Thursday, December 6, 1928

Atchison Weekly Globe

Location: Atchison, Kansas

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Atchison Weekly Globe (Newspaper) - December 6, 1928, Atchison, Kansas 'fTi HE ATCHISON GLOBE. PEBVHEAKv ATCHISON, KANSAS, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1928. FORTY-NINTH YEAR. No. 8 A Troy Man, Six Feet, and Seven Inches Tall, Is Reported to Have Disappeared. FATAL CRASH NEAR SHANNON Louis 18, Victim of Road Accident MRS SIDESWIPE EACH OTHER 1 i! t 'pccuimMa of Gar Immc- tIJalcly Report to Comity Authorities nom Friday's DfillV. jThauksRlvln? liad promised mucl Joy at the Mllo rnssru home Just wesl Of Forest Hills golf ronrse. Tint father n railroad engineer, lind planned to he there. Mother tmrt fnthcv clfiht children would have Ratluiret there Just UK families gathered lit thoii nf Other firesides throughout the Inntl. UuV an overwhelmed (tunUy sat honifi TlinnkwfvLnK blnnkl> Thanksgiving morning Louis I.assrn, 18 years old, Um eldest son. rnmn home In a the victim of an nuto crash Just a hours be I Sliorlly utter I o'clock Thursday young Lasscu's cm- nml on- DAY'S KIIIDAY. John Kuff; not." After n'day comes u perfect lay. ticlmiltx and family are iccover- Mris. William Datitncncr has the flu, nd Is bedfast. There's ricw diamond In Chvis lumen's oliec. Mrs. M, T, .Dlngcss1 condition Is not Improved today. D, H. Jacobs: UI clamor for more HshUn Alehlson There was ,a great demand for the "blue bottle" today. Art Plcinnilng may foe able to come down town tomorrow. Sum Illythe sr.. talks like n iiuu planning to have the flu. Mr. and Mrs. Dick Pucka wrc here yeslorduy from Lawrence. O. Thompson, ifilfi Commercial street, Is on the sick list. Mrs. E. D. Allen, patient hi the Al- chlson hospllril, is improving. John children Imvc about recovered from scarlet fever. Ed nrlnimell Is in n mood today. He is cutting wisdom tooth. M Iss Vivian Vickery is here from Kivorlon, la., where .she teaches. At otic time Wednesday llerlwrt other driven by ,lolm Flattie. Lnncos- Mftjiv'.i temperature got up to 109, tor ynrnfic mnn. hnd skit-swiped on the j Allison: "Tho rond lo Faucet concrete highway In Kirhigham a mllo Mo ls ft lcstcr ol n niim-s religion." nnd a west of the railroad of Fll ThoU placed in Dr. C. W. I W'1 Mortal is on the sick list. nobluson's car Hr died of n fractured j Hud Lntignn once paid for a piece skull In (he arms of his companion, 1 of pumpkin pie iwd two wiener wurst-s. j ,r wife ol the i-" HnpU3t wlt" ELKS MEMORIAL AT3TOM0RROW Public Ii F. W. O'Dcmriell, Junction City, Speaker From Saturday's Daily. Klks.anU. their ;filends wll1 gather tomorrow afternoon at tlie Elks ehib, to tribute to their dead through a .memorial service to whlcl the public Is Invited. The'Service will start-at 3 o'clock. DANCE NETS CUR TD MRS, SEARLES From Saturday's Dally. The Junior League Chevrolet car went to Mrs. G. W. Searles last night, at Memorial Hall, where one of the social events to be given in the name of charity, reached ft climax In the giving away of the ear. J. M, ChnHlsc made the announcement and standing beside him little Jane Jesi Procter. Tlic Junior League will have nearly to bank as the result of'last night's: event. Tlifee hundred dollars paid in at the door after 8, p. m And two thousand tickets hntl been Dr. P. W. O'Donnelt. Junction" OityJ ht 50 ccnU each. Then theire'were a former army surgeon which made up the rest. prominent Elks leader, will deliver the] Memorial address. was a tremendous, colorful, enjoy- able affair the Junior League carried Services will be primarily in honor I to a successful conclusion .last -night of the cl'jhl Atchlson Elks who have j The firemen hnd loft their. ball riccont- Ued the last year: George A. Uuna and so the vnsl hall was canopied When the j rra c h cd ,n won, h e sv.i s and nncoiiiclmis. Dr. Hob- iuson his nir at Gunier's cor- ner Jus( of Alehl-snn lo examine boy asnIn. He wns cEentl then. Not mntiy yards away was hl.s parents' tils (eel under the family table here of corn is being shipped In this week, from the Central Ilrmich coun- Fred Rudolph, of Kansas City, Jiut homo, bin lie was not taken there. Or. Kchhuon called Mllo and told him ovrr ihr telephone that boy hnd be-on bndly hurt In a motor uir accident. "Nni my Mr, les- sen .said "U couldn't have been my It was a Mmmed father nnd mother 'vhr> ucn't lo their boy at ihe Haroiilf tunerftl home lo find hltn Inhl out cold. The father and mother have scarcely recovered yet trom the .shock ol that nous. Hut shortly before Jir had left homr, tend a dance, their boy. John Weiwe i yiisterday. Mrs. Edwin Schrclbcr of Kansas Piickn G. Nolf'n. W. A. McKce, W. Iriiclerson, U. B. and L. R. Oatertay. It will aluo honor the other Atehlson Klks who have died riiir.c tlie lodge was fanned almost 30' years ago. The complete program will be: Opening ceremonies, conducted by W. P. Peltxef, exalted ruler, assisted by other local Elks Vocal solo, Mrs.'C. M. Voelker. with vlollti ohlisnlo bv John NJcICehaJe and obllgfllo "by Miss Martha Val Hracht. call of deceased members. Violin solo. Mi's. OeorEc Berry. Vocal .snlo, Roy O, Modcer. Mcmorlttl nddiGAs. Dr. R W. O'Don- ell. Vocal solo, Mrs. Margaret Duffin red and while streamers. There was CLAY ASKREN IS SLUGGED West Atchison Man Robbed of Money and His Watch From pally.. Clay Askrcrv wns robbed on steps r of hLs grand- daughter's house at -1412 Main street Jast nlfjht about' 0 o'clock. Mr. Askren operates a cqnfcctloiiGry at 1341 Main street.1; He hi-s place of busi- ness alone at' Ife lives with his Mrs, J.' AV. Small, 1414 Mnin street.-but intended to sLon and see his I A DAY'S DOINGS. SATURDAY The quail hunting season closed yestei has gone to Cedar Rap- Ids, to work. L. P. Amreln's children nave recov- ered from whooping :cough. Mrs. Cy Syeathcrford and baby; a re doing nicely'at the Atchison hospital. C. ;o. Conn., fjnpjoye at office is rablc to be out, after having the flu. Li M, Thompson, who works at tho collar shop, has a bad earache today. Mrs.- Paul Challiss, who been visiting her daughter in Chicago, will return to Atchison soon.' Mr. nnd J. II. VOBS oE liowus arc guests of Mr. and 'Mrs, Prank Here's good netva: John R. Cleary of St. Joe not only Is rruihlng a good re- ovcry from an operation for appendl- Itis, but he Is getting ready to Business for hiriiieil. His par'tiKF will be'Bdy Rusli'qf St'.'Joe; and they be known as.the'CIeary-Ru.shitvRstpck Commission Co.. first nbor'oJ .live- took exchange Inilldlnr. BonVti Str. Joe, Both Mr., Cleary '.and Mr, Ritsh wilh MV Rrniiddauehter.' Ntr.s. Frank Shockey. Donelhl PlulJllel street. ii Mnrburacr. Fi-ctl C. Bny'clcr. J. K. I a red bell suspended in the canter There were flowers and gay booths where pretty women were scllini things anil, mingling with the crowd were more of Ihe .attractive Junior League women. In fancy dress cos- tumes, carrying baskets filled with all kinds of frivolities which they sold. But (he best salesman of nil wns Billy Branson Mlxc, youngest sou of Mr. and Mrs. Chester Mlxc. He wrus 'Selling little lints at five cents apiece and had way with 'him that sold every hat. on his way home. Just as he reached the lop of the front steps there he was hailed by someone across the street. mat) called, heart and was struck In the eye by a blow that knocked him to the ground. Mr. Askren knew nothing until about when he was able to crawl to his the unknown Mr. Askrftn turned his His father treasurer of the Blish, Syn E3k.s and Song, "Auld audience. Benediction, tho Rev. C. K. Davis. Tlic. mnny beautiful floral tributes which It Is customary to receive at the memorial services, in, memory of the deceased Elks, will be given to the sick members. hnppy. to al- j[ couldn't have been nid young lessen hart I.anco-ilor, Hie WRS driving, On City is spending Hits week svltli Mr. and Mrs Ernll Schrciber. Piocter was nn official ol the Glut City, Kns., football game nt Qltilhc yesterday. Will Orr Is laid up with nu Infected hand, lie Is hi the home ol his bro- Hoy Hoffman, A. J, AH, employed at the P. C. Witt tin ahopr hoA returned from Snliua whcrj hi was called by the lllncs.s and dentil of his father. .Otto and Herman Nestler pulled five cars out of the mud yesterday on their I Lenvcnwurth yesterday. (he way- U'acV'the nccident occurred. I Another shipment__of ro-se-colored I.axseii's Kord roadster nnd Plntlrc's I has .Hist been received nf Port! covipc both tinned over. Lasson I Hennctt's Inchidlug some unusually wns thrown clear of the car, through beautiful Christmas gifts. the windshield. It la believed. Wecse wan Himwn out. nnd the car, in rolling over, crime to n stop SQunrcly on hltn. Weese Is a lartu hand on the Harry Held plnce west of town. H. Jaime of who was In the car wilh Flatire. was pinned bom'ath the coupe- Klnttrc waji thrown clenr of the car. KlftUre nnd Ed Thpls. hi front of whnsp houiL- the occurred, cx- iricnicd the two trapped men. An mnbuliuice and a doctor were sutu- niomnl but the iimbulrmre didn't get tliore tii time, was cut badly above and nrovjnd the right, eye and wns other- IncrrAted. considerably r John Ctitry of Kansas City and Ora Koed of Atchlson, both colored, were married yesterday In a civlL cremony by A. B. DcDuat. Mrs, Belle Ollmore of Kansas City, tanucrly ot Atchlson. Is dally Improv- ing in health. A month ago she under- went an operation for goitre. ,Mlw Margaret Lonncekcr, chief su- pervisor of (he 13elt Telephone Co. here, will probably tmdcrt'" opera- lion at the A tcli If on has pit til tomor- row. MUs Atny HaTrhiRton and Forrest Ward of Kansas City spent Thanks- giving wilh Miss Harrington's parents was I Mr. mid Mis. Hurry Flat tie wise brulned wa.s bruised Jaime. v I street, Ftnttro and Jahne were KOltiR home i Kevenil couplc.s nnvu beeti trying fron] Atchlson whcru they had bscn convert Memorial hall Into a Joy house lo secure part.s for a car on which Haunt wns working- They believed Ihr cause of tho nccl- deiu was tlmt both were huKglnj: the middle1 of tlm rond -loo closely. -said he could see the two cars heiKiitis for each other but that young L.1 wo o ha d tn adc n des pe ra te effort to ft void coining together anjl lie thought Lessen hnd successful until the spill came. Doth cars were badly smashed. Hoy Fletcher, deputy, sheriff, sum- moned to the sci'i.i: of Che Accident, SllHiiuuv Hardware Co. uncle. A. E. .MiKC, Is president of the comjiiiny, arid another uncle, Heber Mize, is secrelaiT of the company. Let ilicse genlleniftii watth Billy Mize. He's The splendid Terry Radio orchestra, with Delbert Dyer, directer, played dance music Misses" and Betty Browse, 123 North Fifth street, are vift'ling friends nt Wetmbre over trie week-end. J. Ev llercd, operator at the depot was-off yesterday with sinus trouble but is back at work this morning. U. V. WUcox of the Waggoner, Chtil- lls.s and May law offices Ls bnclt at Ills own home. His money and watch were, dusk after about a week's session with taken but the- watch was found this morning a short distance away. Mr, Askren wears glasses and blow In the eye broke the lens, cutting his aye badly. ,Thc side of his head Is also badly bruised. He is In bed yet at the home of Mrs. Small, Mr. Askren is 68 years old and had- been down to his shop all day for the first time yester- day, after having a long siege with the the flu. Kansas ranks fifth among the states In poult ry produc t ion. Its c gg pro- duction increased 22 per cent in Use five-year period prior (o 1525. Roy Hayes, proprietor of the Hayes cafe, has been having considerable stomach trouble. He went to st, Joe yesterday to see a stomach specialist Dt'. Charles Robinson moved yester- day from 523 South Fourth street to his residence at GOB Soutl Among the Missouri Pacific shop- _......._____ _....._ men: O. K. Stewart 1ms been sick i Fourth street, Grcdicl; Trauste several davs___H. A. Gcocli is taking four days ofE lo visit, relatives in Mis- did the moving. .soiirl._i..J. II. McNrrney celebrate Its fiftieth anniversary Sun the patients at the lay evening from a month's stay d Mrs. J. B. Baker, 1107 Santa Atchison hospital, niter, the services. Bill tlay, December 9. It is Just a year and a sick sister at 'Wellington. Kas. lallon llevbevt Haiti has, his business ......Jim SachiisS lansas City-Wed- _'- ised platform' nearly tlie of is not able to work..- 11 iio iorwnrd as it did under his able and his wife went lo R the "null. It Job. How the mighty have fallen. school football's team Jost to Con- ___ Fifty Jollars worth of furs was sto- stokers (or the new corclla 13 to 0, Time was when Delot len Wednesday iiiglii Itom out- building on. the O. J. Dpnunon farm west of Etflnglmm. Thu thief M-cnt to Not only was the main floor of'-Me- boilers are beln? Inslallco In tnc power was heart broken when Its tcajiis dl< ted. Thirty-live musk- ink, Uiree skunks below therri, and cnjo.vmg Uie excelleutj :__Bob "Wlnii was seen going down live possum hides constilutert the loot. nslc furnished 'by the orchestra Main '.street the other day wilh four discovered yesterday morning and reported lo the sheriff's office Immediately. Ii wn isited the farm wUHe the fwutly was attending nn cntertnlnmcnL nt Uic district school house. Clty_ was at the .shops Wed- placed her, over the most success- of Inst week In a hospital at KHnknkce visited' relatives nt Ills., from couipllcatioiis following an League always 'scores but appendicitis. Twelve outdistanced own 'best .record' years ago her husband was one of the tchlson. Clmmplon. Mrs. Andcreck Is survived by her The board of trustees of the 1mlI' have the hall to be kepi, locked nl nights. _: Mrs. Irving Sloan, who underwent aii operation at the Atchlson hospital sev- eral days was taken to her home on Spring street .ycstcrdny. She isido-1 ing nicely. Courtney Turner has returned from a biulm'53 trip to TCJCBS. He 'wbn't in his car and covered miles In Tex-1 ns. He was in Grande 'country and Ii enthusiastic over 1 band, who Is now In the employ of the j Associated Press, by four children nnd her parents. Mrs. Andereck was a splendid woman and made many friends during her slay ol a year or so nnd jewelry worth several any blame for the crash. Ed Thcls p was the first mnn lo reach the scene.' Later n lew motorists stopped, nK the two cars had to b? removed from the highway to let traffic through. Orargft Harouff, coroner, said there will be an inqticsl tomorrow afternoon j nt 2 o'clock to determine the cmise of Hie death and to find out whether the responsibility can be fixed. Flat t re nnd Jnhne reported the nncldent im- mediately -after it happened and yes- terday morning came here to make u formal report to Sheriff Will Cr-lirnan. Young Lnssen Imd lieen a driver for the Smart grocery store on West Wain street. He was regarded by his em- ployers ns nii extremely cautious tlrlv- rr. Plaltre said he believed he (Flal- tre.t was ririvJiiB about 2a or 30 miles "an hour nl tlic time of the accident nnd that both cars were equipped with rood lights, Louis Robert Bu'stcr Hani is here froth Oklahotna Cily, John Douglas: I'm tired of being p'oiir aged traveling men will bo guests of. honor "at the banquet to Ix; given. nt the Hotel Astor In New York next Tuesday evening by the National Traveling Salesmen's Foundation. They first of the week. Checks totaling approximately 000 will be mculiHi Monday to the Ex- chmige National and the City Na- tional batiks, It represents money which courts have held the county col-H mer. In' Joe qttle meii and hog men he South -market he Is. very.-; popular. He has aUvays bern on the quare. In' the new firm, Cleary-Rush, Mr. Clary will have chairite of the cati- le department'; "Mr. Rush will have j :harge of the hog new f :irm will be ready for business Decem- j her 3. n i, 'Hie following Hem from Gazette Is IntercstlnR- Gabel family Itved in .five or siv years ago: Mr. and Mrs. W, S.' Gabc! of Beloit have announced the: narriagE? of their daughter. Miss Irene, o Mr. W. Alva Spencer, which was solemnized by Rev. Father Monis at St -Mnllhows parish In Cnlif., on'Saturday, November Tlie couple arc enjoying n honeymoon j trip along the Grand Canyon ami ie at home soon In Long Beach, ,hc groom has it garni job with a gas company. Irene is a young.lady consicleitible charm nnd "many talents.' and is most popular Among tlie'young people of this territory, where sha was, born and grew to young womanhood., She Ls a graduate of the Mount Saint Scholnstica in Atchlson and has also "j had special work nt the Kansas-State t Agricultural College, hi Manhattan. Latest preliminary estimates ,from gover n tnenta 1 sou rccs n nnbunced througn the December I crop report Is- f -sued last nlgnt from the i development department of the Santa. -J railroad, by J. F. Jarrell, manager, i't show Kansas leading in the production i j of winter wheat, with bush- 'j Is. Nebraska Is next with j ushels nnd Oklahoma third with G2.00D. In corn Kansas ranks 'fifth Lth bushels. Iowa isTlrst, llinols. second, Nebraska, third and Missouri, fourth. "Reports 'to the Santa says the report, "from the U Kansas .counties in which the rail- way operates, and from reliable sources n the 33 other counties. Indicates j acres have been.... planted to 1 wheat In the state. The condition is better than that reported-ln December j :ast' year for Ihe 192D crop, which ;he second best on record." The Christmas health seal drive Is starting out with n bang, according to A. W.'Seng, city manager. Generous checks are being turned in for the pur- chase of .these Half 6C the money received will be kept locally. No: vital statistics .arc yet. at hand Tor but j KanSas had a- very 'good-tuberculosis record for 1927; It showed the lowest i number of deaths In any year since It j began, manufacturing statistics. V Thsi 1 total tuberculosis dcatlis for the state numbered G45, as In. 1917, i a cut of 372 In teu years. But be noted tlmt 1927 had new reported. Based on the death reports a nd ca se roper ts It Is believed tho t there are1 6.000 active cases of tuber-: culolsis In Kansas at the present 1 Kansas has three tuberculosis sarii- toriums, one- at Topeka, one at and the state sanatorluni at.Norton. lEctcd Illegally from banks by_ _ -placing their capitals and surpluses under an incorrect classification. Ap- insuKcd." men arc disagreeable when they are one-Uiird sick. Mihs Joic Lyndon U spending this hundreds of dollars were stolen Wed- j Week In Kansas City. ue.sday night between 8 and 10 o'clock j Liyod Raisch the yoitne; man will) IhouRht, from his examination, that Turner, banker: ,-'As cnndi-' It probably would be difficult to p ace d t fj. prcsSllcnl'o( the Kiwanis niin fnr Prt I ,i i I r in petting my first touch of politics. And I find politic.1; corrupt, Daily I find myself being doubled crossed." H. T. Beebc, vclernn engineer of the Missouri who formerly lived In Atchisou, Ls here from ConcordSa to- day visiting with friends. He is accom- panied by his son. Harold EJeebe Mis- souri Pacific engineer from Kansas City. Ed Short, Missouri Pacific dispat-, cher, went in Omahn yesterday his wife, who underwent nn oneratton In ;i Iiospltal there several days ORO, Mrs, Shoit will probably return home" with her husband tomorrow. She'has been making R "nice recovery. Everett Granger and his wife of Chicago nre in town, accompanied by Granger's sister, Mrs, 'W. D. Par- tin of Kansas City. Mr. Granger is an example .of "the boy who made ns H. T. Webster, cartoonist, suys. from tliD O. E. Ulaclccter home at 70S Mound street. The Inmny was away at the time and returned at 10 o'clock to find their house ransack- ed. Th'c thief had broken'In the back door. Many articles of clothing were stolen as well as a ladles' watch mid n Jeweled ring. Police are Investigating tlic cose. Th2 Atchison colored drill team of the Kniphls Templars won second place al the Knights Templars con- ]CgSg up with flu. lave held in Kansas City, Kas., lasljrinda. Iowa. Marriage license: W. J. Normllc.and Marguerite Hill.iboth of Atchlson, A. A. Bennett's'first name is Arthur. How many Atchlson folks knew tlmt? Mrs. 3. '418 Pftvallfll slieet, spent'Thanksgiving at a million of heL- family Whlthig, Kas. Mr. nnd Wallace Hinkle, ,039 Kansas were guests yesterday of Mr. tino" Mrs.1 George Berry of Cla- Lassen was born In Texris, nnd was -brought to Atehlson with Jils pnrents when aboul .yoar old, He lived here ever since. He attended the Atchlson high school but went to work, a little more than fl year ngo, The funeral .services will be held al Hie LflKstm' home Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock. The Rev, M.1 O. 1C el 11 son, pastor of the Christian church, will hold Hie services, Mr. -and Mrs, GeorRO Harouff have charge of the funeral arrangements. J Tins hoy Is survived by hl.s father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Mllo E. Lassen; by hl.s sisters, Edna, Confine, Hcrthn, JJorothy and Trmn; nnri by his broth- Glen and Mllo, jr. His brothers Besides Atchlson, there were epresentations from Topeka. Leavcu- worth. Lawrence, and Kansas City, as., present. Mrs. A. M- Andrews, chairman of the Red Cross committee campaigning for tied Cross memberships, 111 district lauctdry force for striking-