Sunday, May 23, 1926

Atchison Morning Globe

Location: Atchison, Kansas

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Text Content of Page 1 of Atchison Morning Globe on Sunday, May 23, 1926

Morning Globe, The (Newspaper) - May 23, 1926, Atchison, Kansas THE SUNDAY MORNING GLOBE. .PRICE FIVE CENTS ATCHISON, KANSAS. SUNDAY, MAY 23, 1926. -TWENTY-TWO PAGES FORTY-NINTH YEAR. NO. 13058 Everybody Is So Proud of the New Whitelaw Hotel, Nobody Has Asked if It Has Nine Foot Sheets FIRST TRIAL OF J, R, BAKER DEAD AFTER FATAL CRASH Burlington Plug Strikes Auto mobile at Grade Crossing Near Sugar Lake OTHERS ARE INJURED Jlrs. Baker Mr. nn< Airs. Kenneth Kliulitly llui-t Boy Es- capcs Willi Scratches. .Toxcjih H. Itakcr. SS .vcnrs ufiigo iMiiurl I'dvlflc s, injur, -iuiMli NVIilluli r .S'l'ldlsU. sov.'li Klislniy tMMif 'nt Slimim his wife, w mil Mr. tind Mr.-, nil (heir son, -Inn d, of Alchl lust nlKlit NEW DRY PLAN California Deputy Sheriffs to Be Enlisted In U S Forces ANDREWS ANSWERS CRITICS Says Present No Time to Talk oi' States Righti In Prohibition, Ti AKsoclntoil Prr-? about 11 U, when Mi car collided with a Kuillni: tun I ruin on Ibe c rnssin inllrs cjisl fit AUhison, On the con Mr.'llaker dtc.l rhts morning nt 1 :H o'l'ti'vlr. two hours 11 f I er Hie accident, at Ibe AlchisiiiL mot aim; sniil 11ml Mr-. prol My wotdd recover, mid thai Mr. m Mrs. Neiiliiih wove not In n serluns i complicnllotn. ilnnlor .N'eTiliiiii wns not taken to Ibe. hirtpiliil. His only injury is 'i wrenched ris-bt thumb. Mr. linker wits terribly cms-bed. skull wns fractnved nl its Iwse, hoth thighs, ankles nnd both wrists were tin.lien: be received interim! in- Juries of a most mi lure, and probably broken ribs. linker lias n broken collar hone. Severe bruises about 1 lie body, rind prohnnly Imevnnl injuries, (lie liii'e of whieli cannot delcrmini'd until lille Inihiv. Kenneth who is the mun- here for Hit.' Unlun Tele- riilifornln deputy slu'rlffs JLJ fl-d prohibition officer "ordered to Itiy by A Wjistnni'' 'Secret nty Andvew.s if Hip iMiib'im tilifh r nianl r-il In I'residi at I lo etnplov county' mi il mi mil1 1 I police ir itry hiw euforeemphl Hi- nimonnced local nrfic woiiUl nsctl (inly iti CttLifortiLii fdr urtil I tint u Jhc ficltfJil diuc udiitd lio itriirinul ti iffs Ni) tonsnlt In hiil hi is In i ml Inn of llu- now cxwutivc onlcr scinilo nf (li vhlo 'nuiro vitihl Vttlsfi'iiil law'. t Hint Itilk ntioiit stale's now inovn to prci cnfijrcoiLU'nl of llu JiMH-rnl wro'r ILif ISH nhin'iil In tlji- f-nnstii 1] n nrcl. "llii-y i In- EViVirt; JiitiOLiE slutiild linvo Mil' polU >r by (be .slulo. us lo tisi1 iiolloo miikliit: tlic jurlstliqllon concurroul wi-cn Itio fodcrnl mul sluli1 ijnvv i M'nis. 1 nuiHi Icttti on UK> ai oinm unit it's to rarry tht'lr liurch'ii hfuiM-fiin'iil of iJn: inolilbiti'Hi Nettltil In Knviil Dislriif.- AiiMmrliy priivlcU-'l tlio I'xrrull doslfccl lr> pi of rut'ril ictl, itd n-.un tl tl only closer (Ii'iu-riiL U ut The New Hotel, Which Opens Tomorrow. REBUKE TO BOTH SIDES Baldwin With .Miners and Owners. WORKERS DETERMINED Will Not Hotuni al Lower Wages In Spile', of Suffering. London, May his relary, i'rctider Hahtvvln IIMH sent coin- inimical ions of equally sren; rebuke to both Iho infni'M in id mine owners for Iho Impossible. nlHuido they are adopting which prevents Hie nt'a eai-ne.'st niienipi to efiViil y net- tle men I of Ihe con I mining dlsputi Tho conmiiiiiieations aro In miKwcr to the; notk'fi of Hie miners' reprvri In H vis tlml the Inlesl HUGE STILL IS CAPTURED Liquor Plant Near Doniphan Largest Ever Found In This Section. The still ever captured in tbe vkiniiy of Atehlson WHS in raid near late I'rldny. liiichiinni LOWER FARM VALUATIONS City Property Assessments Show Gain Over Last Year. scored Co.. li 'lilted knees iul linviulions libout 11n: fm Hint (V would be" col il pnlho v, ill Dnuiphnn nnd county officers niitl federal participated. slill, of gallon was found by Hie officers within H Hliort of llic. Missouri ri ban It, between four mid five sonlbenst of U wns in full township tnistec.s-. who nre pxiifflcio operation when Ihe officers cnme upon Jlssesiaors, took off tho l'-i percent Three men were operalliLL; Hu- jndded to renl eslale valuations hvr yenr.i ago by tho state tax commit Atehisoii counly tvnl e.Stntc n i ni'reuse in ml mi lion of over lust year. im-ordiiiK to comparison prepared yeslerdny by .1. H. (liliann, county clerk, Hie enmity as; whole show.s n slump of Itcal eslnle. onlsldo "the fives cities ot the counly decreased Jf7 j it-cord- iuy to tlie nssus-sors' returns, due prl- FRANCE HAS ARMS PLAN Would Compel Mutual Assist- ance in War ed at Russia. FIRST GUESTS urity lo the fuel that yome nf tbo that Ned (Jivt'ii ion iinllioi-iiy to cntplov dopnl v sheriff: Co.. litis n wrenched buck. volmilwVliiic Ihclr services. 11 ruined Unces. shoulders and bunds. ['rohibilion of fit'lain pcouled t advanced in tbe seniij was Mrs. suffered several broken rlli-j ami her buck is wrcncheil. ('inning I'roin The XpHllfilis and Hakers'had been nUendinc n (Entice nl Supir mill were, on Ihclr wny buck lo Alelitson when niIHsiOIL occurred. Mr. NVIdi-jb driving Ids n blue Oakland crir. nnil Mr. Hakcr was In i be Tnnit sent wilh him. Their (ind .Hinlot1 Neidli-li were in Itie rercr .scut. I'. A. II rowif s en r, wl u ilili-h. Irving .hminr in.-. I it Mrs. wns benenlh lit.- car. Wild some hetp. we her onl ftnin iM-nctilh Hie nutoniotiilc." i I tr, I'. A. Kroivii. who rtlso witnessed Hit- nccltlciil. rleclnrcd curly ibis niorn- Hint he did not Kt-e the nf llic lofoiiKtlive. nnd did not beJirnny ivliisllp of ihe train. Stnnley was- xvilti Mr. Tfrowii. made (irac- .Mi-mher.-: of lite (rain ciyw aad sev- eral motorists who rcarhcd the scene of (he accident n few inonieiiH after El irfciirreri. ulrked up UK rcfommendoil by officers the nn n mil convention Kansas State Teai-e (tffii'ers1 [Eon here tinhty. The advantage nf i) police or Kiiniv.Hlhin was oxplalnetl by Dr. .1. (f I >n en n, Ok la Iin inn t'iLy. of llus Oklahoma Imrenii. Me Kali Hint, through I tic buroa n bank hud IIM-II reduced frum nn itverKKe of one Jt week to In four nnd n half months In Oklttlmmn he.- eniise Ihe pence officers iverc nhle to vvm-J." Hironcli a central office. I. H. Wnlslon, vbtcf of police in Wichita. Ktis.. urt-vtl that i-ooix-rnlion I a-1 ween city ami county offieV-r.s, anil suyuesteil tlml officer.-; frequently would have in appre- hend ini; iriminnls if Miey would ariaiulon 1 be policy of tit.I svoik in Ibe dan; inntcnd Miller's tJlu-vrolcL ear ami u l-'ord coupe, properly of Iho I'Imery's, wns 1 near tho still, and -both wore Th'e. was loealed on Idtul In iltu'hannn eointty, -Mo., nn'd llmDry nnd Miller were both laUen to St. Joe and placed in Ihe Jliichntian comity Jail nftnr they bad Ix'cn heltl here for a short time l-'ridny lllg Ifoozc SlosU M Hie Htlll, thtt offkors ionnd Ihirty llohS of finished whlsliDy, twenty ImiTcIs fillDtl_ wilh nmyb ami forty illicit purl in My fillc'.t, TL bushel 01 noro nf yeayt, ijnanlilies of ,r, and oilier and tsnppltoH Tim sttll was complelely fitted lo uriv out capiu'lty production every lay. >Vuter was dvmvn from a we! vhlch hud liocn drilled tit tho sit colls were lined In Hie opc'ralioi ind were tlml it has hcci u onernliorr for a considcuilile time Ttn: still was destroyed by the offi 1 be mnsji and whiskey pourec mlo the ground, and tbe yeast suKiir and other matevinls rendered unfit for nSc. The officers relajned mly enough of Ihe product to consti- tuie evidence. r'uthec Dnnj-ci'mi-ily 111 ThD still was Jicar Hie of HID t'lmerys. and in tin: home, the officers found tlm fntber of the two Kinovys, 11 numerously til. Iin not dis turbed. I'riday's raid wns planned liy Sher- iff lien Keiltlersou, run! ciunc as n re- of n he iut.s condneliMl for several ascertain, if piw.sible, Hie .source of bootleg liiinor which has .HML flowing into Atchlson and DO I he lasf several months, Sheriff iH'rsomilly conducted Ihe. for Ihe still Krhlay afternoon Other officers who jinrt in- I'lndrrl AKsislntd 4 'bicf of OH.8EO last .vi-iir. The figures for Hf- iiiKham Itds yeitr and lust are 170 and linron, mul Ijuu'rislor, ami Mnsrofnb, SHS.SSO and Tlin largest loss In favnt real estate varf In Sliannon township, IIOSD of Insl yenr OthDr ownsbip fignri'.s for IWiU and 'ollow: oss ami study the advisability of fclvlny power to Ilio council to impose an n rails t Ice imine.dlntely U conflict brcnks cuil. Me also utgcd that (tie coinjfil be lo e.forclso. this jiower without the of n un- aninions vole. Shifts JltiLth'ii of Prnof. I'nnnlmity. Krnnee. lield, sboultl ob- tain in deciding n gresslon, tint, inillc conlrary to Hit existint; customs, Hu> burden of unanl- Hie mount it In sides whe vat'k tiki- lioii an 'opportunity to piibiusb fiuH that certain Individuals wert- The of the en lire conimunliy then wotihl be on the oullofik for Ibe fugitives, he deoEuret More than 100 officers reslslcred r Ihe convention loilny, s- from' I'oluniilo Oklnbom Missouri. and Joss Lancaster H3f. and 020. yain Ml. Plensniit nml and ISiJ. Tlu< real cslale vn hint ion of HID uty, Int'luilidK Alcliisou and Ihe her lowiis. is 170. us d rod with Insl yenr. 'i'lio averak'o valuation of farm-land, 'clniiive of Improveuuinls, Is acre (his year. Eiased on Ihe wlnjj figures for Hie, various t riff; Unrre (leans and Mnjoi federal proliihilloi ayejtis Tnpekn Sheriff Hninson and a deputy from county Sheriff llnrvey Hoylo ttmJ two depu ties from Ilucbaiiaircounly, anil lhrcc ferleral frnm Kansas i ml St. Joe, As the officers were r'ri rhjy 11 if-hi from ,Hn> raid, with and Kmery under arrest, Ihey me inn uy ca rs ntf town nl I he [bouse, on Ibe lonely Mlo wtis SO to jnllos tin Mr. (iordon silid. spf-iril tin1 Inuu wns IS to tulles nn >nr, which ts nhout whnt Tlie I'diib- mils for.1' r on the iif wns llnrry I'4 rind the WIIH M. (fun-tit. IJvH ICcrr Years. .f. U. Iin Vs' Aieblson liornit yeiirjt npo, to work ns n Iclii' In .tho Mln- 1 ni tur I A ymr bR .Vns transferred io Sbfliiuon, iis.ileixit, Client anil ninci'Mor, n poslljon he bclil iililil bU sii-tileii" dffllh UH! nU'ld. ;i linker tiorn" In Wnicult, neui- KOK CONNKCTICI1T KKKKKKNIWM. WnylilJiKton, .Mny dci-larni km In fnvor ri'ferenilum in f'onui'cH- cnl on the subject, of modification of Ibe nmcmlmcnl nml Ibe act wns imnle Uwlny by Sen- ator Hhiffluin, UepiiMLcaii. of Hiaf nl a I e. Ol bor.s wh o h a ve d crla f o r such refe.reniliiins include Senators ttoc-il. 1'eniisylvnniii, nnd Hnice, Dcihticrnt, MiirylRiul. Clly! nnd was Ibe son of Mr. and W. I-', linker. Ho was 'innrrled Inn yenrs last March 8. .Surviving Mr. Maker are the widow; his father, W. linkor, of Walcolt, who .arrived here last night, just be. fore >wii dlcil; n siller, -Mrs, lies Mo r-'ord, of and two brothers Thonins' HakeiV and K. O Ilake.r. of tin- Hotel AniprhH, Knnans Ills niotbcr. ilk-d ThD body Is nt tho Sawln A Donnhiss undorlMkhiK parlorn, the con .Mr. nnd Mm. liakor'h hopie Is nl ttl Hwvcnlh slreel. -nml ini Ni-Idtah live, at 1200 Alcliisoui wheel.1 llton of tlio roiulway indicated Ihn r .tunic days it bail been ticavll raveled. did not exist. 'rills is veeardi'd in 1 circle: answer lo the provisions of :he. recent Unsso-Mennan- thin (Jertanny, as n member of the of. Nations council will rcmnin neutral la any con III ion movement -ngnl in plain words, the French fx- plaatation is taken as II j fit If ngiiression nnllon, tternniny. Itufisln, for example, c.jinuiit ithei ny dtlu-r nieni licr of ihe council, would ne obliged t> win n iinnnimous vole, not lo prove that IliiMslii- was cnilty. but to p that she was not fUiilty. M. Paul llonconr fuvlhi-r asked ihm he by Coniiiy riwnecr" Dies. M'lilhcnn, May l-'imeral or .Taeob GiiTisohnnu, yours who (11 oil yesterdny nt his ho mile nnd n hrtlT noil beast of Itlnlr, vill IK: condnclt'd nt '1 o'clock Sunday ffernoon from the fninlly Jiome. I If a war velerim and a promln lln> league lo fnuclion innnedlntcly Ir- determine Iho en men of nmfllcls when Ihey iirenl; out, and lo on wlml economic anil Hnanclrbl lielp .sliouhl En trivcn a stato which 1 obligatory under the cuvennnl. The Vouch spokesman belli Hint pi-rinmi it sliotild dctcrniiuc li Ivfiiico the needs of all countries ti iM1 inalC'i'lals, food sfnffs. iuuailion> n ml credits, nnd Hint wli var itrotte onl tlu; eoiiiielt should hie which nntion count forwn foi- IVaco Ton-V'1'fiiKlv. Wntes. Mny ii'J, tarter ot n million inlnoi-x, iheii cbildrt-n In Iho conl I'alleys of Honlh U'nles are praying for tlu return ot Hie ilnst riir Ihei lire to know. It would mean work and llv> end o ivbU-ti stalk aloiiK Ibe lihiek rivers sunny lin.vs of Mny. Ve ihe miners, on the o their bur nn; terraced row 01 row. Ihey are delermiued lo wtarv before thc'y ivlll rcinrn lo ivork a lower Ihtin they receivh- when Hie linpnssn between Hie miner :nid the c nip foyers Mas reached May It 1-s two iveokfc nmw. lliy Las miners' pny check was drawn lu Hi valley of Iho Hhoiiddn, the Merlliy ml Strike pny has been received anywhere in S and the school children nre be- in ri fed at public use. Strikers' i-.-'i Mr. Connor e.xfK'ctfl. GIRLS IN MORALS COURT Two An-f.slrd In (liirafio Clwr May norals conn after tliey" inid i lu the, Hparimoni [of two ebon nen, Mrs. Thelinu Hndd, ind Mnrjorie llndd, of i wea 111 iy er n h ot el ue r, we. rft ml under today nnd continued unlit May Tlie Iwr. men, Dnvhl nnd .lack 'n n musical comrly here, were nlso relossod under .tun >ame bond.s until thfi .same date. of the cawo rrirno after of jhe ejilnr .HIK! Mrfl. A, Flmld of Hnfriilo, their inotjier, bblli of tho irtld fn whlrJi tlie was nrreatt-d, had testlflnl tlie hoys 1 x.; THE WKATirKR, Si [CnnBrtR Pair Siinilnv, foil Hun.lay, Fair Siimlay ainl ttuiday; rlHlng li-niiiccaTuni Suuilay ii .Mnn'lax. nl ,T a. m, toddy, n- itb I niil. ami t the mi ti rs LIQUOR GHIfl' cinibllrun ntid Ucniocrul I nile in Kuvorhiij KefcLctHhim ClevL'liind, Otilu. May .Mnnricn hi.Hclike, Itcpuhlican mitioiud coinmit- for Ohio, anil W. it. county chaircaii, today milled hi expressing tbeitist'lves In1 nr of a stale-wEde referendum on prohibition. "Tlic liiniov finest Ian Is with us once MnscKki- sjiid. "The ,-tion oiiKlil to he settled. I'ntll it people be elected on the Imsta whether ibcy are JT dry lu- st fad of I heir merits as cnnilirln IC-s. The rniKhl to hold n referendum and Ihe out of poliilcs." positive in his lousal of H referendum. thirteen wcck.s' wtrlkr many deb's mnde lu thai uerli nre' St-hool children sn the. cEiEhlren have shown si u nder-nni iris time n1 si nee I lien. l''sl E- incites En rlinis. show that Hie of Hi'1 mi tier In Smilh U'alcs U :ihont -IS shilling, or threii lo five rooms cosln nlMinl a week. Tlie hoiisins is aculc il penpli- live In all sorl.s uf places. Tin- houses' are In a danger- ons condlHun, Al >Lnoy, at Ibe head of 1lie vnlley, of old I ills <hns used houses (n SCRPLUSFOR U.S. TREASURY Increased Col Lections Make It Possible. Will Amount To The Associated May -livnHUry surplus nC move Hum for tho fiscnt ycjiv ending Juno ilCI wns de- cliirc.O ussurcil today by treasury offi- cials OLI the basis of Increased icvenuo collections last month over a yenr ago. Uc.snile tlie lux ri'iUirtlon wbteli is now In full effect revenid! for April totalled or more Ibau WJis collected April. tOLV'- Incofne lax. ni'rount for Itie im-ri'iise. returns from tnlMcelhineonH ta.ves, most vhleb. were repealed ef- Apfll fii'nt. slmwlui; ;i Tlie lax collections wen- ?fiV itu increase of over hist April. MlscelltiuOdiis lax rc- vvlpls (oliilltiil r, itc.rreasc of The total of Internal revenue- re- rcEi'ls Tor 1hc (irsl ten innnlbs of this fiscril V.HII- iini'innted lo tin hu' of over tin- snine (K'ti'iil of Ibe prevluiis Hsfciil MUSSOLINI FOR SEA POWER Kiili.ui Dirfulor li> (irniin In "liulj'.s Iniliii-e." {Ity Tin- t rows and lean iiitners 11 re ttt bonsei lo os I.T 10 iniy M i'Vl'1'.l forced by Hie buy many of these phi [irohlbllive rents. Di'htsi add distress everywhere, as the miners owe rein for months am) are unable in imy for t lie 3'ear's "rorery bills. Tin- Irndes in n 11, n re I h ten I ei MI I wl Mi t'li u tc TO ASK DATE FOR VOTE i TMI AUtlon fur. Ilia week liPKlnnliii; Munilajr: l-'Hii-r nn.l Lower Mlmnii l.ftral M on Jay or TIIC ilty a till ncalii laiior part olhnrnUo coi erally Talr: wdrincT Monitiy, cunfcr Vat itny or warinor nl-nnt Tliu ky Mntimnin nml I'lftfrdn ,M frilly -fiilr, unit nvar Drnvfr -Ifan Asks cf Agafiut WriuKl-Iti! Killer Denver. Mny A; Hall, wealthy Denver broker, who imrrowly escaped ilcnlli' when- shot by n disgruntled Insl Saturday, lotlny a letter to Hlsirit'j AttonH-y Olluc- askini; that n of murder his be db- inissed. ''My from ilctalli seem-i littb1 Hhort of n he wrote. "My Intention bus been ever I leiuned how narrowly I death io chralt! OKI by refusing to cnle Mr. lloltv. T understand he is In'thn flnnl of He haK been n soldier nnd hwa frtced but- leH lilmsirlf. And f earnestly not In Hie nparlmenl .when ir -waV TnM.MV >Bjt And I earnestly rnldeil nnd lhal youiiK nu-n v.ere porilmi or riien lair yon to (IhnilsM the well to Ilio Hndd fnmllv, f .-17 However. Hall a-Idcrl n postscript fmld ihe VnNi W-- nt SVn.V.urs Por' cif tbe luolher inui Tilw- Ihe Klrls, on t.'Oiiii'ilainl HiKt IJie bail vanished dheir 'nr week; IMffnlo liuiiw. denllnp with my firm aiv prlvl- leh'cd lo stiool mi1. 1l merely" means 1 tml fri'' already in the sbinlow of tleuili." Clitic Is Ariea, I'hile, Mny ChlJe intend lo deiniiud that the 'E'acna-Arh-.i ph'l Isclliiry coinmlsslon select n date ft the deterndnnllon Hie c ttie dl-ipined u-rrllury us soon as The ('lillenn dcleKuie--i iha Ilia ended day, were cnrrii-d out ;n tlml there is mm- flintier tu i .but to nccordliiKly to n selc tlon of the dnte for the plebiscite. Tin intiihi Hint Ihe. IV'E-iivEiins, who dl mil parlklimle In the- jivted-entirely tif their onn will. Tbe [XMslhlllly of re-opeiiliis Hi reylstrullon WUH ileiiiuiin-ed Hio I'lilh'iins wh" nsieri thitL U Is In pnMlhlc to do this under the ctcclori; liiw- nnd that In any such n would unfair to Chile. IVrinhi nnd Atuertcfin clJilms thai eomllilot In Iho K free and vole prohlenmHciil. the I'Mlenn eo leml are, refuted the fnet Ihnl t concrete AT a frt jiH-ljisclle hnvi.' offered. ..iinl Ilif llii Is [r a messni-e io the CenOli ami Ihe i.lgiiriiiu coast Hml e new U'.'tuau empire Intends tu ro- Tbr voyage, on tlie uecasioii of lin- er eat h of Italy's '-a a nee inlo Hie World war. Is f..r 1 he in [Kise nf pr.iclalnilmi i" a i-iry. ini'-e was the aval rcnler. the motto of llalv's fill lire nl The sailed from Napl.-s thi-- no carrying Aupnstn Tnrnrl. ecrelnry neucral of the iiiriy, ,nil hnadrrtl nffirials no- nbles. the ves-vl lilit L-reiiljiii iir t'himicino. VUKM'H SOCIALISTS MKKT. 'arty Will on 1'arliriuaiioii in Hriaml CovcriimPiil. I'lcrnionl-Kerrund, May -Tlie nltltiidi' of iho S.n-Tsl- ;-.ts In Ihe will IK- decldi-.l for the third linu- tu o yetir-i al a luttiomil convt-nlien, I'nlntf tonmrrow. Tliy will help the In an all form a new Hereto! cabins, whcltu-r Hie contrary to wilh tin ilinurtisH (n an or whether nihblle of tbe Hicv hsve Ttie nii'il ncilvo of Ibo lea-l outsldo (vurllALLtcnt clpailnn In Hie yovcrnmcui. huhlhx Hml Tne pwrly bus ulreAdy been emM by IH vonipvuJiiUliiK wlih Ihe nnd Is steadily hiiJ fuico lo the