwajaod thoir nawoiiifuhatigod to-acithin oIko- committed tho�k to. Uieiv amriy i'ia yovirj? jiml -cati'i, dWla afcwihotdM^eboerfalljoind �;ilM>ifVMt. >bati (^f^i.'t blame yoo. l:WCQt!i�to carried a>vay .wiiif ,Himi|af feetia^ it;takiDtbodhanoea andistand the I love.{o^gipt ^'M'^^i':?.*^ 1^ hazard uv a die.' 1 nhcl servo the ijprhQr and-wfttck theMda:ia; her aniblshu.* youth of t lit? country cz{ white attire,-aBd with'her aiitiliog Jill Aivful Eggsample." But little remained to be dof.e ft^co and softeyos meeting,me'in tho prtde of her life, weave a wak blcodifl couotry. i wood bev: s-avcdt-Kahduli and John. , khowiptbat pihty wise luxuriant spfv atf.the twUTght falls and build gaj- hqpos; and. mormar ia low tones the npt n^^w forbidden he'd he;; to bo carried out. Hv tho|' depariineint main-fbre^. Tbe3- ' apjiint^ acoinnKlii-eiiv'eonnecti. tenderness, and hiow thrillrng the ^t men ;(o i;ocp him busyiinafi or'allowed kiss and beaatlful endear-hi.s sHccossor wiiz iB.slallcd, a,nd | wedded lifo will make shokin Imnds all.around each shod-jo'fo" parting their joy, and how din a nianly tecr, tho la�; Cabinet |g��dly thoywill come back from meotin nv.\. Johnson's ndminis-Uh* crowded and empty mirth, of ;tra..hcn passod into hislry. j 1*"� m to each other a quiet com ,Uv I ho inangurashen uv Grant jP*"3' thOiUTtxtday, l" bsv not the- hoartj I picture to ir.ysolf that young to \i'rifc. Siftico it to say that'tii!.'. Cfoa'ure, who blasbes cvon now at gcrs pdrticipalid in it. Kigl;crs,his bositaUng caress,.listening ea-',\vuz on the sidewalk.s, not ez in old-|gcrIy for bis footsteps aa tbeiiigbt pn times, nteck and humble, but^inUte^^s O". wishing bo would Come, no onlor.s at last, with and when an affection as undj-ingits hia pulse nestling upon kis bodom. I can feel the tido that goes flowi ng C'lairs waitin to dce tho procession pa.18. ainoosin therselvcs the while and reedin' ncOiejiaper.i. Ilookiii Pogram, who wuz withj mccalled my adenshun to thi.i.ask-l through the heart, and gaze with in- if it wu/. possible for a Kontuck- j "Pon tho giaceful form a^ she ian vvhosc eyes beheld sich a shein^pvea about the kind office* <rf af- ' �� " all nnqniet him even forget sbuddiTod visably cz a nigger in a, I'lmVfiTTffi ^Sng an^ uhsBiiT- to bev any further f�iih in republij Section, soothing all kin instilusbcns ? Tha old i^aint cares, and making hln dress Coat, plug hat and shiiicy boot.5 passed ns, nearly knockin us into the gutter in his haste, his owed beau 13-. I go forward for years, and see her luxuriant hair pot soberly away wife onto�hirt arm, dressed ia thej^'"*"" ^''^ brovi, and her girlish gra hcighth uv iushiin, with a panycr.:Ce3 resigned into dignity and lore fie .-imiled Icililv in a hew ildercd''"*'^*''' chastened %vilh the gentle wav, but sod Tho site tiv'"'''^'*" honor and untroubled islr.r'hcn hov not desided wat ipiyoar.-^, and are remembered when do. to a claim agency in x\oo York. , ^,^^^^^ Wo are informed 113* a prominent BroA-ning will probably go in-1 tl�ey die.-Tfas/uyn Irvinq. model into a roventtjj' d&Stft",' lie kept on 8am-"a,FJ�fii?rFX:�K99^ go^putj waa aqdof >.iBOo!n,aBd tiifln'joboaoa.vTken aiot no more differeooa J-. l>�twoea Lineolh ana Joltnso^^;(fira^ 't^sre is;l>etWe^n^ Itgree Tfith;j4pcftln aodirilJb) Jobn-i ^0'Q|,|kD4!t.ah�l:-a^�ea:MUtb Grant) doabtlakii. abob^'I diffef'Wiih Grant*?"- Randall rcnrarkt That ef Sammy Cox an4 Jack Hogers cood sucsud in Noo York, bo thot bo cood. Mrs. Cobb will go to Noo York, and prolxiWy the pardon brokers, Icb-bjisls, and sich like will do A dozen or two Faro banks packed "up tonite, and others will spocdih- follow era. In konsekens law3-cr of thw ci 13-that while sojourning in Amboy Innb night he passed a pleasant hour in company with a formor rebel officer, who was attached toStonewallJackeon's division of the Confederate army during the war, and who related an interesting reminiscence of the uv this breakin up in tho Adminis J death of General Kearney, of which Intshen and its supporiors, the 2>o-Iceoft force uv Washington has already bin lesseod. 1 sfael luxsompany the late President to Teunesfoe and take 013-leovo av him then. Ho will want sad event he was an eye witneie : "The gallant Kearney," be said, " received his death wound from a private under my oommand, and when he fell from bis horse I hastened, with many others, to tho somo fathful frloudf to console him j point whero he la3-, apt sup^posing oh that dreary passaro, and who so that bis wound was a mortal One. fit for the offis ez the undersined ? Just as we reached hia body, bow lebcl see him entoomed in Green- over, his limbs gavo one cdnv^leive ville, and then sadly turn my steps quiver, and then all was oyer. See-to Kentuck3' to awate the ishoo av in^.that be was a Major Geooral, cvenco, 1 ahel av coors be turned word was sent to:beadqaarters to opt uv oflSs, and wat 1 will follow I know not. A. J ntay cortolond to stump Tennessee for tho goyorn-fershipj ez Brownlo^ hex the paral-jslsi if so .1 shel go to his rcaooo. I can't now go to Noo Tork, for l^a^ city win be overrun'. "With Browbing, Randall, and the thons* aadi who JO out: ay :of!is witb em^ th that^ty^ wat cbaace wood ther be. for me. ^ttkUCSEtiU-'Y. lifASBT, P. M. (Wich is Postiaaster.) P.' S.^The press wieh is tinow sobsidizJsd is �ni madvbrtin apcm ex-jfresident !]fohnsonrfor not af^ieer in)at the inaugurashea. His �gg-afant^profetred to avoid tho dismay. "Let Grant atart faii^,- ho �i>k|^ sipa, � 1 vrillnot mortify him d bwrato j^7;tir^i>Q>ota av re�po�^t iq'tB^ an! appodbouitj to faoMraii ^ij* toe i**h�-bw��8 passes. J bey awang aronqd the tntire sircle that effect, and General Jackson coming to the spot immediately gave ope glance at the dead officer's features, and axolalmedi " My God, boys, do yon know who yoa have killed ? Yoti- have �hot the most gallani bftcer in the United States army. \ This i� PbiL Kearney, who lost Iu� arm vtt tbe Mexiean war.*' He tben invoinatarilj--lifted his hat, eveTy ofiftcer in'the groaj^ following his examplo,;and for a moment reivereatiar^enca waa observed by aK.. Stibaa^neotly the body of the dead #oldi*rfr Wjwpfaeed Bpon tnfo boards.'abd when being removed .to bieadqaariers, waa fol-lovred by (Soaeral JackaoB, General Ew�U and other ofBcors, while a re^mental teed'preeeded it playing m dead march." - Good ^ that vivld'a ban-�ifiU^ra.< TlMgr ap�^ to ��.' ^ Witiat^aiMilift iim to a higher Mta. SttavWi Andrasr Jahasoil'a dftagktar,'qai�tly indwapekibly took iier dopartora Ibv T��iaiM��i last �a^ Goed:opiai9*;fUloWa iA tho ladka ot tbaiWMteHoaaa niidec tke paeMg-aAaiakliariMou ^ .Coafa�l�laclf brif^iiy4j|iai^ir�kmy. aignify great power of cbaiaetar, Lbatr and dark skin injicata itr^ We feel -the most petOetnaad ae� iTsne Otmfidenoa ia the apaiited, handaomaand graoafaliiady.i wboi is to be ;toiatreaa .of .itliia-. aw�i: aioa. tinder. Geaaral ?lrdiii; r. Hat adncatioB, parantaga aiidaodalop* porUiaitiesMMVe abandantJjr.^aali. fledlier to graee the WhibaHaoee^ See ^ther.i^Mr.: Beat, ana then propriator oC aft eatatie ata.haaaa oomparab) # :witb aay beNrean Keal flaeatialand bis girls acooraplisbed. Mrs, Grant wa� the floewerof the family,, and^ iq her sagacity, of bead aud baarl^ she was probably the firfjt person in the land to express sympathy and appreciation of the qaiQt cadet, her brotber's class mate at. Went Point. She was the tried eompaoion <tf: bis povort3'. and early struggiee,. and when the war beroave(| hw^^f him, she manifested aconstancy of confidence in bis virtue and ability whioh never fbr one moment faltered. At the darkest periods of fortune; she. believed in. hi* ^tar, atid fought hia praises in civil lifo as bravely as he followed the Southern Cross in his t-ampaignq. Josephine will have no larger bo mage when both Grant ao4 Bona parto bavo mellowed into histor}-. than Mrs Grant. -Unlike Josephine, she has submitted tp the decrees of good fortune with blameless modesty, and Bepublican wo-manhdod has no more exquisite example at this day than Mrs. Grant. Her care of her children, whom she teaches to be a�U�reliant as well obedient, and the'domestic and re ligioos inflaenoe she oxert� over her basbanidi are not'anob�erved hero. The tiaste of her toilet, adapted to a natarnlly graceful and stately fignre, haspassedthe gauntlet of tho moat invidious criticism. It is with more reason than the high estimate of his sagacity th^ people predict for Gen. Grant a happyand fortunate administration for twhind his magistracy there will alwa3's be a homa. I make these remarks beoanso a wretebed and scurrilous newspaper in Now York had lately undertaken to speak of Mrs Grant as aneqaai to her ominonco. Upon this point, tho strictest criterion in the land may be satisfied. The White House will bo honored in her admission.- Washington Corrtfpwui' ence Chicago Tribune. A T�aaiBf freaeher. A preacher in a frontier settle, ment had been jcollecting money for some cbnrcb object. There a as ^tll som^ $20 wanting, and after vain efforts to make up the deficien-cy,he plainly intimated as be locked the ohnrch door oae day afler service that he intended to have that "aid $20 before any of them leil the house, at the same time be set the example by tossing $3 on the ta ble; another put down a dollar, another a half ^ol.lar� aaotbar a garter, and so 'on. The pareon read oat every now aod'-then the state of the funds : li: "Thar'd seven and abalf, my frieBds.' Thar's nine and a qoar. (er. Ten and eU bits are all. that are in the bat, friends and .Christian brethren.'' Slowly it mounted up- .  Twelve aad a half. Foortean. Pifteen. 8ixta�� and three Wtai'? " It only wanto fifty oeoto,lrieDda, Ho make ap tbe amoant. Will no-bod;y make it ap ?" ji; Everbody bad sabeeribad,' and not a cent was forthedmi^:, SL lence reigned, bow loag H migbt have lasted 'tivdtiBcuU t�:ai^,liad not, a half a do1Iar ]roarmoii; ey; let oat my gal. .I'aa^iiboat tir-ed of waitin' Ibr bef^f: i - LleiUcaJjtjatnagtL. gjaodnees. Stiff, btavk hair and beardiiidlMte i^oaM/Wi^hg/rijrC'' id, Btiitigbtfti'wah) cbiracter Vtn4 '' dark bH>��a �air aignitk tb� boitt>^' ' biaation of' axqtneile^' aaiihlbiH(fi|i ;' intb great^aiMagtb of cbairaieten HataHlbpal^ fa�tf is the atjhjf^f b'' -rat^oeia; arid aaoir spirit ;alrtab(�orti If^dihb^b ebataeter. CoArii rcC *^ hair aiidnfUakwMSaditeansr^ltiiWijr'^'^' All anaiaft'paatfioba/tagbtllbi'-'^ltb ^ters r Aabani' Jiair^ arttK ibritt �' supple hair the mark of a deli* c^teiand sensitive t�mporaitieitt,aad speaks io favor-of the ' mind and character of" the owner. Olip,�ilr'." ' ly Ikair indicates a basty,'and soMsd- -whatimpetoouiiand rashcbaraot*^, '�' White, hairdaaotoaalymphaiiaahd >-indolent constitution , and we may ' add that besida-i all these quafitie� there arc chemical properties residing fn the Coloring matter of the hair tube which have andoubte<lly Aome' effect upon the diiipb.-iition' Thus, red bairod people are notoriously pas�ionaio. Now red hair is proved by analj-sLn to contain a large amount of sulphur,' wbUst very black hair is colored with tA-most pare carbon. Tho presence oftheae matters in the blood points to peculiarities of temperament and feellng-which are almost universally a<\ociatcd with theiji. Thoyeiy way in 'which'ihe haij flows ia strongly indi ions andinclinatipna and porhapi* a clover person could giro a shrewd gn.e! y R' Fowler, J, P, Verdict" Aecidof t-at, and nut,, felonious boalcida.^ The suppoaition is tbataba waa bat banting ateclciind g<A bawildoadt and cried for balp,-and in the wa-if lime it bad tarnad very cold. The community exonerates Mr. Wilson* but the affair has cast a gloom over all. Hoping my next may notlbar^ to chrooiele so sad an affair. I bid you, goodrbye.-Manhattan- Stand' ard. vraat'a ha a KaM* t Some years since, when the erec . tion of the prewnt Revere Boosr^ of Bost6n,iraK irader ebnsidoieatioa^ it was agreed, as anInducement to the heaviest subscriptidn of stockj that wlioefer obscribcd iba largest amount sboflfd have the hohoi^ d� giving his name to the hoase. lb ilfotmd that the present Attor' ney-Geoerar bad sdbscribed moa& largely f and his name for a while graeed'tba boosft. It ted, bowevnV to eO oaay ri^ealoas lilobders On ^ tha part of visiloifa i)fo�^tbir^< fwal Jjetrict," tbat it wis tboogbt b^ar to lUka the name of Hoa.r dowitip; aadf aobatitote .thatloif ilbreh^ tW amt^fiS^titoebfcoMfe:'^!':^:.' '^'-l �fr Josbih Tliodipeon,4iaj�nrayor who laid oat CfaicagO'in ^MSS,: A Wi�aabain iaya^ baa or40M iomA*u pa&rJofaboatf'A'/< 1-1 inohaflr:rong^�ad BoacbMf bv�a<l^ h' '

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