Wednesday, November 12, 1890

Hutchinson News

Location: Hutchinson, Kansas

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Text Content of Page 1 of Hutchinson News on Wednesday, November 12, 1890

Hutchinson News (Newspaper) - November 12, 1890, Hutchinson, Kansas 2 HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS: WEDNESDAY MORNING, NOYEMBEK 12.1890. TWIU6HT. � Wtwnl was ycmng Uiot^Uipbtfiwirurt v>o long. IBUw �often nn thn wwtont tfindow real ' ;1 loaned tu? tonU asalnat in� tntaiv imuo iTOMt.w.ilIo my moilier Inimmoil an ancient, song TjOfOlKhcKl a little ikuI aalrt: ."Thohnur IsHwcet," :,.,Bolnow 1 lorn tho wrfi tipprcs�1i of ni^ht. "WtiUo all too llocl inn bourn or iwlHnut &\ vjuad ibuti 1 Know that 1 urn crowing obi >�O granarlon of ttgoi O wanKoU!** �-,A&d royal harvest of tbo common years t : Bttt lortd oy suf I (Imc'flt anil grtyUml fttt�p� "\To raotanrtcB more �x<i�lslio than liat�?. Vrbifi� f� Uio lria Ikjvu of olden tears. ' lqhn Bodkins wits a jomnoyi.;;^ (Mar-plater by trndo, and hl� buck ^Mttfcf an* bis shoulders rounded b;> t mrty-Ovo ycar� orbnrd labor M3. |^ Hut.lohn ands Ulft wito- imVv , KMMttifcMo bodies, had hosta of frionda, p^a^.so had pretty Margery, the If fair l^fttKl only daughter. Mil- , the :Ub iolt hinniolf toTTo"wisor tfian 'his'fjuos''**. "Marpery, pretty W:irjfcryf wah happy in 1/bci wmnnny of lV�ter( who paid hor at* muob attention as iT �Ih? had boon ft highborn lady. Ilnd ho not looked- lovingly into hor in-c.H? Had ho. not riresBod hor hiniil pc-nlly in tho dattoo, and Glpluxl nii'in Mini bnfiwwod ,'i look upon ) t\un, 11.:<)'.�1 v.-. CF*pp;icI ;.r.roo 11 mora ' npiM tho r.ib'n with her e::n ' to onforco , :;il-"!:ic:\ �itn'. j.:'t'si,of f.'li:ui!;cl M;o vvhito 1 wrapp',<r:i 1'cil to tlic lloor with ru�!,lo. j |0vt*r,v \v;lm fixed upon tho in bio; t cao.h it'tiest Ativi.;.MB to what tho jolhitr lmJ lii'i'Ufrht; and s*\ld oyoa v/ei'c ' ^reeled w)to da7//.Uuf btirstinj,' in to an ainJibio hitifrb. "How do yon I;now. .lolinV" .'.aid Mry. R, be\wi>en hoi* tightly closod tncth. "Ik'causi: they allcamo from our placo, iimi a hotter ilni^hed artbd-' r"ivi*r -.vnt out oT a shop dooi." Vos, tlini-o Ujey atood l.i row, thirty-�sovon cantors; sevon ladles and ivvonty* ilv'i su'itvpnori!:, ivith ' iv nf, uiu aitsoinblod fiu^sl'i. ! EXIT PERFUMERY. Etit*r tho Ignition nf JflUlnjj tlio Uonaotr with Otlttm i>f Si>rtnir*Tim�. Women who aboinlnato a porsonal wy�> of pi>rfui�p8(''bavo invented a brand now way of niitf#e9tin�Rweet and flowery oduvn, say a tho Now York Sun. Theso iiristrotirat.'j. protest thaL iinniaoulato clftanUnesa, :suiiHblno and fresh air supply tho only fra^ranco a thoroughbred fihould e:-.i'0 *o carry ubo:'t with hor; and in proof of their pood faiti. they all nlTee.l snpevflno but neentlef.s soaps, oaIves, and lotiony with pure 8tareh powders at tho toilet. In {ronuino En* p;]ish fanhiou they insirtt that every frarment before it fa worn must bo ox-posed to a prolonged huh bath. No moro violet .such n tod laceM, coloyne-dried hair, with breaths of . white roso and jasmine to stir the sonnos u.ij my lady ifoes by. All littlo tricks have been rgle(rated' to another . class. Still, notwithstanding her vigorous denunciation, the feminine soul j oleave.s to goodly perfumes. She could I not put. them altogether from her, and " as a sort of compromise has trans-/erred the formerly cherished luxury jirom herself to her surroundings. This now prejudice does not extend to ho1-' uuu ma on and thovo alio is .'WHng � with vaffuo J.ul^hLlul yug^iiStions i of ijov/ov;, mettda, rain-washed wood-i land.", oJean-amoHinK herbs, and ^TftJATheu you UtlnV. bnd be�/*:r i-avr. \ %*. silver wedding, wifo?" said John >*>tte night, as. ho sat down u� hbtony .'tmpper-table, p�osidvd -n-.r I;��.."! | )' I think so. John. '�ur irifands u�(?''..' ! �imt lillU it wouiu bci uioi W hl�V>: i: fiv-v ' txiooos of real silver ins to art of ^o;r'-ni j plfttud trumpery. Then how ti'm: !i-.-' to think ut \tV ��1A John, turninff bik '��>- v.* I .his $aucqr in true unoonvonDonal :M h>; 1 :Van& It baa passed quickl�' tnd ban,;!1 y i too." ' | -So It was fovthwitu se.�tb?*l ihii, :r il-per woddinp of John Undid;!* nno ' ywUo should como vft oe, tiv- jV'ow'ih1 i �Thiurftday, Jano 25. \ ^'.fllPb. BodkillB WQUl U*' iVOi-k -.ViM. i-oo  ;!N*Wf^KnglftndthriItiboastor:Ot bet-house ] liJED order, for the rcooptbn: hi-r iV.*a" I Ootids. ' p Black Jane was oaliud and naid-. a ! lMl(iiiS�.&ndbri>Uln?� undslov-inj;- ;uc^ I aoomponndins: of Rrtoots, nv.o'f j 1 |(tnS of savory mosses, was r.cvGr :r.nov?( s beforo in tho Bodkins cottaffu: v.-vl hjoimj | ; dollfrhtfut odors than Btolo fi\u.: th'* i f doors and windows of that envied abode l-tltwor: boforo Rrootc-d the uKaur-[yan& of tho paBaor'l'v. .Margery, though l.ho uckuc'vic>tjjii |1>eauty of the littlu town, was, artlosa and modest. Her task nov- v>as *!4>:'3neop( dust and arrange the plain � parlor, as well au superintend ih-i iak-lngo{ tho new white muslin c re-i: a;::i i'bViO'OTorakirt vlih brotcllot. tha-, -vl? i-j fffBOO:hor perbon ort '.bo nig-ii*  ? "::-� �liver wedding. hopo our friends won't Ampuver'-.r :-tbomsolvoB, Jonn/' naid JiTrs. '^odfci-e; aa in a 'flutter sbe drossod ber^c!*" in boat and only black ttiem arc rich, you know, und so=ao ti;- �'T:tH: ' 'di't '.M-n _p',.j:. :hci) ''i�;t!: I.'o-.vr.iKp vt 'My do.-: eiiken:; in i-w'i Ua pj only am l i * �.'.Mi'cdtaM'.j'.v; iiiU&e-l 1 :.ny thing beat L.hls*"' '..vbiiinfT t � tv.> coufo1* i indot.J. I ejl.>r *b I 'U.flur"Hl AgnHVe-i ... i i�o.-siblv rr.y life. Not j i itU> .tor i the ednr now used, -jl-ambers. '�t:ut e'e n and ijeavy. Jilfl ';Ot thu to distinguish Tho roao room -nor en *n ::i.'j''' -it'! - rU'M.v.-i...:nan (Mf. ileii'vi; M.>)k a tavi^r ot �din., too iiiw-'iT to �"\ie,h w)l affect ny v.-h^b- 'Km ,ror j.iy aoi-;\-..-. fo-nunrAw.-uiy o :'a-l�er retiie:-. f\\n>\ ]�usin'iss ai:�"( ' .n.: 1 la^o htH place, and, at- Uiw r-'iii-^i":.. '.i'i our ivortMy )iost, Mr, T:od;'l-is, placo us paitu'i'! Audi .u1" ';l'u ' '-i 'o �.:\?c*. V) *t'i<rk r^y love is re-t' � �.wr.if. ih:* verdi;*/:''' - ve\\ that v v.a'i tho ii \ i i)' i �> i ii o is 'j f..iv eiyseif, itrospe'",*-. *,� in- lothor-i and i'-. i iT;'3 e^'a^ b�rcc.''.v w; o.v: III a happy bncauy.j she way':' f vl'e sploy i petals have beeit atrewn beneath tbc j divan rug, and insinuated Into Godnouvo j �itk piiiou., heupr-d high in tho duskv I c.nrncr 2l pewc^ti^ cunningly W'.-i'kcd [head '(^i1:, oruamonlai pouches (i-ionrai-iiig low embr..>idnry obuir:;; ; k is r^r.og"-nlzyd in fiv ve-j wax molting in tall tapers'a^'.ls aed a^-o-in, liK�;rareincenso, burns In sllvtr oil-fed lamps. Hoses of every namo i\v 'j*'rJs root aad % ori.o vorro lend �.n luJos':r:bab)e charm *o Iresli r.hinti-furnisbed mor-itag rooms, making thooi eioqu'.-a dt' .*pv!ng-t.Jme aivl ouv-d.^OT lovolinvsju. I' iiexeoiab.';/ 'wl ;.atlo ;i{]h' ]yii> hi.ick." iiny iingoL, be.l 'vhnn a hca\*y Oriental frafpancj is i-cnrrbt in ��ob-Cf draped bondoir.-. 'vhero Kr'.itorn stufTs, soft ic-iM^n?;:'->kist .India idoii u:id stained glass predoL'Ji;:i*c, r=ii'o3t-^^:'~.(V, b;> dropping one live coal in a tiriy �'�;urj;. r ''f {rr.nkincenso. Somo WL-iliOil p t' v.u cd with the nOA* ''. t. W'� O'' ,rut'i Li O G"pV011";d. j rMi?t: ats v: tbcu^bly i i\'h--> :. r,i]?.vt;v cr an ho'.u* In :w- ' n of st:1;)u[;oirr'.v-;\:.. Gcrar- i ate;' :.iugcs tho air with u clean I . . 'p',. tho r>:ti \re 1 oritr..-1 I vlea Spri-I 'win;: | iui.'. � i pUIi'T-:' i and :V Tb Company tq and 2i East Sherman Street. and Supplies I is the time to Order \ our For the New Year. It is also the Season to have Y our S ND Blank to Order Write to us Ii Dm. i>i> ;r,nil I WHAT 4 DOG D\C. \l. pr.'.nunon-^o liivcu 1-^ ^no b-;,v lor !'i)�ip'0;)S ilfo baa �11 -�r '..! eal Bllv.'v'.'u: �c "to 3.;o. U( [Ho ttrliqlo. If of nu more vair.l (eilyor thimble, will bo acooptiib fi^0aoh. J'm sure, ujs lonf an thf � fiieal stuff." 'I don't muoU art, Isano.--,  Nhoy bring auy tLiuij or not, �� |ypu and Rfadgo enjoy yours-:: I'X'O' mo I tuu ob happy aa a lark. _ > silver, with agoodnroiptvil uf TOy wages ralsud, for"--an(i hor., Joha turned squarely rouud frouj liK usk of hjk-rinJt bliaBolI, ra^or hi ham!, Mjfiv"* WtP**1* Ws wordJ-s!Uio boss rails ia� 4h[*t business Is lookiuir up; U.ero Wis a ptntioct rtish yeaL"rilay mil t.-.^la1' f:.-ptat^d ware, tspc-lally t�olo wato", tr�; 4t*tti|is keops OP tv!'. ;> �.:;oi: ^.a�-v> * Ucornor tp ' l.'Don't tnontlon coatjro. Joun. i 'jor.e, ItKfnoroy.our friend." wi!; jiojit ifccu;';.! tiieir donations to-i.i^jt- wi'v-. . tJsRblo-platod oa� iuu f.-o- cot>iiaoi.-.-j CBWKi' SUrfti* acvi)0', ahdnWn't.raliii ,t  rin>.i>.'' pvor with Diorry lnlsohlof. | s.'il'otor, tbo boss' .toe, ;r� c-juu^k ��; ,-ur lio-niirht. Midget" (John's pot -.iru" ' v |hls darling). , Margery llUBbcd rosy rod. "Iiwondor at your Utviiiiui 'if. h. t�p ! |�bore us in station, papa.'' "Ididn'ti,Invitobim. Boiuv�cilI Itell, lib eald it was proper bo h^iouIu �dd bis mite, and in return ho ahoa'-i expvel'a cbance ut ovi ,if, Jlaino Jjoj-: kins' tnmo'ua sapperu, and fc Urst tui-u j In the datico with my pretty JIa'rpr'Mvi' Margery disappeared uulcwmalrs v;'..a a brigbt'flUHh In ti>\r cheoksand a happ;, beating of her heart that slm bad novor fol* betoro. Peter 'Downing war its'. beau ideal of what a man ahiaiiii 1> ;*u::*i >' t>> and manly. i He'bad called'at the cottage tlim�.<! pn errands for hla father, but neror hu-' OQtered tbe house aa a visiter, | i "Toi-nljfhtl" whispered Margery softv �o her tlttoh, "ho will be our guest." i I' Tho evening of tho eventful day ca;^,! |i last, and brought with it the rush of jpicpootiad friends, each bringing with Um, it bor, a mysterious parcel, eare-"ily wrapped up out of sight, wblcb lis deposited on a long table, oovore.] Wih a white ulotb. in the baok sitting-jam, lor tho reception of said articln. Ijtttefr the two or three simple danop,r, Bljpeat amount of'laughing and chat iw and a supper fit for a king, canw _ T**uttvailing." J'To Doacon Prior's wife and Aunt Stone Bodkins was accorded tho honor of pnphraing ;or untying tho wrappers, H$SU� at a given signal eaoh article was M^root tbo light and shine forth in all |t� rt'f nlgfant splondor. A$ ibis Important crisis the company, vhioh was a largo one, was arranged In �ROBps about the rooms, the Bodkitis �family holding the place of honor undur ^Jh* looking-glass in the front parlor, pouch after tbo fashion of funerals. Mrs. B.'s toll-tale oyes and fidgety ays denoted delighted orpoctanoyl, iBodhuia, on the contrary, was oalm and, with a balf-boru'smile On bis A. knowingBiaUbiHBf�6t�' ' "jfLOMt.. H t1i, riJiiiu Wagai} i.til'Jv i :a�w'>-j.�toral abilit", induatr | a-.ik'ir--; ! One ie;". .iiplbati ! rill bi -o: ou i :ij.ik'^  '.^oiv.g , uujbl-:c-n, ;.ho j dgus : *driv*witU I Th.i 10! \ and �>U. li.k- *avrr- paid f�.�c | Tin:- s 1 thhi;;.'-. iVho!. '-jti iVai'.Kit) to i btiillfj -. a;os-':-urx- i-;C'. "i,'b; aui-ataxic, wbe;o �/�;fo rjoneruUj bop;.. n"l.Le:�-�p,'\^i(.�,,. ,v'bf.' id Veer, a-r.cn5: :h!> livir:^; 0.1 tormra of h thor::. .\:ii:-neci*-tbc dh,s;b!?d hors�i -vas led �y -iov.-.i and b�^^r: v- ^bibit b^at dlstri-sa. p:.\Tiiei nr. ofic-fl r;i;; tb*; boreo ''..':'-;'l fawniiii: urouajl hiic, tl:e p.>oi unioiaVn faoo and in .ither wiivBuianiCoSvinpf hie *vni Ith ch� fnilorer. tvuggbi and groans tbo Homo ;o:iu:v.ied. ihe dec foiig-b'.' bin �ill its. Ue farmed beou ^ v-j^s no.'C.y b: i t. U-j � U..' aue : d^'.'t. ;�u-.i':; ;dUy- ".he . ibo biitiuui md vCe hovs^ v.'ii' ct 1-.: ()j Every 'JDescription at the News Office Job Rooms .1.: .tho j YOU WAMT: ��� .>eti'. v;as be; If ri.rcul � � b - i.-t...1 10 jeroncr a boy � f v.urpo.'-r tho -ni,:d: * bi?!) mind w jpo nn^1;. r isc ev.rh i^j. Vj'iiL av.'ay thai; 1 ,-�.-,!� L-iitins ou 3 tlint kind of, "vhy, of : nd illc ev.-nor 0? tho 'iarso: biy ll ;,jailtkd ov.;u ju:y. if you you uro ^rte?: *30. :iii.;t:-: uOCb, am. of*., >ic>: i;t;*iru tbo vcy Bongos paiHn;: Mrs. tilety tbi ve: ;i'lni!r,. was -- - � ( ; gtint ifUb*laiiilal CoDiatuiiioji. j tutc �' -c'.y yjiii'^isiietb "Toiiuro(>� ' crfail Li..:che �.' ',be author sava tbpt 0:11 tV1 .\?iiu.*.- ..itoaraeUip, p!yi�K *>eiv York ivnd M;.rrail'css u � ��."..' ; 'i.'>iW '.no f y.^.i 1: 1 �' ;'. wn'-.t :o � \L*uif>r llnUhiiurr- h:id l;is h^acl the boiiiea tiiny bin', and liekln^ nrcund ibo '.vbi'j..1 kiitdness tb(* poor b'.-roe uoki:owb:..ifjed \>y a ^lai.of'i'i loot- aao otnei1 Axis:* '->' r -^jpiiU.ion Tiii.-i fi�:.u i'Vi-nialioh a rea.wkabio*nti siflfoetiug exhibition o�;n:lmal kindnssa, and .-diouiii .-over vdth shamo r-ho unf'Ml-bip mnn who bout and abuse th,�t nobld mosu uanfiA ot tuimab> witbouli � ouioiae, and aro utterly deatt-Ryaiphtby fw ihh --'nolo brut*' I lead: etter Heads, Note 1 WMtori-Stone, >: wuil-known bo- j ed cvi:(Lstiouot* (LwiiA'aphi-money j tb;a r.tan, us a rule, is chivalrou* j and generous, but thinks In tho do* | mestic f;buf"otbo wife hardly jjrcfa a fair ! aoal ;'*Vr.:t -.xn biw"1. a busiuusa \ tx ?,l 1;;�: r,:' �n-� rays, ''and * .mow 1 bettc*' tn'.:ri wzmav how to apply their knowledge, but there should be. s-imc statement made by every man to the woman he marries of hia ibaancial coji-J'tioji, as also her parents �ir guardian. She will then know the -,vbolu aiutt-tAon and bo ublo to {joveru benwlf by it. There should be a perfect understanding- between them and there oan then be no difficulty. Liot there bo v.o (supremacy of wil), only distinct in* tlivlduality. ' And Envelopes, etc., we Can Print them for You, -Tho S'cuhorn l'ro.V.jytoj-iiin cbui-ch bun 71 l'reabyturitiH, .-.ii iiu'rouso of ft over hittL yt-av, 1,171, milliliters, an in-oro^Ho ol 'i,'U)0(!hiu\)b(^, nu hicreaaft at 7'J; li,40(j mliiitiaus cants, au inm>!iyo of 7,010. Tho contributions for all purposes bays. In. creased, uxcupt for education, which has fallen olf Hourly i:6,000 below ths unusually large sum of $54,0113 of last year. The total for congregational Klirrud the Goud New., "Uum-ehnwlng la no longer fashionable," Buys u Kansas City uawspupur. It In the duty of every editor iu the land to (five that iuforinutiuu tlie widest possibla oirciiluilon. -Ilonodlot -"Como r;gnt m, oia roi-iow, unil smoke a olg&t while 1 dress, unil 1 will ro down towu with you." 71uchelor-"''I-1 don't think your wife oarsa to havo me call ut your houae. I will wait at thu corner for you." Ben-odiot-"PsUawl Como right In. Sh� ain't hero." Baebolor-"She's not at home, then?" Benodlot-"Yes, .he's at home, but she's out in tho back yard talking to a neighbor over thu tonoe and she won't be back for the noieb'tbr** pucpoaesjand 81,7�T,�e8. | hours."-Uoaton Commerolal BulletUs, Wedding, Ball and Party Invitations, Finest'Line and Latest Styles. Gall or Write The News Printing and Paper Company, 3347

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