Saturday, January 5, 1878

Atchison Globe

Location: Atchison, Kansas

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Text Content of Page 1 of Atchison Globe on Saturday, January 5, 1878

Atchison Globe (Newspaper) - January 5, 1878, Atchison, Kansas THE GLOBE. A Daily Evening Poster Devoted to Gab and Gossip, and Paid Locals, PRICE. TWO ( ENTS. ATCHISON, KS.. JANUARY />. 1878. VOE. I. NO. ll. Important to Young Men! Handkerchiefs. Suspenders, Neckwear. Glove*, Hats and ( ups. Underwear, etc.. THOMPSON’S CENTS’ EMPORIUM. 7“HILLS & H ULKY, Grocers, keep ev-erytliiiiK In rhelr line, :inO •'ell right. NY J A NORTON A; SON. Gold and silver c NYniches, Jewelry, etc. Repairing. on somebody if I didn't shell out. I good-naturedly* advised him not to kill me till I got hank. as it would do him no partieular good. But if he hungered aud thirsted after my life he might pop away; he would find the money in my side eoat pocket. You see I wasn't a d—d bit seared. Eve had them things pointed at me before. When I was a cashier of a bank in Texas, a son-of-a-gtm came in one morning and leveled bis shooting-iron at me. on account fit’ some imagined personal affront, and I told him la* had Our Exchanges. < hit‘ago Trihuiie There i> a proposition on foot. hut of course it is simply ridiculous, to marry the Colorado stone man to the | mu rilled girl of North Carolina, as they ar** Im Uh such hardened characters. I’he public debt was decreased during last month $71.02.1. Ibis is th** tir-t time for several years that the month of December has shown any reduction in th** national indebtedness. The Mexican journals are not more C A VVKBKR, Clothing, Furnishing Good bister put the thing down, as it might ^'liable than they are newsy. They rc-aeeidentally go off; that be might ire! <*cntlv congratulated their Government Springfield. .Mr. Hmm ha- b«***n a successful banker in fbi- Slat** for manx years. A" a banker be enjoyed tin* respe**t and confidence of the general public . a- xx <*11 as of all tin* bank- and other financial in-titution*. Tin* trouble xvii Ii Mr. Bunn is that which affects -o many, fin* -brinkage in vain** of all forms of property, and the xxant of confidence p«*mling the -tringent mca.-ure.-to e-tablish -perie value- in gold. The business of Mr. Bunn bas bern a large one. Since ISTA la* ha- bren comp* lied to take property on which In* find loaned money, and ba-tim- become interested in eistilleiies, in mine-, and iii otli- et<*. suit.-made to oni**!*. suM'om’i-t. sort of nervous aud pull tile trigger nu- 0,1 Ph'i the jii*ti«e *>t Mexico .- <t operation- which bax** r**mained unpresent position batt heeome so appar- productive and have shrunk in value. cut. even in the Ceiled Slates, as to rims. though Mr. Bunn's personal cause tlie overthrow of their areli-ene- wealth xvas great, bi- investment 1 - have DM SALIM.LR A* (>., * ig ti - & Tubac- intentionally like. Ile wisely followed * co». ‘s A K., ’ loc; ‘ V unity H air, ’ 5<*. my suggestion—be put tin* pistol back CHI As. N. REGNIER, ijucen-xx arc. Larg- in bis pocket, lh* hadn't more'll got   "»• «'•>••» «*'• '«*'«"* » «*•* came up bebiml bim and lilted him one greasers been diminishing daily limier the approaching shadow of gold value- ai I The Boston Board of Trade ha- gone ot 'practical paralysis «it industry and to the unnecessary trouble of adopting i business, I lien* is no qite-iioti of the my, President Hayes. Th* era arc naturally Tildenites. I All. .1. T. THATlHKII, Homeopathist, j ... . .' .    ...    ,    .....    ... , U Office in Burlies' block, 512 ( on.’I -t.    with his boot, anil I 111 denied if be Ullin t _ ,    . , , ,    .............. . v .,    ...    go clean through tin* *loor. It made f KG AL TENDER RESTA IR AN I VV M f.    ......    ,    .    .    .    i    • .    •.    ..    .. SCHAA*’, Pro. Fixe meal ticket-tv.r si.    bun s(fcunad f bat lie veiled murder, and    resolutions against the remonetization |M*r-onal integrity of .Mr. Bunn: all SMS Hit v M > \ Fit, Ma ii apron lie “ii H    pistol three times in the air of silver. The West and South are ar- ov, * f ' State conlidenee in bis Imnes- \ I i' i < * a it, ’ ’ ami dealer in smoker’.- good.-,    without stopping.    rayed against a solid section of    money-    P v "'iii n'inain unbroken; be bas been, /Amas, i'lrry, Ho.— Mu»icMtm, a tell i- “But I was speaking of    the xx ay    tin*    lenders in this matter, and they    are go-    Uke countless tithers, taught in the toils soil. Don' t tail fusee nim I nab re bu v ing    people took my failure.    The fact    is.    ing to have their way. Boston    may as    whieh t he Gold Bing are drawing closer I | HR ADNER, the Merry A ii lieu-cr .Man    the people xveltr so excited that I feared    well ac**ept the inevitable. I I. A KOO, I maut., kin rn.    fur my safety, sn I resolved to absent    j The London Times, which    has all J^ # (,I^T;!in^wi^7.*tm-c'Atclhs<m'? ,, ** K * r *     bl< '"     An ‘ l       'M'^'eated    any    pill ■xeiteuient here I am.    in Kurland rcoardin-f tile war, hastinal- D. lnKlmValal'phimls'itKsTTKmL    ""    HI    yon hell,-vc it when I say that Iv calic,' upon the Liberal lo nrt sin'v n u n c c c    Hic hank was not to blame for the fail- say whether they will support the tiov- \Y SKY Virahl wanted'inVar-load I,a..'''    " r, “'    " ,li ' 1 not speculate in any-    cr cut in ease the ipicsti......I war /'N l ls HOISE, Atchison, Kansas.     >M " X '. W> '<*"*}    a vote in Parliament.    TI,ere \ J Hi'hnks & to , Proprietors. Leading    money on good leal e-tate    -ce un tv    un-    is certainly a great sioniliean*** and eloper ex cry day. i'l Is MOI SI-., Atchison, Kansas. I . I . Hi hm;s A * o , Proprict<>rs. Leading hotel of the .Missouri Valley. Even mo<lern convenience amt improvement. •R bs til it xvas all gone, when a rush was declaration that the time for silence ha rp M. PI KUI K, Attorney at Law , Atchi-X • aoli. Ollie** iii I Jethe’rington hank bl'k. I ROEHLER A KHKRIIAU1), Dry Good* A Not ions 4o.*{ ( oin' I st. NY B T IL MOWL,Manufacturing (Oiilection- m cr, a) I < our’I st. Wholesale ami retail I.LORI. Inlyin<; a Railroad Ticket, VV .Kinks. 212 t ommercial street ■ce ( M* PILL A ALLKN, Wholesale, Atchison. Compete with anybody I IFILL <>1 Is.—Ho,-» place. Oppo.-it«‘the j BigOtis. Taylor A I racy. MIKLER’* RLSTAl RAN I —Four meal tickets fora dollar. Meals at all hours. II Iv M Iv I) Ll ll LIM NY. FON’.- KXI HANCK HANK —General banking busines- tran-acte*!. ATM iM.Ns A HRO., Wholesale Liquors. I all for the “ M . AT.,” ami try it. AMI ATTA N !• ii** In.-, to., of N . V. L. A. Aldeisiii;, re-i<leiit aji'ent LLS HA’ A SIMPSON, Furniture. I ai rifest hon e in tin' Yallex mttde on tile hank. Of course xvi* could not pay. -<> xve had to close. I went into that hank with $2o.(MM) aud came out a poor man. I turned everything over to my creditors, which i- mort* than some men would have done. A hanker in a neighboring toxvn xve ut into busine.-- on $12,000. and in two years he closed his doors xxitli $50,000 liabilities and no assets, ll** speculated in corn. A hanker in our town—you know him—went under a short time ago. His liabilities exceeded his assets. but because In* was a deacon in a church, and bad alxvays prated about bis honesty, people didn't cuss him a hit. hut sympathized with him in his •misfortune.'as they called it. True, a few wordly fellows expres.-ed a tierce determination to choke *1 Ii* 1 A great fault of the newspaper- of to-*lay is their entire adaptability to tin* xxant-of men aloin*, the Indies seldom finding an item or paragraph that can pos-iblv be eon-trued to interest them. Some of these days. if proper arrangi -meats can In* made, we propose to pub-li-h t xx ice a xxeck txvo or more columns of society or fashion news. which we intend shall be furnished us by those most interested, and which xx ** have even a— .-limner they xxiii do. A id ill* of vailing Wen* lei I Phillips, having completed bulies—with atty a-i-tnnee their genius lecturing campaign through the iliMiien friends might Im* capable of ivn-\\ e.-t. has ret tinted to Boston to spend dering could make tile society department high!' - interesting, while th** mat- passed and the hour for decided -peech has rome. The Times does not lead. hut alxx.’lrs follow-, public opinion. Hic holidays. The Herald of I lint city has interviewed him as to hi< observations and impre-sion- of W estern «enti-nient on t he silver question. Mr. Phillip- says that he xvas astonished at lh** profound, intense feeling on the remon- roti- xvoitld tm doubt materially a--i-t in fashions, home improvements, etc. Poi* th** present these items xviii be pub-1 i-hed on W edne-day and Saturday evenings, ami xx** herebx invite eontri- ctizatiou subject, xx bidi equally per- tuition- from th** people of this city xx Im waded the ranks of both parties. I he : ait* interested. W e don't want anvilling conviction prevailed almost universally regarding the Pari-st vies, but of the in the West. lie says. that there must la* a change in the financial policy of I he Government. Ile says he lectured to more than forty Western audiences a- old bv po- West as Omaha : that lie was sttr-erite. but they well* promptly frowned    ,    ,    .    ,    , ......    •     1    1    *    rounded    everywhere    bv men who waut- R GKO. I>. LKVVis, Physician ami si,,*- ,,mvn *»>’ the ebiirelt people. Ile spee- K**(»i), Atchison. Rooms and o iii ce, aln * ommercial street, upstair.-. A “BUSTED” BANKER. He Relates His Story in the Hearing of a “Globe” Reporter. Ile was from Arkansas.aud xvas talking to an old friend formerly of bis toxvn but now a resilient of Atchison. II** Hinted in lings. Blit I didn't speculate, and was accordingly enabled to pay sixty cents on the dollar. But as I ani an unrighteous cuss. peopl* deliberately swindled them. •‘The men who complained the least xv ere tho-** who could ill ti lib rd to lose. Of course they felt rather gloomy over their losses, hut they knexv that th cd him to discuss the monetary *jii**--tion. '’The wish to bar** silver renion- late things in Atchison, nor will we publish a plan for building a nim* story hsiise at an estimated cost of $50.(100. We xxant something praeticle and common sense. Positively no room for Ptench or Latin expressions, or compositions *>,, spring. Send us anything concerning -eliods, parties, balls, fash- said, in reply to the question as to how f;|j]m*t> wu* unavoidable. 'Plicy kneiv the people took tile news of his failure : t i,. lt a hank was like any other institu- Miu -is I tm etIZ<Hl iS HS m ‘ nr, * V ,um,,i,n,M,s ;,s HHV ion, a new way lo cook Im-cf-teak. I in t it 1- . Uln political question ever is." and that la* some babies or pretty mothers, Sunday ‘think I have    .»    ,.     1 •‘found more than nineteen men out of. schools, choirs, church news, gossip, every twenty iii favor of that idea.” s Wvv babies, arrival- aud departures. The question of eternal punishment et**;, and we will -<*«* tlint they arc prop->f the im**onvei t<‘d is in a fair way to eiiy arranged arni clas-itied. We albe r***Iiseiis-**d bv lh** ilivines. The r**- really baxe the promises of three «*mi-****nt s**rmon of the Bey. if. Ward ncntly r**-p«** tabl** and inl«*lligent la-B**<*e,ber against th** duel rim* of everla-t- <li**s to contribut**. ’Pile real nam** ••Well. soul** ut them were in favor o f tin,)- -that it couldn't live without pat- torture of the impenitent bas pi**- should be given in all cases, but only as banging, some in fax'or of shooting, but th** mass of the populace were unanimously in favor of administering to me a coat of tar and feathers. Th** most violent xxv re ti lose who w* re the richest and had lost the least. For instance. there* was Deacon Doolittle, who lost sixty dollars, and i- wort ii his fifty foliage. So many hank failures hail ma* ie people cautious. They” were afraid to deposit, and accordingly shoved their looney in their stockings. Tims** who hail money in the hank drew out aud se we* I it up in mattresses. 'Pilafs how it cam** that I failed. yoked a great ileal of **riti**i-m in th** a guarantee of good faith to the editor. East iii clerical circles. 'Pin* orthodox who i- ninety years old. ami a goo*I clergy of Philadelphia are organized, hand at keeping secrets. Loook out with few exceptions, into a society for th** first installment next YV'ednes- knovvn as th** Ministerial Pinon. Fri- day. and try aud scud iii something Ix*- dav last th** Pnion considered th** sub- for** that tim**. If tin* men have habits * # ject.of Hell. The result of the discus- you want to abuse, sail in. Questions aion was th** adoption of th** following answer***!, and so forth. The Putted States Gra-.-lmpper Pom-mission—of which our I’rot’. Riley is ••Bank failures have just fairly com thousand, declared that a rot ie was too menced. In the next few mouths bun-1 positive resolution, on motion of the goo*! for me—that I ought to be drawn died- of them will collapse, i know Kev * I    b > 11 ns n | ^ vote:    lie ~ and quartered. One man who lost whereof I speak.    \    noised, That we put on record, as the |     t    r t Wn*»»in«rG»r» $105 foliowtxI me all the way t*> the “I .im.’t u-nnt am- mon* baiikinL- in    of    this    body,    that    the old oithi*-;    ’     h    litionui ammmri i dox doctrine ot tut lire and endless pun-    An    a iLitmn.d appiopn.i- ishment ot the finally impenitent is bon tor th** aid ut the eomiuisKiou is to I firmly livid l»y all Kvanm'lical .'liun    Ah    l..n« uh gmttl>0|>|*n) hanking iii way r*> me *q don't want any train the morning I l**ft town, begging nihil*." me to give him his money. He -aid lie    —■— - was despeiate—that he must have his    There may    in* a more aggravate -------,    .    ^    ^^ money or my life. He hail followed 'circumstance in the worldftlmn to collie of this day within our limits.    i     aiMl l>‘»«at*»-nigs *l*>troy the ^ crops ot me prepared for the worst, and lie pro- down stairs at four o'clock in the inom-^v The j>eople of th** State will hear with ! c<auvnling^he^** jtln*irbabits^sind diiced a revolver from his pocket, ami j lM ri to build a tire and find the matches j saWprise and regret of th** fail un* of Jar the ineth*xl- of * lest r« wing them will la* said he might have occasion to use it all gone, but we doubt it.    |    cob    Bunn,    tile    well-known    banker of worth all the money ft exists.

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