Wednesday, November 21, 1855

Vinton Eagle

Location: Vinton, Iowa

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Text Content of Page 1 of Vinton Eagle on Wednesday, November 21, 1855

Vinton Eagle, The (Newspaper) - November 21, 1855, Vinton, Iowa FOR South half of Section one and the North quarter of Northeast quarter of Section twelve 12 in North of Range fourteen 14 containing 360 acres of first quality prairie land Watered by a running stream and within about miles of two sawmills and with a flourishing settlement the Northeast quarter of Northeast quarter of Section twentyfive in Township eightysix North of Range fourteen 14 having eomo wood and timber up on Apply to the subscriber at Cedar if ESX3BAY NQTIOB TAKEN UP by the subscriber about tho 2Jth of last one Yoke of Oxen of about 5 years one of a brindle color with a star in his with white nnd short straight horns tho other of a red color with some whito on his left jaw and back with short horns turned each ox has a small piece off the point of each No other marks or brands Appraised at THOMAS Attest per Jurncs fees LeRoy Benton 3e in front part of McCartneys Law ilieriflfs Y virtue of an Execution issued out of the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Benton of on the 27th of Sii and directed to mo in favor of Samuel Ilrce and Michael Boris and John JVIcClarren and in pursuance thereof I have levied upon and shall offer at public sale at the Court door in the Town of on Saturday the 24th day of November between the hours of 9 and 4 to the highest fm cash in nil the iiilsrest and of the said Michael Borts and John iMcClarrcn of in and to tho following described prem to wit The north If of the northwest quarter of Section Township 82 north of Range 10 wesVin Benton County to satisfy said Execution and WILLIAM Sheriff n42 Benton USE THE MAGIC IMPRESSION For Writing without Pen or Copying Patterns for Marking Linen and MANIFOLD rpIIIS article is absolutely the best portable Inkstand JL in the known for a small quantity folded and placed in the pocket constitutes ft traveling ink which cannot be No pen is for liny stick sharpened to a point writes equally ns woll as the best gold pen in tho it is It the whole art of draw ing and painting truight in ono Any Ihuit or Juowor can be transferred to tho pages of an with a minute and distinct resemblance of na With equal facility pictures and embroidery pattern are and have received the highest enlo from the erx a more tasteful present for a lady could not be I he Magic Paper will nLo mark or other arti so to romnin perfectly All the in the world to bring it Any child use it with With thirf Magic like one ir four copies of every letter written can bo without any additional labor making it the eheapoyt and convenient Article It is used to great advantage by reporters for the public telegraphic operators and hosts of Eaefc package contains four different colors flsKJcnandral with full and printed instructions lor all to and will last sufficiently long to obtain iive hundred distinct It put up in beautifully colored with a truth likeness of the proprietor Each and ev ery package Prica a or five for Singlo pifkagos 25 post 1G7 Opinions of tJie Wo refer our rend to the advertisement another fwth ho mcrittof tliit and ingenious Tho cheapness should induce all to give it a is for neatness n ml and should moot the nlo it richly Just wlnii the public has and rocom ineniU ifieif to every individual of taste and refiuo Journal and 55 paid lor for the box or single tf Slaughter LAND S WWHIPP1K wouUl rcppcotfully inCorm his Iliendis and the public that ho is on band to do Surveying as record will bo pc at Sfines Furniture inton DENTAL BBATsTH just returned from the to perform all necessary dental opera tions and desires to inform his friends that he will a few for tho Those wishing his services this fall woubl do well to call im as he cxpccUi to rpend tho winter in All operations fTl HE Subscriber would respectfully infonn tho cit JL wens of Benton County that he has permanently lycated in Vinton and intends to manufacture and keep constantly on hand n large flock of consisting of Breakfast and Centre Common and Rocking Bedsteads of all Willow Mat Thankful for past favors he would solicit a uancc of the made to order and repairing at the rtest October 8m BOOT SHOE RESPECTFULLY announces to the inhabitants of Vinton and its just start its just start nd ofBoot Shoe and that heis prepared to do the best kiricl he is prepared work with neatness and kinds work Estray STRAYED from the premises of the dix miles west of about three months yellow ox with lame in one of Whoevei JONATHAN hind to be 8 or 9 years return said ox to mo shall receive Viuton PUBLIC WILL be sold to the highest bidders on the 24th on the proiniges of the in Round six miles south of four heac of horses hvo wagons nine head of work cattle one breaking plow and various other farming implements TEIWS Onall sums over five a credit oj pino drawing 10 per cent will be giv Good security The orany portion of It will be sold a private sale between now oiid the day above specified purchasers can be JAMES YO Round November 2wpd I WILL SELL ray best black Cow nnd Cnlf if tip plication jO made V 0 JAMES NOTARY Commissioher of Deeds for the States of Pennsylvania and and GENERAL LAND Witt acknowledge take draw up powers of Attorney to be used in other Lands located either for cash or on 500 Heating and Parlor of tho best and most durable including the Great Charter Golden Black Golden and a large variety of elevated and premium Farmers and house kccpci3 who are in want of good tstove will find one at Cedar Rapida tons assorted iron spring and plow for sale by kogs assorted for sale at INBOW boxes all for sale by 1 BLACKSMITHS bellows screw JL hand and sledge rnsps and shoeing farmers for salo by S ASH and lights window panel at CARPENTERS and Millwrights largo and well selected stock of superior quality at August of every variety crosehow tress for sale by IIOC1L BUILDING largo stock of 3 screws at HOUSE FURNISHING porcelain and French lined shovels and dog iiblo silver plated Brittania Ja aned sad coffee tea waffle stew mincing buck and a large stock of Tin Ware always hand at ROCK Stanberry at the Benton City Store is not But has tho largest and best selected stock of Goods ever offered for salo in Benton County Sheeting from 6 to 1 0 per Caliooea from 4J to 10 per Heit Lawns at cents per Best Ginghams from to 18 per Nails per Glass per and everything else not forget ng Wolfes Aromatic A few pieces choice Silk for sale at Benton August FT HE Subscribers wish to have it distinctly understood JL by all those that are indebted to them by note or ook that they must have their pay immerti or suffer very much for the want of and it is absolutely necessary for ALL those who have open ac to call and close them by payment or note im GREENE A A A ACRES good timber land for eale in Big 4tU by JONES For particulars enquire of John who will show the timber and ive all necessary August tf SUBSCRIBER is now receiving from New JL York a large and desirable stock of Dry embracing a general a splendid lot of Dress Cheaper than etier before sold west of the Mississippi coTipistingof Do Lawiw at 10 cents per and White Goods of avery description and common article Greents per best American Prints for 12J cents from 30 cents upland an endless variety of Ribbonrf at the Fame low Hate and a large and good assortment and cheap er than the Boots and a very largo assortment and selling at greatly reduced Ready Made very laVe assortment for men and youths for gals eh a large and pood apsoiwrnent which may be found good Young Hys per and other articles in My Goods require no h at the lowest possible I oul of my Stock to satisfy tho Goods lower for or ready pa in any other stove in tho State of strict attention to business to mcbit a share of public on Cornnkrcial 1 fa Cedar June f yl n Tea at 50 cents ing purchased them ask an inspection fiat I will sell my than can be bought and hope by CEDAR Office Stages daily for Iowa and Du May BOOT AND S building for On Ferry i moily used for ap nnilE Subscriber rcppectfulw announces to the JL xens of Vinton nnd that he has for sale and will make to order all kinds of Boots and shoes on reasonable Call agent ho is prepared to supply Dealers with a good article of Boots Shoes at wholesale or on CHEADLE Dealers in Dry Queens Boots ItertdyJiia ARE now receiving the finest and CHEAP EST Stock of SPRING and SUMMER ever the interior of this which they wil ecllas low as any House West of tho on March yl 40 FOR ACRES TIMBER L situated in Section Town Range ID Apply to m June tf SUBSCRIBER respectfully announces to the X citizens of Benton and surrounding he has just opened at the Great Western Newanc Cheap Clothing in the largest nnd most fashionable assortment of Readymado GloMiitig ever brought to this town of Pants Vests of every with all kinds of furnishing such as Hundkerr largo assort ment of traveling Trunk am Carpet He also keeps on hand a choice selec tion of such as Gold linger and ear Gold and Silver Gold Pistols Bowio all of whick he for JACOB WOULD respectfully inform tho citizens of Benton County thut he has permanently locajM himself m and has recentlyopcned an extensive as sortment of Boots EeadyJ3naderGlothing opposite the Howard Consting in part of the following v Black fancy feat French Irish sheet ali pop all of which will bo sold at the lowest highest market price paid for Vinton ROM the most reliable information his eiistbmers are able to declare that therfeis a positive War be tween Stanberry nnd High to the groat ment of the latter and long one hundred percent He continues to prosecute the war with a large and reasonable Stock of Dry Hard war Oils Dye Agent for Towsends and Bulls Sarsapartllasj dena and f amount of venison and every other hing a man woman or child wants to exchange for good building and houses for sale in Bentou Remember thy and BiG Benton Dealer in Dye rSouthside Public Benton WOULD respectfully inform the inhabitants of nnd the surrounding that he tiaa just opened an extensive and Family Grocery at the old stand in where he is prepared to ae commodate all who will favor him with a call with the very best article nnd at lowest prices for cash or rea dy Thankful for past favors he would respect fully solicit a full shave of public His mot to is Quick sales All kinds of produce taken in exchange for goods at the highest market The stock consists in part follows BEST RIO Young Hyson and Orleans and West Loaf and Sugar House and Alum and fine Table Smoking and Chewing Vir ginia Twist and various other constantlyon and Palm arid Era sive all CAS and Patent PUKE Cider and kept constantly on French PURE Brandies and for medicinal Turpentine and Spirit Cod Liv and all the various essential Physicians are particularly requested to call nnd ex amine our stock of as we are determined to sell at prices to yl of all kinds for which the highest market price will be paid by yl ANEW AND SPLENDID STOCK OF WINTER Gr O OD THE undersigned takes this method of informing the public that hclins just received opened a new stock Fall nnd Winter embracing almost every article usually called for in the Western which he offersfor sale at the lowest possible He is determined not to bo undersold by any establishment west of the lie has sold an immense quantity of which has given him en couragement to keep on at even and he would ask those wishing to goods of any kind to call on him before and you will aston ished to learn at bow low prices can be sold for ifyou takp this be as and neglect t it will be greatly to your Among thb endless variety be found the following DRY Cloth French Mcrinosj Euch as Delaines Alpacas Pop and draw lins Ginghams Velvets Prints Broad BOOTS and Boots Ladies shoes Ghildrens of all kinds Mackinaw Com and Rubber anc j InscrtHATS every end Dress less variety Crockery and Glass i Drugs Pamti St Oils y Jan y 1 ELIJAH EVANSi JOHN from begs leave to tJ inform the publtb that he intends to carry on the bu siries of and and alec cutting hanging and stone ih imitation of putting down cisterns with water lime oj any Fecliyig grateful for fti vors and haying served a Apprenticeship he feels confident that all jobs entrusted will be ddhe a wodananjike on tittilowest terms and keopjepnst ou the shortest He antly on hand a good supply or materials for the benefit of his I 1000 willpay the i W for and Cotton wood SiiW lp cleliveredat the Vinton T fedbh the1 shares in a short time after Vinton Jan Wagons to which for ar qONKEY assortment pf genuino edged Paints of every including white jead and Snow White Zinc of ptmty Spirit all of whictyttfd offered it wholeFaUfcor tfbrt and at1 prices of which rto nian will PHYSICIANS may rely on1 their orders being filled vith ihe best medicines to beprocured June undersigned would inforni the citizens of JL dor Rapids and that hfcjdas j list received fresh of 1 pnsistjngin part of apples 20 dried herring white cod every 6undat such ectioneries of all IXis saloon is open at all of the provided all variety cakes bread crackers arid pies f resti f roni the Icei oysters and other refreshments served 10 for par and wedding cakes provided with netttness i p T Qf B Cedar Commercial May 1855 MUSIC 1 Ceflar the largest Gold offe at tf V most anl silver gold pefifc table offered in his part of good of well as a host others which are peculiar to the wo will for convenience rnk under the head of We re quest all to call and examine our goods before going Repairingdone to ordpr insured for one Pianos arid Meloileons supplied to Cedar February POLLOCKS Emigrants from Southern Wisconsin and Northern bound for Western Iowa or will find this the shortest arid mofit expeditious Crossings at all hours of the day and v April SMI ReceiAcd by the lastTrain VIA Muscatine 1855 A RE in receipt of their fine GOODS from New Boston and selects ed for tho Winter embracing the latest styles of the season making of Goods through ond of the best assorted and most desirable in To tho wholesale as well as retail purchttser we are to not eveiy whereto be met an examination of our stoclcbfrfore pinchasing Our aim is to and small profits and large Grateful f or the Uberal patronago heretofore wo would solicit a continuance of Public We shall pay the highest price for all kinds of Produco and sell the farmer his goods at the lowestcash Our assortment embraces the with many other ar ticles LADIESDRESS Silks Cashmeresj Merinosj Persains Polaines Alapocas Poplins Gingliains Velvets j Broadcloths Doeskins J Cassiniercsj Satinetts SheepsGrey Tweocls Jeans JTlanriels J Mackinaw and Blankets forte Scarfs and WHITE Bleached and imblcached Laees j Insert ings Edgings Combrioa Linen DllESS Velvet Ribbons Fancy do Silk 3ringesj Silk Lace and Edgings Dress Of various Wrappersand BOOTS AND Mens Kip and Stoga Boots Boys Boots Ladies Enameled and Kid Boots Misses in great variety Childrcns of all kinds and sizes Kubbers and HATS Of various and GLOVES AND Enough to supply the demnnd for all time to Every thing wanted by farmers and mechanics on hand and very Crockery and Salt aMFlourA constant supply on January yl SHIELDS HOUSE THE undersigned having recently this new Ho is prepared to accommodate the traveling public in a satisfactory His table will be furn ished with the best the country His stables are large and water and necessary food horses always on Also a good tler in JOHN Have arrived and brought that long lookedf or stock of George John J r IGBEENE WE A Bankers and Land Cedar WEARE DCS WEARS Council NOTES and Bills and proceeds promptly re Emitted to any part of the States at current rates of Interest paid on special deposits made for over thirty Bills of Exchange on all the principal cities bought and Gold exchanged at the lowest rates for Uneurrent Loans effected good lands and town lota bought and sold on com Locations of Land made dealers on tho most liberal Notes bought and money loaned on good I I C fr I ytisup t TlnnVftrq r JJiullJxvJl at JtWWUvl Barney j Cook Peoples New York Rogers New York Withers of f Chief Justice January f Taxes Titles and conveyancing cor rectly and promptly attended Vacant landsselected and entered with Land War rants or cash at any omee in the Land Warrants for cash or on time constantly on tn Inviting bur tnany thousands friepda to renew their subscriptions to The Weekly it IB hardly necessary id say that we shall omit noefforts to giro variety to its and render it even more mtorett ting and a family Newspaper than it bos been We think wo have a right to be proud as well as grateful for tho public eo striking ly by the foctd that olir list of grown to the enormous number of nearly and we see no reason why oveii that number shoutld not txs greatly Tliero may be those who like a real ly Independent devoted to the cause of Free Sound and after a might not be pleased with Tho Weekly we shoiUdJiko to have them try it TERMS OF TRIBUNE t Single copy one three copies one five copies ono ten colics one ty to one the pride to the Clubs wo cannot direct the paper to coon Subscriptions may at any Pay rnent in advance is required in all and the papcV is at tlio expiration of tho ad vance Moneymay be remitted for subscriptions in toils our risk but the Postmaster at the place where ter is mailed should be made acquainted with its con tents and keep a description of the Bills of any speciepaying bank in the United States SUBSCRIBERS take pleasure tho people of and count Lhey have instore a well selected stock goods with special reference to r wants of the and to which they are constantly receiving tions being determined to have always on hand a full as ftortment to supply wants of Their goods were bouglit at low and they are bound dispose of thoni prices thai cannot fail to buy ihen IaiWeis us a you will always find us reacly to exliibit our Our stock siats in part as Superior black and f ancy and cotton bloarohed and brown ijaind table Calicoes lin lustres laines jprjinted i v Ifrepch Sugarfiy ajti Golden smpking and HARD to inuTnerongjr montibnv A share public patrpnagQis wl yftjM At Wholesale Cedar ARE now in receipt of n pplciidid Stock of Winter Goods which were carefully selected cities of New York and at such prices as enable them to offer greater to the trading community thai ever before been offered in the interior of this Our stock embraces every variety of LADIESDress and figured Plain and plaijl Cashmeres French Merinos Striped Persians Delaines Alpacas Muslin Delaines ljoplins Giiigliains Velvets AiPrints GENTSDressaoocUrSuperiorFrench and English Doeskins Cassimeres Satfiiuetts Slieopir Grey Tweeds WOOLENSHnannels Mackinaw and Petersham Blan ketsr Comforts Scarf sand Linseya Jackonet and Swiss Col in great and cheaper than ever before lodgings Insertings Jaconet Bands Iflouncings Cambric Linen Dress Trimioaings Bonnets j Shawls j Boots Shoes llats and Caps Crockery and Glass in want of goods in our come andjiseo examine our texture of will sell goods to cash or promt short time buyers as a little than luis been offered in this market We are also prepar0 to furnish Country dealers on the most rea sonable Farmer can get the highest market price for yl pon for his All that is necessary for him to do ia to write a letter in as few words as inclosp money and write the of the subscriber with County and and the letter to G11EI3LY MoELRA Tribune THE SEMIWEEKLY Persons residing at points wherethe mails arrive tenor than once week are requested to examine tho We regard it as tho cheapeyl all things published in the United eopy two copies one year five copies ono TERMS OF THE DAILY gongle one subs money tlie coming year before the expiration of their last years We often receive orders for back numbers of The Tribune which we cannot sup In these exciting no mail can ftffond to bj without his paper a single To CLUB Wo send The Weekly Trib une to clubs of twenty or more Jtor per annum when they are uont to one address but we cannot af ford to do so when we are required to write the rwmea of subscribers on tho We have tried the cxpor imcnt of printing clieup papers to the and aro obliged to on the ubove To clubs twcntyor with the name of each subscriber writ ten on his pur is At theso rates we cannot affore to give extra copies to those who get up and must depend on the exertions of thofo who think they benefit the public by aidingto extend our Any pelson wieiiiug to obtain a for his services has anly to get up a club of twenty at when fclie twenty papers will bo sen fairly addressed to his subscribers and one in addition to hiin CEDAR A RE from the Eastern citiefl a tvell selected stock of Consisting in part of Frerich German and American cloths and Simiriier fashionable Sum mer Dress Prints Bonnets and kept constantly on hand and warranted to constantly on hand a supply of Fresh UroeeriesV sucli as Cofltee Molasses Ilice Tobacco and Turpentine and Men kip and stoga Boys Ladies and kid kinds of Produce taken at fair for yl Line of Stages Running Between VIA Vinton and BAVE Cedar Rapids every Monday morning at 7 and arrive at Cedar Falls next day at i M Returning leave Cedar Falls every Wednesday at 7 and arrive at Cedar Rapids next day at 4 This route is now equipped with able comfort able Hacks and ONE gentlemanly accommodating driver who will put passengers through in time for alt connections w i th other JOHN Cedar yl Dealers in Fancy and Staple Dry Boots Shoes Keady Mado Groceries Queenswarej Nails Cutlery Farming Implements Cedar and the rosfc of mankind giv us a You will always find us ready to exhibit our goods conscious wocan and will give yon as if notbetter bargains than our Commercial Anioricun now in its TwentyNinth during which times has never ranked Bccond to any periodical in the otters for 1356 superior to those of any former The Best Amer ican Authors fill our column with tho fruits of boir while our Illustrations on both Sfccek and have been pronoudced by the press to sur pass those published in any other periodical in Amor ica are designed by American and engraved by American In addition to tho former literary attractions of thte we shnl hereaf ter have an Editors which will bo enriched by short and variously grave and Wo have also added a Eashion which will contain the latest Paris fashionable and matters of general interest to Our Monthly Summary of urrent and our Review of New will be prepared as by Do andEi We will also every month publish VocaS and Instrumental and a Plato the PariC As this is not connected with any othsr po its matter and being prepared exclusively for it will not appear any where being a Family will take no par tin sectional or religious Each num ber will contain a Splendid Steel Superi or Wood Prose and Poetry by the best Tho Editors Fashionable ChitchaC Monthly Summary Be view of New Books Mu and Comic In ditlon to which we offer three Nairnificent Namely Great National This with out the most magnificent Steel Piate ever offered as a premium to the American It contains the taken from the most apparov ed Oregmai Paintings of all the Presidents of tho United Also a beautiful Steel Engraving the Girard thirteen by eighteen inchesjthe legacy of Stephen Girard tx the city of and the most magnificent building in the United Our readers are familiar with tho philanthropic purpose for which was This superb Plate was likewise engraved at a very as also was that of the tliml tho Cap itol at which is ol the game aim as thcr and presents the Capitol as now with the Terms With 1 copy one in 2 copies one in copies aiul 1 to Agent or getter up of 9 copies and J to agent or getter up at A premium will given to every subscriber and at these at their option to take tho portraits of the or the two smaller With either of smaller Plates 7 copies and 1 to agenfc or getter up of club 10 copies and 1 to getter up of club Club terms without 11 copies and 1 to or getter up of club for one oopy will Tm sent three Subscriptions may be sent at our When tho aint is a draft should bo if possible tho cost ot which may bo deducted from the Specimen copies scut to those who desire to get up KICHARD SEE 190 Chestnut Jam An Int ell and Practical or first lessons in Arithmetical By Jaines L Published Brace 4 Cortland New York system is work is in many te JL spccta and eminently and is going into i To become a close requires discipline of mind and such discipline can only ibe 6btainedby a system instruction froin the gradually Its various powers and arithmetic has prepared by a PRACTICAL reference to this important princi every requisite for Ittie giadual ajtid discinline of the yputhV way into by Teachers i i jUap 1y sellers geri ierally gi iThis House has been fitted for Public cu very table will always B6 fnrnishcd wjth ir vmVr Ocdar Are jiiipv good as and as HARPERS 84 BBBKAN Tho November number for closes tho ninth volume of Harpers New Monthly and the Publishers the renew theiracknowlcdgemcnts to the Press and the Publia for their cotindence and The cir culation of the Magazine is now greater that at any previous time since its pubUwxlion was commenced and is still steadily and rapidly Tho which has nut de it so popular will continue tobe to present in more dress and at a clieapcr a larger amount oi better reading matter than has ever been given to the Public iuauy similar pe either foreign or Its contends be made up with constant reference to the wants and tastes of great boby of the Anacrican people rath er than those of any class or will tho of ite in it3 to combine eriteitaihmcnfe with in special care will be taken to exclude every thing that can give just cauBo of complaint to interest or anjr section of the and thing that can oflehd the most on the Hctire of taste or A large number interesting vavluable been prepared for next year tho gcries of Pictorial written by the mo3t popular authors and by mqist gifted and popular artists m the expressly for tho bo continued j choicest produciione of Americiut and European Hterary talent will be eelocted for HsT the of Editorial Departnients will tie hudnotiunjf will be left undone to merit that large share of 1 lio favor with which thusfar their enterprise has Bubscribers are rospectfully solicited to renew tliefr Tho Volumes commenco with theNumbers for i and Jecemberj butBubser Jptions pciay coinmenoe with Jv Magaxino inay be obtained of BbokM Periotlical or from the or ft ecmifcwittal neatly bound wa fold at and Muslin coyem are ujixieheti to those 6r and jaqt eight tago upon whicji mustfe Juarteiiy in ie three ic notice thaj they liavo no Agents for they are respm IhosKj ordering lie from A gente or mugf look to tfactti supply of at