Thursday, March 8, 1945

Belleville Telescope

Location: Belleville, Kansas

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Belleville Telescope (Newspaper) - March 8, 1945, Belleville, Kansas \ Greatest Paid Circulation of Kansas Weeklies THE E ULU A LUV LESCOPE 12 PAGES In 2 Sections V Consolidation of Fourteen Republic County Ne* a v .liers SEVENTY-FIFTH YEAR — X(T. RO BELLEVILLE, REPUBLIC COUNTY, KANSAS, 1111 liSDY' 0 .KUH v im !-, PRICE: 5 CENTS Schedule Lists Valuations for 1945 Assessment (’ Commissioners, ( lerk, and Assessors Draw I p Uniform Scale. Several Chances Assessment Rates on Registered ( attle and Milk Cows Are Up. I lie schedule fin uniform valuations for the lair, assessment now in |,i ogress, as arranged by tile hoard of county commissioners, the county chok and assessors, shows increased valuation on registered cattle and milk cows, while providing: lower figures on some eattIe, milk goats and some poultry, Valuations on farm stocker-main substantially tilt' ame. Horses w ill he assessed at from •S25 to $7u depending; on agio, while the top figure last year was $75. Ponies, cripples, plugs and tal-lions will he taken at the judgment of the assessor. Valuations on milles range this year from $'!5 to $H) as compared with the range of $•">(* to $K5 in IPI I. ('ripples, pings and packs will he valued at judgment. The greatest variation from last year's figures is on cattle, where ail ages of cattle, both full fed and rough fed are valued $5 under lust year’s assessment figures, with the exception of milk cows, two years and over, not registered, which have been increased from $M.» to SI on. According to the decision of the assessors, cattle six months to one year. rough fid, will he listed at $25, while those iii the same age group and full fed will be $55., ('attle from one year to two years of age are t<> he assessed at $50* or $75 depending on whether they are rough fed or full fed. Steers from two to three yonis go at $70; or $5*5 for rough fed and full fed , animals respectively. Those throe, years aud over are li-ted at SHO and >Ion. Registered cattie range in valuation from S'15 to $125. showing an increase ovoi hist years -calc « f $ 5. > to $ I (I ti. Sheep ;it    and hogs at It! cents a pound are the same as lust year’s listings. Milk goats go at Sin. uhuh is $5 above bet year. Othei goats ale $■•, the same a- in IP I I. < 'Iiickeii ai to he asses od at Sd and $* :» dozen, ducks at Sd ai dozen. geese ;u Sill a dozen, and turkeys at SJI a dozen. Stands of bees arc listed at S5. whereas they were Sd a year ago. Prairie hay. both in stalk and haled, are at the same rate as last Near, being assessed at St; and sin v&mm,-' mwmwmrn cdf iiif IWO: Take-off to TOKYO -lit  W tim L ‘.< ♦    -    •*    •    Ta Regional Tourney Begins at Beloit; Finals Saturday Belleville Draws Bye In Class A Play, and Advances lo Semi-Finals. Five Sessions (‘our!land, Millonvale. Haddam and Athol Are Liven lives in Firs! Round. Display Shows Work of Red Cross TOKYO 750 MILES, JAPAN 660 MILES it ' \ r    SSte Wmimm The first of five es.-ions of re gional basket hall play got underway last night (Wednesday) at Beloit. Seven ( lass A teams sire Fall of Cologne Forces Germans Across Rhine Nazi Western Front Is Disintegrating Before Allied Advance. Russians Reach Halt ic (.ains on I wo Are Slow; Luzon Fight Nears End, MacArthur Reports. u v. j( Mi. Sunback Only 750 miles from I oky«» and ddO from southern Japan, the eight square miles of soon lie our most impoitant air base in the Pacific -o fat. For from Iwo land-has'd fightt puny bombers to Tokyo an.; othej .lap indiistrisil lilies. Further, there can Ie more bo in bet - I ot'tcnei. carrying greater bomi* loads. The laps consider Iwo part of the homeland, iii fact, Toh \ ture ; id • 11 i 111 > 11* I «*■ I it. I Se fore tin* vvai Ivvo’s population wa around I, I bu. living in J J.’I hon eh* lima means Sulphur I land. Highest point, Suribachi Varna, or Sitrihnehi .Mountain, ri-e-( Nav \ photo.) lima will an aconin- Courtland Tigers Capture District Class B Crown Win Over Randall 'learn In Basket hall Finals Played Saturday Night. Mankato Is Third Excellent (rowels Attend All Tourney Sessions; Receipts Are SNOB. ( J.ASS P, DISTRICT Tot’RN A.MENT Ii KSU,TS (At i oiirl land > I ir-l Round Rum Oak dS, Jame-towu 2(5 Randall al. Scandia J* Mankato Id, .lev.ell .‘IM (Jewell de leu ted Formoso 72 25* ill I game before ill- ll mi-1 inals llii rd Plae I ilia In. lpm Oak 21 i V I • Isl Night den Hat) Na i March 15 Is Filing Date For Tax Declarations About one out of every five in dividual taxpayer- iii Kan-a- mil. t file it declaration of estimate.I tax for P.'15 not Intel than Mardi 15. Tin- i- in addition to the filing «•: an income tax I et iii a fm PMI. ac folding to I.v illi Ii lh OIH Il k. col leetoi of intel ital rev emu*. I >ec!a rat ions a re ie pined iii general I mill I ai - i ii: • - ani p co I e -sioiial people, bu. don! -. invent .ii and ethers who expect to get more than slim of income this veal from sources outside ot w age- I rom which tax i- withheld, and who ex pent that their ti ml income I rom all -oui ae- will b* .s.eiu oi more. A declaration mu-t also Ie* tilt.I by a wage earner win, expects lo earn this year more than s.»,i|(Hk* plus $f»hb for every exemp'ion is-et*pf his own. For example, a wage earnei -upporting two dependant -must tile it hi expects to earn more than Sh.OPu. If a pet son expects more than Si bb of income outside of wages from which tax is withheld, his total income being $500 oi more, lie must file a declaration regardless of the -ize of his wages. ■Limier llu'-c prayi.ions, the im-jorit.v "f wage earners are excused from filing declarations, the revenue collector -av-, for the reason that their ta.xe- are kept substantially paid up by Hie tax which is withheld from ti.cit wages every payday. Declarations al-o a:i* required from farmer- who expect to have $500 or more this year, but far-, I liers mea,mig persons who get more than two-thirds of their income from farming may postpone their I Ola declarations until January 15, Ibid. A declaration on March 15. should he accompanied by a payment of at least one-fourth of the tax estimated to he due over and above any tax being withheld from the taxpayer's wages, Brodriek says. The remainder is due in equal installmi lits on June 15 and September 15. lb 15, aud January 15. Ibid. ( lass J! held la I though ti iii the fin, Tin Tig mal -colin the pre - I * 'CO I .I.    I lei Were I for the v. Randall'-< oui t land’ a row for point. IllCllt a1 I I Wallington Second Night Washington CTorrowVille db. Hi Maim ka lo, ( Iv dc Haddam 5(1. Agend Se rn i I ma Is 11 a d d a 111 2 • i. Mulla Moi l ow vilb 2b, VV, I bird Rim e Filial- Ila,luau. db. Mon, To Pick Up Waste Paper In Belleville County Reports More Than Half Red Cross Quota Bari Roads Slow Down l ow nsliip Solicitors, S\ ho Repin I SIJ .’{..’ii). I to Date List l'ownship Cliair-nicn So ( onlnim!ions Mat lie .Mailed Hired. The Work of the Red Cross on battlefields throughout the world i-»vvn iii Hie window display at the county headquarters of the anno ti competing in their division. 'Hie |p.,| r,„ War Fmi,i "drive which i- now in progn.-s. The headquai-12 (’lass H team- to participate tee- i located at ITI" M street.    Iii public county'- quota for this are Iii -1 and Cloud place win- veal’.- drive i. db/piili, (Te|(*-eope Stall photo t liers at district tournament.- and a----------——    ---- few third place contender- uh were invited. Final games iii bot divi ions will be played Snturdu night. I lei lev i lie’s I ii f la hies. who tie, with Minneapolis for fir-t place i the North Central Kan as hagm drew ti lily I,ye in the Clu-s . tourney, and will not play utiti I he semi-final - Friday ai 7 - I when they will meet the whim •of the Thursday afternoon tilt be tween Smith Center and O-borni Iii the other half of tile brad e are Mini,capuli .    <    rn,cordia. Ii Ion aud Lincoln. I ii • 111 ■ x 1111 • and AI 11111 • -; i f > < > i I - ba irgc-1 Nazi ami Anon Add More Names Reports Totals To CountyRoll On Polio Drive 'adalid inet-e A min leu ii-pait of the - ail along login* is the ll into Allied I. yet mini all ie. were lei part ol ' ide of the ig will have bomi, -hat-under Allied Two Killed in Action. Merchant Marine, and I !> in Sen ice A re List eel. County Contributes S.T57 According to .Mrs. T. M. Jones, Drive Chairman. urt tier Me, im ut and Smith ( We • I' t boil t net Thin da * '    '    'la    Ii    pin 2 p.m. ' VV it 5 Athol pm nm r of WA .i111 — <i;iv ’ •O-I . gam-' Al 5: iii \| lf ■ I ti 'fain \\ a •Iv by Mi bat .Val ! * • 11 Mi - l ll,j . g i, > u rn I Nazis lo .    I>.    (J . SII Mb m. F. M* Alt, It <d A g IV ‘ (I—bi i r -lls C Ye IO MU >(». T th,' < Off 'n’ On the | A t, I ll X ie I ill V - I ,i< CHM* Jim* Urban’ Tm HI bov nameiit learn Keith Fidel Flank Neal. Ii,, Ma Walla.-ald Iva Ruff. Ii' 11 a i -11 I anti I» ta it \’i ion I* \ 11;s Mea' . Fat- I I’5. \ 5. W Rid' Spring I- ll, wi en Jill Mem; the im colp,. Official I Mi t I bi I I el 11 ink ho Roger-, lim r O. I ut o.-li, < oiirt ho Rale,,; IP Ani 112. J2. K ll. lit; Cho lii'ii Wal liar Asp I. ASI MACHIN! in MI* Ll IN*; Wed in < , Wav Mrs. J OR Iv NS Kl XL FST VIK OI IK I J. I*:. Cele of Concordia Will ope a real estate, in-ui alice and Run office in Belleville on March 15 VV I I eh Nat Ail III I ll \< I ION IN (OI IU tig “•'> Mi *''(*•( 'it v, ilk ,,f Ut the (*j tv ( I Ii \ VV OM V N DI I S Mi-. VV. C. I ticket of Kama Met mm id H ilt'ir amt bv one so Vera Snapp Describes Thrill OI Rescue from Jap Prison ' Soul-' of the guns are right OUI side the V val!' of oui ramp. We MI hear then i g* ii off arid we hen I I lien) a I I III■ V I' \ I 111 '(‘VV uh-. • (•cond- later when I III V I A I 111 * *11 I IIM i I exciting and t i v i ne ll;n' rev. lb M i ,,'ge .Ii KU Crc ck. VI I.., ii NO run \ ll IIH,lot, Fib I Oho lip. Na I l>.. Ll.. I i * 11 * 11 I ti! 21. Mi - . (', 11 lUfHTfJ Jet Ka I. Bi I lev ii Ie: VI, Kb Me? . died Sandal at a K; spital. Funeral et ail them tojwtvc Oi*!<I Wednesday niMiaiii ; St. Minion* eh .reb iii Cub ,. ices a, the, yj| t , i s survived bv lier lins a- follow llolK'. \' ft O. Monson H A I ION Fit EK SlloKS s^Ada Bur ! Retailers have been granted ; ut. .Mi*,. .{yfiittrotittt wi ck through Mal' 1 Courtland I |o „ t( , - ( .|| <M j,| | ot shoe- bath ( oi i it I a lid' free, aeeordilig to an ().R..V. bull tee Dolezal.. t of marriage, r-. Ro-alie    ------ (Communications Across the Hoer VI •I. period J aud ie good Frill mil V !. peri, id 5 re d March 5. IU 15; v 21*. 15*15. Riel IIM lions iii ip- *2 5 ii. Red and X5 up- V5. 02. 112. 1*2. K2. NJ. R2 in New April I I. IP 15; M 11*15; I-; go,id .la Mae.Vi posit inn-*b A ibifh- Iwo anal e lend" The are re n (), •I*. First Week of March Brings .36 Inch Moisture I lie g'leate-.21 inch from Ft 150 I. Hmm esiilt NI'lf SE EX WUN ES STI DENTS , Five c a-es of scarlet fever have f. an. T ,f the ca' e gnu Ilion t us M Munis (ii 1(;i '    Mr.-.    IP    I    i. Manila, IP L, I* 11* 15. a1 uaiigerous bour- were day lie rn* yesterday from shortly be 4,412 Topics of THE TELESCOPE Printed This Week ber) v. .VI i s. (ti -< 'Mids, Relieving; Lincoln andia; Norway. Rev. it L. NP VVigdaId. Norway; Richland. Steve Kalivoda. Cuba: Si alalia. C. K. Vlbro. Scandia; Cidon Mr-. Joe Tarkowski. Belle-j ' ilk*; Washington. Ahs. Jut* Evans ne 2 p.m. until the n«*xt morning Republic; White Rock. Mr.-. C. It Santo Ionia- Internment ( amp. when our building became the tar- Carlson Scandia get. First wa jumped to get    .    • against the inner wall of the    Si X Red* lit corridor* outside our room?; then     t    # *i*i mn as ,t I,,*,ame clear which ,ide of Draft Registrants Hiding was being struck oui to the opposite and K t . ( ( . n t rcgi. t rants at the Respell t the night, pupii,. ( . 0 ,j„t\ -elective servile of-1 ■    , ,    .iii    I    ,    IV     i ;!' OUr ' KJ< '    Lb*e im lade five lS-vear-olds and home,    and to till    out    I,tanks,    and    against an outride wall.    Some ot     n[u , veteran. Cliv V Benv-hek of ,    ..    . ...     0    ,    ,     1(1 '"**'*» have holes in the    walls    ii t JLg V i»l«*. who had ’ been* in ser and    tor    Life    Saver-    aud    soap    and    and ol course everything    in    them     vi( . ( , f ()I . s, fi ,m* before lie was IS. was destroyed. It was    a    most    T|, 0 -e whose eighteenth hirthdavs harrowing experience, I can iiJL*, occurred in February were Darrell AH of Manila rn not vet iii our sure you, Hie commandant In Dear Brother, Sister and Nieces: Since the dear boys came int, camp at I):MU p.m.. February -I life has been so exeilii of looking over tank- and true and jeeps and radio equipped ears, we ami the boys themselves, not to safest section, mention registering for cables sitting on a home, and to till out blanks, and to stand in line for (,<)< >1 * FOOR and for Life Savers and soap magazines and this .-tationc Oh* Oh! Oh! A ,    ,    .    .    ‘    (ileii Morehead. Republic; (Jail I h* news puts it. announced even this morn nib' that    Spafford    and    Joe    Duane Mopping up opeiations ale go- this side ot the building I not Haiizliel Belleville' Charles Far! mg on and will continue for see- safe so we came in for only a few.    .    Mumhm;    and    Max    Frank    \ minutes at our risk.    i elal days.” We hear the artillery and we hear the bombing. Many of the bullets sing and whiz right Send this teller home. over our heads on their way to an objective a few miles away. I will write again when I eau.    .    .    _____ Over IO writers prepare news ove to all.    !    for The    Telescope every week.— Vera. I Adv. inty ho.iIi anon- of BOW EN IS FRISON ER IE XLc-'I v .'..aaaac- .guanin Mrs. Bow ell recoil cd w day that hor husband Bowen, w LUI me! i stand- ■va- I"., dogiee- ai >w IC.7, vvn j favorable I', ding to the Kau.-; iiu. hut the groin mw-COV OI cd or t' No lo had g -inc,' Devon ,f tin* < in nun through the I The wold I IO--. CITIZEN'S (’.veers rill* Citizen- Canell.- of the voters of the City of Itollev ilh*. Kau- 1 sa- and School District No. ll will lie held at the High School building, Friday evening. March Kith, at M o’clock p. in. for the pm po.-e ut nominating a ( itizens 1 t ii ket as follow s. Three members, Board of Kiln-1 cation, tour year term Oui* Ti en sa re I', Board of Fduca-i tion. two year term. (im* member. The Board ot City! Commissioners, three year term. 1 Two Justices of the Peace, two j year term. Two Constables, two veal tin in. One Committeeman from each ot the three wards, one year term, , K. C. SCOTT First Waul Committeeman VV. M. SLD PA NS KY Second Ward Committeeman HUNTER SHERRARD Third Ward Committeeman Iii the successful Western Front offensive, a I S. Ninth Army    Adv. wire team carries drums of communications wire over a pontoon toot    - —    —    ~ r ~ bridge across Koci river in (Jct many. (Signal Corp. Kadio-'l eh photo.) Rubber stamps. Hic I flea* ope. C ontinue to Print Baby Pictures Rccause <d the interest show ii iii I lie hahy pictures which have been published ill I he I eh si ope tin tile past six .veals, the policy of printing pictures of infants under two years old free of charge is being maintained. They will In* published in the order in which they are brought into the office. Univ pictures sufficiently clear to make good reproductions can hi* used. The photograph of nine-month-old Roger Elton Scofield. son of Mr. and Mrs. Elton Scofield, was the first ill the series which began on June la. 11*: I! I. Pictures of some 400 babies fro ii Republic count; have appeared since that tim** Originally one youngster.'' picture wa- printed each week, but since May of 15* IM they have been appearing at the rate of two iii each issue.