Friday, March 5, 1920

Vinton Cedar Valley Times

Location: Vinton, Iowa

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Text Content of Page 1 of Vinton Cedar Valley Times on Friday, March 5, 1920

Vinton Cedar Valley Times (Newspaper) - March 5, 1920, Vinton, Iowa PAGE EIGHT yA THE CEDAR VALLEY MARCH Mary Smith was the Kuesi of and Wise of this city Wednesday Smiih had been in tlmnoapolis with her ler and wns on her wiy homo to stopping Sam went down Ripj Wednesday eveni jo a n reivived afternoon her UL ihe si ness of hor dniiKh i HAS LOCAL AGENT For the bovs and the sweet for all work or when nervous or see how it refreshes The Flavor Lasts Siiy from Iowa5 H And the Best In the House Is Yours We are making the Lexington the home of lowans in Chicago we and your neighborsto come here you are in the you a welcome in the shape of special accomodations and Youll find Iowa find real Iowa the Michigan Avenue at 22nd CHICAGO 1O stories 45O rooms absolutely hotel fire insurance rate in three modern priced Qlliet Away from the roar riLm and rush of the loop you will appreciate the quiet of this location after the busi ness or Convenient but 5 min utes to reach stores and Cars and elevated almost at the rHomishDeiShtfully simple and lacking in j gaudy the effect is of j homelike Youll like it i Home of the Havtkeye in Chicago Write OrWic For Reservations i Winchester Company Appoints Vin ton Store its Representative to Sell New i in appointment iiir Hard i lo sii in ihis iom the new haidware spoil ing jinudri by lit Hiisier Repeal ilia Anns roniuany is And in the opinion ot leading iiivhams ii is DIHn thi mosi innresting and important iiHjns ihe local ivtail trade Kiitydirce years ago lie Winches I illh wtis placed on tin j Jjiarki i liy ihe Winchester kipiating A of Conn j it was a Kood in fact the truly snccesslisl repeal and almost achieved great popular This iirsi Kiicress was inaile se risre by thestrength and vision of iis tine of Uu American con lo huild wiih purpose Kinning arid a diminiMit iuje in ihe worlds iadusirial Sao larjie was liin jiai ihe riile in oi the great and law nnd thai Uu Chester canit imo use ii I n Lhu AJH so 1 was the standard oi innnniacnir maintained for thai favorite Iifl Improved models followed in course oi including the conipluoly successful reiienting shui And with Hie coming of smoke less powder the Wiiutiystor company oommenccd tie of am Now this great manufacturing trrinendously in the part ic played in ihe winning of the World is appar ently Ijranching out to make all i use of the additional and equipment thus ac Xew ariicles made reiuly inelude liahmi Hash To the fjood fortune of the nuiriv old friends of in the coni iminlty retail hardware htisiness Vii ton has been one of the first exchi siyely selected to present these new Winchester products lo the huyjnr j The agreement thus wiih it the privilege and responsibil ity of representing manufacturer more than any retail mer idian t has heretofore in the case of tho Winchester Parzybok has added oonsidov jalily to tho popularity of his store hv the introduction of the complete Win chester mum it soon over Try a Classified Ad In the Times What Is The Straus Plan is a thorough sys tem of di rectly responsible record of Straus years without loss to any Mnny of us safeguards originating witli them have been widely in Mvcry investor should pot hinsclf on the merits nf the Straits On we will send yon Safely and which explain their plan fully nci siiows to tost safety of any write or phone for the booklet today together wiin of ound 6 in Farmers National Bank oooayear i e ic Just as owners of the highestpriced auto mobiles get greater mileage and economy out of Goodyear so can the owners of smaller cars similarly enjoy Goodyear The and 3Lx4inch sizes of Goodyear Tires are built to afford a moneys worth in performance and satisfaction which only the utmost in resources and care can This extraordinary moneys worth begins not only with the merit of these but also with the first which in most cases is no and sometimes actually is than that of other makes of the same types of Go to the nearest Goodyear Service Station Dealer for Goodyear Tires for your or other cars taking these He is ready to supply you Good year Heavy Tourist Tubes at the same Goodyear DoubleCure AllWeather Goodyear SingleCure CT J Skid TreoxL 65 Heavy Tourisc Tubes are strong tubes that reinforce casings Why risk a good casing with a cheap cube Goodyear Heavy Tourist Tubes cost little more thaa tubes of less 30x3V3 she in water proof i John See is nursing in ihe Kibby home near down yesterday Amana Mill PILES CURED Painless TreatmentNo Loss of Time GUARANTEE Send for Free Booklet on Rectal diseases Newly a hundred cured patients in Cedar Rapids Ask for Free Examination Phone 574 for Appointment CARMICBAEL Muffin BriMing Cedar lorn A Coincide Line oi Twine Grease Repairs Implements Schmitz Xotictis horijby given of tn ordin authorizing Modern Litfht and Power its or ns within the incorporated town of to recon maintain and operate an oloc Iric and jiowor and a MS for lie ditilrilnnion and nloetrural ihe to huild i high potential olootvlc line to and through tho Section One and authority arc giv on hy this franchise for a puriocl t vvcntyruo years from and after the iicooptanoe to ind hy Modern and Power its successors or to jnaintain md opftvatc an olsulrio lipht and to em IT upon the public highways and public within thn corpor ate the town of nnd thoroundcr and tiMii and oporatn system for disCrihution of ronsisiiiu nf conduits and otherconstruction luocssiiry for the distrjlmtion of eloctritity for power and oilier in cludinj a high pnloniial line tci and through the Town and to sell electric ity for all purposes to Ihe town its Section Two The said transmission linos shrill everted in Ihe alleys where prai ihe wires thereof slijl he t least cighWn feet above the groiyid excepting drops nnd street All said construction shall eructod in sucii i niiinner so as not dunger prrsons or nol to umeasonabiv interfere with public nor to umiocossavily obstruct the public strecis and high Section TKrse AVhere the company shall make any excavation of Ihe streets and al they shall refill them fo the satisfaction of ihe mwn Section Four The company shall extend its tribmion lines one hmidrrd lirty for each for light and pow said applicant having a connec tion load ociual to onehair kilowatt hourly Section Five The company shall move its disfri sold batioi lines n any time on proper j notice o permit the moving of pnb i lie the expense T hereof to be lixed by the mayor and paid by the property owner rerniiring inrs to be Section Six The electricity stipplior an bo alternating current cycles Irerineni and of LU volls pres sure and i wen i yfour hour Section Seven The company shall hold ihtown i harmless for all causes of action re fioni the cnnstrnction or tip oration of its i rannmissiui lines as is hereby Section Eight The be in full force and effect from and after its passage und adoption by the legal voters nf the town of at its regular lion called and held on Uu JlMh day of i Passed this 28th dav of Februarv i i Mayor i town Halod nt Atkins ihi HSih dav nf riorence Sanders visited with her SCOIL Jack living near Aulutrn TONIGHT nx nunr t Take Cascarets if I 1fnjov life Slraighten up system is filled with liver and bowel poison which keeps your skin your stoijmch your head dull and Your meals are turning into poison and you can not feol Dont stay bilious or consti Feel splendid alwavK by trxkj They act without griping or They sicken you like Oibor nasty harsh They cost go little work you JAI I KN MTV l lull stakhuint onts himd houit IVods handle to tho HM U WlU or v only to nfniid vonr icnt o ii to 111 n v GARDEN C5TY FEEDER COMPANY IOWA and Bast Halfof Tama Van

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