Friday, December 19, 1890

Hutchinson News

Location: Hutchinson, Kansas

Page: 8

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Text Content of Page 8 of Hutchinson News on Friday, December 19, 1890

Hutchinson News (Newspaper) - December 19, 1890, Hutchinson, Kansas OOl'NTKKfi'KlrKIM OAl'�!.ttK0. Iht Polite Make � Bald Willi .'Rll�r��iry St. Loina, Den. 18.-The < fficers of the Third police district made another very clever capture about B o'clock hint night and run in John Edwin, an ex-convict, who has, it ia said, served several (cram In (he penitentiary for making counter felt money. On Thursday of lam week James Forguton, employed as a butcher at the butcher shop of Henry Shultman, 2803 Morgan street, was gelling meet to a woman who placed on the counter a dollar which he suspected wan counterfeit money. After she hud left the store b� followed her for several blocbe, and the womanbecamo very indignant. Turn jug towardB her pursuer, she drew a revolver, bo FergUton tayu, and told him he had better fuiluw sooieoud elae If he knew what was good lor him. The butcher thought he would fotlow her advice, but Immediately reported the matter to tue police, una )a�t ui^ht the supposed counterfeiters were captured. A number of storekeepers on Morgan street and Fraaxliu avenue,'between l'weaiy-eecoml street aud Juifiraon avenue, com- Slained recently that counterfeit money ad been passed On them, ami the police naye been making investigation for several days. Lr.-.t uigtii Sergt Pjlllips and Officers Burae, Huleuan u�ii others located tau counterfeiters at 140U North Tweusy-secoua nireet John ililwla occupies, a part of the house aud runts from a woman named Nora Cahill. Both wore engaged in a game of cards when the policemen arrived. They wera placed under arreat and the house was raided. All thu material necessary for counter. feitiuK, ouch as packages1 of plaster of Pari', a pa', dipper, quantities of lead nuil ,i;hor stuff were found about the plans The prlBonorB were searched at the Third diBtrict station. A largo amount of money was found in the wo. man'u possession, but none of it was counterfeit Tho dollar passed on the butcher is in possession of tho police. Tho man and woman were placed in the holdover at tho Third district station. Finney County Faotn. Gardbh Citt, Dec. |18.-[Special.]- Weather still excessively dry, no rain having fallen and but one small snow fall thjs month. Still trade 1b good, and everybody seems to be in good spirit?. The supply of alfalfa hay and olher feed ia niout ample, and is sold at very moderate prices indeed considering how aoarce fodder la all over the country. Alfalfa hay sella at $4.50 a ton in the atack. Wheat looks remarkably well. Health seems to be well nigh perfect in Finney county, only two deaths, both of children less than ayear old, being repotted by the cemetery sexton for .November. This is in startling contrast to Heif-uti, itoataua, where soveuty-lour deaths were repotted for the same month, which vividly shows tho difference between the two cliraatCR. The bea season is now cioted aud it htm proved to be u splendid succefi:,. Six. teeu swarms were brought here la�t spring by ouo of our bee men from Illinou, uot one of th�rn belt g lost in tra.yr.i~, They bave turned out 1,20(1 ini'inrti! ut honey, wliich sold readily at a piiSs! ill..! uverugMd #12 per swarm. In addition tftiiteen a�w, Dtiong swarms tiro ready to begin operations next spring, buuKies pisuiy of comb, foundation., etc., for coxs year and other uupplicB of value Tne ii��atnass came in a literal flor-d in June, July uad August, requiring con-stunt attention \ secure it properly. Most of it canio from alfalfa blooms, though the littio gatherera worked dist on ~hu farly yellow wild blohsoma that neepad out in April bofoto tho steady supply wan ruady. It in clauurd Mint one maa can ewe tor about 1200 a�-nrmo, nmi lor SUO wit.'; on a unskilled hunutj aajist. 'Thin nuDibt-r will cettuinly uamre any nia.u & (jiMiifoitjblti coitpetvLco v�n very little Ittbo', with bu; littia t;> do during tho. winter mouths, except to prepare for thtj nnxt season. BwarmB usually sell at- about $5 each, and ara mennrallv ready sale at that ..price. As the winters are so mild In we:torii Kansas they are certain to come out all right in the spring, and the business ia one that may be regarded uo absolutely certain and unfailing as long ne wrajs grows and water runn una alfalfa blossoms, Tne honey ga;beml is of the most superior quality aud ilnvor, fully equal to clover and much whitur than that from buckwheat. As fir as kunna even the Hcfiiuley bill doesn't effect honey in any way, either in price orqual lty. Mr. Brooks, the very gentlemanly and accommodating superintendent of the United btates experimental farm here, is very much pleased with the new Jerusalem corn, which was started in this vicinity in 1888 from two little grains brought from the holy laud the year b� fore, and was flrBt grown last year in any quantity. It id sill scarce and high priced, but Mr. Droolts is instructed by sho government to furnish it in flv� packageO"about enough to plant thre-j ftorea-free to all farmetB applying ami wishing to test it. ItiBa iuul dhourra or K.jyp'.i'm corn, aud most decidedly the bei* and moot prolific and profitable of at,;? t:f Him vftiiety that has been tried hei.>. It is not, only eagerly eaten by stock, but when ground makes a meal even superior to corn meal tor pancakes and gems, It readily coofcs up and makes a hominy that lo rtlwayB inviting and that never becomes tiresome. It 1b decidedly tho most promising of all tha many new Brains for temiarid regions thathayeyet beea tested on this farm, ami is now being sont all over Arizona, New Mexico, Utah nud olher far western territories for trial. Tho district oourr, presided over by Judge. Abbott, is now holding an ad-jouroed term, which bus been in mission two weeks. The judge hopes to clear a somewhat heavily burdened docket at tbia session. Quite a raid Iirb been made On boot leggnre uud joint keepers. 8o many' were found guilty, nearly all of whom were perfectly willing for the county to siecp them all winter, fbat the ptiblio st(>t�t ugbaet at the formidable prohpoct, and !>�qie kind of a private ttrraugement : was BO'irre by which those convictod paid the costs and went free, cm condition of BOt doing ao anymore. Thin compro-tnito Is generally'Satisfactory to the tax-payei-�, though the ultra.tfttnperanae peo-olvi profess mcch opposition to thia way '"'�tif"dbiiosing of a very-.trouhtesoidQ mat-ler. It in simply imppssible for theBe mm '.'i..--ff�*; HCTt\^0* lUUti W: FRIDAY M0BN1NG, DECEMB1B 19, 1890. drouth- burdened countieg to be tixad enough to keep these whisky and h �r  l^ WB Bws "wor-ably shown In is to be congratulated on the way l�! tm*controversy, prevoked by Kbv, Up- ^Jf1"* XiuW�t'd .fiitnuB will settled these cages. IN a Fix. lv�flultHof OnlorlDff a Texan Uoglinont t,a the Front. Ban Antonio, Tex., Dec, 18.-A ptcu-liar state of affairs exists in the department of Texas which will make things awkward for a number of offlcors. Ten days ago the Fifth infantry, scattered all over the state, was at the request of Gon, Miles, ordered to prepare to take the field. Two days ago they were ordered by Qon. Schofleld to gojto the department ot the Platte. Any other regiment in tho army would have been easier to gather together than the Fifth, and hence it has required over a week to get the two companies at Fort Brown to the railroad by a forced march ot tho 1G0 mileB. Now that the regiment is ready to move the order has come to hold it in rendlnesi for other orders, and it is believed that it will hot leave Texas at ail. in the meantime Glen. Stanley has relieved the officers of the Fifth of the positions they held at their posts as they were about to depart and appointed others from the Eighteenth and Twenty-third regiments. New commanders of Forts Elliss nod Itinggold and recruiting officers at the post where the Fifth was stationed havA been named. Aa the Fifth will probably not go away, those appointed will be placed in a delicate position, and all tbo expense of equipping the regiment for the Hold will have been wasted. ^CT. Great Mend Oomlp. G jikat Bend, Kan,, Dec. 18 - [Special.] The sensation ot the hour ia the revival now in progress at the M. E, church. Religion is the theme of conversation on all sides. Tha curbstone politician, the cracker box philosopher and calamity proguOBticator have a\! forsaken thier respective hobbies and turned their thoughts to questions theologic. The evangelists dhawhaa and Bhever make a "strong team." The former is a master ,�f oratory, dramatic in style, inimitible in illustration, profound in thought. The lattor is no less proficient as a singer. His solos arc especially fine. While listening ''I was oil car and took in stramo that might create a pou!. under the ribs of death." There have been about forty conversion!) so far this week, ltffv. Watson iB to be congratulated iu becurtng such valuable HSsUfance 11 thin meeting, Jo Tesv IPrse Co]n�Ke-jJKjiVKn, Co;,, Dec. 18.-David H. Mo'Jutt, ' .'i-Senutor Tabr-? and other millionaire mining men have deoided upon a bold st�p to test the question of free coinnge f tilver uciUr the present law. Arrangement have been made fur an agent ot Senator Tabor to have ready a bar of silver containing 1,01)0 ounces, accompanied by h certiflcato of its CnontBi-from the mint. Tula will be precunei d a: the treasury department a'. vVrttti'Dg-iton and a tietuar.d made tha; it- r.d ^x-'changed for coin. '< tie demand will, of course, bo refused, aud a writ of manda-muK will bu obtained from the United SttteB oourr, acd the matter will become the gr uiDd lor a li-gal battle. Tae theory �f taia action it, tnat tu� law and its in e.rpteiatiou aro uiiconetituiiouai, and that the government, ban no right to re- fute coin for bullion ilowV fill*? �Vo oiler One Hundred Ijolir.ra reward for uuy caeo r.f catarrh that ciuuet he cured by tak'.u^ Hull's Catarrh Cine. F. -I. CHENEY CO.,Props.,Tolr-do,O. Wo, th'i utidursit;ne t bave Iciumvu i\ J Oto'iir," fur tfia last 15 >3trs, .-'-li believe him i;t-r:'Mtly hmiorable in nil ousinees trhi," o:rioas, and financially ahlato carry out any obligations made by their firm. West �fc Thuax, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. VYauumo, Kinnan & Marvin, Wholesale Druggists,Toledo, Ohio. Hall'a Catarrh Cure istakon interuully, acting directly upon the blood and mu-coua surfaceB of the gyatew. Testimonials sent free. Price 76c. p�t bottlo. Sold hy all druggiBta. Fatal Besult of n Jckn. Milas, Teim., Dec. 1!*.-A trifling affair caused it man's death, near Kenton, in this county, yesterday. Lewis Thomp son struck Georgo French in th s continues to burn os it comes from the well, lion'r Fool Away preoiouatlmo and money and ttille with yorjr health i'xpertmenting with un certain medicines, when lit. Pierco'i Golden Mudioal Discovery is bo postlvely certain in itfi curative action cs to wur rant its manufacturers in guaranteeing it to cure diseases of the bio.' d, skin and I scalp, and all scrofulous cflltcilonc, or I money paid for it will bo refunded. I $000 - Reward offered foran-'inourahie j rush of Catarrh by the proprietors of Dr, tbrtg.s's UemettlX. 50 nentiv by druggists. dike and that ex Preacher J. B. Alk .c'.riuo ofit^r-Schismatic Copts, thn Syrians, Chaldeanc, Armenians, and,in short, o! all tho ori outa! sects no longer in communion with he nee uf Rome. Kow,Mi Allen, what will thie community think of your love for veracity? We have a pitying contempt for an old man like you, spc-adlag the last days of lie life iD.imvlijjriing tho dead, and maliciously attacking the honest convictiono h� living. Did you ever read those woni-i if. jour Bible: "By this wlllt!o>y lakt you are my dtsr.iples, It you nave love fo.- one another?" if you look into your own heir; you :ili .r.;:rs- Bud iniquity enough to '-work ,ii: your own salvation with foar-and rambling." Your silly twaddle ab;mt at'.ug "popes, bishops and priests,'^ etc., me frothy emanations from a clouded mind and a Btunted intellect. You inter-pret tho Scriptures like the pious old lady who read, "Go preach the gospel to to every creature." Accordingly she took her pot cat, placed it on the table befora her, and began to read the gospel to it. What a commotion we would have, in oociety if every individual were allowed to Interpret tho civil law accord ing to hit) notion. God in Uie wisdcir)t who dons cv>>rylhlng wisely, could not leave His divine laws at the mercy uf tho disputes of presumptuous man. You have brought in another Catholic doctrine-"the confessional" as a bait, I presume, to continue the controversy. If you and your partner could place ar gument against argument I would sluil.'y keep on, but you neither uotice arguments or produce them, therefore a further continuation ot this discuBsiou will result only in the Bale ot a few extra cop iea of tho News I have uot applied any epithets, or culled Piev. Updike any names which tl not belong to him. -He 1b called by his own disciples an "evangelist." liu ir. "lutinerant" because he goes from place to place. In trying to destroy Catholic doctrine ho Iibb shown his Don Quixotic proclivities; indeed he is a pocket ed tion of that famoun gentleman. So Updike in his youth wa? "glvon books to read" that ho might become a priest. Tbnnk C> id. that the church had suah a narrow e;.ope. If in tuia contro votsy my language tvvi �4nmed sav*r l�d or liifi Wounds. Ft Yates, 8. D., Dec. 18.-B.ull Head, the lieutenant of Indian police who led in the skirmish with Sitting Bull's band and who fired tio two abotn that killed the chief, diod to day from his wounds, HepirlB at the agency to night indi-atn that the fugitives from Sitting Bull csmp are preparing to return to their abandoned homes. Anxiety Over Ireland. IUi.timorb, Dec, 18.-John Dillon arrived bore laBt nigh', visited Canii.-is Glbbona to-day and bed a half hour' conversation with him. Both expressed their anxiety over Irelanti'a future, Cardinal Gibboni is in full tympath with Mr. Dillon's position. Stock ut Miamandfl fur the Holiday Trade and over 200 Gold - Waiches i Sylcct (.-on.. I h*w the- Only Cempl*?* hint \>f , Diamonds,. Jewelqr, Clocks and Silverware IN HUrcHIN80N. Notice Elepanf. and Vahu in Window. 23 North itisin St., Hutchinson, Ken C. A." KIGER A WTIHtl* Kevolt JjtiTLH Hock, Ark^ Dec. 18.-The trouble v.-.'iich has been brewing lathe aaks ot the Fletcher Kifles, of Little Hi.cis, reaciiiid inaubordinati(.n 1m-s -.light luring a drill, anil tho company i� t>n.ibt> vi-i^-ot tMiijg rli-)'>' !�y thv i;;iv-rii.. >r. Some ftftenn or i'.v.;aty V.�i&b�rB ivn had it in tor ht�, and as k reauit part .if vt�e company hae b�seu Ht, outs with the others ever since the organization, about six months ago. Last night they met tor drill, as usual, and. the anu BnrrowUei ref UBud to lie put through the manual by the captain, wherefore k general fight is reported to have or-cutred, in which one ot tho boye had his arm badly hurt and others were more or less injured, none ot them Bericuoly. The affair was reported to the Kovernor to day, end he may dia-baud the company. Oapt. Barrow will resign, his resignation to '.alio effect on the 10th of noxt mouth, when ho will file with tho governor a written explanation of the whole offiir. Tho Fletcher RifleB waB the first mtu military company organized by Governor Eagle, and its patnm is Col. John &. Fletcher, of thia city. The iff*ir has created quite a sen-;atlon hero. ,-THE-- Army Order*. Wabhinqton, Deo. 18.-The following orders we're isnued to-day: rrtvate Sewm-il French, baid, Twentieth iufantrv, no* vuth his command ut Fort Aeslnaboine, 74ont., having enlisted under false pretenses, will he discharged. First-class Private James A, Hoarn, ordnance detachment, Vancouver Bar-racke, Wash., will be discharged. Private Brnest Jeckee, hospital corps, now awaiting orders at Fort Douglas, Utah, is assigned to duty at Fort Hau-chuca, Ariz, and will be sent to that post. fo ON;i'fl Will be in JlutchiriBou ff ai tec. 15,90 tn Jan 1,11 NO Mies Libble Bryant, daughter of Win. Bryant of this olty, died in Denvt-i Wednesday morning at 1 o'clock of dropsy ot the heart, and tho remaiutt wc-rt) brought hrre for burial. A pprovod by Ibn Popo. London, Dpc, 18 -Theff raphic'a Rome correspondent aiyn the popo approvvpof Irish .blehnpn' antl Parnell ui-inifestr, but ho dinlined to laalio n public BtRtf. ninnt on the ditsanglnn in the Iriith party A. Blooflifies Duel, Kmie, Den, 18.-Dcrutiea SonEino and tndi'lli fouijlit a blordlOEs duel td'-day. It rofitilwd from a quarto! m the chamber ot deputies. I'liuruli Jubtlvo. 8t. rETBitentjiia, Dec. 18.-The jubilee of British and American Congregational fine was I cburohei was celebrated to-day. NO. i io. During tho balance of the month of December 1890 I will show you the fluest oifltilay ot'Jewelry that you ever beheld.  The finest line of Watches ever exhibited in Hutchinson. Too most artistic and beautiful tsesort-mentof Silverware in the wtBt, All of which will be sold at tbo Lowest Prlcos ever made. Watches at wholesale prices without expresB ohargeB,. Elgi ,B. W.aaymond, nickel, $31). Hamden Railway, only $25. Rockford, 10 jewel nickel, their finest watch, $23. A pood Elgin or Waltham Watch, In op on face case only $5.50. Laities' gold filled case, Jeweled movement, only $9. 30 PER CENT DISCODNT on J&WELBY Everything to be sold this month. I will maUoit to the interest: of every man.Wo-man and child in the county to buy of me. Elegant Tea Bet given away worth $40. Daon, 11QN. Main St. POWDER Absolutely Pure. A cream ot tarttr bahin? powder Uisl.est ot all in leivenlug strength,-V, -8. Government B^orr, Aug. J7, 1B89 *S Ir. iwknowlwSgedV .tnti'ag rumedy Uit l. <iBUfttiiiBB AGlest, j i ho only Raff, rtsnedy hi I pi-uscribe it and &�1 HMdoi'iiT 'me in re HTI,O.ESSBa A.BVONEO, K.-ft, I-lSiCE S3 BE SURE YOUR SIN to known 1 If you have BvlT preamii Tuus Mtunteu, Victim 6f iliceea or CoiubsIouhtiim. �Kwjtmuii awl gMKM.fui; J&euS,rt, Sir }/ome ------Tmlmt>it. 'send lor Jxee. kbuu JliBD. co. WILL FINDteY'StiMrfi,^ C'l'lil.'UVIM :.f*�A!.,

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