Thursday, March 4, 1971

Belleville Telescope

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Belleville Telescope (Newspaper) - March 4, 1971, Belleville, Kansas :s i BeCIPI ii' " 70 “ETTER NEWSPAPER CONTEST WINNER Mist YEAR — NO. 23 A Consolidation of Fourteen Republic County Newspapers BELLEVILLE, REPUBLIC COUNTY. KANSAS, THURSDAY, MARCH 4, 1971 Armed Robbers Hold Up Chester Station e . atten( * ant . Joe Vorderstrasse, of the Mid-Nebraska Oil Company at Cheater, Neb., was subject to an armed robbery Tuesday night about midnight when an undetermined amount of money was taken. Two suspects were arrested by Republic County Sheriff Robert E. Blecha and City Police Officer Walt Snyder 5 miles south of Belleville at 12:15 a m. The suspects, both juveniles, are being lodged in the Republic County jail at Belleville. Vorderstrasse was about to close up as Telescope # Staff Member Is Attacked (Editor's Note: Last Thursday a member of The Telescope's staff was attacked as he left work. We ask your indulgence of this newspaper as it reports this incident, one that has caused other members of the work force considerable concern for themselves and their families. A warrant issued for the arrest of the attacker the following afternoon when the staff member had recovered sufficiently to file a complaint. The alledged attacker apparently was not available until Monday morning when he was arrested and promptly released on $100.00 bond. The hearing date was set for today, March 4) Thursday evening, February 25, was not unlike any other. Monte Miller, business manager of Telescope, Inc., had just completed a “planning session” with the staff and all of them were leaving the new plant on Frontage Road on US81 highway. It was a few minutes after 6 o’clock. As the men were leaving, along with one woman front office worker, Mrs. Paul Hill, they stopped outside the building to examine a newly repaired fender on one of the cars parked in front. Miller walked away from the group to the office truck at the end of the drive to go home. At this point Miller relates he saw a man, James Mason, husband of another Telescope employee who had not been to work that week. Miller asked Mason what he could do for him and received a reply of something like "Here is something I’ve rbeen wanting to do for you”. Miller says he remembers no more. The other Telescope staff members report that Monte had just left them and had walked to the end-of the drive. When they turned around, only moments later, they said they saw Miller trying to rise from the pavement. He was drenched with blood from head wounds. The Telescope staff said they thought Monte had been struck by Mason’s car which was parked in such a position to indicate such, and they rushed to take the unconscious man to the Republic County Hospital. When asked “What happened”, Mason would only reply “Ask Monte”. The Telescope plans to complete the coverage of this incident, but in view of legal processes will sustain details until after today’s hearing. Fire Burns Barry Doupnik Car Sunday A car owned by Barry Doupnik, Agenda burned up and was considered a total loss after it caught fire mile south and 3 west of Agenda Sunday, February 28. Doupnik, who had parked his car in the yard first reported seeing smoke coming out of the car. A fire burning around the motor was first extinquished. The Sheriff’s report showed the fire later broke out again, this time in the wiring under the dash. Chester Driver Overturns On US81, US36 Interchange James Perry, 19, Chester, Neb., had an accident in the US36-US81 interchange y 4 -mile west of Belleville Saturday evening, February 27, when he overturned a 1948 GMC pickup totally demolishing the truck. Perry told the Sheriff he was going east and came off the ramp from US81 turning onto US36 going over the island on US36 and turning the truck over. Cates, Freed Cars Collide Cars driven by Larry L. Cates, gpUeviUe, and Steven L. Freed, 20, Belleville collided at the intersection of 29th and P streets Thursday afternoon, February 25. Accoriding to the police report Cates was going south on P street and Freed was going east on 90th, and Freed hit the Cates ear Hi the right front spinning it around. Damage to the Cates 1984 Volkswagen was estimated at 999.40 and damage to the Freed 1950 Ford was placed at $25 the pair drove into the station and ordered 6-gallons of gas. After the gas had been put in the car they forced Vorderstrasse into the room adjoining the filling station (which is a combined cafe-and station) and closed the door. They then reportedly helped themselves to the money, pulled the telephone wires lose and left. Vorderstrasse then got hold of Ed Mohr, city marshall at Chester, who notified Sheriff Blecha "that a robbery had just been made of the north service station at Chester, and that the vehicle containing two suspects had gone south”. The car was described as a blue-green Ford with Nebraska plates showing ‘25’ county. Snyder and Blecha converged on the stolen car which the suspects were driving five miles south of Belleville. Sheriff Blecha drove in front of the suspects car and Snyder behind. The juveniles rammed both cars in an effort to get away, but were subdued and apprehended. Both the Sheriff’s car and the Police car received damage. The Juveniles were from David City, Nebraska. Fourth Snowstorm Brings Total to 30" VALLEY HEIGHTS Cheerleaders swarm onto the basketball floor at Belleville High School after their team downed St. Johns of Salina by a score of 61 to 44. Competition in Class 2A continues through Friday night. Telescope Duotone Photo The “fourth” snowstorm since the first of the year was recorded Sunday night, February 28, continuing into the morning of March I. Snowfall in this storm measured only 2-inches, but added to the 28 or more inches already recorded in the county since the first of the year, left local residents feeling that they had received enough, and that they were ready for some spring weather. Precipitation recorded thus far this year now totals 2.26 inches including the moisture received this week. Many unpaved and ungraveled county roads at this time are becoming bottomless. Most old timers will admit that they have never seen so many, nor so high piles of snow around Belleville. Fortunately for mechanical systems of snow removal few residents are snowbound very long, but it has still been quite a winter. The Weather Date High Low Proc. Feb. 25 40 21 Clear Feb.26 43 30 Clear Feb. 27 42 23 .02 Clear Feb. 28 35 17 Clear Mar. I 32 20 .12 Cloudy Mar. 2 26 8 Clear Mar. 3 38 5 Clear Arbuthnot Talks Here On Schools, Bingo Policeman Tells Woman Her Truck Was Stolen Helen Shulda, Cuba telephone operator, received a call at I o’clock Thursday, February 25, from Belleville policeman Joe Seballoz, asking her if her pickup had been stolen. Mrs. Shulda thought not, but when she looked out on front of the telephone company building in Cuba she saw the truck was missing. BELLEVILLE CHAMBER of Commerce President Frank Spurney, Jr., welcomed farmers to the annual meeting of the Republic County Soil Conservation District Monday night. Seballoz told he had just discovered a 1959 Chevrolet pickup blocking the road with the lights on on K street south of US36 highway. The truck’s motor had become hot and was run without water. Seballoz ran a registration check and called Mrs. Shulda. The theft is still under investigation. OK No Fund Warrants For Ambulance No fund warrants in an amount not to exceed $35,000 were authorized to be issued according to official orders received by Republic County Clerk Carl E. Larson Tuesday, March 2. Larson said that this authorization would enable the county commissioners to proceed with the county-wide ambulance program. Nenstiel Dies From Heart Attack Friday George Nenstiel, 68, former Belleville Duckwall store manager died Friday afternoon February 26 from a heart attack. He was a resident of Junction City. Funeral services were held Monday afternoon at the Presbyterian church in Junction City. Burial was in Clay Center, Kansas. He is survived by his wife, of the home and son, George Ed Nenstiel, and daughter, Lou Jane Walker, Kansas City, Mo., 9 grandchildren, 3 brothers and sisters. Bom November 3, 1901 in Nebraska, he married Irene Dittmar, Clay Center, Kan., July 16, 1928. A 32 degree Mason, Mr. Nenstiel was a member of the Eastern Star of Belleville and served as president of the Belleville Chamber of Commerce. There will be a bingo bill, the new school HB No. 1509 allows for minimum of 400 pupils and Washington county will be included in the Big First District were opinions expressed by Representative Bob Arbuthnot when he gave an informal talk in Belleville Saturday morning. Thirty persons were in attendance at the meeting that heard Mr. Arbuthnot enlarge on various legislation being considered in Topeka. He said this past week was a “short week due to the storm”. The Joy Brothers furnished both the coffee and doughnuts for the meeting. Arbuthnot said he planned to return in approximately thirty days and that Representative Ray Zacek of Concordia planned to be with him at that time for the final session before the legislature adjourns. Arbuthnot expressed the opinion that the Kansas legislature would be passing a lot of legislation in the next few weeks. He said there were bills coming out now that have already received hearings. He urged Republic and Washington county constituents to contact him if they had any particular interest, especially in regard to hearings. He said he would be glad to try and find out when hearings were scheduled and notified interested parties so they could have someone present at them. He said he appreciated help from out in the country — and “your opinions do make a difference.” He said the lottery business, including bingo, is back about where it was when the legislative session started, as the result of the Senate failing to get the two-third majority required on a bingo bill this past week. Arbuthnot said there are still three bingo bills yet in the legislature, and he felt, without sticking his neck out too far, that he thought some kind of a bingo bill will be passed trying to legalize bingo, out of the constitution. He admitted some of the lawyers had told legislature “It couldn’t be done.” So if the bill is passed, Arbuthnot said, we will have to wait and see if it is declared constitutional. Foot Pedal Sticks Hits Car In Cuba Michael L. Kastle, had a bad Sunday morning, February 28 when his foot pedal stuck while he was driving down the main street of Cuba and he struck a parked car owned by Lavern Kopsa, Cuba. Damage to the Kastle 1970 Chevrolet was estimated at $463 on the Sheriff’s report and damage to the Kopsa 1967 Dodge was placed at $100. F. I. Gilbert asked “How many lawyers are there down there?” Gilbert went on to comment “It seems like the lawyers are running this thing!” Arbuthnot replied he didn’t know how many lawyers were in the legislature. He said he hadn’t taken nose count. He then went on to add “I’ll say this, in all fairness, that there are some lawyers down there that are doing an excellent job. There are some lawyers down there that are there for training purposes in connection with their careers, but even some of these young fellows, if you observe them and get acquainted with them, you will realize they are doing an excellent job.” Sent By People Representative Arbuthnot pointed out that the men in the legislature were sent there by the people of their districts and in the most part they are doing the best job they can for their constituents back home. He admitted there were exceptions to every case. He said “If you were in Wichita this morning instead of Belleville, you would probably hear someone say ‘there are too many farmers in the legislature’.” “Some way in these rural areas we have got to try to ‘hold our head above water’, he said. “This one man, one voter situation is a real tough situation.” Redistricting The hearings will be held this week on the congressional redistricting and there is a bill in the Senate and a bill in the House on the subject. Arbuthnot said he was coauthor of the House bill — he said they were trying to get the redistricting based upon the agricultural census rather than the federal census. “I don’t think there is too much question that Washington, Clay, Rice, Comanche and Barber county will be put over in the first district”, Arbuthnot reported. He said the people of Washington county would understandably prefer to stay in the Second District for convenience, but that it was unlikely that they would be allowed to. No Schools Under 400 “Any school below 400 pupils is going to get hurt! There is no way out of it!” he said. Arbuthnot told about school bill HB 1059, which he described as a combination effort, it provides (in the opinion of the bill’s authors) equal education opportunities for all children, it provides equitable sharing of the tax burdens of education, between districts and between individuals and industries. It provides a substantial shift from taxes on property to taxes on income, it provides greater tax relief for the elderly than the homestead exemption bill, it implements the basic recommendations of the joint committee on school finance, it provides for a 3 percent taxable income rate that would yield an estimated 92.6-million dollars. It provides for a new state aid formula. Arbuthnot said he felt this new bill was a least an improvement. “They use 400 pupils as a minimum — and it is a matter of going to the clerk’s records on the valuation and going to the state income tax records on the income — it also sets up a sliding scale on the number of pupils — and again 400 pupils as a minimum. In other words that is as low a number of pupils you can have and still have an economical unit” he said. The county school foundation fund is abolished — the 3 mill levy is no more. Representative Arbuthnot discussed a new inventory bill which he said he felt might pass that could be of assistance to business men. He told about current highway legislation and then told “We did get a little help on a county level on a bridge bill. Clarence Smith, your county engineer, came down and testified on it and I’m sure it helped. I hope you will agree that it was the thing to do. We didn’t get as much as we might have wanted, or whether it might have been necessary, but we got the limits raised on what the county can do without having a referendum. It made sense to me. Recover Car Minutes Later In Mankato •-    ■,?•'*>    vt    *    ”    -    •,    . . APOUT 200 Soil Conservation minded farmers and their families attended the annual meeting of the Republic County Soil Conservation District Monday night in West Elementary. Besides holdina their annual business meeting the group saw five bankers awards presented and heard a keynote address by W. E. Levering of Topeka. Telescope Photo Mrs. E. L. “Pat” Mitchell, Belleville Social Welfare Worker, had her 1965 Pontiac convertible stolen Monday. Mrs. Mitchell discovered her car missing and reported to Belleville police that the car had been stolen at 2:40 p.m. A radio bulletin was issued immediately and the car was recovered at 3:07 p.m. The car was stopped at Mankato by Jewell County Sheriff Don Heskett. It was being driven by a juvenile from Crete, Neb., who is being held in the Republic county jail, Sheriff Robert E. Blecha said. Find Nebraskan’s Car Policeman Martin Awalt, who handled the Mitchell car theft then discovered a 1966 Ford Mustang convertible in the same area (West Elementary School Parking Kiwanians to Serve Pancakes This Saturday The 20th annual Belleville Kiwanis Club Pancake Festival will be held Saturday, March 6. The event will run from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. at the American Legion Hall. . The Kiwanis will again offer all the pancakes one can eat ana the coffee for 50 cents per person. As in the past an extra charge will be made for the sausage and eggs. Local Kiwanians hold the event each year to raise money for youth activities in Republic County. 1 Lot) where Mrs. Mitchell’s car was taken. He checked the license information of the car and found it had been stolen. He later learned it was owned by a party living in Julian, Nebr. Social Welfare Workers said Tuesday they were locking their cars now, after Mrs. Mitchell’s experience. Belle Crest Milk home. Dial 527-2875. Delivered to your mf<#n —Adv. Barrow Show Is Tuesday At Mankato Annual North Central Kansas Barrow Show will be next Tuesday, March 16, at the Mankato Sales Company at Mankato, the Republic County extension office said this week. The program will include a judging and grading contest open to all exhibitors and spectators, as well as the judges’ comments on the placing of the barrow classes. Entry for the show is from 8 to 10:30 a.m. Single pen barrow entries can be entered in the carcass show. Carcass show barrows will be slaughtered and carcass g information complied at Cudahy Packing in Wichita. The carcass information and awards presentation will be given at the N.C.K. Swine Producers meeting Thursday evening, April I, at the Buffalo Ityam! Steak House in Mankato at 7 p.m.